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Little Miss Pollock

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Thursday evening–

“If that sight isn’t enough to curdle your stomach, I don’t know what is,” Mr. Wallace Roberts, the loud, chunky purchasing rep for Llanfer Industries said as he sat directly across from Jon at a bar table in the hotel lounge. “Christ almighty!”

Jon Palmer turned to his right to look at whatever ungodly spectacle Wally the buyer referred to, and saw just another reason why he couldn’t stand spending time with Mr. Wallace Roberts. Six new people were about to check into the hotel at the front desk. Five of them were black.

When Jon had checked into the hotel, the sign on the exterior of the Hampton Inn read: “Welcome Cumberland Family Reunion.” He’d thought it was a nice touch considering the amount of money the hotel would pull in from such a painless gesture.

Wally continued to bitch. “The Cumberland -goddamned -Afro-fuckin’ American family reunion booked into a respectable hotel like the Hampton Inn and now this…this…shit!”

“What’s the matter, Mr. Roberts?”

“You color blind, Palmer?” Wallace Roberts replied. “Christ, take a closer look. Damn! This used to be such a decent place.”

Okay, what was Wally’s problem, this time? Then Jon finally saw it. It had been bad enough for Wallace to have to walk around a hotel lobby packed with dozens of African Americans gathered for the Cumberland family reunion without having this new twist being thrown into his face. Checking in were a large black man in his late thirties, a very attractive white woman who looked to be a touch older than her companion, and three mixed race children who appeared to be tending to a baby carrier with yet another biracial infant. No, technically the three kids were trying to pawn the baby off on each other while their parents checked into the hotel.

“If I’d known this kind of shit was going on, I’d’ve set our meeting at the Fairfield Inn across the highway.”

Jon smiled to himself. Cheers, Wally! he thought. Jon knew Roberts couldn’t stand watching the world around him change, and so he held onto every moment of Wallace Roberts’s discomfort like a sip of fine brandy.

A sales engineering representative, Jon Palmer sold industrial parts to those giant megalomaniacal multi-national corporations whose names most people don”t recognize, but who eventually own the little factories and distribution centers in all the Hicksvilles of the world. For years he not only had to put up with a lot of horseshit from their chief purchasing agent, he also had to wine and dine the son of a bitch with his own money. Tradition said Jon had to endure this fat, balding, chain-smoking, alcoholic, racist each time that he needed to make a sales call at Llanfer, and like all buyers, Wallace Roberts figured that it entitled him to be Wally, Lord High God Of The Unsigned Contract. Didn’t this drunken bastard ever go home to his wife?

“Yes, we have a reservation held for you from Kensington books, Ms. Kincaid, they’ve put you and your family into a double suite,” the desk clerk said.

Jon’s ears perked up at the sound of that name. Kincaid? It couldn”t be. The lady at the desk didn’t quite look like the picture he remembered seeing on the internet, but then again she was fully dressed. Then again, after a second look, there was no doubt in Jon”s mind that this might be just the woman he’d known for years as a cyber connection. To top it all off, this woman looked as if she’d just given birth to a baby a few months back, so the timetable concerning the infant carrier was right on. Holy shit.

“I’ve got to run to the men’s room, Mr. Roberts,” Jon said. “I’ll be right back.”

“‘Course you”ve gotta go,” Wally responded. “It’s enough to make any decent person puke. I’ll order us a couple of more drinks. You want a double””

“I’m fine,” Jon shook his head. “You go ahead and order.” Maybe with any luck, the ceiling over their table would fall and crush Wally to death while Jon was away. Thankfully there were restrooms just on the other side of lobby from the reception desk area, so Jon could keep an eye on the little group checking in and still stay out of Wally”s sight.

“Mommy!” A little girl about the age of ten with skin the color of dark mustard pulled on the white woman”s skirt. “I don’t want to watch Marcus any more–you watch him.”

“Mommy has to fill out the hotel register, sweetheart,” the blond lady said. “I can”t take him now.”

She wasn’t a natural blond, Jon could tell that by matching the coloring of her hair with that of her eyebrows and eye-lashes. Still her hair looked gorgeous, she must have gotten it done professionally within the last few days. Up close like this, he got a better look at that face–it had to be her. Okay the face was a bit more mature than the one he was used to seeing on his monitor, but she’d told him once that the shots over the had been taken over three years ago. Damn, she really was one very sexy broad.

“But I want to see the reunion!” the young girl cried out. “Are there any rides?”

“It’s not a carnival, ya dork,” the middle boy said. “It’s just a bunch of old people talking about who just died.”

“Damon!” the large black man spoke once. Jon smiled. You can always tell who’s the real disciplinarian in a family group.

But soon Jon’s eyes strayed back to the round hips, the curvy bottom, and those inviting legs of the woman trying to check in. By this time she was digging into her purse trying to locate something. Probably the license number of their vehicle, he thought. Her breasts strained against her blouse. It was true about nursing mothers, their breast did expand proportionately to their milk supply. He fought an impulse back to breathe a little harder and a little heavier. She had to put glasses on to read the numbers off her license. I didn”t know she wore glasses, he thought.

“Then let’s go to our room,” the honey-colored little girl said. “We can wait for mommy there.”

“We don’t have a room yet, Trini,” the black man said. “That’s why we’re still here.” Then with a huge sigh, he reached for the carrier. “Here, I’ll take the baby for a while. You three relax–quietly.”

“Dad,” the boy named Damon asked his father. “What are we going to do first?”

“I’m going to see if there’s a children”s slave market here in the hotel, so I can have all of you appraised for sale.”

The young man rolled his eyes as if he’d heard that line dozens of times before.

“Mommy,” the little girl sudden whined. “Daddy’s going to sell us.”

“Probably not until after the reunion, sweetheart,” the blond replied. “He doesn’t want to upset his Great Aunt Hallie before her birthday celebration.”

“Who are you kidding?” the black man said as he picked up the infant carrier. “Once I married a white woman, I was written right out of her will.”

“Palmer, Jon Palmer!” An unexpected voice caught Jon by surprise. Christ no, Wally! Not now.

Carefully the woman checking in at the front desk turned toward Jon, caught him staring at her and held his eyes directly for a split second. A little kiss, a little tongue, a whiff of me to turn you on. She smiled at him. Now there was absolutely no doubt in Jon”s mind. In a millisecond, her eyes told him that the name “Jon Palmer” had a very specific meaning for her as well.

“You okay, boy?” Wally called out as he closed the distance between them. “Thought you got lost in the john, Jon!”

Funny man. Jon hadn”t heard that one before–not in the last ten minutes anyway. Jon didn”t want to take his eyes off her face, as he was certain she”d evaporate into the evening like a phantom. “I…I thought I’d…uhh…check to see if I had any messages, Mr. Roberts.”

“You do that boy. I gotta use the can, and then I”d better get outta here. The little woman’s probably holding dinner for me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then Wally stuck his nasty breath in really close to Jon’s face so that nobody would hear the words that everybody knew he was going to say. “Far away from all these fuckin’ nig….”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Roberts,” Jon cut him off. “ drive safely.” Better yet, wrap your car around a tree.

“May I help you, sir?” A desk attendant asked Jon politely.

He tried to be casual as he stood as closely as he could to Ms. Kincaid, but Jon felt as if he was shouting. “Are there any messages for Jon Palmer– room 419?”

The woman in question glanced toward him once, and then turning back toward her family, she announced: “Okay gang, we”re in suite 353.”

“Mommy what’s a sweet?” her daughter asked.

“You are, Trini,” she bent down and hugged her little girl close to her. Then, she moved from son to son and finally to her husband throwing her arms around each of them in turn just like Dorothy saying goodbye to all of her friends at the end of the Wizard of Oz. “My very first book signing at a national bookstore–Schuler’s Books, here we come.”

“Sir?” Fascinated by the scene before him, it took Jon a moment to realize that the desk clerk”s voice had been directed toward him. “Sir? There aren’t any messages, Mr. Palmer.”

Nodding, he thanked her. Jon slowly turned to watch the family of five and walk out to their car in order to park closer to suite 353. Well to be totally honest, Jon watched the mother’s walk far more than anyone else. Suddenly he turned to the desk clerk and asked a question he’d never expected to ask.

“Listen I’m not absolutely certain my business is going to be completed by tomorrow. May I keep my room for two more nights?”

Friday noon–naturally Wally didn’t want to meet at the Hampton Inn. Jon, on the other hand, didn’t want to leave the hotel at all.

The news at lunch had all the makings of a fiscal disaster thriller novel according to Wally Roberts. He’d let it slip purposely that Invisible Multinational Limited had been making under the table threats of a hostile takeover, while Gobbledy-Gook Incorporated had stolen all their regular customers away. Now the boys upstairs told him that the banks had tied everybody’s hands when it came to what the company could afford, and, anyway he thinks out loud that he can get a better price from Lying-Cheating Supply Company. Before Wally dished out any more horseshit on a serving plate, Jon informed him that he wouldn’t be dining on it any more.

“You know, Wally, that’s probably true, you pea-brained, son-of-a-bitch,” Jon interrupted him. “You can get a better price from Lying-Cheating Electronics.”

“What did you just call me?” Roberts’s face reddened.

Jon ignored his question. “Lying-Cheating Electronics probably will give you a cheaper price than we would. And for the first two or three shipments you might get as much as forty percent of your components actually made to standards and specifications. But as you’ll be shipping one-hundred percent product, you’ll be delivering inferior quality merchandise to all your major customers.”

“What did you call me?”

“That ought to put you in rock solid with the board.” Jon threw his napkin down on his plate. “At least, it’ll give the boys upstairs an easy scapegoat to target when all hell finally does break loose and you finally give up your last customer.” Jon stood up at the table.

“Where do you think you”re going?”

“I’m going to settle the bill,” Jon answered. “Go ahead and order another double. I’m going to try to catch an earlier flight home. I can’t believe how much of my life I’ve wasted trying to appease jerks like you.”

“Palmer, I”ll have your job and then I’ll have your ass!”

“You wouldn’t want my job, Wally,” Jon told him. “You’d spend way too much time dealing with mirror images of yourself, and, as for my ass, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you swing that way, Wally. No wonder you never want to go home to your wife.”

And that was that. Jon walked away knowing he’d have to face both his immediate boss and the national sales manager on Monday morning, but he felt so damn–free. Besides, he found out that purple veins actually improved the looks of some people”

Three-thirty o’clock that afternoon–

After lunch he”d returned to the hotel. Out of a combination of hope and curiosity, Jon asked at the front desk if he had any messages.

“Yes, Mr. Palmer, you have this one,” she handed him a small note hand written on room stationery: “JayPee–If you are whom I think you are, meet us in the bar for a drink at about 7:00pm. A little song, a little dance, but that ain”t seltzer down your pants. Lyssa.”

He read the note over and over again although his eyes kept stopping on the word: “us.” Us? But in spite of that, Jon dashed up to his room to change his clothes. Maybe he should slip into something more comfortable. Oh, yeah. Right.

By early evening, the Cumberland family reunion appeared to be in full swing in the reception hall adjacent to the lounge. There had to be half a dozen tables full of food and punch and appetizers and a quite few homemade soul food delights spread out on various tables. Reluctantly bypassing the food tables–if only he could pass for cousin Jon Cumberland–he made his way into the dimly lit bar and looked around.

All Jon could see of “us” was Ulyssa’s husband sitting at the bar, looking for all the world as if he was on the Titanic watching the last of the lifeboats launch without him.

“I see you’ve walked away from all the racket in there,” Jon gestured toward the banquet room. “You look like somebody should buy you a drink.”

“Can’t.” The black man shook his head. “Medication.”

“Bummer,” Jon replied. “Want some iced tea?”

“If you’re buying, I certainly won’t refuse.”

Jon stuck out his right hand. “I’m Jon Palmer.”

“Oh, JayPee!” the big African American man looked him up and down. Jon sensed a large dose of disapproval in the other man”s eyes. Finally he took Jon”s hand. “Perry Cumberland.”

“Ah, of the Cumberland family reunion, I take it,” Jon replied.

“We’re hard to miss. We’ve kind of inundated this hotel. All the white folk are getting real nervous, going out to the parking lot in groups of four and holding their purses a little closer,” Perry said. “And that’s just the men.”

“I know,” Jon laughed. “Somebody took me aside to warn me not to get on the elevators alone.”

“For the most part the hotel staff is handling it fairly well.”

Once their drinks arrived, Jon paid immediately. “I couldn’t help noticing your wife yesterday…,” Jon began trying not to let his interest show too much.

“No, I suppose you couldn’t. If there’s one thing about Ulyssa, she makes sure she gets noticed.” Perry took a sip of his iced tea. “Besides, there’s nothing quite like a white skinned bleached-blond traipsing around at a black family reunion to draw attention to oneself.”

“Ulyssa. That’s certainly a unique name.”

“She’s a unique lady,” Perry said. “Bull-headed, self-absorbed, a world-class fight starter with a vicious streak half a mile wide. But she can make the sunrise glow warmly with one loving look, or make a breeze blow gently over fragrant flowers with a whisper.”

“Spoken like a man who’s deeply in love.”

“Yeah, well,” Perry chuckled and then said. “Lyssa can coax an otherwise sane man into rash impulsive acts which no randy bastard dog can resist, but no card carrying bachelor should ever consider.”

“What”s that?”

“Fatherhood.” Perry took a sip of his iced tea. “Lord almighty, can that woman make babies.”

It was Jon”s turn to laugh. “How many children do you have?”

“A boy eleven, a girl eight, and baby boy born just a few months ago. Lyss has a thirteen year old boy from a previous…encounter.”

“Oh, uhh…congratulations on the baby.”

Perry grinned. “Thanks. I know you saw how appealing she looks in those clothes she wore last night. I saw you checking her out while we checked in.”

“Whoa, umm…sorry.” Jon blushed. “She’s hard to miss.”

“You can say that again,” Perry replied. “Hell, four children or not, the effect is even more electrifying when her clothes are off.”

Jon almost choked on his drink. “Really””

“Oh yeah,” he said. “She’s something else.”

“Whew!” Jon blew out a small whistle. “I’d say you’re a very lucky man.”

“Hah! If you only knew how many people have told me that.”

“Since it seems to be true, what’s got you so down””

“We came down from Michigan for my family reunion and her publisher arranged a booksigning here, so we could write the whole trip off.” Perry stopped, and then sighed. “But now I can’t help thinking she might be meeting someone here.”

Certain that Perry had heard his heart pound right through his dress shirt and blazer, Jon sat straight up in his chair. “What?”

Seeing Jon”s discomfort, Perry laughed. “Not you. She told me that your meeting here was pure serendipity. I think she just wants the three of us to pal around and get good and drunk.”

“Could you possibly help me get some of that food from the reunion?” Jon asked as a wave of relief passed over him. “That delicious odor is driving me crazy.”

“Sure, c’mon.” Perry gestured. “Well tell them you’re Lyssa’s cousin Jon.” Didn”t the man just say something about serendipity”

About ten minutes later, Perry watched Jon wolf down a plate which had been piled unbelievably high. Even though he’d taken only a single spoonful of each dish, there were just so many exciting dishes available that Jon couldn’t help himself.

Jon thought he”d take a chance and pursue the opening that Perry had given him earlier. “What makes you think Ulyssa”s seeing anybody down here?”

“Oh, it’s happened before, but it’s been so long ago that I put it out of my mind, and now–Bang!–it’s blowing up in my face all over again,” he sighed. “The return of Little Miss Pollock!”


“The thing is, I knew that about her when I married her,” Perry said. “I mean, basically that’s how we met.”

“What’s how you met?”

“Little Miss Pollock,” Perry laughed. “There were three of us the first time I…I met her…Carlton, Franklin, and me.” He let his end of the conversation slide to a halt for a long time, then he said. “Ulyssa was Carlton’s candidate for Little Miss Pollock on an October night probably a dozen years back.”

“Little Miss Pollock?” Jon echoed.

“Later.” Perry waved away the question with his hand. “Carlton was always so full of little surprises. If he couldn’t play one end against the middle, he wasn’t satisfied. So he had this plan to get this high school kid laid by a white woman that night, and I happened to be the…the designated driver, so to speak. So I was automatically in for the duration no matter what happened.”

“A high school kid?” Jon couldn”t help commenting.

“He wasn’t a minor or anything,” Perry replied. “But, like I said, Carlton always had an angle.”

As fascinated as Jon felt about learning more about the elusive Ms. Kincaid, he found it embarrassingly difficult to listen to Perry mutter little anecdotes concerning Ulyssa”s previous sexual activities. Jon wasn’t sure if he felt protective of Lyssa or if he was just surprised that a woman might be trash-mouthed by her own husband, but the whole conversation was causing an involuntary reaction down where his briefs tugged at the zipper of his slacks.

And what the hell was a Little Miss Pollock?

“I guess I’ll have to tell you.” Perry laughed out loud. “As the meat and seafood manager of a small chain of grocery stores, I’d be the best person to ask.”

Oh no, Jon thought. I must have complained out loud!

“A pollock is a bottom feeder fish,” Perry continued. “Sort of an ocean going catfish. It eats what it must to survive, is pretty cheap to purchase, and it also has a very strong fishy smell.”

“I guess I still don’t get the connection,” Jon replied.

“It’s a white trash fish. But if you take the time to dress it up right, and prepare properly, it can be delicious,” Perry spoke slowly as if he were speaking to a retarded person. “Carlton had assured us that we were going to…do…just another Little Miss Pollock and then move along. But there were two things wrong with that plan.” Then Perry stopped.

“Two things?” Jon asked softly, trying to prompt Perry Cumberland to continue.

“The first had to do with Carlton’s hidden agenda, and the second…well, maybe we”ll get to that eventually, but our evening”s social director has arrived.” He nodded toward the lounge entrance. A familiar looking blond stood at the entrance to the lounge. Her curves nicely filled out a lovely white summer sheath with an enticing pattern of purple and black irises imprinted upon it. She strolled determinedly over to the lounge table which Jon and Perry shared.

Charging over to their table, Ulyssa excitedly joined the two men. “I think my ears are burning.”

“They should be scorched,” Perry replied. “I’ve been trash-talking you in front of your new friend.”

Jon stood up and held out his hand. “Jon Palmer.”

“Give me a hug, you,” Ulyssa threw both of her arms out toward Jon. As they hugged, Jon sensed that she seemed really flushed, hotter even than the stifling air inside the hotel lounge. She must have just come in from outside the hotel. “I’m so glad we finally get the chance to meet.” She brought her lips up quickly to plant a tender, if not so subtle hello kiss.

“That”s quite a greeting for two people who”ve never met,” Perry pointed out.

“Well, the truth is that Jon and I have had cyber sex a dozen times over the internet,” Lyssa replied. Then she looked over and saw that her little remark had a sobering effect on her husband. “Perry? That was supposed to be a joke.”

The black man nodded. “Oh.”

“Now don’t be like that,” Lyssa said as she opened her purse. “Tonight’s supposed to be fun.”

Jon noticed that her large tan colored bag did not match her outfit. That struck him as odd for someone who”d just come from a book signing. Nervously, Ulyssa continued to fumble for something inside her purse for second. Then she pulled out a nearly empty pack of filter cigarettes, and shook a cancer stick free from inside the pack.

As Lyssa got up to grab a pack of matches from the next table over, Perry pointed to the cigarette pack.

“Where did you get those?”

“I borrowed them from your cousin.” Lyssa struck flame to one of the matches and quickly lit the cigarette as if she expected it to be grabbed from her lips.

“Alicia” Damn, she knows better,” Perry said. “And so do you. You know smoking isn’t good for the baby.”

“C’mon Perry, the baby’s upstairs,” she said half heartedly. Jon could tell that Lyss already knew she couldn’t win this fight.

“Yeah, but the last time I checked, the baby’s milk was down here with you.”

“Oh, Perry,” she whined. Ulyssa actually sounded like an older version of her eight year old daughter. “Let me finish this one.” She fell into her black husband”s arms and perched on his lap. “Please, Perry?” She stroked his face with the hand which didn”t hold the cigarette. “I’m a little anxious that”s all.”

“A little anxious about what?” he asked all the while enjoying the little nuzzling and tiny kisses she was planting on his face and neck and ears.

“About tonight.” Ulyssa played the buttons on her husband”s shirt as if they were piano keys. “I want the three of us to do something special.”

Perry sighed. “What have you got in mind?”

“I want both of us to take Jon upstairs and fuck him.”

Unfortunately, since Jon was sipping from his beer at the moment, he choked and almost spat out the entire mouthful.

“Wait a minute, did you just ask this white man to fuck you right in front of me?”

Jon”s eyes went wide. I”m dead. There”s nothing left but to write my obituary.

“No silly, I”m asking both of you.” Lyssa smiled, and whispered, “Come with me. I want both of you to make love to me at the same time.”

“I…I…don”t know what to say,” Jon stuttered.

Again, Perry snarled at the white man. “Yeah, well you’re not the only one.”

“Now you,” Lyssa took her husband in her embrace and pleaded. “You just tell me that you love me,”

“Of course I love you,” Perry said, taking his wife into his arms and kissing her tenderly. “Lyssa, I love you more than I ever thought I could love any woman. You are the mother of my children. But you have to check with me first before you try to pull off something so impulsive.”

“You know I really should make some phone calls,” Jon started to stand up.

“You! Sit!” Lyss commanded.

Subconsciously caught off guard, Jon sat back down.

She leaned into Perry”s face again and murmured. “C’mon.” Then she stood up. “It”ll be fun. Just like the old days.”

With a huge sigh, Perry allowed his face to calm down. “This is nuts.”

“Remember how we first met?”

“Absolutely crazy, Lyss.”

“Just for tonight.” Amazed by her charisma, Jon thought that somehow she slipped in even closer to her husband”s face and body, and he wasn”t sure that was possible. “Please, Perry?”

After another huge sigh, Perry shrugged. “All right.”

Ulyssa jumped up, smiling sexily. “Let”s get out of here, Jon.” She took the white man”s hand. “Perry and I have something special planned for you back in room 419.”

“Wait a minute,” Jon replied. “419? Tha…that”s my room number.”

“It”s either there or you can help babysit four children in suite 353″”

“Good point,” Jon said. Christ what have I gotten myself into”

It turned out that the large tan purse had another surprise hidden away. Ulyssa had purchased a small bottle of brandy to help the three of them relax. Nearly undressed himself, Perry walked across the motel room to shut the curtains. As she turned toward Jon, Ulyssa took the empty glass from his hand, and laid it off to the side. When she turned back, Ulyssa’s eyes met his and their lips came together slowly. Both of them moaned as their tongues worked together.

“Undo me,” Ulyssa said, turning her back to Jon. She could feel his hands shaking as he clumsily untied the straps which held the silken top of her sheath dress in place. “Go on, Jon, pull it off,” she murmured. After Jon peeled her dress down past her breasts torso hips and thighs, he let it fall to the floor close to the bed and nightstand. Then Ulyssa turned around to face Jon, her swollen oversized white breasts thrust proudly toward him. Ulyssa could feel both sets of masculine eyes in the room scrutinizing every inch of her flesh, and it sent a shiver of excitement through her.

When Perry saw his wife’s dress fall to the floor, he confirmed what he’d suspected from the first. Ulyssa had been totally naked underneath that dress except for her nylons and heels. She started to peal down her nylons, but her husband stopped her. “You should leave them on,” Perry said, his voice rich with excitement. “Don’t you think so, Jon?”

“Whew!” Jon said expelling a long breath. His eyes were wide with Lyssa’s luscious white flesh and the combination of her mature motherliness coupled with the sexual thrill of her naked accommodating body so close at hand. Her scent was a mixture of perfume and talcum, body oils and brandy, musk and…something else, he thought. What?

Slowly Lyssa lifted up one soft, swollen breast, and then reached her hand up to the back of his neck. She brought his mouth down to her standing nipple. She heard him moan as he sucked on the nipple between his lips. The seasonal heat outside the hotel was nothing compared to what Ulyssa was feeling at the moment. She held Jon”s head like a baby as he nursed on first one offered tit and then the other. He settled on her left tit for a moment.

Mother’s milk! That”s the mystery odor, Jon realized. He felt surprised and a touch embarrassed to taste Lyssa’s fresh mother’s milk as it dripped readily against his tongue. The woman was lost in pleasure when she felt another set of warm hands explore her soft fleshy breast on the right side. Then she smiled when she felt Perry nuzzling into her lactating breast. A gasp came from her lips when she looked down and saw that both since her husband had removed all of his clothing, Jon was in the process of doing the same.

“Lay on the bed and be still,” she ordered Jon as she broke free from both men and began to slide her well endowed torso along the surface of his body. Lyssa placed her head on his stomach took his penis slowly into her mouth. Since it was still half-hard and growing, she slipped her lips around it easily. Jon could see Ulyssa”s husband reach around her with his black hands and pull her ass up tight against his own middle. Suddenly, Jon was breathing much harder. The visual intensity of Perry’s black body contrasted to Lyssa”s pale skin exhilarated him. Sure, that didn’t make a damn bit of sense, but the whole thing was having an incredible effect upon Jon”s psyche–not to mention the soft quick lips and tongue that flicked lightly over the reddening expanse of his erected glans.

“Switch!” Ulyssa commanded both men breathlessly. “Switch now.”

“Switch? We didn’t even get started,” Perry grumbled. Jon suddenly saw how–well!–well endowed Ulyssa”s husband actually was.

“Lay down on this bed and I’ll see that we get started,” she replied to her husband. Soon Lyssa was all over Perry”s cock like a child on a sweet fudgesicle, and once again, Jon found himself painfully distracted and heavily aware of his own demanding flesh. Curiously, Ulyssa opened her thighs and angled her cunt up so that the white man had ample accomodation when the very same access had been denied to her own husband of over ten years just moments ago. Why was that? Jon wondered.

But as Jon slid his eager penis deep into Ulyssa”s body, the answer to that one particular question became clear. The woman who’d just allowed him to push his cock deep into her pussy had allowed some other man to insemenate her vagina just before she’d arrived to join Perry and Jon at the bar. The answer was very clear to him now as his large shaft slid far too easily into her body, coating his erected penis with a thick cream from both the woman beneath him and yet another man. She came before she arrived!

My God, thought Jon, was somebody from Perry’s own family dipping into his wife on the side? Now he understood why Perry referred to his own wife as Little Miss Pollock. Stop it, he told himself. This is your friend, and she’s just given you a wonderfully loving gift. Oh, Christ! Good thing his military experience had taught Jon the virtues of waiting in line.

He couldn’t help himself. Jon suddenly found himself dripping, leaking pre-cum lubricant furiously, even though he wasn’t at all ready to climax by any means. But this wet little trick of hers had caught him totally by surprise.

Ulyssa stopped sucking off Perry and said, “Jon…Jon stop! Wait a minute.”

Hesitantly Jon backed away from her, reluctantly letting his erected penis slip away from her very warm, very wet welcome.

“Perry, I want you to fuck me in my ass tonight,” Ulyssa said, a strong blush of red crept along her face, neck and chest. “That should make tonight very special for all of us.”

Perry quickly complied as he got into the middle of the bed and laid on his back. His penis was pointing toward the ceiling, throbbing, and slowly pulsing a steady stream of translucent juice. He watched his wife take her high heels off and climb onto the bed. Then she straddled him, her back toward his head.

As Ulyssa squatted, she tried to look over her shoulder at her husband. “Go ahead and watch it, sweetheart. Watch that big black cock push straight up into me.” Ulyssa reached between her legs and wrapped her hand around Perry”s deep brown-black penis. She placed the swollen head on her little rose. She pressed down against him with her rectal muscles to force the little hole open.

Wow! Jon almost swore that he saw her asshole open by itself. What an illusion! Jon saw Perry shiver with anticipation as they both watched the dark head of Perry”s cock jam ridgedly into his white wife. Perry fought back an incredible urge to cum right then and there.

Lyssa groaned–half pain and half pleasure. Slowly the large black glans disappeared, while her tight anal ring snapped around the crown. She saw her lover looking up at her, smiling, while she tried holding herself motionless, working her muscles over his erected cock. It felt like she had stretched a rubber band around the cockhead. As she began to move her hips, she looked over at Jon standing close, his erected organ standing out like a bloated battering ram. Ulyssa relaxed her tight muscles and slowly let her weight sink down onto Perry”s shaft, taking him into her body. She moaned at the same moment Perry did, as he slowly slid all of the way into her anal canal. Ulyssa stopped when she found herself sitting on her husband”s stomach. Breathing raggedly and uneven by this time, Lyssa”s body nearly betrayed her. She had to make an enormous effort to try to hold off a climax.

“Okay, Jon, your turn,” Perry said, feeling his wife tense up, he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her down so that her back was against against him. “Just relax, Lyss.” Perry’s hands played with her breasts while his penis continued to plough slowly in and out of her ass. “You might as well try to enjoy Jon’s cock exploring your pussy while I fuck you in the ass.”

As Jon crawled onto the bed between both her and Perry”s legs, he kept his eyes fixed upon Ulyssa who was watching him wide-eyed and excited. She held her breath as Jon brought his large penis to the entrance to her vagina. “Oh my God,” Ulyssa squealed, half in excitement, half in a panic as Jon moved over her. Jon brought his lips down to Lyssa”s lips, pressing his mouth against hers one more time. Two at once! she thought.

Perry could hear and feel his wife kissing Jon, while he experienced the white man’s weight pressing her soft body down onto him. He locked his arms around her shoulders holding her fast in lace against him. Ulyssa started this, he thought. He’d be damned if she was going to call all the shots from on out.

Jon moaned as the swollen head of his penis pressed into Ulyssa’s still seeping hole. He heard her moan and stopped as soon as his glans slipped inside. Just a few short weeks ago Jon would have never believed that he’d be doing something like this. Hell, he didn’t even know many people who’d done what he was about to do. A little embarrassed and uncomfortable whenever Jon moved intimately against Perry’s hairy black thighs or felt his hands and arms touching him, Jon nearly jumped when his testicles rubbed against the black man’s crotch. But this goddamned inviting woman and her open body cushioned Jon from the other man so he continued to push himself forward, forcing his cock inside her wonderfully accommodating vagina.

Jon soon discovered that not only did he enjoy Lyssa’s wet heat, but he actually could feel Perry”s penis against his, separated only by that tiny membrane of skin which was the essence of Ulyssa. This was nuts, he thought, but it was terribly exciting as well.

Ulyssa could hardly believe what was happening. Her head was spinning in excitement as she felt her body being filled like never before. Jon”s penis by itself felt terrific, let alone the added pressure of Perry’s penis jutting up in her ass. Plus, any residual pain had been overcome by the tremendous thrill of having two men inside her at the same time.

Jon had no idea how thrilling it was to feel the bulge of Perry”s large penis working against his own. Soon the two men had established a rhythm within their mutual lover. When Perry pulled out, Jon pushed in. They’d been concentrating so much on the rhythm that they hadn’t realized that Ulyssa was ready to climax until the violated tissues inside her started surging in tiny gestalt waves around each of their pistoning cocks.

“Like I said earlier,” Perry began. “Carlton had arranged a shot at Little Miss Pollock here, because he’d made an agreement with that kid, Franklin, to get him laid by a compliant white woman. But Carlton kept referring to her as Miss X!”

“Oh, God, don’t tell that story,” Ulyssa grunted. Then she thrashed in Perry’s grip. But all her struggles didn’t matter to Perry, and Jon had come much to far along not to care about the story. The strain and fascination of the situation made Jon feel as if the dick probing Lyssa’s loins had swollen up three times beyond its normal size. He’d fallen into a perfect pistoning rhythm, and he wasn’t about to give it up.

“So Carlton and Franklin had me come along because I’d just purchased a luxury Buick Riviera and…mmm… the two of them wanted to ride in it. I told them that was okay with me, as long as everybody understood that we…uhh…we wouldn’t be doing any fucking on my brand new interior uphostery,” Perry said matter-of-factly. “Anyway we got to Miss X’s address which was way out in this suburban apartment complex, and Carlton used his cell phone to call Miss X’s number and tell her to let the three of us in. He didn’t want the three of us to have to wait outside her door where the neighbors might get suspicious or uptight. Anyway, the three of us went quickly to the apartment door, and, as you can surely guess, Jon, this very lady we’re fucking right now, let three inner-city African American men waltz right through her…mmm…her…her front door.”

Ulyssa made a sound like a mewling wildcat as Perry continued his story. “You saw how her eyes reacted to both of our naked bodies tonight, Jon, but you should have been there to see how Little Miss Pollock’s eyes widened when we stripped down and she was confronted with the erected dicks of three naked black men surrounding her on three sides.”

Jon moaned softly this time as he continued to piston the woman beneath him.

Ulyssa gasped as she felt the two men trigger a twinge like a spark igniting an electrical shock inside of her. “Oh, we had to promise to be very quiet, because she had just gotten her baby to sleep, but pretty soon that didn’t matter too much, because when Miss X moaned, she squealed far louder than any of us did.”

“Oooo!” Ulyssa gasped again.

“She rotated the three of us between her hands and her mouth. First she sucked on Carlton”s cock, and then she did that kid, Franklin. She’d grabbed at each of us one or two at a time, pulling and jerking and licking and sucking for what probably seemed like half the night, right, Lyss?”

Perry”s wife moaned with a high voiced little girl’s tone which seemed quite curious when Jon looked down at her mature, forty-plus years old womanly body.

“Then Carlton told Franklin to lay Little Miss Pollock back against the carpeted floor and fuck her,” Perry went on. “Carlton and I watched the kid settle between her legs and try to squirm his cock up into position against her pussy, but Franklin was still way to green to stay in the saddle for very long. Miss X had to put him into place using her hand, didn’t you sweetheart””

“Uhhnngg!” This time when her body reacted to her husband’s question, it felt like the two men within her had set off a series of earthquakes in her lower region. Panting uncontrollably, the tremors moving up her writhing body, Lyssa tried to scream, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. However, Mrs. Cumberland’s face contorted with sheer ecstacy, while every morsel of her energy centered in her lower body.

“Anyway, once Miss X got that boy rammed up deep inside of her, she let him ride her until he snorted like a wild pig. Since nothing on Earth could stop that boy from cumming, and since he was jammed deep into Little Miss Pollock”s pussy, Carlton played his perverted little trump card. “Franklin Dryor, I want you to meet Ulyssa Kincaid. This is Stephen’s little brother, Lyssa–and Franklin, this is the white woman who bore your brother’s little boy. And we watched as that boy howled and cut loose a torrent of sperm from his balls.”

Looking on as Ulyssa tried to mask a slightly pained expression which crossed her face, Jon almost stopped moving. But with hardly a word, Perry urged all three of them back into their intimate rhythm. “I didn’t know Lyssa’s and Stephen’s story back then, so I figured it was just another one of Carlton”s little perverted gags. Because when Carlton told Li’l Miz Pollock that she needed to fuck me too, he reassured her by telling her that she wouldn’t know me from Adam.”

Her energy almost depleted, there was nothing left inside Lyssa to propel her vocal cords. All she had left was a series of gasps.

“The three of us stayed at her place all night and part of the next morning. Each of us took turns fucking her,” Perry said casually. “Eventually she took Carlton and me the exact same way we’re taking her now. That was unforgettable.”

By now Ulyssa felt like she was having a seizure. Both her vagina and her anus mercilessly contracted around two magnificent loving erected shafts. She barely heard Jon murmuring that he was going to cum. However, she sure as hell knew it was inevitable. She finally managed to gasp out a cry of exquisite pain, as she enjoyed the primal helplessness of being sandwiched by two men–one black and one white.

She let out a long wordless moan which could’ve shaken the entire fourth floor. Anyone in the neighboring rooms would surely know what was happening in room 419. That squeal of orgasm from Lyssa was more than either man could take. They both bellowed at the same time, forcing their shafts as deep into Ulyssa as they could possibly go.

She felt as if the head of Jon’s penis had exploded inside her. She’d never felt cum hitting the inside of her vagina like this before. It couldn’t be just her imagination. She could actually feel Jon’s spewing cum hit the entrance to her womb, spattering and coating the walls of her contracting hole. Certain that he could feel Perry’s cock pulsing, Jon grunted as his body spasmed. Perry sensed the same thing from the other side as each new spasm forced the other man to spasm harder. Both men were truly amazed at how long they climaxed and how much semen must have been pumped into Ulyssa.

“We stayed until her baby awoke. By the way, Jon, you saw that baby already. He was the one at the check in desk who stood six foot two inches tall,” Perry added. “I”d seen white women with half black babies before, but this was the first time I”d ever seen a white woman wet nurse an African American infant. Funny isn’t it. History’s full of stories about black slaves wet nursing white children, but here I was, totally enthralled because of a white lady breast feeding a black baby. So I asked her if I could see her again, and she’s been nursing black babies ever since.”

By the time both men pulled out of Ulyssa, she was a limp mass of flesh. Her two orifaces had been stretched unmercifully, and sperm was running out of her like a gurgling stream. Panting and moaning, Lyssa curled up on the bed. Drawing her knees up into the fetal position, she continued to wheeze as if she had a difficult time catching her breath or an asthma attack.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Jon murmured. He desparately wanted to collapse on his bed, but he didn’t want to disturb the gorgeous woman to whom he’d just made incredible love.

“Oh my God,” she moaned in answer.

“Well,” Perry ordered. “Get out of Jon’s bed and let him get some sleep for heaven’s sake.” Perry started to gather up his own clothes to put them on.

“Shower,” she groaned, still panting in the center of the bed.

“We can shower back in our own room. Get dressed,” Perry began, then he stopped. He could see his wife flushing beet red. Much too red. “Uh-ohh. Are your ears ringing, Li’l Pollock?”

Still curled up tightly in a ball, Ulyssa nodded. “Uh-huh… jeez, Perry I hurt.”

“Did you remember to take your medication this afternoon?” Perry waited while she moaned some more and then took her face into his hands and repeated the question. “Did you remember your meds?”

“I don’t know,” she moaned. “I don’t remember.”

“Jon, run a tub full of warm bath water, will you?” Perry directed. “Not too hot, we don’t want her going into shock.”

Confused and yet worried by the way circumstances had twisted, Jon ignored his own nudity and ran into the bathroom to began to fill the tub with warm bath water.

“Help me carry her to the bath,” Perry told him. “Be careful.” Both men held Ulyssa up from either side, her red flushed nakedness half carried and half dragged between a large naked black man and a second naked man, not quite so large, and now rather pale with worry and concern.

“Lyssa,” Perry told his wife. “Can you slide into the tub?”

She groaned and nodded weakly. “I th…think so.” Clumsily she climbed over the tub rail and slid down into the water. Panting uncontrollably, her face terribly red, Lyssa felt her body slide down until the water surrounded her shoulders, the back of her head and her limp arms. “I need my meds, Perry, please?”

“You just lay there and rest, and I’ll go back to the suite and get them,” the large black man said sternly. “Jon, make sure she doesn”t move from the tub, okay?”

Jon nodded. He went to find a bathrobe while Perry dressed. Then as Perry rushed out the door, he walked back into the bathroom. “Are you gonna be okay?”

The door to the hotel room slammed.

Ulyssa slowly sat upright in the tub. “Is he gone?”

“He went for your medication,” Jon replied. “What happened?”

“I need to thank you for not mentioning the extra…uhh…lubrication you found when you first…uhh…slipped inside of me,” Lyssa answered. “If Perry had been the first to enter me, it would’ve hurt him to no end, and I never want to do that.” She splashed warm water on her face. “Stay with me until he gets back, okay””

Puzzled, Jon nodded. “May I ask who the earler man was?”

“Some questions a gentleman doesn’t ask.” Ulyssa shook her head. “Oh c’mon, give me a kiss.”

“Was this all for show?” Jon gestured toward the bathtub.

“Not entirely,” she said. “I really did need to cool down after such an extraordinary event. But things weren’t quite as bad as I made them look.”

“You are incredible!”

“What a sweet thing to say,” Ulyssa smiled. “Was that just my act or does that also include the sex?”

“Now there, you are really incredible!”

Jon Palmer was positive that he couldn’t have trusted her, if Ulyssa had been his wife. Still Jon knew that she definitely had been one of the all-time great rides in the amusement park of his life. Perry came back and they got Ulyssa out of the bathtub, dressed, and back to her room. Jon gave her a good-bye kiss, and told Perry to take good care of her.

He used his lap top to book a flight home. There was one out at 5:32 am. A few hours from now he thought. Jon began to pack, then called down to the front desk and told them he”d be checking out immediately. For some reason he preferred to wait at the airport rather than hang around the Hampton Inn any longer.

Surprisingly, even though it was about twenty minutes before three in the morning, Jon found himself second in line to check out of the hotel. For some reason, that struck him as funny. Since the man in front of him was a handsome young black man, Jon wondered offhandedly whether he too had attended the Cumberland family reunion.

Although he hadn’t intended to eavesdrop, Jon listened nonchalantly to the conversation in front of him.

“Tyrone Rutledge, room two-eleven,” the man announced to the desk clerk. “I’m leaving now, but my companion will be staying in my room until noon check out.”

“Very well, Mr. Rutledge,” the desk clerk said. “Just for our records, what is your companion’s name””

This time the black man’s answer sent a shiver up Jon’s spine.

“Dryor. Franklin Dryor.”

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