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One For The Dog

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In another story in the Courtney series, I take a look backwards to the early days. This particular tale may very well be the reason I eventually married her.

I was living in a studio apartment with just enough room for myself and my dog Max, which was a mix of all things big and slobbery. What Max lacked in looks he made up for in charm, but not towards strangers.

Max was loyal to me, and only me, anyone else would be the subject of his intimidating snarls and barking. I don’t think he would ever bite anyone, but at over 100 lbs. I understood the fear he instilled in everyone, especially my new girlfriend Courtney.

Courtney for all of you who have never seen or read about her before is a very pretty Puerto Rican and Irish girl who is 5’4”, 120 lbs. with a perfect ass and exceptional tits. (They’re only an A cup but they are absolutely perfectly shaped with soft pink nipples that harden like pencil erasers on contact) She has long brown hair, soft brown eyes and all eyes gravitate to her when we go out, especially when she doesn’t wear a bra (which she never does). At the time of this story she was all of 20 years old and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet.

Max, my best friend and Courtney did not get off to a good start, and this was definitely an item of contention between us. She was still living with her parents at the time, and she would not enter my apartment with; in her words “that fucking demon beast inside”.

I would try to lock him in the bathroom, while we fooled around in my miniature bedroom/living room, but the phone would ring and the floor and ceiling banged with protests by angry neighbors. I don’t know if they were complaining about the barking dog or the over the top screaming that Courtney would produce while getting fucked.

Ultimately this situation escalated to an ultimatum, she stated: “If you get rid of the beast I’ll move in with you and make every fantasy of yours cum’ true, or we’re through.”

This choice was not as easy to make as it may seem. I had that dog for 5 years, and had no clue who would ever take him, so I made her the ultimate ultimatum for her in return and this is the basis for the story.

I would find a new home for Max if she would be my dog for a day. I proposed this notion to her as a one day trial. I simply stated that “I’m willing to give the dog free life a one day trial, but I will need you to act as my dog surrogate for one full day in return to get me through the transitional phase”.

She oddly agreed with little reluctance, I guess she just didn’t know me all that well at this point in time, and as a result did not know what I had in mind for her.

Luckily for her I picked a Friday night for the “trial” I was working during the day at that time, and she was still in school, so her adventure began in the evening around six. She had her own key and slowly entered fearful of the bark and charge of Max, but was instead met with silence.

“Hello, Hello” she called through my 200 square foot estate.

“Over here” I responded, “don’t worry Max is staying with a friend”

She responded by coming over to the couch I was sitting on, sitting beside me, and giving me a deep tongue kiss while grabbing at my crotch. I almost forgot the agreement for that moment, but then I pulled away and scolded her:

“Off the couch, get down,…bad girl” and I gently swatted her across her ass. With a giggle she responded by crawling down to the floor. “Where’s your collar?” I asked as I continued to scold her, then I grabbed the choker collar and leash, putting the cold metal collar around her neck I gave her further instructions “you listen and do what you’re told or this will get real tight, really tight” and I gave her a light tug to show we were really going to play hard.

I scolded her “Dogs don’t wear clothes, take your cloths off and get on all fours” she complied with no resistance, maybe she was into it? I could not believe how fucking hot she was, her ass was simply to die for, my dick was telling me ‘forget this game retard and fuck the shit out of her now, now dam it.’ Perhaps for once the dick logic was right, but I pressed forward with my sweet pet’s game despite my urges.

“Time to eat girl” and I walked her into my galley kitchen. I had two stainless bowls on the floor and I picked them up taunting her with her new role.

“Are you hungry girl? Are you? Do you want to eat? How about some water first” I poured out cold water from the sink splashing it onto the floor while filling her bowl, “here you go girl” I placed it down on the floor and she began to lap it up with her pretty pink tongue.

I took my pants and underwear off and sat down on the edge of my bed, she still playing along followed dragging her leash across the hardwood floor, a familiar sound to those living below me undoubtedly. She began to sniff at my balls and I felt her hot breath on me, my cock was fully erect and beginning to glisten at the tip. She started to sniff at my ass, I clenched my legs and jerked away, but she persisted. I wanted to see what she was up to so I tried to hold off the ticklishness for a moment and she what would happen. I felt her nose still cold and wet from drinking out of the bowl, firmly pressed against my asshole, as she snorted and sniffed away. (Thank God I had just showered) The feeling although ticklish as hell was pretty intense and it was turning me on even more.

She abruptly broke from character to announce “I have to go pee.”

I grabbed the leash back and announced “time for a walk” and I tugged her attached neck in the direction of the door.

She protested “What are you crazy? I’m not going outside naked!”

“Have it your way” I replied quite simply and placed Friday’s newspaper on the floor.

“Don’t think even for a sec…” her sentence cut short by a choker collar.

“On the paper” I ordered pulling her against her will – across the floor. I figure if she stands up this game is over and she won’t be back. Surprisingly she shuffles over on all fours and drops her hips down directly over the paper.

To myself I scream “holy fucking shit, is this actually happening?”

“Go ahead girl you can do it” I coach wondering if she actually would…

Suddenly a wet circle began to spread around her, quickly engulfing her knees in her own piss. It went on forever, I was never into water sports, and never gave the idea any thought, but I have to admit it was pretty cool and definitely a turn on (not that I needed to be more turned on)

At last she was done her hips lifted back up and she looked at me with puppy eyes, perhaps to see if I was shocked by her actions, and I was, but it was a good type of shock.

I announced it was bath day and walked her into the bathroom towards the one luxury that my apartment afforded a full sized bathtub. I began running the water and got out a Tupperware bowl that I used to bathe Max. I felt no remorse for his absence, he was at a friend’s house in the suburbs and he loved it there, where he could run, plus I was set to pick him back up on Sunday.

I shut off the water and lifted her into the soapy tub (She actually weighed less than Max). I lathered her up focusing on her pussy and ass, which was looking more inviting than ever. I poured water over her long black hair and began to kiss her beautiful full lips as the water from her hair drained across our faces. Based on the passion of this kiss, it seemed that neither of us could wait any longer, and I reached the stopper for the tub and pulled it allowing the tub to drain.

I lifted her wet body out of the tub and put her back on all fours, replacing the choker and chain that I had taken off her before the bath; she looked puzzled but said nothing. I’m sure that she was wondering if the fucking that she thought was eminent was derailed by the bizarre dog fetish thing. I started to towel dry her hair and compliment her on what a good girl she was, and I kissed her again but this time on the nose. As I dried her body my fingers began to probe her moist slit, and it was wetter than I had ever had any woman before.

“Are you in heat Bitch” I questioned as my fingers caressed deeper to her approving moans of pleasure.

She turned her head towards me as I kneeled beside her drying her off, and she started to lick at my balls, than upward to my due north pointing cock. I enjoyed this for a few moments and then I just had to put it inside her, and in the spirit of the days events, of course she was going to get it doggie style.

Wiggling behind that sweet ass of hers while still on my knees, I got into position, placing the tip of my cock against her heated preslickened opening. I was effortlessly in her instantaneously and within a few strokes I was thrusting into her at full depth, which on previous occasions resulted in complaints of pain. She wasn’t complaining at all and if it did hurt her she was into the pain this time.

As great as it was I just had to push the envelope again, so I began to lather my fingers in her slick wetness, and rub it into her ass, which was right there demanding my attention. I had never approached the subject of anything anal with Courtney at this point, but figured I would take it as far as she would let me, and my dick was clear in telling me it wanted in that ass in a very big way. I continued to work her natural lube into her ass, which opened easily with my touch, she seemed to moan with increasing pleasure as I cautiously worked her perfect little hole.

I don’t know if she anticipated it or even if she had ever partaken it in before, but I knew it was time, now or never, so I withdrew my raging hard cock from her soft pussy and placed its glistening purple tip firmly against her tightly sealed ass. I began to press harder and it didn’t even budge her opening so I backed off and maintained a steady pressure. I had been too forceful in previous attempts; with other women, and that was met with disastrous results, so slow and steady was to be my approach. Surprisingly as I stayed motionless she began to push backwards against me impatiently and in three hard thrusts backwards coupled with three high pitched aaaahs, she had me fully inside her. What a sight it was. I don’t know if it was the visual or the intense pleasure that she was providing in locking her sweet ass tightly around my cock, but I needed to cum. I was afraid to say anything, in fear that she was just getting started, and than thankfully she “announced” her orgasm with enough volume to alert the entire building. In response I just simply let my load go free inside her; it was as much a relief as it was pleasure as I let my cock finish its pulsations while contained deep inside her.

I then withdrew my cock somewhat awkwardly as our thoughts began to returning to normality. We quietly began a clean up process on ourselves with the wet towels from the floor.

Courtney finally broke the awkward silence with “I love getting my ass fucked, and I hate your fucking dog – you decide!”

Did I tell you how much Max loves the suburbs?

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