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Opening the Cabinet

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Bethany put the girls to bed. Then she went downstairs to the living room to watch television. She began to feel bored. It was only eight o’clock, and Mrs Boxwell wasn’t expected home until ten or later. She sighed. After flipping through the channels, she put down the remote and went into the kitchen. On the counter she found a set of keys. Curious, she wondered what they were all for. Just eighteen, a senior in high school, Bethany considered herself a good student and always the good girl.

But tonight she was feeling restless for some reason. Knowing she shouldn’t do it, she went to the liquor cabinet and tried each key in turn. Sure enough one of the keys turned the lock. Inside were bottles of tequila, rum, vodka. Excited, she poured a small amount of vodka into a glass and tasted it. It was awful! But then she remembered that adults put something with it: she poured orange juice into it and that made the vodka more tolerable. She returned to the living room and watched TV. Her cellphone rang. She went to her purse to get it. It was her friend Lissy.


“Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing. I’m babysitting tonight.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“But why don’t you come over…” Bethany giggled.


“I did something bad.”


“Just come over.”

Lissy was there in ten minutes. Olive-skinned with long black hair, she was part Mexican and Indian. She had been friends with Bethany since they were in grade school together. She came in, smiling her radiant smile that made her so popular in school.

“Well? What is it?”

“I got into Mrs Boxwell’s liquor. I know I shouldn’t have, but…”


“So do you want a drink?” Bethany giggled.

Lissy smiled, cheeks dimpling. “All right. Sure.”

“Go sit on the couch. I’ll make it for you.”

Bethany was already feeling tipsy and a little light-headed. But that didn’t stop her from mixing another drink for herself. Knowing that Lissy had more experience with drinking than she did, she put an extra amount of vodka in the drink–but she left enough in the bottle that she hoped that Mrs Boxwell wouldn’t notice that any was missing.

“Here you go.”


They watched TV and drank. They laughed at a sitcom and then a show on MTV. Then came a show called NEXT about dating, but it had only girls. One girl chose among other girls for her date.

“This is weird.”

“She’s pretty hot, though.”

“Lissy!” Bethany looked at her friend. “Is it true? Lissy is a lezzy?”

“Shut up!”

They punched each other. After watching for a while longer, Lissy took off her sweater.

“This is getting hot,” she said.

“This is? What, you or the room?”

Lissy looked at her friend. “Have you even kissed a boy, Bethany?”

“Of course I have!” But Bethany was lying. Her face was red.

“I don’t care. I was just wondering…”

They were silent for a long moment. Finally, putting down her empty glass, Lissy spoke again.

“You want to try it?”


“You know. Kissing. I could teach you some things.”

Bethany felt her heart beat hard. She wanted to kiss her friend, but she was scared. What if people found out? She remembered being very young and seeing girls kiss each other and her friend at the time said ewwwh, it was gross! And ever since then Bethany thought her friend was right. But now that Lissy was on the couch with her, why not? Who would know? Or maybe it was vodka talking…

“Come on. It’s just us. Who cares? I’m not a lezzie. And you’re not either.”



Smiling, Lissy leaned in. Bethany could smell her friend’s alcoholic breath. Then her lips touched hers. They were soft; the upper lip grazed Bethany’s lower lip. The kiss ended.

“That wasn’t much. Is that how you’re going to kiss David?”

“Shut up! No. Just…”

“Well, come on.”

Lissy, becoming more aggressive, leaned in and kissed her friend with her mouth open. Resisting at first, Bethany finally opened her mouth and felt her friend’s tongue enter her mouth. She pulled back, feeling dizzy, but Lissy kept at it. Her body was close to Bethany’s. Then the kiss ended.

“Mmm. This is good. You’re good!”

Bethany blushed. “Thanks.”

Lissy kissed her again, and this time Bethany, emboldened by her friend’s compliment, put her tongue in her friend’s mouth.


Lissy put a hand on Bethany’s arm; then the hand moved to Bethany’s breasts. The hand felt them and kneaded them as they continued to kiss. Bethany moaned; she had given up resisting. Everything was feeling too good. And if they happened to do something wrong, well… what did it matter? She was thinking these thoughts as Lissy’s hand cupped her right breast when both girls heard a sound. It was a throat being cleared. Someone was in the room!

“What’s going on here?”

It was Mrs Boxwell! Home early from her meeting, she stood behind the couch where the girls sat, arms folded. In her late thirties, she had long blonde hair, gold earrings, and a youthful face. But the youth in her face was currently severe and angry.

“Well? Who is this in my house, Bethany?”

“I… It’s my friend… Uh, I’m so sorry!”

“It looks like I might have to tell your parents.”

Mrs Boxwell walked around the couch. It was then that she saw the opened liquor bottle.

“Oh, that’s perfect! And you got into my cabinet! Is this what I’m paying you for, to get drunk and bring your friends over?!”

“I’m so sorry, Mrs Boxwell. Please… please… I…”

“It’s not her fault,” Lissy said. “I made her do it.”

Mrs Boxwell took up the vodka bottle and aimed a narrow look at Lissy.

“Oh, you made her, huh? And what is your name?”

“Lissy Madsen.”

“Well, Lissy, did you make her kiss you as well?”

Both girls blushed. Mrs Boxwell smiled.

“I think I’ll need to call both your parents. Yours too, Lissy.”

The girls protested. They promised they would never do it again. Lissy several times offered herself for punishment, that it was all her fault.

“Okay, Lissy.” Mrs Boxwell smiled and sat down on the easy chair. “You seem very eager for punishment.”

“Well… I…” Lissy trailed off in confusion.

“I won’t tell your parents–”

“Oh, thank you!”

“If you do as I say.”

“Oh, anything!”

“Did you enjoy kissing Bethany?”

Lissy looked at Bethany, and then back at Mrs Boxwell. She smiled nervously, sweeping her black hair behind her ear.

“I guess so,” she said. “Yeah.”

“Well, why don’t you go back to doing that. Go on. I’ll watch from here.”

Bethany was scared. But her friend again leaned in and the two started to kiss, both feeling painfully self-conscious. Was Mrs Boxwell making fun of them?

“You can kiss better than that. I saw it earlier. Come on. Lissy, open your mouth more.”

The girls started to French kiss. After a while, Mrs Boxwell stopped them.

“Okay, that was good. Did you like that?”

Wiping her mouth, Lissy nodded. Bethany also nodded, not understanding what was happening.

“Mrs Boxwell, I’m so sorry about what I did. But… Can I go home now?”

Mrs Boxwell laughed. “I don’t think so, honey. Unless you’d like me to tell your parents about your drinking and that you kiss girls. Would you like that?”

A strange paralysis settled over Bethany. She shook her head sadly. What else could she do?

“Good. Now, Lissy, take off your clothes. Go on. Stand up and undress.”

“Oh, Mrs Boxwell…!”

“I have the phone right here, you know.”

Lissy stood up and unbuttoned her shirt. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Bethany watched her friend strip as if in a dream. Lissy stood in her white bra and white panties. She had a long, flat stomach and beautiful legs, her toes painted red.

“Okay, everything. Come on.”

Lissy obeyed. She unhooked her bra and let it fall, revealing small breasts with brown nipples. Bethany gasped. She was getting excited without wanting to. Then the underwear came off, and she saw her friend’s gorgeous black-haired pussy.

“Turn around. Very good. Now, Bethany? Get up. It’s your turn.”

Bethany undressed. She knew it was no good protesting. She was soon as naked as her friend. Both girls looked at each other shyly. Bethany had freckled shoulders and larger breasts with pink nipples and a brown-haired pussy with puffy lips. Mrs Boxwell continued to sit and smile.

“Very good. Now, Bethany, why don’t you lick your friend’s breast. Go on.”

“I can’t… Please…”

“You will.”

Moaning slightly, Bethany stooped and swiped her tongue across Lissy’s breast. When her tongue hit the nipple Lissy jumped.

“Don’t stop. Suck on the nipple.”

Bethany sucked on her friend’s hard nipple. She became more excited as she heard Lissy moan. She sucked it and then the other.

“Very good.”

Mrs Boxwell had stood. She went up behind Lissy and took her arms and tied them with a silk scarf.

“There. I want to see you like this. It’s part of your punishment.”

Lissy, startled, stood with her arms tied tightly behind her back. Bethany stopped sucking and looked up, scared.

“Why are you doing this?” Lissy said.

“Just hush. Now, Bethany, sit on the chair there with your legs spread.”

Bethany did so, shyly opening her legs.

“Further. There you go.” Mrs Boxwell and Lissy stood looking at the naked girl. “It’s a lovely sight, isn’t it. Have you ever eaten pussy before, Lissy?”

Lissy shook her head. She was trembling and breathing hard. “No… I… don’t know if…”

“It’s okay. Just relax. Now, get on your knees. There you go. And put your face down… Mm, like that. Yes.”

Lissy was on her knees before Bethany, arms tied behind her. She leaned forward and kissed the pussy. Bethany sat rigid in terror. Her friend put out her tongue and started to lick across the top hairs and then worked her way into the wet puffy folds.

“That’s it. There you go.”

The TV was off and all that was heard in the room was the sounds of Lissy sucking and slurping on the pussy. Bethany shut her eyes and moaned. It felt so good. She couldn’t believe any of it was happening, and she didn’t want it to feel so good, but she couldn’t help it. Opening her eyes again, she saw her friend’s cute face between her legs. She groaned and ran her fingers through Lissy’s long black hair.

“Tell her you like it,” she heard Mrs Boxwell say.

“Um, I like it. Yes. That’s good. Ummmm…”

Lissy sucked on the clit and worked her tongue up and down the wet pussy. She licked for a good ten minutes until Bethany felt the most incredible feeling build inside her. She was coming. Her hips bucked, once and then several times, as an orgasm ripped through her. She held her friend close to her pussy, jamming her crotch into her slurping tongue. Then she slowed and released Lissy’s head.

“Oh. That’s was amazing.”

Lissy looked up, smiling with her dimples, cum glistening on her lips and chin. The girls had been unaware that Mrs Boxwell had undressed. She now sat on the couch, naked, her large breasts and her brown-haired pussy revealed.

“Say you are a pussy licker, Lissy,” Mrs Boxwell said.

Lissy sighed.

“Say it.”

“I am a pussy licker,” Lissy said, looking down at the floor.

“Good. Now come over here and eat my pussy. And then when you get done with mine, I want you to eat Bethany’s pussy again. You understand? I want you to do a good job. Say it again. Say you like to eat pussy.”

“I like to eat pussy.” Lissy groaned, her lips wet, as she crawled on her knees over to Mrs Boxwell. When she was close, Mrs Boxwell grabbed her by the hair and pulled the unresisting girl into her pussy. Lissy opened her mouth wide and sucked.

“That’s good. That’s a good pussy licker.”

Mrs Boxwell was already very wet, and Lissy’s active tongue drank in and slurped down the pussy juice. She licked the older woman’s clit, groaning as Mrs Boxwell pulled the girl’s face tight into her pussy.

“Mmm. That’s it. Eat it good, now.”

Bethany watched in fascination. She couldn’t help touch herself as her pretty friend was on her knees with her arms tied behind her, eating Mrs Boxwell’s pussy. What got her even more turned on was the fact that she was going to eat her pussy again. I am a pussy licker. She knew it was wrong, probably, but she couldn’t help the feeling. Her stomach trembled in anticipation.

After fifteen minutes, Lissy’s face bobbing at the cunt, Mrs Boxwell started to buck against Lissy’s face.

“Unnnggh! Fuck yes!”

Slobber and cum were strung from Lissy’s face. She looked up at Mrs Boxwell as she came down from her orgasm.

“Very nice,” Mrs Boxwell said. “Now, back to your friend. She’s ready for you again, I’m sure…”

Lissy crawled back to her friend. Bethany wanted to tell her no, she didn’t have to, but her throat was dry, the words stuck in her mouth; she merely watched as Lissy bent forward and aimed her tongue at Bethany’s clit.

“Oh, God!”

Bethany arched her back. Her pussy was very wet and sensitive, and the way Lissy was loudly sucking on her pussy was driving her crazy.

“Oh, you are a good pussy licker,” Bethany said, not believing the words coming out of her mouth. She grabbed a handful of Lissy’s hair. “That’s so good. That’s good. Mmm, yes…”

Bethany prolonged her orgasm. She was enjoying too much the sight of Lissy licking pussy. It was so beautiful. Lissy’s nose was buried in her pussy hair and her eyes fluttered as she breathed hard and moaned and slurped. Finally, Bethany couldn’t stand it anymore. She had a big orgasm.

“That’s it! That’s it! Oh, God, shit, aaaahhh!”

Lissy continued to tenderly lick at the fluids oozing out of Bethany’s pussy, kissing and slurping, until Bethany gently pushed her friend back. The girls looked around to see Mrs Boxwell come down the stairs. She had left, and now she was carrying something.

“The kids are fast asleep,” Mrs Boxwell said. “You did a good job there, at least.”

Then she took out an object from a box. Mrs Boxwell smirked at the wondering girls.

“Have you ever seen a strap-on?”

The girls shook their heads.

“Well, I’m going to fuck you with this. Lissy! Did I say you could stop licking Bethany’s pussy? Do it, you little bitch!”

Mrs Boxwell went over and pushed Lissy back into Bethany’s pussy. Lissy groaned loudly, but then went back to licking. Bethany moaned, not sure how much more she could take. She watched dreamily as Mrs Boxwell fastened the buckle on the strap-on, the long pink penis sticking straight out, and then positioned herself behind Lissy.

“Ass up, honey.”

Lissy paused in her pussy licking to arch her back and bring her pussy higher. Her arms were still tied. Mrs Boxwell leaned a hand on the girl’s back and carefully pushed the penis into the girl. Lissy let out a surprised cry and then a long moan as the strap-on went into her.

“There. That’s good,” Mrs Boxwell said.

She pushed it all the way in.

“Oh God!”

Lissy shut her eyes and grimaced. But then the pain lessened as Mrs Boxwell swung her hips at her, slowly fucking her and then increasing her speed. Lissy went back to eating pussy as she was getting fucked. Mrs Boxwell grabbed at the girl’s hair.

“Mmm, that’s it. That’s it! You little bitch!”

Bethany had another orgasm, despite her friend merely moving her mouth and face over her pussy. Finally, Mrs Boxwell pulled out, and Lissy groaned.

“There!” Mrs Boxwell said, out of breath. “I hope you girls learned a lesson from this.”

She untied Lissy’s restraint. As they dressed again, the girls promised never to tell anyone what had happened.

“Oh, I’m sure you won’t.”

Mrs Boxwell held up her cell phone. She had taken pictures without the girls knowing–pictures of Lissy naked, and Bethany naked, and Lissy eating her friend’s pussy. The girls were shocked. Mrs Boxwell smiled.

“I think you will come back tomorrow night,” she said. “This time we’ll see how good Bethany is at licking pussy.”

The girls could only agree.

To be continued….

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