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Our First Time

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Wow! Where to begin…… Well, I guess I can start from the beginning.

I am a straight, married woman. But I have always had a secret desire to experience intimacy with another woman. And until recently the thought of really persuing my desires was just a wild taboo fantasy, that would always be just a fatasy! Well, I was wrong!!

It all started with me talking to other females online. Most as just friends. Well I started going to this one chat room where alot of bi women, like myself, chatted. We would all chat about our desires to be with another woman, or in some cases the experiences with other women. We would all take turns making our own little fantasy story. Just having fun with our “secret” desires.

Well I started talking seriously with one of the females in the chat room. It turned out we weren’t that far away from each other. We talked for awhile. Got to know all about each other. Had quite a few steamy conversations! We both loved to tease! I especially loved to write her e-mails while she was at work, telling her all the hot, steamy details, of what I would do to her if we were to ever meet in person! I knew it got her wet! But I knew she loved it!

Well we were both married, bi-curious women who had a deep desire to be with another woman. We both felt as though we would just explode if we didn’t persue this fantasy! And we decided that we wanted to be each others first! We planned our meeting for a few weeks. Finally we had the date and time set! We were gonna meet on a Saturday evening around 6pm. We decided on a neutral meeting place, half way in between for both. We both had about a 2 hour drive. We decided we would get a hotel room for the night, so we wouldn’t have to drive home after having had a few drinks. We were to meet in the hotel lounge at 6 pm.

I figured we could have a drink or two in the lounge, to break the ice a little, then we could go to dinner, and then out to a club for some more drinks and dancing.

Well I arrived at the hotel at 5:00, so I went ahead up to the room. I decided to change and freshen up a little. I had so many butterflies in my stomach. I don’t remember feeling that way since I was a kid! After I finished it was 5:30, so I went ahead down to the lounge and sat nervously at the bar. I kept looking at the doors, waiting to see her walk in. Every 5 mintues I checked the clock. Finally it was 6:00, and she wasn’t there yet. I started getting nervous, thinking maybe she wasn’t coming, or maybe she got lost, anything….but then I looked up at the door and saw her standing there looking around.

My heart stopped…..

I stood up and our eyes met for the first time. She was even more beautiful then her pictures! She walked towards me, we both had huge smiles on our faces. We gave each other a hug, and a light kiss on the mouth. That alone sent shivers down my spine!

We sat down and just stared at each other for a minute, then she finally said wow. And I said yeah wow! We sat there for about an hour. Had a drink, talked a little bit, then went ahead to dinner. On the way out we walked very close to each other, our arms brushing against each other. We decided to take my car. Once we got in the car, we looked at each other again, and instinctively moved closer and kissed each other. It was a very long, passionate kiss. It was WOW! That was my first real kiss from a woman, and it was amazing, and to think we were just beginning!

After we gathered our thoughts, we left. Once we got to the restaurant, we sat on the same side of the table, and looked over the menu. We decided to order an appetizer platter until we could decide what we wanted to eat. We sat there talking some more, and staring into each others eyes, playing footsies under the table. My hand slid down to her thigh, and I started rubbing it. I could see she was a bit surprised when I did that. But I knew she liked it so I continued rubbing higher up. I could feel the warmth as I got closer to her sweet spot, but I just wanted to tease, so I rubbed back down to her knee.

We both just stared and rubbed, and didn’t even realize when the waitress brought our appetizers. We were both very aroused by this time, our faces were red, and we were breathing heavy. We started eating our food, teasing each other even more, feeding each other. She asked to be excused to use the restroom. After she got up and walked into the restroom, I got up and followed.

It was a big room. She was in the very last stall. There was nobody in there. My lucky day! As she started coming out, I stopped her and pushed her back in. I turned her around and pushed her up against the door. Leaning into her I kissed her. A nice long kiss, our tongues tasting each others mouths.

My hand slowly moved down her body, stopping to caress her breasts thru her blouse, then working their way down to the bottom of her skirt, I slowly went under her skirt and realized she didn’t have any panties on! Oh that made my day. I could feel she was already pretty moist down there. I moved her over against the side wall of the stall, so she could put her leg up on the toilet. I continued kissing her on her neck, nibbling on her neck and ear, licking down to her cleavage, and back up to her mouth. Slowly moving my hand back up to her moist womanhood. I slowly parted her lips and immediately felt her clit protruding out, waiting to be sucked on, but that would have to wait. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit, trying to stay away from her clit. She was very wet so I stuck a finger up inside her, pushing in and out slowly then pushing another finger in.

While kissing her passionately on the mouth I move my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. She was getting close to an orgasm, so I pull my fingers out and make sure I rub her clit sending a jolt through her body, then I lift my fingers up between our mouths and we taste her juices together. She tasted so good. This was the first time I ever tasted another woman, and I wanted more. I wanted to taste more of her pussy right then and there, but we couldn’t, not here. So we kissed one last time, she straightened herself out, and we quickly went out to the car.

Once in the car we kissed again, this time the kiss was more aggressive, we were both so hungry for each other. I drove as fast as I could back to the hotel.

We practically ran up to our room. Once in the room we slammed the door shut and begin kissing again, while undressing each other. After we were completely naked I took her hand and led her to the bathroom, I walked over to the shower and turned the water on, nice and hot.

I helped her in and I followed. We kissed more and I took the bar of soap and started lathering up my hands. I washed her whole body paying special attention to a few areas, then I took the shower head and rinsed her off, rubbing her body to make sure all the soap was off. I squat down to make sure her legs and feet are rinsed, and when I look up I am face to face with her pussy. It looked so good. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I put her leg up on the side of the tub and spready her lips apart, I lick up her slit stopping at her clit, I circle around her clit with my tongue, then flick over it, I gently suck it into my mouth. I look up and see her playing with her nipples. I lick around her clit again then lick back down to her now dripping pussy hole. I tease around the outside and she pushes her hips forward, knowing what she wanted I burried my tongue deep inside her, tasting her, oh god it drove me almost over the edge.

I rubbed her clit with my thumb, while my tongue fucked her pussy. I could feel her body start to tremble, and her breathing getting heavier, I knew she was getting close, so I licked back up to her clit and replaced my tongue with 2 fingers, pushing them in faster and faster as I sucked on her clit. She threw her head back and started moaning louder, and she pushed my head into her pussy harder. I fingered her faster and harder til she arched her back and started screaming “Oh my god, I’m cumming”…I licked all her juices up the best I could then after her body calmed down from her orgasm, I stood back up and kissed her. And she smiled, she kissed me back and whispered thank you, that was fantastic, now it’s your turn…..

She took the soap and washed my entire body, soaping my pussy up really good. She then grabbed the shower head and started to rinse me off. First my breasts, then she flicked her tongue over my nipples, while moving the shower head down between my legs. She spread my legs and let the water spray right on my clit, which was very swollen, it sent a shiver right up my spine.

Once she rinsed me off, she turned the water off and led me to the bed. We were both soaking wet still from the shower but she laid me back on the bed and gives me a passionate kiss, then moves her lips and tongue down my body, stopping to suckle my breasts, then spreading my legs she moves down each thigh, back up to my very wet pussy. She looks at me with a wicked little grin then she dives right for my pussy.

She licks my slit from top to bottom, then she stops to suck my clit in her mouth, reaching up to tweak my nipples, then reaches back down to spread my lips, she opens my pussy and sees juices dripping from my holem so she follows the drip and buries her tongue deep into my pussy, making my body tremble. I arch my back and push my hips forward, making her tongue push deeper inside me. She uses her fingers and rubs my clit, moving her tongue faster in and out of me, rubbing my clit faster and harder, I arch my back as my orgasm approaches, she sticks two fingers in me and starts fingering me faster and faster licking and sucking on my clit.

I throw my head back and tell her I’m gonna cum, so she sticks a third finger in and when she does this it drives me over the edge and I start to cum, she sticks her tongue back inside to taste my juices and when she does I have the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced, my whole body is numb and tingling. Once my orgasm subsides, she comes up to lay beside me.

We lay there in each others arms and kiss and fondle each other, until we are both extremely horny again. I whisper that I want her to get on top of my in a sixty nine position, and she grins and does just that. After a lil kissing and teasing we are both wet again, we start licking and sucking at each others pussies once more til we both climax together.

After we both calm down from our orgasms, she crawls back up beside me with a smile on her face. She says, “Let’s go take a shower.” We both take a nice long hot shower, just hugging and cuddling, talking about how great this night was, and how glad we were that we decided to do this! After we finished, we went and laid naked in bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning when it was time to go home, we both thanked each other and agreed to do this again! It was a terrific night and it was definately an experience we were glad to have explored! We were each others first. And we wouldn’t ever forget that night. It has been a month since that night, and we have decided to meet again!

Who knows, maybe there will be a second chapter to this story!

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