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Oral Vixen Liberates

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Another lifetime ago, I was blessed to be in a relationship with an enlightened sexual vixen that helped break me out of the confines of my structured traditional upbringing to explore new terrain in my sexuality. That, and she loved to suck my cock. Really, her oral fixation was what singularly unbound me from a number of sexual fears and associations I had, and helped me find new arenas of pleasure.

I should start at the beginning. When I first met Laura I was immediately drawn to her by her beauty, playfulness, and sexual energy. She would find ways within our conversation and interactions to insert teasing sexual innuendo that sent blood rushing to my loins at its unexpected provocativeness. She was lush and beautiful…full red lips, dark brown ringlets, big blue eyes, milky white skin, and lots of curves. Oh those curves. She had a trim fit waist that flared out to full hips and round firm thighs and ass. Her breasts were easily a D cup, and sometimes a DD depending on where she was in her cycle, and she knew how to use them. I still can get rock hard in about 10 seconds in remembrance of how she would occasionally take breaks from sucking my cock to wrap those beautiful warm milky globes around my shaft and balls and massage them until her breasts glistened with the saliva and pre-cum from my dick. A beautiful image.

Although we had lots of sex lots of different ways, Laura’s favorite thing was to orally pleasure me. Sucking my cock, licking my balls, and rooting around on my taint like a pig searching for a truffle. She preferred nothing to gobbling my cock and bringing me to intense ecstasy. Laura was mischievous about it too, she would climb under the desk while I was on the phone and unzip me, and playfully pleasure me while I tried in vain to continue whatever conversation I had going. She’d bend over in the car while cruising down the highway and blow my mind with a passionate leisurely BJ while I tried not to drive off the road. We’d be in a friend’s house waiting to go out to dinner, and the friend would go to another part of their house to do some activity like change their clothes, and in the middle of their living room she’d drop to her knees, pull me out of my pants, and teasingly suck me until I was rock hard before tucking me back into my pants with a playful smile while saying “sorry, I just had to!”

Over time we shared a lot of our sexual fantasies with each other, mostly mine in the beginning. I’d had a fairly repressive sexual upbringing, and Laura seemed to feel it was her job to help me talk and experience my way out of it. She was up for any fantasy I wanted to live out, including bringing other women into our relationship. Her oral skills easily transferring to eating pussy, and I can still remember the cries of ecstasy of other women with Laura’s head squeezed between their thighs. To date my excellent cunnilingus skills are owed to watching my girlfriend eat other women out.

While I’ve always loved having my dick sucked, being with Laura took me to new heights of pleasure and obsession on that front. I loved watching her work away at my thick cock, and the passion and lust she brought to the task. One day after she blew my mind and I’d had a particularly intense orgasm, and she was continuing to suck my shaft dry of every drop, she looked up and said “I wish you could experience this.”

“Experience what?” I asked, sort of confused and sated in my post-orgasm stupor.

“Sucking a cock,” she replied with a mischievous glint in her big blue eyes, punctuating her comment with a long leisurely lick from balls to swollen head.

“For real?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. She often said things just to get a rise out of me, and I couldn’t tell if she were joking.

“Absolutely,” she nodded. “Sucking a cock is one of the great pleasures of human existence. The warmth of it, the smells, the feel of the silky hot shaft on your tongue. The velvety softness of the head passing over your lips and down your throat. The fragile sensitivity and heat of the balls. I love it. I love the power of doing it. I love how it makes the man feel.”

“Well, I’m glad of that,” I replied with a chuckle. “I benefit from that. But does that necessarily mean I should suck a cock?”

“I think you should try it,” she said as she gave my balls a squeeze. “Then if you don’t like it you’ll at least know. But I think it’s lame of you to NOT do it just because you think society would think it was wrong. Why is it OK for women to love sucking cock, or even pretend to love sucking cock, but that a man shouldn’t even think about sucking a cock without feeling guilty?”

“Well, to be honest, I HAVE thought about it before,” I admitted. “I just, I don’t know, I just prefer women.”

“I’m glad you do!” she smiled. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. It would be liberating for you. Plus, it would be so fucking hot to watch you suck off another guy.”

“Really?” I asked, a bit surprised. “Is that a fantasy of yours?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “it actually is. Just the thought of it is making me wet.” She slid up my body and guided my hand between her legs for confirmation. She was sopping wet. I grabbed her and flipped her on her back, and spent the next 10 minutes teasing and licking her until she screamed and shuddered in orgasm.

“God, that was hot,” she said breathlessly at the end. “I kept thinking of you daring to try it. You’d be hesitant at first, but then you’d get lustful and be overwhelmed by the experience, and would suck his balls and shaft until he came on your face and in your mouth. Oh my God,” she shuddered again.

We really didn’t talk about it again for a couple of weeks, and went back to our normal lives and sexual routines. Then one day out she brought it up again with the nonchalance of an everyday conversation.

“Have you thought any more about it?” she asked.

“About what?” I asked, genuinely perplexed.

“About our conversation. About you being with another man,” she replied.

“Maybe, kind of, not really,” I lied. I actually had thought about it quite a bit. I had thought about it every time I looked down at her sucking my cock, seeing her passion and pleasure, and wondered what it would be like to feel that myself.

“Fine,” she got a bit angry. “I’ve indulged you in every fantasy you’ve ever brought up, but I share with you my one big fantasy and you don’t even bother to think about it.”

I could tell she was genuinely pissed, which was rare of her, and I felt badly.

“OK, yes, I have thought about it,” I admitted, earning a flash of intense interest out of her gorgeous blue eyes. “I’ve thought about it every time I see my cock in your mouth, and I remember what you said about feeling the silky heat of the shaft along your tongue, and the head passing over your lips. I remember your words about the lust and the power of it.”

“And?” she probed hopefully.

“And…” I paused, fearful of stepping over that threshold, “and, it makes me hard.”

She gasped, and then she smiled broadly. “I’m so proud of you,” she said as she grabbed my arm and squeezed. “Gods…I’m getting wet right now. Take me home and fuck me. Only after watching me suck your cock for a bit while you imagine what it would be like to do it yourself.”

We went home and did exactly that. And while we’d had a lot of hot sex before, that session was definitely one of the hottest. She screamed when she came impaled on my cock as I pumped what felt like every ounce and spurt of my existence though my throbbing shaft and into her warm velvety pussy.

In the aftermath, still entwined and exhausted, still balls deep in her lovely snatch, she whispered in my ear, “I’m going to make that happen. Leave it all to me.”

The next few days I’d periodically remember her whispering that, and feel a surge of anxiety about what was going to happen tinged by a healthy dose of lust. I wondered if she’d forget. One moment I’d hope that she would, and the next that she wouldn’t.

The following Saturday Laura nonchalantly told me that her friends Stacy and Antonio were coming over for dinner. Stacy had been an old college friend of Laura’s, and Antonio was her boyfriend of about a year. Stacy had dirty blonde hair, a runner’s shapely legs, and pert breasts freckled by a lifetime in the sun. She and Laura got particularly wicked together and loved to laugh, and Laura had confided in me once that in college they often would tumble into each other’s beds when neither of them had boyfriends. I’d made Laura tell me about their lesbian sessions together on more than one occasion while I hungrily licked her box. Unfortunately I had never been able to arrange for Stacy to join Laura and I during one of my fantasy threesome sessions.

Antonio was from Venezuela, was trim, dark-skinned, and was an unusual mix of masculine and feminine qualities. He had a deep voice and fit physique, but a slender frame and full lips. At first I had wondered if he was gay, but I’d heard from Laura that he and Stacy had a very active sex life, so had long retired that notion.

Since we’d hung out with Stacy and Antonio before, I really didn’t think much about this being any sort of setup from Laura stemming from our recent conversations about Laura’s fantasies of me blowing another man. We’d hung out with them before Laura and I had ever talked about her fantasy, so I thought it was just going to be a regular social evening.

When Stacy and Antonio came over we had a great dinner together with lots of laughter and wine, and genuinely felt a deep friendship and comfort with them. When dinner was over Laura got a mischievous smile and pulled out a joint from a drawer near the table.

“After dinner mint?” she asked with a grin.

“Hell yeah!” Stacy crowed. “The only thing I love more than an after-dinner joint is an after-dinner joint and a hot tub!”

“And I didn’t bring my suit,” Antonio said with a sly smile.

“Smoke this and you won’t need a suit,” Laura laughed as she lit the joint, took a draw, and handed it over to Antonio. He took a few drags and passed it to me, and I proceeded to take a couple of massive hits deep into my lungs.

“Don’t bogart that joint!” Stacy cried at me, flashing her green eyes my way in mock indignation, and reached for the joint. She smoked from it, then smoked a little more, and then passed it back to Laura. A couple of more rotations around the table and the joint was gone, and we were all feeling quite lit.

“Hot tub time!” Laura shouted, standing up. “No suits!”

I barely remember walking outside to our hot tub, quite stoned as the pot really started to take effect, but I do remember thinking “is this really happening?”

When we got to the tub Laura turned to me, smiled widely, and draw me in for a passionate deep kiss.

“Now that’s what I like to see,” said Stacy. And with that she pulled her sundress deftly over her head, revealing herself to be totally nude underneath. Her breasts were high and firm, slightly upturned, with stiff pink nipples capping them. Her flat belly and sculpted runner’s thighs met in a trim mound of dark blonde down between her legs. And then in a flash she was slinking into the water of the hot tub.

Laura was two seconds behind her, and as she got naked I turned to look at Stacy and Antonio watch her strip off her own dress and revel in her luscious full body, large milky breasts swaying in the moonlight with dark brown areolas stiffening in the night air.

“Time for the boys,” Laura smiled as she joined Stacy in the tub. I looked over at Antonio who looked back at me and shrugged in mock resignation. He pulled his shirt off over his head, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down to the ground.

I audibly gasped when I saw his cock. He was obviously semi-hard already from the show the girls put on, and his cock was a rich mocha color, long and thick. His balls were smooth and a shade darker than his shaft, like milk chocolate, and hung low and heavy. His long mocha shaft was capped with a plump oversized mushroom head.

“Methinks he likes what he sees,” I heard Laura say. I pulled my eyes away from Antonio’s beautiful cock, and saw both Laura and Stacy staring at me intently. Stacy was smiling and Laura’s lips were parted in lust. They had been watching me look at Antonio, and had heard my gasp and seen my fascination with his member. I couldn’t believe how stoned and horny I felt at that moment.

“Your turn,” Laura directed to me. Antonio had slid into the water next to Stacy, who greeted him with a passionate kiss, and then all three sets of eyes turned to me.

I stood there frozen for a moment, looking at the three of them waiting for me to disrobe, taking in the sight of Stacy’s and Laura’s beautiful breasts floating at the top of the water. I saw Laura’s smile and wildly excited eyes, and remembered the image of Antonio’s gorgeous thick cock, bulbous head, and heavy balls, and of Laura’s whisper of “I’m going to make that happen…leave it all up to me.”

After a long moment, I slowly took off all my clothes while the three of them watched me intently. For a second I thought to hide the fact that I was rock-hard and at full mast, momentarily ashamed by the open lust I’d exhibited admiring Antonio’s cock. Then all shame and inhibition melted away as I looked at Laura’s enraptured face. Emboldened I turned my body so they had a full view of my throbbing cock, shaft long and white laced by thick veiny cords, head red and swollen.

“Now that looks very suckable,” Stacy said in admiration. “No wonder you can’t seem to keep your greedy little mouth off of it,” she teased Laura. She reached over and cupped Laura’s breast familiarly for a moment, before bopping her head down for a quick suck of her stiff brown nipple. Laura moaned.

“Yes,” Laura sighed, “it is very suckable.” And then she slid across the hot-tub, pulled me towards her, and licked me lustily from the base of my balls to the head. For a second I thought I was going to come right there.

“Not so fast,” Stacy cried. “You get to suck it any time you want. My turn.” And with that Stacy pulled me to a edge of the hot-tub into a sitting position, pushed my legs apart, and started to lick my balls while stroking my cock expertly with her hand.

I looked over at Antonio, momentarily concerned about what he might say or feel, but was reassured to see him watching Stacy with open lust. She transitioned from my balls up to my cock, tracing light patterns with her tongue from my base up to my head. I closed my eyes with a sigh and leaned back.

A minute later I heard some movement and opened my eyes, to see Laura kissing Antonio and guiding him to the seated position next to me. He reached down and was massaging her beautiful breasts, pinching and rolling her dark nipples between his fingers. I heard her moan and she pushed him down next to me just a few feet away. In the seated position with a slight recline, his cock pointed stiffly towards the sky in its full majesty. He was rock-hard and a dark vein meandered from his smooth heavy dark balls up his long thick shaft to a swollen mushroom head glistening with pre-cum.

“Let me taste this for you,” Laura said as she looked at me, and then gently kissed the thick head of his cock. “Oh, yes, delicious,” she judged before opening wider to take the whole tip into her mouth. Antonio moaned and pushed his hips forward to slide more of his shaft into her mouth. I heard Laura’s familiar moan as she slid more of his cock into her mouth.

For the next minute I was mesmerized as I watched Laura work this beautiful cock while Stacy’s head bobbed enthusiastically on my own. My entire body felt like it was vibrating, and when I was just a few moments short of cumming Laura slowly pulled her mouth off of Antonio’s bulbous thick head, a string of saliva tracing from her mouth to his dark cock, and smiled at me.

“A delicacy,” she purred at me. “Liberate yourself and try it.” She offered me her hand while her other hand still firmly grasped Antonio’s shaft. Stacy had stopped sucking my cock and was looking up at me in excitement.

After a moment’s hesitation, I reached out and took Laura’s hand, and she guided me into the hot tub next to her in front of Antonio and between his spread thighs. She pulled herself up against me, her full breasts pressed into my chest, and kissed me deeply and passionately. I could taste the salt from Antonio’s cock on her tongue.

As Laura pulled away from our kiss, I found myself just a foot away and eye-level with Antonio’s cock. “Do it my love,” I heard Laura encourage me, “it’s so beautiful.” I stared at his cock as she whispered in my ear, full of lust, and looked again at the heavy loose balls, the thick long mocha shaft, and the large dark mushroom head glistening from my girlfriend’s saliva.

My hand reached out seemingly of its own volition, and grasped the cock around its base. I leaned forward and gently, primly, kissed the thick head. More boldly, I then licked under the head at the top of the shaft, and heard Antonio, Laura and Stacy all gasp nearly simultaneously. Emboldened by their pleasure, I dropped my head and slowly, with growing passion, began to lick his dark smooth balls while stroking his cock with my hand.

“That’s it,” I heard Antonio say and he leaned back further. I sucked on his balls and stroked his stiff cock, and then slowly started to work my way up his thick shaft with open-mouth kisses, relishing in its silky heat. Halfway up his shaft I started long leisurely licks while bringing my other hand forward to cup the balls I had just been licking. When I worked my way up to the massive head, I remembered what Laura had said earlier and lustily kissed the thick mushroom tip before pushing it past my lips and feeling its velvet mass slide down my tongue and to the back of my throat.

I heard Laura moan loudly and recognized her noises as she was building to her own climax watching me suck this gorgeous cock of another man. Antonio’s breathing was getting shorter and faster, and his hips started to push forward, shoving his cock deeper down my throat. I pulled back, not wanting it to end that quickly, and worked my way back down his slick mocha shaft with my tongue and lips until I returned to his balls, sucking and rolling them around in my mouth in leisurely lust. All around me I heard the heavy panting of pleasure from Antonio, Laura and Stacy.

As I heard Laura’s moaning get deeper behind me I licked my way back up the shaft until I returned to the beautiful dark mushroom on top and engulfed it in my hungry mouth. I reached down to the base of his shaft to massage his balls as I rolled my tongue around on his fleshy bulbous head. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how consumed I was in the act. I could taste the salt of his pre-cum as he again pushed his hips forward and thrust his thick cock deeper into my mouth. I took him as deeply as I could, feeling the hot thickness of his shaft along my tongue and his velvet head pushing against the back of my throat. I became lost in that moment and the pure lust of sucking that beautiful specimen of a cock.

“Oh fuck me,” I heard Laura gasp as she started to orgasm, “let me see him cum.” Antonio started to tense, and I could tell by the urgency of his body and the tightness of his balls that Laura was about to get her wish. I heard him start to grunt and his cock went completely taut in my mouth and hand, and I barely pulled off it in time for a thick white rope of cum to shoot from his gorgeous cock and against my face with surprising force. The second burst was even thicker and harder than the first, and I heard Laura moan loudly in pure animal lust as she watched Antonio cum thickly onto my face and neck.

Somewhere between his third and fourth spasm, I felt Laura’s hand on the back of my head guiding me back down onto Antonio’s cock. I went willingly, and for the first time tasted another man’s cum as Antonio pumped the rest of his seed into my mouth and deep down my throat. I relished it, the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth, and stayed sucking and milking his cock, massaging his balls, long after his bursts had subsided.

I finally pulled myself away, saliva and cum lacing from his mushroom head to my mouth still, and I turned to Laura to see her and Stacy entwined just a few feet away, fingers deep into each other’s pussies, totally enraptured by the show. Laura glowed in lust and satisfaction.

“I think that was the hottest thing I have ever seen,” Laura panted as she reached over to wipe some of Antonio’s cum off of my face. She inserted her fingers into her mouth and sucked it off.

“Me too,” Stacy said in disbelief. “That was so fucking hot. For a guy who has never sucked a cock before, that was a masterful effort.”

“I’ll say,” Antonio sighed. He lazily reached down to his thick mocha cock, gleaming in the moonlight from saliva and cum, and started to stroke himself again.

“A masterful performance worthy of an encore,” Laura said. “But first, your applause,” she said as she pulled me forward and licked the remaining cum off my face with Stacy’s help. When they were done, the two of them guided me back up to the edge of the hot-tub where they took turns sucking my engorged cock and licking my balls until I squeezed out probably the most intense orgasm of my existence onto their faces and into their hungry mouths. Watching these two beautiful women lustily servicing my cock with the deepest of passion, periodically looking over to Antonio who watched it all with a smile on his face while he stroked his gorgeous cock back to life in preparation for my encore performance, was a transformative sexual moment for me.

Laura, Stacy, Antonio and I spent many hours that night, and many nights of the next couple of years, enjoying each other and exploring our sexualities. I will forever be grateful to my Laura for guiding me down the path of liberation and away from the contraints of puritanical society that would have prevented me from ever experiencing the joys of sucking a gorgeous cock.

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