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Rachel On The Rebound

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A pretty young woman is jilted by her intended lover and ends up drunk and in the arms of a man old enough to be her father. A long sensuous and erotic story that teases and unfolds sexily.

It was 2am she was more drunk than she had been since she was a teenager and the friendly goodnight kiss had escalated to a long passionate embrace. Rachel wondered how her evening had brought her here. She had planned to have sex tonight, but not with this man and certainly not here in the car outside her apartment.

She felt horny as hell, the sweet pink hipster bikini panties she had worn to seduce Paul grew damp in anticipation. She found herself sinking into the passion of his sweet breathless kisses. Found her tongue exploring his mouth wantonly. She enjoyed his polite restraint knowing he wanted to run his hands over her small firm breasts. Knowing the lump in his pants was straining at the seams of his designer label suit pants. He was almost shaking with lust. The hem of her halter necked dress had slid upwards revealing a hint of her panties and the fact that she had deliberately not adjusted it would be enough signal to most younger men that she was aching to be touched.

‘Don’t you want to touch me?’ She panted between mouthfuls of wet lips and tongue.

“More than anything I do, but I just didn’t want to take advantage of you, I mean I’m almost twice your age and…’ His conversation was swallowed by the passion of her kisses and he moved a tentative hand to the soft silk halter that stretched tightly across her braless breast. He felt her petite mound warm beneath his touch and the nipple respond to his fingers tracing an outline and pinching. She moaned appreciatively as his nimble fingers teased each nipple to their proud erect position straining at the sheer silk that stretched over them. He slid one hand inside the slit between them and beneath the fabric and clutched urgently at her soft silken skin. Her small round firm breasts were quite the most exquisite he had ever felt. Everything about her was divine. Barely 22 years old 5’4″ tall slender, curvaceous, with silken shoulder length honey blond hair an angelic visage punctuated by clear blue eyes and full red lips. The lips he could not pull himself away from.

It had been almost two years since Sean had had sex. He had suffered a messy divorce 3 years earlier, which left him emotionally shattered. The last sex he had was with an Asian prostitute on a business trip and he had ejaculated virtually the moment she had touched him. This was his greatest fear now too. The hard on struggling inside his pants was already throbbing and he was shaking from the pleasure of being with her. Here he was at 43 years old deep in adolescent necking in a car outside her house wondering whether he was going to cream his pants. He wanted to touch her more she had indicated she wanted to be touched. The miniscule piece of silk hem that had barely covered her panty-line had slid up long ago and his furtive glances at her hot little panties had only brought encouraging smiles and giggles from her.

Rachel enjoyed the effect she was having on him. As pretty as she was younger men seemed to take her looks for granted and push to fuck her or encourage her to go down on them as soon as she indicated she would let them. Sean was different. He was almost twice her age and so polite it was almost impossible to seduce him. She wasn’t sure she wanted to have sex with him. Well, maybe not here in the car. She didn’t know why she was kissing him at all. Only that she was drunk and horny and he was sweet and polite and she knew the power of her flirting with him had. It made her feel powerful when a short time ago she had felt jilted and powerless. It made her feel unbelievably wanted when she had felt rejected. The evening had started out normally. She had been dating Paul a handsome 25-year old salesman from the advertising agency where she worked in PR. They had dated a few times and Rachel had waited for four or five dates before she let the heavy petting escalate to fondling and finally mutual masturbation. Tonight however had been ‘the night’ she had planned to invite him into her apartment knowing her flat mate was away from the weekend and they would make love all weekend and it would be romantic and passionate and everything she imagined.

She was a fool to confide in Candice, the ‘vacuous office bike’ someone had called her unkindly. There had been some competition between the pretty PR girls to date Paul and the frequency of Rachel’s dates with him seemed to indicate to all of the girls that he was her property. The celebratory company party where the partners treated the employees to a meal and reception at a 5 star hotel was a great opportunity for her to spend time with Paul and then return to her place for a weekend of feverent lovemaking. Rachel had worn her sexiest slinkiest dress. A hot pink skin-tight silk halter that gathered her small pert round breasts into a sumptuous cleavage that drew longing gazes from every man and daggers from the executive wives. Their gazes were not confined to her tits but scanned lasciviously down her petite hourglass shape, pausing to admire her firm round ass and then flickering eagerly across her slender shapely legs. The tight pink dress hugging her form like a second skin stretched tightly over her curves and ending with the slightest whisper of hem covering her panties. Rachel was one hot angel in a tight dress and Paul was the lucky man who was getting the ride to heaven.

The outfit had seemed to work when Paul picked her up. He couldn’t keep his hands off her. The kiss at the door when he arrived had evolved into a grinding session where his rapid pan t growth was pressed urgently against her as he slid his hand beneath the tight hem and felt her warm silk clad buns. Rachel would have almost let him slide her panties aside and let him do her there in the doorway, had they not been already late for the reception. She nibbled his ear and fondled his cock gently as they drove. She had brought him to orgasm several times the last time they dated with her nimble fingers but this time she just wanted to tease and save his thick cock for her hot wet pussy.

‘God you are a tease, you’re lucky I’m such a Fucking gentleman Rach’ or I’d pull over and fuck the daylights out of you right now.’ He moaned.

‘Maybe later! If you are good boy, I might let you.’ She broke off and whispered in his ear.

‘ My Pussy is sooo wet don’t you want to feel it?’ Rachel panted sexily into his ear.

He took one hand from the wheel and deftly slid it beneath the stretch of hem to her panties and found her clit and began massaging it through the sheer panties feeling the dampness grow and her breathing become more rapid as his nimble fingers brought her to a shiver quickly enough to show how eager she was for him to continue. Rachel was quick to orgasm or maybe it was just that he was such a good lover. It had been on the second date that he had brought her off more than half a dozen times until she was a shivering mass of wetness. He would usually have fucked her then and there but she insisted they wait until they knew each other better. She would not have resisted had he pushed it a bit even then but he thought she was worth waiting for and besides it made it more of a conquest, more erotic, like doing a virgin. She was the prettiest thing he had been with for some time and he wanted to take his time and enjoy her sumptuous curves and build her up to a frenzy before slipping his ample manhood into her. He knew she would be the kind that screamed the house down as he fucked her. She had already shown how vocal she was as he masturbated her and fingered her g spot. He liked ‘screamers’ they reassured him that his handsome good looks and athletic physique was turning them on while his foreplay technique made them beg for it. He wanted Rachel to beg for it. Every guy in the office from the CEO down would like to be where he was tonight with this hot, horny blond babe writing beneath his touch and cooing sexily in his ear as she fondled his thick cock inside his pants.

They had both had to re construct their clothing and regain their composure before entering the party. They walked in hand in hand and Paul enjoyed the admiring and lustful glances of the males in the room and the daggers of the females as their partners tried to distract them from Rachel’s exquisite physique and angelic countenance. She lit the room with her smile and ignited the fantasies of every male who saw her. The quiet middle-aged partner Sean Smithers looked uncomfortably nervous as the couple approached him to talk. Paul was one of his better young sales staff. He was good but his arrogance and self-assuredness left him a little cold and perhaps jealous too. He was as successful with women as he was with business. He was not sure what the pretty country girl saw in him except perhaps his good looks and self confidence. He was a prick but he didn’t know why she didn’t see through him.

Sean liked Rachel and he had taken a very fatherly like interest in her since she had come to the city and taken the job, she was a similar age to his own daughter. He liked her sweet honesty and altruistic. She was pretty, very pretty but not full of her self. Generous with time and friendly to all, warm and understanding too. He liked her almost as much as he despised Paul’s arrogance. The thought of that dickhead taking advantage of her sweet nature and yeah he had to admit it getting to fuck such a hot little babe was almost too much to bear. They made pleasant pseudo business conversation and enquired about families and eventually Paul excused himself to hunt down some drinks to return with cocktails for both. Sean could see he was aiming to get her shit-faced drunk so he could get into her pants. The couple drifted apart and Paul began to work the room. He was angling for a promotion and knew that if he flattered the boss’s wives and kept them amused he would be able to position himself more easily. It was when Candice arrived that he disappeared.

Candice was in her mid twenties and quite a nice looking girl with large 38C tits that drew attention to her tall slender figure. She was disproportionate really skinny babe with bottle blond hair and huge tits. But she knew how much guys liked her big tits and consistently had them on display. She liked sex and it was well known that almost every guy in the office had had her in some way, even the older executives had been rumoured to have slept with her or had one of her famous head jobs in their office. Tonight she was dressed in black. A short tight hipster leather skirt, her diamond studs glistening in her navel and a see through black gauze top that covered a black satin bra that lifted and pressed her ample breasts into twin flesh mountains of cleavage exposed. Her wild bottle platinum blond streaming about her shoulders looking like she had already spent the last few hours screwing someone. She was partnerless and came across to Sean and Rachel to chat for a few minutes before disappearing for a drink.

Rachel enjoyed talking to Sean he was a sweet guy. One of the few that had not tried to put the hard word on her or get into her pants. He was a good-looking guy, distinguished and intelligent not unlike her own father. He was trim and fit for his age and had really understood when she had first moved from the small country town where she had grown up. He had protected her from office wolves and been there to talk to when she felt lonely. Strange someone so pretty could be lonely but not many people realise that lots of pretty girls are because the nice guys are often too shy to talk to them and some girls see them as competition. There had certainly been a competition between Rachel and Candice to get Paul but Rachel felt that she was now triumphant and he would be hers forever after tonight. She thought maybe she felt that spark the one everyone talked about when they were in love. She certainly felt horny around him.

The drinks kept coming and Paul popped back to see her over the night frequently and they slipped into anterooms to kiss and fondle occasionally to keep the spark in between his jaunts to dazzle the wives of executives. Rachel was feeling quite drunk and was dying for a pee so she navigated her way tottering on her hi heels towards a bathroom. As she approached it she heard Paul’s voice coming from a small room beyond the bathroom.

‘ Oh God they are sooo beautiful Mmmmmm, yeah that’s good Mmmmmm.’

Rachel crept toward the doorway and peered through the crack. Paul was standing and kneeling at his waist level was a woman in black who unsnapped her bra and let her large tits bounce before him as he moaned appreciatively. When she had loosened her bra she returned her hand to his open fly where Paul’s huge cock stood fully erect. She slid her hand over it expertly and guided the tip to her large erect nipples as he groaned appreciatively. Rachel wanted to burst in on them and tell them what she thought of them but she was dumbstruck with rage. Candice slid her red lips over the length of his shaft smearing it with redness. Her eager tongue lapped at every inch of his flesh making him super hard and throbbing. Then she took a deep breath and began to suck him wildly as she pumped his shaft with one hand and ran her fingernails across his swollen balls. She was good at this and Paul knew he was being blown by a professional, he let his eyes roll back into his head and revelled in the shower of wetness that covered his distorted cock and the exquisite motion of her hot wet mouth sucking at his cock. She squeezed his cock between her tits and greeted the tip with her sucking as the throbbing reached a climax.

‘Do you want to cum all over my tits Pauley? You like my tits don’t you honey want to give me your cream. Mmmmmm you are excited cum on my tits babe…’

Rachel didn’t wait for the explosion that followed. Tears filled her eyes as she ran clinking on her heels to the bathroom. The sound of Paul moaning and the muffled Candice’s drunken giggles as he sprayed her huge tits with his cum. Rachel sat in the cubicle sobbing for half an hour. She heard Candice come into the bathroom to clean herself up and silently sat on the toilet her sweet panties around her ankles until she plucked up enough courage to go back into the party. It was late now and the party had thinned considerably. She avoided Paul’s attempts to get her attention and headed straight towards the bar to get a strong drink then found her old friend Sean talking with another office clerk. She sculled the drink in one gulp and cornered a waiter to give her two more and began flirting with Sean.

Sean was glad of the vivacious but drunk company after a long conversation with one of the most boring accounts clerks in the place. Paul made his way over to them and put his hand on her waist only to have her push him away.

‘Hey Rach’ maybe we should head home soon?’ he ventured feeling like he wanted to make two conquests in the one night.

‘Why don’t you go home with that over sized pair of tits on legs, leave me alone! She stammered.

Across the room Candice was already in another guys arms kissing him and giggling loudly. Paul looked uncomfortable and tried to take Rachel by the arm and lead her away.

‘Don’t you touch me you two timing bastard I saw you with her go away!’ She squealed and then burst into tears and fell into Sean’s comforting arms.

Paul looked shocked and stammered something unintelligible that included the phrase ‘professional tease’ and slunk away crestfallen as Sean realised what had just happened. Just as he had suspected Paul was not good enough for the gentle angelic creature that he held in his arms. She continued to sob between feeble outbursts of abusive language that included the words bastard and Paul in every phrase. Sean stoked her silken hair and held her as she cried and eventually calmed.

‘ Can I offer you a lift home Rachel I think you probably need a safe escort you look a little tired and a lot drunk’?

Rachel nodded between her sobs and gathered her belongings and stumbled on her stilettos towards the car park supported by Sean. Who held her around her waist her arms across his shoulder? As they staggered down the stairs her dress rose up revealing her delicious panties and long shapely legs. Sean had to suppress his delight as he helped her towards his BMW. He had already been treated to a feast of flesh as he stared innocently down her top as she clutched him in tears but the sight of her curvaceous thighs and firm round buns with hot pink silk stretched across them made his heart pound almost audibly. He fumbled with his keys and unlocked the passenger side door and helped her into her seat. The dress which had risen so high as she had walked beside him with his hand supporting her waist slid up past her waist as she sat down and he made an effort to smooth it down beneath her as he sat her paralytically drunk form into the seat. She smiled as he struggled to pull her hem over her panties and looked at him in a different way he thought.

A smile flickered across her face and she brightened up a little as he clicked in her seat belt.

” I wish I had a boyfriend like you. You are so sweet and considerate.’

Sean felt himself blush.

‘You’re a bit drunk Rachel, I’m not so nice when a woman is sober so my ex wife told me time and time again.’

Sean entered the driver’s side door and buckled himself in and started the car. He glanced over and noticed that the dress he had smoothed down over her panties had risen again. Not necessarily by accident. Maybe she was a major tease as Paul had intimated in his feeble defence. She leaned across to him and kissed his cheek sweetly.

‘Some women don’t know what they got ’til its gone. ‘ She cooed.

‘That bastard Paul was going to get everything I could give him tonight. Do you know what it’s like to feel this damn horny and know you are going home alone?’

Seam glanced again at the wilting flower beside him. Her luscious body slumped in the seat. Her sexy little panties on display, her sumptuous feast of small pert breasts leaning over towards him the increasingly amorous kisses on his neck again. He managed to extract her address from her and let her slump semi comatose in her seat babbling about bastard men and constantly saying ‘present company excluded of course’ and ‘You really are such a sweetie. I wish you were my boyfriend’ Sean tried to concentrate on his driving as he sped cautiously towards her apartment more than occasionally glancing at her veritable feast of flesh. He was conscious how much she aroused him. He struggled with the ‘She’s the same age as my daughter’ scenario but found himself growing hard each time he glanced at her luscious form. He dare not imagine touching her let alone making love to her, but each time she kissed his neck or muttered incoherently in his ear he felt his ardour rise and his imagination run wild. He wanted her and yet he knew it was bad for him to have an affair with and employee, bad to be with someone so young, bad to take advantage of a young women on the rebound, bad to take advantage of her in her current state of inebriation and melancholy. He pulled up outside her apartment block and wondered whether he would need to carry her to her door.

‘Do you think I’m pretty Sean?’ she said through slurred speech.

‘You are the most beautiful girl I have ever driven home drunk.’ He said truthfully.

‘ I mean do you… you know… want me…?’

‘ There wouldn’t be a man alive that wouldn’t Rachel but I am trying to be a gentleman and not take advantage of you. Do you want me to help you up to your apartment?’

Rachel didn’t reply she unsnapped her seatbelt and leaned across and kissed him on the neck seductively.

‘Aren’t you going to kiss me good night first. That’s what a gentleman would do.’ Neither hesitated. Their lips touched tenderly, wetly passionately. She was as horny as hell and he was jumping out of his pants with desire. The ride home had been the longest hardest tease of his life. He held her and lost himself in the eager tenderness of her kiss and when she said ‘ Don’t you want to touch me?’ his fight with conscience gave way to his hand sliding on to her beautiful tits, toying with her nipples the way he use to excite his wife. He knew how to excite a woman. He had practiced on her for twenty years. This was so much better than her remembered she was so much younger and firmer her breasts were everything he had ever fantasised about. They were soft and supple but firm and pouting like post adolescent breasts he loved the silken feel of them and the way her nipples rose appreciatively beneath his touch, hardening as he pinched them. She moaned appreciatively and kissed him even more ardently more urgently. He knew he would move his hand down to the panties he had been staring at for the last hour. He shifted his hand inside her thigh and instead of the stop signs of closed legs and stiffening of her body he expected she parted her legs and cooed breathily.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm yeah touch me. Make me cum. Feel how wet I am for you.’

Sean was shocked but moved his hand up her silky thighs caressing them and feeling her respond encouragingly as his fingers touched her panties. The dampness he encountered put pay to the declaration of her wetness. She was indeed wet and as he touched her he felt the sheet fabric soak through with her excitement and then pressed an outline of her clit against it. She moaned appreciatively and he began to massage her clit through the shiny silk fabric arching her back as the first waves of pleasure ran through her with their gentle shivers. He had forgotten how good it was to feel wetness beneath his touch and how sexy the sound of an excited woman was. Her moans rose in intensity as he manipulated her to her first orgasm, then another in fast succession. She was one of those multiple orgasm women. The type that screams the house down and fucks for hours.

Each time he excited her she got wetter and hotter and kissed him like a wildcat on heat. When he slid her sopping panty gusset aside and slid a finger inside her she squealed ‘ooooooh yes’ so loudly he thought the neighbourhood would rouse from its sleep, he wriggled his finger inside the tightest hole he had ever felt. He knew how to find a girls G spot. Years of marriage and fumbling with his ex and reading sex self help books had taught him how to give a vaginal orgasm with his fingers. Two fingers inside her stretched at her hot tight cunt and her moans became continuous and she begged him not to stop. Inside his own pants his cock was moments away from bursting he knew that pre mature ejaculation would occur the moment he tried anything. If she touched him it would be all over red rover, he would cum in his pants like he did with the prostitute. He shuddered at the thought of disgracing himself in front of this vision of loveliness that was throwing herself at him.

It was this sobering thought that made him withdraw his eager fingers from her dripping pussy and break from her embrace.

‘I think I’d better take help you home, I’m sure you’ll regret this in the cold light of day and with a head splitting hangover to boot.’ He didn’t wait for her reply but got out of the car and walked to her door to help her up. He took her in his arms and held her tightly around her waist once more as they walked slowly towards the entrance to the building. She fumbled with her handbag for her keys and almost wordlessly they climbed the stairs to her door. Once inside he turned on the lights and escorted her to her bedroom. A sexy little baby blue baby-doll nightie laid spread on the bed awaiting her return with her lover, he helped her to the bed and lay her on it fully clothed placing the sexy little nightie on the side table. She looked green. She was crying again at the sight of the nightie that reminded her of what she was going to do with Paul. The room was spinning and she sat bolt upright and then ran to the bathroom. He helped her vomit in the toilet and cleaned her up, giving her mouthwash, water and wiping her face with a cool face washer.

After half an hour she had recovered sufficiently to return to her bedroom and he helped her into her bed and lay beside her at her request for a short time until she passed into sleep. He didn’t want to leave her so he got up and made a rough bed for himself on her couch. The raging hard on in his pants had abated somewhat and without much trouble he drifted into a contented sleep.

When she awoke in the morning Sean was there with breakfast, water and a hangover cure of tomato juice and aspirin. She gulped the pills down thankfully and smiled at the sweet man that had been her knight in shining armour she remembered the disastrous evening, Paul’s despicable unfaithfulness and the ride home. She remembered how good Sean made her feel.

‘ You are a really sweet man. I don’t know any guys that wouldn’t have just humped me blind last night after what we did in the car. I’m sorry for being such a tease. Will you forgive me?’

Sean nodded smiling.

‘ You know how good you make me feel young lady. I almost came in my pants when you kissed me last night. I’ve never been so horny. Not fucking you was the hardest thing I have ever done.’ Sean confessed openly.

‘Mmmmmm that makes me so horny. You know that hasn’t happened to me since I was a teenager. This guy and I were in the car heavy petting and I accidentally touched his cock through his pants and it exploded. I felt like the hottest little bitch on earth. I wanted to do that to him every time we kissed. Anyway I recall last night I made a few wild noises myself when you… touched me. I wouldn’t have minded one bit if you went further.’

‘You’re old enough to be my daughter young lady I don’t want to take advantage of you. You were drunk and on the rebound.’

Rachel put down her breakfast cutlery and stood up. She reached down and crossed her arms clutching the hem of the now dishevelled part dress and slid it over her head revealing her magnificent little breasts. She threw it across the room and smiled at Sean’s look of disbelief. He stood as she walked toward him and they kissed again. She unbuttoned his shirt as they kissed and he ran his hands over her silken skin revelling in her taut curves, cupping her panty clad buns in the palm of his hand. The firm warmth of her luscious buns sending a wave of desire that shot from his hand down through to his immediately hard cock. Her near nakedness made his heart pound audibly and as she undressed him he felt all resistance melt, his lame gentlemanly excuse disappearing as he ran his hands over her delicious body and felt his clothing being stripped from him. By the time she had loosened his belt and let his pants drop to the floor his cock was ready to explode once more.

When her hand finally touched his throbbing cock through his shorts she gasped at the thickness of it and the urgency of his throbs, kissing him urgently as she caressed him, moaning appreciatively as he eagerly touched her pouting breasts and hot ass cheeks.

‘ Cum for me. Cum in your pants I want you to want me that much you cant control it. You want me that much don’t you? Cum for me. Let me feel how excited you are.’

She caressed his hardness with a firm grip clutching it hard as it throbbed, then ran her fingernails across its girth with featherlike touch until he elicited a long low moan.

‘ Mmmmmm you’re so big for me! So hard, so fat! Mmmmmm its throbbing Mmmmmm yummy, yummy. Do you like my body? Do you want me? Cum for me then, cum in your pants.’

Rachel could barely contain her excitement she was horny as hell all the wetness from last night returned to her ten fold. Her nipples were alive and tingling with desire as he bent his head to suckle them and bite them gently. The hand that had clutched at her ass so feverently had found its way inside her panties and was teasing her clit and dancing wildly around her dripping pussy as she writhed in the impending pleasure of an orgasm that came upon her more rapidly than any other. It seemed the hours of not touching had translated into the most fevered foreplay either had ever experienced. As she elicited her first moans of orgasm and the shivers of the climax gripped her body she felt him tense too and moan long and low.

‘Oh God I’m cumming. It feels so good!’

She felt his cock throb and then splutter shooting its load into his shorts repeatedly. She clutched it hard using his helpless moans as a guide to prolonging his pleasure. Her own orgasm repeated on her as his fingers penetrated her hot cunt wriggling inside her triggering her penetrative pleasure. The sensation of his hot cock in her hand pumping turned her on like no other sex she had ever experienced she wanted more and she knew the day had only just begun.

When their violent climaxes abated she helped him out of his sticky shorts and slipped sexily out of her own sodden underwear and led him to the bathroom. She turned on the warm water as they kissed endlessly wrapping their arms around each other, neither fully free of the waves of pleasure that had just consumed them. He re positioned himself behind her his now somewhat limp cock pressed against her beautiful ass crack. He soaped her breasts eagerly revelling in their supple firmness and feeling the silken touch of her warmth beneath his fingertips. He kissed at her neck and nibbled her ears in the manner of one consumed by desire. One hand drifted to her lovely freshly shaved pussy and fingered her clit once more until she appreciatively gyrated her sumptuous hips and ass against his slippery soap covered cock.

He felt his cock firming once more. He had rarely recovered this quickly before but there it was his cock was rising slowly against her hot ass like the sunrise between the mountains. They washed the soap from their bodies. She spent an eternity fondling his growing cock and they turned off the water and eagerly towelled each other dry between ardent kisses. She led him to the bedroom and reached for the baby-doll nighties on the bedside table and made a sweet sexy show of slipping the top over her breasts and adjusting them so they sat up seductively in the flimsy halter. She slid the string bikini panties over her shapely legs and smoothed the blue stretch fabric across her buns turning so he could enjoy the view.

He took her into his arms and they fell to the bed melting in hot kisses and fondling. He spent an eternity kissing her neck and ear lobes sending shivers through her then suckled at her sensitive nipples- tugging at them one at a time with his teeth until she moaned how he liked to hear her moan. Then suckling her nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. She lay without touching him knowing he was enjoying her lithe petite form, shivering and panting sexily in response to his eager touch, his urgent and insistent mouth that layered her with hot kisses and painted he flesh with his flickering tongue. As he kissed his way down to her sweet flat tummy he caressed her crotch and let the anticipated wetness seep through beneath his touch. She moaned.

‘Oh God I want you inside me. Do you want to fuck me? I’m sooooooo hot and wet for you.’

He ignored her pleas. His cock was certainly hard enough to make a reasonable job of fucking her but he wanted to make her so hot she would be begging for it. He also wanted to delay his entry until he was so hard he too couldn’t stand it. The pleasure of postponed pleasure, of delayed gratification. He was enjoying the indulgence of her sweet firm young body and savoured every taste of her flesh every scent of her body, every sensuous curve of her supple flesh. The thought of sliding his cock into her hot tight cunt made him shiver with desire and increase the fervour of his kissing and fondling and as he covered her luscious belly with kisses he fingered her clit deftly towards another orgasm. He never waited for her shivers of pleasure to stop before slipping in two fingers into her tight pussy and building on her first orgasm with another more intense vaginal stimulation. She squirted her jism into the sheer satin panties and he kissed past her belly until he began to inhale the sweet sexy scent of her hot pussy.

He breathed in her scent slowly taking in full deep breathes that brought the sweetness of her perfumed sex to his senses and made him reel with desire. He savoured the sticky scent and then began to suck at her panties tasting the intoxicating flavour of her soaked through the sheer satin gusset. She writhed appreciatively, arching her back to push her pussy wantonly against his face. He grabbed her legs and parted them sliding one hand beneath her firm ass cheek and pushing her panty aside with the other to expose her swollen clit and wet folds. He ran his tongue across her wetness sending more shivers through her and forcing her to grind against his face urgently. He pulled away as she began to beg him to eat her pussy. He took a deep breath and then covered her pussy with his vibrating tongue humming long and low as he flickered around her folds and teased her clit. She thrashed about excitedly and he danced his tongue over her hot wet folds and paused to suckle her clitoris hard between his lips and flickered his tongue across its swollen tip inside his mouth.

She came more violently than he had ever heard a woman cum. She almost convulsed in a fit as she came. She squirted wetness into his face and felt the screams rise in her involuntarily until her throat became sore from their impact. Her orgasms were like waves that increased in intensity and then crashed onto a smooth beach leaving simultaneously exhausted and ravenously hungry for the next climax. A full hour must have past before she stopped him from stimulating orgasms and they returned to kissing once more. His cock was impossibly big now and she wanted so much to feel it throb in her hand once more. She fought the desire to pull him towards her and let him enter her, though she was so slippery and wet her hot juices dribbled down her inner thighs. She kissed her way down to his nipples and suckled them until they stood erect as she fondled his cock gently in her warm hands.

In a few minutes she had kissed her way to his burgeoning cock. She had a vague flashback to Candice’s relationship killing fellatio technique. Rachel had prided herself on her oral technique. After all she had kept four adolescent boyfriends from taking her virginity by perfecting it. She kissed Sean’s tip sweetly and felt him shiver with desire like he had done when he exploded in his pants earlier. The same low helpless moan came from his mouth. She swallowed his cock deeply and sucked hard as he moaned and his cock throbbed. The taste of pre cum was sweet. Her hand pumped his shaft vigorously the other cupped his swollen balls and tickled them eagerly. She took his cock from her mouth knowing he was once again so excited he would explode.

‘I want you to cum in my mouth it’s OK I wont let you waste it all. I want to save some for my hot wet pussy too!’

She attacked his cock like a starving kitten licks milk. He shivered and moaned as an orgasm gripped him. She grasped the tip of his cock firmly using the Master’s and Johnson pinch technique and then sucked at the tip letting one thick glob of his cum spray the inside of her mouth. She clutched at his throbbing cock as he moaned helplessly. The feeling of power consumed her she was so horny and this man’s desire was more than she could bare she felt so good. Her body was a mass of endorphin haze. His cock finally stopped throbbing and she licked his erect shaft clean. He was even bigger than he had been before despite his two ejaculations.

He helped her remove the baby doll top and peeled the sodden panties from her. She parted her legs and he laid on top of her his aching cock lying at her tight entrance. They kissed longingly. He caressed her breasts enjoying the warm familiarity of their shape and feel. She reached down and guided his cock to her wet opening and slid the thick tip over her folds until they parted. She slid his cock around the rim until the insistent wetness covered it with their sexy lubricant. When she positioned his cock at the entrance he pushed eagerly forward and felt the wetness engulf his senses. The tight entrance muscles squeezing his swollen cock.

‘ Oh God I want you inside me. Mmmmmm I’m so hot and wet for you. Fuck me hard I want your Big cock deep inside me. Mmmmmm Yummy Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!’

As he pushed inside the tightest wettest cunt on earth he shivered with pleasure. He pushed her slender thighs apart more as he thrust deep into her. She bucked to greet each thrust with a wild force that heard their bodies slap together, her clit copping a pounding from his insistent thrusts. He slid one hand beneath her firm ass and fucked her to a wild orgasm. She scratched at his back like a wildcat on heat and he manipulated her legs into endless yoga positions so he could attack her hot cunt from different angles and bring her to climax repeatedly.

She liked it doggy style best. And he found his own inspiration too staring at her luscious ass parted slightly as his thick cock split her luscious lips from behind as his balls slapped ay her clit. He clutched her curvaceous hips and pounded her through climax after climax until they both lay exhausted. On the bed kissing and fondling as if there was no other form of communication, breathless and spinning from the constant pleasure cycles.

Rachel lay Sean on his back and straddled him guiding his distorted cock into her hot wet pussy once more.

‘ Do you want to cum in me darling?’

He moaned unintelligibly as his cock slipped into the hot cunt that had become its residence over the past few hours.

‘Oh God I want to cum in you so bad. I can’t wait any longer.’

Rachel tightened the muscles in her pussy around his cock and felt it throb once more. She began too ride him slowly as he caressed her bouncing breasts and cupped her ass cheeks. The ride began slowly and as she gathered momentum she tightened and loosened her cunt around his throbbing cock until he was shouting in sexual agony. She felt the tell tale sign of his impending orgasm as she slowed to caress his balls and squeezed them as his hot cum began to spurt into her. She fell forward and kissed him as his moan filled her mouth. He clutched at her ass and pulled her against him so that his cock was as deep as it could go inside her. His cock throbbed and spurted inside her. Her own orgasm rising in her simultaneously, her pussy contracting around his throbbing spurting cock and matching his throbs and spurts with her own contractions and streams of juice.

Sex like this was to become commonplace for Sean and Rachel. Each day at work they could barely keep away from each other for a few hours without fucking in his office, going down on each other in the car park, screwing each other to sleep each night. The age barrier was not a barrier after all but what both of them needed. Rachel longed for sweet romantic adoration and appreciation. Sean revelled in Rachel’s refusal to believe that his pre mature ejaculation was the end of sex for them. She found his overwhelming desire to cum without her touching him unbelievably sexy It turned her on so much she couldn’t leave him alone. She loved how he worshipped her and brought her to countless orgasms. Rachel may be the rebound but there was plenty of bounce in this relationship yet.

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