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Meg’s Housewarming Party

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I don’t think I will ever forget that weekend I spent at Meg’s. It was the beginning of summer, and I had a couple of days to kill in the city before flying back home. Meg had decided to stay and work for the duration of the summer at the museum, and so she’d rented this small one bedroom apartment downtown. It was the coziest little place you ever saw, and we both had a grand old time decorating it;

bedspreads, curtains, some basic furniture, the cutest little lamp from an antique store we found… all that was left was to stock the fridge and load up on booze and snacks for the housewarming party we’d planned.

The party, needless to say, was a tremendous success. When the most popular girl on campus, and a certified hottie at that, throws a party, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE shows up. Especially when said hottie has just broken up with her boyfriend. Still, Meg really wasn’t in mourning or anything. After all, she was the one who’d initiated the split some two weeks before. Boys were lining up around the block to get a date with her. Meg was… is, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She’s, like, the poster girl for California: tall, lean, blonde and blue-eyed, the perfect tan around the year. I remember being jealous of her the moment I walked into History of Art 101, and equally remember that jealousy being completely wiped away the instant we spoke.

There simply could not have been a lovelier person. We became roomies soon, and the best of friends. When I told her of my first reaction to her, she laughed her head off, insisting that she’d had the same response to seeing me. Lookswise, I’m the complete opposite of her: short, dark haired, green eyed. Pale, thanks to too many hours in the library. Thin but curvy rather than toned, thanks to an aversion to strenuous physical activity. The difference extends beyond looks though… where I’m cynical and sarcastic, she’s all laughter and naivete. Where she’s the All-American beauty, I’m English, thanks to having been brought up by my mother. I’m in love with Modern Art; she prefers the Impressionists. Garfield cracks me up. She prefers Marmaduke. Still, we’ve always had our common ground: Calvin and Hobbes and coffee.

Back to the party. Like I said, EVERYONE was there, and the place resembled a nightclub more than a bedsit. As we hit the wee hours of the morning, the thumping music slowed, mellowed and eventually turned into lounge. The crowd trickled out, and soon, there were couples making out in the kitchen, and people passed out in the living room. We escaped with a bottle of tequila to the bedroom, which had been off limits to the crowd.

I remember giggling incessantly, being already semi-drunk, what Meg likes to call “b-uh-zzed”. She kept shusshing me, and that would send me off into another fit of laughter, and halfway through that bottle of tequila, she joined me. We collapsed in helpless laughter at nothing at all, and lay side by side on her queen-size bed. The window was cracked open, letting in a cool breeze which finally took the edge off our high. Suddenly, she was wistful… this was our last summer as undergrads… next year this time, we’d be out in the big bad, earning our living.

“I wish things could just freeze… stay the same forever” she said

“Oh come now,” I said, “surely if you were going to freeze things, you’d wait till you were in bed with… um, Brad Pitt?”

She playfully whacked me with a throw-pillow. “Yeah, right. You know I’m saving myself for Robbie Williams.”

“The guy in Dead Poets’ Society?” I asked, perplexed. That seemed rather strange. “He’s a little old, don’t you think? Brilliant actore and all, but not very… um.. gifted… in the looks department.”

“Michaela, you freak, thats Robin Williams!” she said, with another whack of the throw-pillow. “Robbie’s the Rick DJ guy.”

“Ooh… now you’re talking!” I said.

“Moron!” she said, with a little eye-roll.

“What? Its quite possible with your weird taste in men.”

She gasped in mock-rage, and moved to attack me with the throw-pillow again. I tackled her for all I was worth, and my expertise, or lack thereof, had us rolling to the floor in a messy heap after a few minutes of wrestling. We just stayed there, all tangled, a pile of legs and arms, my head, face down next to hers, as we caught our breath. I don’t know if either of us knew in that moment how much things would change in the next few seconds.

Megan turned her head and kissed me on the cheek, whispering, “I’m going to miss you.” In that instant I froze. Suddenly the tequila seemed to rush to my head, and everything was way more vivid. All at once I was aware of her hair under my forehead, her breast soft and heaving under my arm, her arm weaving around and under me with her hand resting on the small of my back, my hand casually locked in her other hand. Our legs were bare, since we’d decided to wear a pair of matching mini skirts, and I was incredibly aware of the joint heat of our separate bodies, as my right leg rested between her thighs, and the bare sole of my foot felt the inside of her calf. Suddenly, it wasn’t just Meg n’ me, best buddies for three years, drunk and happy, lying a pile after a friendly little wrestle. One peck on the cheek, and for me it became two bodies, two scantilly clad, hot, sweaty bodies.

I should explain. I think I’m bisexual. I always have been. I grew up masturbating to the thought of women with each other, always though girl-on-girl porn was the best kind. On the other hand, I’ve always dated men, made out and had sex with men. They get me hot too, but in a different less frantic way. And strangely enough, in all of this, I’d never been with a woman. Hence, this seemed to me, through the haze of Tequila, like IT. Meg and I had talked of sex, I mean, how could we have gone through three years of rooming with each other without? I’ve seen her naked, she’s seen me naked. But it had never been sexual… until now. And now, rushing back during this hyper-awareness, came the conversation we’d once had about doing-it with a girl… both confessing that the thought turned us on. I also remembered the truth-and-dare revelation that she’d once kissed a girl, when in highschool.

And now, here we were, practically on top of each other. I felt incredibly sexually alert, horny, and to think that to her it was just an innocent statement to a best-friend. Or so I thought. Little did I know….

“I’m going to miss you” she whispered, and kissed me on the cheek, following it up with a nuzzle on my ear.

“Me too, Meggie” I said, waiting a few beats and then casually rolling off. i couldn’t bring myself to bring physical contact, so I left her arm under me, and are heads were right there, next to each other. The silence in the room felt thick to me. I don’t remember hearing anything outside… the pounding of my blood in my ears was too loud. The minutes ticked by. She’d closed her eyes… I know, coz I turned to catch a glance of her. Then suddenly she turned towards me, and cuddled over, her nose inches from my ear, her bare arms against mine, but most importantly, her hand innocently resting on my right breast. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like my heart was going to explode. Most keenly of all, though, I felt the wetness grow between my legs

For seconds that seemed like hours, neither of us moved. I was wearing a halter neck, and therefore, was braless; it had seemed like an okay thing to do inspite of my C cup, given that we were indoors, at her place, in a dimly lit place. I could feel the warmth of her hand through the thin fabric of my top, and my breasts ached to be touched, more firmly, more intimately. She must have felt my nipples harden beneath her fingers, and she moved her hand. Not away, though, oh no, she began stroking the bottom of my breast with the palm of her hand, cupping it gently. As she did so, she mmmm’d in my ear and said, “I’ve always been jealous of your breasts… so beautiful, so round.”

My heart stopped. It was now or never. I decided to grab my chance. After all, if things went south, I could always use the copious amounts of alcohol we’d consumed as an excuse. I turned to her, her eyes were still shut, but the hand still moved gently on my breast, and was now moving downwards to my waist, casual and seductive. I squeezed my eyes shut and covered the few inches between us, pressing my lips to hers. To my amazement and glee, she opened her mouth to my kiss, and her tongue pushed through my half-open lips, to find my tongue. My hands moved of their own volition, finding her waist, and she rolled on top of me, her hands holding my head, our faces angled, and our lips firmly locked with each others, as our tongues clashed in desperation and our desire. God, she tasted sweet. That hot wet kiss seemed to last forever, and we had to pull away for breath. As we took that first break, my eyes reluctantly opened. Everything had changed; I was so hot for her; Meg, my buddy, roomie and classmate. She was looking at me, her blue eyes sparkling, catching some of the light from outside, her gaze steady.

“Michaela….” It was agony waiting for her to finish that sentence… to say something to the silence that lay heavy in that room “… I want you,” she said, simply. No explanations, no excuses, no riders. That was all I needed to hear from her. I answered her by kissing her, putting my true feelings into that one act. I kissed her and told her what I wanted from her, what I wanted to do to her, how much I needed to feel her body. I rolled over her, and put my thigh back between her legs, pressing her down with my weight, frinding into her pelvis like my mouth was grinding her mouth. She gasped, and I could now feel her heart beating, just as fast as mine was, the two of them playing a tattoo in that silent room.

I couldn’t stop myself. It was like a demon had been unleashed inside of me, that craved more and more and more. I straddlled her, and sat up. She opened her eyes, a questioning look in them. I smiled wickedly and began unbuttoning her shirt… tight and formfitting as it was, it didn’t give me what I wanted… her naked flesh. I slowly undid each button and she smiled, egging me on. At last I had it undone, and I drew open the folds to reveal her naked breasts… she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I don’t know how I missed it earlier, but god, she was gorgeous. Her pert breasts lay in their smooth swells, rising up from the patterned hollowness of her rib cage, her nipples were as hard as mine by now, but bigger, rosy and inviting. She blushed as I stared at her nakedness, really seeing it for the first time. I circled her thin waist with my hands, and the feel of her petal soft skin drove me wild. She stretched out, getting the rest of the shirt off herself. I couldn’t do anything but stare at those breast move.

I leant down and tentatively kissed her breast. This was brand new territory for me, and suddenly all the questions about the mammary obsession that men have, melted away. I took her whole breast in my mouth, and sucked that juicy flesh, my hand squeezing her other breast, my fingers pinching and tweaking her rock hard nipple. Megan moaned beneath me, squirming, her movement driving me crazy. She’d told me in casual conversation once that she loved her breasts being played with, and now I was finding out exactly how much, first hand. I switched breasts, giving her hot wet little kisses across the plane between those two beautiful mounds, and went to work on her left one…. she went wild beneath me, bucking and arching her back, turning me on more that any man… “Please…. please… ” she whimpered. “What? I whispered back, “Tell me… teach me how to bring you pleasure…”

She twisted out beneath me, and began undoing the top of my halter. Once she had the string undone, I pulled my hands away from her body and yanked it off. As my breasts fell free of the top, she caught them with her hot hands and began kneading them… then her mouth found mine, and we kissed again, passionately, with the promise of pleasures to come. She sucked my tongue and nibbled on my lip, moaning when I did the same to her… Fuck, she was the best kisser I’ve ever encountered. I pulled myself away from those luscious lips, and kissed her neck, trailing my tongue down her jugular, her collarbone, and then returning to those sexy breasts of hers. I did something men have always done to me, puzzling the hell out of me. I took a breast in each hand, and brought them together, cupping them, and another mystery was solved… there before my was the most turning on thing yet. I began licking them, nibbling at them, sucking them alternately. I rubbed them all over my face, and when my hair slipped out of its pony and tickled her, she went wild beneath me, squirming and moaning. “Oh Mickie…” she gasped. The sound of her saying my name was so sexy.

I began sucking her breasts harder, biting her nipples gently, and rubbing my hands all over her torso, gently squeezing her wrists, raking my nails down her stomach. “Oh Mickie,” she said, “Fuck me.” Oh god, I could feel my vagina throbbing now, this sexy woman halfnaked beneath me, asking me to fuck her. I held her wrists with one hand, pinned in mock domination over her head, my mouth still teasing her breasts, while my other hand moved down her thigh, and up that little slip of a skirt. I moved my hands on that soft skin, gently tracing circles upwards, ever upwards, till I reached her crotch. She wasn’t wearinf any panties! The little slut, I thought to myself with a wry grin… all the better to fuck you baby.

I could already feel the heat of her pussy on my hands. I wondered if I should use my spit to wet her, but then I touched her, and I knew there would be no need. Megan was dripping wet. Her hot and steamy sex was that way because of me, I thought, a little thrill running up my spine. I did that to her! I tentatively probed her vagina with my finger, dipping it into the glorious juices, swirling them around with a twist of my hand. I was so entraptured by the feeling and the pounding thought in my head of what I was doing that I almost lost myself. Her moans brought me back, and the thought of getting her off, giving her an orgasm drove me forward. I thrust two then three fingers inside her cunt, and she began bucking her hips, getting me deeper and deeper inside her. That warm pussy of hers just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to look at her, and began moving downwards, but she grabbed my head and drove it down on her breast. “Finger fuck me baby!” she said, her voice hoarse “Fast and hard… thats the way I like it!”

Fast and hard hmm?, I thought to myself, if thats the way you like it, then thats what you’re going to get, my bitch. I began thrusting my fingers inside her, four by now inside the warm dark cunt of hers, fucking her insides, pushing against the soft yet rough walls. With my thumb I pushed against the firm shaft of her clit, spreading her ample dripping juices around. I pushed my weight over her, pressing down my wrist against her mount, and humping her, my hand rubbing up and down, in and out. She was still bucking beneath me, whimpering faster now, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me…. I’m gonna cum… you’re so fucking sexy, you’re making me so hot. I love the way your hand feels… Yeah, fuck me baby, give it to me… take me there. Oh fuck, thats amazing. Oh god…. Oh god, yeah. Oh Mickie….”

She was groaning now, and I bit into her breast, fucking her in swift motions, pulling my hand in and out, and then I shoved my pinkie into her ass, and gasping “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she came, and she was so wet, so wet. Her juices flowed over my hand, and the muscles of her anus were tight around my finger while her vagina pulsed around my other fingers, dripping wet, and my thumb rested against her

throbbing clit. Her spread legs curled around me, pulling me close and holding me.

Her head rolled to the side and the silence was punctuated with her heavy breathing that gentled slowly. I lay where I was, half naked, my head resting between her breasts, listening to her heart as it slowed down. I’d never heard another woman cum before, I had no idea the sounds would turn me on so much. I released her wrists, and cuddled around her torso, smoothing her hair away from her body. I could almost feel her peace. She took my chin in her hand and crooked my face up to hers. She smiled at me, and then with her other hand, took my hand away from her still pulsing sex, and brought it away. I smiled back at her, and licked my fingers, determined to not let a single drop of her sex juices go waste. I’d never been so daring before, but everything was different now. The pace had changed… We’d been a tango earlier… now we were a slow sexy salsa. I could taste her sweetness again… but this time from her cunt milk, not her saliva. She tasted like melon… She smiled wider as she watched me lick her off my hand, and then brought my mouth up to hers in a long intimate kiss.

We stayed like that, cuddled for a few minutes and then she rolled over, dumping me unceremoniously on the wood floor again, hard and cold in comparison to the sweet luxury and warmth that was her skin and body. It was over, I thought, my spirits sinking, till I caught that look in her eye, that wicked gleam that sent a shiver down my back, and my spirits soaring… my turn I thought with glee… at last the sexual tension that she had built in me would be released. “Turnabout is fair play,” she said, and stood up, slipping off her skirt. She stood naked above me, and I saw her gorgeous body in a new light… those long legs that seemed to go on for miles, that beautiful blonde hair falling over full breasts, that neatly trimmed blonde patch at the meeting of her legs, barely hiding the pink slit that I could see, still wet, gleaming in the semi-light. The smooth stomach, the streches of plane, covered in that baby-soft skin. Just staring at her, I could feel my cunt dripping again.

She leaned down then, and half dragged, half hauled me onto the bed, almost ripping off my short pleated skirt in her haste. There I was, then, naked save for a pair of basic white cotton panties. She was on all fours above me, and I wanted her so badly. She was devouring me with her eyes, staring at my breasts, my belly, my panties with the look of a predator. She yoinked my scrunchie away, and quickly tied up her hair into a messy but effective knot. Then she kneeled and stripped me of the last vestiges of my clothing. Pulling the panties right off, she raised them to her nose, and inhaled deeply. “Mmm, the smell of sex.” she said. “Too bad you haven’t had any yet. Just a matter of time Michaela. I’m going to make you scream like you’ve never screamed before.” Oh god, she was making me even more wet with her talk. What had happened to the naive, nice girl that I’d always thought she was? Not that I was complaining or anything! Oh yeah, Meg could be as dirty as she wanted and I wouldn’t say a word to stop her, just a few hundred to beg for more.

She stretched over me and put her breast in my mouth. I sucked them gladly. I’d always imagined something like this. Someone lying on top of me, offering me their breasts for me to suck, like my life depended on it. Oh yeah. She began talking, whispering dirty things to me. “You think this is the first time I’ve done this? No. I’ve been with women before. And I’m going to show you everything I learnt. I’m going to kiss you and lick you and fuck you till you beg me to stop and then I’ll fuck you some more till you beg me to go on forever. And then I’m going to make you cum. Again and again and again. And I’m going to do it nice and slow… ”

She had to stop talking then, because all this while she had been drifting lower and lower, her wide wet tongue covering every inch of my skin, making me tingle, sucking my breasts, and then making me writhe when she ran her tongue over my abdomen, and along the sides of my waist. Now her mouth was occupied with other things. I waited with baited breath, as she paused, her face inches away from my cunt. Every cell in my body ached for her, ached for that contact between her tongue and me. I was usually shy about oral; the only time I’d gotten it was with my first boyfriend and that experience was enough to put me off it, and steer boys I was with after that, away from my nether areas when they dutifully made the effort. With Megan, it was like I was a different person in a different world. I couldn’t take it. I could feel my cunt throbbing, wanting her. I lifted my hip, but she moved her head away. Why was she toying with me like this? I couldn’t take it anymore, so I grabbed her head, and pressed it to my crotch, realising only then that that was what she had been waiting for. Her tongue was already sticking out, and when I pressed her to my center, her tongue slipped into my pussy, sending me into swirls of ecstasy.

Her nose began rubbing against my clitoris, as she began lapping up my juices. She heard me moan, and moved upward, her tongue tracing a trail on either side of my awakened clit, and on the sensitive line of my hood. I wasn’t going to last at all this rate. I think she sensed that, and backed off a little, kissing the insides of my thighs, teasing the outside of my pussy with her hot wet tongue, running it down the ridge underneath my vagina. She raised her head then, and said, “Beg for it .” I moaned incoherently, trying to push her back to my dripping cunt. She resisted and said again, “Michaela, beg for it.”

“Please, Meg!” I said. “Please what?” she said, sadistic and sexy as all hell.

“Meg, fuck me, please”


I was too far gone to resist. “Fuck me with your tongue Megan. Please. Put it inside me and all over my cunt. Kiss my pussy lips, suck my clit. Tongue me, please, Megan, go down on me, FUCK ME, please!!”

She was kind enough to oblige, she took each request and thoroughly delivered. She held her long tongue ramrod straight and then began poking my tight pussy with it, in and out, in and out, rubbing against the sensitive cliffs on the inside upper surface of my cunt. She licked me all over, smearing the juices from my pussy all over my crotch, using her hands to part my thighs, pressing down with the tips of her fingers, spreading me almost further that I thought I could go. She spread my legs wide and buried her face in me, inhaling me. She began to rub my clit with her nose, and then her finger, flicking it from side to side, exactly the way I did when I masturbated. She was driving me fucking nuts. I thought I would explode. She knew my body as only another woman can. She began blowing gently on my vagina, and then cheekily flicking my clit with her tongue, and then she methodically, set about fucking me crazy.

She licked my butthole, using my juices and her spit to moisten it, she put the tip of her tongue ar the entrance and began pushing gently easing me open. Her hands kept busy at my cunt, occasionally reaching up to squeeze a breast. I was incoherent by then. “Oh Meg, fuck me, yeah, just like that. Fuck me good baby, yeah, fuck my ass. Oh god, oh god, oh…” My ass opened for her, and she thrust her tongue in, ass fucking me while her fingers worked my vagina, and clit, and then she switched, moving her long fingers to my ass, riding it, while her amazing tongue slurped me up, driving me wild with her flicking and sucking and licking and nuzzling. She was fucking me in my ass and and my cunt at the same time, and as she sensed my urgency, she upped the pace. “Oh yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh fuck, yeah, don’t stop. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Oh GOD, Meg, I’m going to CUM! Oh GOD. FUCKING BITCH. YEAH SUCK ME. FUCK MY ASS. OH YEAH. Get your fingers in there. YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD IN THERE. My pussy wants you so much. Oh god, oh GOD, OH GOD, MEGAN, I’M CUMMING! OH!” She was thrusting so hard, it was so beautiful, I felt like she would rip me apart with her finger, her tongue, she was so fucking amazing, I remember cumming for minutes, and then she didn’t stop, and I was cumming again, into her mouth, and then she took her mouth and covered my clit with it, and sucked and sucked and I was so numb with pleasure, she drove me over the edge, and I couldn’t bear it it was so much, fucking my ass and my pussy and sucking my clit, everything exploded, and I peed inside her mouth and she kept swallowing, sucking, wanting more, and I thrashed and I thrashed and then quiet.

We lay there, me spent, her sated, in silence for a minute, till our silence was broken by another heavy breathing. Together we turned, and there, standing with his engorged dick in his hand, moving slowly back and forth, was our friend Timothy. He must have crept in sometime during the madness of the last half hour, and we froze….

Not for long, but then that is a whole different story.

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