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“Hey I thought we were heading up and out?” Nicole asked.

“We just have to check something out girl, something we have been dying to see.” said Charlie. Nicole missed the look between the two men, the slight smile and devilish grin on their face.

Nicole sat back in the middle seat of the van and let her mind wander, she was tired and just glad to be off her feet.

Her mind was jostled back to the present when the passenger van stopped. Nicole looked around and recognized that they were down in the lowest deck of this huge vessel.

The van maneuvered around a few bulky pieces and parked itself into a tight cubby hole and then the engine was shut off, it ticked quietly as it cooled down.

Nicole waited a few seconds and when no one made a move to get out she spoke up.

“Ok boys, what is it again we are here to look at?” she questioned.

“Well miss Nicole, the boys and I have been dying to find something out,” Charlie said.

“Ok Charlie, but why do you think I would know anything about this deck, we didn’t load this one?” she replied.

“No Miss Nicole, we wanted to find out something about you.” Charlie said.

Nicole had no idea what he was talking about, but she genuinely liked these guys and was happy to spend the last few minutes of her day talking to them.

“Ok guys what is it y’all want to know?” she queried.

“We was thinking if it’s true” Charlie questioned.

“What Charlie? What was true?” she wondered.

“Them miss Nicole, we was wondering about them” he said looking down.

She couldn’t help but laugh, here she was in a van with 3 big strong longshoremen, who had taken her down below decks away from everyone and they didn’t even have the ability to ask her if her boobs were real or not. Men, she thought they are such silly boys sometimes. She wasn’t about to make this any easier on them, if they wanted to ask her about her tits she was going to make them say it out loud.

Feigning innocence Nicole replied “I swear Charlie its true I didn’t load any part of this deck”

Clearly Charlie was getting frustrated now, he wasn’t used to being played with and it was making him uneasy, but Nicole wasn’t letting up. She saw him glancing across the front seat at Stuffy, but she couldn’t even see his face and he didn’t make a sound that she could hear.

Charlie turn around in the front seat again “No Miss Nicole we were wondering if its true about…ahhh…you know…about”

But Charlie was cut off from the voice in the back, Paul grabbed the back of the seat leaned forward and said “everyone one was wondering if those tits of yours are real, not just us three now, every single longshoreman at this port.”

Nicole looked back at Paul, the younger of the three of them and not as big. He was still nicely built and Nicole took notice of how his muscles flexed every time he did anything. He was definitely the best cut out of the three and apparently the boldest also.

Nicole put on her best stern voice “I can’t believe you would even wonder about something like that. “I work with you guys everyday and this is what your thinking about.”

Charlie was immediately apologetic and stammered through an apology, but Paul, Paul wasn’t about to be put off. Apparently he had been fantasizing about this encounter for a while now, and now was his chance.

Paul started in again “Miss Nicole we love working with you, you’re smart and don’t take any crap, however you’re also beautiful and funny, so of course we all talk about you.”

“And one of the things you guys were wondering was if my boobs were real or not” she said in a softer tone.

This time Stuffy started to get a little more into it “Yes Miss Nicole, half the guys say there is no way and most of the others say they are real” his words came out in a rush.

“And what do the rest say?” she queried.

“There are a couple that don’t care cause you have a great ass” came Paul’s voice.

“Yea there is even one fella that loves your hips and watches you walk up the ramps every time” piped in Charlie.

She paused for a second and then decided to hell with it lets play along “Ok boys I am gonna tell you and once and for all this can be put to rest and we can all go back to being friends.”

She looked around the van, she couldn’t help but smile, men were so easy and these three were playing right along. They were all leaning forwards in their seat waiting for her to speak again “Yes they are 100% real.”

Immediately the van erupted into loud cries of foul play!

“BULLSHIT!!” “No way, no how, they are just too damn…damn … big” came Paul’s voice from the back.

“Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I swear they are,” she looked around the van only Charlie was smiling, Stuffy looked confused and Paul was voicing his disbelief loudly.

Paul began again “There is no possible way they could be real, you’re lying!”

Nicole started to get a little peeved off now, she did have a nice big chest, but she took care of the “girls” these 34 DD’s were all hers. When she exercised she spent the extra money on the most supportive and restrictive bra she could to avoid any bounce or sag. She had also been blessed with great genetics, but the years of hard work keeping herself in incredible shape had been all Nicole’s doing.

“Prove it,” Paul said loudly, “come on what do you have to hide, prove they are as real as you say then” he challenged.

“And how do you propose that I do that?” she asked. But as soon as she said it she knew she had walked right into the trap they had perfectly laid for her, maybe they weren’t such silly boys after all she laughed to herself.

“Let us see them” came Paul’s quick answer.

She hesitated, but only for a second, hell what could the harm be in seeing her tits in a bra, she was definitely proud of them, and this was no worse than a bikini top.

“Ok I will show you guys but one quick peek and that’s it” Nicole looked around at the men and they were all nodding their enthusiastic agreement. She started slowly unbuttoning her jacket, she glanced up at their faces and almost burst out laughing at the slack jawed expressions, not one of them was making even a pretense at eye contact. What was it with men and tits, they would agree to anything at this point just for a quick peek at some cleavage.

Nicole quickly decided against drawing this out, they were already enthralled and it would only make it more painful for them. Pulling off her jacket she threw it on the seat next to her, then grabbing the hem of her pullover she quickly tugged it up and over her head. Now all that separated them from their peek show was a thin gray cotton t-shirt with “happy hookers” as the tag line for a fish restaurant across it.

“There boys are you happy?” she asked.

Immediately wails of protest went up, “that’s not what you promised” a midst’s “you said down to the bra” and “come on Miss Nicole you said we could tell”

She laughed playfully “whaaaaaaaat you can’t tell by this” and with that Nicole stretched her T-shirt tight around her tits making them stand out even more. For her efforts she got an immediate and involuntary groan from all three men.

“Please miss Nicole” they asked as a group.

In one smooth motion she lifted her t-shirt and threw it down alongside her other discarded clothes. She then leaned back on her hands and sat there proudly, half naked in a van full of three longshoreman. Stuffy was the first to even move, his hand came up as if to stroke his new found toy, but he stopped himself short and just grabbed at the air. Nicole glanced down and was amazed at what she saw, Stuffy was hard. At first she had no idea her little display would affect them this way, but seeing him like that made her excited. Nicole didn’t always realize the power she had on men, but this was a perfect example of pure lust in front of her.

Naturally Paul was the first to speak “miss Nicole that still doesn’t prove anything I mean they are sitting up way to high to be real, no tits that big could be that firm” Paul was trying his best to sound convincing, but it wasn’t working. Men were horrible at their tone especially when their little head was doing the talking.

“Oh I see Paul, but what on earth could possibly prove it?” Nicole asked innocently.

“Well I think the only true way to be sure is for you to take that bra off” again his tone was horrible but Nicole knew what he wanted before he did. The other two quickly agreed, Stuffy had even managed to put his hand down and now was shaking his head in complete agreement.

“Ok boys, I hope this proves it beyond any doubt” with that Nicole reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, her left arm quickly catching her bra and pinning it to her still covered natural DD’s. “Charlie I am getting a little cold could you put some heat on” Charlie almost broke the key off in the ignition trying to get the van started, but within a few seconds warm air washed over her skin, Nicole wanted to tell herself she was cold that is why her nipples were so hard. But she knew it was from the excitement at being in a comfortable van being watched while she teased this group of men.

Without a word she dropped her hand and again closed her eyes, honestly Nicole had never gotten used to the reaction people had with her tits. Not just men either once a female clerk at Victoria Secrets had stopped what she was doing and told her that they were amazing. To her they were just boobs but to others they were awe inspiring. Not only was each perfectly shaped boob firm, they were both capped off by delicately sensitive pink nipples. Nicole loved to have her tits played with and she never grew tired of the attention from her dates on them. And honestly what woman doesn’t love capturing a man’s attention with her body. They were full and round and they would tingle if they felt a man’s calloused hand on them, in all they were just about the perfect set of tits.

Paul was the first one to break the stunned silence, leaning forward in his seat from right next to Nicole’s ear he growled “Damn baby girl those are some fine tits” and with that his rough hands slid onto her shoulders and down her arms.

At first Nicole almost jumped at the contact but the warm air in the van and the tingling in her pussy made her feel very horny and right now she was loving the fact that these men were very turned on by her.

She felt Paul’s hand come up her left arms and grab the back of her hair, not to roughly but definitely in control, he pulled her head back against the seat and leaned down and kissed her firmly on her mouth. She enjoyed his soft full lips on hers and slightly parted her mouth and let her tongue lick briefly across his kiss. With her accepting reaction his kiss grew stronger and hungrier, she could feel his lust burning against her pale soft skin.

Paul’s other hand cupped her right tit and gently rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. That seemed to break the spell that had transfixed the other two men in the van. She felt the van shift and someone kneel between her outstretched legs. Two hands slid up her jean covered legs their thick thumbs sliding along her inner thighs, they slid closer towards Nicole’s wet pussy. She ached for that contact even through her denim clad panties she needed some pressure to grind against, something to bring her closer to the edge of release. She suddenly went still as a warm wet mouth went directly after her pink nipple, a direct connection was made with her clit at that second and Nicole was on fire. She felt his tongue flick and lick all around her nipple, the blood rushing to it making it stand up and love the attention, to which the mouth responded by sucking and flicking his tongue across her burning skin. With his calloused hands he squeezed her tits together and went from sucking one nipple to licking and softly biting the other, his large hands constantly kneading her delicate tit flesh.

Nicole heard Charlie complain that there wasn’t enough room for him back there. Nicole had to smile at the fact that here she was warm and safe in a van half naked with three strong sexy longshoremen and she apparently wasn’t accessible enough for them. She heard the driver’s door open and then the side door on her right slide back giving Charlie the “access” he so desperately wanted.

Charlie’s hand soon found his way to her other tit, Charlie liked to feel its fullness in his hand and from underneath his thumb stretched up and caressed her nipple. The two completely different sensations were so new to Nicole she practically came right there. Nicole felt Stuffy’s hands on her hips, they were pulling her fully clothed crotch against his and she could feel his need even through the thick jean material. Nicole was incredibly horny and was ready for more action, she craved the skin on skin contact she was about to get. Suddenly it seemed to register on Stuffy that Nicole still had her jeans on, his fingers slid into the waist band of her jeans and met at the front button. Without ever breaking contact with her tits she felt her jeans immediately loosen. His hands then slid back to the back of her jeans and started tugging them down, Nicole trying to hurry the situation along, she was after all one incredibly horny and ready little slut, lifted her hips and picked her legs up. Her jeans easily sliding down her smooth shapely legs were gone and discarded in a second, flung to the front of the van.

Paul sensing there needed to be some positions shifted said “come on baby girl slide onto your back on the seat” the other two longshoreman quickly sensing a new and better chapter helped ease her down.

“Damn you look so fine right there, so fuckable, I cannot wait to slide my cock in that playmate body” Paul groaned.

“Come on boys lets fuck, get those cocks out I need some real action” “come on Charlie feed me that delicious cock” Nicole was almost begging for some fun. Nicole was now on her back clad only in her panties in a van with three lust crazed longshoremen about to have their way with her.

Paul hastily came around by Nicole’s feet, and seeing the object of his desire covered by light aqua blue panties he quickly pulled them down and leaned in for a closer look. Damn he had never seen a more beautiful pink shaven pussy before and he just had to dive right in there and enjoy it from top to bottom. Sliding his face right up to her wet pussy he flattened his tongue and let it slide straight up the outer lips, just barley letting the tip of his tongue part them, again and again, sliding up and down. Coming back down his tongue slid straight into her hole and reached inside her, making Nicole push against his face for deeper penetration, she was on fire and need to cum. He continued to lick and slide his tongue across her lips, then he started back up to her clit. He had been purposely avoiding that little joy button until she was really climbing the roof, now though it was right there all pink and swollen ready for his delicate touch.

Nicole tilted her head back and was rewarded with a beautiful view of a wonderfully hard cock staring straight back at her. Charlie was ready and eager to have his cock sucked and let Nicole know it by grabbing it at the base and wagging it at her now open mouth.

“Come on you sexy stud, slide that fucking cock right here, jam it down my throat and watch me gag on your big dick”

No man being presented with a beautiful woman begging to suck your cock could refuse and Charlie was no different. Pointing his cock at her open mouth he slid into that warm wet opening and didn’t stop until he didn’t have any more cock left to give.

“Damn girl you swallowed the whole thing, you asked for it and fuck if you didn’t want it” Charlie shuddered as he felt Nicole’s tongue make a complete circle around his shaft. Bringing his hips back Charlie pulled his cock out then slid right back into that special mouth.

“Fuck me, that is some astonishing cock sucking you have there little girl” Charlie grunted.

Like most women Nicole loved the feeling of a nice stiff cock sliding over her tongue, something about the velvety hardness of a man in her mouth made Nicole want more and more. And while she took great pleasure in her cock sucking ability in this case she was being helped by the angle of her head being tilted right back and the invading cock having a straight shot down her throat. Of course while Charlie had a good cock she had definitely sucked bigger dicks, but Nicole was an equal opportunity whore and loved all cock in many shapes and sizes. On one of his journeys out of her mouth she grabbed his shaft with one hand and used her other hand on his hip to hold him steady while she sucked hard on the fat purple head of his cock. She could feel the almost tingling vibrations shoot through his body as her skilled tongue danced on his cock head.

Charlie felt like he was being electrocuted as Nicole’s tongue swirled around and around on his sensitive cock head, his toes curled and he had to balance himself for a second it felt so good.

“Damn he is good with his tongue” thought Nicole. Paul knew how to put just the right amount of pressure on her clit to make her want to cum all over his face. But just when she thought it would happen he would pull away again and slide down her pussy to tease her some more. She tried to follow his expert tongue with her clit but he just wasn’t playing along and kept her right on the edge, right where she would do anything to get off. Nicole almost cried out loud when she felt his tongue stop dancing on her pussy and pull away.

“I have to switch places boys she is gonna have me bust a nut way to soon with this fucking mouth of hers” said Charlie.

“No, don’t stop!” Nicole said as she pulled Charlie from her mouth “I want you to cum Charlie, I need it”. Nicole also didn’t want Paul and his expert fucking tongue to stop, especially when she was so close to the edge

Nicole felt the men changing places, she closed her eyes and just wondered what amazing sensation would be granted to her body next. The next voice she heard was Stuffy “Man I have been dying for a piece of this white girl” she heard him say as he lifted up her legs. Nicole tried to look down to see what she was about to be attacked with but at that moment she saw Paul slide around to her mouth. He had his shirt off and his beautiful six pack glowed richly in the van’s lighting. Nicole could see his white smile that spread from ear to ear and opened her mouth like a good little slut, letting Paul know she was his whore to be used as he needed.

Stuffy knew Nicole was already lubed up and ready, and he was already rock-fucking-hard from sucking on her amazing tits. So cock in hand he lifted her sexy legs and eyeing his prize he placed the head of his fat cock at the opening of her pussy and started to push.

Nicole’s eyes went wide, “God damn that is a thick one” she thought. She stopped sucking Paul and pulled her head away “fuck Stuffy what are you sliding in me?”

The men burst out laughing, “Why do you think they call me Stuffy, cause I stuff ’em full baby” he boasted proudly.

Nicole wiggled her hips a little to get more comfortable. She couldn’t believe the feeling of that extra thick pole sliding into her, she quickly grew to love every delectable inch of it, she wanted more and more. Nicole was in a lust driven mood right now and was in heaven being between these sexy men.

Paul was enjoying her mouth, “Charlie was right she is a good cock sucker.” To Paul there was no better sight in the world than a woman with her pretty lips stretched over his cock. It was all the more visually appealing because of the different skin colors, Nicole’s pale skin in sharp contrast to his much darker body. She was controlling the blow job but Paul was about to change that, he liked being in charge. Hell, he needed to be in charge, it really turned him on to control the action. Leaning down he grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them to her side then he started sliding his cock all the way in, holding it there while he felt her tongue sliding around his shaft and then pulling it back out again, not all the way just to the tip. There was that fucking tongue again darting all along the soft sensitive spot under his cock head. Fuck the only way to get away from that magic tongue was to go balls deep. So down he lunged making this pretty white slut gag on him. That’s it you dirty girl, hard to get me off when you cant breath isn’t it. Paul was building up a great rhythm, pulling all the way back out to pause for a second while she gets a breath then plunging back in.

THWAK-THWAK-THWAK-THWAK, his cock made wet slurping noises deep in her throat, Paul was very close to the edge even while he was in control.

“Damn” Stuffy thought, “this bitch is tight, I mean crazy virgin tight.” Stuffy could tell this girl wasn’t a virgin for the way she was taking on him and his friends. Every woman reacted the same way to him, especially if they hadn’t seen his thick cock before hand. At first they go rigid and freeze up, so Stuffy takes it easy on them, only sliding a little in, getting them used to him. After a few minutes they are just like this one, pulling him closer for more.

Stuffy was really enjoying Nicole though, she was tighter than any previous fuck and had a great wiggle to her when he hit bottom, which he tried to do on every thrust. He started picking up his pace on his fucking, sliding all the way out and slamming back in, over and over he went, he could feel her pussy leaking all over him. He spread her legs a little and just rubbed her clit as he was sliding back in. Each and every time he found her button and just grazed it with his thumb as he stuffed her more and more. He could tell she was so close to cumming, she was theirs and would stay that way for as long as they wanted.

Nicole was in a state of pure fuck ecstasy, she was being pounded by a super fat cock that was making her pussy tingle with fire. Her tits were being mauled and squeezed, her nipples were aching to be sucked, and her face, her pretty face was being used by a delicious stud for his pleasure and she was enjoying every fucking dirty whore moment of it. “Come on you fucker, slam that cock down my throat, more, I need MORE cock, deeper” she wanted to cry out loud.

She wasn’t about to get Paul off though, that fuck had tormented her with his tongue and now her poor pussy was being pounded by that beer can of a cock. So she eased back on her tongue, not sucking so hard on his shaft as she teased him as best she could while being controlled by this powerful gang of men.

It was time to shift and Paul being the outspoken leader knew just how to position Nicole to get maximum use out of her fuckable body. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he looked down and watched her strain her neck to try and suck him back in. “Damn this girl is horny” he thought.

“Ok let’s get her on her knees for some serious fucking” Paul commanded.

Stuffy reluctantly withdrew from his favorite spot.

“Noooooo” moaned Nicole, “please someone fuck me,” she begged. “Stuffy, come back sexy” Nicole’s pussy felt empty and she needed it filled right now!

“Bitch we are gonna fuck all of your body” pointing at each one of them “you get it girl, all of you is gonna be used.” Yelled Paul!

Nicole knew what they meant and was so fucking ready for it, “please, please just slide that big fat cock right back into me” she said pointing down at Stuffy’s groin.

“Stuff, sit on the seat right in the middle” Paul said. Stuffy quickly slid into place and with his fat cock proudly sticking up into the air he was all smiles. Nicole without even being told instantly jumped on his pole and slid slowly down moaning the entire way, a look of shear bliss on her face as she mounted him cowgirl style.

The bench seat was quickly tilted back and Charlie slid around to Nicole’s head. Paul was right where he wanted to be, with her pretty white ass facing him. He slid his hands up her thighs and used his thumbs to slide her pussy wetness all over her pink little starfish. Fuuuuuuuuuck, she was so sexy and Paul was absolutely ready to gang bang this whore.

Nicole was in heaven, the cock in her pussy was over riding everything else in her body, when Charlie slid in front of her she quickly gobbled down his dick, her throat already used to the slightly longer cock of Paul.

Paul gripped his cock trapping the blood in it and making it swell nicely, then aiming it at that tight puckered pink asshole he leaned forward. He placed his engorged dick at the entrance to her ass and pushed in waiting for her to yelp.

Nicole was in full fuck mode now, she felt Paul spread her ass and felt the head of his cock, but she didn’t care. She just loved riding this big fat cock, it stretched her so wide and she felt so fucking deliciously full. She wanted to turn around and yell at Paul “Come on you big stud, fuck me, fuck that ass, slam me as hard as you can!” But with Charlie using her face, she just couldn’t do it, besides her momma always told her it was rude to talk with your mouth full.

Stuffy was close now and he blamed it all on her, he usually had great stamina and could almost always outlast the woman, but not today. This bitch was tight as fuck, she felt like a vise gripping his cock and he was having a tough time holding it together. Of course having those DD’s in his face just didn’t help matters any, he was amazed how full they made his hands feel and he couldn’t help but suck on them as they swayed in front of his face, “Ok think about the jersey numbers on your team, anything to not pop to soon” he thought to himself.

Paul loved the ass, and he was really in heaven now. After he got past her tight anal ring he knew he could pound away, he reached across her back and grabbed a handful of hair “Come on bitch suck that cock” he yelled as he pushed her head forward deeper on Charlie’s cock. Paul put one foot up on the van seat and really started to pound away, every inch he could he was driving into this little bitch and she was slamming back for more.

Nicole felt Charlie’s cock grow rigid and very stiff she knew he was about to cum in her mouth, she reached up and squeezed his balls.

Charlie was trying so hard, but everything felt so damn good and he did not want to stop, but she was just to damn good and the sight of her sandwiched between all this black skin was too much for him. Suddenly Paul shoved her head even further down on his cock and then suddenly he felt her milk his sack. Charlie reached down and grabbed her head and with a loud grunt came right down her throat. She sucked and sucked and kept on swallowing his load, even sliding further down his cock as if she was trying to get more cum out of him.

Stuffy heard his friend make a loud grunting noise and looked up and saw Nicole’s throat swallowing, he grabbed her neck and said “That’s it bitch swallow all that cum, suck his balls dry. Come on be a good whore, be my dirty girl” while he gave an extra pinch to her nipples. Stuffy then started to really pick up the pace, his cock slamming hard into her tight pussy, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing through the van.

SLAM-SLAM-SLAM-SLAM, in rapid fire strokes Stuffy kept pounding her.

Nicole wanted more, wanted it harder and faster, she kept jamming her pussy onto that cock, trying to meet his every slam and create a wave of pleasure that was rippling through her body, making her mind cloudy with lust. She felt Charlie pull his softening cock from her mouth and stagger backwards.

SLAM-SLAM-SLAM-SLAM-SLAM, Paul heard the sound and picked up his own pace, they were in rhythm now and Nicole was being lifted into the air by the sheer power of the fuck, over and over they crashed into her.

Nicole need to cum, she needed just the slightest touch on her clit and she would blast off. “God damn this is incredible.”

Nicole arched her back, her long dark hair flowing across her pale skin. Paul reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back on it and in one powerful rush, in mid thrust he jammed his cock as deep as he could into her tight little ass and came in one explosive breath, dumping his load into this beautifully trashy white bitch.

Nicole didn’t want it to end but she felt Paul tense up and then suddenly felt him plunge deep into her ass no doubt dumping his hot seed into her body. She felt Paul quickly pull out and sit down on the bare carpeted floor in his loud commanding voice he said “Jesus woman you are one great fuck.”

Now Nicole could really focus on the only two things that mattered to her, getting off and riding this fat cock till the end. She sat up straight and started working on the first part of her fun.

Stuffy now had her all to himself, and when she shifted positions and sat up straight he was really going to pound the shit out of her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her hard and fast straight down on him just as he powerfully thrust upwards.

“Oh My God,” Nicole’s eyes shot wide open, before was unbelievable but now she was being literally impaled on him, she could feel him in her stomach he was so thick.


Over and over like a piston he went at her, now that she had those damn DD’s out of his face he could delay his orgasm for a little bit. Pulling down on her hips even harder he was really going at this bitch now, he saw her hands snaking down her stomach.

Nicole had to cum, she was about to black out and she felt and needed this orgasm more than any others in her life. She slid her hand down going directly for her clit, her fingers making direct contact and started rubbing it furiously.

Stuffy was slamming into her for all he was worth now, as quickly as his hips collapsed back into the van seat he was driving them up again into that tight ass pussy. SLAM-SLAM-SLAM-SLAM-SLAM, he could feel his balls tightening up. He saw her fingers playing with her pussy, so he reached up and grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples just right.

Nicole cried out and her back went rigid as a series of intense waves crashed over her, that cock was tearing her up and she just loved having her nipples played with. She came and came all over him as he continued to pound away. She flung her head back and let him fuck her into total oblivion as her orgasm washed her away. Coming to her senses she had one more trick up her sleeve to get this amazing fuck stick to cum. She reached behind her and with her little hand started to cup and squeeze his balls, while her hips worked his fat cock over and over. “God damn you are giving me the best fuck of my young life! Come on big boy pound me. Your cock is amazing, come on you fuck, harder, fuck me HARDER!!”

Stuffy was done the instant she arched her back causing her perfect tits to jut out sexily while she was also squeezing his balls and now it felt like her pussy was giving him head it was so tight. With a tremendous lurch he grabbed her hips one final time and plunged upward as deeply as he could screaming out “AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” He held onto her as he pumped what seemed like the biggest load of his entire life into her sweet tight pussy. She collapsed onto his chest and with deep ragged breaths started to regain some of her composure; she smiled and couldn’t stop smiling.

Nicole was totally in dream land, her pussy was sore but in the best possible way, and her mind was already churning now about who else she could get to “ask” her if they were real or not.

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