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One Night Conversion

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I was on the bay front finishing the last of my 3 mile run. Feeling like I was getting older at my ripe age of 29, I tried to run at least 3 times a week and also workout 3 times a week. My wife Laura loved the results as my 5’8″ frame was very toned and tanned. She also liked me to be clean shaven, so I removed most of my body hair to please her. It was fine except when I was in my running shorts which made me a little self-conscience.

As I began to cross the street from the bay front, a large utility truck stopped at the intersection and the man inside yelled at me, “excuse me, EXCUSE ME!”

I went up to the truck and the black driver asked me for directions to a cheap hotel that was in the area. He said he had circled the street 3 times now and could not locate the Hotel. Knowing the area well, the hotel he was looking for was tucked back behind a bar and grill and very easy to miss.

I tried to explain where it was but was making him more confused. With cars honking for him to move, I suggested and he welcomed me driving with him and showing him where it was. As we approached the hotel, he thanked me and asked me wait until he checked in to drive me back. I was exhausted from the day and my run and was happy to wait for the ride back.

During the drive there, the driver told me his name was Tony and I told him mine was Tim. I didn’t pay much attention to him while giving directions but when he got out of the truck I noticed this man was chiseled. He was about 40 years old, wearing a sleeveless shirt, jeans and work boots on a 6’2″ muscular frame. His jeans were so tight from his stocky legs that you could see his leg muscles flex as he walked.

After Tony checked in to his room, he came back out with a big smile on his face and asked me to go to the bar right next to the hotel for a drink. He said so he could thank me the right way. I agreed although I didn’t feel dressed for the occasion. When Tony looked at me and said your dressed fine, I felt even more self-conscience about my shaved body as I could tell he noticed. Thankfully, when we went into the bar it was dimly lighted making me more comfortable.

Tony got us a couple of drinks and we began talking about a variety of topics. I was surprised how articulate Tony was as we touched on politics, the market, foreign affairs and sports. As we talked, we keep drinking while taking advantage of Happy Hour. Tony told me of all of his travels which included Europe, South America, Japan and a host of states in the U.S. I asked him what made him travel so much and he shocked me when he said that after five years in prison you want to spread your wings.

He smiled and told me not to worry. The charge was bank fraud and he learned his lesson the hard way. He said that he used to be a trust manager and started taking money for gambling debts. As he seemed to get upset talking about this, I put my hand on his shoulder and he put his hand over mine. He held it there for a while and I began to feel awkward. I excused myself to call my wife on the bar phone. I hadn’t got back to my car yet where my phone was. I told her about meeting a new friend and that I would be late. She said OK and that she wasn’t going to wait up for me. As I got back to the table, Tony was just getting back too. For the first time through those tight jeans, I notice the outline of a massive cock.

As we continued to drink, I could not help but sneak the occasional glance at his manhood. I think he became aware of this and somehow the conversation gravitated to his sex life in prison. He told me that he was attracted to smaller white men that he could feminize. He said that in prison turning a white boy out was not considered gay because whites were bitches. Than he smiled and said I would have been popular with that shaved body and firm ass. After this conversation I excused myself to the restroom to clear my head. It really felt like we were flirting and I could not explain my desire to see his big black cock. Just as I was about to walk out, Tony walked in. He smiled and I smiled as I tried to pass him. Than he grabbed me around the waist. He spun me around and said he was really enjoying spending time with me. He pulled me close with a grip that I could not get out of if I tried. I looked at him and he began kissing my neck than deeply on the lips as his tongue wondered. My head spinning I oddly blurted out that I was filthy and needed a shower. Tony laughed as he released me and he said he could arrange that, adding he needed one too.

As we walked back to the hotel, I felt surprisingly at ease. We talked about how buzzed we were as Tony put one arm around my shoulder. I locked a finger into his belt loop staring up at him. When we got into the room I asked who would shower first. He just said baby you know we are showering together. I nodded and took off my clothes while he pulled off his. When he pulled down his underwear, a magnificent dark black cock sprung free. Semi erect it was 10 inches long and about 3 inches thick. He walked over to me and hugged me as his erect cock slide up against my belly. My cock was also erect but paled in comparison. We kissed again for a while, than he got behind me leading me toward the shower. As we walked, he playfully smacked and rubbed my ass.

In the shower I fell into a dream state. Washing and rubbing his muscled arms and chest, huge cock and balls and amazing ass I was truly acting like his bitch. He washed me with his strong hands, cupping my ass and messaging his finger into my crack. The whole time tongue fucking my mouth and kissing my neck. When we got out of the shower, we barely dried off before I was on my knees sucking his cock as if I’d done it a thousand times. I licked the length of his huge shaft, sucked his ball and rubbed his precum on my face. After 15 minutes of this in the bathroom, he took me to the bed so I could continue. He laid out on the bed with his cock at attention. I went back to sucking him kneeling on the bed with my ass in the air. Tony continued to smack my ass and squeeze my nipples with one hand, while the other forced his cock deeper into my throat.

After about 30 minutes, I was still enjoying myself but it felt like my jaw was going to come unhinged from wrapping my lips around his black monster. Than he tensed up and started to blast my throat and belly with his thick seed. It filled my mouth quicker than I could swallow as he held me down on his shaft. It leaked out the sides of my mouth, down my chin and onto his pubes and belly. When he let me up, he said firmly to clean him up. I licked and eat the cum that had spilled on him than took the space right next to his chiseled body. I started to get up to use the restroom to when Tony pulled me back down. He sucked on my neck giving me hickeys as he stuck a finger in my butthole. Soon after, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube.

As excited as I was at this point, I didn’t think I could take his massive cock up the ass. I told him that I would have to wait on backdoor action because of my inexperience. It was like I had flipped a switch. This even tempered man rose up and said that I would do what I was told to do. He got off the bed calling me a bitch boy and dragged me like a rag doll to the edge of the bed. He propped my legs up, drawing my asshole to him and rammed about 3 inches of thick cock into my snatch. I let out a scream. Than he yelled at me, calling me a black cock slut, sissy cum dumpster and white fag bitch while holding the first 3 inched firmly in my hole. He said I should never disrespect a black man. Than pulled back, spit on his cock and forced it about 5 inches deep, holding it again as he verbally abused me.

It continued on this way until I loosened up enough to where I was taking most of his big black cock. Finally, I pulled myself up to him as he began pistoning my cunt and gave him a kiss. He told me I was now behaving like a good bitch, smiled at me as I smiled back. I began to let him fully turn me out as he moved me freely from position to position. Finally, as he was fucking me on my side, he tensed up and pushed deep shooting stream after stream of jizz up my man cunt. Through the pain and pleasure, I also came, shooting all over the bed.

When I got up to use the restroom, Tony’s spunk poured out of my newly gaped asshole, running down my legs. In the light of the restroom I could see that the cum was tainted with blood and my ass was throbbing, yet I could not wait to get him back inside me. When I got back in bed, I knew exactly what my daddy wanted as I stuffed his black dick into my mouth, sucking him back to life. He than had me stand up and lay from the waist up on the bed with us in full view of the wall mirror. He stood behind me with his hands on my hips, slowly pushing his 10 inches into the man cunt that he now owned. I watched in amazement as his thick cock went in and out of me at increasing speed.

We continued to fuck until about 3am when Tony said he would take me to my car. I got up to wash off all the cum and sweat from the nights activity. As I started to do this, my daddy said not to. He told me when I got home to Laura, I was to show her my hickeys and cum mess and tell her I loved being black cock bred. Tony said it was best to explain this now instead of when he comes back next week and tattoos his brand on my ass cheeks.

Tony kissed me and dropped me off, telling me the precise time I was to meet him at my house for his weekly visit. He also said he was bringing two black men he worked with. He said they both had 12 inches and he wanted them to be a surprise breeding gift to my wife. I got in my car, sitting down on my cum soaked running shorts contemplating me conversation with Laura.

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