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One of Two

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I can never remember being alone. Even when by myself, there was this feeling that I was there beside myself. Such is the feeling some identical twins have. My name is Alan, a few minutes older than my brother Brad.

We have shared everything in our 20 years. Actually, counting the time we shared the same amniotic sac it’s been more than 20 years.

As monozygotic twins, we have the same DNA, and are physically the same person in two bodies. Ironically, in this day of DNA identification, forensic scientists would have to compare our similar but slightly different fingerprints to tell us apart.

The only one who can tell us apart is mom, and no one knows how she does it. Mom was from the old school of thought, always dressed us the same as children and neither of us ever objected. We have always been together, and even after we moved away from home, we continue sharing a dorm room at college. We’re both taking the same classes in college though at different times and we still buy our clothes together, in two sets. It just feels right to us. However, so as not to stick out too much, Brad and I started wearing different outfits.

Still, I – we – sometimes wonder if we missed the “normal” life that others enjoy. We have never really known a moment of singularity, there has always been this companion in life. In our teen years, when other boys first learn how to masturbate, and sometimes do it together with their buddies, we did it totally naked in front of each other and it was exciting as any teen boy standing in front of a mirror can tell you. As teenagers, we got these hard-ons quite easily without any outside stimulation, but we enjoyed looking at Playboys, sharing the picture while stroking together side by side.

It didn’t take us long to progress from masturbating together, to fondling each other, to rubbing our entire bodies together, dicks pressed between us. It was like humping a mirror only softer, warmer and breathing hard with you. And so went our masturbatory teen years, enjoying the touch of another person, even if that person was an extension of yourself. We even discussed whether what we did together was actually incest or just masturbation.

By college, we were both interested in girls and if one of us got friendly with a girl, it just seemed natural that she would hit it off with the other. For the most part we dated girls singly, but occasionally, with the mischief of youth, we would take turns sharing a girl without her knowledge. All it took was a little filling in with what the other had done and talked about. We actually did this with a girl that we ended up going steady with. She seemed so compatible to us, and we enjoyed her company and her body in bed. Many times we would debate how, if ever, we could let her know that she was seeing two of us.

Laura met Brad first, and they soon became totally involved with each other. After I started posing as Brad and going out with Laura and having a thoroughly good time we realized that we had a problem. We were falling in love with one woman, and were worried that she would somehow discover our sharing her. It never occurred to us that Brad could continue seeing her by himself, because we loved her together. It’s hard to explain to non-identicals.

And so our college routine went very efficiently, although we each only received half an education. When I was out with Laura at Lookout Point, sliding my fingers in her pussy and sucking on her breast, Brad would be studying in the dorm for a math class that he would attend twice the next day while I slept in.

The next day, before he took Laura out for the evening I would go over all the events of the previous night in great detail. He would know how her dress slipped up over her waist, and I pulled the front of her panties down and caught her curly hair in my lips and tugged lightly on it before flicking my tongue along her labia. Every detail of how my two fingers were sliding in and out of her wet hole while I sucked her clit, and how she would have waves of orgasm, squeezing my head in her thighs. Brad now knew an intimacy about Laura and what she liked.

Brad took Laura to an off-campus motel the next night and told me how they got very oral and that she stripped off his clothes and licked him all over before taking his dick in her mouth. He told every detail of how she sucked his balls into her mouth for a while before starting to lick around the head of his dick. She then took him into her mouth and sucked him until he shot off in her mouth. Brad said he told her he was coming but she didn’t stop and seemed to enjoy the cum in her mouth. Now I knew an intimacy of what Laura liked. I also got a raging boner hearing about it, and Brad was kind enough to demonstrate the previous technique until I shot off in his mouth.

While Brad and I had this scam going to show up in each other’s class and take notes, we often wondered how Laura was able to do it. Between the two of us we were with her almost every evening and yet she never tired of our company or our fucking/sucking/rubbing.

I was on campus on a day when Brad was sleeping in and had just come out of his Humanities class at noon when I ran into Laura. Of course I had to be Brad at that moment, and we got some Pitas for lunch and went to the Quad to hang out for a while. I whispered to her how I really enjoyed the night before and that my dick was even a little tender from all the times we fucked over the night. She smiled and admitted that maybe we were a little excessive. Luckily Brad had enough energy to clue me in on this before he crashed. Laura and I had a little light petting by the bushes before she went to class and I went home. We arranged to meet that night for pizza then go up to Lookout Point.

When I got home, Brad was out and there was a message that he biked into town. I finished his class assignment and took a nap, knowing that it would be a long night. When Brad got in he said he met Laura in town, and they had Subs for lunch and had arranged to go with her to a movie on campus this evening, then maybe a stroll by the lakefront. He was about to tell me which movie I would be seeing when I said,

“Wait a minute!”

Brad and I started comparing times and decided that there was no way Laura could get from campus to downtown in that short a time, then eat another lunch. Slowly, the nagging suspicion became a possibility then a probability. What if Laura was a twin!

Not knowing if Laura had gotten with her other half, we both dressed alike that evening and set off to both pre-arranged meeting places, cell phones in pocket. I met Laura at the Pizza Joint, and we were just starting to eat when the phone beeped. It was Brad, and he was with Laura. We both said into the phones, “I’ll be there soon,” then turned to our Laura and said, “my brother from out of town is here and I have to go let him in my room.”

Laura and I arrived at an empty dorm room, and I read the prearranged note on the door that said Alan had gone to get something to eat. We waited and soon the door opened and there was Brad with his “Laura.” The two women were quite shocked to see each other and the two of us together.

Actually, the situation wasn’t that tense, and we all ended up laughing at the end of the subterfuge. Laura and her identical twin Barbara had been taking turns going out with us, and at this point none of us knew who it was we were making love to these past few weeks.

We had some wine and sat on the couch trying to figure out which of us was at the motel together and which were at Lookout Point, until we decided that it probably didn’t actually matter. I think it was at that moment we all came up with the idea to compare, although it was Brad who started by tentatively running his hand up Barbara’s leg. Laura and I saw that she was receptive, so we started kissing and running our hands all over each other.

The four of us were making out on the couch and losing clothes, so we went into the bedroom. Brad and I put our beds together so we could all be together and we felt a little strange at first, being naked and intimate with so many people, but the fact that we had all been intimate before dispelled that unease.

Brad was rubbing Barbara’s crotch, one finger slipping into her. I was licking Laura’s slit and felt Barbara’s hand on my dick. All our hands were caressing the bodies of the others and no one stayed in one place for long as we explored all our bodies at once. Laura was sucking my dick, Brad was licking Barbara’s pussy, and then we would switch around. There were times that I was sucking Brad’s cock and Barbara was licking Laura’s pussy. Eventually, it was me ramming my cock into Laura and Brad ramming his into Barbara that we all got off and were lying there in an exhausted, sweaty heap on the bed.

Where to from here? The four of us made a good couple while we were dating and we talked about moving in together, sharing our lives as a foursome instead of two twosomes.

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