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Cocksucker. I’ve been called many things in my time, occasionally in anger but often in the heat of lust, but that one is my favorite. Cocksucker. It’s just so descriptive, so simple, so accurate. If you’ve called me that the chances are I’ve probably sucked you dry. My name is actually Alicia. I suck cocks. I’m an oral woman. I smoke too much, I talk too much and I chew gum too much.

I love having something in my mouth. I’ve both gained and lost relationships because of it. I’m not here to justify my desires or to defend them in any way. I’m just here to tell you about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of sex just like everyone else. It’s just that I’m fascinated and enchanted by everything there is to sucking cock. Guys seem to like that, at least at first. I don’t usually hear a guy complaining when I’m on my knees sucking him off on our first date. It’s true, it’s just that easy. I’m that easy. Alicia the cocksucker. I should have my own line of T-shirts. I’ve actually considered having that tattooed on me but I haven’t yet gotten up the nerve though I know one day soon I will. Guys have their own agenda. They want to get to know me. They want to see if we’re compatible. They want to see if I get along with family and they want their cocks sucked. I’ve been through relationships before. I know where it’s headed so I just focus on what I want and that is that cock in my mouth. Often it leads to no second date. No matter, if that happens then I got what I needed and they got a blowjob. To me, it’s win-win. It’s not like there is a dearth of guys out there who want to get their dicks sucked.

I’d done things in high school though I just thought what I was doing was normal. It wasn’t until college that I noticed that I was different. One of my first relationships was with a guy in college. We were hot and heavy and he loved my mouth in a big way. His name was Mark. I met him at one of those beer filled college parties. He was an athlete, a big hulk of a guy with beautiful black hair and a strong jaw. I actually was at the party with another guy named Jake that I’d just met in class that day. Jake and I were fooling around on the couch. We tried to be somewhat inconspicuous. I was rubbing his cock through his pants and he had his hands down my top. It wasn’t like we were the only ones fooling around, there were couples paired off everywhere. Jake was saying how bad he wanted it, I knew. Even then I’d had enough experience to know that I’d have him. I looked around. I pulled him into a hallway. It deadended by the bedrooms. The rooms were occupied. He was frantic. I looked back, people were milling in the distance but other than the residents there was no reason for anyone to come back there. Anyone walking past the hall though could see everything. I didn’t care. I pushed him up against the wall. I put my finger over my lips and shushed him. I dropped to my knees. He fumbled to get his youthfully hard cock out of his jeans. I took him in my mouth. Even then I was enthralled by the taste, the smell of cock. Honestly, at the time, I didn’t even know if I liked this guy or not or whether I wanted to date him. Still, here I was in the hall, sucking his cock. I was enjoying it and I looked out of the corner of my eye in the mirror behind Jake and I saw someone watching. It was Mark, he’d stopped as he passed by and was watching us. I saw the desire in his eyes. I just smiled and kept sucking. Jake wasn’t experienced. This may have even been his first blowjob, he couldn’t hold it. He filled my mouth up with his cum. He didn’t even bother warning me. No matter, I knew he was ready. He got totally embarrassed when I stood up with a grin and wiped some of his cum off with the back of hand. He saw Mark and he turned bright red and he mumbled something and he ran off back to the party. Mark just stood there with his eyebrow raised as I walked towards him.

“Like what you saw?” I said with a flirty air.

“Hell yeah,” he said lustfully.

We ended up back at his place fucking all night long. I don’t remember if I ever saw Jake again. I sucked Mark daily, sometimes more than once. He was insatiable at first. I remember that he never called me his girlfriend or introduced me to his family but we spent one memorable semester together.

But as I’ve learned, that which attracts some people can also be what drives them apart. Mark took advantage of every opportunity I gave him to use my mouth and, on several occasions he even shared my oral services with a couple of his football buddies. He told me he wanted them to be relaxed for their game. He begged me when I first refused. This was still early in my relationship days so I was trying to do the good girl, one man, thing. He was just trying to take advantage of me to get more popular with the in crowd, I can see that now. Eventually, my own lust and nature took over, he needn’t have worried. One Friday night before a home game I was in my dorm room with my roommate, Maggie. I got a knock on the door. It was Bo, the running back of the team. I’d finally agreed with Mark to do “something” like that for him. I hadn’t expected it to be so soon. Bo was black. He was lean, muscular and quite cute. Maggie was like an old hen, protective, but I convinced her it was ok and to let me “talk to him alone” for a bit. Reluctantly, she left.

Bo had a goofy smile. I had him sit down. I had no idea how to approach this. I knew then that I loved sucking cock but at that time I found it hard to just blurt out, “so, do you want me to suck you off?” I decided to make him do it. Good thing for us Bo didn’t bother with subtlety.

“So, Bo…I’m Alicia.”

“I know,” he smiled, this time with sexual tension.

I put my hand on his knee. “So, how do you know Mark?”

He chuckled at that question. He saved us a lot of time with his answer. “I know him because he said he had some fine fox that would suck my big black dick.”

I turned crimson. He took my chin softly in his big hands. “Is he wrong?” He asked gently.

I couldn’t look at him. I nodded, no, he wasn’t wrong. I melted into his lap. That familiar feeling drove me. I rubbed it through his shorts, he was hard and big, he wasn’t fucking lying. I slurped up that fine cock, no more than two minutes after he was in the room I was on my knees worshipping his cock. Two minutes before he didn’t even know me, now I was giving him the pleasure of his life. He was hard and thick. I’d like to say that his big black cock was the biggest I’ve ever had at that it was 12 inches, but no. It was just big and fucking nice and I’ve had plenty to judge it by. Biggest? No, one of my favorites? Yes. He was far more experienced at this though, he warned me he was cumming. I’m sure it was so I could pull off. There’s no way I was going to allow that. I took his load the best I could and tried to catch the rest in my palm. He just grunted approvingly when I licked the remnants off my hand in front of him. Then, just like that he was gone. I remember thinking at the time, “I could get used to this.” I was rubbing my pussy sore when Maggie came back. I don’t know if she could smell the sex in the room but she didn’t bother to ask about it so I assumed she figured it out.

At first Mark was giddy about my performance, which I repeated the next week with another player, this time a thick, white lineman who only lasted a minute. As time went on, however, I found myself building a reputation among the players. I found myself on my knees more often and most of these had no connection to Mark. One day he announced that he wanted me all to himself. I agreed and I asked if it meant we were now exclusive. He wouldn’t commit himself. I told him he was crazy, then.

“Cocksucker,” he growled through his teeth.

That was the first time I’d been called that. “That’s because you are just a dirty cocksucker.”

I never saw him again after I walked out on him. Cocksucker I may be but his is one cock I’ll never pleasure again, his loss. I learned some things from that experience though. One, my pleasure is up to me and two, sometimes that pleasure can be enhanced by the element of control. When I was sucking off some of the guys on the team, it was extra hot when I felt like I was being made to do it. Even though Mark really wasn’t a controlling type, I still felt like that added to the thrill of it. I found out how much more thrilling it could be when someone actually knew what they were doing.

The best thing about college was the eclectic range of people. I met all kinds (no, I didn’t suck them all off…yet). One day I met Will. He was one of those eternal students. He was a good ten years older than I was. He had the look of a hippie. He had long hair, which he often wore in a pony tail. My friends and acquaintances thought he looked like Charlie Manson, to me he looked more like Jim Morrison. He was an old soul. He was into jazz, old films and renaissance art. He was also a pervert, a proud one. He was one of those anti-marriage, free sex for all, kind of people. He claimed he had no jealousies or pettiness when it came to sex. He intrigued me, even from the beginning.

Sure, I sucked him off on our first date. He had a delicious taste to his cum, he claimed it was from being a vegan. He fucked me silly from the day he met me. He showed me things, ways to fuck that I’d never even imagined. He made me confess all my secret fantasies to him. He claimed he’d make them all come true. To me, it was all talk, I’d been in relationships before, I knew what the “honeymoon phase” was all about, lust. He was insistent, however. One by one my fantasies fell before him. He arranged a threesome with another woman. He showed me how wonderful anal sex can be. He videotaped our lovemaking (my fantasy, not his, he pixeled out his face). We fucked outdoors, in restaurant bathrooms, pretty much everywhere my mind could fantasize about. There was still one fantasy I’d mentioned that he never seemed to bring up.

The semester was coming to a close. Will was actually going to take the next semester off to “find himself” in Europe. He was planning on touring the countries in a Vespa he planned on buying when he got there. He had great plans. The crazier things sounded, the more excited he was over them. I was happy for him, he was one of those guys whose energy and passion spilled over, and gave you some of it. Still, I was crushed. I thought I’d finally met someone who could handle the real me. I walked around like a zombie for a week after he told me he was leaving. He was well known around campus, the younger students called him their old man. He’d fucked a ton of the coeds too, not that that bothered me. He was like the candyman to them, he had the sex, the drugs they needed. He said goodbye one day and he was gone. I cried, it might’ve been the last time I cried over a man. He told me as he was leaving that he’d still fulfill all my fantasies. I just shrugged. There still was one. He had a wry smile.

“Don’t worry Alicia, my beautiful cocksucker, things work themselves out,” he said. That was the first time anyone called me that with respect, though not the last.

Things went on. I graduated, moved to the city. The city was a perfect place for someone like me. I had the ability to have random encounters and still remain lost in the vastness of the anonymity. I got a job, which I promptly lost when the boss caught me sucking off his nephew after hours. The fucked up part was that he pulled me into his office, said he’d think about not saying anything if I sucked him off. So I did but he fired me anyway. Men, I’ll never get them. I actually found a better job working behind a bar. Guys never could resist throwing money my way after ogling my tits.

It was there that my desire for being controlled came up again. The owner, a married Greek guy in his fifties found out my weakness. I fucked up on a big tab one day and he called me into his office. It was at a point where I really needed the job and the money. He looked mad. I begged him not to take it out of my pay. I was bluffing, really, I just didn’t want him to fire me. He had a look in his eyes that I recognized. He asked me how much I wanted my job. I blurted out that I’d do anything. It only took a knowing nod and a nudge to the floor for me to take out his dick and start sucking. He told me I was a bad girl and this is what bad girls have to do to get out of trouble. As I was wiping his cum off with the back of my hand he warned me that this is what I should expect if I fucked up again. He said it with a knowing wink. After that he made up any excuse to “punish” me. I dug the way he made me do it. I knew that he could fire me at any time, so I had to be there, on my knees, when he insisted. He even did little things like make my job harder, or the tasks more impossible, just so that I would mess up and have to blow him. I loved being made to service his fat cock. One day his wife nearly caught us and soon after I was fired. He had the saddest look in his face when he let me go.

A couple of years passed. One day I opened my door and Will was standing there, smiling. He was back in the country, his semester long hiatus had turned into almost four years. We caught up on things. He wasn’t there to rekindle any kind of love thing, he was here only temporarily before his next great adventure. I had also emotionally moved on. Still, seeing him brought back all those sexy memories. It obviously did to him too, we fucked ourselves to sleep that night. He told me he was leaving again soon, as I sucked him off under the breakfast table the next morning. He told he had only one regret. He wouldn’t tell me what it was. He told me he’d fix it before he left.

There was a huge yearly end of the semester party at the old school and he planned on going to see his old friends before he went off again. He wanted me to come with him. I couldn’t see the thrill of it but he was insistent so I caved. I just couldn’t see hanging out with the air headed young bimbos that I remembered from school while horny clueless guys circled around like vultures. I thought back on my days there, however, and remembered the sex I had and it gave me pleasant chills. I hoped that we could just go and hang out and then rush home and fuck our brains out.

This particular bash was orchestrated by the frats and sororities but it included pretty much everyone on campus, the jocks, the popular and even many of the locals. It was legendary. I’d been to a couple of them and never failed to get laid nor failed to witness a number of other people getting laid as well. Still, I didn’t put two and two together with Will. I should’ve expected something from such a clever and devious pervert.

He urged me to wear my tight jean skirt that barely covered my ass. Now, of course you know by now I’m no prude. However, my ass has grown a tad since school, I knew that wearing it would invite leering eyes. He, however, was giddy about the way it looked. He insisted I wear my pink panties that have some frills around the edges. Any movement like a bend, and the bottoms would be clearly visible. I just smirked at him and acted like he was such a child for wanting it, but secretly, seeing him getting worked up about it made me get excited as well. I thought about going braless but he made me wear the matching bra, pink and lacy, inside a white blouse, of whose buttons he had liberally undone. He had me tie the bottom of the shirt together, which bared my toned belly. He grunted his approval and gave me a kiss that made me weak in the knees. He said I was “ready.”

We smoked a joint on the way over, he always had the best stuff. I stroked his cock through his jeans on the way over, he was already stiff. I started to lean over to give him some head but he playfully pushed me away. I pouted, he just smiled knowingly. We got to the party, the reefer made us playfully giddy. The party stretched out nearly a city block, it included a frat house, a sorority house and several student rental houses. Will pulled me inside the first house with a boyish grin. At first, I was disappointed that I was right, it looked like just a bunch of air headed girls and barely legal teenage boys oozing their raging hormones. Will didn’t seem to mind. They greeted him like he was a god, the presence of his legendary weed not hurting his cause. I saw Will talking to one of the older guys. His name was Chad. I saw them disappear into a back room. The young women at the party oohed and aahed about how fine Chad was and what they wanted to do to him. I could only laugh to myself at how little they probably knew about pleasing a man. I was left there to hear their fantasies and fend off the awkward advances of the young men. Their attempts were pathetic, though it felt good to be desired so much. Their chemical induced lust was starting to rub off on me. I danced with a few of them, each one seemed to be bolder than the last with his hands. Several got good feels of my ass as we danced, the last one got his hand inside my top and got a quick feel of my sheer bra before I playfully pushed his hand away.

I began to wonder where Will had gone. He and Chad had returned, they’d been watching me dance. Will called me over and introduced us. Chad had a perverse grin on his face. Will then dropped the bomb.

“Remember that one fantasy you had?” He asked with a wry smile.

Of course I knew, it drove me over the edge every time I wanted an incredible orgasm. I just nodded weakly, funny that the mention of it filled me with such fear along with the rush.

“Chad here is going to help us with it, aren’t you Chad?” Will asked while Chad nodded stupidly.

I blushed. I thought it funny that if he’d just asked me to suck him off I’d have probably done it without hesitation, yet here I was blushing in front of them.

Will’s voice brought me back to reality. “So, your number one fantasy, to suck a bunch of cocks…”

My head felt heavy, I could feel myself trembling at hearing it aloud.

“…is going to come true tonight,” he said while staring deep into my eyes.

I could only nod. I tried to avoid his gaze, it was powerful, commanding.

“Chad here has a tool for us to use, in order to help us fulfill all aspects of your fantasy.” He nudged Chad playfully as he said it. “In return, Chad requires something from you.”

I could only stare at them both, my mouth agape. Will was tickled by shock at the whole thing.

Will said, “First, Chad wants his to be the first cock you suck. I thought it only fair, given the help he’s going to be.” I nodded weakly. “Second, we both want to embarrass you a little, knowing how that gets you weak in the knees.” I looked at him questioningly. Will continued, “go back and dance for a minute, this time don’t swat away any hands, let’s see where it leads.”

I nodded glumly and headed back to the swarming cloud of testosterone. I was dancing before I could even think. Sure enough, hands soon found my tits. I didn’t resist, though I did try and turn myself so that most couldn’t see what was going on. It was no use though, really, it seemed that I was now the center of their attention. I saw disapproving looks from the women. I just closed my eyes. My nipples were sticking out, the resulting effect of being felt up and ogled. I saw Will and Chad smiling. It was having the desired effect.

Suddenly Chad walked to the staircase that led to the bedrooms. He called out in a loud voice, “hey slut,” he said coldly, looking directly at me, “come here.” He motioned for me. I was frozen in my tracks, the whole crowd in the room seemed to stop. He called for me again, “I said slut, yes you, come on upstairs and suck my dick.”

My mouth went dry, my head was spinning but I stumbled towards him as Will stood there beaming. I heard the women spit out epithets as I passed, the men just stood there with their mouths agape. I fell under Chad’s arm. He wasn’t done.

He looked at me with a smirk. “Tell them what you are going to do.”

“I’m going upstairs to suck his cock,” I croaked out, my voice barely above a whisper. They all heard though. He pulled me upstairs.

Upstairs he was a perfect gentleman. He asked me if I was all right, he made sure he hadn’t hurt me emotionally. I just nodded.

“No, Will was right, I’m sure he told you, I kind of dig it,” I said as I unzipped his pants.

He had a very nice young cock. I made a mental note to have to remember to ask where he lives after it’s over. Damn, young guys can cum a lot, god bless them. He just had a satisfied goofy smile on his face as I finished cleaning off his cock. I started to leave but he stopped me.

“This was just the beginning,” he said. “Will wanted me to give you something.” I just looked at him, confused. He reached under the bed. It was a leather belt. It had two cuffs attached to the sides. I gasped. At the same time a jolt of sexual energy seemed to strike like lightning.

“Will, that bastard!” I said to myself, he told him about my desire to be restrained as I suck cock. I didn’t even bother resisting as he put it on me. Hell, I wanted this, I’ve always wanted this. Chad kissed me tenderly, somehow, when it was all over, I hoped that I’d end up in his bed. I fully expected to be marched downstairs and devoured. I wasn’t sure I wanted it like that, but I was now helpless to stop it.

Instead, Chad took me down the back stairs and out the back. “This was my idea,” he said in a hushed tone, “I thought you might want some anonymity.”

He pulled me over into a split between some hedges. It was a ways from the house, towards the back property line. He pushed me to my knees, thoughtful guy that he was, there was a pillow waiting for me to land on. It was dark, the lights of the house only gave me enough light to see a few feet.

I heard footsteps. Someone was in front of me. I felt a hand on my head. It caressed my hair and my face for a moment. His hands found their way inside my top. He unceremoniously ripped it open. My bra was pulled down. My hands were pinned now to my sides, I just moaned a little. The guy was satisfied. No doubt he wondered if he was being set up as a prank or something only to find it’s another dude being fraternity hazed. No, this was a woman in front of him. I heard his zipper open and his pants fall to his ankles. His hand on my head guided me towards his dick. It was warm and already semi hard. I took care of that. Soon I had him swooning to my expertise. I felt that familiar grabbing of my hair as he approached orgasm. He guided my throat onto his cock, I let it all in. I’m sure he’d never been deep throated before, he shot his cum deep down my throat. He staggered back into the darkness, “fuck…” was all he said.

Another one approached, same routine, my tits were felt up, my nipples were tugged, which only spurred the stirring madness in my pussy to new heights. My top was pulled down to my waist as well as my bra. He tried to pull them off but couldn’t get them past my hands. I was now basically topless and helpless. I soon helped myself to another yummy load of cum. “I could get used to this,” I giggled to myself.

The third one took some liberties. I felt him behind me. He caressed my now bare tits. I felt my skirt being hiked up. I didn’t know whether I should protest or whether anyone could even hear with the music from the block party blaring. I felt my panties being pushed aside. A finger found its way along my slit. I could only moan. It found my ass. With its slickness from my pussy it slid into my ass without resistance. One arm was around me, supporting my weight while the other hand finger fucked my ass. The guy got up. I heard his pants drop. I thought I was going to be fucked. Instead, he assumed the same position as the others and presented his cock to me. In my now heightened state I attacked it with vigor. His hands were on the sides of my head while I fellated him. I could smell myself on his fingers, it only spurred me on. He made me lick myself off of his fingers. His cum soon joined the rest, in my tummy as an almost uncontrollable buzz took my brain and my pussy.

I thought about Will. Where was he? Was I going to be here all night? I was on fire, and even though I wanted more, much more, I wondered if I was going to be used like this in the dark, all night. I barely had time to think it before it ended. I felt myself being pulled to my feet. It was Will.

“Four cocks already”? He said sarcastically.

I just moaned, “um hmm.” There was dripping cum from my chin which was spilling down my tits and stomach.

“Just so you know,” he said, “I picked the three guys you rejected when they asked you to dance. Dirty little fucking cocksucker,” he growled with more than a hint of pride.

“Fuck,” I thought. There was a goofy, nerdy guy who was probably a freshman, a thick guy with horned rim glasses that kind of reminded me of Drew Carey, and a butt ugly guy that I’d been curt with, even rude, when rejecting him. I thought, “Oh well, they all just came in my mouth.” To make matters worse, I think it was the butt ugly guy who made me lick my own ass from his fingers. I knew I deserved it. Will had always told me that my desire to please men wasn’t complete until I accepted that I wasn’t too good for anyone. I smiled at that thought and wondered if he’d be pleased.

“This was all Chad’s idea, the darkness and all, I only indulged him because he had the waist belt thing,” said Will. “Now we’re going to do the rest my way.”

We got under a light by the house. Will had scissors in his hand. He cut my bra off of me. He pulled my top back up but only buttoned the bottom two buttons. My tits were nearly spilling out. He didn’t even wipe off the cum. He felt under my skirt. He seemed surprised my panties were still on. They weren’t for long, he pulled them from me. He walked me into the house. The same group was there. Without a word he marched me past them all, including the three I recognized from before, the three that had filled my mouth with their cum. Will grunted at the butt ugly one. He tossed him my used panties. The crowd roared. I turned beet red. They all knew what I’d done, the copious cum was clearly evident Will didn’t care, we were on a mission. He led me out the front door to be ogled by all the onlookers. We walked towards the next house. There was a driveway and a fence separating the two houses. He led me down the drive at the side of the house. He pushed me to my knees between two parked cars. “Stay here,” he grunted. I thought, “where could I possibly go like this?”

I saw him walk to the porch. He met two strong jawed guys, they were athletes, this was the house where a bunch of them lived. I saw Will motion towards me. I heard him as he talked to them. “Yes, she’s hot, I told you before, I wouldn’t lie to you. Now, did you pick the guys? Good, send them out one by one,” he said. He just looked at me when he said it.

The first guy nearly sprinted out of the house. It was dark, but only slightly since we were between two houses with all the lights on. People on both sides would be able to see, if they should happen to look. I gave him head he’ll never forget. Soon, he was replaced by another. I could hear voices behind me, coming from the first house. They were describing what I was doing. “God, what a fucking slut,” I heard some women say. “Not just a slut,” I thought proudly, “a cocksucking slut.”

The third guy had my tits out and was squeezing my nipples so hard that I moaned. I heard scornful laughter from he crowd of both houses. He filled my mouth as I tried unsuccessfully to rub my thighs together to quench the growing need in me. Then, Will appeared and marched me off again, this time right down the crowded sidewalk. Me, with my tits nearly out and covered in cum, my hands cuffed to my sides, and my skirt pulled halfway up over my ass. I got catcalls the entire way. We got to the third house, the result was the same, three more men, three more loads for me. I had to do it right on the porch. It drew a small crowd.

Finally, the last house on the block, it was the sorority house. Will didn’t even let me stay in the shadows. He brought me right up to the door.

“Oh, the slut is here,” said a beautiful young woman with total scorn. A bunch of coeds gathered around me and mocked me, the slut, covered in cum.

Will said, “do what we said, but you have an hour.” The woman smiled and nodded.

She led me in. She looked at me with scorn, but I could sense it was all an act, it seemed playful.

“Ok, slut, Will probably didn’t tell you, but you’re here for one purpose…”

“Which is?” I said with a little too much sass.

“Bitch”! she screamed as she slapped my ass hard repeatedly. “Don’t think some slut can come in here and disrespect me.”

I lowered my head accordingly, “I’m sorry,” I sniffed, as I felt my ass redden. Her smile returned.

“Good, we have an understanding. Now, you are here because it is hazing night for us. Now, usually, this party presents us with the opportunity to…let us say…give our pledges the chance to show us what skills they bring to the sorority,” she said, laughing at herself. “However, in recent years complaints have gotten us in some trouble. So, thanks to Will, we came up with an idea.” She saw my eyebrows raise.

“Ma’am?” I said questioningly. She was pleased by the term.

“Well, we have an agreement with the frat house across the street. Let’s say it’s an oral agreement,” she said, again laughing at her own cleverness. “Once a year, the guys haze their pledges. They send them over here and we are allowed to do all sorts of things to them. It is amazing how they allow us to shove stuff up their asses and make them suck each others cocks. But, boys will be boys, I guess. However, when it’s our turn to haze our pledges we allow the guys to come over and return the favor. For us though, we’ve only allowed them to use our pledges mouths, we save the other stuff for ourselves,” she said with a wink. She saw my questioning look. “So, tonight, we kill two birds with one stone. We’re not going to get in trouble with some treasonous pledge who balks at doing what we ask. We’ve isolated those which we think may not be good for the sorority. You are going to do some sucking, that should be obvious.” I could only nod.

So, the frat gets what they want, and we avoid trouble. However, our pledges don’t get off Scot free, as you’ll see. We certainly want them to learn their skills properly,” she giggled. She pushed me into the main room that had a high cathedral ceiling. “Hey everyone, it’s the slut!” She announced.

Not that I could deny it, I was bound, nearly naked and cum had run down to my skirt, which was now soaked. She pushed me to my knees. She tsk tsked. She wasn’t satisfied. She motioned for something. A woman appeared with a knife. She cut my top from me and cast it aside. I’d thought it was kind of useless at that point anyway. She left my skirt on, probably because my ass was now fully exposed anyway. There were probably twenty women around me, they were seated in a row, between two winding banisters. I felt like I was on stage in an opera house. The looks on their faces varied from total disdain to open mouthed shock and even a few excited grins.

A guy was led in. He was blindfolded. He was nervous, scared even, I could tell. He was nude from the waist down. He heard the titters amongst the women, it only frightened him more.

The leader, Charlene, announced to the crowd, “tonight, as per our agreement with our Theta brothers, we honor our agreement. The guy was nudged towards the center of the room, squarely in front of me. His cock was barely visible, his apprehension no doubt the cause. Charlene just smirked at me, “well, work your magic.”

My tongue flicked out at his tip. It jumped, as if startled. I heard murmurs in the crowd as I licked him from his balls up to the tip and back. It started to grow. I could’ve really used my hands at this point and had him hard in seconds but perhaps the challenge was the point. I had him hard soon enough, however. I saw occasional looks of appreciation and awe from some of the onlookers. I worked my mouth over the head and encircled the tip with my tongue. His cock jerked. I went back to his balls and took them in my mouth one by one and sucked gently before going back to the head. He was starting to buck slowly into me. I could see one young blond completely fixed on my mouth. I just smiled at her as I took him in deep, I could see her gasp as I deep throated him. His bucking was stronger now. I let him in deep, over and over. Finally, he couldn’t stand it, he pushed one last time and spurted into me. I didn’t even get a chance to taste him as it emptied down the back of my throat, just like shooting beer from a can. He fell back and was quickly led away. Another appeared.

I took him in my mouth, he wasn’t shy, he was hard within seconds of my warm mouth engulfing him. He pumped another load of cum in my mouth but this time I let him out of my mouth slightly so that some of it could shoot on me. It had the desired effect, some splashed on my cheeks, my nose, and soon started to run down my chin. I heard some giggles as I burped slightly.

Charlene spoke up, “are you paying attention girls?” I could see their nods. “Do you see how she uses her mouth?” Again, nods. “I want each and every one of you as proficient as she is by the time you graduate from this institution. Got it?” I heard many enthusiastic yeses.

She turned to me and whispered. “There’s more, are you good?” I nodded, her eyes were soft and concerned.

I sucked off two more guys, the women had moved their chairs in close, they were right on top of me now. I didn’t have a sliver of anonymity, they could see me, the real me, as I swallowed more cum, while even more found its way on my torso. I looked down, there was a puddle of it forming in front of me. After the fourth guy was led out they brought in the fifth.

Charlene then asked the crowd of women if any of them would like to see if their skills can measure up to the slut’s. More than a few hands shot up. Charlene whispered to me, “Stand up.” I did. I saw her nod to one of the seated women, she took my place on her knees. The fifth guy soon had his cock in her mouth. Charlene had me sit with her on the side. We watched one guy after another fill up different sorority pledges. She whispered to me, “we let the other pledges who we thought might rat us out clean the bathrooms for a month. Stupid bitches, suck a cock or two and you’d not have to lift a finger,” she said to me. I smiled knowingly.

She moved closer to me. “You are so fucking hot,” she said breathily.

I just looked at her. “Seriously? Look at me, my hair is caked with cum, I’m covered in the stuff and I’m sure I can’t smell that good,” I laughed.

“You smell just fine to me,” she moaned as her hand found my pussy. It was wet, embarrassingly so. She toyed with my pussy with an expert hand. I was beside myself. I was bucking her hand, I wanted to touch her so badly.

“Glad I’m not the only one worked up,” she chuckled. “Have you ever…?” she began.

I nodded. I knew what she wanted. I dropped to my knees in front of her, my face just inches from her pussy. She hiked up her skirt. She was shaven. I buried my face in her wetness. I wanted to please her. Will had introduced me to it in threesomes and at this moment I was glad. I wanted her to enjoy it. The onlookers were torn between their classmates blowing the guys and me licking their leader’s slit. She held my head softly as I tongued her. She moaned, first softly, then more impassioned. Finally, she exploded. The women were hushed by it, I’m sure the guy with the hard dick was wondering what was going on when the woman sucking him stopped to watch us. I looked up at her with pride, my face glistened with her juices.

She smiled at me with a look of wonder. “Will told me you were special, my god, I didn’t know how special,” she said with a gasp.

We sat close and she cuddled me as we watched a few more guys get their rocks off in the pledges willing mouths.

She looked into my eyes. “I want to… you know…return the favor…” she said haltingly. I nodded. “Will told me not tonight,” she said with sadness. I shrugged. I know Will, and he knows me, I’m sure he had a reason. Though, at that moment I wanted to climb onto her face or one of those dicks and ride myself into a frenzy.

“Thank goodness you didn’t have to suck off the whole frat,” she laughed. She looked at me. “Did you want to?”

“I’m not sure,” I said thoughtfully, “however, I would’ve, if I had to. That’s part of what makes it hot for me. I’m not sure what Will had planned, to be honest. I’m just enjoying the ride.”

“Well, your ride is over, ” Charlene said reluctantly. She stood me up and walked me past the women. They applauded like I was a rock star. She walked me out into the cool night air.

“If you ever…you know…” she said hopefully, “…you know where I live.”

I grinned. I wouldn’t forget. She planted a deep kiss on my lips. I felt her tongue dart over mine. She hugged me, I wanted to hug her back, but I still couldn’t. “Someday, I hope to have the guts you have,” she whispered. “I love that fantasy.”

Will met me on the porch. He led me back down the street. There were less people out but I was still berated the whole way. Will smiled, he could see I was loving it. He brought me inside the original house. The crowd had dwindled. He pushed me onto the couch. He spread my legs. He got on his knees. He pushed his face into my pussy.

“This slut is so fucking wet I could drown in there!” He announced to the dozen or so people left in the room. They watched as Will brought me to the most mind blowing orgasm of my life. I see their faces sometimes still, when I cum, it was so powerful, so memorable. He bent me over the couch and fucked me as the room chanted, “Fuck the slut! Fuck the slut!” He tore my pussy up in the best way possible. He came inside me with a groan that probably could be heard at the sorority house. I could imagine Charlene listening from her porch, with a forlorn look. I crashed, face first, into the couch in an exhausted heap. Will held me while the party slowly dwindled down. I felt almost natural, sitting there covered in cum, topless, pantiless while conversations about me went on. Finally, there was no one left. Will kissed me.

“Time to go, baby.” I nodded. I was exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open.

I started to rise. Will pushed me down by my shoulders. “Not you, just me.” I looked at him quizzically. “I want you to sleep on this couch,” he said. “This is still payment for Chad,” he said as he walked out. I wanted to cry, then I wanted to scream. He left me there, still cuffed and full of cum. In the darkness though, I soon fell asleep. Halfway through the night I was awoken by a nudging on my bare ass. I heard a grunt. I felt a cock at my opening. It slid in. Slowly at first. It built up a rhythm. I found myself bucking back against it. I felt a spasm and his cum splattering my pussy walls. I felt back asleep. Some time later another one appeared and slid into me. Throughout the night I was visited a half dozen times like that as I laid there, my pussy available.

Chad woke me in the morning. “Rise and shine sleepyhead.” I looked around. The house was buzzing, guys were eating breakfast, watching TV, studying, all the while a cum filled naked women laid there amongst it all. He took me up to the shower and finally released me from my bonds. I washed away the cum of what must have been dozens of guys from the night before. Chad brought me a towel and softly dried me off. I thought about everything. I thought of how Will had fulfilled a life long fantasy, how he managed to bring out every detail, the cuffing, the humiliation, the control. Chad just looked at me with a smile. I looked away, I could feel him sensing my pussy reacting to my thoughts of the night before. He already knew. He leaned in and kissed me deeply. He took me to his bed and gave me a proper fucking, this time my hands were able to please him in ways I couldn’t the night before. He finished on my face, which I thought was fitting. When it was over I looked up, the door was open the whole time, there were a few faces who had enjoyed the show.

I kissed him goodbye. With embarrassment I thanked him for what he’d done for me. He told me to come back anytime. He knew I’d be back and I have been, often. I realized I didn’t have a top anymore. I didn’t care, I walked out, past a dozen guys, most if not all ones who probably came on or in me. I walked out and down the street, my tits on display, my ass poking out from under my skirt. Cum was still clinging to my chin. A car drove by. It was a lady, probably in her fifties. She leaned out her window and yelled, “dirty cocksucker!”

I smiled. “Yes, why yes I am,” I said to myself.

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