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I Did What?

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I would say that I’m your normal everyday-working housewife. Jeff and I have been married for just over ten years. We got Married young at age 18 right after High School. As of right now we have no children. We are both 28 years old. My measurements are 34C-24-34 at 5’2” and 114lbs. I also have shoulder length blonde hair. We have all the gym equipment a person needs in the basement. So it makes it real easy for me to stay in shape right here at home. Let me see, what more should I tell you about myself?

Oh yes, my name is May Lynn, all my friends call me May. I work for an advertising company in the City. I’m a secretary in the billing department. It’s not like a real big company. We do a lot of local ads for local stores. The pay is good and I enjoy the people I work with.

Jeff keeps himself in very good shape also. He works out with me when he has the time. He is still the man of my dreams and keeps me very happy in the bedroom department. Jeff is a salesman for a large steel company. The last few years his job has gotten a lot harder on him. Now days a lot of the steel comes from out side of the United States. So it’s very difficult for him to get some company to buy his steel at a price higher than they can get it from over seas. Anyway, so now day’s Jeff has to make a lot of road trips to sell his product. It seems like it’s normal anymore for him to be gone for nine or ten days at a time. We both don’t like it, but what can we do.

Behind Jeff’s back I’ve learned to masturbate a lot more when alone. I even went to and ordered myself one of them rubber vibrators that’s looks and feels like the real thing. Oh my does it ever feel real. I’ve even gone so far as to get on-line in some of them chat rooms. You know the one’s, lonely wives or wives looking for love. I have had some dirty sexy talk with a lot of guys that I don’t even know who they are. It never fails to put me in the mood for some hot rubber cock action after I get off line with them. I think I have about turned myself into a sex addict. Seems like I need it every night anymore. Jeff is always happy when he gets home from a trip and I’m dressed in some sexy little outfit and horny as hell.

Okay, now you know a little about me, let me get on with my story. It started out on a Friday morning. I woke up alone in our king-size bed. Jeff had been gone for two days and was not due back until Tuesday of next week. I wasn’t too happy about having another weekend alone, but what could I do? I was feeling a little horny as I looked at the clock. Shit, I have to get going, no play time right now.

I jumped out of bed and made it to look like a window showcase. Dressed in just an old tee shirt and a pair of little white lace bikini panties I headed for the shower. Once in the shower I shaved my legs, pits and trimmed up my bush. I have one little strip of hair that runs up from the top of my pussy slit about an inch wide. Once out of the shower I slipped on my terrycloth rode and started drying my hair. Once I had my hair all fixed I went back into the bedroom to get dressed.

Up at my dresser I dropped my robe on the floor. I took a little pair of aqua blue very sheer bikini panties out of my panty drawer. They’re so sheer that once I had them on you could see my little hair strip on my mound. Next I pulled out a white lace bra. It’s a push-up under wired bra that makes my 34C breasts stand out very nice. I’m not a big panty hose fan. So next I rolled on a pair of light coffee colored lace-topped thigh-highs. They came all the way up my legs to just an inch or so below my crotch. That makes it easy for me to wear about any length skirt or dress. Mind you, I’m not really into mini-skirts. Mid-thigh is about as short as I go. I will wear a little shorter ones if I’m out with Jeff, but not to work. Next I went to my closet and took out a nice white silk shirt that has front buttons on it. Then I picked out this cute Navy blue blazer and matching pleated skirt. The skirt ended just above my knee. And I must say that with the double-breasted blazer on, I looked very nice. Not a bit slut looking, just a very businesswoman look. I slipped on my heels, grabbed a cup of mud on the way out to the car.

I got to work five minutes late and got an ass chewing from my boss the first thing. The rest of the day didn’t get much better. My boss was on the rag all day long. Not just with me but with everybody. At lunch time my coworker and friend Judy and I went to lunch together. As we ate lunch we sat there bitching about how bad of a day it was. Back at work in the late afternoon. Judy came up to my desk and said that her and some of our coworkers were going to Willies after work for a drink. And asked if I would like to come along? It sounded good after the bad day I’d been having, but I told her that I better not. Judy said come on, Jeff’s out of town, what ya going to do, go home and play with yourself? I’m thinking, how did she know about that? I gave in and said, okay, but just one drink and I’m out of there. Judy gave me a hug and said great, see ya there as she went back to her desk.

I was thinking, one drink would be plenty for me, I’m not a big drinker. Jeff has told me many times that I’m a cheep date.At five o’clock I drove over to Willie’s Bar & Grill to meet up with the others. This was something that I never do. But seeing how I had such a bad day and the fact that Jeff was gone. I just told myself, what the heck; it’d feel good to have a drink with my friends. When I walked into the place I didn’t see anyone that I knew. I was just about to turn around a leave when I heard Judy yelling, MAY, MAY, WE’RE BACK HERE. I waved and made my way through the crowd to the back of the bar. They had about four tables all together with a bunch of people from work sitting at them. I took the one empty set that was across from Judy.

It was so loud in there that we had to yell across the table to each other just to talk. The girl next to me on my left was Sue from accounting. A real big bitch if you ask me. On my right was this younger guy from the production department. I wasn’t sure what his name was; he had only been with the company a month or so. The girl came up to take my drink order and I wasn’t sure what to get. Judy yelled, GIVE HER A SEX ON THE BEACH, MAKE IT A DOUBLE, SHE NEEDS IT! Everybody laughed and I just said okay fine, I’ll try that, sex on the beach, sounds good. A few minutes later she sat this drink down in front of me. I paid her for it and took a little sip. I wasn’t sure what Sex on the Beach would taste like. I’m not sure what was in it, but it sure did taste good. I gave Judy the cheer’s sight with my glass and took another sip.

After a short time the young man on my right introduced himself to me as Tom. We shook hands and then started some small talk. We had to keep talking in each other’s ear just to hear what we were saying. It turns out Tom was 22 and had moved here to the mid-west from California just for this job. He has no family at all around here. I told him that maybe sometime my Husband and I could have him over for a home cooked meal. He seemed really happy to hear that. Then he started asking me a lot of things. Like how long I’ve been married, do I have any kids, what’s Jeff do for a living and things like that. Before long my drink was empty and Tom ordered me another one. I said I better not have anymore I’m driving. He said, a Sex on the Beach drink doesn’t have much liquor in them at all. I just smiled and said okay, one more, and that’s it.

As it turned out Tom was very easy to talk to. I let him talk me into a third drink. I was starting to feel the drinks and knew this had to be my last one. All at once Judy came up behind me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She said that she was out of there, that her old man was going to kick her ass. I asked why is that? She said, shit girl we’ve been here for three hours. I looked at my watch to see that it was after eight. I said oh shit your right, I need to get going myself. Judy laughed and said shit girl, your old man is gone, stay out and have some fun for a change. I was thinking, she’s right I didn’t have to go running home. But in the back of my mind I knew that I should be. I then told Judy, once I kill this drink I’m out of here also. She gave me another kiss on the cheek and said see you Monday, and please don’t get yourself pregnant with Tommy boy there. I told her to shut up as I slapped her on the butt as she turned to walk away laughing.

I looked around to see that Tom and I were the only ones left from our group. Tom then asked me, so where is your Husband? I told him that he was out of town working. Tom then said that’s a sham to leave a lovely woman like you home alone. I laughed and said, oh it’s okay I’ve grown accustom to it. He said I wouldn’t let you out of my sight if you were my wife. I laughed again and said, I’m sure after ten years you would. These two and a half drinks really had me talking out of turn as I took another sip. I then excused myself to go to the ladies room.

As I was walking back to the table I knew I was a little high and that I should get going. I told Tom that it was nice meeting him and that I needed to get going. Tom smiled and said okay, why don’t you finish your drink and I’ll walk you to your car, this neighbor hood is not the best at night. He was right so I sat down and took a couple more sips of my drink. We continued talking but most of the talk had turned to Jeff. Like how long is he going to be gone. How often does he have to leave town and stuff like that?

Then all at once I started feeling real funny inside just as I finished my drink. I was slurring my words really bad and it was hard for me to focus on things. Tom put his arm around me and asked me if something was wrong? I shook my head yes and said, I don’t know, fuck I think I’m drunk. Maybe I need some air; the smoke is really bad in here. I could hardy stand on my own two feet as I got up. Tom said, here let me help you as he put his arm around my waist holding me up. He then grabbed my handbag and helped me out the door.

Once outside Tom was holding me up as I tried to get my head back on straight. I started digging in my bag for my car keys. Once I had them out Tom said no way are you driving in the shape your in. I looked at him and knew he was right, I couldn’t drive. I dug out my cell phone and said to him, you’re right, I’ll call Judy for a ride. Tom took my phone out of my hand and closed it and dropped it back in my bag. He then said don’t be silly, I’m right here I’ll give you a ride home. You can come back in the morning and get your car. I said, but you don’t know where I live. Tom laughed and said I’m sure you can tell me as he helped me walk towards his car.

Once at his car Tom opened the passenger door for me. I flopped down on the seat like Jell-O. He then picked up my legs and put them inside the car. He then leaned over me and hooked my seat belt in place. After it was hooked he looked at me face to face and said you sure are a pretty thing and kissed me on the lips a fast peck. I didn’t know what to make of that at the time. And really didn’t care. All I knew is that I needed to get home to the safety of my house. Tom got in and asked me my address. I told him and He said, oh I know where that is, no problem and away we went. As we drove long my head was spinning all over the place. I didn’t feel sick, like a normal drunk. It was like I was just out of my body or something. I don’t know what it was, I never felt like this before.

I looked down and seen that my skirt had road all the way up. My lace stocking tops and the crotch of my aqua panties were fully exposed to Tom’s view. I couldn’t even get the will power to pull my skirt down. I just hoped Tom was a gentleman and not looking.

I must have fallen asleep for the next thing I recall was Tom shaking me awake in my driveway. Tom was standing out side the passenger’s door when he asked me if I could walk, or he could carry me in? I looked at him not sure what was going on and said I think I can walk. Tom took my keys out of my handbag and asked which one is the door key? I pointed it out to him as he helped me out of the car.

We just made it inside the front door and things got real fuzzy to me. I do remember Tom asking me which way to my bedroom. He was going to tuck me in and make sure I was safe and sound before he left. After that my world went blank. I was totally one hundred percent out of it from just three little drinks.

When I woke I wasn’t sure where I was. Once I got my eyes to working I seen that I was in my bed. My head was hurting really badly. I looked at the clock and seen it was after noon. God how long have I been sleeping? Then I tried to recall what had happened last night. It all came back to me very slowly. Right up to the part that Tom said he was going to tuck me in. Then the shock hit me like a blow to the jaw. What the hell did I do with Tom last night? Did I have sex with him? My pussy is really sore this morning. Oh God I must have had sex with him right here in our bed.

I sat up in bed and seen someone had removed my clothes last night. Oh God what have I done, I started crying as I was getting out of bed. I threw the sheet off and got another shock. I was dressed in my little purple garter belt with fishnet stockings. No panties, just the garter belt and stockings. My mind was going nuts now. What the hell did I do last night? Did I put on a sexy lingerie show for Tom and then let him fuck me, or what?

I looked around my bedroom and seen the outfit I had on when I got home was on the floor, along with my bra, panties and thigh-highs. Also on the floor was a bunch of my panties, bra’s, Garter belts, a black corset and almost all of my stockings. Next to the bed was a half-empty bottle of baby oil. Then sham really hit me. On the floor next to the bed was my rubber vibrator. Oh my God, Jeff doesn’t even know I have that. And now this stranger Tom knows about it. How low did I go last night?

I got up still crying and took off the garter belt and stocking. I slipped on a pair of red lace panties and my robe. I needed some coffee bad; my head was hurting so bad. I went to the restroom and then made it into the kitchen to make some coffee. I just kept on crying trying to put together what had happened last night. Once I had the coffee going I looked out the window into the back yard in a daze still trying to think why I did this. How could I screw up my marriage like this? Once the coffee was done I filled a cup and went to sit down at the breakfast bar. As I sat down I noticed a stack of papers sitting there that I didn’t recall putting there. The top paper had a hand written note on it. It said, May, check these out. Give me a call, signed Tom and a phone number.

I about fell over when I looked at the first thing in the stack. It was a picture of me lying on my bed fully dressed in the outfit I had on last night. The picture was printed on computer paper, I’m thinking from my own computer. The next photo was taken from the foot of the bed. My legs were wide open with my feet flat on the bed. You could see every thing under my skirt; lace stocking tops and you could even see my pussy through my sex little aqua panties. The next shot was of me with my jacket and shirt removed. And the next was with my skirt removed, leaving me with just my bra, panties and thigh-highs on.

Then the next on was between my legs again. You could see a hand pulling the crotch of my sexy little panties to the side giving full view of my pussy to the camera. The next one I was topless with a hand squeezing my breast and playing with my nipple. In the next one my panties were removed and I was nude all but my thigh-highs, flat on my back with my legs spread wide open.

Oh my God I’m a whore I’m thinking. Only my Husband has seen the parts of my body that Tom had seen last night. As I looked at the next one I couldn’t believe it. It was taken looking down at me. My head was on the pillow with a hard cock sitting on my chin. Next was one with that same cock in my mouth and my lips wrapped around it like I loved it! I was getting sick at this point. I went back to looking at them. The next one was of my pussy again. This time a hand was in the frame with two fingers sunk inside my pussy. The next shot I was pulled over to the side of the bed with my legs hanging off and spread wide.

The next one was looking down again. This time it was looking at my pussy and a hard cock in a hand. The head of the hard cock was just inches from the entrance of my pussy. Next the head of the cock with a hand around it was touching my pussy lips. As I looked at the next one the hand was gone and about half the hard cock was inside my pussy. And the next one the hard cock was deep inside my pussy. In the next one you could see it was coming back out of me all wet and covered with my pussy juice. I must have been enjoying it by this point. And in the next one the hand was around the cock again and it looked like it was being rubbed up and down my wet pussy lips. Then in the next photo the hard cock was pumping out gobs and gobs of hot white cum all over my pussy and pussy lips. The next one the cumming cock was back inside me. And the next one was a close up shot of cum running out of my wide-open pussy.

I had to stop and go into the bathroom and vomit at this point. Crying my eyes out as I’m thinking I didn’t plan on cheating on my Husband last night. Why did I go for that drink? What a fool I am. Why did I let Tom fuck me? What if I do get pregnant like Judy said with Tom’s baby? I’m on the pill but that doesn’t always work 100%.

I cleaned myself up and went back in to look at the rest of the photos. There was a photo of me dressed in every piece of sexy lingerie that I own. Some sitting on my bed, others lying on the bed. And even some of me sitting at my dressing table. Then I turned to one of me with my black lace corset on and black stockings held up by the garters on the corset. I was flat on my back with my legs wide open again showing off my pussy. The next shot was from across the room. You could see Tom on top of me fucking me in my bed. The next one was from the same place only in this one I had my legs locked around his back, fucking him back. Then there was another close up of my vagina with Tom’s cum leaking out of it again.

I got another cup of coffee still crying and kicking myself in the ass. I just don’t understand how I could have done all this. I’ll never have another drink the rest of my life. I Love my Husband very much and know he could never love me anymore if he was to see what I did wail he was away.

As I looked at the next photo I saw that I was wearing the purple little garter belt and fishnet stockings outfit I woke up wearing. When I turn over the next photo it about floored me. I was on my back legs spread wide open with the little garter belt and fishnets on. In my hand was my rubber vibrator. In the next photo I was pushing the head of it into my cummy pussy. The next photo I had it in deeper. You could even see Toms cum gushing out around this big rubber cock. He took a lot of shots of me fucking myself with that rubber vibrator. I’m sure I was cumming in the last one with my ass up off the bed and my month wide open. Now embarrassing could any thing get? A photo of yourself masturbating, in front of a stranger.

There was a few more left in that stack that I started looking at. The next one was over the top of me again, looking down at my face and breasts. The next one was my breasts covered with oil, as I was what looked like rubbing the oil in. The next one was Tom’s hard cock between my breasts and I was pushing them together like two pillows. There were a few more shots of him pumping his hard cock up and down between my breasts. The last one was his cock shooting out hot cum all over my chest, neck and the bottom of my chin.

I was so mad, so hurt, so sick that I didn’t know what to do. I took all the photos and threw them in the fireplace and set them a fire. I kept Tom’s phone number; I just didn’t know what to say if I did called him. I went and took a hot shower hopping to wash all the dirty sex I had away.

After my long hot shower I did feel a little better. I slipped on a little pair of yellow lace bikini panties. Then I dug out a white bra and put it on. I went to my closet and took out this little pink and blue floral print sundress and stepped into it. After I had it zipped up I turned and looked around my bedroom.

What a mess it was, as I started picking up all my sexy lingerie that was all over the place. I changed the sheets on the bed. Putting them cum stained one’s in the washer. I cleaned my rubber vibrator all up and put it back in the bottom of my panty drawer so Jeff didn’t see it. Just then my phone rang. I picked it up and it was Tom. After my hello Tom said, hi May, how ya doing today? My mind went nuts; I didn’t know what to say. I just yelled in the phone, FUCK YOU, and hung it up. I then sat down on the bed and started crying again. The phone started ringing again but I didn’t answer it this time.

After I got my bedroom all picked up and looking like normal again I fixed myself some lunch. I was eating a sandwich and reading the paper when I got a knock on the front door. I opened the door to find Tom standing there smiling from ear to ear. I yelled FUCK YOU, GET AWAY FROM ME, as I slammed the door shut.

Tom had put his foot in the door and I didn’t get it all the way shut. He started pushing it open as I tried to keep him out. Again I yelled, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, I’M GOING TO CALL THE COPS. He then gave it a hard push and walked right in, shutting the door behind himself. He said take it easy, I’m not here to hurt you, just to talk to you. As I was backing away from him I said, you fucker, what did you do to me last night? I’m married, I’m not just some bimbo you get drunk and take advantage of. Tom then said what a minute, I didn’t take advantage of you. I didn’t do anything to you that you didn’t ask me to. I yelled, BULL SHIT, I DIDN’T ASK YOU TO FUCK ME! Tom turned his head to the side and said your right. You didn’t ask me to fuck you. I think your words were, will you stay and make love to me tonight? Shocked to hear that I fell down in the chair and started crying some more.

Why did I drink so much I kept asking myself? Tom came over and sat down next to me. He put his arm around me and said he was sorry, that he never planned to hurt me in any way. It was a beautiful thing that we did last night. That I was the hottest and sexiest woman he had ever been with. I looked at him still crying and said, but I’m married. I love my Husband very much. What we did was wrong, really wrong. Tom smiled again and said, it wasn’t wrong last light when you were yelling that you were cumming as you had orgasm after orgasm! Begging me to go faster and harder, that wasn’t wrong. I covered my face with my hands, thinking, God I was begging him to fuck me.

Then I felt Toms hand on my thigh right above my knee. Slowly he started running it up under the hem of my sundress. Just as his hand got to the crotch of my panties I put my hand over his and asked, what in the hell are you doing? He replied as he tried to kiss my neck, I’m trying to give you what you need, what your Husband doesn’t give you. I pulled away from him and stood up, as I was shaking my head no. I said no, no this is not going to happen. What we did was a mistake, I’m sorry it happened. My Husband gives me everything that I need. I don’t need to go outside of my marriage for sex. Oh no, that’s not going to happen. I think you better go right now. As I pointed at the door.

Tom stood up also and said, I don’t think I’m going anyplace. I like it here and I like you. I think I’ll stay here and fuck that cute little pussy of yours again. I was getting mad now as I yelled, DON’T THINK I WON’T CALL THE COPS ON YOU! Tom had a shit-eating grin on his face, as he said, your not going to call the cops. If the cops come here they may end up seeing the photo’s of us together. Then who knows by the time it’s all over with your sweet little Husband may see them also? I’m not too sure if he would like to see my cock in your pussy, what ya think? I smiled back at Tom and said, fuck you, you asshole, I burned all them photos up, your not going to show him shit! Tom smiled and said, you didn’t burn shit, I’m the one that did some burning before I went home this morning.

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about as I watched him walked over to my computer and pick up a blank CD off the desk. He held it up and said, I burned a copy of the pictures I took for you and me before I printed them all out. I have a copy at home and here is your copy. He popped it in the CD slot of the computer. Up on the screen came a very clear photo of me with Tom’s hard cock in my mouth. I called him a fucker as I fell back down in the chair crying.

Tom came over and sat down next to me again. I looked at him and asked, what do you wont from me? Tom smiled and said, I just wont to make love to you again, that’s all! I looked at him trying to hold back my tears and said that if I do it will you give me your copy of the CD? Tom looked me in the eye and said, sure I will as he bent over and gave me a big hug. I wasn’t sure if I could trust him or not, but what could I do? Jeff would kick me out on my ass if he ever seen them photos. So I had to trust that Tom was telling me the truth.

Tom stood up and held out his hand for me. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up to my feet. He pulled me up face to face with him and said, let’s go in the other room and get more comfortable. I didn’t say a word as he put his arm around my waist and we started walking down the hall to my bedroom. My mind was running all over the place. Was I doing the right thing? Would I be able to hide this from Jeff? One thing was for sure, I didn’t have to enjoy this. I put myself in a state of mind that I was going to let him do his thing and get this over with. So by the time we got into my bedroom my mind was made up that I could do this and not enjoy it at all.

Once we got up beside the bed Tom turned me towards him and took me in his arms. He started kissing me as his hands roamed over my butt and back. He kissed my ear and then moved down to my neck. His one hand moved around to the front of me and cupped my left breast in his hand. His thumb was rolling my nipple around through my dress and bra. He then turned me around and ran the zipped down the back of my dress. He gave it a little pull and it slid down my body to my feet. Then I felt him unhook my bra. Once it was unhooked he turned me back around facing him and he took it off me. I covered my breasts with my arm of a second, until he moved my arms down to my sides. Tom then took one of my breasts in each hand. He bent over and kissed and sucked on each nipple. Taking turns on one then the other. Oh God it felt so good but again I told myself, you can’t enjoy this.

Tom then stopped sucking on my nipples and said, mother fucker, you have a nice set of tits. Let’s lay down okay? I shook my head yes and pulled the covers back and laid down on the bed. I still had on my little yellow lace panties. Tom stood next to the bed and removed all his clothes. When he dropped his boxers I saw that his cock was as hard as a rock and pointing up at the sky. Tom got in bed next to me and started kissing my breasts and nipples again. He stopped and said, I think I’ll eat your pussy. Do you like having your pussy ate? I didn’t say a thing, I just shook my head yes. Again I told myself, I don’t have to enjoy this. Tom then went back to sucking and kissing and caressing my breasts. I closed my eyes in deep shame as tears rolled freely down my cheeks. I knew that I was about to become an adulteress, and there was nothing I could do about it. My nipples seem to have a mind of their own. Don’t ask me why, but they got very hard from Tom’s sucking mouth.

Suddenly I felt a slight twitch up between my legs. I pressed them tightly together to try to stop the sensations, which were rippling outward from my sensually awakening pussy. As it was trying to engulf my entire body. Tom’s mouth stayed glued to my breast as his hand moved down to my stomach, lingering and caressing me. Then slowly moving lower and lower until his fingers slipped down inside my little panties. Slowly he moved his fingers on down until he touched my little strip of pubic hair. I was starting to tingle all over and couldn’t help it. I closed my eyes even tighter, trying to stop the rapidly mounting feeling of arousal that his questing hand was instilling in me.

The warmth of his gently caressing fingers seemed to be searing my skin. But when I went to move slightly to the side, Tom sucked more harshly on my now tender nipple.

I felt his outstretched middle finger moving downward between my legs. I squirmed and shivered with fear as I felt Tom’s finger slipping into the opening between my wet throbbing vaginal lips. I low groan escaped my lips as his finger went deeper and deeper inside my warm moistened pussy. Oh God, I didn’t wont to respond to him, way was I so wet down there?

I pushed my butt down into the bed to escape the tantalizing finger and the hot mouth locked so hungrily on my nipple. I let out a low moan or whimper as his fingers taunted my sensitive pussy, gently fucking into it several times. Then all of a sudden he made electrifying contact with the tiny pulsing head of my erect clitoris. I felt the warm moisture of excitement seeping from that throbbing center up between my legs, welling up from the unwanted and forbidden arousal that now filled my whole body. I clenched my teeth to hold back my groan of pleasure, God why was my body starting to respond to him? The sensual shock of his finger massaging my sensitively quivering clitoris was causing me to work my hips down into the bed again to escape the surge after surge of wanton thrill that coursed upward from my soft vibrating pussy.

OH GOD, OH GOD I whimpered involuntarily as Tom continued his skillful manipulation of my clitoris until my hips began to grind upwards. With one hard fast jerk Tom ripped my little yellow lace panties right off my body. He then moaned, MMMMMMM, I’m going to enjoy this, and I think you will also. He went back to nibbling again on my sensitive nipples, then slithering his tongue over the plane of my belly and on down until his face was over my wide-open pussy. The next thing I knew Tom lowered his face into my wet glistening pussy and darted his tongue down through the narrow cleft of my swollen pink pussy lips. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH my God! OHHHHH NO! OOOOOHHHHH! I whimpered as my buttocks lifted on their own volition up off the bed and ground against his wet probing tongue.

OHHHHH, AAAGGGHHH, OOOHHH, my cries of involuntary pleasure filled my bedroom as Tom shoved his tongue deep into the moist depths of my hot clasping vagina. Then he took the tiny bud of my clitoris between his teeth and ran his tongue around and around it. OHHHHH God I’m losing it, as my head began to flail from side to side and whimpers of unwanted pleasure rolled from deep in my chest. Suddenly as through my hands had a mind of their own I reached down and grabbed Tom’s head. I pulled his face tight into my wet steaming pussy. I had lost the desperate battle with myself, and I moaned with the knowledge of my defeat and surrender to my grossest desires. I was his now! I belonged to him! I was his to use, to fuck, to do with as he chose.

My body had betrayed me and was now in complete command. My buttocks jerked and spasmed, moving upwards in tight little circles of hunger on his plunging tongue as I kept pulling steadily on his head. I could no longer resist, it was useless to do so. I moaned out very loud, LICK ME, OH YESSSSSSSS LICK ME. Tom pulled his mouth off my pussy and said, after you cum baby I’m going to fuck you to death. You’re so hot I could fuck you right now! I just moaned out, YESSSSSSSS as I pulled his face back to my wet pussy. It was good, it was way too good. I had never felt anything as good as Tom’s sucking mouth on my pussy, and I wanted more and more.

My Husband Jeff, who for the moment at least was push way back in my mind, had never eaten my pussy the way Tom was now doing. He ran both his hands up to my breasts. He started playing and squeezing them, rolling my now super hard nipples around. I moaned out very loudly as his hot tongue continued its assault on my very wet pussy. He was making obscene sucking sounds that seemed to echo through my entire bedroom.

All at once to my shock Tom pulled his face away from my hot pussy. I was just about to start begging him to continue eating me when he pushed my legs out wide, then doubled them back until my knees were practically smashing into my breasts. My pussy was open and totally exposed to him. Ever so softly Tom pressed his mouth back into the soft folds of my pussy. OOOOOOOOOHHH GODDDDDDD YESSSSSSSS, I yelled out. Again my head started to flail in complete abandon from side to side as his tongue dashed across my wide-open pussy. Tom then viciously began to orally fuck me harder and faster, driving his hot, wet tongue up into my hot clasping hole. He moved his hands up to the bend in my knees, then he pushed my legs back until they were practically touching my shoulders, leaving my entire pussy even more exposed to him.

Then Tom cupped my buttocks in both hands as he drove his hot tongue even deeper into the searing liquid depths of my pussy. When Tom went back to sucking on my hard clit I knew it was about over for me.

I was near! I was near the point of total orgasm as Tom continued to suck and bite my clit. My pussy was so alive, then my warm wet walls contracted suddenly around his hot tongue, I moaned from way down in the pit of my throat as my belly rolled with one tremendous spasm of erupting delight. I shoved my pussy up hard against Tom’s face and tongue as my juices ran hotly up my passion-wracked pussy. I was cumming, cumming like I never had in my entire life. My Husband, who was totally forgotten about right then, had never given me and orgasm like the one I was now having. Fireworks were soaring and bursting all over my bedroom.

Tom was lapping my soaked vagina like a mad starving animal after food. I took a hold of his head again and held it in place as my never-ending orgasm continued. I yelled out as loud as I could, OHHHHH GOD YESSSS, I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG! Every muscle, every nerve, and fiber of my exploding body was sensitive to the fantastic overwhelming sensation that tore through me right then. Tom pulled his face away from my steaming vagina and smiled down at me. He knew that he had just pushed me over the top. I moaned oh God that was beautiful, and then I remembered that Tom said he was going to fuck me too. I fully intended to see that his promise did not go unfulfilled.

With my legs still bent up practically smashing into my breasts Tom moved up on his knees behind me, taking a hold of my ankles and holding them straight up in the air with one hand. He laid his hard cock right down on my soaking wet pussy. Holding it in his other hand he started rubbing it up and down the folds of my pussy lips. The head was all shiny with my pussy juices as he rubbed it on my very sensitive clitoris.

Tom then placed the purple head of his hard cock right at the wet opening of my vagina. He looked me right in the eyes and said, you’re my wife today, as he slowly pushed his hard cock inside me. Deeper and deeper he kept pushing it into me, until I had it all deep inside my hot pussy. I was 100% his now as I moaned out, OH GOD FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME. He started out with some real slow, deep pumps that were driving me crazy. He would pull it all the way out until it made a suction sound as it popped out. Then ever so slowly sink it back inside me. I think his cock is about the same size as Jeff’s, not like super big or nothing, just normal size. But God, did he know how to use it. I was bucking up to him, trying to get him to fuck me harder and faster. Tom then said, you like my cock don’t you? I moaned, God yes, I love it, fuck me, fuck me please, still rocking my hips up to him. Still pumping in me very slow Tom said, let me hear you say that you like my cock better than your husbands. Looking up at him I moaned out, oh God yes I like your cock a lot better than Jeff’s, now please fuck me, please. Tom smiled and said that’s a girl, now lets see if we can get you cumming again.

All at once Tom started screwing me like a mad man, fast and hard, just the way I love it. I yelled out, OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OOOOHHHH, in ecstasy as Tom’s hard cock pounded deep inside my soaking wet vagina. Tom was driving his lust-hardened cock in and out like an insane bull, his balls slapping into my upturned buttocks with a loud noise. I was reaching an ecstasy I had never know in fucking, my belly was jerking and rolling under this crashing young man on top of me. His cock felt better than I had imagined it would, and I knew that I would climax again any second. Then suddenly I felt that exhilarating sensation accelerate throughout my entire body.

OOOOHHH! OOOOH GOD! I’MMMMMM CUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG! Throwing my legs out as wide as I was possibly able to, I ground my hips up with all my available strength, taking the whole length of Tom’s hard cock far, very far up into my erupting womb. My sticky juices from my orgasm flooded out around my pulsating pussy lips and matted in with Tom’s pubic hair. Then just when I thought I couldn’t reach a higher plateau of pleasure, Tom’s hard cock exploded with its own cum.

OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD, it was pure heaven as I felt the sensation of his stabbing thrusts of semen smashing against the pit of my belly until I though it would pierce a hole right threw me. I wrapped my legs tightly around Tom’s hips, holding him against my body as the sensation in my orgasm rippled through my body. His hard cock seemed to endlessly pump out mammoth gobs of hot cum into my vagina, the continuing stream of cum filled my pussy with a pleasurable fullness. My vagina contracted again and again, as a mixture of our fluids spilled out around the base of Tom’s throbbing cock, and ran down the crevice of my buttocks to the sheets on the bed below. Finally with one last spasm of hot sperm Tom collapsed on top of my still shaking body, he was totally spent.

I held him tight with my arms and thighs while waiting for every last sensation to travel over my excited nerve ends in my body, until the tiniest spasm had died away to nothing. I whimpered my gratified pleasure while trying to catch my breath by gulping in huge amounts of air, and then I moaned when Tom suddenly pulled out of me. His half-hard cock was covered with white sticky fluid. It made a slight wet sucking sound and I felt disappointed by its departure.

But before I could protest Tom was laid out next to me. Tom then took me in his arms and kissed me full on the lips. He pulled away for a second, looked me in the eyes and said thank you that was great, then went back to kissing me. I broke the kiss this time and said no thank you, you brought out a part of me that I never knew was inside of me.

I feel like such a slut, I like it and need more of it. I then reached down and took his soft sticky cock in my hand and started stroking it. Tom moaned mmmmmm look at you, as his fingers found their way back down to my hot wet cum leaking pussy. I felt his finger slipping between my wet throbbing pussy lips. Still stroking his now hard cock I moaned into his mouth and ground my hips up to his fingers. As Tom was rolling my hard cum sticky clitoris around he broke the kiss and said with a smile, I think my hot little housewife is ready for some more cock? I moaned out my reply, oh God yes, fuck me again, please fuck me again. I had never been so horny in my life as I was right then. I needed to have another orgasm and I needed it bad.

Tom slapped me on the butt and said get up on your hands and knees little doggie, do you like it doggie style? At that point I didn’t care what style I got, as long as I had another orgasm. I got up on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Tom moved in behind me and said God you have a great body as he was playing with and feeling up my ass. Tom then bent over and took my hanging breasts in his hands. As he was tweaking my hard nipples with his fingers he moaned God your tits, mmmmmmmm as he then squeezed them both in his hands.

Tom then lined his hard cock up to the sloppy wet entrance of my pussy. I was so wet with both our cum’s leaking out of me. With one little forward push he filled me full of hard cock again. MMMMMM both moaned out our joy as he pushed as deep as he could inside me. Tom let my breast hang free as took a hold of hips. With one very hard pull he pulled me back onto his cock as hard as he could. It felt like his hard cock was hitting the bottom of my stomach from the inside. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a cock so deep inside of me before. And God did I like this feeling, as I rocked my hips back to him to get as much of that cock as I could. Then it started, Tom started fucking in and out of my hot pussy like a mad man again. This was a kind of sex that I had never known with my Husband Jeff. Jeff and I had always made love. Right now I was FUCKING and it was great.

They say that forbidden fruit is the sweetest. I’m here to tell you that that statement is one hundred percent true. I was trying to squeeze Toms cock with my vagina muscles but I was so wet I didn’t have much control. I rotated my ass around to help Tom’s lunging cock find more and more area’s inside me. It seemed like an hour that Tom was pumping into me. I’m sure it was only five or ten minutes, but in any case I could feel my orgasm starting deep inside my body. I heard myself grunting like some kind of an animal. All my self-control was out the window at this point. My insides were roaring as I yelled out, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD. I was a slut now, his slut, and a slut that was about to cum with her new lover.

Then it happened, I moaned out as loud as I could, AHHHHHH YES, I’M CUMMMMMMMIIIINNNGGG. After a few more hard pumps I was begging him to cum with me. I yelled, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSS, CUM IN MEEEEEEE. I was watching Tom’s scrotum from between my swinging boobs. Suddenly his balls tightened up and the sensation of his spewing cock went through my body. He shot jet after jet of hot cum so deep into my cumming pussy, I swear it was coming out my ears. I now buried my face in the pillow and moaned out a muffled, OH GOD THAT FEEL SO GOOD. Tom gave one more hard deep push as he grunted and shot one more squirt of his sperm deep inside my burning pussy.

Tom pulled his cock out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me. I felt disappointed by its departure again. Tom’s hot cum was now leaking out of my wet vagina lips, running down the insides of my thighs. I fell down turning my head to face him. We locked in each other’s arm and went into a very passionate kiss. My emotions were so screwed up right then. The man that I had just hated a few hours ago had just taken me to a sexual height I have never known in sex. I had never felt this desire that was going through my body right then. On one hand I knew it was very wrong to be laying here in bed with Toms sperm leaking out of me. And on the other hand I loved the way he made me feel.

Just then the phone rang causing me to jump. I answer it to find Jeff on the other end. He said hi honey what’s going on? Oh God I felt like I had just been busted as I tried to speak to reply to him but nothing would come out. HELLO,,,,,,,MAY, are you there, he said? I replied this time, oh yes, hi honey, how are you? I’m fine how are you, you sound funny? I said, oh, I was just taking a nap and you woke me, I lied. I was now flat on my back lying next to Tom chatting with my husband.

Tom took this opportunity to lean over me and suck one of my still hard nipples into his mouth, as his fingers started squeezing my other breast. I tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t be stopped. Still sucking on my nipple his fingers started down my body. I did my best to hold back a moan as Tom sank his middle finger deep inside my wet pussy. He pulled his finger back out covered with his cum and my pussy juices. He then started rolling my sensitive clitoris around. I gave him one of them, STOP IT, looks, but he didn’t.

Oh God my hips started working up to his fingers. Tom moved up and whispered in my ear, keep him on the phone, I’m going to make you cum wail your talking to him! I did the best that I could do trying to talk to Jeff as Tom finger-fucked me. I would cover the mouthpiece each time I had to let out a loud moan. I opened my legs as wide as I could bending my knees and placing my feet flat on the bed so I could lift my pussy up to meet Tom’s probing fingers.

My body was on fire as I tried to carry on a conversation with Jeff. By now Tom had me at the boiling point. There was something about talking with my Husband as another man was bringing me to the point of total orgasm that was wild. Then it happened, fast and hard. My orgasm busted through my body like a wild fire. I was humping my hips up to Tom’s wonderful fingers as I started cumming. Smashing the phone into the pillow to hide my yelling I yelled out, YESSSSSSSSSSSS OH YESSSSSSSSSS I’MMMMMM CUMMINGGGGGGG! My hips were now bucking up and down to Tom’s hot fingers. He was squeezing and rolling my slippery clit between his thumb and index finger as I kept cumming and cumming.

Once my orgasm had ended I remember that Jeff was still on the line. I put the phone back to my mouth and tried to act as normal I could as I said, sorry I dropped the phone, you still there? Jeff said, yes I’m here, are you sure everything is okay? You sound like your not all together or something. I laughed and replied, oh I’m fine honey, just over worked and under paid is all. Jeff said, I understand that. Okay Love I’ll give you a call back with my flight time on Tuesday. Do you miss me? Oh yes I replied. Are you horny Jeff asked? I looked at Tom as I said into the phone, oh yes baby, I’m very horny. Good Jeff said, have on something sexy when you pick me up at the airport. I said, you know I will, as we said our good-byes and hung up.

Once I had the phone hung up I poked Tom in the ribs and said you asshole, doing that to me when I’m talking to him. Tom smiled and said, I think you liked cumming as you were talking to him? He went on to say I love to make some guy’s wife cum. It makes my day to have someone’s wife cum when she’s with me. My goal in life is to give every married woman I meet an orgasm. So how about we give you another one right now? I laughed and said my God I don’t know how many more times I can cum in one day? Tom rolled over onto his back and started stroking his again hard cock. He said your little chat with hubby sure turned me on. Why don’t you have a seat on little Tommy here, as he waved his hard cock around, and we’ll just see how many more times we can make you cum?

I don’t know why I had turned into this sex craving mad woman? The only care I had in the world was having my pussy filled with hot hard cock. The next thing I knew I was squatting over Toms hard cock. I took it in my hand and lined it up to the wet entrance of my throbbing vagina. I started sliding down on his hard cock and moaned out, OHHHHH YESSSSSSSS, as I took it all the way inside me. Tom grabbed both my breasts, giving them a hard squeeze he said, fuck you really like the cock don’t you? I was now pumping up and down on his hard meat as I replied, God yes I love your cock, it feels so good! I leaned way back holding on to Toms legs and started working my hips up and down. I was pumping on his meat at full speed. Tom started rolling my clit around again with his fingers and this set me off very fast. It had to be a record time that I was yelling out again that I was going to cum.

I bend over to kiss him as my orgasm rippled through my body. I gave his cock very hard short little jabs as I counted to cum. I could feel more hot juices running out of my vagina down onto the base of his hard cock. Tom broke our kiss and said with a smile, I knew we could get you cumming again.

I ended up asking Tom to spend the night with me that Saturday night. I’ve never been fucked so much in my life as I was that night. I most have came fifteen or more times that night. I’m not sure how many more times Tom came, I know not as many as I did.

I woke up in the morning to find Tom still sleeping, nude and flat on his back next to me. I took this opportunity to move down the bed and play with his sleeping cock. I was playing with it between my thumb and index finger as I gave the head little kisses. All at once it started getting hard between my fingers. I then took the head in my mouth sucking on it as I ran my tongue in the little pee slit. It got hard as a rock, as now I could rap all my fingers around it. I started stroking it faster and sucking harder on the now purple head. Tom let out a low moan but seemed to still be asleep. I felt the head of his hot throbbing cock getting even bigger in my mouth.

I was pumping my hand up and down his cock as fast as I could, still sucking and kissing the head. All at once Toms hips started working up and down in time with my pumping hard. I looked up from his hard cock to see that he still had his eyes closed. Then all at once his cock gave a hard jerk as he moaned out, mmmmmmmmm. I knew that he was at the point of cumming. He pushed his hips up making his cock go deeper in my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his cock and started stroking it even faster. I have this thing about seeing sperm coming out of the end of a cock.

Don’t ask me why, but this is a big turn-on for me. Just then Tom’s cock jerked again and this time a jet of hot white cum went flying in the air. It landed right next to his belly button. A second jerk of his cock and another big wad came flying out and landed right next to the first one. Then his cock jerked a few more times as more and more sperm came just seeping out, running down over my hand and about covering it. I couldn’t believe how hot his cum felt as it covered his cock and my hard. I squeezed every last drop of his sperm out. Again I looked up at him and couldn’t believe that he was still sleeping, but he seems to be, he just now had a big smile on his face.

I got out of bed and headed for the shower, leaving him to sleep with his sperm all over his belly. I turned to look at him before leaving the room. I smiled to myself thinking the poor guy just got a head job and didn’t even know it. After a long hot shower I came back in the bedroom to find Tom still hadn’t moved. The cum on his belly was now starting to dry up. I went to my dresser and took out this sexy little blue baby-doll pajama outfit. It’s very sheer silky see-through with matching little see-through bikini panties. I slipped on this sexy little number and looked at myself in the mirror. I said to myself, hmmm you don’t look bad for an old 28 year old broad. Then smiling I went off to fix some coffee and breakfast, leaving Tom to sleep.

I had just got finished cooking some bacon and eggs when I felt a pair of hands come around me from behind and cup both my breasts. I jumped at first then laid back into Tom as his hands played with my breasts. He kissed me on the neck and said, motherfucker do you look sexy this morning, as he poked his cock into my panty covered butt crack. I moaned mmmmmm do you like my pajama’s? Very much so, he replied. I then asked him if he was hungry? His reply was yes I think that I’ll eat your pussy again, as he was now squeezing and playing with my hard nipples right through my sexy little top. I just moaned mmmmmm. Then I felt something between my legs rubbing my panty covered pussy. I looked down to see the purple head of Tom’s hard cock sticking out of my crotch. It looked like I had my own little cock sticking out.

Tom started pumping his hips back and forth, rubbing his hard cock between my legs right on my pussy lips through my panties, and making my panties wetter and wetter with each stroke. Then he whispered in my ear as he was kissing it, that little Tommy is cold do you have someplace that he can put him that is nice and warm? Tom was now playing with my left breast as his other hand was down between my legs rubbing my clit through my soaking wet panties. I moaned back to him, mmmmmmmmm, I have just the place to warm up little Tommy. Right then Tom pushed me onto the breakfast bar face down.

My feet were still on the floor. He pulled the crotch of my little blue see-through panties to the side and started running his cock head up and down my soft pussy lips. He kept running it up and down my slit until my pussy juices had the head all slick and shinny. He then lined it up and gave a hard push, filling my pussy full of his hard cock again. I moaned out, mmmmmm yesssssss, as I grabbed the edge of the bar to hold on. Tom started driving into me fast, hard and deep. It didn’t take much of this hot fast fucking to get us both going again. I was humping my ass back to him trying to get him deeper inside me.

Then it happened, fast. I yelled out, OH GOD YESSSSSSS. Tom moaned, mmmmmm yes, I’m cumming with you baby. Just then my orgasm hit as I yelled, AAAAAHHHHHHH I’MMMM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG. Tom pulled himself even deeper inside my cumming pussy and moaned out, oh here it is as his cock started jerking inside me. He filled me with jet after jet of his hot sperm.

This was how Sunday morning started out. We had sex maybe six more times that day. Then in late afternoon Tom gave me a ride back to Willies Bar to pick up my car. He had me dress in a short jean skirt, red lace panties and a white tee shirt with no bra. Tom likes to see my nipples poking through the light tee shirt and loves the way my braless boobs bounce all around as I walk. Once back at the house Tom put on some music and had me do a strip teases dance for him in the family room. I ended up getting filled with his sperm again right in front of the fireplace. Tom stayed the night again Sunday night. And again I was up most the night having orgasm after orgasm. I had never known sex could be so good.

Monday morning after I got done riding Toms hard cock to total orgasm we got dressed for work. Tom was the one that said we might as well ride to work together. Well we did and I lunch time we met up in the back seat in the parking lot. It has been teenager days that I last had sex in a car. I went back to work very satisfied that day. My belly wasn’t full, but my pussy sure was. Judy came up to my desk and said, hmmm, what’s up with you and Tom? I said what are you talking about? Judy smiled; you guys go to lunch together. You come back, your hair and make up is a mess. And you have that I’ve just been fucked look on your face. I said, get out of here, it’s windy outside. Judy smiled at me and just said, rightttttttttt, as she turned and walked back to her desk.

After work we drove back to my house. Tom was playing with my pussy under my dress all the way home. By the time we got in the driveway I was ready to be fucked big time. I think I would have done it in the front yard I was so horny. Once in the house Tom took me into the den. He sat me up on Jeff’s wooden desk and opened my legs wide open. He pulled my black panties to the side and sank his cock right in me. He didn’t pump in me three times before I was yelling out that I was cumming. I fell back onto the top of Jeff’s desk on my back as Tom now held my legs up in the air. Pumping into me at full speed it wasn’t long at all before Tom started filling me with his hot seed.

Once he had filled me up again he pulled out very fast and started wiping our juices off his cock with the dress I was wearing. He then said I have some things to take care of so I’ll be back later, as he pulled his pants up. I wasn’t sure what was happening as I sat up to face him. My pussy had a little stream of cum leaking out and running down onto Jeff’s desktop. No kiss good-bye a hug, not a thing. He had just fucked me like I was a whore or something and walked out the door. I took a shower, ate dinner, watched some TV and more or less just sat there alone thinking. Thinking how bad I have been. Thinking what I have done. Thinking what I have turned into. I ended up falling asleep around midnight waiting for Tom’s return.

When I awoke the next morning I saw I was still alone in bed. As I was getting dressed for work I kept thinking, what the hell happened to Tom, oh well, I’ll see him at work. Then I recalled that I had to pick up Jeff at the airport after work. And he said to have on something sexy. So I put on a little white lace garter belt with white stockings. Next on was a pair of very sheer see-through white panties and a matching bra. Then I put on a more or less plan skirt and top. I wasn’t looking that sex on the outside, but under my clothes is what Jeff was going to get to see. As I was driving to work I was thinking that Tom would like the underwear I have on also.

Once at work I walked by the production department and didn’t see Tom. I went on up to my office and sat down at my desk. I had just turned on my computer when Judy came in and sat on my desk.

She said, did you hear the news about Tom? Playing dumb I said Tom who? She said you know Tom from the bar, works in production, your lunch mate yesterday? I said oh him, what about him? He’s in jail, he got busted last night. The first thing to come to my mind is that he must have been drinking and driving. So I asked, what did he do? Judy laughed and said he got busted fucking Carla our boss Steve’s new wife. I was in shock that he had just left me to go screw another woman, what a pig. And of all people my boss’s new wife. They have just been married a few months.

Why is he in jail, where they doing it in public or something? No, this is the weird part, seem that he was talking to her at this bar as She was waiting Steve. Tom slipped some aphrodisiac thing in her drink. She got all screwed up and went out in back to his car and let him screw her in the car. Just so happens Steve showed up and parked in the back also. As he was walking to the bar he seen two people screwing in a car and didn’t think too much about it. As we was going on by he heard Carla’s voice yelling that she was cumming. He went back to look in the car window to find his wife sitting on Tom’s cock ridding it like a cowgirl.

My mouth was wide open as Judy was telling me this story. Flashbacks of my night at the bar with Tom kept popping into my head. Judy went on to say that Steve yanked the door open and pulled Carla out of the car. He then went to work on beating the shit out of Tom, with his pants around his ankles. So the cops showed up and broke it all up. They then seen that Carla was really drunk or on something. A female Cop said that she thinks Carla was slipped something. They took her to the hospital and it was confirmed that some one had put an aphrodisiac in her drink. Well Tom denied giving her anything, saying that she asked him to go to the car for sex. My mind was spinning now. That fucker must have done the same thing to me.

Judy said as it turned out the bar had a video of them sitting at the bar. When Carla turned to look at the door Tom dropped two little pills in her drink. Not ten minutes later Tom was helping her to the door. So the cops busted Tom right there on the spot. They also searched his house and found he had a lot of them sex pills and tons of photos of other girls that they think he’s drugged and had sex with. He’d also been busted in California for the same thing and ditched out of there before he went to court.

This just floored me. Then Judy said, your lucky he didn’t do that to you last week when we were out. Trying to get my mind to work right I said, your right I’m lucky he didn’t do that to me also. He seemed like such a nice kid. Judy ended as she got up with, well this will be big news in the paper in the morning. Then she bent over and snapped the garter strap holding my stocking up and said mmmmmm is Jeff due back today. I looked down to see that my dress had ridden up and pulled it down as I replied, yes I pick him up at the airport on the way home. She smiled and said looks like somebody is going to get lucky tonight.

To make a long story short, I never told Jeff what when on over the weekend. The copy of the CD that Tom left me ended up in the fireplace. Tom had his day in court and got 10 years. After he does his time he has to go back to California and do his time there. My hopes are that he is out of my life forever. I can not and will not ever forget the sex I had with him. The first time I don’t recall. But after that, oh my, could that boy ever get my pussy alive.

The End

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