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Our New Tenant Ch. 1

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Hi, my name is Laura, and my husbands name is Don, he is forty and I’m thirty-eight. We were living fairly comfortably until I was laid off from a company and then Don’s company was bought up by another company, and if he wanted to keep his job, he had to take a demotion, which meant a cut in pay.

We had a nice large home in an upscale community, and we were close to a major city. However, with our finances such as they were, I thought that we might have to sell the house. We had one daughter, but she was away during summer break, but will be back in less than a week to get ready to go to college, so we had two rooms that we weren’t using.

I thought that when our daughter went off to college and we were alone, that Don would get a little more aggressive in our love making. When Cindy was at home, every time that we had sex, however, not very often, he always used the excuse that we had to be quiet and do it quick because Cindy might hear us, needless to say, I never got much out of sex, other than when I would take care of myself.

I’m not complaining, in fact in many ways I enjoy masturbating more than I do having sex with Don. For one thing, I know that I’m going to have a nice orgasm and I can make myself cum as many times as I want, with Don, I have to fake it almost all the time, usually when he cums, I’m just starting to get into it, he never takes the time for foreplay.

Again, I shouldn’t complain, I know I’m better off than a lot of my women friends. Some of them have abusive husbands, not just physical, but mental as well. Don does treat me with respect, but I guess like a lot of guys, he just likes to stick his cock in me, push it in out for a couple of minutes, cums and then rolls over and immediately falls asleep.

I’m sorry, I didn’t really want to complain about my husband, it’s just that sometimes it gets frustrating. To tell you the truth, I never had sex ed. in school, but our daughter Cindy did. One day I was cleaning her room when I found a book on sex and masturbation as an alternative to sex, for women, and it showed all the techniques that I never dreamed of.. They had illustrated pictures of women with vibrators, dildos and in many different positions. Before reading this book, she got it in her junior year of high school, the only way I masturbated was laying on my stomach with my fingers under my pussy, and just rocking my clit against my fingers until I came.

But getting back to our financial dilemma, I wonder if it’s sexual frustration that makes some women like me, just get off the subject. Anyhow, I came up with an idea that maybe if we rented out one of the bedrooms, not the one Cindy uses when she comes home from school, but the other one that is completely furnished but it was set up as a guest room. I mean that I’m home all day, it would be a rental as a room and board, What’s the difference, I cook for the two of us, so what’s one or two more. Perfect.

Don made some fuss about us losing some of our privacy, so big deal, we don’t go running around the house naked like Tarzan and Jane. God, how many times I have fantasized about the two of us just doing nothing all week-end, just staying naked and making love non stop.

I ran an add ‘ROOM AND BOARD’ etc. and the next day the phone started ringing. I promised Don that I would thoroughly check out anyone that looked like a potential tenant. Of course, in the back of mind I was fantasizing about renting it to some young stud that would get my juices flowing as I watched him running around the house nearly naked. In fact, I was getting so carried away, I thought that I would put a two way mirror that looked into his room from the back of our closet and I could catch him masturbating.

I ended up interviewing two guys that offered nothing to me in the way of my fantasies. Oh well, wishful thinking, but I did interview four different young ladies and one of them really caught my attention. She was a beautiful twenty-five year old, had a good financial statement along with a good job as a consultant, she also had a fantastic body. I jog everyday and consider myself in excellent shape, but this girl almost took my breath away. So I decided that I’d rent it to her rather than waiting for my perfect stud.

When Don came home from work, I told him that I had rented out the room to a very beautiful young lady, thinking that having someone like her around might light his fire. His response was that we had to realize that we no longer would have the privacy that we have had. I felt like telling him that what difference did it make, we never did anything intimately anyway, but I didn’t.

The next day, Tina, our new tenant, brought all her clothes and whatever she had, and with her girlfriend took them to her room and put everything neatly away. It was a warm summer day and they were both wearing hot pants and halter tops. Watching them go in and out of the house, unloading both cars, with the energy that I envied, but they were so attractive, I was getting a little jealous of their youthful looks and energy.

“I guess that’s about it, Sandy.” Tina said to her friend. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” Tina said to me, this is my dearest friend, Sandy.” What is it about some women, in your mind you know if they were a guy that you would be all over them, Sandy was that kind of a girl, and the way she looked at me, I almost felt naked.

“Well, girls, how about something cold to drink, maybe a coke or some ice tea?”

“Gee, thanks” Tina said, “but do you mind if we have a cold beer. I mean that coke is fine, but we have some beer on ice and I think that, if you don’t mind that is, if we have a couple of beers?”

“Oh, of course not.” I said. “but let me bring you a couple of glasses.” I felt a little embarrassed because we never have alcohol in the house, neither Don or I drink.

“Forget the glasses, we just drink them out of the bottles.” Tina said. She went into her room and brought out three bottles of beer and gave one of them to me.

“Don’t waste it on me Tina, I don’t know how long ago it was when I had my last beer, or as far as that goes, I haven’t had a drink since I got pregnant with my daughter.”:

“Oh, c’mon Laura, it couldn’t have been that long ago. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking, but I would guess that you’re about twenty -eight.”

“That’s sweet of you Tina, but I have a nineteen year old daughter that’s in college, so at your guess of my age, I would have been nine or ten when I had Cindy.” I said with a giggle.

Then Sandy said, “Wow, you have to be kidding, you certainly don’t look old enough to have a nineteen year old,. and what I can see of your body, you look in as good a shape as Tina and myself. Do you have a private trainer, or what?”

We sat there, talking about how I had Cindy at eighteen, lived with my parents and they baby sat while Don and I went to college. It worked out fine, I mean that we weren’t planning on getting married until we finished college, but as they say, nothing is one-hundred percent guaranteed to prevent pregnancy, not even condoms when your having sex in a car.

As I was telling them how Don and I worked, but still living with my parents so that we could save up enough to put a down payment on a house, rather than renting, Tina interrupted me for a second and said that she was all sweaty, and if I didn’t mind, she was going to get out of her clothes. With that said, she just took off her top and bent over and removed her shorts.

My eyes couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful body. She didn’t have any underwear on and was standing in front of us stark naked. Her nipples were firm, sitting on top of a puffy halo and her breasts just stuck out firmly, straight out, and her pussy, there wasn’t a single pubic hair. Not knowing exactly what to say, I just said, “Tina, you certainly have a beautiful body, I mean it’s just so, uh, sexy.”

“”Laura, if you think my body is beautiful, you should see Sandy. Sandy, show how good work outs can make a body look great.” They both were about five seven or eight and I don’t believe either of them weighed more than one hundred fifteen or twenty pounds.

Sandy took off her clothes, well the top and bottom, like Tina, she was sans underwear. Sandy was right next to me and as she took off her shorts, they landed right in front of me. She peeled them off so that they were inside out. I could see that the crotch of her shorts were damp, or I should say, wet. Another thing, as she leaned against the chair I was sitting on, I noticed that her pussy lips were not only hairless, but in a state of arousal, I could see the moisture on them, but even more so, I certainly could smell that aroma of an aroused woman, I know that when I was horny, I smelled the same.

Why was seeing this, these two beautiful naked bodies, why was I getting aroused, after all, I had seen my beautiful Cindy walk around the house naked all the time that she was home. I used to tell her, ” honey, don’t you have any modesty, what if your dad comes home unexpectedly,” even though I had to admit to myself that Cindy’s body had developed beautifully, almost as sexy as these two, or was it that I wasn’t thinking of Cindy sexually as I was of these two.

I came out of my trance when I heard Tina say, “Laura, would you mind if Sandy and I took a little nap? We’re both kind of tired and we just want to take a quick nap so that we can continue on with getting me organized. Oh, one more thing, I know we talked about this when I signed the rental agreement and agreed to pay you extra monthly so that I could have friends of mine stay over occasionally. Well I know that this is short notice, but is it O.K to have Sandy spend the next day or so with me.”

“No, it’s perfectly all right, my husband is away for a few days at a clients site and Cindy won’t be home for a few days. In fact I think I’ll take a little nap myself and when you get up, I’ll start preparing dinner so that we can eat, or if you feel like it, we can go into the pool or our Jacuzzi.”

With that I walked out of the room and shut the bedroom door and headed for my room that was right next to Tina. I couldn’t believe that looking at those girls got me so sexually excited, especially when I saw Sandy’s wet pussy lips, and I think that I saw her clit come out from under its hood. My god, I can’t believe I’m having such erotic thoughts.

I quickly undressed and was about to hop into bed with my vibrator when I heard them talking in their room, I just had to listen. I got the drinking glass from my bathroom and put it up to the wall so I could hear what they were saying. They were talking about me and I heard Tina say, “what do you think of Laura, isn’t she hot looking? I think that I’m going to enjoy living here, she’s really sweet.” Sandy said that she agreed and then I heard them get into bed.

Here I was, standing as quietly as possible, next to the wall with my glass against the wall and my ear pushed against it, listening to everything these girls were saying, and doing. What am I, some kind of pervert, I must be sick. But I couldn’t pull myself away from the wall. Then I heard Tina say to Sandy, “sweetheart, from the looks of things,” and Tina giggled, “I think you need one of my special massages.”

Then Sandy said, “I sure do, lover, I mean, like, I’m hot, that Laura of yours really turns me on, but did you see the way she looked at us, especially at my dripping pussy. Come on baby, I’m ready for that massage. Then all I heard was moans and groans that sounded sexual in nature.

After listening to them for a few minutes, my pussy was leaking down my legs with my pre cum and I just had to lie on my bed and get myself off, god, I was more than horny.

Forgetting that I wasn’t alone in the house, I was really moaning loudly, as I usually do when I’m real horny and having sex.. I had my vibrating dildo in me that also had the clit stimulator as well as a G- spot massager. I was on a high and I wanted to hold off and enjoy the peak as long as I could because I didn’t have that much time where I could make myself cum several times. I couldn’t hold on any longer as I moaned out loudly, anticipating my orgasm, when suddenly there was a knock on my bedroom door. I quickly got under the covers.

The door opened and Tina and Sandy came over to me, they were still naked, I quickly noticed that both of their pussy’s were wet, and then Tina asked. “Laura, are you all right? I mean we heard you moaning loudly and thought that maybe you had hurt yourself, or weren’t feeling well.”

I had pulled the covers up to my face and looked at them sheepishly and said, “Oh Tina, thank you for your concern, maybe I was just having a nightmare.”

“I don’t know, Laura,” Tina said. “You look flush and you’re sweating, lets take this cover off of you, you don’t want to dehydrate and pass out on us.”

As she said this, before I could hold on to the covering tight, she quickly pulled the sheets off of me and I froze. The dildo was still in me and was humming away, I was embarrassed to the point where I just wanted to close my eyes and die. I also knew that if I didn’t stop the vibration from the dildo, I would cum right in front of them.

“Oh, I’m sorry Laura, I didn’t know. Would you like me to do this for you, I mean to help you cum?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I quickly pulled it out of my pussy and turned it off. It was coated with my pre-cum, in fact it was dripping when Tina took it out of my hands and said. “I’m sorry that I interrupted you, but let me clean this off for you. Now are you sure you don’t want to finish this, or have me and Sandy help you out, I mean we would be happy to do it for you.” However, I noticed when Tina took the dildo and said that she was going to ‘clean it off’, I didn’t realize that she was going to suck my sex juices off of the dildo.

“No, no,” I said as I jumped out of bed, standing in front of them, as naked as they were. I put on a light summer dress and as frustrated as I was from being interrupted just as I was about to have a fantastic, needed orgasm, I just said as calmly as I could, “well, I better get some food ready, you girls must be starving.”

“Don’t rush on our account, but Laura, I hope you don’t get offended at me saying this, but you have a fantastic body, I can’t believe that you’re that much older than us,” Tina said as the two of them left the room and went back to their room. But I was in pain, it was so sensitive in the area of my pussy, that I knew even sitting down was going to hurt.

As I walked slowly to the kitchen, I knew that my pussy lips were swollen, in fact I didn’t put on panties because I knew that rubbing against my clit, the panties would drive me crazy, my nipples weren’t much better off, even my dress touching them sent sparks through my body and straight down to my pussy, I was a wreck.

What was it about these girls? Why did I get so aroused by just looking at them? Yes, they were very attractive with beautiful bodies, but I’m not a lesbian, in fact, if anything, I was probably more outspoken against gay people. I know when Cindy said that at her college there was a large lesbian community and I explicitly told her to stay away from them, and certainly not to bring any of them home with her during school breaks. I wish now that I had just rented the room to one of guys.

There was one thing that I knew that I was going to do, when Tina was going to be away for the day, I was going to remove the mirror that was on the wall and replace it with a two way mirror. I’ll call an order the same size mirror and then replace the one in her room. where the mirror is placed, the back of it is the wall in the back of my closet, I’ll just make a small hole on my wall and I’ll be able to see what she is doing in her bedroom, either alone or with one of her friends, like Sandy.

As I was preparing the meal, Tina and Sandy came out of their room, still naked, Tina said, “Laura, we’re not hungry yet, and if you don’t mind, we would like to get some of that late sun as we lay by the pool. In fact, why don’t you join us and we can chat and get to know each other better.”

I didn’t want to be stand- offish, and told them that I would get my suit and then join them in just a little while.”

“Laura!!!, it’s just going to be us girls, we’re not wearing suits, and besides, you get a nice even tan all over your body that will make you look real yummy.” Yummy???

Again, I didn’t want to appear to be a prude, so I nodded my head in agreement and told them I would be out in a few minutes after I picked up in the kitchen. Fortunately, Don always calls to tell me when he’ll be coming home.

My kitchen window overlooked the pool and the lawn around it. Tina and Sandy were laying on a large beach blanket that they had spread on the grass and they were on their backs. Their legs were spread in a most provocative way with their pussy’s facing me and clearly visible, and again I could feel the heat build-up between my legs. Well it’s now or never, I told myself as I removed my dress and went out to join them. Damn, I wish Don was home, even one of his ‘quickies’ would help me out.

They were next to one another and as they saw me coming out, they separated and indicated for me to get in between them, their blanket was plenty big. I hesitated, but couldn’t refuse their request, so I sat down on their blanket, in between them.

I looked first at Sandy, and then at Tina, both of them were spread out and there wasn’t a thing on their bodies that I couldn’t see. They both had beautiful breasts, but my eyes just kept drifting down to their pussies. Being that they were both hairless, I could see every detail of their lips, that were open and moist, obviously from their state of arousal. But Sandy’s pussy was awesome to look at because her clit at the crest of her inner lips, looked as large as a small finger tip. Oh god, why did this excite me the way it does..

Then Tina said, “Lie down Laura, and enjoy the nice warm sun caressing your entire body.” As she said this, with a slight bit of pressure, she took her arm next to me and just gently pushed me down on my back. Even this light touch of her hand on my body, motioning me to lie down, sent a shock like feeling, down to my pussy.

Flat on my back, both girls pressed against my sides, it was almost unbearable and my heightened state of arousal was impossible to conceal. My nipples stuck out hard and pronounced, and every time that I tried to squeeze my legs together so that they wouldn’t see my engorged lips and my wetness, they would lean over me to talk to one another and in doing this, they would force my legs to spread. If I had my pussy shaved, they would have been able to look right into my open and waiting love hole.

They were talking back and forth to one another and every time they spoke, they would squeeze my upper thighs, as if they did it unconsciously. Then Tina said, “Oh we’re sorry Laura, we’re talking away and ignoring you, so why don’t you tell us a little about yourself. Like is your daughter as beautiful as you, we can hardly wait to meet her, and your husband just as well.”

As Tina was talking to me, she was nonchalantly brushing her hand lightly over my pubic hair, it was soo sensitive I was about to scream, my entire body tensed up tighter than a drum. Then she said. “Laura, I can’t believe how stiff your body is, you have to learn how to relax.” When I didn’t respond, Tina continued. “Sandy, I think poor Laura is under a lot of tension, I think that she could a good body massage, don’t you think so?”

“Oh no, Tina, I’m O.K.. I guess I’m just tired from running around, I just have to learn how to slow down and relax a little more. You know, it’s just from worry about different things.” I knew very well that Tina could see and smell my arousal.

“Like what, Laura?” Tina asked But before I could answer her, she continued. “You have a beautiful home, and from the pictures I’ve seen of your husband and daughter, your daughter is deliciously attractive, and your husband looks like a real stud. Again, what’s your problem.” Oh my god, she said “deliciously attractive,” I certainly hope she didn’t mean that literally.

I had to respond some way, so I said with a shaky voice, “Tina, things aren’t always the way they look. I lost my job and that’s why I had to rent out the room so that we could afford to stay here; another thing is that my husband has to travel more to keep his job and I miss his attention, and when he is home, he’s, uh, well, to tired to uh, oh I’m so confused, I’m sorry.”

“First of all, Sandy and I will do anything so that we can to help you, but first things first.” Tina said. “Sandy, I want you to spread some of that lotion on Laura so that we can get some of this stress out of her body so that she can relax, then we’ll go over some of your other problems and come up with some solutions for you.”

“Well, uh,” was about all I could say when they had spread the warm oil sun screen over my entire body; arms, legs hands and feet.

“Now just keep your eyes closed while we rub the tension out of your body. I’m going to start with your feet, toe by toe, and Sandy is going to be doing your hands, finger by finger, we’re going to give you our special, full body massage.. But remember, keep your eyes tightly shut and pretend your on a beautiful tropical island. I want you to see the well tanned natives with their beautiful, naked, bronzed bodies; watching you as they admire your beauty.”

As Tina was talking softly, I found myself relaxing more and more, and with my eyes tightly closed, I actually started to see the naked natives of this beautiful tropical island, I was succumbing to Tina’s trance like voice. Was I too weak to resist her?

“Are you on the island? Do you see the beautiful natives?” Tina softly asked. I nodded that I did. “They ‘re staring at your beautiful body, both the men as well as the woman. Do you notice that all the men have full erections just by watching you, and they are stroking their cocks. The women are touching your body, they want to feel all of you,.” I wasn’t sure if I was under some hypnotic spell, or was this another of my many wet dreams, but I know that it was getting to be more real, and my body was responding to their hands.

Sandy was sucking on my fingers, one by one, as she was massaging the palm of my hand. Tina was sucking my toes in the same way, as if she was sucking a cock, and was putting pressure on the sole of my foot. The feeling was so erotic and I was starting to tremble.

“Do you hear the beat of the drums? Do you see your daughter, she is being fondled by the beautiful young virgins. She is looking at you and smiling, you know that she is feeling the same pleasure that you’re feeling.” Oh god, the feeling was getting to be incredible, my entire body was in rhythm with the beat of the drums.

“I know that you are hearing the beat of the drums, your body is in tune with the beat. Do you see them do the mating dance. Look at that beautiful daughter of yours as she is gyrating her body along with the beautiful young virgins that are surrounding her. They are doing a mating dance and the girls are moving their bodies faster and faster, Do you see how her pussy is open and glistening with anticipation?”

The hands were now massaging my neck and shoulders and soft, warm air was blowing in my ear. Other hands were working up my legs, going towards my opening. Oh god, my body was being tormented, but so lovingly.

I was feeling new sensations, whoever they are, are massaging my anus and the feeling is awesome, and at the same time my sensitive nipples are being sucked, like when I had my beautiful baby and she fed from my milk and I would have an orgasm while nursing her. Oh god, my body arched and I humped the air with my pussy and I came. It was not explosive, I wanted more.

The hands sensed that I wanted more and I didn’t open my eyes in fear that I would wake up from this erotic dream, I just kept moaning. My body was still trembling as I looked over and saw my sweet daughter on her back on the ground, as if she was going to be sacrificed, but it was so erotic watching these virgin beauties as they put phalli’s into her holes. The young virgins filled their love holes with a native nectar and took turns at feeding my sexy daughter the nectar by sitting on her face so she could suck it out of their cunts.

My daughter was screaming for more, as the men that surrounded her were now masturbating and aiming their cum at her body, this had to be a fertility ritual. She was moaning louder and louder, I knew that she was ready to cum

I felt my holes being filled. I felt fingers go into my asshole, I felt fingers going into my aching cunt. Oh fuck, the feeling was overwhelming as the fingers started to massage my G-spot. My nipples were being squeezed, stretched almost painfully. Upward pressure was put on my mons, pulling the hood of my clit off and I now felt my exposed clit throbbing.

I heard my sweet innocent daughter screaming to an orgasm, and at the same time my entire body was shaking, gyrating, like a volcano ready to erupt and at the same moment I felt a sucking on my exposed clit. “OHHhhh dammmnnn, ooooh fuuuucckk, oooohhhyeees, yeeeess, I’mmmmmmfuuuuciiing cuuuummminnnng, myy cunt is the volcano and I’m squirting out my hot lava.” I passed out.

“Well, Laura, you must have had one hell of a dream, you squirted your delicious cum all over my face and body.” Was I still dreaming? My body was still having spasms I opened my eyes I saw that my body was soaked and I saw Tina and Sandy leaning over me as Sandy was licking some of my cum off of Tina’s face.

“You want a taste of your cum?” Tina asked as she put her mouth to mine and forced her cum soaked tongue into my mouth.

Oh my god, what am I doing? I’m a married woman and a mother, what is happening to me. I just stared at Tina and I knew she could see the confusion on my face.

“Laura, are you ashamed of what just happened to you, your orgasms, my giving you a loving kiss? Are you afraid of intimacy with another woman because you think that it’s immoral? Finally, did you enjoy that orgasm that you just had, because from the powerful squirt of cum, it seemed that you needed that in the worst way.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer her questions. My god, I had never had an orgasm in my life that was so awesome, so pleasurable. But what would my husband think, and my daughter, especially how I have told her to be careful of lesbians. What was Cindy doing in my dreams, has she already been seduced by lesbians.

“Tina, Sandy!!! that was one of the most wonderful sexual experiences that I have ever had, and I want to thank you for giving that to me. If I wasn’t married I think that I would love nothing better than just experiencing this every day. However, I am married and I do have a daughter, even though that I’m sexually frustrated, as you have already noticed, I just don’t want to lose them. So as much as I appreciate what you did for me, I don’t think that we should do this again.”

Tina and Sandy looked at one another, and Tina then said. “We will respect your wishes, but let me say this, there would never be a reason for your family to know. We are not interested in taking you away from your family, but we are interested in keeping you from getting depressed because of your sexual frustration. Also we would like to find a way for you to take care of your financial dilemma. One more thing, if you do need me or Sandy for anything, and we do mean anything, all you have to do is ask. On the other hand, if we see that you’re in trouble, we won’t wait for you to ask for our help, we’ll do something about it, fair enough?” I was too weak to answer and I just nodded my head.

I went into the house and quickly put dinner on the table. We had a simple meal and drank some wine and talked as if nothing had happened; other than the fact that we were all naked, I hadn’t even thought of putting my dress back on, it was so comfortable without having any clothes on, no wonder Cindy liked running around the house naked.

We went into the den and we continued drinking wine as we talked. I watched Tina and Sandy fondling one another so nonchalantly, without taking away from our conversations. Then it started to get to me again, I was getting aroused again just watching Tina and Sandy touching one another, my exposed nipples were getting hard and pushing out, and I could feel my pussy lips open up like a flower blooming. I had to go to bed before I lost control.

Tina and Sandy said that they were going to watch t.v. for a while before they went to bed, so I said good night, I’ll see you in the morning and went to my room.

I got into bed, but I knew that I was too restless to go to sleep. I tossed and turned and every time I started to drift off just a little, the picture in my dream was that of the island and as the men jerked-off and sprayed my sweet little girl with their cum, she was screaming in pleasure.

I could hear Tina and Sandy talking as they were watching the t.v.. Our bedrooms were all in a row off the hall that leads into the den where they were. I opened my door quietly and I was in a position where I could see them, but they couldn’t see me unless they moved from the way they were sitting next to one another, on the floor. Then I realized it wasn’t Tina’s or Sandy’s voices that I was hearing. Could they be having visitors that I didn’t hear.

I decided to walk down the hall and get a little closer to them, if they turned their heads they could have easily seen me, but I was really getting curious.

They were sitting side by side on the floor, leaning their backs against the couch They were playing with each others pussy’s, they were masturbating one another as I heard women on the t.v. moaning in pleasure. As I listened, I heard the female voices moaning louder and speaking lustfully, “yes, that’s it baby, stick that long hard tongue of yours all the way into my burning cunt.” And another voice said. “Oh fuck yes, stick your beautiful hand all the way and fuck my cunt with your hand.” I let out a loud enough moan that the girls turned their heads and saw me.

Knowing I had been caught, I stumbled into the room and looked at what they were watching on the screen, Two beautiful women were in a sixty-nine and one was fisting fucking the other, and the other had her head deep into her friends crotch, licking and sucking on her pussy.

“I hope you don’t mind, we just had a video that we hadn’t seen and thought that we would like to watch it.” Tina said. “You look restless, come on and join us and we can watch it together.” At this point I was becoming aware of the fact there was no use of me trying to fight this any longer or I’d end up a nervous wreck, I was horny and these girls gave me some of the best sexual relief that unfortunately my husband can’t give me.

Why can’t some men see a women’s needs like these two women can. Now I’m not a lesbian, but I can respect the fact that they have enough compassion to know me better, in just a day, that my husband isn’t aware of over the period of our marriage.

As I went to sit down, Tina said, “grab a glass and sit down and enjoy some our champagne that we have been drinking.” There was no way that I could refuse, even though as I mentioned, I’m really not a drinker. I got a glass and she filled it.

I sat there, next to Sandy and watched the movie with them. The girls in the video were beautiful and I mentioned it to Tina and Sandy. Then Sandy said. “So you really find them attractive. Well Laura, these are two girlfriends of ours and we filmed this video, would you like to meet them sometime? Another thing, they are not porno actors, they’re not faking it, they are having one orgasm after another.”

I didn’t say anything, and my eyes were glued to the screen, and it certainly didn’t help my sexual frustration. I glanced down and noticed that Tina was still playing with, or I should say, was masturbating Sandy’s pussy and I could see the wetness on Sandy’s engorged lips. No sooner had I noticed what they were doing when Sandy let out a moan and said, “oh god, that’s it baby.” As she raised her butt off of the floor and moaned louder as she came. Between her moans and the smell of her sex, I was going insane.

Tina looked over to me and said. “How you doing Laura, you enjoying the show?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about, the one on the screen or the one where she masturbated Sandy to an orgasm. So I just said that I really enjoyed the show very much.

The movie on the screen was getting wilder as the one girl put on a strap-on dildo that was shaped just like a real man’s cock, except that it was very large with some ridges on it. I let an involuntary moan when she put the cock into the other girls cunt.

I was shaking slightly from my need when Tina asked, “Laura, are you all right. I mean as hot as it is, you’re shaking, are you coming down with something, or should I get you a blanket?”

“No, no,” I replied in a shaky voice, “It’s just, uh. you know, it’s the movie, uhh, it’s very erotic. I think that maybe I should go back to bed.”

“Look, Laura, you’re horny again, why don’t you admit it. You want to go back to your room so that you can play with your fuck toy so that you can get off a few times, am I right?”

“Well, no Tina,” I started to say, but tears started to roll down my cheeks and I was getting more and more embarrassed about telling them how I felt sexually. I masturbate a lot, but this was getting to be more than usual. Sometimes I’d masturbate once or twice a day, even when I worked I would go to the ladies room and masturbate, but it seems like it’s more demanding, the need is much more intense. I’m beginning to feel as though I must be a nymphomaniac, or something.

Before I could continue with what I was going to say, Tina reached behind her and pulled the dildo that the girl in the movie had on, “Now this is really what you want, isn’t it Laura. You want this cock to fuck you and make you cum over and over again so that when you’ve had enough cums, you can drift off to a nice deep sleep. I can just see this beautiful cock sliding in and out your cunt, going in and out over and over until you want it to go faster, harder, until you know that you want it to pound your hot cunt and make you moan loudly, in fact screaming that you wanted more and more.”

Tina was driving me insane. She knew what I needed, but she was teasing me and I was now crying out loud and my body was shaking harder, and then I screamed out, “Damn it Tina, you know that’s what I need, please stop tormenting me like this.” I had finished my champagne and now I had lost some of my inhibitions.

“That’s more like it, Laura, admit what you want and need,” Tina said. “However, we will give you what you need, and you do know that you will be very satisfied and content, but first of all, we will not do anything for you until we shave you clean. Now get up and bring a towel and your shaving equipment so that we can make that beautiful pussy of yours, even more beautiful by getting rid of all that messy hair off. Go girl, go get it or go to bed and let us enjoy ourselves.”

I can’t believe I’m doing this, I thought to myself as I headed for the bathroom to get what Tina wanted. They were going to shave my pussy clean just as their pussy’s were. One second it sent a thrill through me, and in the next second I asked myself if I was out of my mind. I’m an adult woman, wife and mother and I’m letting these women that are now staying in my home, shave and play with my pussy, have sex with me. My mind said one thing, but my body was making the decision for me, as I picked up my razor and everything else Tina asked for. Damn, what’s my GYN going to think when I go in for my next check-up.

“That’s a good girl,” Tina said as if I was her obedient little girl, as I brought everything to her, including a bowl of warm water. “Now just lay down on the floor and put this pillow with the towel over it under your butt so that we can get every hair, from your triangle to your sexy ass-hole. I have to say Laura, you have a beautiful pussy, but you really have a cute rear hole and it’s going to look even better when we’re through with you.”

I used to be content just to masturbate to make up for the fact that my husband really wasn’t motivated in any sexual foreplay, but after what Tina and Sandy did for me earlier, I have this craving for their touch.

“Sandy, why don’t you cut some of the longer hairs and then lather her up, and then when you’re through I’ll shave her. Now Laura, you’re going to have to be still so that we don’t cut you. Why don’t you close your eyes as you did earlier, and just think of some romantic situation that you’ve fantasized when you masturbate, and from the looks of your pussy, it looks like you masturbate a lot. How often do you masturbate?”

My face turned red from embarrassment because I didn’t think that they could tell. But I said, in almost like a little girls voice confessing this to her mother, “well no more than once or twice a day. Well maybe more just before and during my period.” Why did I admit that to her, I could have lied, but I guess I really wanted her to trust me.

As Sandy cut my hair short, she was pulling on my pussy lips and this was getting to me sexually. “Tina,” Sandy said, “Look at her pussy, it’s all engorged and all I did was pull on some of her hair to cut it short.” Then I felt a few slaps on my pussy with Sandy’s hand. It stung but it just made my condition worse. “Now you behave.” Sandy said as she continued cutting. I just held my breath and grit my teeth.

When Sandy stopped cutting, she took some lather and spread it all over with her hand, I didn’t have a lather brush. She was rubbing the lather into my opening pussy as well as my rear opening; her fingers probed inside my holes, I just didn’t realize how sensitive my ass-hole was. With the lubrication of the lather, she put one finger in my hole, then two, and then three. Then she took her other hand and did the same thing by putting four fingers in my pussy and started pushing both hands, in both holes in and out. I came instantly, the feeling was incredible.

“O.K. Laura, let’s settle down,” Tina said with a grin as I was still shaking from my orgasm. “If you’re going to cum every time we touch you, it will take all night to shave, plus you’ll have a bunch of razor cuts, so please try to behave yourself for just a little while.”

There she goes again, Tina is treating me like a little girl, my god, I’m old enough to be her mother. If I don’t start getting my act together, she’ll be running this house, not me.

Tina started to shave my, pulling my lips every which way, all along my slit, pulling the skin above the hood of my clit which in turn, exposed my excited clit. She was spreading my butt cheeks as she was getting the very fine fuzz around my butt hole.

Again this was becoming torture for me as I was trying to think of anything that I could so that I could get sex off of my mind; I knew if I came again that she would be upset with me, but I was getting closer and closer, and it was getting harder and harder to hold back. Oh god, help me, don’t let me cum so that Tina doesn’t think that I don’t have any self control.

“See how easy and quick it is when you don’t fuss around,” Tina said as she was wiping me off with a warm, damp towel. “Now let me rub some lotion on you so that we don’t get any razor rash.”

I quickly said, “Tina, I can do that, let me spread the lotion on, and thank you for shaving me.” I knew if she touched me with her hands, I would most certainly cum again. “I’ll do it while I’m in the shower.” I continued.

“I don’t think so, Laura, you’re playing games again, with us as well as yourself. Now let’s get things out in the open, you’re horny again, admit it, there is nothing to be ashamed of; you have a strong sexual drive like most women, and your husband either can’t, or won’t take care of it. Sandy and I also have a strong sex drive, along with our friends, like the two that you just saw in our movie. Be happy with your situation, a lot of women just won’t admit the truth about their sexual need and just suppress it, and it ends up giving them all kinds of physical as well as mental problems.

Tina was right on so many of the things that she was saying. I have been emotionally, a total mess. As much as I masturbate, I still feel the frustration, the stiffness of my body, not being able to relax, being nervous often, there was no mistake about it, I was going to end up as a total basket case. I’m going to listen and obey her, that’s it.

I shyly said to Tina. “Tina, you’re right, I guess it’s just that I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I was so sexual, and they would think that I was just a slut. From here on, I’ll listen to anything that you say as long as you promise to keep my needs satisfied, which I know that you will.”

“I told you before, and I’ll tell you again, as long as you promise to do whatever I ask of you, you’ll be more than satisfied, but I don’t want any fucking bull shit from you every time that I tell you to do something, is that understood.”

She sounded very firm in what she just said and I nodded that I would. “I’ve got some conditions that you have to live by. For one thing, I don’t want you to divorce your husband, but if he wants sex, but from what you say, that’s unlikely, just tell him that you have a headache or that you just started your period, I don’t think from what you have said, that he’s going to argue the point.”

I was considering what she just said and I didn’t have any arguments about that. It’s very rare for Don to ask me for sex unless I tell him that I’m in need, and even then he’ll make a fuss about me always needing sex, so I know he won’t initiate it.

Tina continued. “I’ll also bring some of my girlfriends home and I’ll expect you to entertain them. I’ll compensate you financially, but they will make different sexual demands on you, and regardless what you think of what they ask, you will do it without any complaints.”

“How often does your husband spend away on his job. I want you to demand that he gives you his itinerary for the week, beginning from Monday through Sunday. Also that he is to call you when he’ll be departing and when he’ll be arriving, and if asks you why you need to know, just tell him that you now have a tenant or two and you have to respect their privacy.”

I knew that Don would tell that his schedule changes from time to time, but I would tell him that if it does change, he would have to notify me immediately.

“So when do you expect your daughter Cindy, to be coming home? You mentioned that you’re expecting her soon and I want to make sure that we’ll be here upon her arrival.”

I forgot all about Cindy, oh my god, I wasn’t even thinking about her other than when I was having that erotic dream where the native virgins were having their way with her. I didn’t know how I could handle this. So I said, “I’m not sure Tina, it could be anytime now. It’s possible that she might be home as soon as tomorrow.”

“Then here is what I want you to do, when she arrives, and after you welcome her home, I want you to let me spend some time with her. Now I see that worried expression on your face, so I’ll tell you right now, I will not touch her sexually, I just want to get to know her.”

I was concerned about my sweet innocent daughter, but Tina said that she wouldn’t take advantage of her sexually and I think that Tina is a person that will honor her word.

“Now let me wipe you off real quick like, but I’m not going to let you get off, and let’s have a little more champagne and watch a little more of our video.”

I drank another glass of champagne as we continued to watch the movie with her two girlfriends doing things that I didn’t realize they had. They had a beautiful stand on the floor and it had a long shaft and a beautiful cock on the end of it. One of the girls got on the floor on her hands and knees and the other girl placed the cock into her friends pussy. After she put the cock in her friends pussy, the girl on the floor started to push her ass back and fourth, fucking the dildo. Her girlfriend went back to the machine and turned on the motor and the dildo slowly started fucking the girl. The girl was enjoying getting fucked as the dildo was slowly speeding up, faster and faster. She was moaning loudly and her friend came along beside her and started to play with her friends nipples and massaging her clit. Between the fuck machine and her friend playing with her clit and breasts, the girl getting fucked just screamed out that she was cumming and you see her cum squirting out of her cunt as she pulled away from the dildo.

That did it, between this last glass of champagne and watching these beautiful girls cum over and over again, I just cried out to Tina and Sandy, that I needed to be fucked badly or I would lose it.

“So that little scene with the fuck machine really got to you, huh Laura. Now Laura, here are the rules. You have to beg us by saying, “please, I need to be fucked,” or “I need to masturbate,” But under no circumstances, will you do anything sexual without asking us first for permission, otherwise you’ll be punished.”

“Please, Tina, let me cum. I’d love to have that fuck machine do me, god, could I use a good fucking, please, please, Tina.”

“Sandy, go get the machine and set it up so that our little slut can get fucked and maybe then she’ll stop whining. Laura, while Sandy is getting the machine, get into the same position as my friend was in the movie.”

I was so thrilled that I was going to get fucked with the machine, I quickly got on all fours, spread my knees like the girl in the video and rested on the carpet on my elbows.

“Well you certainly know the position. Now let me lube you up so that big cock won’t hurt you, from the looks of your pussy, I think it’s wet enough to take a telephone pole. Now let me get some lube into your butt hole, spread your cheeks for me, damn if that doesn’t look delicious.”

After I spread my cheeks, Tina put her fingers into my rear hole with some lubricant and started to fuck my ass with her fingers. I never realized that my butt hole could be so sensitive and the feeling of something in my ass was so exciting, I knew if she kept it up, I would surely cum.

Sandy had set up the fuck machine and she was positioning me so that it would give the greatest degree of pleasure. Right about now, I was so horny that almost anything or touch could make me cum.

They slowly slid the cock into my open hole, there was no hesitation, it just went into me with ease. I felt my cunt being filled to capacity as I started to rock back and fourth on this monster cock. After it was in me, Tina put one of her dildos into my ass hole, now I was really full, but wanted the machine to come on, I needed to be fucked in the worst way. Before the fuck machine started, I let out a silent moan and had a mini cum.

“You just can’t wait, you horny bitch, can you. Now get your head up off of the floor, because while you’re being fucked, your going to be eating my pussy, and don’t tell me you don’t know how. I want you to lick my ass hole and then work way all the way up to my clit. The fuck machine will fuck you until I’m content, so you better eat me to a few good cums or else that machine will fuck you silly. How many times do you think that you can cum?”

I knew what she was talking about, with that monster cock in me after I have a few cums, if it keeps pounding me, I’ll get very sore.

Tina got on the floor in front of me with her beautiful clean pussy, just below my face. “Remember, my beautiful slut, I want your mouth and fingers in and all over my pussy and ass hole. Sandy, turn the machine on slowly so that we can tease Laura’s hungry cunt.”

Oh good, it felt so good. Sandy also turned on the dildo in my ass and pushed it in as far as it would go, the feeling was incredible, and I moaned to another cum, I didn’t know exactly how to lick Tina’s ass hole, but I just ran my tongue across it. The fuck machine was so awesome that it was hard to concentrate on Tina’s pussy.

“Stop the machine, Sandy. Look, Laura, I want you to roll that long tongue of yours and push it into my ass hole. Then when you have it nice and wet, I want you to stick a couple of fingers in it and finger fuck my ass hole. Then you do the same with your tongue in my cunt, use all your fingers and tongue, and if you don’t give me any satisfaction, I’m going to have that fuck machine pound you at full speed until you beg for it to stop, got that?”

The machine started again and I really got into it with Tina’s ass hole and her cunt, She screamed a couple of times, “Yeah, yeah, that’s it yes, put your whole hand all the way into my cunt and start fucking me with it, that’s it, now make a fist with your hand inside my cunt, ooooh fuuuckk you’re fucking me with your whole hand and, oooohh fuck, I’mmmm cummmmiinnng.”

Her pussy was humping away and I felt so proud of myself, but the machine was now going faster and faster. Sandy was on her hands and knees and was playing with my clit. I let out a loud ooommphh right into Tina’s hole as I came and my entire body shook convulsively.

Tina came four times and I was there with her, between the cock, the dildo in my ass, and Sandy twisting my nipples and massaging my clit, but I loved it. Then Tina said, “Now it’s Sandy’s turn to feel that hot tongue of yours and I want you do to her what you did for me.”

I started to lick Sandy’s ass hole when Tina turned the fuck machine on faster, my cunt was now really getting pounded and I loved it as I worked on Sandy’s cunt. Before I thought that it was disgusting, but I was really getting in to pussy eating, I loved the taste of their cum. But now with the fuck machine going much faster and Tina doing my clit and nipples like Sandy did, I was comming every minute or two. I got so wild that I bit Sandy’s clit and she came with a scream. My tongue and hands were doing things to Sandy’s ass hole and cunt that I would never have dreamt in my wildest sex dream. She was screaming as I was until I could hardly take it anymore, I was exhausted, I even lost count of how many times I came.

“Tina, I’ve had enough, would you please stop the machine.” Tina stopped the machine and took the cock out of my pussy and the dildo out of my ass, I was exhausted and had a rough time getting up.

“I’ll help you,” Tina said as she grabbed me and led me to my bedroom. “Well you got the fucking of your life and now you’re going to sleep like a baby. I hope you enjoyed it.” I just fell down onto my bed, my sexy bottom and my face covered with cum, I immediately went into a deep sleep, I felt very sexually content, I felt good.

Again, I was dreaming about my beautiful Cindy. I felt that I was being naughty because it was an erotic dream. I was spying on her as she was laying on her bed, reading a sexy novel, and at the same time, was masturbating. I had never spied on Cindy before, even though I would hear her moaning as she masturbated often, which I thought was a healthy outlet for her. Also in my dream, as I was watching her masturbating, I heard the doorbell ring.

“Hi mom, I’m home,” Cindy called out as she came into the house. Then she saw Tina and Sandy, naked on the floor.

“Oh, you must be Laura’s daughter, Cindy,” Tina said. “I don’t think that your mom expected you until tomorrow at the earliest. We’re your mom’s new tenants and we just moved in, your mom is sound asleep in her room, so let’s be quiet.”

“Shit,” Cindy said, “now I’m going to have to find someplace for my friend that brought me home. I told her that she could use the guest room until we went back to school.”

“So where is your friend? Anyhow, before you create a problem, we should figure out a solution.” Just then Cindy’s friend came into the house carrying a duffel bag.

Tina and Sandy stood up, still naked, and introduced themselves to the girls. Cindy’s girlfriends name was Erika.

Tina noticed that the two girls were just staring at her and Sandy, as they stood their in front of them, naked. “We told your mom that we liked to be naked when the weather is this warm, so I hope that we’re not embarrassing you girls, even though your mom mentioned that you like to roam around the house naked as well, Cindy.”

“Maybe I should go and let mom know that I’m home and see if she has any ideas about what we should do.”

“I wouldn’t disturb her Cindy, when she went to bed she was extremely tired and it would be a shame to wake her. As far as the so called situation, I don’t know why the two of you can’t do the same as Sandy and me, we’re sleeping in the one bed in the guest room and we’re an inch or two bigger than either one of you. Then again, I wouldn’t mind sharing my bed with either of you and the other one can share the bed with Sandy. What do you think? But before we go any further, how about a couple of beers to cool off.?”

“That sounds great.” Cindy said, “I think that both of us could use a beer or two to cool off and relax The only thing is that I don’t think mom has any around, my parents don’t drink.”

“We have plenty for all of us,” Tina said. “Hey, c’mon, relax and get comfortable, don’t make us feel uncomfortable being naked while you gals have your clothes on.”

Erika and Cindy looked at one another and then Cindy said, “Ah, what the hell Erika, we certainly see each other naked all the time.” Then Cindy looked at Tina and said with a chuckle, “you gals don’t plan on taking advantage of us, hehe.”

“Wow Cindy, you gals have some terrific bodies, what have you been doing all summer, working out? Oh and I really love your pussy trims, real cute. But I notice tan lines, don’t you go nude sunbathing?”

“Yeah, if we can find a nude beach, but we were on a couple of projects that didn’t have any around, even though you can see, our bikini’s just hardly covered what the guys were all trying to get a look at.”

They were all sitting on the floor in more or less, a circle, squatting with legs crossed and quickly downing their beers. Sandy got up and brought everyone another cold one, not bothering to ask if they wanted another or not. The view for Tina and Sandy, looking at these two young beauty’s, was nothing short of a lesbian’s wet dream as they innocently looked at the girls crotches.

“Speaking of guys, you girls have a lot of action with some nice looking studs that were eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of what those skimpy bikini’s covered. I bet they followed you all over.” Sandy said.

“Guys!!!, you mean boys. No thanks, we decided to wait until they matured into men. Can you imagine, they’re either muscle bound, including their brains, jocks, or nerdy brains that didn’t say anything other than how they hacked a porn site.” Erika said.

Cindy and Erika were getting tired, it was late and just a couple of beers was beginning loosen their conversation up a bit, in fact, they were starting to get the giggles.

“Sooooo, what did you gals do, I mean like all summer without S-E-X.” Tina was now leading them on, asking questions about sex. “C’mon, we don’t believe that you went an entire summer without sex. Remember, we’re just a few years older than you gals.”

Cindy looked at Erika, and again started to giggle. It was obvious to Sandy and Tina that these girls, Cindy and Erika, must have experimented with some lesbian sex.

“You don’t have to be shy about it.” Tina said. “It’s obvious that the two of you must have experimented with some lesbian sex. “Sandy and I, along with some of our girlfriends are always making out with each other; I mean we’re not lesbians, at least not as of now, we’re hoping that when we’re ready to settle down with a family, and if the right guy comes along, so be it, but we’ll always be BI, even after we get married. So what did you gals do? In fact, Sandy, let’s show them the video of a couple of our girlfriends that we made videos with.”

Sandy said “sure, I wouldn’t mind you getting me off a couple more times, I’m beginning to get horny again, since Laur, ooops, I mean since you got me off a while ago.”

Cindy had a big question look on her face, like did Sandy just let it slip that maybe her mom had sex with them. She always sensed that her mother was sexually frustrated, but didn’t quite understand it since her mom and dad seemed to be happy together.

The video came on and the girls were now watching what Tina and Sandy had shared with Laura. The two women on the screen were kissing one another passionately, their tongues dueling in others mouth. Their hands caressing each others bodies as their love making picked up it’s tempo. Cindy and Erica were looking at the action on the screen with a lot of intensity, and it was obvious that it was doing to the girls, what Tina and Sandy intended.

Cindy stood up, needless to say, all Sandy and Tina had to do is look at Cindy’s hardened nipples and her moist, open pussy lips and realized she was more than ready. Then Cindy said. I’m tired, I think I’m ready for bed, how about you Erika?”

Tina spoke up and said, “I’m also starting to get tired, and it looks like Sandy and Erika are enjoying the movie.” Tina stood up and took Cindy’s hand, “so how about the two of us sharing a bed in your room, Cindy, and Sandy and Erika can sleep together in the guest room, at least for tonight; tomorrow we’ll see if we want to make other arrangements.” With that said, Tina grabbed Cindy’s arm and didn’t give Cindy a chance to protest; like her mother, Tina knew that Cindy more than likely wanted to go to bed and masturbate with Erika. But Tina had other plans for her.

“You gals go,” Sandy said as she gave Tina a hidden wink, “I think Erika is enjoying our video as much as I am, but we’ll go to bed in a little while.” Erika didn’t have much to say about it, but I think that she was really getting into the movie.

“What side of the bed do you want?” Tina asked Cindy.

“The left side is fine for me,” Cindy responded, “but do you mind if I relax in the shower for a while first.”

“Oh you poor thing,” Tina replied. “Forget the shower, I’ll give you a relaxing massage the same as I gave your mom a little earlier, and like her, you’ll fall into a nice deep sleep and in the morning, you’ll feel so refreshed, I guarantee it. Now lie down on your stomach.” Again, poor Cindy didn’t have much to say about it.

Once Cindy was on the bed, Tina started talking to her softly. “Now keep your eyes closed and pretend that you’re on a beautiful, white sand, tropical nude beach. You see all the firm tanned bodies of all the others around you. I’m going to spread tan lotion on you so that you won’t burn, you want to get a nice even tan all over your firm body so that you’ll be the envy of all the girls and desire of all the boys.”

Tina’s voice was getting softer and softer, but she kept talking to lull Cindy into a state of bliss and tranquillity. “Do you feel the warmth of the sun all over your body, and in parts of your body that hasn’t been exposed to the sun before? Do you hear the waves as they quietly lap the shore? Now let’s spread your legs so that you can get the sun in between them, and maybe the warm water will reach up in between your legs and lap away.”

Cindy was into it, and was now moaning quietly as she was following the scene that Tina was describing to her. She knew that she wouldn’t get a burn in those areas that had never been exposed to the sun, because she could feel Tina’s gentle hands spreading the lotion between her legs, it felt wonderfully naughty.

Tina gently helped Cindy roll over on her back as she said, “We want to get a nice even tan all over, but I better cover your front with tan lotion, especially your breasts and in between your legs that will be more sensitive to the sun.”

Cindy’s moans were getting a little louder as she felt Tina’s soft hands massage the lotion onto her breasts. It was getting Cindy aroused but she didn’t want to let Tina to know, otherwise she might stop. Tina’s hands slowly went down her stomach, her navel and then reached her mons. “Now just spread your legs as wide as you can,” Tina said, almost in a whisper, “so that I make sure your thoroughly covered with lotion. The sun feels sooo good.

Tina now was more aggressively massaging Cindy’s pussy with the lotion, or something that tasted better than lotion, even though she really didn’t need any since Cindy’s juices were pouring out of her cunt, profusely. Tina was at a point that if she didn’t taste this sweet girls juices, she would lose it.

Cindy was in that state where you’re not sure if your dreaming or this is really happening, but being very sexual like her mom, she really didn’t care and just wanted it to continue.

Tina put her head down so that she would be in a position where she could massage Cindy’s tender breasts after she licked them, nipple by nipple, then worked her tongue down to Cindy’s navel, and then wetly, slithered her tongue to just above Cindy’s clit.

Cindy’s body was now vibrating with anxiety in anticipation of the tongue going to her most private area. Cindy was lifting her butt off the bed, trying to find the source that had been giving pleasure, but to no avail. She was moaning louder, but it was more of a moan that was pleading for the source her pleasure to continue.

“Not just yet, my sweet young beauty, not just yet.” Tina’s voice was so soft, it was barely audible.

“Oh gaawd, pleeeese,” Cindy moaned out in a sleepy state, “Ohhh Eriiika, pleeeese make me cum, pleeeese, pleeeese.”

“In just a minute, my pet, in just a minute.” Tina wanted to first find out if this sweet young girl was in fact a virgin. She took her finger and put it into Cindy’s pussy, just to get it soaked and to feel for her virginity, she found none, Cindy’s hymen was gone.

She was almost certain that the girl was telling the truth when she said that she was a virgin. Then Tina thought that she would play a game with Cindy. “Cindy, do you want me to fuck you?” Trying to sound as much like Erika as possible since Cindy already was thinking it was Erika.

In a sleepy and highly aroused state, Cindy softly moaned out, “Oooh gaaawd Eriiika, pleeeaaase fuck mee with your toy, but pleease hurry, I neeed to cuum. Pleeease don’t tease me any longer.”

Tina put two and then three fingers into Cindy’s love hole, but then she quickly took them out. She took her wet hand and started to rub Cindy’s nipples, She then took her other hand and put it back into Cindy’s cunt and started to massage Cindy’s G-spot.

Then Tina brought her hand down from Cindy’s breast and pulled the hood up to fully expose Cindy’s clit. Tina put her head down and started to lick Cindy’s engorged clit while at the same time, continued to massage her G-spot.

Cindy moaned out loudly, loud enough for Erika and Sandy, that were now doing their own thing as they were watching the movie and making out.

“Ohhh fuuuck, Eriika, I neeed to peee, but I feeel like, I mean, oooh fuuck, i’mmmm cuummmiiing. Ohhh shit, ooooh fuuuuck yeees, don’t stop, I’mm cumminng.”

Cindy’s pussy was pounding Tina’s mouth, but Tina just kept up with the girl, as Cindy came, squirt after squirt after squirt. Like mother like daughter, Tina thought.

Tina looked up, aware that she was being observed, and indicated to Sandy and Erika to speak very softly because she was sure that Cindy had drifted off to sleep.

Tina led the girls out of the room where the T.V. was still on, showing the two girls, at this point, fucking with the strap on.

“WOW” Erika said, “She never came that much or that hard from me, you’re going to have to show me how to satisfy her, or her me, with such intensity. Sandy and I were making out just about the time we heard Cindy moan out loudly, I was about to cum, but I didn’t. But when I saw Cindy go through a series of convulsive cums, and with a little help from Sandy, I think I came almost as hard as Cindy.

Feedback so important so please let me know if you like, and if I should continue

I’m dedicating this story to my wonderful young friend in Victoria, Australia.. [Yes, if you keep looking you will find true love and beautiful sex]

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