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On the Road

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It was while traveling on our vacation that my husband and I had the most incredible sexual encounter. We were traveling up the coast about an hour outside of the next town where we had planned to stop over for the night. As we were cruising along, we noticed a Porsche parked along the side of the road, but thought nothing of it. About another mile up the road, we saw a couple who obviously needed a ride.

It was quite obvious from the way they were dressed that they weren’t the usual hitchhiker types, so David pulled over to offer them a ride.

It turned out that Mark and Gina were the owners of the Porsche and that they had had car trouble. They lived just another five miles up the road and asked us if we could drop them at home. We shared some small talk as we drove when David asked them if they could recommend a good motel in town. Mark replied that if we needed a place to stay for the night, we were welcome to stay at their place. Mark and Gina seemed like nice people, so we took them up on their offer.

When we got to their place, David and I kind of exchanged surprised glances as we pulled into a beautifully landscaped driveway that twisted around until we came to a very modern style large house that appeared to be nestled right on the coastal cliffs. It was really quite a place. As Mark helped David with our luggage, Gina took me in and showed me the guest room. After the luggage was brought in, Mark and Gina took us on a little tour of the house and grounds. They then suggested that we change into our suits and we could lounge by the pool and take a swim before the sun completely set down. David and I were quite impressed with this lovely couple’s magnificent home.

David and I went to change and we whispered to each other about how impressive this place was and that Mark and Gina must be very well to do. Once changed, we met Mark and Gina by the pool. Both Mark and Gina were quite attractive, Mark having a deep sexy tan and solid muscular build, and Gina was also tan and very slim and sexy. David and I again were impressed with this lovely couple. Mark got us some refreshments and we settled down for a friendly conversation. Gina complimented us on our tans and we admitted that it was just the week long vacation that had given us the opportunity to work on them. After several drinks and a dip in the pool, we all decided to go inside and get comfortable. Mark offered David a game of pool in the downstairs game room and as they went off, Gina and I got comfortable on the couch. We hit it off marvelously and I enjoyed Gina’s genuine friendliness and subtle wit.

It wasn’t long before we were talking like old school chums about just everything under the sun. I found myself to be captivated with Gina’s charm and found myself having deep thoughts about what it would be like to be closer to her. I have never had a sexual relationship with another woman, but, like many people, I have wondered what being with another woman would be like. I’d never been attracted to another woman before, until now. I was pretty unsure of these feelings that crept into my mind as we talked, and I guess Gina must have noticed, because when she came back from refreshing our drinks, she sat very close to me on the sofa and continued on with an interesting discussion about how Mark and she enjoyed having company because it seemed so rare.

It was while I was listening to her and I watched her beautiful lips form the words she spoke, that I realized I was entranced by this lovely woman’s beauty and charm. I must have been staring and day dreaming because Gina placed her hand on mine and smiled as she said, “Your husband and you are both quite an attractive couple. It’s very nice to enjoy a quiet and intimate time with you.”

I must have just melted at hearing her softly spoken words because the next thing I knew; we were embracing one another very affectionately. My mind raced with emotional feelings of love and even lust for Gina’s silky touch. It was then that Gina got up and taking my hand in hers, she led me down the hall to a bedroom. She smiled at me again and said, “Don’t worry about the boys missing us, Mark loves to have a pool partner and he’ll keep David playing for hours. Let’s enjoy one another’s company more intimately.”

Gina’s face was luminous as she smiled. As I stripped off my suit, I was conscious of her watching me, examining my body. Skittish with excitement, I lay back on the bed and tried to relax, getting ready for the most erotic experience of my life. Gina then joined me on the bed and then began to kiss her way up my legs. Bypassing my cunt, she rolled me over to kiss and lick my buttocks. She traced her tongue along the crack and then turned me over facing up again. Gina proceeded to make rhapsodic love to my breasts. I have very sensitive nipples, so when she expertly rolled them around in her mouth and bit softly, I skyrocketed. As she sucked me, her hands danced lightly all over the flesh of my breasts, stomach and thighs, but only a light touch of my hungry pussy. Gina had already brought me to the edge of orgasm. Finally, Gina lay down beside me and rolled me on top of her.

It was a wonderful electric feeling as I began to explore her. Soon our lips met and we kissed with an urgent passion. I felt more relaxed and free of my early inhibitions. I turned myself around as I had an urgent desire to taste her. She used her hands to guide me and soon, we were locked in a 69 that allowed us both to explore each others sex with our tongues. Our loving seemed to last an eternity and I indeed did not want it to end. I could feel Gina’s passionate climaxes underneath me as I also trembled to one wave after another.

It was then that I noticed the boys standing in the doorway, both grinning from ear to ear. At first, I felt a moment of embarrassment as I saw David smiling at me. But it was a smile, that sexy smile that I so much adored that relieved my fear. David and I had often shared our fantasies, and this, I knew very well, was one of his favorites. Then I noticed Mark’s handsome face and he too smiled, not a leering or lustful smile, but one of obvious pleasure and caring. Gina, pausing for a moment, broke the silence with a delicate, just louder than a whisper, that “You boys just going to watch or will you join us.”

Mark let his swim suit drop to the floor and David followed his lead. It was then that Mark, being such a gentleman, motioned for David to approach first. David then knelt down at the end of the bed and kissed me deeply. I then let his face fall away to join in the caresses of Gina’s sweet pussy. David, an expert with his tongue, began to work slowly up and down along Gina’s swollen clitoris. I raised myself up to watch David go down on Gina and was treated to Gina’s own continued attentions to my own pussy as I was now kneeling over her head. Gina bucked somewhat as David continued to bring her off and she continued bathing my labia with her tongue. Then she paused and moaned, “Please, put it in me please”, obviously begging David to fuck her.

Almost on cue, David licked his way up from her sex, and was soon biting and licking Gina’s pert tits and was soon entering her with his male hardness. I felt no jealousy and in fact was quite turned on watching David slowly stroke in and out of Gina. By this time Mark, who had been stroking himself as he watched, slowly approached my face with his hardening penis. He was very well built and I hungrily sucked on his tool. Gina began to thrust her tongue deep up into me and with my mouth wrapped around Mark’s glistening shaft; I came again as I watched David still pumping in and out of Gina. As my climax subsided, I became aware of David watching me as Mark’s penis slid in and out of my mouth. He reached up with his hand and placed them on my breasts and massaged me deeply. I looked deeply into David’s eyes and they were on fire with lust as he watched me suck Mark’s cock. I paused for a moment and held Mark’s tool a few inches from my lips and gave David the sexiest little grin that I could. He responded with a lustful grin of his own and that sparked another fire within me.

My mind brought up thoughts of the many times David and I shared such deep dark secret fantasies and now one that I had shared with him often came swirling around in my head. I had always been excited about the thought of David making it with another man, of watching David take another man’s penis in his mouth. When I had shared this with David, I was afraid of his reaction, but to my surprise, he had become quite turned on by it. I decided to give it a try.

As I held on to Mark’s tool with one hand, I reached over and stroked David’s head and drew him closer to me. I then bent forward and kissed him deeply on the mouth while letting the tip of Mark’s penis rub against my cheek. I stroked Mark as I let my tongue slip deeply into David’s mouth and I knew by David’s sucking of my tongue that he knew what I wanted. I drew away from his lips and placed my hand on the back of his head and I guided Mark’s swollen shaft toward his lips. David’s eyes were glazed as they tried to focus on the hard penis just an inch from his lips.

I cooed my encouragement, “Oh baby, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted this,” and with that, I watched amazed as my husband curled his outstretched tongue around the mushroom shaped tip of Mark’s cock.

“Oh honey, oh yes, suck him for me, please suck his cock,” I moaned as I watched the head, and then inch after inch of Mark’s shaft disappear between my husband’s lips.

I still had my hand wrapped around the base of Mark’s shaft and felt a spark of excitement when I felt David’s lips press against my hand and I could see only a glimpse of Mark’s shaft as he buried it deep into David’s mouth. Mark began to pump slowly back and forth and I now realized that the humping motion that David continued with Gina had now slowed to the same pace that Mark used to pump into my husband’s mouth. Gina had slithered her tongue in and out of my box a final time and then trace it along my thigh. I realized as I looked down, that Gina’s lovely face was staring up watching her own husband pumping his cock in and out of David’s mouth. She smiled a passionate lustful smile as she began to trace her fingers in and out of my pussy and used her other hand to softly caress David’s cheek as it bulged with her own man’s hardness.

I felt another wave of climax building as I stared intently at Gina’s finger tracing around David’s lips and touching the place where her husband’s smooth shaft was encircled by David’s saliva coated lips. Mark had begun to increase his pace and I held David’s head for support as he also increased the pace of pumping into Gina.

Gina’s voice was soft but husky with passion as she encouraged Mark, “Oh baby, that’s it, do him hard, yes baby, let’s all cum together this way, oh baby, let’s do it together.”

Gina prodded her fingers into my sex in time with Mark’s pumping motion and David was still keeping time as he humped Gina and I realized that we four were all one together in this magical passion that we shared. It was so wild watching David suck Mark and feeling so close to Gina as she caressed and then frigged at my clit. David drew back for a moment and then used his hand to stroke Mark’s shaft with a furious pace as he exclaimed that he was about to cum. I too was on the brink as I watched David jack up and down on Mark’s shaft and slip his tongue out to caress and lick the purple saliva coated plum of Mark’s cock.

Gina began to buck underneath David and as I moaned with my oncoming rush of passion, David let out a groan as I watched Mark, almost as if it was in slow motion, begin to shoot a glob of cum into David’s open mouth. I shuddered as my climax reached a fever pitch as I watched spurt after spurt of Mark’s semen land in and around David’s mouth and as he swirled his tongue around the throbbing spurting tip, Gina let out a soft scream of ecstasy.

And ecstasy it was, as we all came together, cum from Mark’s penis drenched David’s lips and chin and Gina took a scoop on her finger and held it up to my lips and I eagerly licked it off. As the fire within us all became somewhat quenched, we all collapsed on the bed, a twisted maze of bodies. There we lay for about ten minutes, all breathing heavily. As Gina was the first to stir, I realized how hot we all were and the passion, although more subdued, was still present in all of us. Gina slipped out from under David and as I lay back against the pillows, Gina positioned herself over me and I was soon lapping away at her pussy. I thrilled at the taste of David’s semen that was flowing out. As David stirred and sat up to watch Gina, Mark began to kiss and caress my cheek. I turned my head and buried my cum coated tongue into his lips and he eagerly shared the fruit of David and Gina’s love juice.

I tapped Gina on the backside and the signal was understood as she then straddled her husband’s face and he eagerly lapped at her flowing pussy. I watched as I escaped from beneath Gina and melted into David’s arms right beside Mark and Gina. I grasped hold of Mark’s flaccid penis and began to pump him back to life. As I did so, I went down to take him in my mouth and I pulled David down with me. We both licked and lapped at Mark’s cock and I thrilled to see my husband licking Mark’s balls and sliding his tongue up and down the shaft. This made me so hot that I directed the now hardening shaft up into his mouth and just went wild watching my husband, Mark’s cum still glistening on his lips and chin, suck on Mark’s penis again.

“Suck him baby, suck him, yes, baby that’s so hot, suck his hot cock, take him into your mouth, yes, baby, feel how hard he is in your mouth…oh god baby, that’s just the hottest fucking thing, suck it some more, harder baby, harder.”

Gina was mouthing off as well as she heard me go wild, “Oh yes Mark, suck that cum out of me, taste his cum in my pussy.”

Gina’s sordid words must have gotten to Mark, because within moments I saw his butt tense and as David had about half of Mark’s hard shaft in his mouth, I could see him swallowing the load that Mark was shooting into his mouth. And, within seconds, I saw cum trickling out of the corner of my husband’s mouth. I leaned in and began to kiss the corner of my husband’s lips getting a taste of the cum Mark was feeding my husband. That sent me over the edge again and I felt a powerful climax wash throughout my body. And as I began to come down, Gina went off with a powerful orgasm of her own.

We all went absolutely limp and because a heaving pile of flesh on the bed. It was quite awhile before anyone stirred at all, but when we finally did, I heard a giggle from Gina and that put us all in fit of hilarious laughter.

David and I spent the next two days with Gina and Mark. It was the best time we had ever had and we learned a lot about our sexuality. And, we are looking forward to our next trip to visit Gina and Mark.

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