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Only In My Dreams

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Lori dreamed about Amber again that night.

In her dream, she didn’t feel afraid at all. Amber was sitting on the edge of the dock in the warm afternoon sunlight, looking like she could inspire an entire Renaissance all by herself, and Lori walked up and sat down next to her like it was the most natural thing in the world.

She reached out and caressed the tiny dusting of freckles on Amber’s shoulder the way she’d forced herself not to so many times, and Amber looked up at Lori with a hint of surprise in her bright green eyes and Lori knew that Amber knew. And best of all, Lori knew that Amber didn’t care. Lori might wake up with hot tears of shame running down her cheeks again, but in her dream, all she felt was joy.

She reached out and tangled her fingers into Amber’s long red hair, casually noticing the way the summer sun shone through it like a halo of fire, and pulled Amber close to kiss. In the dream, it didn’t feel like a sin. It felt soft and warm and welcoming, like a promise fulfilled. Lori closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of sunscreen and shampoo and perspiration. She never smelled things in dreams unless she was dreaming about sex.

Amber sighed into her mouth, and Lori shivered in arousal. She tugged just a little bit on the hair she held trapped within her hands, pulling Amber down to nuzzle her chin and nibble her neck. Lori let out a tiny cry of pleasure, and she felt Amber’s mouth curve into a smile as the other girl kept kissing further and further down.

Lori felt Amber’s weight pressing into her, bearing her down onto the wooden planks as Amber found new places to kiss. In the dream, Lori didn’t worry about who might see her. She didn’t worry about what the other girls would say. She just gasped sharply as Amber’s mouth closed around her nipple and began to suck. The warm saliva soaked through the fabric of Lori’s thin shirt, making it stick to her breasts as she pulled Amber tight against her body. She felt like she wanted to embrace the other girl so tightly that they would join together. She felt like she never wanted the moment to end. She felt like she wanted to make love to Amber forever.

And of course, that was the moment where she started to lose the dream. Lori fought it as hard as she could, trying to inhabit the endless sunlit fantasy for just a moment longer…but the harder she fought, the more aware she became, and the more aware she became, the more she remembered the shame and the fear and the sin that she’d forgotten in the depths of the dream. They reached up out of the back of her mind and crushed the fantasy to fragments before she could even finish waking. Lori woke the same way she always woke, torn between wanting to purge the sinful urges away and wanting to hide in her dreams and never wake up again.

But it wasn’t shame that had caused her to wake up in the first place, Lori realized. Something was out of place, some sensation that intruded on her sleeping mind and made her aware of the real world even in the depths of one of the best/worst dreams she ever had. Lori tried to kick her sluggish, confused brain into gear and figure out what it was that demanded her attention. It was…it was…

Someone was still sucking at Lori’s breast, she realized.

She half-opened her eyes. It didn’t make much difference; only a tiny sliver of moonlight illuminated the dormitory. “Amber?” she whispered muzzily, still unsure how much of this was real and how much was a dream.

The woman in her bed didn’t respond, other than to switch to Lori’s other nipple. But once Lori’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw that it wasn’t Amber after all; it was Summer nuzzling at her chest with her eyelids tightly shut and an expression of solemn concentration on her face. She’d already been at it for some time before Lori woke; Lori’s nightshirt was practically soaked through with drool in spots.

“Summer?” Lori whispered, a bit more urgently. A wave of terror hit her, waking her more completely than a bucket of cold water on her face. If anyone saw them…a rush of terrifying possibilities flashed through her mind. She’d never be able to make the senior counselors believe she didn’t ask for this, not when she couldn’t even convince herself. They’d call her parents, send her home, and how would she be able to explain things to Mom and Dad?

The whispers would follow her everywhere; she’d never be allowed to volunteer again. Nobody would ever trust her with good Christian kids, not if they thought she was…was…Lori couldn’t even think the word. It felt too much like an admission. She shook Summer’s arm, desperately trying to get the other girl’s attention so that she could tell her to stop before they woke someone.

Summer’s eyes opened, but they didn’t see. She just stared straight ahead with an utterly blank look on her face, the eyes rolled back so far in her head that Lori could barely see the pupils. She continued to suck with a passionate intensity, wiggling her tongue on Lori’s nipple, but Lori realized that Summer’s face held no real expression at all. It was as if she was still asleep.

Not as if, Lori realized as Summer’s eyes fluttered closed once more. Summer was still asleep. She was sleep…not sleep-walking, although she must have done that too in order to make her way across the dormitory to Lori’s bed. Sleep-sucking. And sleep-touching, too, Lori thought, inhaling sharply. Summer’s fingers crept into her panties like the slow, inexorable march of ivy along a wall.

“Summer, please wake up,” Lori whispered desperately. She knew it was supposed to be bad to wake a sleep-walker, but it was even worse to get caught with one in your bed at a Bible camp, especially when you were supposed to be one of the counselors. She didn’t even really want Summer to know about this, but Lori couldn’t see any way to get the other girl back to bed without waking her up. And at least guilt would seal their lips equally well.

But that was only if Summer woke up, and she wasn’t. Her mouth was busy moving from one nipple back to the other, her fingers were busy brushing through Lori’s pubic hair, but her eyes merely flickered under closed eyelids without showing any signs of waking. Lori became aware of a pleasant ache in her pussy, one that had grown without her even noticing it until suddenly it was all she could think about.

“Summer, please,” Lori whimpered, no longer sure what she was begging for. Her hips bucked upwards of their own volition, and she felt dampness between her thighs that made her panties cling to her skin like her shirt was clinging to her chest, only so much better. Her left hand twined helplessly through Summer’s dark hair, pressing the other girl’s mouth tighter against her body.

“Oh God, Summmm…” Lori clamped her mouth shut tightly before the whispered words turned into a loud moan. She couldn’t trust her own voice anymore, not once Summer’s fingers had slipped down to find their way inside her moist slit. Instead, she jammed her free hand into her own mouth to stifle her increasingly urgent gasps. Her eyes clenched shut, all thoughts of morality and sin and shame forgotten as the other girl rubbed her clit.

Lori bit her knuckle, hearing tiny whimpers escape around it as her arousal built past anything she’d ever imagined. She’d always thought it was so easy to be chaste, so easy to look at boys and remember the importance of waiting for the right person and the right time…but now, feeling the soft curves of a woman writhing against her body and feeling her body writhing against Summer’s soft curves, Lori was astonished at how helpless her desire made her. Knowing it was wrong didn’t mean she could stop.

The pleasure built to its peak so quickly Lori almost didn’t know how to feel it. Her orgasm was just there all of a sudden, hitting her like a sharp blow and leaving her breathless and shaking. She’d never felt anything like it, never even imagined how good it could be. And it was good, so good; Summer was utterly devoted to prolonging every moment of bliss, drawing every moan and sigh out of Lori that she could find. Lori’s first orgasm was followed by a second, then a third.

It all became too much for her. She tried to push Summer away, but the other girl wouldn’t stop. Lori’s mind faded from orgasm into afterglow, and the dreamy rush of post-coital endorphins blended with the exhaustion of interrupted sleep, which then mingled with Summer’s ministrations until it all merged into a hazy bliss that sent Lori back down into sleep once more.

And in her dreams, she was making love all over again. Only this time, it was Amber once more.


Lori almost thought it had all been a dream, when she woke and the shame had once more been pressed down under endless layers of entreaties to the Lord to forgive her sinful thoughts. For a few moments, she believed that she’d merely woken out of one dream into another, that Summer had just replaced Amber in her sleeping fantasies. But then she pulled away the covers and saw the patches of moisture on her shirt, faded considerably but not yet dry. That was when she knew it had happened. Summer had come to her in the night, made love to her without waking, and then left again.

Which made it all worse. If it was real, that made it all really so much worse. She’d actually let another woman touch her. The fantasies had been bad enough, but at least she’d told herself she couldn’t control those. But now she had sinned in thought and deed. And word, too, if you counted last night’s whispered blasphemy uttered in the moment of passion. She hastily threw her clothes into the hamper as if they’d been covered in blood.

The morning passed in a haze of self-recrimination for Lori. She felt as though everyone was staring at her; every glance seemed like an accusation, every smile like a knowing leer. She caught herself about to snap at Nancy Owens for what had almost certainly been an entirely innocent grin, and after that she lapsed into a sullen silence for the rest of the day.

Even then, her face felt hot all afternoon, and she felt like everyone who saw her would see her sins written on her forehead. She kept going back to her memories over and over and over again; sometimes out of guilt, imagining all the ways that she could have stopped Summer that she’d simply forgotten about in the heat of the moment, and sometimes just because she couldn’t stop herself from reliving it all. She’d dreamed, she’d fantasized in her weaker moments, but her imagination couldn’t compare to the reality of what she’d felt last night. She had to slip off to the bathroom after lunch to masturbate, and that only made her feel even worse about it all. She couldn’t bear to even look in Summer’s direction. Did Summer remember? Or had she woken up in her own bed, unaware of where she’d been and what she’d done?

Lori wished she could be like that. Summer hadn’t seemed ashamed at all; she’d been like Lori was in the dream, serene and placid. She’d seemed comfortable, even happy, as though sleep washed away all her sins and left her innocent. Lori desperately envied her that tranquility. It would be worth never waking up again if she could feel the way Summer looked when she was suckling at Lori’s breasts.

Privately, Lori was grateful when the weather worsened into rain. She didn’t feel much like sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories; all she wanted to do was curl up in bed, fall asleep, and forget last night ever happened. But ironically, once Lori got to bed she found that she couldn’t relax. She felt tense all over, wondering if Summer would return to make love to her again, and what she’d do if it happened. She tried to imagine steeling herself against the temptations of pleasure, turning Summer aside and gently guiding the other girl back to her own bed…but the fantasy kept twisting in her mind as she remembered the look of mindless bliss in those sleep-fogged eyes. Gentle but firm denials became whispered entreaties, and her imaginary self wound up in Summer’s imaginary bed right alongside the other girl.

Neither idea was very conducive to sleep. So Lori lay there, wide awake, watching lightning flash through the window and wondering what she was waiting for.

When she found out, she thought she must have fallen asleep without realizing it. That was the only possible explanation, after all. Nothing else made any sense. One sleep-walker coming to her bed in the middle of the night, that was believable. Not too believable, perhaps, but Lori had lived it and knew that it had happened. But two different girls, visiting her on two different nights…she was asleep. That had to be it. When she saw Amber slowly, hesitantly approaching her bed with glassy eyes that were open but unseeing, and a blank, glazed expression on her docile face…that was just a dream. A wonderful dream, but still a dream.

Even when Lori felt Amber’s fever-warm flesh touch her own, she couldn’t convince herself she was awake. Because if Lori was awake, she would have stopped Amber. She wouldn’t have leaned into Amber’s kiss, slowly sighing as Amber’s tongue insinuated its way between her lips. She was a good girl, a Christian girl, and good Christian girls didn’t let other good Christian girls peel their top off and gently flick their nipples until they stood up like pencil erasers. And since Lori was letting Amber do just that, it must all be a dream.

But it felt so real. The liquid heat in Lori’s pussy felt real; Amber’s pale, freckled skin felt real under Lori’s fingertips as she worked her way under the fabric of Amber’s shirt and pulled it up to reveal Amber’s perfect breasts by the light of the lightning-glare. And Amber’s soft, kittenish whimpers sounded nothing like the ones Lori had imagined when she’d dreamed about kissing her way down Amber’s neck to wrap her lips around those full, heavy breasts and suck and lick at them to her heart’s content.

Lori inhaled deeply, filling her nostrils with Amber’s scent. It was real, she knew it was, and even if it wasn’t she was awake enough to know it was a sin. But Amber smelled and tasted and felt so good that Lori couldn’t remember how to stop. It was like she was drowning in Amber’s warmth, sinking under a tide of lust that pulled her away from everything she’d been taught and immersed her in a sensual ocean of bliss. For the first time, Lori really understood the word ‘sensual’; every one of her senses was saturated with Amber’s presence.

Amber moaned again, louder this time, and Lori tried to remind herself that they weren’t alone. The others would hear them, they’d see them…Amber’s fingers knotted in Lori’s hair, pressing her head down further, and Lori moaned just as loud as Amber as she realized what she was being directed to do. The fear of being caught increased, but the arousal continued to drown it out.

Amber lay on her side facing the head of the bed, and Lori did the same facing its foot. Lori peeled off Amber’s panties with a desperate urgency, captivated by the way they stickily pulled away from Amber’s moist flesh. She felt Amber doing the same thing to her, and Lori’s eyes rolled back in her head for a moment as she felt warm breath against her clit.

The next flash of lightning burned that instant into Lori’s brain for the rest of her life, the image that would be forever synonymous with sex to her. Amber Jensen, naked, lying on her side with one knee bent akimbo, her pussy barely covered by a downy tuft of pubic hair. Eyes closed. Waiting for Lori to lean in and kiss.

Lori leaned in and kissed.

It tasted different than it had in her dreams. In her dreams, it had always tasted like warm apple pie, sweet but with just a tiny hint of tartness. But Amber tasted salty on her tongue, and the scent was a thick musk in her nostrils. The moment she tried it, Lori knew she wanted more. She pressed her face urgently against Amber’s pussylips, not caring at all about the way that Amber’s juices smeared across her face. She heard herself moaning into Amber’s clit, and felt Amber shiver in response.

Amber’s tongue was busy too, and soon Lori was having trouble concentrating on what she was doing between Amber’s thighs. Amber would do something that felt so good, and Lori would try to emulate it, but then Amber would find someplace else to lick or her fingers would join her tongue and then Lori would freeze for a long moment to savor the ecstasy before she managed to remember that other things existed besides her clit. And then Amber would lick again.

Lori had given up wondering if it was a dream. It felt like reality, but it had the timeless, languorous quality of dreams. None of the other girls had woken, even when Lori’s moans turned briefly into screams before settling back into whimpers. Nobody had turned on the lights to see what was going on in the dormitory. It was as if the world had paused to let the two of them make love for as long as they wanted. Lori felt like that was forever.

But her body’s exhaustion finally caught up with her, in the end. She felt her eyes slipping closed for longer and longer stretches with each burst of pleasure, and her thoughts crumbled into dream-gibberish even as she tried to fight sleep long enough for one more kiss, one more lick, one more orgasm. She half-dreamed of being in her own bedroom, of floating on an ocean, and then her eyes would start open again as the sensations of Amber’s tongue dragged her back to reality for just a little bit longer. The dreams blended seamlessly now into fantasies into waking bliss and back into dreams.

That was why Lori didn’t panic when her head lolled back and she saw Nancy Owens watching them with a decadent grin on her face. She was simply too tired to be afraid, and too muzzy to be sure if what she saw was even real. She just stared at Nancy for a long moment, taking in the sight of the other girl naked and masturbating and watching the two of them making love by lightning, before her eyes slipped shut one final time and she fell asleep completely.


The next morning, though, Lori was anything but sanguine about what she’d seen. Far from it; once she hastily stripped the damp and musky sheets from her bed and hurriedly dumped them into the hamper, she spent the rest of the morning trying to figure out what to do about it. Had she really seen Nancy playing with herself, or had that just been one more perverse fantasy invented by her wicked lusts? If Nancy really had seen them, was she going to tell someone about it? And how could Lori find out without giving away what she’d done?

If she’d felt self-conscious yesterday, it was nothing compared to today. Every time Amber looked at her, Lori felt convinced that she was about to confront her about the events of last night. Each glance provoked a whirlwind of vivid waking dreams, ranging from Amber denouncing her as a lesbian pervert to the whole camp to Amber taking her aside, confessing that she’d enjoyed their tryst, and forcing her tongue into Lori’s mouth. But even in those wonderful, awful fantasies, she couldn’t stop remembering Nancy’s hungry gaze, her darkly glittering eyes, her sinister smile…

Lori went through the day in a daze, her mind occupied with finding ways to get the truth out of Nancy without giving herself away. At lunch, she sat at a table in the corner by herself, constructing and discarding query after innocuous query, hoping to find something that she could say without her voice cracking from fear, and every scenario played itself out in her head to a dismal conclusion of shame, humiliation and ostracism. But she had to find some way, Lori knew. She couldn’t just let this question hang over her head every night for the rest of her life. She had to find out what Nancy knew about her somehow, or–

“So,” Nancy said, sitting down next to her. “Was Amber better for you than Summer? I heard you whisper Amber’s name when you woke up the other night, figured that maybe you’d prefer her. But if you want, I can send you Summer again tonight. Or if there’s another girl you’d like even more, just say so.”

“Glough!” Lori said, choking on her milk.

Nancy gave her a good thump on the back, helping to clear her airway. “Sorry,” she said. “I thought you saw me last night, I figured there wasn’t much point in hiding things anymore. Besides, I think it’ll be a lot more fun now that we’re, y’know, out in the open.”

“I, I don’t, I mean, you, you what, how did you, I…” Lori stammered helplessly, the utter shock of the last few moments rendering her utterly incoherent. Her torrent of babble finally subsided into a single heart-felt sentence. “…please don’t tell anyone.”

“Now why the hell would I want to do that?” Nancy said, flashing that devilish grin again. “I don’t know about you, but I’m having way too much fun to stop.”

“I…” Lori couldn’t look away from Nancy’s eyes. She felt pinned by them, like Nancy was looking right down into her soul and rooting through every lewd thought she’d ever had, one by one. She felt naked in the face of Nancy’s stare; Nancy knew what she was, what she really was, and Lori was helpless to argue against that certainty. “I liked it too,” she whispered, her face beet red. “But we have to stop, Nancy!” she added quickly. “It’s wrong!”

Nancy shrugged dismissively. “It’s not like it hurts them, Lori,” she replied. “They don’t even remember what they did. They just have a nice, happy dream, and they wake up in the morning feeling kind of sticky. We’re all over eighteen. No harm done.”

Lori winced. She hadn’t even wondered about the other girls; she’d been so wrapped up in her own guilt that she hadn’t spared them a thought. But now…she had to know more. If she could find out what Nancy was doing to make them sleep-walk, maybe she could stop it. “How do you…do it? To them, I mean,” she asked, trying to sound like it was nothing more than idle curiosity.

Nancy held up her right hand. A ring gleamed on her finger, made of interweaving bands of silver with a solitary ruby on top. “The Ring of Caer Ibormeith,” she said. “Power over sleep and the sleeper, over dreams and the dreamer.” She sounded like she was reciting a fragment of a poem. “My grandmother brought it with her from Ireland. She gave it to me before she died. I can make people sleep and wake, and when they’re asleep, I can control them completely–make them dream whatever I want them to, and do whatever I want them to.” She winked. “That’s why nobody woke up last night when you two were…wow.” She licked her lips. “I didn’t know you’d be a screamer.”

Lori blushed even harder. She hoped nobody noticed; the last thing she wanted right now was to draw attention to them. “They might not have seen, Nancy,” she said, “but God is always watching us. He saw us last night, in the depths of our sin, and he will judge us for it.”

“God was watching you have sex, too?” Nancy asked, laughing. “He must be as big a perv as I am.”

Lori sat bolt upright, staring at Nancy in shock. “Nancy!” she yelped, before realizing how loud her voice had just been. She hastily looked around, but nobody seemed to have noticed them.

“They won’t,” Nancy said, as though she was reading Lori’s mind. “No matter what we say or do, they’ll think they’re just daydreaming it.” She leaned in a little, and Lori was struck by the sudden realization that underneath her puppy fat, Nancy was a very beautiful young woman. Her body was full, curvy, lush…a wave of heat passed through Lori’s body. “Makes you kind of wonder, doesn’t it?”

“W-wonder what?” Lori asked. Her lips felt stiff, as though there were other things they wanted to be doing besides talking.

“Makes you wonder how they’ll feel if they think they had a daydream about two women making out in the cafeteria,” Nancy whispered. She was close enough now that Lori could feel her breath.

Lori felt the moment stretch out into an eternity before she managed to pull away. “I can’t,” she said, shifting far back along the bench as she could go. It didn’t feel like very far. “We can’t. You shouldn’t. Just…go to confession, do your penance. I’ll do the same. It probably won’t even be so bad, it was only twice–”

“Only twice for you,” Nancy said, wiggling her eyebrows. “Me? I’ve never had this much fun at summer camp.”

“Omigod!” Lori gasped. “You mean you–”

“Every night since I got here,” Nancy responded with a lascivious grin. “That’s the great thing about the ring, I don’t need to sleep at all. I can spend all night playing with every counselor in the dorm, and still feel fine in the morning.”

There were so many things Lori wanted to say to that. She wanted to condemn Nancy’s wanton perverted desires; she wanted to tell Nancy to stop preying on the innocents that came here to be closer to God; she wanted to try one last time to make Nancy see how wicked all of it was. But there was only one thought that her mind could give voice to. “Then why did you wake me?” she asked, as the tears began to flow. “Why couldn’t you just let me sleep through it all like all the other girls? Why did you make me–” She choked off the sentence, unable to get it out through the waves of self-loathing. Why did you make me admit I wanted it? she asked, but only to herself.

Nancy slid along the bench, close enough that Lori could feel her warmth through their clothes. “You know why,” she said. “I’ve seen you. I’ve watched you. They might not notice, Lori, but I have. You’re not like all the other girls.” Their cheeks brushed against each other as she leaned in to whisper in Lori’s ear. “You’re like me.”

Lori shoved her away violently. “No I’m not!” she shrieked. “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!” She flailed at Nancy with her fists, lashing out in panicky, uncontrolled violence. “I’m nothing like you! You’re a sick, perverted dyke, a lesbian slut, a sinner and a whore and I hate you hate you hate you…” The words trailed off into blubbering tears as Lori called Nancy all the things she couldn’t call herself. She kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting…

And then she woke up. She sat bolt upright, trying to remember when she’d laid her head down on the table and fallen asleep. She looked around, but Nancy was nowhere to be found.


But Lori knew that it wasn’t over. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach. Nancy wanted to make her…to make her like Nancy. To seduce her away from Christ and into temptation. She’d keep coming back, night after night, with temptress after sleep-thralled temptress until Lori’s resolve broke and she gave in to her lusts. (Not that Lori had been doing so great in the “resolve” department so far…)

Lori had to find a way to stop her. She spent the rest of the day trying to come up with a plan to take that ring away–she couldn’t sneak it off Nancy’s finger in the middle of the night, not if Nancy didn’t ever sleep. Violence was no good; Lori couldn’t even remember falling asleep, it was so sudden. Somehow the ring had known she was going to hurt Nancy, and it had stopped her. She needed to find another way, another plan, something!

And then, in the middle of the night, she figured it out.

She’d managed to fall asleep, at least for a little while, but somewhere in the confused muddle of dream and nightmare she found herself replaying the conversation with Nancy in her head; and this time, she saw what she’d missed before. All the words, all the effort, all the time spent trying to convince Lori to join in…just because Nancy thought she was gay? No. There was more to it than that. And Lori knew exactly what it was. Her eyes flew open, suddenly filled with determination.

Lori padded quietly across the dormitory to Nancy’s bed, steely resolve in her heart. Nancy was lying on top of the covers, nude, her hands on her breasts, rhythmically pinching her nipples. “I thought you’d never get here,” she said, a lazy smile on her face.

“You couldn’t stop looking at me,” Lori whispered. She knew she didn’t need to whisper, but she whispered anyway. “All those words, they distracted me, but…the whole time, you were drinking me in with your eyes. You couldn’t look away. You don’t just want me because I’m…like you. You want me because…you want me.”

She pulled her top off, and Nancy clenched her thighs together with a moan. “And you can have me,” Lori whispered. She slid her panties down, then stepped out of them and climbed onto the bed. “That’s what you really wanted, wasn’t it? Me. Of my own will. Not because of any ring, or any dream, but because I wanted you. All those sleeping girls…did you pretend they were me?” A surge of guilt flashed through her, but she pushed it down. God would understand, she knew.

Nancy nodded, her breath coming rapidly. “Uh-huh,” she panted. “Every time. But I…I can be patient. You’re not ready, it was too much, too soon, I…” Lori cut her off with a long, slow, deep kiss.

She straddled Nancy, feeling their nipples rub against each other as she lowered her body to press flesh against flesh. Her right hand slid down, finding the furry nest between Nancy’s thighs and caressing it gently. Lori could feel her fingers moving against her own pussy, and she shivered with desire. But she didn’t give in to it. Too much was at stake.

Her left hand brushed up and down Nancy’s body, feeling every inch of sensitized flesh. Lori heard Nancy moaning, deep, guttural growls that told her that the other girl was entirely lost in sensation now. She opened her eyes and saw that Nancy’s were clenched shut. Perfect.

Her touches and caresses took on a roaming quality, finding their way up Nancy’s arm even as her other hand made sure that Nancy was very pleasantly focused on the feelings in her clit. By the time she stroked her way up to Nancy’s hand, the other girl was already bucking her hips up into Lori’s and grunting in mindless pleasure. Lori’s fingertips were soaking wet with Nancy’s juices, now.

It didn’t take long, after that. Lori was surprised at how easy it was to bring Nancy to orgasm; it seemed effortless, as if she knew just how to touch a woman’s body. She pushed the thought down with practiced ease, and focused her attention on gently slipping the ring off of Nancy’s finger while the other girl was distracted with bliss.

For the briefest of moments, Lori thought it wasn’t going to work. But then the ring slid easily across Nancy’s sweat-slick skin, off of her finger and into Lori’s hand, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she broke the kiss. It was the work of a moment to slip it on herself.

It worked, she thought, exultation replacing relief. Only one thing could have possibly made Nancy drop her guard enough to let Lori get the ring away from her–the promise of all those fantasies fulfilled. And now Lori had it. She had the power to stop Nancy. She had the power to do anything she wanted. Anything at all…

Nancy looked up at her with eyes that suddenly seemed deliciously vulnerable. “You’ve taken my ring,” she said with mock dismay. “That means I’m helpless against you now. Utterly helpless.”

Lori nodded. Her lips curled into a smile as all the fear fell away. She didn’t feel guilty anymore. She felt comfortable. Natural. Almost tranquil. And oh, so fucking horny… “You’re in my power,” she whispered.

“Then it’s only right that you should claim your reward,” Nancy sighed, spreading her legs. “You know just where it is, Lori.”

Lori nodded again. Somehow, she did know. Everything about this moment felt wonderfully pre-ordained, as though she’d known exactly how it would turn out from the moment she woke. She kissed her way slowly down Nancy’s breasts, then down her stomach. She had all the time in the world for this.

“It was too soon,” Nancy whispered, stroking her hair gently as she nuzzled closer and closer to her reward. “But I can be patient, Lori, really I can. I just need to show you how good it can be, without the guilt and the shame and the fear getting in the way. It’ll take more time this way, but you’ll see. How can God be angry about something that feels this good?”

Lori couldn’t disagree, not when Nancy’s skin felt so smooth and soft against her lips. It didn’t even feel like a sin as she slowly kissed her way along the curve of Nancy’s inner thigh, closer and closer to what she knew she wanted. All she felt now was joy.

And then at last, Lori’s lips made their way to their reward. To Nancy’s beautiful pussy. As Lori began to lick, the taste of warm apple pie filled her mouth.


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