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Wesley Bower looked around the campus, more than a little nervous. He was seeing his college campus for the first time since his visit, and now he was having second thoughts. Why did I pick a school so far from everyone I’ve ever known? he wondered, feeling disconsolate and alone. Well, no use having second thoughts, he decided, stretching his arms, turning to survey the people around him.

Wesley was, to put it in simple turns, hot. Every girl that walked by him had to look twice. He was wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts, Birkenstocks, and a tight American Eagle shirt that showed off his swimmer’s body.

The campus was larger than some he’d seen, but still small enough that it wasn’t a bad walk from the dorm area to the auditorium where they’d be having the freshman orientation. Wes enjoyed the walk, just taking in the sight of the campus in the late summertime. It was completely different from the way it looked when he had done his college visit, in December. It was now full of green life, a line of oak trees casting shade onto the walkway he traversed.

As he walked Wes casually looked around, and noticed someone that he had never seen before (not surprised, seeing how this was his second visit to the college). The guy was tall, about 6″1, with short cut blonde hair that was stylishly spiked. He was wearing a pair of Wrangler jeans and a green polo shirt that displayed his jock body to its fullest.

Wes couldn’t help but stare, but quickly stopped himself. Stop, man, he told himself firmly. This is your chance to start off normal, without anyone knowing anything about me. Especially that.

Werner Auditorium was centrally located on the campus, and it wasn’t too difficult to find, even without the throng of people flocking too it. As he walked up the steps to enter the auditorium hot Wrangler jock brushed by him, sending a jolt through Wesley’s body.

“Oh, sorry bout that,” Wrangler said, turning to grin sheepishly. “I’m just in a hurry. I still haven’t gotten my room key.” He held out his hand. “I’m Devon.”

Wes took his hand, hoping that his didn’t tremble as they shook hands. “I’m Wesley, but you can call me Wes.” He walked past Devon and entered the building, unable to resist glancing back and looking over Devon’s nice butt.

“it’s a great view, isn’t it?” Wes jumped, startled, and a little embarrassed to be caught staring at another guy’s ass. The girl he saw grinning at him was shorter than him with shoulder length hair that was fiery red, but you could tell it wasn’t her natural color. “I don’t blame you for admiring it.” She held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Skye.”

Wes shook her hand. “I’m Wes,” he said.

“Well its good to meet you,” Skye said brightly. “I was wondering when I would meet a homo today.”

“Excuse me?” Wes raised an eyebrow, giving her an appraising look.

“Well, gay guys are the most fun to hang out with. Every other guy I’ve met today have either been staring at my chest—”

“Well, your breasts are very large,” Wes commented.

“—or drooling at my ass.”

“Once again, large.” Wes grinned. “Don’t worry, I won’t do either of those. Unless I’m drunk, and then I have a tendency to want to feel girls up.”

Skye laughed at that. “Don’t we all?” She noticed Wes’ shocked look. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Geez, I can tell you’re going to be fun.”

They made their way into the auditorium and sat down in the first empty chairs they found. Wes looked toward the stage and saw Devon making his way back from the front, clutching what was obviously a key. Once again Skye caught him staring. “he carries the possibility,” she said.

Wes, obviously not following gaze her a quizzical look. “Huh?”

“He carries the possibility,” Skye repeated.

“What possibility?” Wes asked, glancing toward him again.

“Of being gay, my friend.” Wes couldn’t help it, he burst out laughing, which Sky did not like too much. “Why are you laughing?”

“Because that’s ridiculous! He definitely has that All American, frat boy, bang every girl he sees kinda look to him. There’s no way he’s gay.”

“So you don’t think any of the frat boys are gay?” Skye rolled her eyes, giving him a pitying look. “You are so naïve my friend.”

Wes ignored her chiding remarks, instead his gaze followed Devon further from the stage. He passed row after row of seats . . . Until he was standing right next to the empty seat on Wes’ left.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” Devon asked rubbing his hand on the back of his head in a way that was almost comical.

“No, not at all,” Wes said, nodding toward the seat. Devon let out a sigh of relief and sat down. Wes took a deep breath and fixed his attention straight ahead, where the Dean of Students was just getting up to speak. Its gonna be a long meeting, Wes sighed.

As the first official orientation wrapped up Sky, Wesley and Devon stood, all three looking thoroughly confused. “Is it just me,” Devon asked, “or did he sound like he was speaking with pudding in his mouth?”

“Definitely pudding,” Skye agreed. “Tapioca pudding.” She made a face at that, earning her a look from the guys. “What? I don’t like tapioca pudding.”

The three stepped out of the auditorium into the summer sun and heat.

“A long walk back to the dorms,” Skye sighed.

“Well, I’m gonna drive my car.” Devon paused, looking at his slip of paper. “It says Hartford Hall. I have no idea where Hartford Hall is.”

“Hartford? That’s the dorm I’m in,” Wes said. “It’s the last dorm before you see the track field, over by the athletic center.”

“Oh, ok, I know where that is,” Devon said brightly. “I would offer you guys a ride, but my car is filled with all of my shit. There’s barely room for me to drive.”

“I have no problem with walking,” Wes said brightly. “it’s a nice day out.” He started on his way, whistling a pretty cheerful tune. Devon headed off toward the parking lot, and Skye went the opposite direction, toward her dorm.

As he walked Wes kept thinking about Devon. The way his legs looked in those jeans . . . The way his ass looked in those jeans . . . The way his arms and chest looked in that tight polo . . . Damn it, keep this up, Bower, you’ll be popping a stiffy. And then that would be an uncomfortable walk to the dorm.

Wes tried to focus on other things, thinking about how he was an official college student, and how he no longer had any parents to control his every move. His parents had always been over protective and controlling, but he didn’t hold that against them. Ok, he did a little, but not seriously. He understood that they simply wanted the best for him.

Although that didn’t change the way they reacted to him coming out. Change subject, Wes commanded mentally, and as he did some guy came jogging up to him. He was cute, with kind of thick, wavy brown hair and the sweetest powder blue eyes. He was carrying fliers, and he handed one to Wes.

“Hi, I’m Cameron, and I’m the President of this school’s chapter of the Gay Straight Student Alliance, and I just wanted to give you this flier, which lets you know a little more about us, and tells you when we usually meet, and what kind of activities we do.”

“Um, thanks,” Wes said, glancing at it, folding it up and putting it in his pocket. “I’ll read it when I get to my dorm.”

Cameron flashed him a dazzling smile. “Thanks.” He waved goodbye and then jogged off, toward where a few other people were handing out fliers too. Wes let himself watch him go for a moment, before continuing on his way to his dorm.

Damn, he thought, I’ve only been on campus for like 4 hours and I’ve already met two hot guys.


Wes arrived at his dorm about ten minutes later, feeling kind of icky. He unlocked his door and stepped into the cool air of his room and sighed, thankful for the relief. He peeled the tight shirt off, glad to get the sticky fabric off of his skin. He used it to wipe the sweat from his chest and neck, and tossed it onto his bed.

That’s when he noticed the bed on the other side of the room had things laying on it. I guess my roommate’s here. He was curious to meet him, but figured it could wait until he had a nap.

At that moment the door to the bathroom opened, and Wes turned, and was greeted with a startling sight: his roommate was standing there, completely nude. Even more startling was the fact that his roommate was Devon.



Devon looked up from drying his hair and his eyes widened. “What are you doing here?” He was still completely naked. In fact he seemed totally oblivious to how naked he was.

“Um, this is my dorm room,” Wes answered, his mouth dry. “So I guess we’re roommates.”

Devon grinned. “I guess so!” He saw that Wes was still staring, and gave him a confused look. “What is it dude? You need in the shower or something?”

Wes broke his stare and nodded. “Huh? Oh, yeah, I feel disgusting. I really need a shower.” He walked over to his suitcase and pulled a towel and his shower kit out. A cold shower, he thought with a tiny shudder, once again glancing at Devon’s naked body. Devon had a nice athletic body, not too ripped, but not completely flabby, either. His nice pecs were topped by nickel-sized nipples, copper against his bronze tan. His chest and arms were devoid of hair, making him seem even sexier. His stomach wasn’t washboard, but it was definitely defined. The only hair on his body was the trimmed bush around his cock, which was the same blonde as his head. His cock, which was completely soft, was a good 5 inches without erection, and Wes’ mind reeled as he tried to decide how big it would be hard.

“Well, dude, the shower’s yours,” Devon said, gesturing toward the bathroom.

“Thanks,” Wes croaked, entering the bathroom quickly. He pushed the door shut, and then made sure it was locked. He quickly stripped out of his shorts and boxers, releasing his own erect member. He turned the shower on, blasting the cold water. He stepped under it, gave a little squeal and stepped back out.

Movies lie . . . Cold showers didn’t make me any less horny, just cold. He reached down instinctively and started tugging on his cock. It felt great. With all the stress of moving to college he hadn’t been able to get himself off for about a week.

He turned the water in the shower over to warm, and stepped back in, still stroking himself. He leaned his head against the wall, settling in for a long session.


Wes stepped out of the shower about 45 minutes later and looked around. He was kind of disappointed that Devon wasn’t in there. He pulled his shorts back on and felt something in his pocket. He reached down and pulled the flier about the Gay Straight Student Alliance. He looked it over, debating whether or not he would go. It said that their first informational meeting would be at 5:30 that evening.

He pulled his shirt on over his head and latched his watch to his wrist. He sighed and looked at the time 5:23. He was going to be late to the meeting, but that was fine. As Wes grabbed his cell phone and his room key he realized that he was looking forward to seeing Cameron. With a smile on his face, he set off to the meeting.


It was 5:37 when Wesley walked into the student center, where the GSSA was meeting. He looked around and saw more students than he expected. But no Cameron.

Wes sighed and walked further into the room, waving and smiling greetings at people. He saw a bunch of drinks setting out on a table and crossed quickly to them. He picked up a cup labeled “Diet Coke” and took a big drink. As he was finishing the drink he felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned to see Cameron there, flashing that dazzling smile once again.

“You came, I’m glad.”

Wes smiled. “Well, I figured its good to get to know other people like you, ya know?” He shrugged. “So how many of the people that come to this are actually straight?”

Cameron laughed. “Not many, to be honest. And we only have one straight male that comes, and he only comes because his girlfriend makes him.” Cameron saw Wesley’s confused look and laughed again—Wes liked hearing him laugh. “His girlfriend’s best friend is a lesbian.”

“Oh, ok, I was confused.” Wes peered around, wondering if he could spot the straight guy. “So who’s the straight guy?”

“He’s not here yet.” Cameron walked over to a beat up red couch and sat down, groaning as he did. “It feels good to sit down. I’ve been handing out fliers all day.”

Wes crossed to the couch and sat down next to him. “I would have that that handing out fliers about a gay student group would be inviting trouble.”

“Well, I figured so as well, but we’ve never had any big trouble with anti-gay sentiments here. Although you never know with the new freshman class.” Cameron ran a hand through his blonde hair. “I had a hard time deciding whether or not we were going to hand out fliers today, but decided that getting the word out there that there’s a place you can go and be around people that are going through the same issue was more important than worrying about my own safety.”

“I figured I’d see you here, Wes,” a familiar female voice said from the door. Wes turned and grinned as Skye walked in, wearing outrageous red bellbottoms and a red flowery top.

“Who dressed you?” Wesley asked in a very feminine voice. “Oh my god, get that atrocity out of here!” His laugh quickly became a gasp as Sky elbowed him in the stomach.

Cameron looked at his watch. “Late, as usual,” he said with a wan smile. “I guess I should get the meeting started.”

As Cameron wandered away to round up everyone, Sky elbowed Wes again, this time much more gentle. “Ow, what?”

“You know what,” Sky grinned. “You like him don’t you?”

Wes rolled his eyes. “I just met him today, Skye.”

“Point? Doesn’t mean you can’t like him.” Wes made no comment. “Well, at least admit that you find him attractive.”

Wes smiled. “I’ll admit that anywhere. He’s very attractive. Especially his smile.”

Sky grinned. “Ah, gay romance, its so beautiful.”

“Shut up and go find us a seat,” Wes said, pushing Skye toward the folding chairs that had been set up in rows in front of a platform, where a solitary mike rested. As Cameron got up to speak Wes settled himself in for a nice session of staring at Cameron.


The meeting came to an end at about 7:15 or so, but everyone was sort of milling around, talking. Wesley, who was talking to some girl named Cherry, said goodbye and started for the door, ready to hit the room and go to sleep, despite how early it was.

As he was walking he heard someone yelling his name and he stopped and turned, seeing Cameron come running up to him. “Wes, I’m glad I caught you before you left.”

“What is it?”

Cameron handed Wes a small slip of paper. “What’s this?” Wes asked, but Cameron simply smiled. Wes unfolded it and looked down at it. It was a phone number.

“That’s my cell number,” Cameron said, turning bright red. “If you ever wanna hang out or something, call me.” With that Cameron turned and rushed back into the crowd of people, efficiently hiding himself.

Wes just stood there for a moment, smiling to himself.

Wes was floating as he walked back into the dorm. He realized that he still had that goofy grin on his face, but he didn’t care. He entered the elevator and hit the 3. As he exited the elevator he fumbled in his pocket for his key. He got to his door and slid the key in, pushing the door open.

“FUCK!” Devon’s voice yelled. Wes stopped cold. There on his bed was Devon, lying over a girl, his shirt off, and hers pushed up, revealing her bare breasts.

Wes turned bright red and started to go.

“Wes, man, wait!” Devon said, so Wes stopped. “I want you to meet Amber. Amber, this is my roommate, Wes.”

“Hi, Wes, nice to meet you.”

Wes, still bright red, nodded, avoiding looking at her. “You too.” He turned back to the door. “I’m gonna go for a while. I’ll be back in like an hour or so.”

Devon nodded. “Cool man, we’ll be done by then.”

With that Wes pulled the door shut. He stood there, his back pressed against the door. Damn, I must be a pretty bad roommate, he thought, that’s the second time today I’ve seen Devon in a position I shouldn’t have. After a moment the funniness of the situation sank in and he burst out laughing. After the laughing fit passed he wondered where he was gonna go for an hour.

And then he remembered the number in his pocket.

Taking a deep breath he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number. He realized his hands were trembling, and tried to get a hold of himself.

The phone rang three times, four times, five times without an answer. Wes was about to hang up when he heard a familiar voice answer the phone.




Wesley took a deep breath, suddenly nervous. “Hello?” Cameron repeated into the phone, sounding slightly more annoyed.

“Hey, Cameron, its Wes,” Wes said in a rush, pretty sure that all Cameron heard was “heckrunwest”.

“Hey, Wes,” Cameron answered, and Wes blushed when he heard the excitement that entered Cameron’s voice when he found out who it was. “What’s up?”

“Well, my room is otherwise occupied for the next hour or so, and I figured we could go get coffee or something, maybe?” Wes cringed as he waited for the answer, sure that Cameron would be busy.

“‘Otherwise occupied’, huh? I know how that goes.” Cameron was quiet for a moment. “In the student center on the second floor is a café where students go to study and all that. We could meet there. Sound, good?”

Wes broke into a huge grin. “Sounds great! Save this number I called you on, its my cell number.”

“Awesome,” Cameron said. “I’ll see you soon.”

“See ya,” Wes replied, hanging up. Get it together Bower, you don’t need to screw this up, Wes told himself firmly. This could be great for you. He took a deep breath and literally sprinted down the stairs, not wanting to waste his time with the elevator.

Wes fought the urge to giddily run or skip all the way to the student union, and instead took the walk at a nice steady pace. He didn’t want to show up to fast, because then it looked like he was in a rush to get there. But if he got there too slow . . . Damn it, Bower, stop over thinking! That was usually his problem in relationships. He over thought a LOT, and that tended to get him in trouble with guys. ‘Trouble’ meant not going on a second date.

Wes walked into the student center and headed toward the stairs. He came to the top of the staircase and looked around, trying to spot the café Cameron told him about. Finally he spotted Cameron leaning against the wall, and he jogged over to him, hoping there wasn’t a stupid look on his face.

“Hey, what’s up?” Cameron asked, stepping off of the wall.

“Nothing, I guess,” Wes answered, feeling that awkwardness he sometimes felt with guys. “What about you?”

“Same. Want to get some coffee or something?”

“Sure,” Wes smiled.

They walked up to the register and ordered. Wesley ordered a mocha frappachino, and Cameron ordered some strong coffee. They took a seat furthest from the door and started talking. They talked about everything, from their families to the schools they went to, to the the guys they had dated before.

“He was an asshole, but he treated me great. To Begin with,” Wes said, starting to take a drink of his frappachino, and realizing that it was empty. He looked up and noticed that most of the people that had been there were gone. “Wow, how long have we been talking?”

Cameron looked around, stunned. “Fuck, I don’t know.” He looked at his watch. “Its 11:30!”

Wes’ mouth dropped open. “Wow, we talked a lot more than I thought.” He smiled. “Well, I’m gonna get back to my room now. We’ll talk again soon, right?”

Cameron laughed. “Of course we will!” He leaned over and pressed his lips gently against Wes’, the touch so light Wes almost thought he imagined it. “Talk to you tomorrow,” he said softly.

Wes grinned, still feeling the ghost of Cameron’s lips on his own. Waving, Cameron walked off, and Wes had to sit down for a moment. Wow . . . He got up and nearly floated all the way back to his dorm room.

He unlocked the door and knocked for extra measure.

“Come in . . .” he heard Devon call, and became worried, because he sounded down. Wesley walked in and saw Devon sitting on his bed, staring out the window.

“Devon, what’s wrong?” Wes asked, closing the door and walking over to the edge of the bed. “Are you ok?”

“I couldn’t do it, Wes, I couldn’t do it.” Devon hung his head in his hands.

“Couldn’t do what?” Wes asked, sitting do, putting his hand on Devon’s shoulder.

“Fuck her. I tried, but I couldn’t.” He looked close to tears, and Wes was worried. “Wes I really tried! I wanted to, but then I just couldn’t get hard. I saw her body . . . And I just wasn’t turned on. What’s wrong with me?”

Wes sighed. “Devon, nothing’s wrong with you. It happens sometimes.” He shifted so he was facing Devon. “Just because you couldn’t fuck her doesn’t mean anything—-”

“You don’t understand,” Devon interjected. “Its not just that!”

“What is it then?” Wes asked.

“Its this!” And then, for the second time that night, Wes was being kissed, this time by his straight roommate.



Wes was stunned. Devon is kissing me. DEVON is KISSING ME. Wes pulled away, jumping to his feet. “Devon, what the hell was that?”

“You didn’t want it?” Devon demanded, standing up too, an intense look in his eyes. He smiled. “I saw the way you looked at me when you saw me naked.” Devon tugged his shirt over his head, revealing his gorgeous body. “You liked what you saw.” Devon pushed his shorts down, revealing the fact that he had not been wearing boxers.

Wes’ eyes widened as he took in the sight of Devon’s hard cock, which was about 9.7 inches. “You like what you see?” Devon asked, reaching out, grabbing Wes’ hand and dragging it down to his erection. Wes couldn’t fight it, he let his hand wrap around it, making Devon moan. “Stroke me,” Devon whispered.

Wes complied, fisting Devon’s turgid shaft, his eyes hooked on the throbbing meat. Realizing what he was doing, Wes stopped, taking a step back. “Devon, come on man, what’s going on?”

Devon let out a cry, sitting back down on the bed, running his hands over his face. “I don’t know!” he jumped up, his erection already deflating. “I don’t know,” he repeated. “Its like, well, since I saw you shirtless, and checking me out, I’ve had to have you.”

“Aren’t you straight?” Wes asked, still not sure enough of Devon’s state to go near him.

“I thought so! Man, I don’t get it.” Realizing his pants were down, he leaned over and pulled them up. He saw Wesley’s tense face and horror flooded him. “Fuck, Wes, I’m so sorry! Dude, I’m so fucking sorry!”

Wes grabbed his shoulders. “Devon, its ok. I understand. You’re confused, and you’re not sure what you’re feeling. I’ve been there. I know how you’re feeling.”

Devon slowly calmed down, and allowed Wes to guide him back to the bed, to sit down. “Dude, why aren’t you freakin’ out right now?”

Wesley took a deep breath, knowing that this would come up. “Cause I’m gay,” he said slowly.

Devon smiled slightly. “I figured.” He turned to face Wes. “Am I hot to you?”

“Gorgeous,” Wes answered, being honest. “This is what you did to me.” He pressed his shorts against his groin, outlining his aching cock. He couldn’t resist, and he gave it a little rub.

Devon reached a hesitant hand out and started to run his hand over Wes’ crotch, feeling another guy’s hard cock for the first time. He swallowed hard, looking up toward Wes. He leaned up, slowly letting his lips connect with the other guy, making the kiss sweet and gentle. Their tongues slowly met and danced, and Devon moaned into the kiss.

Wes shifted, his hands going to Devon’s chest, running his palms over his firm pecs, his fingers teasing Devon’s nickel sized nipples. Devon moaned again, trying to get his body closer to Wes.

Wes stood, tugging his own shirt over his head, and immediately Devon attacked his bare flesh, devouring Wes’ chest. Wes threw his head back and moaned loud, running his hand through Devon’s short blonde hair.

“Are . . . Fuck . . . Are you sure you want this?” Wes gasped, feeling Devon’s hands clutch at his ass. Instead of vocally answering, Devon pressed his face into Wes’ short-clad groin. Wes gasped, feeling Devon’s hot breath on his cock, even through the fabric.

Devon grabbed the waistband of Wes’ shorts and pulled the front down, pressing once more into Wes’ crotch. Now the only thing separating him from his prize was Wes’ boxers. He began running his tongue over Wes’ cock through the boxers.

He looked up at Wes, pushing his own shorts back down, exposing his once again throbbing cock. “You want this?” Devon gave his cock a few teasing strokes, watching Wes’ face.

“Fuck yes,” Wes exhaled, pushing Devon down onto his back, following, his tongue running over Devon’s athletic stomach, mapping the muscles with his tongue. He went even lower, his tongue traversing across the coarse hairs of Devon’s crotch, and finally he had the real prize. His tongue ran up and down the shaft of Devon’s cock, tasting his roommate for the first time.

Devon sighed, reaching down and running his hand over Wes’ head. “Fuck dude that feels so good,” Devon sighed. “Come on stud, please! Please suck my cock!”

Wes grinned, running his tongue over Devon’s balls, savoring the flavor. “I love a guy that can beg.” He wrapped a hand around Devon’s thick cock and angled the heavy pole towards his mouth. He wrapped his lips around the head, his tongue swiping at the little bit of precum Devon had already produced. Taking a deep breath to prepare himself, Wes plunged all the way down Devon’s shaft, until his lips were pressing against the base, his nose buried in Devon’s pubes, his chin bouncing against Devon’s balls.

“FUCK DUDE!” Devon yelled, instinctively rocking his hips, burying his cock a little deeper in Wes’ mouth every time Wes slid back off of it. “Yeah, take all of my big dick! Come on!” Devon grabbed Wes’ head, holding it still, and withdrew his cock about halfway before thrusting in in. He set a quick rhythm, fucking away ay Wes’ mouth.

Wes, for his part, loved every moment of it. He was moaning, his lips stretching and tightening around Devon’s thick rod, his tongue caressing the every time Devon withdrew enough. He had never been used in this manner, and he loved it.

After several minutes of long-dicking Wes’ throat Devon pulled back, smiling sexily down at his roommate. “Dude you suck a good cock.” He pulled Wes to his feet and kissed him passionately, his hands going down to Wes’ ass.

Wes pressed his body against Devon, loving the trills of pleasure he got every time their cockheads touched. Devon’s fingers burrowed into Wes’ ass cheeks, his index finger finding the dark haired boy’s hole. It only took a little coaxing for Devon’s finger to slide into Wes’ ass, and Wes moaned, arching into Devon even more.

“You want it?” Devon whispered in Wes’ ear, letting his tongue dart into the whorl teasingly.

“Oh God, do I!” Wes gasped, moving to lay down on the bed. He looked up at Devon once he was situated, and grinned seductively. “Well, come on.”

Devon licked his lips, stroking his throbbing cock. “Here I come!” Devon quickly leaned over him, fumbling around with a box by his bed and withdrawing a condom. He tore it open quickly and rolled it down his cock, whimpering at the enhanced feeling.

“Come on, stud, fuck me!” Wes begged, and Devon flashed him a smile before lining the swollen head of his cock up with Wes’ hole.

“Your wish is my command,” Devon growled huskily, and he pressed forward, the head of his cock breaching Wes’ tight sphincter, bringing a drawn out moan from both of them. He pressed further in, and Wes threw his head back, loving the feeling. “Oh fuck . . Its so tight . . .” Devon panted, beads of sweat popping up on his forehead.

“Ah, fuck me,” Wes demanded, pressing his ass down, swallowing more of Devon’s cock.

Devon grabbed Wes’ hips for grip, and began to slowly thrust his hips, burying his cock in Devon’s ass. He withdrew until only the head of his cock remained inside, and then pounded in, grunting with every thrust.

There was no longer anything explorative with their intercourse, now it was all rough, passionate sex. Devon lifted Wes’ legs and pushed further in, getting a better angle.

Wes loved this angle because it gave Devon the perfect position to pound his prostate with every stroke, pushing the intense pleasure up another notch. “Oh yeah, bang my hole, fuck my tight ass!”

Devon looked down, watching as his cock disappeared into Wes’ hungry hole, which almost pushed him over the edge. “Fuck yeah, you like my cock up your ass, don’t you?” Devon demanded, thrusting harder and harder. “Dude, I’m bout to nut!” With that Devon let out a deep, almost animalistic sound, his body tensing as he filled the condom with his cum.

Seeing Devon in the throes of pleasure pushed Wes over the edge, and he shot, string after string of cum, coating his chest and abdomen with the sticky cum.

Devon moaned and pulled out of Wes’ open, used ass and pulled the condom off, tossing it listlessly to the floor. “Oh my fucking God, that was amazing!”

Wes took a deep breath and looked over at Devon, his chest heaving, his body sweaty, and then he looked down at himself: covered with cum, just as sweaty, and instantly he felt dirty.

“What the fuck did we do?” He cried suddenly, jumping up. He pulled his shorts on as quickly as he could, grabbed a towel and wiped the cum from his chest and stomach, picked up his shirt and rushed out the door, leaving a very confused and hurt Devon staring at the door, still naked.



Wesley rushed out of the dorm building, not sure where he was running to, but he was running. What the hell was I thinking? Wes thought angrily. Why did I let myself do that? I just fucked up my relationship with my roommate, and I probably just screwed up my chances with Cameron, too!

Wes stopped running, realizing that he was at the track and football field. His chest heaved from running in the heat, a light sheen of sweat covered his body.

He looked around, and walked over to the bleachers that lined the sides and sat down, his head in his hands. “I feel like such an ass,” He muttered to himself. But I enjoyed it, he thought, which didn’t help matters at all. “What am I going to do?” he asked no on in particular, not surprised at his lack of an answer.

“Wes . . .” the familiar voice startled Wes and he looked up to see Devon standing there, hurt in his eyes. “Wes, I didn’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t know you would. I don’t know what I thought, but–”

“Devon, its ok,” Wes said, knowing full well that it sounded anything but ok. “It isn’t your fault.”

“You say that, but I don’t believe you,” Devon said, sitting down on the bleacher bench next to Wes. “What did I do wrong?”

Wes had to laugh at that. “Its nothing you did wrong,” he said, shaking his head. “Actually, you were amazing–in every aspect. Its me. That’s the first time I’ve ever had meaningless sex.”

“Who said it was meaningless?” Devon asked so softly that Wes almost didn’t hear him. “It meant something to me. Actually, it meant a lot to me.”

Wes gave him a startled look. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing,” Devon said, looking out across the football field.

“No, tell me,” Wes said, grabbing Devon’s hand. “I want to know.” He peered into Devon’s eyes, trying to see what emotions he could see, but he couldn’t see anything, at least not anything he could distinguish.

“I thought that maybe we could . . . I don’t know, its stupid!”

“Come on, tell me,” Wes prodded gently. When Devon didn’t say anything he leaned up and gently kissed him. “What is it stud?”

“I thought that we could be together.”

Wes gave him a blank look. Devon noted it and took it the wrong way. “See?” he jumped up from the bleachers, taking a few steps away. “You think I’m stupid!”

“No I don’t,” Wes said, walking up behind Devon and wrapping his arms around his waist. What am I doing? “Its just that that was the last thing I was expecting you to say.”

“I don’t know where things would go,” Devon continued. “I mean, I don’t want the world to know I’m having feelings for guys, but. . .” He gave Wes a hungry look. “I loved being inside of you.” He took a deep breath. “I figured maybe we could just be a couple when we’re together in the room, alone, you know?”

“Like fuck buddies,” Wes said dryly.

“No, it’ll mean more than that, at least to me,” Devon insisted. “You bring up a lot of emotions in me, dude, and I don’t understand them, but I know I don’t want to push them away. I want to see where they can take me.”

“Its not fair to me,” Wes said, while thinking: I can’t believe I’m considering this! “I want a boyfriend that I can be with in the open, out in public.”

“I’m not saying have me be the only person you date,” Devon said. “Date someone else, I think you should. But when it comes down to us being alone, in our room, no one else matters, its just you and I.”

“This is crazy,” Wes said, running a hand through his hair, all of his thoughts coming too fast. “What makes you think its going to work?”

“I don’t think it is,” Devon said, “I’m not worrying about that. That comes when it comes. All that matters is the time we have together.”

“But what happens to me when you find someone that you like more than me?” Wes rubbed a hand through his hair. “Where does that leave me?”

“Do we have to think about that now? We haven’t even started and you’re already thinking of the ending.” Devon stepped close to Wes, letting his hands caress Wes’ back comfortingly. He leaned in and kissed him right there, a sweet, gentle kiss that quickly got hotter and more passionate.

Devon’s hands quickly went down to Wes’ ass and squeezed, pulling Wes against him so that he could feel his rock hard cock pressing against him. “God, I want you again,” he murmured, thrusting gently against Wes.

“We’re in the open, by the athletic center,” Wes said nervously. “Someone could see us.”

Devon grinned at him. “Then come on,” he said, tugging Wes’ arm, dragging him up the bleachers, towards the announcer’s booth. The door, fortunately, was unlocked, and the two quickly slipped inside and pushed the door closed.

Devon quickly turned to Wes and pressed him against the wall, kissing him languorously. His hands casually undid Wes’ belt and fly, letting the pants fall to the ground. Wes impatiently stepped out of them, pushing his underwear down, freeing his throbbing cock.

Devon dropped to his knees quickly, swallowing Wes’ cock, bringing a loud moan from Wes. “Fuck, Devon, where did you learn to do that?”

Devon pulled back, shrugging as he let his tongue lash across the head of Wesley’s cock. “I don’t know,” he said, “natural talent, I guess.” With that he pressed down again, his lips pressing against Wes’ crotch, smelling the lingering smell of their earlier sex. He spent several moments just casually bobbing up and down on Wes’ dick, and then decided enough was enough.

“Do you think your ass could take another pounding?” Devon asked, letting the tips of his fingers brush Wes’ hole, swollen already from their previous sexcapade.

“Only one way to find out,” Wes said, dropping to all fours, wagging his ass invitingly at Devon. “Get busy!”

Devon quickly pulled his cock from his shorts and rolled a condom down it. He started to line it up with Wes’ asshole, but stopped when he heard the sound of footsteps on the metal bleachers. He quickly stood and looked out the window and saw a security guard walking up the bleachers towards them.

“Dude, Wes, we’ve got to get the fuck out of here,” Devon said, throwing Wes’ underwear and shorts at him. “There’s a security guard coming!”

“Damn it!” Wes hurried into his shorts, just holding his underwear in his hands. “Lets go!” The two went out through the second door and ran down the bleachers. They heard the security guard yelling behind them, but did not stop until they got to the door of their dorm room. They entered their room and collapsed, laughing so hard their sides, which were already heaving from the running, hurt.

“Can you imagine what his face would have looked like if he saw me with my cock up your ass?” Devon laughed, collapsing onto his bed, pulling Wesley down with him. He wrapped his arms around Wes and tugged his sheet over them, shoes and all, and smiled. “Now I’m tired.”

“Goodnight,” Wes whispered. The last thing he could remember was feeling Devon’s lips gently kiss his head before he drifted off to sleep.



Wesley woke up in Devon’s arms and he felt like everything was perfect. He ran his hand down Devon’s chest, and a naughty idea popped into his head. He continued his trail down and cupped Devon’s stiff morning wood. He gave it a few leisurely strokes through Devon’s shorts, and then quickly tugged it out, noting with amusement that Devon had forgotten to take the condom off last night.

He maneuvered his own shorts down, sliding them off, trying not to wake Devon. He held Devon’s cock straight up and straddled him, aiming the head of Devon’s cock at his hole. He moaned as he pierced himself on Devon’s cock, and Devon’s hands came to his hips, holding him as he slowly sat on his cock.

He finally felt Devon’s balls against his ass, and smiled. He looked down into Devon’s face and saw the look of pleasure on it, his eyes trained on his crotch, where Wes sat, consuming his cock with his tight ass.

“You ready?” Wes murmured, and when Devon nodded, he began to bounce on his lap, moaning as Devon’s big cock punched against his prostate with every thrust. He threw his head back, knowing he needed to be quiet, since it was morning and the people in the room next door might be awake.

Devon grabbed his hips and helped guide Wes’ bounces, until Wes was sliding all the way off of Devon’s cock, leaving only the head in there, and then he pounded down, taking all of it back in.

“Oh yeah,” Devon moaned. “Ride that cock! Come on!” Wes, spurred on by the encouragement, began to bounce on it even faster, loving the connection it made him think he had with Devon. He reach down and started to stroke his own cock. “Baby, I’m gonna cum!” Devon howled, which sent Wes over the edge.

Once again Wes blew his load all over Devon’s chest, his cum hitting Devon’s lips, which the blonde haired stud licked eagerly clean. Devon tensed up, his own load blowing up, the stringy shots of cum filling the condom until he was spent.

Wes collapsed on top of Devon, kissing him passionately. They were interrupted by the sound of Wes’ phone ringing, and Wes groaned before fumbling around for his shorts and pulling his phone from his pocket. He leaned forward, over the bed to do this, and was rewarded with Devon’s tongue sweeping into his hole, soothing the muscles that were enflamed from the rough fuck.

“Babe, stop,” Wes said, seeing that it was Cameron. Once again that guilt came back. He answered the phone, feeling bad. “Hello?”

“Hey there sexy,” Cameron’s voice said, and Wes pulled away from Devon, who was trying to line his cock back up with Wes’ hole. “What are you doing today?”

“Nothing, right now,” Wes said, grabbing a towel and some clothes and entering the bathroom, pushing the door shut and locking it. “You want to do something a little later?”

Cameron’s smile was almost noticeable over the phone. “Sure. I was about to ask you the same thing.” There was a slight pause. “You want to maybe meet at my dorm in like an hour?”

Wes smiled. “That sounds great. Which hall are you in?”

“I’m in Dotson Hall, room 344.”

“I’ll be there in an hour,” Wes said. He hung up and walked back out into the room, where Devon sat on the edge of the bed, still completely naked, his cock once again hard and throbbing. “I’m bout to take a shower,” he said, turning back around.

“I’ll take one with you,” Devon said quickly, getting up off of the bed.

“No, I don’t think you should.” Wes sighed, and leaned against the doorway. “Dude, last night, and this morning, they were big mistakes. They felt good, but they were mistakes.”

“What do you mean?” Devon asked, a confused look on his handsome face.

“The plan you had, it won’t work. It can’t work.” Wes rubbed his hand down his face. “It was a nice try, but there’s no way we can be together only in here. It doesn’t seem right to me.”


“No, no buts, Devon.” Wes kissed Devon softly. “I can’t be about just sex. And I can’t be with someone that can’t be with me in public. Not even in private. I’m sorry.”

Wes walked quickly back into the bathroom, shut the door, and locked it.

Devon walked back to the bed and sat down, his mind awash in thoughts. I’m so stupid, he thought disconsolately. Actually, I know exactly how to solve this.

Wes stepped out of the bathroom ten minutes later, ready to have another confrontation with Devon, but Devon wasn’t there. Where did he go? Wes shrugged. That made it easier, because now he had to go meet with Cameron, and he didn’t think he could just NOT tell Cameron. It wasn’t in his nature. Looking at the bed wistfully for a moment, Wes stepped out of the room, pulling the door closed.

“May I help you?” The woman at the Registrar’s Desk asked as he stepped up. “Yes, I’d like to request a change of roommates.”



“May I help you?” The woman at the Registrar’s Desk asked as he stepped up.

“Yes, I’d like to request a change of roommates.”

“Reason?” The woman gave him an appraising look, and Devon suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

“Uh, irreconcilable differences,” Devon said.

“Son, this is a change of roommate, not a divorce.”

“Well, we’re not getting along.”

“Well, you’re going to need to get your roommate to sign this form, too.” The woman handed him a slip of paper. “Come back when you have his signature.”

“Uh, ok,” Devon said, turning and walking quickly away from the desk.

Wes took a deep breath, and then knocked on Cameron’s door. “Coming!” Cameron’s voice called from the other side, and a moment later the door was pulled open. “Wes, hey.”

Wes smiled. “Hey, Cameron. How are you?”

“Fine. Not much has changed since we talked a little while ago.” Cameron smiled. “Come on in, and we can decide what we want to do.”

Wes nodded and followed Cameron into his room. He was surprised to see that it was a singles room. He had expected Cameron to have a roommate, but he didn’t. He looked around the room and took in the neatness of it, seeing the specific way things were put up, or how his desk was organized. Cameron was definitely a very organized guy.

“So, do we want to do something that costs or are we gonna go gratis today?” Cameron sat down on the edge of his bed and turned his gaze to Wes.

Wes immediately felt uncomfortable, like he was being scrutinized, even though he knew he wasn’t. It was mainly his guilt over what he had done with Devon—not regret, just guilt.

“Uh, I don’t mind either way. You decide.” Wes diverted his gaze from Cameron, focusing instead on the ugly pastel green carpet.

“Is something wrong?” Cameron asked, standing up and crossing to Wes. “You seem . . . I don’t know, distant, I guess.”

Wes smiled. “Everything’s fine, I promise.”

Cameron gave him a gentle peck on the cheek. “Good,” he murmured, his hands sliding down to gently cup Wes’ butt, but the dark haired boy pulled away, his mind filling with the vision of himself riding Devon, the look of pleasure in Devon’s eyes . . .

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cross any lines,” Cameron said quickly, taking a step back from Wes. “I don’t know why I moved that fast—”

“It isn’t that,” Wes said quickly. “I just . . . Have a lot on my mind. I’m sorry.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I promise to be better today.”

“You don’t have to be,” Cameron said, rubbing Wes’ shoulders. “You’re allowed to be moody if you so choose, stud. In fact, I insist. We’re not leaving this room until you’re moody enough to upset a Care Bear.”

“A Care Bear?” Wes asked, laughing. “Where did that come from?”

Cameron shrugged, grinning sheepishly. “I don’t know,” he admitted, “I just thought of something cuddly.” Wes snorted again. “So, have you decided what you want to do?”

“Yes,” Wes said, stepping forward and giving Cameron a passionate kiss, his tongue delving into the blonde guy’s mouth and prodding his tongue into action.

The kiss built in passion, and once again Cameron’s hands reached for Wes’ ass, squeezing, kneading the cheeks, his fingers pressing against his hole through the jeans, the slightly sore flesh sending a sharp tendril of pain through Wes, causing the dark boys to pull away, turning his back to Cameron.

Cameron wrapped his arms around Wes, reading the message wrong, and slid his hands down his chest, towards his crotch, and Wes let out a cry and broke away from Cameron, and without even looking back he stormed out of Cameron’s room, just leaving the door open.

Cameron stared after him, completely confused.

Devon sat on the bed, holding the paper that he had to get Wes to sign. He wasn’t thrilled to do this, but it had to be done. It was the best thing for both of them.

Devon kept telling himself that, but still he wasn’t sure. No, he was sure, he just wasn’t happy with it.

Not that he didn’t understand where Wes was coming from, because he did. He could honestly say that he would probably do the same thing. It still hurt, though.

Devon buried his face in his hands, hoping that he was making the right decision. There was no turning back after this, he knew. He would either make things easier for them both, or Wes would hate him forever.

He sat there for a few moments more and then he heard a key in the lock, and knew that Wes was back. A feeling of dread suddenly filled him, and he was tempted to tear the request form up, but knew this was something he had to go through with. And go through with it he would.

Wes came in, and Devon stood. Without even saying anything he thrust the paper into Wes’ hands, holding a pen out as well.

Wes examined it for a moment, looking up at Devon, his face marred with disbelief. “What is this?”

“It’s a change of room form,” Devon mumbled, realizing that this was not the best way to have handled it.

“I realize that,” Wes said angrily, “I mean why the hell are you doing this now?”

“Because it needs to be done,” Devon said, diverting his eyes. “Its for the best.”

“I can’t fucking believe this,” Wes said, turning and running out of the room, slamming the door shut. Devon stood there for a moment, and then rushed out of the room after him.



Devon watched the scene unravel in a sort of macabre slow motion. He saw Wes shaking his head and turning back away from him, he saw him take that first step out into the street, and he saw, with growing horror, the Jeep Grand Cherokee speeding past the light onto the campus road. He had barely a moment to let out a warning shout before the Jeep hit Wes, his body crumpling like a rag doll, flipping across the hood and then falling into the street.

The car screeched to a halt and it was like everything was in motion again. Devon, his chest pounding with fear, leapt into the street, at Wes’ body in seconds. He fearfully felt for a pulse, and thank God there was one.

The driver of the Jeep hovered over Devon, clearly panicking. “I didn’t see him,” he kept muttering to himself. “I didn’t fucking see him.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Devon snapped. “Call a fucking ambulance!” The blonde turned back to Wes as the driver fumbled for his cell phone.

“Please be ok,” he whispered, tears threatening to overwhelm his voice and his vision. He saw a thin trickle of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, and a small puddle of blood was forming in the street around his head.

Dean caressed Wes’ cheek, letting the tears flow freely for the moment, letting his emotion come out.

“The ambulance is on its way,” the driver said, unable to hide the frightened tremble pervading his limbs. “They said give it three minutes at the most.”

God, Devon prayed, let him make it. Devon took Wes’ hand in his own and cried, not caring who saw him.

Cameron couldn’t believe it. He had been in his room, trying to figure out what had gone wrong with Wes when his cell phone rang. He had seen that it was Wes’ number, so he answered it. “Hello?”

The voice on the other end had been choked up, tear soaked, as if the speaker had been crying. “Hello?” Cameron said again.

“Yes . . . Are you a friend of Wes?”

Cameron thought the question odd, but something had told him that this was important, so he had answered honestly. “Uh, yeah, who is this? Why are you on Wes’ phone?”

There had been a long pause, in which the speaker had taken several rattling breath. “Wes is on his way to the hospital. He’s been in an accident.” The voice had finally said.

“What happened?” Cameron had asked. “Is he ok?”

“He was hit by a car,” the voice had said.

“How did you know to call me?” Cameron had asked.

The voice had taken another deep breath and then had said “You were the last person he talked to on the phone.” And then the line went dead.

And now Cameron was rushing to the hospital, wondering just how serious the situation was.

All of the cars on the road seemed to be going to slow, as if they were conspiring to keep him from Wes. He was frustrated, worried, impatient and fearful. He swerved around a green Mazda that was simply riding its brakes down the fucking interstate.

He heard a few horns but ignored them. They could honk all they damn well pleased, it made no difference to him.

He saw the sign that had the circled “H” on it that read “NEXT LEFT”. Good. He was almost there.

Devon sat in the waiting room, tapping his foot nervously. It had been 2 hours since he had called Cameron, 2 hours since the doctors had begun their work on Wes.

Devon glanced across the room to where Cameron stood at the vending machine, trying to make a selection. Something finally caught his eye and he hit the code, and a bag of chips dropped down.

Every time a doctor walked by both Devon and Cameron would tense, hoping they carried word of Wes, but a doctor had yet to stop in.

The two guys had traded few words in the 2 hours that had passed, both focusing on their own inner thoughts.

Another twenty minutes passed and a doctor finally stepped into the waiting room. Devon and Cameron crossed to the doctor quickly, eager for word.

“How is he?” Devon asked quickly. “Is he going to be ok?”

The doctor held up a hand to stem the flow of questions Devon was about to release. “Wesley is doing well, considering, but he’s not out of the woods. He’s suffered a broken arm, a few cracked ribs, and most likely a concussion. He’s still not conscious, which could cause some problems down the road.”

“What kind of problems?” Cameron asked.

“Don’t be too concerned,” the doctor said patiently. “We’re not going to worry about that for a few days.” The doctor looked between the two boys. “If you’d like, you may go in and see him, but only for a few minutes.”

The two boys thanked the doctor and went in the direction the doctor had pointed. They passed three doors before coming to the room number the doctor told them.

The door was open and the two went in.

Cameron, who had not been there when the accident took place, was unprepared for what he saw, and he had to take a step back, taking in the battered and now bruising body lying prone on the bed, an IV in his arm.

“How fast was that car going?” Cameron asked.

“I would guess about 50,” Devon answered, not taking his eyes off of Devon.

The boys sat in there for a good thirty minutes, until a nurse came in and told them that their time was up. The two boys said quiet goodbyes to Wes before leaving.

Devon walked slowly down the hallway, and Cameron quickly got ahead of him. Once he saw that Cameron was gone he turned back to the nurse, grabbing her arm before she could go. He noted her name was Alexis, and filed that away for future use.

“Miss,” he said, “is there any way I can stay for a little while longer? Just a little?”

Alexis frowned, but then she saw the real emotion in Devon’s eyes, and her frown softened. “I’ll give you ten minutes,” she said, “no more.”

Devon gave her a nod and walked back into the room. He sat back on the edge of the bed and caressed Wes’ face. Suddenly overwhelmed with tears, he buried his face in the sheets at Wes’ side.

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