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One Rainy Night in Prague

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I could give you a lot of back story, a lot of detail, about how my wife Jen and I have ended up in this little club in Prague, sitting with Katerina, the sexy blonde Czech jazz singer who finished her last set a while ago, and Milos, her sexy blond actor brother, who’s definitely appreciating the way Jen’s generous tits are almost falling out of her lowcut top, but hey: it’s what may happen next that really counts.

Then again, maybe you’re the kind of person who likes some build-up, some literary foreplay. Nothing wrong with that: sometimes I do, too. All right, a few sentences to set the scene:

– Jen and I are both 26-years-old, good-looking, and have been together four years: long enough for the novelty to have faded, even if the sex is still smokin’.

– We’d heard Prague was a fine combination of Old World sights and cutting-edge 21st century partying, so we decided that’s where we’d start our first trip out of the U.S.

– We accidentally stumbled into a swinger bar last night and a very cute couple hit on us. We declined, but it’s left us both feeling unusually frisky, and privately fantasizing about how it might have been.

– We’re a long way from home, right? As Jen puts it, since everything’s out of the ordinary anyway, you aren’t necessarily thinking about things the same way you would at home.

See where this is headed?

Anyhow, the four of us have a nice buzz on from the vodka shots we’ve been toasting each other with over the previous hour. U.S.-Czech relations have gotten pretty friendly: Milos and Jen have their heads together talking intensely about theater and his acting gigs; she’s absent-mindedly tracing patterns on his forearm with her finger. I’m watching Katerina’s hard nipples shifting around under her filmy gown as she and I compare our favorite jazz standards. Her leg is warm against mine, and then I notice that Milos only has one hand in sight and Jen has begun to squirm around just the tiniest bit in her chair.

Katerina catches me watching them. “You see what your wife is permitting Milos to do?” she asks. Her lips are like Angelina Jolie’s–I mean, she really is amazingly hot. The way she looked and moved and sounded when she was on stage earlier, the only thing you could picture her doing besides singing torch songs was having spectacular sex. “Is this O.K. with you?” she says.

Good question. A husband and wife ought to talk about these things first, I guess, but it seems as if events have been unfolding quickly. I want to fuck Katerina more than I’ve wanted anything in a long time, but am I really ready for Jen to be with someone else while I do it?

I look into Katerina’s pale blue eyes and my dick makes my decison for me. “I think so. If you and I could do something, too.”

She smiles and leans forward to give me a soft, lingering kiss. “I think this would be possible,” she whispers, “but you must talk to Jen.”


Katerina and Milos confer in Czech, exchanging meaningful looks, and conclude that the party should move on to her place, a few blocks away. It’s raining when we leave, but we have a couple of umbrellas. I pull Jen under mine. Milos and Katerina walk discreetly ahead under theirs.

Things have happened so fast, I’m feeling a little tongue-tied. “You and Milos . . .” I finally say.

She looks up at me searchingly. “Just this once? Milos and me, and you and Katerina? They’re so hot. Then we can turn back into regular old Jen and Sam in the morning.”

“One night of insanity–that’s the deal?” With enough vodka and testosterone in my system, you can talk me into almost anything.

“That’s the deal,” she says with a wicked smile.

“O.K., but if it’s just going to be this one time, we need to be in the same room. I don’t want to miss anything.”

“Oh baby, yes,” my wife purrs. “Let’s watch each other fuck these people.”


It’s truly a night of surprises, the first one being that we’re here at all in Katarina’s luxurious loft apartment, getting ready to hop into bed with her and her brother. But the second is that the gorilla in the muscle shirt, whom we find sitting on the couch with a heavily made-up and scantily-dressed young Asian woman, turns out to be Katarina’s boyfriend. We discover later that if it weren’t for a gimpy knee, he’d still be on the national rugby team.

They check us out as we come in the door. Katarina goes over to him and whispers something in his ear. He smiles, and nods, and gives her a kiss. She rejoins us and leads us down a long hall toward an open door at the end.

“Your boyfriend!” Jen says, impressed. “That’s not a problem?” I certainly hope not. I’m big, but this guy is a monster.

“Oh no, Viktor is most agreeable in these matters. As I am for him. You see he also has friend here already, yes?”

Jen grins at me. “Toto, this is looking less and less like Kansas all the time.”

I smile back. “Well, Dorothy, when in Oz . . .”


Now we’re in the room. It has a bed that’s roughly the size of Luxembourg. The only illumination is from the streetlights a story below. I’m with Katerina at the window, looking out at the rain; she’s leaning back against me as I cup her pointy breasts through the delicate fabric of her gown and play with her even pointier nipples. I touch my lips to her neck and she shivers. She smells of sandalwood and spice and girl. Behind us, I hear murmurs, and zippers unzipping, and clothing falling quietly to the floor.

She turns in my arms, reaching behind to unfasten her gown. It slides away and now she’s naked except for a tiny thong. She pulls my lips down to hers and as our tongues find each other, I run my fingers over her long, sleek body, so different from Jen’s soft curves. Her taut little ass fits my hands just right and I pull her against my straining erection. “Too much clothes,” she whispers, and fumbles with my belt. I help her undress me.

I push her back onto the bed. Jen and Milos are already locked together: her eyes are closed and she’s humping his thigh as he noisily sucks her breast. Their hands are all over each other. I can’t help noticing that his cock is a lot smaller than she’s used to; I hope she won’t be disappointed. I peel off Katerina’s thong and push her knees back. Her untrimmed pubic hair is sparse and silky and blonde: the swollen lips of her vulva beckon. I bury my face in her crotch, licking and nibbling. She’s not as juicy as Jen gets, and she tastes different–a bit tangier–but I like it just fine, and from the noises she’s making, she does too.

Jen and Milos rearrange themselves: she’s on her knees so she can reach his cock. I watch her stroke it for a minute, then bend down to run her tongue along it. Then she inhales it. Her legs are slightly spread and moisture is glistening in her smooth cleft–it’s strange to think that tonight it’s there for Milos, not me.

She’s devouring him. Jen is a high-energy lover. Sex for her is like hard rock, the kind that’s really noisy, with a pounding bass and a driving beat. Katerina seems to approach sex more like jazz, where you take your time, mixing up the rhythms and trading off solos. She writhes gently as I vibrate my tongue against her stubby clit; I slip a finger into her, then another. She clamps my head between her thighs and comes with a little cry.

When she’s stopped twitching, she lifts me away from her pussy and has me roll over. Ever so delicately, she wraps her fingers around my dick, rubs the head across her cheek and back and forth over her lips, then envelops me in her warm mouth. Jen, meanwhile, has straddled Milos and is trying unsuccessfully to lower herself onto his cock, which suddenly seems to have lost a lot of its starch. She finally settles back onto his thighs, and with a dollop of pussy juice for lube, attempts to revive him with her hand.

Oh, man–Katerina is doing things to me with her tongue that Jen’s never dreamed of. I’m in danger of coming WAY too soon, so I draw her up to lie beside me. She takes my face in her hands and we kiss ferociously. But then we hear a little frustrated grunt next to us: Milos is still soft, and Jen doesn’t seem too happy. Katerina lifts her head and looks at Milos.

“Again?” she asks quietly.

“Yes,” he says, with an abashed expression, “it is the same.”

“Milos has little problem sometimes,” Katerina tells us. She reaches over and takes Jen’s hand. “Don’t worry,” she says reassuringly, “I know how to help this become better.” She rolls from the bed, and heads out the door.

“Yes, it will be all right now,” says Milos, looking even more shamefaced.

“Are you O.K., babe?” I ask Jen.

She gives me a wry look. “We’ll see, I guess. It looked like you were having fun, anyway.”

“We can go anytime you want.”

“Well, let’s find out what she has in mind, first . . . Milos got me all wound up–I’m still pretty goddamned horny.”


What Katerina has in mind, of course, is Viktor.

They come into the room hand-in-hand. He’s naked, too, now, and seems even bigger than before, and he’s really not that bad-looking–sort of a Slavic version of Russell Crowe. His formidable penis is half-erect, and at first I think he’s had a gruesome accident because it has red smears all over it. Then I remember the Asian girl, and chuckle: it’s only lipstick.

Katerina leads him over to Jen. “This is Viktor,” she says. “He can give you much excitement.” Then she giggles, and adds, “I will guarantee this personally.”

Viktor looks earnestly at Jen. “I know you have been attracted to Milos, but I think you are very beautiful and I would like to give you oral pleasure now, and then maybe we make love.” Milos, meanwhile, has moved to a chair beside the bed where he can watch the action.

Jen looks at me and raises her eyebrows. I shrug: it’s her call. She turns back to Viktor and gives him a long once-over, paying particular attention to his dick, which is now in full bloom. She smiles, and licks her lips. She opens her legs. “O.K., big boy,” she says, looking him in the eye, “let’s give it a whirl.”

As my wife pulls Viktor down and begins to acquaint him with the delights of her pussy, Katerina climbs back onto the bed and snuggles in next to me. She languidly strokes my dick as I tongue her fantastic nipples and run my hand up the inside of her thigh to the heat and slickness at the top. I part the lips and slide my finger into her, searching for her g-spot. We go at it like that until she starts to moan and lifts my head up to kiss her; her hand has become a blur on my cock.

She’s got me on fire. “I need to fuck you,” I whisper.

“Oh yes, please, now,” she says, and rolls onto her back, spreading herself wide. I wouldn’t have thought I could get any harder, but the sweet scent of her arousal does it. I kneel between her legs; she takes my penis and guides it to her pussy. She gasps as I give a little push, and then another; slowly her tight vagina gives way and takes me in. It feels so snug and good. I begin to move inside her.

Jen is whimpering and I look over at her. Viktor is definitely delivering on his promise of oral pleasure: he has her ass in his hands and her ankles on his shoulders, and is effortlessly holding her up off the bed so he can penetrate her with his tongue. She’s rubbing herself frantically against his face, and I can tell she’s close to the edge. Sure enough, a moment later she shrieks, and goes rigid. When she unclenches, he lowers her gently back down, and lifts his head from between her legs. I feel the slightest twinge of jealousy as I watch her reach out and affectionately run her fingers through his hair.

The twinge disappears as I come back to Katerina, who is now gripping my ass tightly and bucking against me each time I thrust. She reaches between my legs and fondles my balls; I lick her mouth, then stick my tongue in to wrestle with hers. Her control over her vaginal muscles is phenomenal: it’s like there’s another little Katarina in there working my dick.

I feel an orgasm building and I’m certainly not ready, so I roll onto my back, pulling her on top of me. We don’t miss a beat. In my new position I can see Milos: he’s staring at us intently, and playing with his impressively rejuvenated erection. Maybe he just likes to watch.

Every so often, Katerina slithers up and drags her nipples across my lips, then slides back down onto my cock. With each stroke now, she’s muttering something in Czech. My guess is it’s some version of, “Yes!” or, “Fuck me!” Language gets pretty basic and universal when you’re screwing your brains out.

I turn my head and there’s Jen, lying back and drawing Viktor up between her legs. She looks at me blindly, so lost in lust that I’m not sure what she’s even seeing. He takes her by the knees and spreads her: it’s all wet pussy down there. She brings the big head of his dick to her opening, and he pushes on in. They both moan as his massive length disappears into her.

Katerina and I are getting close. I hold her hips as she slaps against me. Her face is red, she’s biting her lip, and her lovely breasts are bouncing every which way. Milos is practically drooling as he watches us. “Now. Please, now!” she gasps. “Yes,” I groan. It’s like my whole body’s exploding when I begin to spurt: she collapses onto me and feverishly covers my face with kisses as I empty into her. It seems as if it takes forever.

We lie there holding each other while our breathing gradually returns to normal. The bed is still rocking, though: the others are going at it hard. Now that Katerina and I have finished, I have to confess I’m feeling kind of strange about witnessing Jen and Viktor doing what they’re doing. I mean, you can’t imagine how sexy Jen looks with her shapely breasts heaving, her legs waving in the air, her head tossing back and forth on the pillow, as Viktor pumps his big, glistening cock in and out of her. I’m already starting to get wood again just watching her. On the other hand, it’s my wife this guy is inside of, and I’m kind of wishing she and I were already back at our hotel, slowly and lovingly reclaiming each other in our own bed.

Anyway, they don’t last long. Viktor growls and stiffens, and Jen wraps her arms and legs around him. She screams as her orgasm hits, and spasms shake them both as he fills my wife with his seed. Eventually, he withdraws and collapses onto the bed beside her. Instantly, a river of semen begins to dribble out of her pussy and onto the sheet beneath. They lie there panting for awhile, then Jen looks over and gives me a dazed smile.

I feel Katerina begin to stir, and what’s this?!? Milos is off the bench and back in the game: he’s climbed onto the bed and is raising his sister onto her hands and knees. He has a serious boner, and now he positions himself behind her, all the better to plunge it into her dripping vagina, which he proceeds to do. Viktor sees them and grins. He rises up and crawls over Jen and me so that he can kneel in front of Katerina. She takes his dick in her hand and begins to lick him clean.

I slide over next to Jen and take her in my arms. I indicate the menage on the other side of the bed. “Well, that’s different, isn’t it?”

She laughs. “Babe, it looks as if we may just be out of our league.”

Milos has pulled out of Katerina’s pussy and is working himself into her ass. Viktor is now fully erect and she’s deep-throating him. “Let’s go,” Jen whispers. They’re all so busy they don’t even notice as we scoop up our clothes and slip out the door.

We get dressed in the hall and head out into the living room. The Asian girl is lying naked on a semi-wet spot on the couch, asleep. Her elaborate make-up job is definitely the worse for wear. She opens her eyes and stretches as we come into the room: she really does have a nice little body. “You like to play?” she asks blearily.

“Don’t even think about it, amigo,” Jen says to me, as she steers us out the front door. “You and I have some catching up to do.”

Sounds fine to me. We can catch up now and in the morning. We just can’t miss our flight to Amsterdam in the afternoon. They say Amsterdam’s supposed to be a pretty good party town, too . . .

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