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Final Lap

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Recap: At 49, and widowed, I had been seeing a lady called Pat for some time, and was on the verge of sleeping with her for the first time. She had discussed my ‘size’ with both her daughters, one of whom I work with, and they had each decided (separately) to “Test Drive” me so their mother wouldn’t be hurt. Or so they said. The night after these events was my first with Pat, and it went extremely well until……

“Oh Tom,” she sighed, “about the girls …………

….. “I know….”

Those words were such a shock I froze for a second, before completing my slow roll onto my back. A million thoughts flashed through my brain, but not one of them seemed the right thing to say. Thankfully, Pat saved me from making a total idiot of myself by continuing,

“I know the girls explained to you how much we talk about, well, everything” she explained, “and although I didn’t know what they were planning to do – especially Pamela! – I understand why they did it. I know they were thinking of me and how I might have not have been able to cope with your ……erm, well, the size of your manhood. And I know you would have had very little chance of refusing them, either; my girls can be very strong-willed when they want to be!”

There was a somewhat bizarre note of pride in that last statement, I felt; well, bizarre given the topic of conversation at least! Pat went on further,

“I was very angry with both of them when they told me what they’d done,” she continued calmly, “but I realised they had both acted, independently of each other, purely out of love and concern for me. Of course,” she added with a smile, “the fact you made them both enjoy their actions immensely made me even more determined to enjoy you myself, no matter how painful or awkward it might have been! But thanks to your kindness, it wasn’t an issue at all.”

So far I had managed not a single word of reply to Pats words. Now I had my chance, but I was still unsure what the proper – if that was the correct term – response should be. After a few seconds more thought, I simply spoke my thoughts.

“I should never have let myself be persuaded to sleep with the girls,” I stated, “no matter how persuasive they can be. Sshh a moment” I added, as Pat began to speak again.

“I’m a grown man,” I went on, “and I knew at the time what I did was wrong. I wasn’t going to say anything to you though, because I didn’t want to lose you. That sounds totally pathetic, doesn’t it? True, though”. I curled the arm that had remained underneath Pats shoulders towards me, drawing her close into a tight hug – a hug Pat made no move to resist; instead, her arms wrapped tightly around my torso, squeezing hard as she buried her face into my shoulder.

I could barely make out her words as she said,

“Tom, I love you, and have done virtually since we met. I was angry at you too, at first, but as I said, I know my girls are VERY persuasive when they want something. I forgive you, especially since you made me feel SO good just now!”

With that, Pat raised her face to mine and kissed me hard on the lips. Quickly our tongues met in a wet oral tussle, our hands roaming each others bodies as our lust for each other escalated once again. I felt Pat give a small gasp as her hand reached down and found my penis had already begun to harden again, something of a shock to me too, given how recently I had ejaculated inside my lover. Pats fingers wrapped round the length of my cock at the same time as my hand found the swell of her full right breast, the nipple at its peak hardening to my touch, another gasp from Pat filling my mouth as I reached total stiffness within the curl of her fingers. One last probe from Pats tongue heralded her movement down the length of my body, her lips slipping over my neck and throat, across my rigid nipples (with a little nip as she passed them by!) then down my stomach until I felt her hot breath against the straining rigidity of my manhood, still with her delicately strong fingers encircling its girth.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting but was, of course, only seconds, an electric jolt shot through me as Pat’s tongue licked the full length of my shaft from where her fingers surrounded the base, all the way up to the slit in the head, stopping briefly then sliding her lips over my glans until it was fully encompassed by her gorgeous mouth. Nor did she stop there; without noticeable pause, Pat lowered her head until the tip of my penis was pressing against the back of her throat, and only then did she reverse her movement so that she could breathe without gagging!

Time and again that sequence was repeated, interspersed with occasional swirls of Pats tongue round the edge of my super-sensitive helmet, her free hand cupping and fondling my heavy balls. Eventually, I managed to rouse myself from the torpor of the pleasure engulfing me sufficiently to edge Pats body round so that she was on her knees above me, her pebble-like nipples teasing my belly as my hands grasped her firmly on her hips and eased her swollen, dark pussy towards my waiting mouth. I revelled in the taste of her sodden honeypot, the juices covering my lips and mouth in a mini flood, Pats thighs tightening against my arms as I probed her innermost folds with my stiff tongue.

And then, there was the smell. The aroma of an aroused woman has long been the ultimate aphrodisiac for me, especially when I’m the one responsible for the arousal – like most men (and lesbians!) in that regard I suppose – and Pats was amazingly powerful in that regard. It was a musky yet sweet smell, and taste, one that spurred my erection to feel even harder and stronger than before; to me, at least! I can only presume it did to Pat too, as she seemed to take more and more of my length until all of my thick 8-inch cock was filling her mouth and throat, the pressure on my shaft growing with every passing second. My licking and sucking of Pats soaking slit and nether lips took an extra dimension when my tongue inadvertently licked a little bit further than I had intended, sweeping juices from her pussy over the tight puckered opening of her anus.

That seemed to galvanise Pat like nothing I’d ever experienced before, with anyone. Her head shot up from my groin, her encircling hand tightening round the base of my prick painfully as she let out a loud wail of ….. pleasure? distaste? At that point, I wasn’t quite sure! That uncertainty was immediately dispelled when Pat pushed her groin back into my face and almost growled at me,

“More! Do it again!” before resuming her mind-blowingly wonderful oral assault on my rigid cock. I didn’t hesitate to carry out Pats request, so intoxicating had the tangy taste of her rosebud been to my senses. I ran my tongue up the full length of her crease, from the small bud of her stiffly protruding clitoris, over the spread and wet lips of her swollen cunt until I again reached the tiny dark star of her anal opening. I let the very tip of my exploring tongue touch the very centre of her pucker, the tart yet alluring taste of her assaulting my taste buds, my hands grasping both firm globes of Pats buttocks and pulling them wide apart to allow me greater access to Pats glorious arsehole, her pussy juices now dripping from her core and covering my chin and neck in her orgasmic fluid.

I had never done anything like this before; even though I had experienced the joys of anal sex (for the first time in many years) just last night, this was the first time I had been so intimate with a lovers’ anal area with my mouth – and I was loving it. So, evidently, was Pat! Her vaginal juices continued to flood over me as I probed her rear deeper and deeper with my tongue, my lips creating a seal around her hole so tightly spread were her buttocks by now. Pat had raised her whole body from mine, her mouth leaving my cock throbbing in her hand as it cooled in the air outside of her hot orifice, loud moans and squeals issuing from between her pursed lips with every movement of my tongue inside her. I had a sudden brainwave then, and with some difficulty I managed to manoeuvre my hands so that my right hand could hold her buttocks spread, while my left snuck underneath her between our bodies, so that I was able to slide first one finger, then two, inside her sopping wet pussy. Now I was able to curl my fingers and reach the front wall of her vagina, stroking the small spot I found there while simultaneously pushing my tongue as far inside Pats dark hole as I could manage.

Those two acts resulted in the most amazing orgasmic explosion I’d ever seen in a woman, not even with my wife in our heyday. A loud shriek of lust erupted from my normally restrained lover, her sphincter trying to trap my tongue while her pussy seemed to spout juices like a fully opened tap, so wet and sticky did my fingers suddenly become. On and on she went, the initial shriek turning to moans and sobs of pleasure, the writhing movement of her body dislodging my hands and allowing the globes of her arse cheeks to regain their previous togetherness and causing me to have to remove my face to safer climes! Eventually, with the removal of the cause of her gargantuan climax, Pat regained a degree of her composure and was able to talk coherently again.

“Tom that was truly amazing,” she said, “no-one has ever even thought to do that to me before! Wait a minute though,” she went on, a frown suddenly creasing her face, “you haven’t cum yet, have you?”

Before I could say a word she slid to the side and took my still turgid penis in her hand, scooping juices from her pussy to slather over the top few inches of my shaft and aid the lubrication of her hand on my cock. Her strokes had started out quite long and slow, but that rapidly morphed into short, quick strokes designed to edge me closer and closer to climax, the resumed cupping and fondling of my tightening balls only lending to my rapidly approaching conclusion. When Pat lowered her mouth to run her tongue round the edge of my glans, that was the end for me. I am not usually a vocal man when it comes to orgasm, but on this occasion I could not help myself.

I let out a loud, long groan as Pats hand and mouth provoked my ejaculation with a lovely firm delicacy, my first spurt shooting up and landing on her cheek before she could get out of the way! Several other strong pulses of sperm followed, two of these landing on Pats hand and another leaving a tear-drop of spunk slipping down the full curve of her right breast. As my emissions died away, Pat licked her hand clean of my cum, smiling serenely as my ejaculate slipped down her throat. She then used her fingers to scoop the globule from her cheek, again swallowing it down in sheer pleasure; finally she lifted her breast to her mouth, her tongue licking every last tiny drop of my spunk from her flesh and closing her eyes as it filled her stomach.

Leaning over towards me Pat kissed me gently on the lips, and I was able to taste myself on her breath; a not unpleasant, slightly salty tang which I found incredibly erotic, my penis twitching fractionally despite now feeling extremely tender and well-used.

“Tom Green, I love you very much” she spoke firmly, after a few seconds simply staring into my eyes, “and I hope you feel the same way. No-one has ever made love to me the way you did tonight, and I want to make sure I can have more of this any time I want it.

Darling” she went on, “will you move in with me? Please?”

Before I could answer her, she put a finger to my lips and finished,

“Don’t answer right away – I want you to think about it while we sleep, and let me know in the morning.”

With that she snuggled down into my side, and very soon was sound asleep!

~~~ ~~~~ ~~~

When I eventually woke up on Sunday morning it was to a blinding ray of sun shining straight into my eyes, meaning I didn’t notice for several seconds that I was alone in the bed. I wondered for a few seconds whether last night had been a dream, but the lingering aftertaste of Pat in my mouth soon dispelled that notion. Rising from the bed, I had a very quick shower and cleaned my teeth before locating my jeans and making my way downstairs.

On my way down I heard Pat talking, as I thought, on the phone to someone – possibly one of her friends or work colleagues; I knew they and Pat had a tendency to phone each other even when not working. I slowed my pace as I heard my name mentioned, but could only catch the occasional word such as “wonderful” and “satisfied”. I hoped these were used in the context of our time together last night, but also felt the tiniest bit hurt that Pat felt the need to talk about us in that way at all. I quickly ‘shook myself sensible’ by remembering how understanding and forgiving Pat had been about my activities with her daughters, even with her knowledge of them.

When I turned the corner into the kitchen I was met with a sudden silence, and not a little shock; not only was Pat not on the phone, she was talking to someone sitting opposite her at the kitchen table, someone I recognised straight away even though she was facing away from me – Debbie! Before I got over that wee surprise, I noticed Pam was standing with her backside leaning against the counter at the window, her face and eyes in shadow due to the angle of the sun, making her expression unreadable to me right then.

I broke the sudden silence by muttering hoarsely,

“Morning sweetheart, morning girls,” before moving towards the other side of the table to kiss my darling Pat. To get there, though, I had to pass by Pam standing at the counter; as I made to walk past her she put out an arm as if to stop me. I went to say something then, but before I could utter a word Pam leaned forward and gave me a short, but passionate kiss! Leaning back on the counter she waved me on, at which point Debbie, who was able to reach my butt from where she was sitting, did so in a firm slap on my buttock along with a warm,

“Morning, big boy!” and a wide, beaming smile!

To say I was surprised at this point would be something of an understatement – I was flabbergasted beyond imagining. Bending over to kiss Pat I was able to observe, for the first time, that she was wearing only a thin robe, and that her nipples were rather prominently showing through the thin material. If I hadn’t been so thoroughly tired out by the past few nights’ activities, particularly last night, I may have become slightly ’embarrassed’, but thankfully that didn’t happen – quite. However, leaning over Pat from behind her chair I was then able to get a proper look at the girls too; Pam was still standing against the counter to my left, wearing a fairly short, colourful summer dress with thin straps and, as I had noticed before, she needed no bra to support her B-cup tits. She looked fresh and clean, her short blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight.

Debbie was sitting opposite her mother, her long dark hair falling unfettered down her back, full breasts straining against the front of her bright white T-shirt. She seemed rather aroused, too, as her visibly dark nipples showed, proving also that she wasn’t wearing a bra either! Glancing downwards as I adjusted my position, I noticed that Pats robe wasn’t tied very tightly at all, and that the upper and inner curves of her breasts were easily visible from where I stood. Likewise, as short as it was, Pat’s legs were also on show pretty much as far as her luscious buttocks, and she was only saved from putting herself on show completely by the loosely tied sash around her waist.

Not that it really mattered anyway, I thought; other than me, the only two people here to see were her daughters, and judging by the conversation I had overheard – plus the ones I knew they must have had previously – there was very little hidden from each other between these women whatsoever, certainly as regards sex and their bodies. It dawned on me then that all of them had fallen silent now, and I suddenly felt inexplicably embarrassed, as though I were on show or about to be discussed regarding my future with Pat………….

Oh-oh. Maybe that was it! But the vibes I was getting were all good, so if it was that then the future seemed to be fairly positive in nature. Then Pat spoke and put me out of my misery.

“Tom,” she began softly, “I told you last night I loved you, and asked you if you’d like to move in with me.” I simply nodded in agreement, not trusting myself to speak just yet.

“I also said to think it over, and let me know in the morning. So, what do you think? Do you want to?”

I paused for a moment, merely for dramatic effect you understand! Then I knelt on one knee beside her and took her hand in mine as I replied,

“Pat, I would be honoured to live with you, if you’re sure you want me. I can’t say this isn’t a surprise, but it was a lovely one. I hope I can make you very happy.”

Suddenly I was on my feet again, without really knowing how it happened, and not only was Pat hugging and kissing me but so were her two daughters! It felt wonderful to have all these warm female bodies crowding round me, hugging me tight and making me feel, well, like I’d won the lottery! After the fuss died down a little Pat led us all through to the living room where we two sat down together on the sofa, while the girls occupied a chair each opposite us.

Pat spoke again, more seriously this time than earlier.

“Tom, you may have realised that the girls and I really have no secrets between us,” she started, somewhat hesitantly this time. “We didn’t sit down and plan what happened this week, but you must realise this is not an everyday occurrence! In fact,” she continued, “neither Debbie nor Pammy knew the other was planning to do what they did, and I knew nothing about either one of them! Mind you, I can’t say I was terribly happy about them sleeping with my boyfriend, but when I found out why – well, it doesn’t seem so bad now, and they did help me feel confident about making love with you!”

With that Pat kissed me again, hard, her hands pulling my head close into hers. I quickly reciprocated, and after just a few seconds of deep passionate kissing I pretty much forgot that Debbie and Pam were still sitting across from us. When I reached for Pats firm breast, firstly through the flimsy material of her robe then inside where I could cup her naked flesh in my hand, I was shocked into awareness of my surroundings when I felt another hand opening Pats robe and pulling it away from her body – a hand I knew wasn’t Pat, as both of hers were where I could feel them, one on each side of my head!

Pat made no attempt to relinquish her hold on my head so, despite another pair of hands alighting on the belt of my jeans, we continued with our mutual appreciation of each others’ kissing skills, and I to enjoy the feel of Pats stiff-nippled right breast in the cup of my left hand. By now Pats breathing rate had increased significantly which, I realised slightly belatedly, was due at least as much to the removal of the robe from her shoulders and chest by one of the girls as it was to what my mouth and hands were doing. I decided to open my eyes and discover exactly who had been so bold as to disrobe their mother; when I did it was to meet the bright blue eyes of Pamela, who was looking up at me from her position on the floor in front of the sofa, the front of her dress gaping just enough to allow me a lingering glimpse of her small, pert breasts, with their pale pink nipples hardening even as I watched.

I swivelled my eyes away only to alight on the gorgeous view of Debbie, still sitting in the other chair opposite but now with one hand under her T-shirt fondling one of her breasts and the other slid inside the front of her opened jeans, quite obviously fingering her tight little pussy. I couldn’t help but gasp when Pam’s hand alighted on the firm tube of my erect cock, where it lay against my thigh encased by the leg of my jeans. That appeared to awaken Pat to the knowledge something was going on – though I’m almost certain she already knew! – and she opened her eyes to the sight of her youngest daughter pulling down the zipper of my jeans and reaching inside to ease out my throbbing, rigid member. I knew Pam wouldn’t be able to get it out right then, so I lifted my hips just enough for her to pull my jeans off my butt and down my thighs; this had the effect of allowing my rigid prick to spring up from its’ imprisonment to full erectness, a long string of my pre-cum curving up from the tip to land squarely across Pam’s slightly open lips!

Pat and I broke our kiss then, so we could both watch what happened next. Pamela licked at the slimy juice covering her lower lip, then sort of puckered her lips and sucked gently inwards, drawing the thin string of sticky juice into her mouth, her head following the line and making it look as though my cock was acting as a kind of fishing rod, reeling her head down to my glans. Nor did she stop when she reached the end of the line, so to speak; instead, she engulfed the whole swollen head of my penis in her mouth and swirled her tongue all over the sensitive bulb until every vestige of pre-cum was removed. Leaning back on her haunches she smiled widely and said,

“He’s all yours mum, enjoy!”

“Thank you darling” Pat replied, “I’ll see you both later tonight” and with that Debbie (reluctantly it seemed to me) removed her hands from whence they’d been, straightened herself up, and joined her sister at the door of the room, where they both waved giddily before they left the house.

Turning fully towards me once again, Pat took my vivid erection gently in her hand and leaned in to kiss me. As her tongue probed fiercely inside my mouth she began to stroke my thick shaft, slowly at first, then speeding up as the intensity of our kiss deepened and my hand, which had never left her breast, squeezed her flesh more and more firmly and rapidly, teasing the crowning glory of her rock-hard nipple almost to bursting point.

Once again it was Pat who broke our kiss, sliding down the length of my body with her lips pecking my skin every few inches until she reached where her hand had continued stroking my cock, her digits and my member once more covered in my juices. Her knees on the floor now, and her robe cast aside to allow me to view all of her voluptuous body that I could see from my seat on the sofa, she finished removing my jeans until I too was completely naked. Pat then lowered her head to my penis and slowly inhaled my thickness until she had taken in all she could manage, before slowly retreating to the tip once more, her tongue darting around me all the time.

I had, of course, needed to let go of Pats lovely right breast as she slid to the floor, and my hands now felt bereft with no firm flesh in close proximity. I reached down and stroked Pats hair and face as she sucked me, her gloriously wide hazel eyes looking straight in to mine every few seconds as she filled her mouth and throat with my meat. Finally, I could stand it no longer; I simply had to touch my woman before I went mad! I slipped off the front of the sofa to the floor, Pats mouth never leaving my rampant erection, then managed to sort of wriggle my way underneath Pat as she swivelled round my cock, until we were in a classic 69 position with Pat on top of me still with my penis filling her mouth.

This position was much better; not only could Pat now take virtually my whole length into her throat, I now had full access, with hands and mouth and tongue, to Pats breasts, thighs, arse and, last but far from least, her wonderfully tight, musky pussy. With her thighs spread either side of my head, I could see that Pat was turned on at least as much as I was; her mat of short, trimmed pubic hair glistened with her juices, and it was then I noticed that sometime between last nights’ loving and now, she had shaved her pussy lips completely bald! For some reason I had never imagined Pat would do that, although we’d never spoken specifically about it and it wasn’t especially high on my list of priorities. My late wife had never shaved, although she, like Pat, had kept her pubic hair trimmed short right up until a few months before she died.

And I must admit, I liked the look. A lot! It dawned on me that Pam’s pussy had been shaved completely, while Debbie’s had a small ‘landing-strip’ above her slit, but Pat had retained the soft mat of trimmed hair above her pussy while shaving the whole area from clitoris down completely smooth. I could clearly see Pat’s inner lips protruding from her thicker, outer lips, the whole area covered in a slick coating of Pat’s succulent juices. She was so aroused, in fact, that the insides of her thighs were also wet where her cunt had leaked copiously, and probably for some time!

I decided then that I had looked at this beautiful sight for long enough. Pat was still sucking and licking my penis with unending enthusiasm, her hard nipples poking into my belly and her hips squirming under my hands. I pulled her hips down towards my head at the same time as I raised up to lick her, my flat tongue grazing the tip of her swollen clitoris before dredging the juices from between her puffy labia, finally emerging to barely flick the tip of my tongue across the stretched tenderness of her perineum. Again and again I repeated my movement, the only differences being deeper, longer licks ending, after a little while, with my tongue teasing the soft pucker of her anus; an action which caused a loud gasp, a wriggle and a brief hiatus in the sucking action on my cock.

I already knew Pat had enjoyed the feel of my fingers inside her when I’d licked her anally last night. Now I decided to reverse that and, after dipping my forefinger deep inside her pussy for lubrication, inserted it slowly into Pat’s nether hole while simultaneously sucking roughly and determinedly on her prominent clit. The result was explosive – her hips shook uncontrollably as she ground her cunt into my face, her mouth abandoned any attempt at further sucking on my cock and my ears were assaulted by loud screams of pleasure despite being mostly covered by Pat’s clamping thighs. I continued to suck hard on her thickening nub while at the same time inserting my middle finger alongside the first inside her bum, now thrusting them in and out like a miniature penis, on a couple of occasions opening my fingers slightly when at the deepest point and sucking even harder as I pulled them back out.

Pat was going mad now, muffling her screams in my belly, her arms tightly grasping my buttocks and thighs, her whole body writhing so much on top of me I had to take my fingers out of her for fear she would hurt either herself or me. After a few minutes she began to recover her composure , but instead of relaxing a little, as I’d expected, she moved up and round until she was facing the sofa with her lovely round breasts resting on the cushions, her arse pushed out and up, looking at me with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“Stick that fucking beautiful thing in my arse,” she growled at me, “do it hard, and do it now! Pammy told me how much she likes it there, and now I understand why.


I’ve never been one to argue with a lady, especially one who was asking me for sex (not that such things had happened too often in my life you understand!) I kneeled up behind Pat and thought to scoop up fingers full of Pat’s pussy juices to lubricate both of us with, some over her rosebud, some over the length of my cock. I slid it inside Pat’s hot pussy for a few strokes then, as she opened her mouth to exhort me towards her arse, I slipped out and placed the swollen purple head of my manhood at her crinkled rear entrance.

I watched entranced as Pat’s anus opened up to my advancing manhood, her gentle backwards pressure against me easing the passage of my thickness against her outer sphincter. I swear there was an audible ‘pop’ as the head of my cock suddenly penetrated her tight seal, Pat’s continuing rearwards movement aiding my invasion of her most private area. When the first two or three inches of my length had disappeared from my view, Pat sucked in a sharp breath and stopped moving.

“OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod” her voice sounded a bit scared, yet very aroused, all at the same time, a thought confirmed when she went on,

“Oh Tom, this is SO good, you’re filling me up!”

“Darling,” I replied, softly, “I’m not even half way inside you yet!”

“You’re not?” Pat sounded shocked then. “I don’t know if I can take much more of you. But,” she added, “I do so much want to! Give me a second, and try again.”

I reached underneath our union to collect some more of Pat’s pussy juices, to find that she was literally running with her wonderful female cum. I scooped up more and more, smearing it liberally over my shaft and allowing myself a few licks of her gorgeous fluid even, at one point, offering my sticky hand for Pat to lick, which she did with great gusto. While she was sucking her taste from my fingers I gently pushed into her again, moving slowly, until only a couple of inches of my shaft remained visible. I felt Pat’s anal muscles clamp down on me, and it felt as if she was trying to squeeze my cock dry of its’ sperm. I could just manage to reach underneath us again and this time I slid two fingers inside Pat’s still gushing cunt, the tips of my fingers able to feel my penis as it thrust deep into her back passage.

I withdrew my fingers until I found the hard nubbin of Pat’s clitoris, nipping it lightly between my fingers as I pushed the last inches of my hardness fully inside her dark hole. I was rewarded with another loud howl of pleasure, and Pat rammed herself backwards hard onto my pole, impaling herself even further as she reacted to my touch.

“Fuck my arse” she moaned, “fuck it like you did my cunt! Fill me up, shoot your spunk deep inside me!”

Never, in all our hours of heavy petting, stroking, last nights’ fucking, had Pat EVER spoken like that, and I must admit I found it quite arousing. I grasped hold of Pat’s hips firmly with both hands, my thumbs spreading her buttocks as wide apart as I could before I slid my own hips backwards, withdrawing all but the head of my penis from Pat’s stretched rosebud. I slid it back in slowly, but without pause, until I was fully buried inside her once more, accompanied all the while by long moans of lust from my lover. Again, and yet again I reamed her tight hole, quickening my pace with every thrust until I was fucking her anally has hard as I’d ever fucked anyone, my heavy balls slapping into Pat’s slick pussy with every inward stroke. Pat’s hands had been busy on her breasts, tweaking and pulling at her nipples until they stuck out from her jiggling breast-flesh like massive red thimbles, so aroused had she become. I could feel the ripples of her climaxing in my cock even as I rammed in and out of her, then Pat slid a hand between her legs and filled her pussy with her fingers, her fingertips pushing against the thin membrane between her holes as mine had done, then the knuckles as her fingers found the tiny mound on the front wall of her vagina and rubbed it, my cock like a meaty piston now as I neared my own ending.

Once, twice more, and I gave a last deep thrust into Pat’s rosebud arse, her fingers deep inside herself as she came immensely, every muscle in her pelvic area tightening to almost unbearable levels as my own climax overtook me. I felt the hot spunk shooting form my cock and filling Pat’s bowel, jet after jet amazing me with the strength and duration of my emissions. Never had I cum so much before, especially as I’d made love more often in the past four days than I had in the past four years! Eventually I could cum no more; nor, it seemed, could Pat. I felt filled with a mixture of lust and love, fulfilment and sadness, as my penis slowly softened and slipped out of Pat’s abused hole. I sat back on my haunches and looked in wonder at Pat’s bottom, her rosebud slowly closing, the marks of my fingers clearly visible on the taut skin of her buttocks.

“Pat, that was so amazing” I stated, rather obviously I suppose. “You look so beautiful, and I love you so much. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!”

Pat turned her head to look me straight in the eye. She looked forbiddingly serious, and for a moment I thought that perhaps I’d read the wrong signals from her. Suddenly, a huge beaming smile covered her face, and she answered,

“Tom, I never imagined for one second that I would enjoy anal sex even fractionally as much as did. I wanted to try it because of what Pam told me the other night,” I blushed furiously at the gentle reminder of my liaison with her youngest daughter, “and I didn’t think I’d be able to take you there …… Hell, I thought I was going to have trouble fitting you in my pussy, remember?”

I nodded then, as there wasn’t much I could say to that.

She went on, “I don’t think I could manage you there very often, and I think I’d need to get some proper lube. But,” she finished, “I think we could sort something out for you if you really want to do it again soon!”

I must have looked like a something on a fishmongers slab, so wide open in shock did my mouth feel at that point. Pat took no notice of my shocked expression whatsoever, instead she slowly got to her feet and reached down to take me by the hand.

“Come with me, mister” she said, “you can help me get cleaned up.”

With that, we went upstairs to the bathroom and a whole new chapter of my life began.

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