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Strip Club Switch

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Kelly and I were having a night out on the town, just good friends hanging out for each other’s company, and for fun. I think it was her who made the suggestion initially, but I was also game, that we should go to a strip club. Now normally I wouldn’t go to such a place with a woman, but she told me that she had been before and that this particular place had both male and female strippers, performing seperately.

Such a thing was new to me, but I went along with it. After all, each of us would have our moments of entertainment and we could duck out and go to the bar or maybe another room when appropriate. When the guys came on I could go get us some drinks, she said. And likewise with the girls. I could have my fun too.

‘Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy you a private dance with your favourite girl!’ she said encouragingly.

The club was in a reasonable part of town, and certainly wasn’t anything too seedy. When we got there, the place was rammed, full of people, noisy and pretty hot. As soon as Kelly had found us a table, I headed for the bar and got us both drinks, nothing too strong to start with. Judging by the rowdy crowd, the alcohol had been flowing for some time.

‘The girl over there says they’re just about to start the dancing,’ Kelly said straight into my ear. ‘It’s guys first, so you’ll have to wait. Bad luck!’ she commented with a grin.

Kelly was pretty, and pretty lively too. We had never gone out, but she had had her fair run of boyfriends, and some wild sexual experiences as far as I could gather, although she never told me all the stories. She was slim, and a brunette, with a fairly ample chest, though I tended not to make any crude comments to her face. She was a great girl, and if she hadn’t already been an old friend, I would have asked her out straightaway. I was pretty single that night, and hadn’t been on a date in months. Sexually I had been having to make do with nights in by myself for a little while now, usually watching a little porn or fantasising about my favourite female star. It had to end sometime, and it had all been a little unsatisfying. I wasn’t sure what the night would bring, but I hoped it would be fun and give us both something of a buzz.

A cheer went up suddenly from the women in the audience as the glittery curtains were drawn back. There stood five well-built guys in tuxedos. This was my cue to duck out. I looked around me, but the place was so crowded by now that I would have had a job getting to the bar again. What the hell. I would have to keep Kelly company. I didn’t really fancy seeing the guys naked, but I didn’t think I would find it objectionable either. After all, I had been to the gym before and showered there with other guys. It wasn’t a problem. My time seeing the female strippers would come and I was looking forward to it.

The tuxes quickly came off, much to the delight of the women in the crowd and possibly a few men. The suits had obviously been attached with velcro for a quick release; it was the usual kind of stuff. The five strippers, four white guys and one black, were now left in their white shirts and bow ties, and gold underwear slips, as well as socks and black boots. They girated around in time with the pumping music, and each other. I was watching Kelly get excited and wave her arms in the air as she whooped out loud and shouted for more. For a few moments I turned my attention to the strippers. I had to admit that they were in amazing shape, from what I could see. Their legs were on display and they looked slim, toned and muscular. Suddenly the bow ties were pulled off, and then the guys started to unbutton their shirts as they turned around, girating all the while. It was an impressive show, and Kelly and many others in the room were loving it.

In a few moments the shirts were gone and the guys’ torsos were on display. The five of them were all slightly different builds, but all of them worked out, no doubt about it. I shifted in my chair a little uncomfortably as one of the guys caught my eye and winked as he danced. It was only for a split second, and then he was clearly catching the eye of others in the audience too. I thought little of it. The five strippers girated even more suggestively for a few seconds, before thrusting their hips forward and back. They were certainly leaving little to the imagination! Kelly yelled and whooped once more, and I saw one of the other strippers wink at her. She was getting her thrills alright.

The strippers turned away from the audience to reveal their round, muscular backsides. Thrusting their hips back and forth once more, they all bent over, and their golden slips rode up their asscracks, revealing almost more than I wanted to see. But it drove the audience wild. I shifted in my seat once again, and looked around a little anxiously. The women watching were chanting in rhythm, to the tune of ‘more, more, more’. Once again, the guys turned around, and the same guy as before looked at me, smiled a slightly wicked grin, and winked. Then he reached down and unclipped his slip. In fact all the guys on the stage did it, but my attention was taken up with this guy. I found it embarassing. Why was he looking at me? I knew that during the dance, they had been looking at alot of people ‘personally’ and that it was part of their act, but still. For a moment, I was red-faced.

A few seconds later, the gold coloured slips were held dangling in front of the guys’ crotches. I found myself wondering, as a guy comparing himself with other guys, how big their tools would be. It was natural I guess. And it was possible that I was just that little bit caught up in the moment as well. For reasons I didn’t yet quite understand.

As the roars and rhythmical chants from the crowd reached a crescendo, five golden slips were removed and five bare crotches were revealed. Five naked cocks, for all in the audience to see. They varied in size a little, but all were fairly large, even in their soft state. All of the men sported hair above their groins, but every cock and pair of balls hanging below were clean shaven. I gasped at the sight. These guys were professionals, and I had to admire the look, like pornstars, except of course they were strippers. Right now there didn’t seem to be a huge difference, at least not in appearance.

Next to me, Kelly was screaming and yelling for more. I don’t know quite what she expected to happen. This was a strip show, and they had nothing left on, not a stitch apart from socks and boots, and I doubted very much that anyone cared about those coming off.

The five guys carried on dancing, girating and thrusting in time, turning away to show their tight asses, tensing and relaxing the large round muscles. As I watched, I found more and more that I couldn’t turn away. I was becoming transfixed, watching these men, and mesmerized. They turned towards us again, and their huge cocks and heavy balls swung back and forth under the spotlight. Once more, that same stripper caught my eye, but this time he held my gaze for a few moments as he continued to dance with the others. I felt a slight nervousness in my stomach; it was almost excitement, but I wasn’t sure what it meant. Did he mean to be looking at me? Maybe he was looking at someone behind me, one of the ladies in the audience, or even one of the other men. I decided that I wanted him to be looking at me this time, I wanted to be the one he had under some kind of spell.

The five men swiped their hands over their groins and crotches, without touching their cocks, and then suddenly the show was over. They bowed, waved to the audience and then disappeared behind the glittery curtain, in a line, one by one. Just then, I felt like I needed a pee, and I turned to Kelly. She grinned broadly, as if to say, through the noise, that she was having an amazing time. ‘It’s your turn next,’ she mouthed. I indicated that I had to go for a minute, and she nodded. I looked for the ‘gents’ sign and headed for it.

The loo was towards the back of the club, round the side of the stage, as far as I could see. I slipped through a door and found myself in a darkened corridor. It wasn’t entirely clear where I was meant to go next, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I started to move along the passage, looking around for another sign. I could hear the muffled sounds of music from the rest of the club, and then some shouts and cheers. I had better hurry, I thought. The female strippers would be on soon and I didn’t want to miss that.

Just then, another door some way down the corridor opened and someone came out into the corridor. The person headed in my direction. As they came closer, I could roughly make out the face. It was a man, that much I could tell. In a second, he was a few metres away. As I looked him up and down, and he came into more light, I noticed that he was naked. For a split second, I was shocked, until I realised that it must be one of the strippers. After all, they had only just come off the stage. Clearly he hadn’t dressed yet. I was a touch embarassed, but I plucked up some courage, and said ‘Hi, I was looking for the gents, perhaps you could…’

The man continued to approach me as I spoke, and he didn’t stop, at first. The corridor was a little narrow for both of us, so I turned to one side as he went past. He brushed past me, and turned to face me as he did so. I shuddered as I realized it was the guy who had been winking at me. His naked chest rubbed against my shirt and, indeed, my own chest underneath. In fact his whole torso rubbed against me, along with the rest of his body. His cock and balls rubbed against my groin and crotch. He stopped for a moment, pressed against me, but he didn’t flicker.

‘Down there,’ he gestured down the corridor.

For a few moments I felt the heat of him against me, another man pressed up to me there in the passageway. Then he was gone, pushing past, turning away and continuing in the other direction.

I watched him go, noticing his smooth shaven body, muscular back and ass, his buttocks tensing and relaxing with each step. He disappeared into the darkness, and I was left alone.

My heart was beating fast, with nervousness and excitement all at the same time, and I suddenly became aware of the heat pumping through my groin, cock and balls. I had a raging hard-on.

I still needed to pee, so I made my way in the direction the guy had pointed, and found the loo. It took a while for my cock to come down, so that I could piss, but the gents was clean and well-kept and it was not a nasty environment to be waiting in. As I unzipped and released my softening cock opposite one of the urinals, I noticed the slippery liquid oozing from the tip. Precum. It showed my state. I relaxed and did my business, before washing my hands and heading back to the door. I still wanted to see some hot women strip, but I was already turned on, and not by the usual things. I needed some release.

I thought back to the way the male stripper had pushed past me a few minutes ago, and remembered the way he had rubbed himself against me. He hadn’t had much choice what with the narrow corridor, but it was the way he had done it. There had been an urgency about it and yet he had seemed almost detached from the whole thing, as if this had happened before. He had seemed so in control, with his powerful physique and his large cock and balls down below. It had made me feel a little weak, although only momentarily. Weak with desire. That desire was now filling my body, inflaming me, heating up my groin once more, and my cock was once again stiffening rapidly, this time in my full awareness.

Leaving the gents, I headed back down the corridor, with my cock stiff and my balls aching. They felt fat and full and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. A little way down I saw the illuminated door that led back to the noisy club. I could hear the muffled cheers once more, only this time they were deeper. There were more men cheering, and I guessed that the women were on the stage. But I needed release now. I passed this door by and the corridor continued a little way into the darkness. Again, I couldn’t see more than a few metres in front. Placing my hands on the sides of the passage, I started to feel my way along, looking for any alcove I could duck into. Quickly I found a gap on one side of the wall, a booth with an old phone in which looked long out of use. And there was a curtain there, drawn back. Perfect.

I stepped into the booth and drew the curtain, which ran from above my head to just above my ankles. It would have to do. I quickly unbuttoned my fly and released my aching cock. I squeezed it gently. I was fully stiff and started to stroke myself. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I had to cum, right there. I closed my eyes and my head went back as I sighed deeply. A mixture of images filled my head. I thought of Kelly, and her beautiful chest; I imagined her breasts. Oooh yesss. I thought of the female strippers, already naked; of taking two of them behind the stage and having a threesome, one of them riding my stiff cock with her beautiful pussy, the other sitting astride my face, as I licked her out. Mmmmmm. Then I thought of the male stripper, dancing, naked and winking at me, gazing into my eyes, coming closer, pulling me into some private passageway, rubbing himself against me…

Suddenly I was conscious of a strong hand closing over my own, the one I was stroking myself with. With a little fright I released my cock. The hand then closed over my cock and began to stroke me. Before I knew what was happening, the curtain was drawn back. There stood the stripper from my dreams, still naked. He pushed into the space next to the phone. His lips met mine as he held himself against me, fondling my cock with one hand. Our tongues met too, and swirled together, licking and tasting and sucking. As he pushed himself against me, I felt his cock, rapidly stiffening, rubbing against my own. It was all I could do not to cum right then and there. Disengaging, he swiftly undid the buttons on my shirt, exposing my chest. Lowering himself, he began to kiss and lick my body, before stopping to suck on one nipple, then the other. Gradually kneeling, he went lower, then without warning plunged his lips down over my aching manmeat, taking me deeply straightaway. This was more than I could bare. I felt the cum boiling in my balls, my legs tightening, my cock stiffening and then I was cumming in his mouth, spurting load after sticky load into him, which he took eagerly and willingly.

As I calmed down a little, he rose to kiss me, and I tasted my own cum from his mouth. This drove me wild, and my softening cock managed a final few throbbing jerks. I swallowed a little of the precious seed and he clearly did the same, breaking the kiss as he did so.

‘Now baby, I need you bad,’ he moaned. He pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and spun me round. In a few moments I felt him kissing and licking my ass, inching inwards. His tongue found my most intimate opening, and began to circle it, giving me a beautiful rim job. I moaned and groaned at this new experience.

‘Ohhhh, yessss, right there.’

Then his tongue pushed inside my hole, pleasuring me further, relaxing me, opening me up just right. My anonymous lover then stood and held my hips. I felt something firm and warm nudging against my asshole. I was too far gone to protest, but I was still a little tight. He pushed forward. It didn’t hurt, as I was by now slippery and wet, but it did feel tight. I moaned a little. I wanted his cock in me, and now it was happening. He was sliding in inch by wonderful inch. He felt huge, although it was hard to tell exactly how big he was purely by feel. Big, but deliciously hot and hard. I could tell that he was oozing precum and this helped him slide all the way in, until he could go no further. He held himself in me, with one hand wrapped around my stomach, the other on my hips, holding me steady. Then he began to ease out, slowly.

There was a pause. His cock slid back in, a little quicker this time, but he was still obviously giving my asshole time to adjust to the invasion. It was all so new, but it felt oh so good. I moaned again, as he penetrated me fully for the second time, then withdrew once more.

‘Oooh, unngh.’

Again he pushed in, his hips thrusting forward and slapping against my backside. As we made contact with each other, there was a slipperyness about it, as we were both coated in sweat. His groin slid against the skin of my asscheeks, and then he withdrew again. And again, it was a little faster, a little harder.

After a few more strokes, I lost count as I began to sink into the deep assfuck I was receiving. Instinctively, I pushed back, trying to get him to go deeper still, even though I had an inkling that he couldn’t. He was big, and was already filling me completely with every thrust.

‘Unngh, unggh, unnngh.’ I grunted, and he grunted and moaned too. Occasionally he would start talking straight into my ear…

‘Ohhh, yesss, your ass is so hot, man. It feels so good. Take me, take all of my cock inside you. I knew you wanted it, as soon as you started watching the show, I could tell. And it’s your first time isn’t it? Yeeaaah, that’s it, I can tell you’ve needed this for so long, a big cock sliding in and out of your tight asshole. Unnngh, I can tell you love it. You love my big cock in you, don’t you?’

I moaned in response. It was like this guy was reading my mind. And oh boy, did it feel good. I wondered why I had never tried this before. But then, why would I have done?

My new lover began to pump my ass a little faster, a touch harder, and he grabbed onto my hips a little more tightly. Then suddenly his cock stiffened even further, so that it felt like an iron bar inside my ass. He cried out, and then I felt it, his warm liquid cum shooting and spraying deep up inside me.

‘Aaaagh, take it, take all of it, all of my cum, man. Oh yesss.’

The feeling of a man cumming inside my ass was completely new to me, and yet I was already enjoying it. The warmth, the wetness and the spontaneity of it all was making me hornier than ever, despite having shot my load into this man’s mouth only a few minutes earlier. My cock was rock hard again and oozing precum once more.

As he began to calm down and his cock started to soften, he withdrew fully from me, with a sloppy sound. I could feel his juices running out of my asshole and down between my thighs. It was delicously dirty.

He spun me round, and then spoke again.

‘Time for you to clean me up, lover.’

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me down on my knees, until my mouth was level with his semi-erect cock. Some of his sticky cum was still dribbling from the tip and covering the head and shaft of his thick manhood. His large balls hung loosely below. He had pleasured me so thoroughly, that I couldn’t but return the favour. Deep down too, I wanted to suck his cock.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue a little, and he guided my head towards the head of his thick shaft. Before I knew what was happening, I felt his smooth shaft push past my lips. I tasted the cum, and liked it immediately. I swirled my tongue around the head, before taking him further into my mouth, sliding my lips down the shaft, then back up again, down and up, over and over. He groaned out loud in pleasure, and started to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. To my surprise he was getting hard again. I felt his hot shaft thickening and lengthening as I sucked him. I continued the action, as his lovemeat filled my mouth and touched the back of my throat. Resisting the urge to gag, I relaxed my jaw and throat, and was able to take him deeper. It was such a thrill to feel his cock growing inside me.

My stripper lover thrust faster, and more urgently. His cock stiffened again, and throbbed aggressively. It was so warm, so hot and wet. The precum was oozing even more virulently now, and I was tasting it on my tongue before swallowing it down. I had to, but I was loving it as well.

Then, quicker than I had expected, his cock stiffened one final time, and he groaned, signalling the release. I wasn’t sure what I would do with a mouthful of cum, but before I could think about it he was cumming, spraying hot spunking manjuice into me. It hit the back of my throat, before sliding down. I swallowed the warm liquid and revelled in the taste and sensations I was experiencing. It was salty, and slightly sweet at the same time. Here I was, on my knees, sucking the cock of a near stranger, in semi-darkness in the back passage of a strip club. And I was loving it all.

‘Unngh, yessss, you suck cock good, man. You sure you haven’t done this before?’

I smiled at the complement, and knodded, as he pulled out of my mouth, and droplets of cum spilled from my lips. I licked them up immediately, not wanting to waste any.

My new lover had cum twice in quick succession. I had cum once. Given the way this passionate exchange was going, I expected more. No, I wanted more. Standing to my feet, I spoke.

‘That was wonderful, you tasted so good. And you have an amazing body. I can see why the girls love your show.’

‘They are not the only ones.’ He smiled and winked at me.

‘Your ass is amazing too,’ I said, glancing downwards, wrapping my hands around his naked buns, and pulling him towards me. Our lips met once more in a passionate embrace. Before long, our tongues were searching each other out, and then writhing together. After some time, we separated.

‘I wonder what it would be like to fuck that ass,’ I mumbled out loud, to myself more than him. But he heard it.

Without saying another word, he turned away from me, showing me his tight, muscular and curvy butt. It was hot, and my cock began to stiffen again. Pushing back, he rubbed himself against me. It was almost more than I could stand. I needed to slide into this guy. The precum was leaking from my cockhead as I nudged against him. Before I could go further though, he spat on his hand and reached behind himself to lube up his clean-shaven hole.

‘Go ahead now,’ he murmered.

I did. Pushing against his tight opening, my head slipped in fairly easily. He groaned in response as I pushed in further, sliding inch after inch past his sphincter. I had never fucked anyone in the ass before, not even a woman. So it was another new thing for me. But it felt wonderful. It was tight, and so hot. My cock was being warmed by the inside of this guy.

‘Go on, fuck me,’ he suddenly urged.

I pulled out slowly and pushed back in. Then I did it again, a little quicker this time. It felt amazing. His ass gripped my cock like nothing before it, and his hole rubbed against the shaft as I began to buck against him. I quickened my pace, building to a steady rhythm. I was really getting into it. He started to talk dirty to me again.

‘Oh yess, man, your cock feels so good in me, in my tight ass. Fuck me, dude, fuck me good, I want to feel your hot cum in me. Cum in my ass. Do you think you can do that for me? I know you can do it. You’ll love cumming in another man’s ass. And it’s your first asshole, my asshole, and it’s all yours tonight baby.’

His words drove me on, and I fucked him a little harder and faster again. I could feel my legs tensing up, the sweat across my chest, the feeling of an impending cum building up in my groin, my balls tightening, my cock stiffening further, until it was almost completely solid.

Then it happened. I cried out as I came, grabbing onto his hips to steady myself, pumping and spraying load after hot sticky load into him, right up into the depths of his ass.

‘Ahhhh, that’s it man, cum in me, cum in me good. That’s it, oh yesss. It feels so good. So hot and wet.’

I slowed down and held myself in him for a few seconds, before sliding out, allowing some of my cum to dribble out of his naked butthole. He reached around and scooped up some of it and brought it to his mouth for a taste.

‘Mmm, man your cum tastes good. I’ll be wanting more of that in the future.’

I didn’t know about that. I didn’t even know if I’d be seeing him again. But something in me stirred as I gathered my clothes together, did my shirt up and pulled my softening cock inside my underwear. My first experience of man-on-man love-making had been good, nay wonderful. I still loved a beautiful, warm woman. But maybe men would be featuring in my life too from now on.

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