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Our Night with Bob

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Beth Wilson arrived home late. It was 1:30 AM, and she was beat. She thought to herself, I’d better check on Nancy to make sure she’s OK. Beth peeked in Nancy’s room and stood in the doorway dumfounded. She saw Nancy, another young woman, and a grown man all sleeping together! Obviously, none of them had heard her come in.

Looking closer, she saw her daughter and her best friend, Louise, sleeping in her big bed. But she didn’t know the man between the two girls. All three were naked, their limbs intertwined, and sound asleep. From between the splayed legs of the girls, Beth noticed a glistening, like fresh cum, leaking from their pussies.

The man’s stomach and hips were also wet. His soft cock pointed from his hairy groin to his belly button. Automatically, Beth calculated that it appeared to be about six inches deflated, but it was thick and the head was purple and fat. His balls hung down inside his hairy sack. She thought, For a soft cock, that’s a big one!

Beth was just 17 when she had Nancy, and Nancy was now 18. She looks so much like I did at her age! Both girls were thin with beautiful faces and tight young bodies. Beth’s tits were larger than Nancy’s, but not as large as Louise’s. Even lying down, Louise’s tits poked up, seemingly defying gravity. God, to have young tits again! thought Beth. Wait a minute…That’s my DAUGHTER with that man!

Beth came to her senses and yelled, “What the fuck are you doing in here? Nancy, what the hell is going on? What have you done? Get up, all of you! Who is this man?” The two girls sat up quickly as Beth ranted from the doorway.

The man also raised his head as he saw the woman in the room. He thought, Oh shit! That must be her mother! Louise knew immediately that they were in trouble. Nancy was blushing with embarrassment. Trying to cover herself, she found few sheets available.

Beth spoke again saying, “Nancy, what’s going on? Who the hell are you, mister? And what the fuck are you doing to these young girls, you SOB? I’m calling the cops!” She reached for the phone, but both girls jumped off the bed and stopped her. The three of them backed out of the room, into the hallway. Nancy and Louise were still naked. The man started dressing as he wondered, How in the hell am I going to get out of this? Where are my pants? Oh, there. He slipped them on as Louise came back in.

“You better come to the living room! Nancy’s mom is really pissed, and we’re all in trouble!” Louise grabbed his hand and together they entered the room where Nancy sat draped in a blanket and Beth eyed them all suspiciously. That man is still only half dressed. No socks, shoes or shirt. I’ve got to get to the bottom of this! Beth looked him up and down and ordered him, “Sit your ass down, mister. You’ve got some explaining to do! Right now!! You sit too, Louise! What’s your name, mister?”

He hesitated a minute, but sat and said, “It’s Johnson! Bob Johnson.” He held his hand out to her, but she didn’t take it.

Beth said, “I’m Beth Wilson. This young lady is my daughter. You have a lot to explain to me! Why is a grown man in bed with my daughter? She’s young enough to be YOUR daughter. Not to mention her best friend, who is also too young! What is going on? I want the truth and I want all of it! You all have one chance to tell me or I’m calling the police and pressing charges!”

No one spoke for a long time. Finally, Beth yelled again. “I said, What the fuck is going on here, Mr. Johnson? Louise? Nancy? None of you have anything to say? OK! Then I’m calling the cops!”

Louise said, “Wait, Mrs. Wilson. Don’t! Please! It’s my entire fault! Oh god, Mrs. Wilson, please, let’s talk about this! Please! My mom will send me away if she finds out! It’s really all my fault! You see, Bob and I have been together for a while now. And, you see… Well, he’s… he’s very good. Very, VERY good in the… Oh shit. Good in bed! Oh god! Bob is very good in bed and I tricked him into having sex with Nancy and me! It’s my fault! All my fault!”

Nancy spoke up and said, “He is, Mom! He’s unbelievably good! He fantastic! It’s not Louise’s fault! I just had to see for myself how good he really was! God, Mom! He was so good and he’s so big!”

Beth stared at Bob, and he felt the blood running up the back of his neck and blushed. Beth said, “What? What are you talking about Nancy?” She thought, Why are both of these girls taking the blame for this situation! Unbelievable! They are admitting the absolute truth about their sexual meeting!

Beth looked from one girl to the other. She asked, “Nancy, just how many men have you been with? How do you know he’s so good unless you have had a lot of men! Oh god, girl! What have you done to your reputation? How many guys have you slept with? How many times have you done it?”

Nancy was now the one getting red! Louise jumped in to help her best friend by saying, “No, Mrs. Wilson. It’s really my fault! Let me explain. I told Nancy all about Bob and what we did, and suggested we could all do it together. Like I said, Bob and I have been together for a long time. Six months! Nancy was just curious.”

Beth asked, “Curious about what?”

Nancy looked down at the floor, and so did Bob. Louise didn’t really know how to answer the question. She appeared embarrassed, but continued to tell Beth about the sexual affair. “You know, Nancy was wondering what it would be like to be with a man who had all that experience. She wondered, just like I did, how making love would feel with an experienced guy! I guess that was what started it. Then we both agreed to have him come over when you were gone and we would do it together!”

Beth said, “Is that what this is all about Nancy? You wanted to experiment with sex and you heard about his experience? Is that it? Answer me!”

Nancy looked up, meeting her mother’s eyes and said, “NO! It wasn’t just that! It was… Well, it was what Louise told me she and he did, and how they did it! It made me so worked up I was burning inside. I wanted to do that too!”

Beth asked, “What did she tell you? What did she say about Mr. Johnson? What the hell was it that he did?” Bob didn’t say anything. Beth asked again, “What is it that he does that made you want to sleep with him, for god sakes?”

Louise finally said, “It’s his cock!”

Beth was the one who blushed now. She hesitated and then asked, “What? His cock! What about his cock? Damn it, Nancy, talk to me! What about Mr. Johnson’s cock? Girls, I want to know what is happening here! Why are you with this older man? Answer me! You said it was his cock. What about his cock?”

Louise looked at Nancy. Both of them smiled. Louise looked back at Beth and said, “I’ll tell you! He’s big! I mean he is REALLY big!”

Nancy said, “Huge! He’s hung like a horse, Mom!”

Beth blushed again! Louise said, “Well, it’s not just that he’s big down there. He can go and go and go! He has unbelievable endurance! I told Nancy all about him and what we did, and for how long we did it! God!! He gave me such orgasms! I thought I was going to pass out!”

Nancy looked at her mother and said, “That’s what’s been going on! I invited them over here because Louise told me how great a lover he is! I was so excited I wanted to try him for myself!”

Louise told her, “She begged me and begged me for weeks, Beth. I put this in her head and she told me she had to try it. She’s over 18, and so am I, and we both wanted him!”

Beth’s eyes grew and grew as Louise and Nancy talked about Bob and his big cock! She had no idea either girl was experienced when it came to sex. She certainly didn’t think her daughter had that experience. But as she listened to Louise talk about Bob’s cock, she began to wonder about it. There was a small twinge starting between her thighs that she had not felt in quiet some time.

She had been divorced for a year. She kept in very good shape and could have most any guy she wanted, but the pickings were sparse, and her time was even shorter. She worked long hours to provide for herself and Nancy. Her life didn’t involve many men. Certainly not every day and night. She got her relief a great many times with her finger, the shower spout, or her vibrator, which she had hidden in her bedroom closet.

Bob finally spoke up: “Look, Beth, can I call you Beth? The fault is all mine. I caught Louise in my shower with my son six months ago. They were… Well, they were making love to each other standing up. I got so worked up and mad, I made Louise come back to my bedroom so I could scare her! I should have called her mother and let her go. But instead, she’s the one who scared me with her beauty and her body. She stood there in front of me naked and my sexual desire took control of me. We hit it off. I’m single, and she is so beautiful and young, I got wrapped up in her desires as well as my own. I know I should have stopped it, but god, look at her! Any man would give up almost everything he has to be with her. And now, Nancy. I had both to make love to! I couldn’t stop wanting them, especially since I knew they wanted me as bad as I did them!”

Beth looked at him and said, “For god sakes girls, go get something on. Get dressed and come back in here!”

When they left the room, Bob asked, “So what now? Can I go now?”

Beth said, “No! Do you know how hard it is to raise kids by yourself, especially a girl? You say you have a son. It’s not the same.”

“Yes, I know. I’m a single parent, too. My son is only 20.”

She asked him, “Well, if you have a daughter and came home and found her in bed with her best friend and an older man, what would you do? Then ask yourself what would you do if you knew, from the sex smell and wetness all over their bodies, that you they had been fucking each other for a long time! And then your daughter told you one of them has been fucking this older man most every night for months! What would you say then?”

Bob shook his head and said, “I don’t know, Beth. I just don’t know. Look, I think your daughter and Louise kind of seduced me here tonight. I have been with Louise for months, and I’m sure she told Nancy everything we did. To be honest, we did just about everything!” He smiled a little and then stopped when Beth wasn’t smiling back. He continued, “When I got here, Nancy and Louise were nearly naked already. I’m not sure, but I think they have been together before. Anyway, both girls began dancing around me while they stripped and began to rub their bodies on me! Finally, they stripped completely and pulled me up to the bedroom. We made love! I couldn’t say no! I’m sorry, but, my god, these two girls are beautiful and so willing! So willing just to have sex no strings attached!”

Beth looked at him closely Not bad, really. He’s certainly buff. Maybe… Oh, that’s ridiculous! When the girls came back into the room, they had tee shirts on. Nancy had her panties on, but Louise didn’t. Nancy started in, “Mom look, it’s my fault! Let Bob leave and punish me! I wanted him to make love to me! Louise stayed with me and she wanted him to do it to her too! We got him here and drove him crazy by rubbing our bodies on him, playing with ourselves, and playing with his cock while it got hard. Mom, he has a huge cock! God, he did both of us until we had to stop! He’s an unbelievable lover!”

Beth listened to that and then said, “Sit down girls. Mr. Johnson, stand up.” He stood, and she told him, “Now, undress! ”

Everyone looked at Beth. She said it again, “Get undressed, sir, and let me see this big cock I am hearing so much about!” She had thought only to humiliate the man. She had him under some type of control, threatening him with the cops. But the more she looked at him, the more enticing he seemed. She wanted more. Why not? I deserve it as much as these girls. Even more!

He slowly undid his slacks and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and was completely naked. His cock was soft but still hung down six inches. Beth flipped on the CD player and ordered the girls, “OK, girls. Now start dancing and undressing again just like you did when he got here earlier. Do exactly what you did when he first came here. Understand?”

The girls shook their heads and began to pull up their shirts. Beth told them, “Stop! Strip just like you did before, slowly take off your tee shirts and panties.”

Louise said: “I’m not wearing any panties, Mrs. Wilson.”

Beth told her, “Well, you should. You can strip off your tee shirts. I want you both to do exactly the same as you did when Mr. Johnson came in the house!” She was rapidly warming to the idea of having this man exhibit himself in front of her.

Both girls stripped down as they began to dance. In seconds, they undressed completely. Beth watched them and Bob’s reaction. She told them, “Come on girls. Dance like you did for him earlier. Rub your bodies against each other, and touch each other. Now touch him. Do just what you did earlier. Mr. Johnson told me what you did to get him all worked up. I want to see you do it again!”

Finally getting into it, the girls danced and rocked against each other, pumping their small hips and asses around in front of Bob. They dry humped each other and made like they were fucking hard. They moaned and squeezed each other’s tits, and rubbed their pussies. Beth watched Bob as he tried to look somewhere else, but she told him, “And you Mr. Big Cock! You watch just like you did before. Got it?”

He nodded his head and turned to watch the two beautiful young women dance and play with each other. He could feel his cock began to grow. He tried to stop it by thinking of other things, but Louise grabbed him and began to caress him. Nancy cupped his balls, and both girls took his hands and placed them on their bodies. Beth told him, “Spread your legs wider. Show me your big cock! Open your legs and let me see your cock!”

Bob turned to face Beth, hoping he understood what she wanted. Suddenly, he liked the idea. Beth ordered the girls to continue to touch and play with his cock. She ordered Bob to touch and play with the girls. As she watched the girls play with his cock, she saw it grow harder and larger. Bob did what he was told and was now semi-hard. Beth sneered and said, “Well, you don’t look that big to me, sir. Maybe you are intimidated by an older woman. Maybe if I leave, you can get it up. I’ll go change and be back in one minute. Girls I want you to keep going. Lick him! Do it now! Get him hard! I want to see it hard! I mean it, girls! Do it or I’m calling the cops and Louise’s mom!”

Beth left the room, hoping Bob would be more at ease and be able to get that big cock hard. She laughed to herself as she walked into her bedroom. She was now hot, throbbing between her legs as she took off her clothes, leaving on a pair of light blue thong panties. She cupped her pussy and felt it wet. She smiled again and squeezed her cunt a few times before she slipped on her robe, grabbed something from her nightstand, and walked back to the room where the girls were still working away on Bob’s cock. It was quiet a lot bigger than it was when she left.

She sat back down and watched the two girls lick Bob’s balls and his big purple cock head. Louise put his thick cock head in her mouth as Nancy jerked him off. Then Nancy licked and sucked on his balls while Louise licked and sucked his big cock. He was still standing, but his knees were shaking. The girls switched and Louise licked his balls, while Nancy stroked his big thick cock. The young girls were completely nude.

Seeing their bodies gave Bob all the visual stimulation he needed. Their four hands and two mouths and tongues were giving his cock direct contact and pleasure. His cock was long, thick and very hard now and it stuck straight out.

When Beth saw Bob’s big cock sticking out from his body like a small baseball bat, she took a deep breath. The girls and Bob looked up when they heard her come into the room, but continued to pleasure Bob. Neither of them felt the least self conscious with Beth in the room. Bob’s body had seduced them all over again. Beth sat on a chair, leaving her robe open slightly, showing much of her legs above her knees. She crossed and uncrossed them, flashing a view of thigh. Her heavy breasts threatened to fall out of the robe. Bob smiled at her as she looked at the three of them.

She told the girls not to stop, so they continued until Bob’s big cock was completely hard. It had grown to at least ten inches and jumped as the girls continued to tease and lick it. Louise had both hands around the shaft and was sucking hard on the cock head. Nancy was cupping his balls, sucking each one. She was also rubbing under his legs and licking between his balls and ass hole. Bob’s cock was throbbing as he took his hands and held Louise’s head on his cock. She sucked harder, hoping to make him cum.

Both girls were rubbing their pussies. When Louise began to finger her friend’s pussy, Nancy looked over at her mother and saw her smile. All inhibitions gone, she stopped playing with Bob’s cock and played with Louise’s body. She fingered Louise’s pussy as Louise pumped and sucked hard on Bob’s cock. The action was really working on Bob. It was also having its effect on Beth. Bob’s lust was building faster and faster and he moaned and said, “Oh god! I’m want to cum! Oh yeah, Lou, suck me baby!” His cock was huge, seemingly as thick as Louse’s small arm. It twitched as Louise squatted before him and teased it with her tongue. Nancy’s fingers were going in and out of her best friend’s pussy, getting her wetter and wetter.

All the women watched Bob’s cock now as it swelled to its longest length. Beth stared as Bob looked at her and smiled. She looked saw him smile, but returned her stare to his cock. She had a little twinkle in her eyes. As both girls continued to suck on Bob’s cock and play with each other, Beth got wetter and wetter between her legs. Watching the girls’ mouths and hands work on this big thick cock was so hot! She liked what she saw. Her upper thighs squeezed tight around her pussy. Her thong was so wet, it slid in her pussy slit and the crack of her ass. She squeezed her legs tight again as she felt her pussy throbbing. Her eyes were fixed directly on the big thick cock. Louise sucked him, licked him, and every once in awhile she would pop it out to look at it.

Louise looked at Beth and then she went back to stroking Bob’s long hard shaft and putting the head back into her mouth. This went on until Bob moaned again. He looked at Beth and said, “I’m going to cum! If you don’t stop now, you- – are- – going – – to – – have- – – cum – – – all- – – over – – – your- – – rug! Ahhh! Oh god, Louise! Nancy! That- – feels- – so- – good! Ahhhh! Mummm!!!” He held Louse’s head tight against his thighs as she sucked hard on his big cock, taking as much as she could in her mouth. Nancy was under him, between his legs, licking and sucking on his balls.

They worked every inch of his big thick dick with their mouths and fingers. He was loving it! Beth was loving it too. She was hot as hell seeing this big cock, hard, throbbing and jumping with excitement, wanting to cum! She uncrossed her legs and stood up. As she did, her robe opened showing him she had on only a thong. He could see they were very wet. She put her hands on her hips and told the girls, “OK girls! Stop!” They didn’t hear her or didn’t want to stop. She said again, “Stop I said! He’s not going to cum yet! I don’t want you to make him cum. Not yet! I want Bob to jack his cock himself. You two come over here and sit next to me and just watch.” She sat back down and both girls walked over and sat next to her, one on each side.

Nancy was about to put her top back on but her mom stopped her. She said, “No, no, Nancy. Let’s give Bob all the visual stimulation he wants, baby! We can all see him cum! OK. Now it’s your turn, Bob. Jerk off for us! Let us see you ejaculate on your pants!”

Bob’s slacks were under his feet. He wanted to tell her to go fuck herself, but stopped short of saying it. He was so hot, he needed to get off. He wrapped his hand around his thickness and began stroking. Slowly up and down, he rubbed the full length of his huge hardon. He smiled at them knowing all eyes were on his big dick, so he put on a little show for the ladies. He knew all three women were wet with excitement.

They sat there watching him beat his meat, talking and encouraging him. Louise smiled at him and opened her legs, showing him her sex. She began stroking her wet pussy, as they watched Bob beat his big meat stick in front of them. The thick mushroom head turned even harder and redder. Beth stroked Nancy’s hair and shoulders. Louise had three fingers deep inside her pussy. She told both girls, “I want you to stop touching yourselves and fold your arms. Do not touch yourselves again!” She smiled at Bob and told him, “Continue! Do it faster now. It’s getting late and the girls and I are tired!”

Both girls said, “We’re not tired!”

Bob smiled back at her and pumped his hand faster and harder now on his cock. He knew he was very close to shooting a huge load of cum. He asked Beth, “Can I please sit down and finish this?”

She said, “Lay on the floor and keep going. Yes, lay down, jerk off, and cum on yourself! We want to see how high it will shoot. Right, girls?” They all laughed! He moaned as he sat down on the rug and lay down on his back.

Beth told her daughter, “Nancy, go in the bathroom and get him a big beach towel. Quickly, baby!” Nancy got up and went to get the towel. Beth looked at Louise and said, “Louise, come sit between my legs and I’ll rub your back!” Louise moved and repositioned herself between Beth’s legs. They sat there watching Bob pump his big cock. Nancy came back into the room and gave Bob the towel. He put it under him, and Nancy helped to straighten it out. With her legs opened and Louise sitting between them, Beth could let her pussy air a little. She was sticky between her thighs as her pussy had been leaking for several minutes as she watched Bob’s big thick cock being worked on.

Bob lay on the towel on the soft rug and could see between Beth’s and Louise’s legs. He could see Louise’s pussy spread wide as she sat between Beth’s legs, having her shoulders rubbed. He moaned again as pre-cum continued to form in the hole and then dripped down over his hands and cock shaft. His cock hair was wet from it. He had been playing with himself long enough. The girls had really worked on his cock with their mouths and hands before he was instructed to jerk himself off and cum. He still hadn’t cum.

Beth was very impressed with his stamina. She was rubbing Louise’s shoulders as Lou sat between her legs. Beth’s hands slowly moved lower in circles down the front of Louise chest and cupped her full beautiful breasts. As Beth rubbed and stroked Louise’s young full breasts, Louise looked back at her a little surprised, but she didn’t stop Beth’s hands. It felt so nice and warm on her round hard breasts. Besides, she was wet as hell and wanted to cum anyway she could. Beth pulled and rolled Louise’s nipples around with her fingers.

Bob laid back jerking himself off while he watched Louise’s legs spread wide open for his view and Beth’s fingers playing with Louise’s hard red nipples. He stroked his cock much faster now as the women watched him. Beth squeezed Louise’s breasts harder as she pushed her ass and pussy to the very edge of the chair. Louise could feel the heat from between Beth’s legs on the back of her shoulders and neck. She’s burning up as bad as I am, Louise thought to herself. She’s worked up watching Bob jerking off his big cock! God, this is so fucking hot!

As the three women watched Bob pump his cock, Louise moved around a little between Beth’s legs so she could look between Beth’s thighs. With Beth’s robe open, Louise saw her light blue thong under the robe. Louise could smell Beth’s musk coming from between her thighs. Louise smiled at Nancy as she began to move her hand slowly up between Beth’s legs. Beth didn’t stop her, but rather opened her legs a little wider. Nancy watched her best friend as Louise moved her hand slowly up Beth’s thigh. Louise pushed the robe out of the way. She slowly rubbed Beth’s inner thigh and let her fingers lightly touch the center of Beth’s sex. She is fucking wet! She is soaking fucking wet! Louise thought to herself. She looked up at Beth’s face and said, “You are so wet! Soaking wet!”

Beth smiled down at Louise as Louise ran her finger under the soft blue material of her thong. Nancy watched as Louise rubbed her mom’s pussy with a finger under the light blue material of the thong.

Louise very slowly stroked up and down Beth’s slit. She put her entire hand under Beth’s thong and rubbed her cunt. With each rub, Louise’s hand got wetter. Both girls and Bob could see the complete outline of Beth’s pussy now. Louise pulled the thong aside. She was so wet! Louise turned a little more and faced Beth’s pussy. She pulled the thong hard to the left and it stretched away from Beth’s body. With her entire pussy exposed and shinning at Louise, Nancy turned her face towards her mother’s open legs too. Both girls rubbed Beth’s legs, ass and pussy.

Beth moaned as Louise buried three fingers as deep as she could get them into Beth’s pussy hole. Louise used her other hand to pull Beth’s blue thong. Beth lifted her ass up so Louise could pull the thong from under her. Louise stripped it off and tossed it to Bob. He snatched it out of the air and put it under his nose, taking in the scent. Beth’s pussy on fire now. Both girls rubbed it. Hands and fingers were all over her cunt as she watched Bob still beating his meat. It made her so horny and full of lust.

Beth was almost completely shaved; just a small patch of hair remained above her slit. She opened her legs even wider, sliding down in the chair so the girls could work on her cunt better. Louise whispered to Nancy, “You move around and work on your mom’s tits! Do her top, Nancy, and I’ll lick her pussy! We’ll make her cum! Then we’ll get Bob to fuck her! Bob, don’t’ cum yet!” Nancy smiled and moved around to the back of the chair.

She slowly opened the top of her mother’s robe exposing her big full breasts with her very hard, red nipples sticking straight out. Nancy’s hands cupped her mom’s breasts, squeezed and rubbed them. Bob watched the girls working on Beth. He sat up now as he continued to play with himself, slower now, holding off his orgasm. The girls worked on Beth as hard as they had worked on Bob’s cock. As Louise rubbed and fingered Beth’s cunt hole, she began kissing Beth’s upper thighs and then her pussy. Louise’s ass was facing Bob, and he licked his lips as he watched her licking Beth’s pussy.

When Beth felt Louise’s lips on her pussy, she cried out in passion! Louise worked between Beth’s legs as Nancy rubbed her mom’s tits and then lowered her head to suck on one of her mom’s huge, long, red nipples. Beth moaned as she felt her daughter’s mouth take one of her nipples and begin sucking it. Beth gently cupped her daughter’s head holding it on her breast as her other hand gently held Louise against her pussy. Nancy was making love to her tits and Louise was giving Beth’s pussy one hell of a licking. Beth loved the way Louise’s long slender fingers fucked in and out of her wet hot pussy. Louise had Beth’s thighs spread wide.

Beth slid down in the chair even further so that only the end of her ass was still on the chair. Louise used her other hand to rub Beth’s ass and finger her ass hole. Beth cried out loudly again when she felt Louise’s fingers probe and then slide into her ass hole about an inch. Beth couldn’t open her thighs any wider for this young girl to work on her body.

Nancy slid the robe off her mom’s shoulders, exposing her breasts fully. Only the cloth belt was still tied. Beth now was completely naked except for the belt. Nancy was going to town making love to her mother’s breasts and nipples. Bob watched for a while and finally stopped stroking his cock since no one was watching him any more. Beth had her eyes closed and her mouth open with a look of lust on her face. Louise slowly moved three fingers in and out of Nancy’s mother’s pussy hole. Her hand was dripping with Beth’s juices. Beth slowly rotated her hips to Louise’s strokes. She moaned again and lifted her hips and ass up to fuck those fingers as they pumped in and out of her wet pussy.

Beth’s pussy opened and closed around Louise’s fingers. Louise knew she was close to cumming. Louise pushed her fingers deeper into Beth’s pussy hole and licked up and down her inner thighs. When her mouth was an inch from Beth’s open wet clit, Beth grabbed her head hard and raised her ass up of the chair and yelled, “Suck it, Louise! Suck my pussy, baby girl! Oh yes! Just like that! Oh god, I’m going to cum!”

Louise put her mouth directly over Beth’s cunt and sucked all of it with her warm wet lips and tongue. Beth lifted her body off the chair again and again, pressing her cunt against Louise’s mouth. Suddenly, she reached her orgasm! It hit her so hard, Louise and Nancy both had to hold her up on the chair as Louise licked and sucked the wettest pussy she had ever seen! Beth was in heat and cumming hard. Her cum was running out of her pussy. Again and again, she thrust against Louise’s face. Beth was cumming so hard that Louise had to hold on to her hips now so her face wouldn’t slip off Beth’s cunt. Her orgasm was driving her body against Louise’s mouth letting her have a big taste of her cum. Louise shoved three fingers back inside Beth’s pussy as her mouth moved up her slit and sucked directly on her clit. Beth grabbed her hair and held it harder as she rammed her cunt into Louise’s face. Another orgasm sent her off like a rocket!

Bob sat behind Louise, watching all of the sucking and licking. Louise thought to herself; That’s two cums! I wonder how she feels now about having a big cock inside her to finish her off? It seemed that Beth’s climax went on for a very long time. Finally, as Beth began to calm down, Bob was kneeling directly behind Louise. He watched her work on the woman’s body and whispered things to her to help get Beth off one more time. Nancy smiled at him and pinched her mother’s nipples. Hearing Beth sigh and begin to get her breath, Louise looked up to see Beth’s eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. She came out from between Beth’s legs and Bob went in to take Louise’s place.

Louise moved up Beth’s body and whispered in her ear, “Didn’t that feel nice? Having your pussy licked feels so good, doesn’t it? How do you feel? Are you hot? I bet you are horny as hell! I bet you would love a big cock inside you! Why don’t you use Bob’s cock? Go ahead, Beth! Make him fuck you! You know you want to! Use him, and make him fuck you! It will help you feel so much better! I guarantee it! Go-ahead, Beth, fuck him! You know you need it! You need to be completely satisfied. His cock will do that for you! Fuck him and satisfy yourself. Go ahead! Do it!!”

Beth opened her eyes and looked down to see Bob kneeling in front of her. She knew there was a different felling between her legs. It felt so good to have her pussy licked again after more than a year. She was so worked up and her pussy was begging for a cock. As Bob licked her pussy, she could see some of his big cock swinging between his legs. It was still hard and right there for the taking. She moaned and told him to stand up. He did and now the big cock was in front of her face. She took it in her hands and she moaned again when she felt the hardness and thickness of Bob’s big dick. She kissed the big fat round cock head and tickled his pee hole with her tongue.

He moaned and held her head gently as her full lips took his cock head and sucked on it. She popped the big head out of her mouth, smiled up at him and said, “Now you have to fuck an older woman! Are you up to it?” Her nipples were sticking out hard and long and her pussy wide open and dripping with her own cum. He stood in front of her, the girls on each side of her. She never took her eyes off of Bob’s cock. It twitched while she held it with her hands. It was ten inches long and as hard as it got. Each girl touched it and stroked it, feeling it throb in their small hands. Bob held it in his hand and stroked it a few times making it look even redder and harder. Beth licked her lips and asked, “Does that thing last long or is it just for show?”

Bob replied, “Well, that depends. What do you have in mind?”

She told him, “Shut up and lay back down on the rug.”

The girls moved out of the way and Bob went back to the towel on the floor. Beth had been waiting for his cock for over an hour. She thought, If it is half as good as the girls had said, I’m going to have a great fuck. I’m going to try it right now. Waiting for his cock so long has made me so horny. I’m so in need of a fuck. It has been so long since I’ve been fucked to full satisfaction. Maybe this man could actually do just that, fill me and satisfy me completely. I’m going to fuck his brains out even if he doesn’t. I’m going to do it while my daughter and her best friend watch! Maybe they could even participate!

Bob was laying on his back, stroking his big hunk of cock with his hand, waiting for her. His cock jumped with excitement as Beth stood over him showing him her beautiful body. As he looked up between her legs, she opened so he could see her engorged cunt. She undid the belt to the robe and the girls took it away from her. As she straddled his body with her legs he could see her wet pussy with the pink hole slightly open. She smiled down at him and lowered herself. His excitement was growing by the second and his cock was as hard as it ever got.

Beth lowered her body down until her pussy touched his cock head. He felt her heat and wetness. She felt his pre-cum and hardness on her pussy lips. As she pressed down on the big purple mushroom cock head a little more, it parted her wet lips and moved into her hole just slightly. She wiggled around on it letting her body feel the thickness and hardness of his dick.

She smiled down at him again and said, “This had better be good, girls!” Her body went a little lower. Bob lifted his hips and held her hips as he entered her about two inches. She grunted as she felt the huge head moving inside her. She stayed in this position until her hole adjusted to the thick cock in it. She then sank lower, and Bob could feel her cunt walls slipping around his cock. As she came down further on his cock she took three, then four, then five inches up inside her. She moaned with lust as she began moving up and down on him. She took in about six inches of his cock, adjusting her body to his size.

The girls just watched as Beth slowly swallowed Bob’s cock with her pussy hole. Beth’s head tossed back as she took another three inches. Bob reached up and cupped her full round breasts as he easily pushed his hips up. She held his hands on her breasts as she came all the way down on his cock until her ass rested on his thighs. She had taken him in completely! She bent forward and kissed him hard. She lifted up and put her hands on his chest, pulling her pussy up on his shaft. He was big and very thick, and she closed her eyes as she came almost to the very top of Bob’s cock before coming back down on it all the way.

Slowly they began to fuck. Their bodies moved together as she took him deep inside, lifted to almost separate, and back down again to be fully together again. She lifted and slid back down his long hard cock shaft. Both girls watched Bob’s big cock move in and out of Beth’s pussy hole. Louise smiled at Nancy as she looked between the two bodies fucking. Nancy smiled back and said, “This is so fucking hot, isn’t it?”

Louise said, “Yes!” She began to touch herself again as she watched Bob lift his hips and thrust his big cock into Beth’s pussy.

Louise whispered in Beth’s ear, “Good, isn’t it Beth? Don’t you just love how long and hard he is?”

Beth smiled and said in short breaths as she rode his monster cock, “Oh, god, Bob! You- are- – SO – – FUCKING – – BIG! Yes! Oh yes! That’s it! Very nice! Oh god, it’s so nice! Mumm! Fill me! Yes! Yes, fuck me! Harder!” She moaned, and then told him, “I’m fucking you faster now. Faster! Fuck me faster! Bob! Faster, Bob! Yeah baby! Yeah! Fuck my pussy!” Their bodies worked together, both slick with sweat and sex juices, seeking sexual relief.

Louise and Nancy watched them fuck. Both girls fingered their pussies fast. Nancy couldn’t stand it much longer. She said, “Let me sit on your face, Bob.” She quickly moved into position, her pussy over Bob’s head, facing her mother. “Please! Oh god, lick me, baby! I’m going to cum!”

Louise told her: “Go ahead Nancy, do it! Cum on his face!”

Beth smiled and told Nancy, “You use his tongue, and I’ll use his cock! Go on, baby girl!” That’s all Nancy needed to hear. She sat just above his face, as his tongue lashed out to her hole. She lowered her pussy down on his mouth, and he sucked and licked it until she screamed out with a huge orgasm! Nancy leaned forward against her mother as Beth continued to ride Bob’s big cock. Beth held her daughter’s breasts and kissed her as Nancy rubbed her pussy over and into Bob’s mouth.

He continued to lick and tease Nancy’s pussy as he lifted his ass and fucked Beth at the same time. He was like a stud! His cock and tongue gave both females great pleasure. Beth rode his big cock and enjoyed herself like she hadn’t done in many years. Her daughter sat and came on his face. Louise stroked her own pussy as she watched and asked, “Hey! When do I get my turn? Move over Nancy!”

Nancy opened her eyes and smiled at her best friend. She slid off of Bob’s mouth making room for Louise. Louise moved her body over Bob’s head. He watched her wet pussy come over his face and down on his mouth. He spread her cunt lips with his fingers as his tongue went inside her hole. Louise sat on Bob’s face as she faced her best friend’s mother, who was humping her pussy on Bob’s cock.

Both adults moaned and grunted as they fucked each other. Beth really pumped up and down on Bob’s big thick cock and her moans were loud. Then she felt Louise take one of her tits into her mouth. As she sucked on Beth’s right breast, her daughter moved over to her side and began to suck on Beth’s left one. Louise wiggled her young little ass in front of Bob’s mouth. He inserted one finger into her pussy and another one in her tiny ass hole. Louise pushed back against the fingers as she sucked on Beth’s firm round breast. Beth moaned and ground her snatch on Bob’s cock as both girls sucked on her nipples. She held the girls’ heads tight against her tits as she rammed her pussy down on Bob’s big dick. Beth had never had more than one-person touch her at one time.

The sensation of three people making love to her body was unbelievably pleasant and madding at the same time. Her body was screaming to cum! She was very close. Bob watched Louise’s little pussy squeezing on his finger and he licked up and down her cunt, keeping his fingers deep in both of her holes. As he fingered her, Louise moaned when she felt Bob pull her body down harder on his face. His mouth was pressed hard against her pink little clit. It was small, but hard as a little rock. Bob stimulated it over and over again with his tongue. Louise went into dreamland and started to orgasm! When his hot breath blew on her wet cunt, she cried out. Bob shoved his tongue as deep into her as he could get it.

Nancy hand rubbed both Bob and Beth’s sex organs now as Beth rode up and down faster and harder on his very swollen cock. She moaned with each stroke as her daughter rubbed her clit. She couldn’t remember a cock filling her up as much as Bob’s dick was doing to her.

As Louise cried out with her oral orgasm, Beth slammed down on Bob’s cock and climaxed like she had not done in years! Wave after wave of pure heaven rushed around her body, sending thrill after thrill over her and filling her with such lust she couldn’t stand it! She screamed: “FUCK ME BOB! OH GOD, FUCK ME!”

Louise moved off of Bob and Beth fell forward on top of him still rocking on his big cock. Her arms pushed against his chest again. Harder and harder he rammed her cunt with all of his cock. Faster and faster she bounced up and down on him, screaming as one orgasm slowed and another one took its place. She went over and over, climaxing harder and harder! Beth was in heaven, her body gave her brain so much stimuli and pleasure! Finally she fell all the way forward and lay on top of Bob with his big cock still completely up inside her pussy hole. He smiled and winked at the two girls who just looked at the two adults fuck like wild animals, while fingering their own pussies.

He slowly rolled both he and Beth over so that he was on top of her. The girls moved out of the way. With her body under him, he was going to fuck Beth hard until he came in her cunt. He wanted to make Beth scream and cum again, just like he had done to her daughter her best friend. He told the girls, “Lift her legs up for me and hold them up.”

They each took a leg and lifted it up. Bob then said, “Now open them wide for me!”

They did that just as Beth was recovering from her fantastic climaxes. She opened her eyes just as he rolled them over. His big cock was still up inside her pussy hole filling her so nice. She watched the girls on either side of Bob. Each had one of her legs and was lifting them up and out wide so Bob could really fuck down into her. She thought, Oh yes! I love it this way! It’s the best way for me, missionary style! Oh fuck, he is so big, so nice! So big! She looked into his eyes and moaned out the words softly, “Fuck me, Bob! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum again! Please, fuck me hard!”

The girls held Beth’s legs and Bob slowly moved his cock in and out of Beth’s pussy. He took his time and moved slowly at first. He humped his hips around and around, making his cock move in and out of Beth’s pussy. The walls of her cunt were being lovingly stroked with eight to ten inches of very hard cock each time he pumped in or out of her. She closed her eyes as she felt him pick up speed. OH FUCK!! HE IS SO BIG AND SO GOOD! Beth was thinking, Oh yes!! This is so damn good!” She looked into Bob’s eyes and told him, “Fuck me! Fuck me fast! Fuck me hard until I cum!” Bob picked up the rhythm, pumping his big cock in and out, in and out, in and out, harder and faster!

Beth squeezed her pussy as tight as she could, making him feel good too. Her smooth soft cunt walls were squeezing Bob’s cock. He needed no other stimulation than to have his cock in a nice pussy of a beautiful older woman or young girl. He loved the part when a woman begged him to make her cum as he rammed into her with all of his hardness and thickness. Beth was so fucking wet his cock made sloshing sounds as he pumped away into her. Bob moved in and out of her body, fucking her with all of his cock. Beth enjoyed every second of this wonder fucking he was giving her. The girls were so right! This man has a great cock and he can really fuck! It’s nice to find a guy who could fuck long and has such a nice big hard cock! Long and hard, not slam-bam! I hate that! I’m getting the fucking of my life! Oh yes! He will be coming back to visit us again! I’m fucking him so good he’ll want to come back!

Beth was relaxed now and was concentrating on working her pussy on Bob’s cock. She gave him back the same great fucking as he was giving her. She was good, almost as good as Bob. But she was out of practice. Her pussy squeezed and pumped into him as he fucked down into her cunt hole. Both of them were really enjoying each other. She wanted to give him the fucking of his life. She wanted him to want her pussy as bad as she wanted his cock. He’s got all the cock I’ve ever dreamed of! I SO want to cum again! But he’s been going for so long! Can he keep it going a little longer? First blow jobs by the girls, then jerking off. Now fucking my brains out! He hasn’t cum yet, but he has to be close! This was, without a doubt, the best fucking she had ever had! It was so good and made her feel so fucking great!

Bob held his body up by his arms and looked down into her eyes. They smiled at each other as he continued to pump his massive cock into her body. His balls slapped her ass again and again as he pumped into her. He rammed into her pussy like a man gone crazy, as the feeling of his own orgasm was building to an eruption. He was going to cum soon, very soon! He wanted to get her off one more time before he did. She grunted now with each pump of his cock.

With every heavy breath now she panted and moaned out the words, “Harder- -baby! Fuck – – me – – harder! Oh– god –Bob! Harder! Oh– yes! Now! Do- it-now– Bob! Harder! OH GOD! HARDER– BABY! OH– PLEASE! ALMOST– THERE! FUCK! AHH! FUCK! OH——YES! YES, OH—— YES, OH—- YES, OH —-YES! YES!— YES!—- YES!— YES!— YES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” She kicked for the girls to let go of her legs and then she wrapped them around Bob’s back, pulling him into her as deep as she could get him. She ground and rotated her hips on that huge cock that was so deep inside her wet, wonderful, warm pussy!

The two girls sat watching Beth fuck Bob like they had never seen anyone fuck anyone before, except maybe in a porno movie. She was unbelievable! It was so hot to watch! Beth was going wild, fucking on this gigantic shaft, which had impaled her to the floor. Over and over again she cried out, “YES!! YES!!! OH —- FUCK—- YES!” as Bob was buried completely in her cunt. She went off like a canon, thrusting her cunt up into him and crying out over and over again! As she had another of God knows how many orgasms, her ass and hips lifted them both up off the rug. She arched her back trying to take even more of Bob’s cock inside her body.

He pushed his prick into her and arched his back too, thrusting down into her with everything he had. He could feel her snatch milking his big cock as he tried to pump it in and out again. Beth held him tight to her body with her legs and arms as she rocked her pussy on his cock. She told him, “Now– I’m—fucking—you– Bob! Cum –in– me –Bob! Don’t—hold—back– baby! I—want—to—feel– your—hot—cum—shooting—deep—inside—me– baby! Oh, God! Here –comes—another– one!” She climaxed again, clenching him tighter. “AHHHHHH! OH MY GOD, BOB!” She screamed out this time as her orgasms continued and continued with that big fucking cock as deep as it could get inside her tight squeezing cunt. Finally, exhausted and out of breath, she relaxed her legs a little.

Bob put his arms under each one of her ankles. He lifted them off his back and over Beth’s head. She was almost upside down now and he still pumped his cock into her cunt. He pumped like a jackhammer, going crazy as his lust was higher than it had ever been. His cock looked like a blur going in and out of Beth’s pussy. The girls watched, thrilled. Nancy opened her mouth in amazement seeing Bob’s huge cock ramming her mother’s cunt again and again, again and again. It slammed down into her over and over! He knew he was only seconds from orgasm, and he worked as hard as he could fucking Beth! He was now the one going wild, fucking her body like a wild man. It was unbelievable the way Beth could still lift her ass and try to meet Bob’s downward penetration. No one had ever fucked her like Bob was fucking her.

The orgasms came so fast she couldn’t keep count. Beth’s body was like a puppet. She was being bounced around on the floor as Bob continued to thrust his cock into her. She was almost limp as Bob just let himself go nuts on that cunt. Bob was only a second from shooting a load of cum he had been building up for hours. This was the best fuck he had ever had in his life, too! He knew the way his cock felt so hard and his balls hurt so bad, he was going to fill her body with so much cum it would splash over everywhere! Louise knew it too. She could tell from being with him that his grunting and moaning meant only one thing: he was going to cum BIG! She yelled at Nancy over sounds of moaning and crying from the two adults fucking like animals, “Get ready, Nancy. Bob’s going to cum!”

Nancy sat closer to the point where his cock was going in and out of her mom’s cunt. She said, “Do it, Bob! Do it, baby! Cum in my mother’s pussy! Fill her like you did us! Cum in her! OH god, this is so fucking hot! Cum in her cunt, Bob!” Louise put her fingers on Bob’s ass and poked his asshole. Then she caressed his big balls. Teasing them and stroking them, she said, “Make her scream again! One last time make her scream! Cum in her baby! Fill her with your cum! Make her feel like I did! Fill her with your hot juices! DO IT, BABY! DO IT!”

Both girls watched for the first signs of white fluid being pumped out the sides of Beth’s pussy as Bob held his cock as deep as he could inside Beth. His back was arched and his ass pushing his cock deep into the lover under him. The girls watched and finally heard him cry out and with one more hard thrust of his cock down into this beautiful woman’s pussy. Everyone knew that he was cumming! Nancy and Louise could see the look on his face and the sheer lust in Beth’s face as his cock drove her mad with lust and desire!

Beth could feel his warm cum filling her! Bob could feel the pure joy of release as his balls pumped and pumped his cum up the long hard shaft and out of the huge purple cock head buried deep in Beth’s pussy. He grunted as his cock shot load after load of cum deep into Beth’s body. She cried out and then moaned and rolled her head from side to side as she continued to feel him shooting his load. He emptied his balls into her. He was so worked up he didn’t know how many times he moaned or his cock shot cum. All he knew was this was what fucking was supposed to feel like! She knew it too. That was no five or ten seconds of fucking and then just a few weak spurts of cum. No, this fucking was long and hard, and so fucking good! I’m so full of cum!

He shot eight or ten heavy loads of cum into her cunt. Her pussy hole was hot, wet, and full of cum. This guy is one in a million. To think the two girls, hardly old enough to fuck, had found him! She smiled to herself thinking, No boy will ever be able to satisfy either of these girls again! They have found out early in their life what and how good fucking was. They are both so beautiful and young, they can always have him whenever they got horny enough. No man in his right mind would turn down either of them! They are beautiful, really built, and with lots of lust and passion! With anyone else, they will be hard to satisfy! They’ll want to fuck hard, long, and with a big cock! Without one, they won’t really feel complete!

Complete was what she felt right now. She opened her eyes and looked at Bob, as he remained on top and inside her. She smiled and said, “Well, you certainly filled me up Bob! Now I know what Nancy meant. You do have such a really nice big cock and you sure know how to fucking use it baby! God, what a fuck!”

He replied, “You were spectacular, baby!”

She smiled again and said, “Anytime you want to come over and visit, both Nancy and I would be happy to have, and I mean HAVE, you!”

He said, “Thanks, I’d like that too.” He laughed and when he did, she felt his cock humping inside her. He whispered so only she could hear it. He told her, “You are the best I have ever had. No other woman has ever been able to stay with me!”

She was thinking, Oh my god! He is still hard! Maybe not as hard as he was when he shot his load in me, but hard enough to make a woman cum again! Beth smiled an evil smile and whispered to Bob, “Why not let the girls have some of this fun, too? I know both would love to be fucked after watching us do it. You still feel hard enough to me! I want to see my daughter take your big cock! Fuck my daughter baby, while I watch! I want to see how she takes all of you!”

Bob just nodded, indicating yes.

“Nancy, you are going to take my place while I rest, baby girl. Get under Bob and fuck him good baby! Do him good, OK?”

“Oh, yes. I want it so bad!” Nancy quickly lay next to her mother. Bob slowly pulled his cock out of Beth’s body and he heard her moan as she felt the great length of his shaft slowly come out of her body. Nancy waited until her mom moved out from under Bob’s body. Then she moved in from the side. With the help of Louise, Nancy moved under Bob and opened her legs wide. She felt his wet slippery cock slid over her thighs, pushing between her legs, close to her leaking wet pussy. She had wanted him to fuck her so bad as she watched her mother getting the screwing of her life. He wasn’t as big as he usually gets, but he was still certainly big enough to fuck and please her small young body.

As Nancy lay under Bob he smiled down at her and said: “You know what to do. Put me in baby!” As Bob held his cock up over her pussy, Nancy used her hand to guide it down between their two hot bodies. She could feel how slippery it was from her mother’s and Bob’s cum. She pushed his very slippery cock to the opening of her pussy. Nancy could feel the head already pushing in her opening as she waited to be fucked. Her pussy hole was leaking with her juices. Beth and Louise helped by lifting Nancy’s smooth shapely legs up high and wide. Nancy cried out as she felt Bob’s cock head push into her opening, moving deeper into her body. Louise sighed as she watched her best friend getting fucked. Beth stayed nearby, holding Louise in her arms. They held each other as they watched Nancy getting fucked.

Within a few seconds, Nancy had all of Bob’s cock inside her. Beth whispered to Louise as she heard her sigh again with desire, “Not to worry, baby girl. I’m going to take good care good care of you. Do you remember how this all got started?”

Louise just looked at her as she felt her best friend’s mom gently cup her right breast. Beth looked at Louise and smiled as she told her, “Lay back, Louise and let me give you some pleasure!”

Louise had that look of I-don’t-believe-I-heard-you-right. Beth laughed and asked her; “OK. Would you like me to lick your pussy like you licked me a little while ago?”

Louise shook her head yes as she lay back on the rug. Beth smiled down at her and told her, “Open your legs for me. Wider! Let me see your pretty little pussy!”

Louise did what she was told and Beth moved between Louise’s thighs slowly running her hands up the inside of each leg. “Mummmmm,” Lou moaned as Beth touched her hot pussy. They both watched Bob pumping in and out of Nancy’s pussy with long slow strokes. Nancy lifted her small body up, pumping like crazy on his huge cock. Beth’s mouth came down over Louise’s breasts and began to suck as her fingers rubbed and began to finger Lou’s wet pussy. Her wet snatch was puffy, fat, and swollen with desire. She wanted this!

Beth made love to her, lustfully and eagerly. She licked up and down Louise’s sweet pussy. In seconds, Louise was rotating and humping her cunt against Beth’s mouth. “Oh god, Beth! Oh yes! Lick me! Lick my pussy! OH GOD! I’m–cumming! I’m–cumming!”

But Beth didn’t stop. She found her robe next to her and reached into the pocket! She pulled out her six-inch vibrator. As she inserted it into Louise’s pussy, Louise arched her ass up and began fucking herself on it. Beth laughed and said, “Easy, girl. You are a horny little lady, aren’t you, Louise?”

Louise just smiled back at her. Beth said, “Well, lay back, sweetie, because I’m going to give you one hell of an orgasm with this little thing!” Beth pushed the vibrator into Louise’s pussy all the way and turned it on. The dial was set on level number one, and Louise cried out with lust as Beth turned it through level three to level five. Louise arched her young body up off the floor screaming and screaming as she had not one but two back to back huge orgasms!

Nancy watched her mother fucking Louise with the dildo as Bob pounded his cock in her. Then, she too climaxed. She loved her mom more now than ever before! Louise did, too. She squeezed Louise’s hand as they both climaxed together. Bob pulled out and jacked himself off until he shot another huge load of cum on Nancy’s belly and tits.

Beth thought, This is the start of a wonderful long sexual relationship! She smiled at Louise and kissed her. She told Bob to come over and take her place. While Beth held her daughter helping her come down from her fucking, Bob went between Louise’s legs and began licking her clit while the red vibrator still stimulating her pussy. Bob slowly pulled it out of her pussy and licked her juices off. He reached up and kissed Louise hard. As Bob held Louise, Beth held her daughter. The two girls were exhausted.

Beth laid her daughter on the rug. She covered her with her robe. Bob laid Louise on her back next to Nancy. He took the big beach towel and covered Louise’s body. Both girls slept on the rug, still completely nude, and very satisfied. Beth stood up and took Bob’s hand. She walked him into her bedroom. They moved to the bed where she began to suck and stroke his cum covered cock. She could taste the combination of her own cum, her sweet young daughter’s, and, of course, Bob’s.

As she sucked on his cock her bright eyes smiled up at him. She took about half of his semi-hard cock in her mouth, sucking hard on it. Her hands cupped his balls, caressing each one. He held her head gently with his hands. Bob said, “I want to make love to you again, but this time, I want you from behind. Get me hard with your mouth and hands.”

She popped his cock out of her mouth to say, “You don’t know how bad I want to fuck you again. Tonight and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next night!” He laughed as he guided her mouth back on to his growing cock. She circled his head with her lips feeling him grow as she took his big fat purple cock head and laid it on her tongue. He felt her wet warm mouth cover his cock head and suck gently on it. It was sensitive, but it felt so good!

Beth was thinking, I want him to fuck me again with this big hard cock. As she sucked him to his hardness again, he pulled out of her mouth. He moved around behind her on the bed. She got down on hands and knees, and he positioned his cock at the back of her ass. She sighed as she reached under her pussy between her thighs and guided his cock to her wet and waiting pussy. She felt the head begin to go into her cunt. “Oh, yes Bob!” He pushed it into her. They both moaned as they began to fuck again. She knew she had a new man in her life. So does my daughter! We’ll have to work out some type of arrangement. Maybe Nancy can have him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I can have him Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We’ll rest on Sunday, or Louise could have him then.

They would all see, later. Her immediate thoughts were all about the big cock ramming her from behind, touching all the right spots. Bob was using his gift, pleasing her again, just like she knew he would!

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