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Oral Hygiene

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I’m a 32-year old male, happily married, with a very satisfying sex life. When my wife and I are in bed together, we entertain each other with stories—fantasies and otherwise—about sexual escapades. We consider sharing fantasies to be nothing more than foreplay even though some of our ideas get pretty wild. I get turned on imagining watching her getting thoroughly screwed by someone and my description of such an affair turns her on, too.

She gets turned on talking about watching someone—a guy or a gal–give me a blowjob and that turns me on. We always wind up getting each other off big.

Since I teach all day, it’s difficult for me to make a dental appointment. Desperate, I called the local dental college and asked if they knew of anyone who kept evening office hours. They told me that one of the faculty members did. Since he spent all day teaching at the dental college, he made appointments several evenings a week. I called and quickly set up an appointment.

From the beginning, the set up was very interesting. Obviously, there was no receptionist and there were no other patients. I knocked on the door and Dr. H came out and ushered me into the office himself. “Sometimes it’s difficult not having anyone else around,” he explained. “Sometimes it’s a blessing. I’m Dr. H, but since there’s just you and me, you can call me Charlie.” Charlie was perhaps a few years older than I. Mature. Not bad looking. Open.

As he did an initial examination, I felt he was both competent and concerned. He took his time. The entire procedure seemed informal and casual, but nonetheless very thorough.

He explained that I had a number of things that could use some work and suggested I make a series of evening appointments so he wouldn’t have to try to do it all in one sitting. That sounded good to me and we set up the times and dates.

It was during the second or third appointment when I began to notice that Dr. H—Charlie– worked very close physically—even for a dentist. Of course, he was bending over me, but occasionally he would bump against my shoulder. Each time, he seemed to spend a little more time deliberately rubbing his “basket” against me.

I had never made out with another guy, but I was kind of turned on by the fact that he was getting turned on with me. We were in a place where no one was going to catch us messing around. I was a little horny and I was getting hornier every minute. As he continued to rub his obviously hard cock against my shoulder, I could feel my cock swelling in my pants and becoming uncomfortable. He noticed, too.

He rubbed his hand over my crotch tracing the outline of my hard on. “Good Heavens!” he exclaimed. “You’d better let that thing up for air!” With that, he unzipped my pants, fished around in my shorts, and pulled my hard on out. “Let it wave around there a minute!” he said.

He continued working on my teeth. The next time he bumped against me, there was an even larger bulge in his pants. “We need to make you more comfortable,” he said unbuckling my belt and slipping my pants and shorts down. He pulled my shirt up out of the way and there I was naked from the waist down with my hard on pointed at the ceiling.

Wheeling the dentist’s chair over, he moved between my legs and, with no hesitation or discussion, sucked my cock all the way into his mouth. I obviously did not anticipate getting a blowjob, but there I was with a guy sucking on my cock and I didn’t have a single thought about stopping him! As he licked around the head of my cock, he spread my legs apart so he could fondle my balls and scrotum. He took all of me in his mouth and massaged the juices into my crotch. He tickled the underside of the head of my cock with his tongue. I lay there and let the sensations wash over me.

“I’m almost there……almost….I’m there!” I told him. This seemed to excite him even more as he grasped my cock tightly with his lips and took spurt after spurt in his mouth. He held my cock gently in his mouth as it throbbed and wilted and then he cleaned up all the juices with his mouth and tongue.

I was overwhelmed. He wasn’t. “That was lovely! Now let’s see when we can make another appointment.” Conflicted by the fact that I had thoroughly enjoyed his sucking my cock and the feeling that I probably should not feel that way, I pulled up my shorts and pants, took the card with our next appointment on it and hurried home.

When I first got home, my wife asked how my dental appointment gone and I told her it went pretty well. I didn’t know what else to tell her. Later, we were in bed together fondling each other. Feeling a bit conflicted, I said, “I didn’t tell you everything that happened at the dentist’s office.”

“So, tell me!”

“Don’t be upset with me if I tell you,” I pleaded.

“I’d be upset if you didn’t tell me! Besides, what could you have possibly done that was that bad?”

“The dentist gave me a blow job! I was lying there in the dental chair and he sucked me off and I let him!”

My wife was instantly fascinated. “You what?”

“The dentist took my cock out and sucked me off! I didn’t do anything to stop him. I just lay there and let him suck me off. I had a huge orgasm. I hope you’re not upset with me!”

“No, I’m not upset. That sounds absolutely wild. Was he good? Was he as good at sucking cock as I am? Tell me all about it.”

I told her all the details and her pussy kept getting wetter and wetter and my cock kept getting harder and harder. When I told her how he had sucked up all my juices, she quickly went down on me and said, “We’ll see who’s a better cocksucker!” She has fantastic oral skills and it didn’t take long before I was popping off.

As we rested, she asked, “…and just exactly what did you do for him? Did you kiss his hot little weenie and make it pop for you?”

“No. I’ve thought about it. I guess I never was in a situation where I felt safe enough to try it. I didn’t want someone to think I was…funny.”

“That’s bullshit! When some guy sucks you off, don’t you think you ought to return the favor? Don’t you usually eat my pussy after I’ve sucked you off?”

“Of course I do. But with a guy I guess it seemed different.” I thought for a moment. “Are you saying that if a woman nibbled your pussy, you would feel that you should nibble her pussy, too?”

“Of course! I’d be wild to see if I could get her off as well as she got me off! I’ve always thought two women could really entertain each other that way and I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.”

“You really think I should have sucked him off?”

“I think you would have loved it! I know I’d love to see you working on some guy’s big hard on stuffed in your mouth!”

She went on to describe how exciting it was to suck cock and how satisfying it was to make a guy’s cock get frantic and pop and jerk and pump a load of hot come into her mouth. She told me about the different guys she’d sucked off, how their cocks were alike and how they were different. And she gave me the old line “they’re all good; some’s better!”

Even though she and I had told each other about all our sexual experiences, I kept getting hornier and hornier as she told me about the blowjobs she’d done and all the different places where she’d given guys blowjobs. She even told me about a party where, during the evening, she had slipped off one at a time with three different guys and sucked each one off. “By then, by tummy was full of hot come and my jaws were tired! But, it was wild!”

“Let me give you a lesson.” With that, she went down on me and told me step by step what she was doing with her mouth and her tongue and even her teeth. It was wild as I lay there watching her work on my cock and thinking about what it would be like to do the same for Charlie or for any other guy for that matter. When I couldn’t take it any more, I popped off again. She took all of my come in her mouth and slowly swallowed everything.

“God!” I thought. “That’s three orgasms in one evening!”

All week long I kept thinking about my next dental appointment. All week long, my wife kept talking about sucking cock, how much she enjoyed it, and how much she thought I would enjoy trying it. I don’t know why, but she was wild about the idea of my sucking cock and then telling her all about it. She kept telling me how sexy it was to feel a hard cock pulsing in your mouth and feel the hot come pumping out the head of the cock. She kept telling me how wild I would feel when I did it. I still was uncertain about whether or not I could do it or even if I should.

That night when I was getting ready to leave for my dental appointment, my wife grasped and rubbed my basket. “Now, you be a good boy and be sure and play fair.” She gave me a big wet kiss running her tongue all over my mouth. “When you get back,” she said, “I expect to taste a little come on your kiss!”

When I got to the dentist’s office, Charlie was polite and very cordial. “I’m delighted to see you again.” I got in the dental chair and he started working on a couple more little problems. When he was starting to finish up, I felt him bump against my arm and shoulder again and I was sure it wasn’t accidental. A little excited, I rubbed my hand against the front of his trousers and I was sure he was more than a little aroused. He ground his crotch against me and I rubbed his basket again.

I didn’t flinch when he reached down and started rubbing my cock and balls through my pants. I realized that I had been just waiting for him to make a move and had been excited by the prospects. The next time I felt him nudge me, I turned my head to find a nice big one-eyed trouser snake staring me in the face. He had taken his cock out of his pants and pointed it directly at my face. So I kissed it. It throbbed appreciatively. I gave it a big wet kiss and ran my tongue all around the head of his cock. It throbbed some more.

“The next oral procedure I have planned requires that the patient be completely unclothed,” he announced in a rather humorous way.

“And I assume that for the dentist to work effectively he must be unclothed as well,” I responded.

“Without consulting a medical text, I would say that that sounds about right.”

We both undressed, carefully folding our clothes and setting them on the counter. I was anxious to get a really good look at his equipment—up close and personal–and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when he took off his shorts and I could see him. His cock was erect and he had a nice thick patch of hair that set off his “tools” but didn’t run all over his belly. I realized I was getting very horny looking at him and my cock twitched in anticipation.

“Would you like to be the patient or the doctor?” he asked.

“Me first or you first?” I thought.

“I think I’d like to give you the treatment you need.” I surprised myself, but I did feel ready to do it. After listening to my wife tell me how exciting it was to suck cock, I desperately wanted to find out for myself. He lay back in the dentist’s chair and I pulled the rolling stool up as close to his crotch as I could. I was right above him. Taking his cock in hand, I gave the head another lick and felt his cock throb. I licked around it like a lollipop working the ridge of his crown. His cock quickly became harder and he murmured, “Oooooh! That’s nice!”

When I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock, he humped a little and a couple of inches of his hard on slipped into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around and soon he was slowly fucking in and out of my mouth. I found the whole thing very exciting; my cock was hard and dripping and I continued to increase the length of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I could feel his cock begin throbbing and I knew he was going to pop off and I wanted all of it so I could tell my wife that I’d really gotten him off.

Pretty soon his cock began to throb. His come was hot and there was a lot of it. I had tasted my own come when I was a kid playing with myself, so I wasn’t at all surprised by the taste. As his cock lost its tumescence, I let it slip out and drape over his belly. “Is this your first time?” he asked. “I find that hard to believe. That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve had. Now, let me take care of you.” We switched places.

Needless to say, it didn’t take very long before I was popping my load in his mouth. When I regained my composure, I started to get dressed. “What do you think about having another round?

“I’d love to, but I have to get home. My wife is waiting, you see.”

“Waiting to see what you’ve gotten yourself into? You’re not going to be in trouble are you?”

“No. She’s waiting to see if I like sucking cock as much as she does. And, I guess I do.”

When I got home, my wife was waiting for me….lying naked on our bed slowly fondling herself. “Well,” she said. “Did ‘snookums’ get a little hot cock to kiss and suck and play with?”

I slipped out of my clothes and joined her on the bed. “What do you think?” as I gave her a wet soul kiss.

“Oooooh!” she said. “I taste come! You really did suck the guy off, didn’t you?”

“Indeedydo! I may just have to do it again some time.”

“Ummm! The makes me hot. Be a good little cocksucker and tell me all about it!”

As she played with my cock, I told her all the details I could remember. By the time I’d finished my recitation, we were both so hot we merged into a frantic 69 and ate each other into wild orgasms. As we relaxed, I asked her “So, you won’t be jealous if I have a few more dental appointments…and suck Charlie’s cock a few more times?”

“Not as long as you keep telling me all the fun things the two of you do together.”

I kept my weekly appointments for “dental work” and Charlie and I kept finding other ways to entertain each other. He wasn’t into anal stuff and neither was I, so we didn’t try fucking each other. We kept trading blowjobs and doing 69’s and gobbling each other’s come. We’d get naked and do it in the dental chair; we’d do it on the sofa in the office; we’d do it on the floor of the office.

I got off sucking his cock until he was just about ready to pop. And then I would let his cock lie flat of my tongue. I would slowly tickle the tender spot on the bottom of the head of his cock until it would start twitching and spitting and spewing hot come into my mouth and over my lips until it was dripping and running down all over. When the throbbing slowed, I would enclose his cock with my mouth and suck up all the juices that were left.

I especially enjoyed lying flat on the floor while he crouched over me with his cock and balls dangling over my face. I would nibble his cock and lick all around his scrotum and take his balls in my mouth one at a time, and suck until he started squirting off, his come spurting all over my face and dribbling all over as I tried to catch his throbbing cock in my mouth

My enjoyment of sucking Charlie’s cock continued to grow and my technique continued to improve, but that didn’t mean that I lost interest in getting it on with my wife. As a matter of fact, she and I drew closer as we talked about what had become weekly “appointments” with Charlie. Each time when I got home I’d tell her what we had done and then she and I would have a wild evening.

One time, she said, “I’d love to see you with your mouth full of Charlie’s cock. Do you think he’d let me come watch? I think it would be wild to watch him popping off and his come dribbling out of your mouth. I’d be so fucking hot that I’d want to do all kinds of things with the two of you.”

“I don’t know why not. Do you want me to ask him?” The idea turned me on, too.


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