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Night in Need

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He lay beside her, lost in a trance. Her fingernails trailed gently across his skin, so light it sent shivers up his spine. He lay as if dead, transfixed by the thrill of her touch. That entrancing touch, which left him helpless against her will. She continued to draw lazy, slow circles up and down his chest, gently grazing sensitive pierced nipples, running lusciously through a sprinkling of soft hair.

Up one arm, across his throat, enthralling him as she floated across not a day’s worth of stubble, sliding down the other arm to play across his palm as she leaned down to kiss his waiting lips.

He trembled and sighed, relishing every caress, every stroke, every nibble. The sensation was agony! And she well knew it. Struggling to maintain control, he fought against his own desire to throw her down and ravish her wildly. Her fingernails trailed teasingly close to what already ached for her, pushing his control almost to its limit.

Nudging her aside, he wrapped her legs around his waist and began returning her attentions in kind. He trailed his fingers gently up and down her arms, across her fingers, just barely missing already peaked nipples and driving her mad. Tangling her fingers in his hair, she pulled him in to taste his lips, whimpering softly in her urgency. Fingers slid between her legs, causing her to tremble and moan. He teased her gently, feeling the sharp intake of breath as she gasped, so close her lips brushed his neck.

She rolled him gently onto his back and began to kiss his skin lightly, leaving slow patterns of ecstasy across his shoulders, drawing lines down his chest and dragging her tongue across those unerringly sensitive rings. She suppressed a chuckle as he arched his back into her eager mouth, taking in the salty sweetness of his skin. His fingers clutched the nape of her neck, dragging nails across her shoulders, causing her body to arch in kind, colliding with his. He reached up and tugged on her hair, letting it fall from its neat bun to a wild frenzy of red curls, loving how they tickled his cheeks and chest.

Her desperation was becoming more than she could bear. Would he have her this time? Would he make her beg? If it came to that, she knew she would, and happily. Slowly, she slid a leg across his stomach, straddling him and kissing him softly. She wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want, but her whole body ached for him in a way she couldn’t ignore. She lowered herself down upon him and began to rock her hips—ever so slightly, barely noticeable—letting her slickness glide across his length. He reached up and pulled her mouth into his, nibbling on her lip and refusing to let go. How much more of her touch he could bear, he didn’t know. But he was coming dangerously close to the point of no return.

She began to rock progressively harder, pressing her throbbing flesh against his. He groaned, digging his fingernails into her back and causing her to move more quickly in her desperation. It had to be soon, before she lost all control. “Please, Sir.” It was a plea more than a request—he could feel her need to rival his. Almost inaudible, she heard “okay.” That was all she needed. She slid down upon him, gasping at the much-longed-for pain of him driving into her. She tried to maintain calm, but it was no use. Her hips bucked purely of their own volition, driving him into her as far as she could. He groped at her aching breasts, squeezing them tight and suckling torturously on them. She bit her lip against the cries building up inside her, striving hard not to wake the other residents.

She had no idea how much she’d needed such release—it was only moments before her body began to convulse as wave upon wave of orgasm shook her to her very roots. Amid gasped whispers of “oh, God”, she managed to push herself up to sit, driving him into her still further. He moaned helplessly and continued to dig his fingernails into her heated flesh, succumbing to her will. He could feel the squeeze of her muscles orgasming around him, driving him over the edge. Slamming into her as hard as he could, he let go, releasing an orgasm to match hers. She rode him until he was spent, panting and kissing his cheek.

Utterly exhausted, she let herself collapse against his still heaving chest. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her kisses, nearly passed out from exertion. Finally, she disentangled her limbs from his, kissing him softly and slipping back into her clothes, before tiptoeing quietly back to her room. As she left, he thought he heard her whisper, “thank you Sir.”

But perhaps it was only the breeze.

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