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One Nasty Night

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Her name was Jenna Malone. Adam knew she would succumb. He could see in the flash of her striking green eyes a deep erotic yearning. He was certain she would be seduced, would submit to him, and would surrender to his whims. When he saw her that day, in his bank, deep in conversation with one of the Investment Advisors, he knew he had to have her.

Tall and sleek with long auburn hair and those bright green eyes, Jenna had the bearing of a consummate professional. Chicly tailored and crisp in manner, with a warm throaty laugh. Everything about her seemed businesslike. She was poised and exuded self-control and self-confidence, the sort who managed to get her way in the world through skill and finesse and strength of will. But Adam knew women. And he could detect underneath the polished surface the soul of a wanton slut, a slut yearning to wallow in decadent and extreme pleasures, a slut longing to submit utterly to his wishes and commands.

So he contacted her, and with words alone seduced Jenna. They had not met, she had not seen him. But she was drawn to him. They had a powerful mental connection and her need to submit to this mysterious man was profound. She’d long fantasized being stripped of all control by a strong, willful man. Her current lover was sweet enough, but there was something lacking, a passion, and an erotic forcefulness, which Jenna had long desired in a man. She was not one who sought all the accouterments of submission, nor did she seek pain or humiliation. She did not need to be bound or chained or collared in order to submit. No, she needed just the command. But that command had to come from the right man.

Under the crisply polished surface, Jenna had long entertained thoughts of extreme wantonness. There was a dark, debauched side to her sexuality, which she had yearned to explore. She wanted a man to force her to confront the slut in herself, to luxuriate in all the scorching carnal delights she secretly craved. For one night, she sought to be ‘owned’ by such a man, to be at his disposal. And now, with Adam the opportunity had presented itself. He was what she desperately needed. He seemed a man cut in her mould, a successful professional, self confident and worldly. His telephone calls had left her body quivering shamelessly with deep arousal. He emitted a personal power that she had never encountered before and he was charismatic, deeply charismatic. It was to such a man she sought to present her deeply decadent side, to be freed of all inhibitions, to relinquish all control.

He chose an opulent hotel and booked a suite for them. He told her to present herself at the reception desk at 6-00pm on Thursday evening and a key would be waiting for her. She was to proceed to their suite. He would not be there, she knew, and she was told to await his call.

The suite was beautifully furnished and she could see Adam had been there, for the lighting had been altered for maximum erotic allure. And there were items left for her. The linen had already been turned down, the silk sheets inviting. There was a bottle of champagne on ice, waiting. And on the bed, an outfit was laid out, an array of provocative lingerie. Beside the lingerie, a note: ‘This is who you are tonight Jenna,’ it read, ‘Undress and put on these garments.’ A small shiver of anticipation coursed through her veins. What depravities she wondered, would her body be subjected to tonight by this mysterious stranger, her lover for this one night?

She stared at her reflection in the mirror as she dressed in the lingerie. Her eyes burned brightly. Who was this woman? This vixen in the provocative but sluttish outfit? God, she felt sexy as the black teddy made of sheer gossamer fabric, light as a butterfly’s wings and just as delicate, clung to her skin. A small touch of lace highlighted her pussy and her breasts. The smooth shaved pussy already burning with need, the nipples already stiff with anticipation. She rolled on a pair of black nylon thigh highs with a soft lacy border and to complete the transformation she slipped on a beautifully designed and crafted pair of black high heels, -Adam had asked for her shoe size. Finally, there was a single piece of jewelry. A choker made from three strands of small white pearls. Her red fingernails trailed over the delicate beads and she shivered involuntarily. Looking at herself now, her outfit complete, she had to admit that she appeared to be quite the slut, the temptress, ready to provide a man with whatever pleasures he sought.

Already deeply aroused, Jenna could almost smell the faint scent of her own sex mingled with the alluring perfume she had applied earlier behind her ears and at the back of her knees. She walked over to the dresser where a collection of items for the evening were displayed. Wide eyed, she examined them.

“Silk scarves and toys,” she said softly, shivering with anticipation. “Adam must have guessed how much of a hedonist I am.” Her eyes fell on an array of vibrators and a strap-on dildo.

“Oh my God,” she gasped as she moved one of the black scarves to expose a long black double dildo. Her stomach fluttered at the sight of the two thick cock heads, and she felt a deep aching need between her thighs. Instinctively, she ran her fingers along the shaft and felt the solid fleshy hardness. Blood pounded in her head as she released the toy and turned her attention to a red satin box. Nestling inside were two medium sized gold oval shaped eggs attached to each other. Jenna’s breathe quickened. Her pussy pulsed and moistened with building excitement as she glanced impatiently at her watch for what seemed like the hundredth time since her arrival.

The telephone rang. Its shrill tone sliced through the silence like a sharp knife and Jenna’s heart pounded in her chest.

“Hello.” Her voice sounded small and faint coming from a dry mouth and throat.

“Is the accommodation to your liking Jenna?” Adam’s articulate voice filled her ears.

“Yes, it certainly is, thank you,” she replied breathlessly.

A short silence followed. She could just detect his steady rhythmic breathing, and then he spoke; “Well, I hope you will be to my liking.” Jenna shivered slightly at his tone.

“Listen closely to me, and follow my instructions. Fetch the black scarf and the red box and return to the bed with them.” Her fingers trembled as she opened the lid.

“Now,” he continued, “remove the Ben Wa balls and roll your tongue over them. Do it now Jenna, let me listen to your mouth sucking those balls.” She let her tongue and lips slide over the hard smoothness, wetting them with her saliva.

“Sit on the bed and spread your legs, move the material covering your cunt and push them inside yourself,” Adam’s voice intoned authoritatively.

“Yes, they are inside, deep inside me.” Jenna drew her breath in sharply as she felt the wide smooth balls slide into her hot wet tunnel.

“Good, now get up off the bed and walk to the door, unlock it and return to the bed, I am waiting.”

Jenna walked to the door. The balls buried inside, clenched by her pussy muscles, clicked and rubbed against each other. They teased her tight walls while the round bases stimulated her already engorged clit. She could almost hear them clicking together as she walked and deep stabs of arousal shot through her with every step that she took. Stifling a moan she returned to the phone.

“That felt nice didn’t it?”

“Oh yes it felt wonderful…” she sighed

“Take the black scarf and place it over your eyes like a blindfold. Secure it and lay back on the bed, but don’t move. Do you understand that Jenna?” A cold hard sound had crept into Adam’s voice.

Her heart jumped to her throat as the blackness engulfed her.

“Yes, I understand you Adam,” she answered timidly.

“Now whore,” he hissed softly. “You will wait for me like that. Your hungry cunt stuffed with pleasure balls. They will keep you burning and wet for me, but you will not move your legs. You will not touch yourself and you will not rotate your hips, otherwise I will not join you. I will not come and fuck you if you disobey me. Is that clear?” Adam’s quiet voice resonated sharply in her ear and his reference to her as ‘whore’ burned into her brain.

“Yes,” she whispered, struggling to breathe.

“You see,” Adam continued, “you don’t know where I am. I could be outside the door.” He paused. The silence was deafening. “Or perhaps I will have someone else come in and watch you. In fact,” he said softly, “I could even have someone come in and fuck you, but I will know if you move…”

Jenna listened, mesmerized by the sound of his powerful voice. It was eloquent and controlled and she believed him. Adam was not one to make idle threats.

The line went dead.

“Oh God,” Jenna moaned softly. Her body was taut, tense. The sound of her labored breathing filled her ears. She tried to slow it, by inhaling and exhaling deeply, rhythmically but the pounding of her heart and the seeping warmth between her legs made that almost impossible for her to do. Involuntarily her eyes flashed open behind the darkness of her blindfold as she tried to focus on something other than the maddening feeling of the smooth balls inside her wet cunt. They were filling her, hugging her inner walls but wanting to pleasure her. She had already had a taste of the delights they held when they worked together, rubbing and massaging inside her tight tunnel and stimulating her sensitive clit. But as long as she was still, she could keep the sensations under control.

Adam replaced the receiver and leaned back into his soft leather chair. He could imagine Jenna wantonly stretched out on the bed like a slut on heat. No semblance of the polished groomed businesswoman remaining on the outside, but mustering all her inner resources. He guessed she would win the struggle to remain calm and poised. That damned self discipline and control of hers, would rear its head. And after some time the anxiety, the doubts would creep in as her breasts heaved with her heavy breathing and her cunt oozed with a mixture of anticipation and dread. There was always some fear when one gave up their self control, left behind the safety of what they knew and moved into unchartered territory. Adam knew that, but it was what Jenna wanted, what she needed. He had never forced himself on a woman against her will. That repelled him. Unless a woman gained as much pleasure from an encounter as he did, he was not interested. Now Jenna was something else, a tentative and controlled woman who he would turn into a wanton slut boiling over with newly discovered needs and desires.

He stretched his long legs, and adjusted the crotch of his impeccably cut Italian trousers to relieve the pressure in his groin. His dark eyes drifted fleetingly around the office, over the wood paneled walls and paintings then back to the papers on his polished mahogany desk that awaited his signature. The trappings and responsibilities of success, he though wryly as he reached for the documents and glanced at his watch. Twenty to thirty minutes he estimated, until he was done. And then Jenna was his slut for the night. His cock throbbed responsively as he imagined how burning and desperate she would be by then.

Jenna’s nails dug into the sheet beneath her. The lace of the teddy was pressed against her swollen nipples and they ached. A small trickle of wetness ran down the inside of her thighs and she clenched her pussy muscles involuntarily gripping the balls tightly.

“Jesus, how much longer,” she gasped as the sexual tension and congestion in her abdomen threatened to overwhelm her. With her sight removed, her sense of hearing had been heightened. Every noise, every voice or sound from outside the room alerted her, played havoc with her anguished mind and burning body. She sucked in air and held it as the soft fall of footsteps sounded on the carpeted corridor outside. She waited. Every nerve in her body tingled and strained until she heard the footsteps fade away. The air rushed from her burning lungs and she moaned softly, “Fuck this is torture.”

Jenna had no sense of how long she had been waiting. It felt like forever, an eternity, the most agonizing time she had ever endured and yet her body remained aroused, alive and throbbing with sensation. Footsteps sounded again accompanied by low voices. Her ears pricked up like an animal in hiding and she strained to hear. A rivulet of sweat dripped from her forehead as they came closer and then passed the door.

“Relax, relax, breathe, control yourself,” Jenna affirmed softly, trying to fight a wave of fear and panic that had suddenly crept over her body. Her vulnerability and the possibility that she was facing real danger gnawed at her. She cursed herself for her pride. Nothing was restraining her, stopping her from getting up and walking away from this agony but she knew she wouldn’t. Tonight she was in love. Hopelessly, helplessly in love with the danger of the unknown. In love with the freedom of the unknown and simply, unashamedly in love with lust.

His quiet entrance into the room was almost a relief.

She held her breath expectantly at the sound of a strange hollow noise and the slight movement of air in the room. The silence was shattered by the popping echo of a champagne cork being ejected from the bottle and a sharp scream that erupted from her throat.

“Adam, is that you?” She swallowed hard. The hair at the back of her neck prickled and a shiver ran down her spine. It was him, she just knew it. Adam was finally with her, she could sense his presence. A faint scent of masculinity tinged with musk rose to stir her senses.

“Good evening Jenna. We meet at last.” His voice was soft, pure velvet and it caused shockwaves of excitement to streak through her taut body. “Get off the bed please,” he said quietly, “I wish to see you.”

Jenna stood on shaky legs and stepped into the center of the room. The balls inside her pussy moved and teased her again. Adam sipped slowly from his glass and circled her like a predator. She felt his eyes stripping her naked, probing, examining every inch of her flesh from the curve of her neck, over her collarbones to her firm high breasts and down her belly to her pussy and legs. The rational part of her brain goaded her. What the hell was she? Some kind of sleazy whore? Yes, merely a piece of fuck meat, shamelessly on show for a stranger’s inspection and his approval. A mixture of shame and indignity washed over her.

Adam refilled his glass but instead of drinking, he held the glass forward, slowly, inch by inch across the space between them, until the frosty surface was touching the tip of her breast. She could feel the nipple surging erect, stretching against the thin fabric of her lingerie and she felt a flush of shame at such an involuntary response, such a blatant betrayal of her body’s desire. He pressed the glass harder against her breast, flattening the flesh. She knew it was wetting the thin fabric making the material totally transparent. Her breath caught in her throat as a jolt of pain streaked through her. The icy cold burned like a flame. Yet she stood there, unable to move, scarcely even able to breathe. Finally, what seemed like an eternity later, he took a step backward.

“Turn around and run your hands over your ass.”

The command was soft but it jerked her to immediate action. She spun her lithe body around slowly and seductively caressed her firm round globes while Adam appraised her. His eyes glinted hard, but he liked what he saw. Gone was the polished business woman image that demanded respect. Here was the hot look of Jenna, slut and sex goddess in one. She had a tight body and good posture and there was still a lot of pride, despite her situation. Yes, she was one of those women who carried herself well in and out of her clothes, he thought as he drained his glass, leisurely feasting his eyes on her.

“Is it wet?”

“Is what wet?” The cheeky response was out before she could stop it. His scrutiny and the interminable torturing silence had unnerved her. She had never felt quite so exposed ever before and she hated the powerlessness of feeling this vulnerable. Yet it struck a chord within her deepest desire.

“Listen bitch,” he spat, “you know why you are here tonight, why you chose not to leave but to expose your whore side to a stranger, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered, a small smile playing across her lips. He was not going to take any shit from her and that realization made her strangely content.

“Then stop pretending to be a coy lady. We both know what you are.” His voice had taken on a cold hard edge. “Now tell me if your fuck holes are wet?”

“Yes Adam,” she replied demurely.

He moved towards her in two swift steps. She braced herself, feeling the heat coming from his body. He hooked his finger in the flimsy lace covering her pussy and ripped it, exposing her wet cunt to the air. Jenna gasped loudly at the ferocity of his movements. His hand moved over her wet mound and gripped it hard while his other hand tore the lace covering her breasts.

“Yeah, that’s better,” he said ripping aside the thin lacy string between her ass cheeks and abruptly pushing a finger roughly inside her anus. Now not only do you have a whore’s wet cunt and ass but you also look like a fuckslut.”

Her breath quickened at his touch. His fingers were practiced, she could tell immediately from the way he probed her ass. She burned with raw desire. His words, his presence and the way he just knew what she needed excited her.

“Now bitch introduce me to your cunt.”

That was easy for Jenna. She wanted his full attention and she now had it. There was no turning back. Positioning herself at the very edge of the bed facing the direction of his voice, she spread her legs wide. She pulled them up and bent them at the knees with her heels hooked on either side. She felt like a cheap whore, obscenely displaying her blood engorged labia to him, but she wanted him to see her arousal. The juice pooled and oozed between her folds. Her finger brushed the exposed hood of her clit and she groaned, “This is my cunt Adam. It’s wet and I have been told very tight.”

Adam watched closely as she clenched and relaxed her pussy muscles. He saw the balls gripped by her cunt lips move teasingly in and out a few millimeters as she flexed her muscles.

“A nice tight cunt with good muscle control, I like that, slut. And tonight we will see how much it can take. Now, push those balls out without touching yourself. Do it!”

Jenna gripped the bed and arched her back. She inhaled deeply and clenched her pussy muscles as tightly as she could. The balls were slippery and wet but lodged firmly between her lips. She exhaled slowly and bore down, relaxing her cunt muscles and expelled the balls with a hard push and a grunt.

Adam carried the champagne bottle and his glass over towards her. He took a long drink and moved on to the bed, pressing his mouth and lips to hers. Her arms reached out to embrace his warm body and she was surprised to find that he was still fully clothed. The champagne dribbled from his mouth over her lips and down her chin onto her chest. He followed the trail of the sweet bubbly liquid, letting his tongue lick it from her succulent flesh until he reached her breasts. His hands cupped them feeling their texture, evaluating their firmness and then his fingertip traced a path up to the nipple.

“Exquisite,” he whispered.

She groaned deeply at his gentle ministrations and he stopped abruptly. Reaching for her swollen nipples he twisted both in rough quick movements and moved his mouth to bite each breast in turn. His teeth alternated between the nipples and the firm mounds. She cried out and tears welled up in her eyes behind the blindfold. Her sensitive tender breasts had never been treated in such a rough harsh manner before, yet she felt a deep hot glow somewhere in the depths of her pussy.

“You don’t like it Jenna?’ Adam said slowly. “Well that’s too bad, as my fuck bitch for tonight you are here for my pleasure. Your needs are purely incidental.”

Almost idly he let his fingers trace their way through the torn lingerie and over the contours of her body hovering for a moment along the plain of her stomach at her navel. She heard a low moan rattle in her throat as his hand lingered on her naked inner thigh and then gradually rose to the burning crux of her loins. Abruptly she felt his hand enter her sex. Two fingers slid inside her wetness with shocking ease. He laughed softly, “But your whore cunt tells me you do like it Jenna.”

She blushed furiously. He was right. A sick throb of excitement was pulsating within her and growing more and more insistent with each passing minute. She wanted more, she needed more, and she needed him.

“Adam fuck me, please!” She urged, pushing her pelvis towards his hand.

His fingers drove deep into her pussy and her tight hole stretched to accommodate the third finger that he skewered inside her. She moaned again and thrust her pussy up into his hand. He stopped moving his fingers and kept them still inside her.

Jenna let out a wail of frustration, “Fuck me you bastard, goddammit fuck me!”

“Ahh so my fuckbitch is an impatient spoilt one. One who always gets what she wants.” He withdrew his fingers and pushed them into her mouth. “But not tonight Jenna, tonight you get what I want. Now taste your cunt, lick them clean.”

Jenna slurped and licked at Adam’s fingers like a person dying from thirst. Her scent was strong and her mouth dripped saliva as she savored her own musky taste. Adam pulled her off the bed and pushed her to her knees. He stripped off his clothes quickly and stood naked before her.

‘Start sucking slut,” he snarled as he guided his swollen cock into her mouth.

She opened her mouth and felt his hot flesh push past her lips. He felt big and really thick, his balls heavy and full. Now, finally touching his sex had driven home the reality of what she was actually doing. But even as she struggled with her thoughts, her mouth began to work. She slid her tongue around the engorged head of his cock and flicked it back and forth while her mouth and lips moved along his shaft. A small sigh escaped her lips as she sucked him ravenously, her lust for this strange man consuming her.

Adam chose this moment to rip off her blindfold with quick jerking motions. She blinked as she tried to adjust to the muted light in the room.

“Look up at me bitch,” Adam commanded.

With her mouth crammed full of his cock she drew her eyes upward and made her first eye contact with him. He towered above her. She had a sense of his hard muscled body, a sharply cut jaw line and dark hair with a smattering of gray at the temples, but it was his eyes that held her attention. They were dark, almost black with a smoldering hypnotic intensity. They burned into her and she felt herself tremble under his scrutinizing gaze. Who was he? How did he find her? How did he know just what she needed?

“Is that the best head you can give Jenna?” Adam asked scathingly. “I’ve had better from virgins.”

Fucking smug bastard! Her brain screamed. No man had ever faulted her on her oral skills. They were damn good, she loved to suck cock. Fuck him, she would show him some cock sucking!

Jenna wrapped her lips firmly around Adam’s swollen cock head and with her hand firmly grasped around his rigid thickness began working the skin of his shaft while she sucked him. She dragged her tongue coated with spit rapidly up and down his cock, fluttering it around the tip and over the piss slit teasingly. A grunt came from Adam’s throat as his hands moved through her hair. Her eyes sparkled triumphantly as she alternated her stroking and fluttering actions with deep vacuuming sucks that had her taking most of Adam’s long shaft into her mouth and throat. Her nose touched the pubic hairs at the base of his cock and her hand caressed and fondled his heavy balls.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Adam groaned as her mouth tongued and sucked him. He held her head firmly in his hands and pushed forward ramming more of his cock into her mouth.

“I want to fuck that whore mouth,” he groaned, “more come on take it all bitch.”

The taste of his skin and secretions made her crave the surge of cum that she knew would soon erupt. His breathing changed and the muscles in his belly tightened. She could feel the small pulses from his throbbing cock on her tongue and to drive him wild she slipped a finger deep into his ass and stroked the warm insides of his rectum. He growled appreciatively and rammed his cock into her throat deeply. Jenna gasped, almost gagging but kept on working him with her lips and tongue. She wanted to gorge herself on his thick meat and Adam sensing her need fucked her mouth in hard measured strokes. Saliva drooled from her lips as she sucked the length of him in and out of her mouth passionately as he drove into her. He marveled at how well she actually took his dick; like a real cock crazed slut. Her intense enjoyment of his cock and the spit dripping from her mouth was incredibly exciting to watch. Adam closed his eyes as he felt his sphincter muscles clench around her finger and spasms ripped through his body. Jenna moaned in anticipation as his cock jerked and the first rope of boiling cum spurted into her mouth.

“Yes, yes,” she gasped as the thickness of his sperm assaulted her palate. She backed off him a little to swallow it.

“Hold me you bitch,” he growled. “Don’t let me go.”

The second spurt of cum blasted onto her lips and trickled down her chin while his final jerking release spurted onto her tongue. She let the hot essence slide down her throat and licked her lips while her fingers scooped the remnants of cum from her face into her mouth. He tasted amazingly clean and pure and she savored every drop of his seed.

“Let me see,” Adam groaned. His dark eyes burned into her.

Jenna opened her mouth and rolled the last thick glob of his cum around her tongue, swirling it for him to see. It was lewd, she knew it. And she also knew she was behaving like a true slut but it felt incredibly liberating.

Adam fell back onto the bed and she followed him. His hand traveled lightly between her legs grazing her swollen clit and toying with her wet folds. Her body was in a fever and her pussy oozed. She had felt herself leaking while he fucked her mouth.

“So what do you want now, Jenna?” He looked at her expectantly.

“God, you know I need to cum.”

He smiled at the urgency in her voice. “Yes I think you do need to cum, but I’m not going to fuck you yet.” His deep magnetic eyes locked with hers.

“Make yourself cum. Let me see how resourceful a slut you can be.”

Jenna’s eyes flickered towards the dresser where the toys were. She was so fucking horny that she wanted to bury the biggest dildo inside her steamy cunt. Adam followed her eyes and shook his head.

“No toys Jenna. They are for later.”

“Shit!” Jenna screamed in frustration, clenching her teeth. Adam was purposely teasing her. She dug two fingers inside her pussy and used her thumb to stimulate her clit. Her cunt was aching almost painfully from desire and congestion. It felt as though it might explode into burning hot flames. Her fingers were not going to be enough. She needed to be penetrated.

“I need to be fucked, Adam, please!” Jenna begged splaying her legs for him as she feverishly fingered herself. The tight walls of her pussy were throbbing in anticipation of clenching around something big and thick.

Adam positioned himself between her widespread legs and grabbed his meaty cock in one hand. He rubbed the head around her wet hole teasing her. Her juices slicked over him while he stroked himself along the length of her slit and tapped her engorged clit with his cock. She writhed and twisted and clawed at him trying to bring her cunt fully into contact with his cock.

“Ohh yes, Adam, please yes,” she moaned excitedly. Her breath was raspy and uneven.

He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her slippery cunt and just pressed the tip inside her.

“God yess,” she growled. Every nerve and muscle in her cunt strained with the need to suck him into her scorching depths.

Adam held off. Driving into her and fucking her would only satisfy her needs as any man could do. No! Jenna had to let go and release her wanton slut side first. He wanted her wild with lust and totally uninhibited. He pulled himself out of her and rolled away.

“Jesus, no dammit!” She screamed, tossing her head from side to side as she felt his withdrawal. “I want to be fucked!”

“Well then fuck yourself Jenna.” His voice seemed to come from inside her head. It was soft, modulated, caressing.

She grabbed the champagne bottle from the bedside table and drank greedily from it, draining most of the liquid. He watched her lust filled eyes take on a glazed expression as she slowly and deliberately moved the long glass neck to her slobbering pussy. Small grunting noises came from her throat as she pushed the cold object deeper and deeper into her cunt, stretching her swollen lips until they could not expand anymore to take the thick bottom half of the bottle. She gasped as the cold bubbly liquid spilled into her pussy and mixed with her own juices. Her cunt walls gripped the hardness and she used one hand to rhythmically fuck herself with it while her other hand strummed her clit. Her eyes closed as she gave herself over to the glorious sensations. At last she was being fucked, albeit crudely by a bottle with a strange man watching her. She didn’t care anymore. All she was aware of was the sensation of her orgasm building and rushing towards her in a blinding wave of pleasure as a hard foreign object filled her and pushed her closer and closer towards to the edge of the abyss.

“Harder!” he spat the order. “Faster! More. Give it more. I want to see you go crazy. Drive yourself. Push to the limit!”

Her head was thrown back and her mouth hung open as she speared the bottle into herself mercilessly. The world rolled wildly about her as his voice drove her, forced her from one giddy peak to another, higher and higher until she scarcely had breath left to scream. She felt like she was bursting into fragments as wave after wave of orgasm exploded in her groin. Her body trembled and shuddered until her breathing slowed and she floated back to earth.

Through a dazed blur she was aware of the bottle being pulled from between her thighs. It was slick and a gooey mixture of cum and champagne dribbled from her dilated pussy. She kept her eyes tightly shut. A tinge of embarrassment made her want to avoid looking at Adam. Damn him! He had pushed her to the point where she had actually fucked a bottle! Christ was this really her? What was she doing here…?

“Ahh she has a creamy cunt, yah!”

Jenna’s brain registered shock and automatically tried to place the accent of the foreign sounding woman as her eyes flew open in horror. There was someone else in the room. Someone who had watched her depraved masturbation.

“Uh- you didn’t say anything about anyone else…”

“Will you please shut the fuck up. I and I alone will decide who will and who will not assist me in making use of you slut,” Adam hissed. Jenna felt her eyes widen, but she nodded slowly and bit back her retort.

Two blonde women stared down at her. The taller one wore a black leather coat tightly belted at the waist and black leather gloves. Jenna let her eyes sweep over the high cheekbones and broad sensuous mouth. Her hair was short and slicked back which accentuated her striking face. She was tall and lithe and looked as though she was bred for the catwalk. Her icy blue eyes roamed over Jenna taking in the ripped lingerie and her freshly fucked cunt. The pink tip of the woman’s tongue showed through her parted lips and Jenna noticed the excited dilation of her pupils although her stare remained strangely remote and aloof. She was appraising Jenna as a man would, with a view to fucking her. Jenna felt an inexplicable surge of excitement shoot through her. Any humiliation that she had felt at her debauched masturbation spectacle faded from her mind as a strange renewed arousal bubbled deep inside her pussy. She tore her eyes away and glanced at the other woman.

“Hello,” the woman purred, “I am Sofia and you are quite beautiful.”

Jenna smiled sultrily. Her slight Swedish accent was charming and Sofia was beautiful as well, with grey blue eyes and shoulder length blonde curls framing her face. She was softer looking than the leather clad woman and her body was firm but more voluptuous with full breasts that her slinky red dress struggled to contain.

Adam watched Jenna’s reaction to the women with interest. Her eyes had widened in surprise and dismay but then settled as she appraised them. It was time to get the sluts acquainted and for the real pleasure to start.

“Britt and Sofia will be joining us for a while.” Adam paused to look directly at Jenna and continued, “Sofia is Britt’s fuckslut, but for the right price, she will share her. In fact,” he commented mildly, “if the money’s right she may even concede to getting fucked by a real man’s cock herself.”

“Never!” Britt spat back.

Adam smiled coldly and reached for his wallet. He pulled a thick wad of notes from it and tossed them casually at Britt.

“You see Jenna; there is something quite special about people who fuck for money. They will do whatever you want. You really can make them dance to your tune.”

Jenna watched in stunned fascination. It was bizarre; finding herself in an opulent hotel suite with a total stranger who had paid hard cold cash to two expensive lesbian call girls to fuck her and do God knows what else. It was sordid, so dirty and sleazy in spite of the plush surrounds, but she was so fucking turned on that she trembled with anticipation. Her head buzzed in confusion at her own arousal and reaction, but the burn in her pussy pushed all doubts and questions away. There were so many delicious possibilities that Adam could have planned with these whores.

Britt tucked the money into her coat pocket and nodded at Sofia who stripped off the red dress slowly. Her succulent ripe breasts with big pointy nipples sprang free and Jenna’s eyes followed the silky fabric as it slid over her hips to reveal a black garter belt and black hose. Sofia wore no panties and her fingers slid enticingly over her flat stomach to a shortly trimmed triangle of blonde hair above her mound.

“I am wet from just looking at you,” she told Jenna in her sexy accent. She lewdly spread her fleshy outer lips open to reveal her glistening sex and used two fingers to pull the hood back exposing the swollen knob of her clitoris to everyone in the room. Her eyes were bright with lust. Jenna felt her stomach flutter nervously as Sofia moved towards the bed and pulled the tattered lingerie from her body.

“You won’t need this, I want you naked,” she said tossing it aside and sliding between Jenna’s outstretched thighs. Britt and Adam were both intensely focused on watching Sofia’s discovery of Jenna’s body.

A warm rush of air followed by the flicking of a hot tongue over her moist pussy lips caused Jenna to gasp. Sofia twirled her tongue gently savoring the exploration of fresh new cunt meat. The heady taste of champagne mixed with pussy juice was delicious and she dragged her tongue through the swollen folds eagerly.

“You taste so sweet,” she said pausing to look up at Jenna and smile. Jenna moaned in response as Sofia’s tongue picked up speed and began to flick against her engorged clit.

“Oh shit,” Jenna groaned as she felt another soft tongue plowing into her cunt. Britt had joined Sofia and was sliding her tongue deep inside her pussy while Sofia lavished attention on her throbbing clit. A searing hot sensation soared through Jenna’s body and she twisted and rubbed her nipples while her pelvis rocked and humped against the two tongues. It was different, she realized, having a female mouth and soft lips eating her and Sofia and Britt knew just how to work their talented tongues inside her oozing cunt. Small groans of pleasure came from Sofia’s throat as she drew Jenna’s swollen clit into her mouth and began to suckle it steadily. Jenna writhed and bucked wildly. The licking and sucking sensations were incredible. She couldn’t believe how excited she had become at the hands of these women. Her breath was raspy and shallow as she felt herself nearing the delicious edge of orgasm.

“No don’t let her cum yet!” Britt barked. “First we turn her into a pussy-licking bitch.”

Sofia tore her mouth from Jenna’s streaming cunt and changed her position so she was on her back, with her legs spread. She pulled Jenna’s head down between her creamy thighs. Her own pussy was burning with need and she wanted to be tongue fucked by the hot brunette.

It happened quickly. Before Jenna could resist, her face was only inches away from Sofia’s juicy cunt. She was lost in a sensual haze as she gazed at the fat inner lips that were protruding from the larger, smooth outer lips. They were dripping wet with excitement. Jenna caught the strong scent of Sofia’s sex, vaginal secretions and a hint of urine. The raw smell of cunt was irresistible. It drove her wild. She leaned forward and licked around the lips tentatively and then let her tongue slither through the wet folds. Sofia groaned and spread her labia wide in a shameless display of wanton lust. Jenna’s eyes stared directly into the depths of Sofia’s swollen vagina.

“You like it don’t you?” Sofia said in a husky whisper.

Jenna nodded and her voice caught in her throat. “It’s beautiful,” she gasped softly not realizing how utterly amazing an aroused woman’s sex looked at this close range.

“Well then start eating the fucking thing,” Britt said, pushing Jenna’s head roughly into Sofia’s cunt.

Jenna’s head spun with excitement and just a little fear at being manhandled by a butch dyke. She dug her tongue deeply into Sofia’s pungent opening and wriggled it inside before dragging it upward to her fleshy clit. She drew the swollen knob into her mouth and sucked it while she gently slipped two long fingers inside Sofia’s steamy depths. With her other hand she reached up and squeezed Sofia’s luscious breasts.

“Yah, yah that’s it,” Sofia groaned responsively, thrashing her head from side to side.

Jenna was totally immersed in her lovemaking with Sofia and the delectable feast of pussyflesh when she suddenly became aware of a strange sensation;

Hands were sliding enticingly over her body, dragging across the smoothness of her skin. Large warm masculine hands and smaller cool hands were gliding over her torso and back. She realized with a start that Britt was caressing her while still wearing the leather gloves. The stroking continued over her breasts, across her ass cheeks and between her thighs until two fingers were pressed deeply into her cunt. She moaned into Sofia’s pussy at the weird kinky sensation. Britt was fucking her with leather gloved fingers. It felt velvety smooth and soft but strangely foreign, as the supple covered fingers squirmed and stroked her insides. Adam slid his hand through her drenched folds and wet a finger before easing it into her tight anus. A deep guttural groan ripped from her throat. It felt so good. Her mouth was being smothered by Sofia’s drooling cunt and a path of fiery pleasure shot through her groin as Adam and Britt manipulated her fuck holes.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Sofia moaned as she writhed on the silk sheets.

“Fuck the slutbitch, Jenna, give her what she wants. She wants a woman like you to use her cunt,” Adam commanded.

Driven by her maddening desire and Adam’s urging Jenna shoved a third finger into Sofia and twisted them hard massaging the rippled walls of the blonde whore’s pussy. She crossed the fingers together bunching them inside Sofia’s tight tunnel and slid them in and out of her slick hole rotating them at the same time while she captured the swollen clit between her pursed lips and applied a rapid combination of sucking and licking to it.

“Ahhh my fuck! “Sofia howled as she slammed and plunged her hips against Jenna’s mouth and then jerked in orgasmic release. Her body was flushed and her breath labored. Jenna could feel the walls of Sofia’s pussy pulsing and squeezing around her fingers as each wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her own fingers had been inside her body many times, but somehow this was entirely different. Feeling another woman’s sex as she came was incredibly intimate and terribly exciting.

“That was good, fuck, so good,” Sofia gasped. “You eat pussy well.”

Jenna smiled and pulled away. Her hands and mouth were wet from Sofia’s cum and her own cunt felt slick and sticky from her excitement. She wriggled against Adam and Britt’s probing fingers but they withdrew them from her holes leaving a vacant unwelcome emptiness

“No don’t do that,” she pleaded as she turned to face them.

Her eyes widened in surprise. Britt had removed her leather coat and was dressed like Sofia in black garter belt, hose and high heels. But between her sleek groin a brutal looking strap-on dildo bobbed obscenely. She adjusted the harness to ensure that the smaller dildo on the inside fit snugly into her own vagina for her own pleasure.

“Is this what the little pussybitch wants yah?” Britt asked menacingly. “Does Jenna need a big bad cock to fill her tight little shaved cunt?

Jenna’s eyes darted nervously to Adam and then back to the intimidating flesh-colored rubber cock. The head was huge, the shaft monstrously thick and veiny. A pair of heavy balls were attached to the base and aside from its dimensions, it looked very real. Britt removed her gloves and stood with one hand on her slim hip. She slowly stroked the fake cock with her other hand, enjoying the feel of it jutting out from her crotch as if it were her own flesh and blood. Jenna was mesmerized by Britt’s actions. She felt giddy and her pussy pulsed wildly at the thought of being ravaged by the massive appendage.

“You do want it don’t you, Jenna?” Adam said harshly. “All sluts want lots of hot cock. Big hot cock!” He grinned lecherously and watched the flicker of fear and hunger in her eyes fuelled by her own driving lust.

Britt turned suddenly and sauntered over to the dresser. She retrieved the thick black double dildo and returned to the bed.

“First we get you stretched to take my cock, you are too tight,” she said gruffly. She positioned Jenna on her hands and knees with her pussy and ass up in the air. Sofia took up the same position, back to back with Jenna.

“Look at you, you dirty slut, showing your dripping cunt to everybody and hoping someone will fill your filthy hole with a big juicy cock,” Britt spat. “Yah, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself, bitch!”

Jenna felt her face flush with embarrassment as her rapidly declining self-esteem battled with the struggle between getting off the bed and leaving and a deep-seated desire to continue. Her emotions were in turmoil. Why the hell was Adam putting her through this? Why didn’t he just take her, fuck her as she wanted him to?

A hard resounding slap landed on her upturned buttocks and she yelped as the stinging pain of it ripped through her. Something snapped inside her and she felt her control seep away.

“Fuck you bitch,” she hissed. Her eyes flashed angrily as she looked over her shoulder at Britt. “Now push that fucking dildo into me, you butch whore cunt.” She could not believe the filthy language that was spewing from her mouth but she continued brashly with her tirade. “Don’t you forget bitch that you are paid to follow instructions and you will do exactly what I want. Now do it! Slut!”

Adam’s eyes narrowed and he felt his cock jerk at the power struggle before him. Jenna had finally surrendered completely to her overwhelming carnal lust. She was taking charge of her own pleasure.

A small smile of satisfaction crossed Jenna’s lips as she felt the one end of the black dildo slide into her creamy cunt. Britt pushed the other end into Sofia who thrust back hard towards Jenna and slammed more of the black thickness into her. Jenna moaned at the force and depth of the penetration but responded lustily by moving her body in rhythm to fuck back into Sofia.

Adam breathed deeply letting the maddening scent of female essence fill his nose. He watched as the two sets of swollen pussy lips glided along the juice covered toy and he slowly began to stroke his achingly hard cock. The sounds of their pleasured cries and their asses smacking against each other was driving him wild with lust. He moved around to where Sofia was and guided his cock into her mouth.

“Time to suck the real thing whore.”

“Oh God,” Sofia groaned as she took as much of his throbbing meat into her mouth as she could. But she slowed her fuck rhythm, spearing the dildo more slowly into Jenna’s pussy.

“Fuck me!” Jenna shrieked. “Harder!”

An evil gleam lit up Britt’s ice blue eyes. The bastard was fucking her girl’s mouth, now his fuckslut would pay. She reached between Jenna’s legs and pulled the glistening dildo from her cunt.

“You want to be fucked hard yah?” she said harshly.

Jenna nodded and lowered her upper body to her elbows, forcing her ass up higher. She couldn’t believe how hot she was and how much she wanted to cum with a thick cock lodged in her cunt.

Britt eased Jenna to the edge of the bed so that she could stand behind her and placed the bulbous head of her strap-on cock at the opening between the slightly gaping lips of Jenna’s pussy. She pushed her hips forward and kept up the pressure until the ring of muscle at Jenna’s opening let the tip inside.

“Oh shit it’s too big.” Jenna winced as she forced herself to relax, but her cunt muscles held firm and wouldn’t budge.

“You can take it, bitch.” Britt swore softly as she kept up the relentless pressure until Jenna felt herself beginning to expand and the huge head slid inside her. She cried out from the sharp stab of pain as the massive intrusion stretched and filled her pussy. A look of satisfaction crossed Britt’s face as she watched the muscles in Jenna’s ass and thighs quiver as her cunt stretched obscenely to take the thick head and a few inches of the thick veiny shaft.

“God, no more please,” Jenna whimpered.

She had never felt anything like it or been stretched to this degree. The pain had lessened to a dull ache that blended with the intoxicating feeling of being crammed full and the massive girth was pressing against her swollen clit. Britt steadied herself on her high heels enjoying the sight of Jenna’s stretched pussy lips around her cock and having her totally at her mercy. She dug her fingers into Jenna’s hips and gripped them firmly before deliberately pressing forward again to drive more of the massive intruder into Jenna’s stuffed cunt.

“Oohhh shit!”

Adam couldn’t distinguish the astonished squeal that erupted from Jenna as being either delight or pain. It seemed rather to be an anguished combination of both. Sofia had slid her mouth off his cock and was staring at Jenna’s blazing lips gripping the huge dick. She crawled over to the bed to be close to the women and gently caressed Britt’s ass while she fucked Jenna.

“That’s a good bitch, taking so much of my cock,” Britt grunted. She pulled back and allowed Jenna to get used to the sensation before roughly jamming it back inside her again.

A groan of pleasure rattled from Jenna’s throat as Britt drove mercilessly into her with deep brutal strokes. Her cunt was well lubricated from her excitement and it was starting to feel good, really good. The aching pain had faded and was replaced by fiery heat. Jenna could feel the thick veins on the cock rippling along the tight stretched walls of her cunt and she pushed back against her dyke lover wildly. She caught sight of herself in the mirror, bent forward on her hands and knees while being savagely fucked by a tall blonde woman. Her own face was a mask of raw lust and she saw Britt grimace in pleasure as she picked up the fuck rhythm while her hands mashed Jenna’s breasts

“You are ready, Jenna?” Her Swedish accent was thick with lust.

“Yes, yes!” Jenna screamed hotly. “I’m close, you goddamned bitch, I’m close!”

She felt her pussy muscles quiver and struggle to fully clench and pulsate around the thick cock. It kept her hanging, balancing on the brink for a few excruciating seconds until her body spasmed uncontrollably and a howl of pleasure erupted from her with the overwhelming release. Britt trembled and gasped letting forth an incoherent string of pleasured moans and curses as her cunt exploded in orgasm around the vibrating dildo inside her. Sofia pulled Britt’s face towards her and kissed her passionately while Jenna felt the slick toy slide out of her seeping cunt. Her body pulsed in post coital bliss as she shuddered and watched the Swedish women share a tender embrace.

“We’re not performing, you understand?” Britt said as she gently released Sofia and guided her onto the bed. “We’re lovers.” She sat at the edge of the bed and thrust four fingers into Sofia’s dripping crease.

“Ahh yah my darling,” Sofia groaned as she reached up to stroke and caress the hand that was reaming into her. Her full tits pointed towards Britt who leaned forward and sucked them gently into her mouth. She kept up the steady massaging and fingering of Sofia’s cunt until Sofia trembled and shook in orgasmic bliss.

Jenna stood up and walked on shaky legs to the bathroom. She needed to pee and to wipe herself clean. Her pussy was drenched from her cum and it had leaked onto the top of her thighs. After washing and drying herself she glanced in the mirror and ran a hand through the disheveled hair that fell wildly around her shoulders. Her eyes blazed back, taunting her with a wild untamed look. So this, she thought, is the look of a woman who has just engaged in wicked wanton sex. She smiled sultrily at her reflection.

The night was not over yet. She wanted Adam!

He watched her as she strode from the bathroom, still in her heels and silky thigh highs. She let her nipples graze his chest as she whispered in his ear; “Please can you tell them to go now; I want to take care of you.” Her hand caressed his tumescent cock lightly as she spoke and he ran his fingers idly over the curve of her ass.

“Soon but first they must do something for me.”

He produced a string of anal beads. “I want them to get you ready.” He stroked his cock slowly and fixed his eyes on her

“Ready?” she said her heart skipping a beat.

Dear God, her ass, that’s what Adam wanted! She shivered her mind abuzz with new conflicts. That sacrosanct little hole that none of her lovers had ever been able to conquer and have. Of course there was the one fumbling attempt shortly after she had lost her virginity, by an inept boy who had hurt her trying to get it in, but he didn’t, so that didn’t really count. Since then she had guarded her tight little rosebud possessively. It was hers, to use for her private pleasure when she masturbated and to give to someone whom she really loved one day…

“On the bed whore.” Adam snapped. His tone of his voice, harsh and filled with desire snapped her out of her reverie.

“Please,” she gasped, as hands pushed her face down onto the bed “I can’t do this.” A pillow was pushed under her belly raising her hips and ass into the air.

“What did you say?” That cold hard edge had crept into his voice again.

She trembled slightly and spoke softly and urgently, “I can’t. I mean, I am not sure if I want my ass fucked.”

Adam laughed scornfully. So the bitch was still holding back. “You’re a whore Jenna, and I know just what sluts like you want.”

“And whores do as they are told,” Britt said, “Now shut up and suck bitch.”

Jenna was confronted by Britt’s solid rubber cock again. It was unceremoniously pushed into her mouth and her eyes watered as she almost choked and gagged on it. Britt eased it back allowing Jenna to breathe and then ordered her to suck it like it was real, as if it was a part of her. Jenna did the best she could, stretching her mouth wide and sliding her tongue against the heavy rubber veins. A faint taste and the scent of her own cunt lingered on the cock. She felt her ass cheeks being pried open and a soft wet tongue lapping between the crease.

“Ohhhhh God!” Jenna groaned. Her head spun in giddy delight. Despite her protests, her body was responding wildly to the anal stimulation and her pussy began to twitch and moisten. She lifted her hips upwards to give the tongue greater access to her ass.

“Yah, yah that’s better,” Britt said encouragingly as she withdrew the phallus from Jenna’s mouth.

Britt moved behind her and together with Sofia continued the lavish oral attention to Jenna’s ass. Freshly washed, Jenna’s asshole smelled of an expensive lavender soap. Britt and Sofia licked along the crevice and over the hole while Adam watched. His cock was as hard as steel, throbbing with raw lust for the gorgeous ass that was displayed before him. He gestured for the girls to hold the cheeks wide apart while he dragged his tongue over the tight wrinkled hole. He felt it pulse and Jenna moaned at the sensation.

“Oh fuck, no…” she groaned as she felt Adam’s tongue force its way and enter her. She had felt the alternating soft tongues of Britt and Sofia but now Adam was feasting inside her.

The total nastiness of the act was beyond anything Jenna had ever imagined, but it was also incredibly exciting. Juice streamed from between the swollen lips of her cunt as she considered how utterly filthy and dirty she would be considered by her conservative friends or clients if they ever found out what she was allowing at this moment. She wriggled and squirmed against Adam’s mouth and he plunged in and out of her wet hole with his tongue as if he were fucking her.

Jenna was caught up in a fog of sensual joy as she felt the first of the round purple beads slide into her ass. It was followed by the second and third being pressed hard against her asshole and then being sucked inside her. She let out a few deep breaths and looked over her shoulder at Adam.

“My God, what are you doing to me? It feels so good.”

Adam had three beads to go. They were larger than the others and her ass would need to expand to take them. Sofia dipped her head to lick Jenna’s hole again and wet the remaining beads with her saliva while Adam pressed the fourth bead against the expanding puckered flesh and through her anal orifice. There was no easy way to do the last two beads. They were big and Adam wanted them buried deep in her anal cavity. He wiggled his index finger into her tight anal hole and stretched it wide expanding her colon to fit the plum sized knobs while he forced them inside. Jenna let out a long whimpering moan.

“Jesus,” she gasped as she felt her rectum swallow up the last bead. Only the end ring on the nylon cord remained hanging out of her ass. Jenna collapsed onto the bed. Her knees felt weak and for some inexplicable reason her body had started trembling.

As if on cue, the two blonde women dressed quickly and left. Adam had dismissed them. She was finally alone with him and her trembling had intensified.

“How about you fix us a drink?” he said softly in that smooth seductive tone.

Jenna nodded and stumbled over to the bar. The beads shifted and moved around inside her ass teasingly. This type of stimulation would drive her crazy and Adam knew it. Involuntarily she clenched her rectal muscles as she poured the drinks and handed Adam his glass. He smiled his thanks and reached between her legs to pull at the ring as she lifted her drink to her mouth. The liquid burned her throat and she swallowed hard as she felt her asshole resist against the tugging.

“Do you want me to pull them out Jenna?”

She gulped the rest of her drink and felt the fiery liquid explode in her stomach. “Yes and I want you to fuck me please,” she whispered, letting her eyes stray to his throbbing hardness.

He pulled her towards him and kissed her hard and forcefully. She loved the feel of his rough skin against her face, the taste of his mouth. Her tongue played with his and her lips trembled. He stroked her tits with firm hands and pushed her down on the floor onto the thick rug that lay in front of the chair. He bent over her, his tongue tracing the shallow channel that ran between her breasts, exploring her navel, sampling her oozing slit.

“Oh Adam,” she groaned, as she felt his tongue digging into her cunt and flicking against her clit. He pushed her legs wide apart with his hands and reached for the string. He gave it a firm even pull and she felt her asshole stretch as the huge bead struggled to pass through it. “Fuck!” she gasped as the knob forced its way through. Adam mounted her and rubbed his cock against her slick cunt

“I’m going to plug you bitch.”

His cock felt enormous and she felt a twinge of pain as he entered her roughly, plugging her totally as he had promised. Then there was only ecstasy, a whirling weightlessness as she watched his cock moving in and out of her and touching her, feeling her everywhere. Her body responded to his every thrust, the waves of pleasure rising and rising. He shifted to grab the string again.

“Don’t take it away, don’t take your cock away,” she screamed. I love it. Keep fucking me.”

“That’s right,” he said softly. ‘That’s right, you bitch, talk to me. Tell me what a fucking slut like you wants. You want cock, my big fucking cock in your cunt plugging you, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes, yes I love it, I love –I can’t stand it, I love your cock fucking me,” she gasped. “I love your huge beautiful prick, your hairy cock. I want it to plug me forever.”

Adam gripped the string hard and pulled the beads from her ass. Not one at a time slowly, but in a continuous stream so that her asshole kept stretching wide as the beads popped out of her. Within a few seconds all of the beads had rippled through her tight anal ring, almost as though she were relieving herself and wasn’t in control of her bowels. It was a rapid overwhelming emptying and she let out a long moan as Adam kept up his brutal pummeling into her cunt. The walls of her pussy quivered, sending shivers up the shaft of Adam’s cock. But he held back his orgasm, keeping himself at a low hum as he enjoyed the pulsing in his cock.

Jenna thrashed about wildly. Her cunt was throbbing around Adam’s cock and her ass was still pulsating, but it felt empty, horribly empty.

“I want your cock in my ass,” she gasped softly.

“What was that Jenna?”

“Dammit, you heard me; I want it in my ass now!”

“You want your ass fucked with my big thick cock?” Adam taunted.

“Yes, I want your cock in my ass now please!”

“Spoken like a true slut,” Adam hissed.

He withdrew from her and pulled her up from the floor, guiding her back to the bed. She grabbed some lube from the dresser and smeared it hastily between her cheeks before presenting her ass to him.

“Do it,” she pleaded looking back at Adam and licking her full lips. Her throat was dry. The adrenaline was coursing through her body.

He did it slowly and deliberately rubbing the head of his rock hard cock against the tight entrance of her ass. She felt the pressure build against her anus as he pressed more forcibly. She was breathing heavily, the insides of her thighs trembling, but she forced herself to relax. Her puckered hole opened and suddenly the broad head of his cock was inside her, being gripped by the tight ring of her sphincter muscles. Adam pressed forward a little penetrating deeper and sinking a few more inches inside her. She gasped. That fucking hurt!

“Jesus it’s big, so big,” she moaned.

“Yeah it is big,” Adam grunted, “but you like big and you’re going to take every fucking inch slut.”

He looked down at the sight of his thick cock partially inside her sexy ass and he groaned. She was soft inside, slick and hot and incredibly tight. His head pounded as he drove deeper and deeper into her until his balls hit the cheeks of her bottom

“You’ve taken all of me bitch,” he whispered, pulling her head back by her hair. “Can you feel it? All of my thick cock in your ass?”

“Oh God yesss!” Jenna breathed. “Now fuck it, make me cum.”

Adam gripped her hips and slowly withdrew his cock until only the tip remained inside her ass and then he drove it back in. It was intensely arousing for Jenna to feel her ass being stretched and filled. She slid her hand down to her cunt and felt the juice dripping onto the bed. Her finger strummed her clit and she moved back to meet each of Adam’s thrusts. His cock pounded mercilessly driving in deep and then almost out again. The sound of his flat belly slapping against her ass merged with her pants and gasps.

“Yess!! I Like that. Hard, harder, fuck my ass hard.”

Adam pulled out of her swiftly and she let out a wail of dismay. He turned her over onto her back, placed some pillows under her ass and jackknifed her legs. Her ass was red and dilated from his pounding and he slipped his cock back inside her with relative ease.

“I want to see you cum whore, with my cock in your ass.”

She groaned in pleasure as he crammed his dick back into her and pumped savagely. Her ass had loosened and become slick and she worked her muscles like a well oiled fucking machine. Adam let out a grunt as her ass sucked the length of his cock when he pulled back and clamped around it as he slid back in again. Sweat rolled off him as he pumped harder and faster. Her moans were loud and raspy, her fingers a blur as she stroked her clit and then she felt it. The flash of white light, the rushing in her ears and the distant sound of her own screams as she leapt over the edge. Her muscles began to spasm uncontrollably. The waves started in her ass and radiated out through her cunt swamping her with exquisite pleasure. It felt like an explosion ripping her apart.

It happened to both of them simultaneously.

Jenna uttered short, loud screams as she came; clawing the sheets and writhing uncontrollably, but Adam was silent. She knew he was coming by the hot rush of his fuck, the contortion of his handsome features and the searing heat from the surge of cum that flooded her backside and dripped out between her cheeks. Her ass muscles throbbed and pulsed insistently not wanting to let him go. He fell forward onto her. Her arms encircled his body and her legs entwined around one of his. She wanted more, now, again, at once. God, I’m insatiable, she thought as she closed her eyes and let her heartbeat and breathing return to normal.

Later she woke and instinctively reached for him. He was gone. It was over. Her night of carnal lust was a memory, but an unforgettable one.

Jenna dressed quickly and glanced at her watch. She had just enough time to get home, shower and dress for her meeting. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. Her face looked relaxed, radiant and alive. Nothing like a good night’s fucking to make a woman look her best, she mused. She felt wonderful.

Then she saw the note on the dresser. And the wad of crisp banknotes peeking out from beneath it. She read rapidly, her eyes tripping over the words.

‘Jenna, you are up there with the best of the high class pieces of ass I have had. You exceeded my wildest expectations. Never doubt who and what you are, a born cock and cunt loving slut. Yes, beneath that pretense and facade there is a true whore. It is a wondrous talent that you have with the ability to respond so naturally and so fully. You were indeed worth every single cent. – Adam’

Her face burned as she read the words. Somehow in the cold hard light of day, being called a whore was not as erotic as it had been during her evening of crazed lust. The bastard really thought she was a slut; it was as simple as that. The cash was a cruel reminder of who he was and what she had become in the last twelve hours. Christ, he had some nerve, relegating her to the status of a real whore.

She ripped the note to shreds and ignored the money as she left the room. Adam was expendable. She had used him for her own pleasure and sexual discovery. So who was the whore here after all? It didn’t really matter; he was history, a one night stand, someone invisible and anonymous who she had fucked. She had more important things on her mind.

The elevator stopped on the executive floor and the immaculately groomed woman stepped out. She was chic, her tailored charcoal suit and white silk blouse impeccable. She walked with an air of confidence. In her mind, she recapped the facts and figures she was about to discuss during her meeting. The papers she had painstakingly researched and prepared were in her leather attaché case, but she wanted to speak knowledgeably to impress him. It was critical to secure the deal and her proposal was sound, viable and very lucrative. But everything depended on her getting the loan. She took a deep breath and tried to relax. Her concentration was less sharp than usual. The early morning incident had left her slightly disturbed, but she knew she would be fine. As soon as she began elaborating, putting her business plan and proposal forward she would be in control. Yes, she would be professional, focused and charming, as always. She shifted slightly in her seat and glanced absently at the pretty blonde secretary as the intercom sounded.

“Doris, show Miss Malone in please.” The voice was crisp, eloquent, well modulated and strangely familiar.

Jenna’s hand flashed to her mouth in horror to stifle her gasp. No! It wasn’t possible! It couldn’t be…

“Miss Malone, Mr. Carter will see you now,” the sweet blonde thing said, leading the way to a polished mahogany door.

“Mr. Carter,” Jenna croaked. “That’s his name?” Her heart pounded uncontrollably.

“Yes, Mr. Adam Carter,” the secretary replied with a smile. “He is the President of the Bank…”

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