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Out of Gas

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When I started driving some years ago, I recall my dad’s repeated warnings about keeping plenty of gas in my car. Well, as this 19-year-old sat on the gravel shoulder of a rather desolate foothill highway after running out of gas, the last thing I wanted to think about was my dad being right, as usual. It didn’t seem that I would have to worry about anybody coming along this road at 1 a.m., so I figured I might as well bunk in my car until daylight.

It was early fall but still warm, so I left the windows down and tried to enjoy the faint breeze coming off the foothills.

All alone in the middle of nowhere, and nothing else to do, I figured it was as good a time as any to jack-off. I stretched out across the seat and leaned back against the passenger door, undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees. I could clearly make out my exposed cock and balls in the bright moonlight that shone through the windshield. I then started to pump my dick to hardness while I cupped my balls. Almost as soon as I settled in for a nice hand fuck, headlights rounded the corner. ‘Wouldn’t you know?’ I thought as I stopped beating my meat for a second. The truck passed me by very slowly, enough to make out the shadow of a lone driver behind the wheel. I could swear we made eye contact. It seemed as if it would continue on, then came to a stop. Back-up lights came on, and the truck pulled to the side of the road in front of my car as I scrambled in the front seat to pull my pants back up.

I was a bit uneasy at this turn of events. After all, even though I was about 5’10”, I was a rather skinny runt for my age. I certainly wasn’t what anyone would call “fighting trim”. All the stories from my youth of things that happened to teenagers or unlucky travelers out alone late at night flooded through my mind as the driver’s door of the truck opened. A flashlight came on and the beam was square in my eyes. My heart raced.

“You okay in there?” called a voice.

“Uh… yeah!” I answered back. “Just out of gas.”

The light remained in my eyes as footsteps crunched on the gravel towards me.

“Not the best place to run out of gas, my friend,” said the voice. “Not that any place is a good place to run out of gas. You’re about 10 miles from the nearest gas station, and even if was only 10 feet, there isn’t gonna be one around here open this time of night.” The flashlight was now at my window, and the footsteps had halted. The beam was cast all over me and the interior of my car, then back to my face.

“So I figured.” I snorted nervously as I squinted at the bright light.

“Relax.” The flashlight was turned up to reveal the face of a rather friendly face that looked about 30 or so. “My name’s Kurt. You have no need to be scared of me.”

“Thanks,” I stammered, feeling relieved.

“You even old enough to drive this thing? You look barely a teenager!”

My curse: always looking younger than I was.

“Yes, I’m old enough.” I countered. “Although, maybe I need to be a bit more responsible so I don’t end up in a situation like this, huh?”

The man waved his hand in a fatherly gesture.

“What’s done is done. Come on out and let’s see what we can do about getting you some gas for your car.” I opened the door and slid out of the car, still bathed in the beam from the flashlight. In my haste to pull up my pants when Kurt’s truck came up, my underwear ended up as more of an afterthought… they were rolled up at the top of my thighs and bunched up in my pants. I was immediately self-conscious as the beam worked up and down over me.

“You look harmless enough. Lock up the car and get in the truck, and we’ll see if I got some gas for you.”

I did as he suggested, locking up the car and getting into the passenger side of the truck. As I prepared to get in, the cab’s light gave me a better look at the man known as Kurt; maybe 10 to 15 years my senior, moderate height, stocky, close-cropped brown hair, and with an air of someone in law enforcement or the military. To my amusement, he was dressed in a robe and slippers. He seemed to notice my surprise at his clothing, or more, the lack of it.

“No, I don’t drive everywhere in my robe,” he said with a self-knowing chuckle. “I live only about a hundred yards back. You caught my attention when I heard you slow down and stop. That, and your repeated tries at starting your car again. Not too many other reasons to stop out here, so I figured you needed some help.”

“Well, I appreciate it.”

As I sat down on the seat, I was still a bit uncomfortable from my rolled underwear. Kurt eyed me with a slight smile, but didn’t say anything as I pulled the door shut, turning off the overhead light. He started the truck and headed up the road a bit, driving but a short way and turning onto a gravel side road, and then motoring to the top of a small hill. He stopped the truck and turned it off as he flipped off the headlights. My heart jumped.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I croaked.

“Relax,” Kurt said soothingly. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just noticed that you had a problem, and I’d like to help you out with it.”

I was too scared to speak as the man reached across the seat to me and gently placed his hand on my thigh.

“When I drove by you, I was checking to see what kind of person you were, and whether I should stop to help you. I saw you beating off in the moonlight. Well, at least I saw you with your cock in your hand.”

As embarrassed as I was, I began to relax a bit at his soothing tone, and the warmth of his huge hand caressing my thigh. I was also getting excited.

“And, seeing that you have your panties in a bunch, so to speak, I thought I’d give you the chance to either finish the job,” his hand slid up to my crotch, “or at least get comfortable.”

Two fingers found their way into the zipper I had forgotten to pull up in my rush, and Kurt began to toy with my pubic hair. Despite my earlier fear, I felt comfortable with his gentle touch. And sure enough, his soothing tone and tender strokes had my dick getting hard. In the moonlight streaming through the cab, I could see that Kurt now had his robe open, and he clearly wore nothing beneath it. He was holding his own stiff meat with his left hand. It looked enormous in the pale light.

“Want me to stop?” asked Kurt.

“No,” I gulped.

“Then, please take off your pants for me.”

“Won’t someone see us out here?”

“We’re on the back side of my property. Even the wife doesn’t come out here in the daytime. Now, let’s get off with the pants, please.”

He pulled back his hand as I obediently pushed off my sneakers, then undid and slid off my pants and rolled-up briefs in one move. He reached down to his left and released the seat latch, sliding the bench seat as far back in the cab as it would go. Feeling a little funny in just my t-shirt, I got bold and slipped it off over my head. I leaned back in the seat as Kurt looked me over in the moonlight. He slipped closer to me and reached over with his right hand to stroke my fully erect dick once again, and began kneading my balls with his left.

“Have you done this before?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I just don’t get a chance to do it with someone very often.”

Chuckling, Kurt said, “Well, let’s change that.”

Kurt let go of my balls and took my chin in his thick fingers, then bent over as he drew my lips to his. I returned his kiss while I gingerly reached over and took his thick cock in my own left hand. The head wasn’t much bigger than my own, but I couldn’t get my hand completely around the shaft. Still, I started to eagerly pump his massive tool.

With that, Kurt kissed me again, more enthusiastically, his tongue probing into my mouth. He slipped out of his robe completely, grabbing me up in his arms and pushing his much larger body on top of me as he laid me out on the seat, our now-naked bodies becoming intertwined. My hard dick was pressing against Kurt’s stomach while his own huge member was settling between my thighs and resting against my ass. His tongue danced in my mouth as he gently rocked his hips while I wrapped my legs around him to hold his body more firmly to mine, while he slid that phone-pole of his against my butt crack.

Even though I enjoyed the sensation of his dry-fucking me, I was worried that this man would eventually want to try to stuff that monster cock in me. The head might have gotten in, but anything after that seemed impossible. I’d taken some dicks in my ass, and knew for sure that this one would kill me. Kurt must have sensed my tension.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” he said as he started to kiss my chest and lick my nipples, one of my favorite sensations. “Not many can handle it.”

He slid back as he worked his tongue down my belly, brushing past my dick and then suckling on my balls. He guided my hand to my dick, which I took as a signal and started to stroke it to his affirmative murmurs. He cupped both of my butt cheeks in his hands and raised my hips upward, taking my whole ball sack into his very warm mouth. Every once in a while he’d slip his tongue into my anus, sending shivers through me.

I was in heaven, beating off while watching this man in the moonlight, his mouth full of my testicles. The image was too exciting, and I couldn’t help but to start pumping my dick a little faster. I said, “I want to cum. I need to cum.”

Kurt let my balls fall from his lips again and said, “Would you like to cum in my mouth?”


With that, Kurt’s hot mouth replaced my hand, enveloping my dick as he started to deep-throat me. His large hands were still cupping my ass cheeks, and he was effortlessly pumping my hips up and down into his mouth. He was fucking his own mouth with my cock! I just let my body go. It felt like an eternity of ecstasy, but I’m sure I didn’t last but a few seconds before I felt my guts ball up, and I exploded like a geyser into my friend’s throat, with Kurt hungrily swallowing every drop I could muster. I was like a rag doll as he continued to pull my hips to his face, my cock to the back of his mouth, sucking long after I was spent, softer and softer, until he finally let my drained dick slip from his lips with a soft ‘pop’.

Kurt crawled up over my again, drawing me into his arms and kissing me deeply, the taste of my semen still in his mouth. His throbbing meat was streaming a line of precum like a snail trail along my thigh. Although I felt like a limp washrag, I reached down and started to stroke his monster cock. With a little effort, we changed positions in the front seat, with Kurt laying fully on his back and me between his legs. I wanted so much to see his enormous member up close and make to that huge cock cum.

While it was only around 7″ long, I swear that gorgeous piece of man-meat had the circumference of a can of soup. His balls were a perfect compliment to his tree trunk of a dick. I put both hands around his shaft and started a steady pumping rhythm. I put my mouth over the mushroom head, which was all that was going to fit into my relatively mouth, and sucked his salty precum like nectar. He moaned contentedly as I pumped the shaft up and down while being careful not to hit the sensitive head with my teeth. Kurt reached up and took my face into his hands, encouraging me to gently bob my mouth up and down on the head of his massive cock while I stroked the full length of his pole.

“Keep going. I’m gonna blow your head off when I cum!”

I could feel his shaft tighten in my hands, and the head of that beautiful dick swelled even further. With the way his delicious precum was oozing, I nearly thought he was already cumming.

“Oh, geez…” moaned Kurt. “Oh, fuck…”

Kurt’s thighs tightened about me like a trap, and his hips began to rock. The head of his cock was so engorged that I couldn’t hope to keep it in my mouth.

“Oh… my… GAWWWWD!” growled Kurt as his hips bucked wildly. His huge cock throbbed in my hands like a serpent and the head erupted into my mouth with a torrent that I could not have ever have hoped to be contained. My mouth filled instantly, and even as I tried to swallow some of his thick fluid, he came like a volcano. His moans continued as his hot cum sprayed all over my face and ran down in rivulets over my still pumping hands. I tried to put the head of his cock back in my mouth and catch some of the last spurts. It was like trying to put a gushing water hose in my mouth.

Finally, his orgasm subsided. I couldn’t believe the amount of sperm on my face and my hands, or on Kurt’s dick and stomach. And this didn’t count the near gallon I swore I had swallowed. I lay my head on Kurt’s heaving stomach, smeared with his semen, until we both caught our breaths.

Finally, Kurt stirred. “I guess we’d better get you some gas in your car and send you on your way. My wife’s probably already wondering where I am now as it is.”

Kurt pulled a ragged t-shirt from behind the seat, wiping off what I was unable to swallow, then handed it to me so I could clean up, too. I fumbled for my clothes while he simply wrapped the robe back around him. He started the truck and drove slowly as I put my clothes back on. I exercised a bit more care with my underwear this time, although my previous haste had proven to be a blessing in disguise.

As Kurt drove, I leaned over and opened his robe, and slipped as much of his softened cock into my mouth as I could, and suckled like a baby at its mother’s breast. He stroked my hair in appreciation until he brought the truck to a stop. I reluctantly withdrew from my sucking and sat up… and found that we were right back at my car! I looked at Kurt, not sure what to think.

“The gas is in the back of my truck,” he said, as he leaned over to kiss me on the mouth once more as he gave my crotch a soft squeeze. “Everything else was just… because.”

I gave Kurt’s dick a soft squeeze with my own hand.

“Is there any chance we could do it again some time?”

“One never knows what fate will bring you,” said Kurt with a wink. “Maybe you can run out of gas here again, say, this time next week?”

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