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My Next Visit

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The weekend after my first trip to the preview booth was really boring. I went to go see a movie with a friend that Saturday night, but all I could think about was going back to the adult bookstore. I went home after the movie and played with my new toy, but it didn’t compare to the real thing. I wanted more. Even after I came from my toy, my pussy was still throbbing wanting a real man inside of her.

I couldn’t sleep and I kept thinking about going back. I got out of bed and turned on a reading lamp. I looked at my naked body in the mirror. My nipples were erect and poking upward from my small breasts. My hips were just starting to fill out some. The small patch of pubic hair I had was wispy and almost white blond. It was hard to tell it was even there. I never had to shave my legs or even my armpits.

My clit was poking out from between my lips, pink, erect and throbbing. Below her my inner lips, swollen full and firm hung down wet and glistening with my desire. I know I looked much younger than I was, but at newly 18, and not getting any attention from the boys in high school; I was horny and wanting badly another taste of the sex I had had a few days before. I had a black sleeveless dress that buttoned up the front; I thought it would be a good thing to wear. I pulled it on over my naked body and buttoned just 4 buttons from just below my crotch to the middle of my chest. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and caked on eyeliner and wore the darkest lipstick I could find, so that I really didn’t look much like the way I normally dress. I looked like a goth or raver or something. I put on a pair of black sandals and turned out the light. My heart was pounding standing in the dark contemplating sneaking out to go have sex with some strange man, or men, in a dirty book store. My parents would kill me if they caught me. It was 1am already and I knew I had to be home before the sun came up, but I couldn’t help myself, it was like I was drawn there. It felt so good to feel like such a naughty little slut.

I snuck out of my room and tiptoed through the kitchen, then in to the garage and out the side door of the garage. I walked over to my car in the driveway and got in as quietly as I could. I turned the car on and waited to make sure it didn’t wake my parents, then put it in gear and backed out of the driveway and started down the street. I waited until I was a little ways past to turn my lights on. My heart racing I drove across town and pulled in to the parking lot. There were like 5 or 6 other cars in the parking lot.

I parked as close to the door as I could, turned off the car and sat there for a second, trying to calm myself down. I was so excited and I felt so naughty and bad for being here. I walked in and showed the clerk my ID. This time it was an older heavyset lady. I didn’t really see anyone in there at first, but I walked over to the DVDs and started browsing around and saw a guy, who looked to be like in his 20’s, kinda tall and skinny looking around. When he saw me, I could tell he was staring at me. I started walking around and I could feel his gaze follow me. My dress, unbuttoned from my knees up almost to my crotch gave a good view of my bare legs and let a cool breeze in on my wet throbbing pussy. Then I saw another guy, a stocky balding guy who looked like he was in his 50’s. It wasn’t my friend from before. Soon I could tell they were both looking at me.

I picked up a DVD and stood holding it in my left hand while my right hand couldn’t help sliding into my dress to rub my aching pussy. The younger guy came right up next to me. I didn’t look at him but I took my hand out with my fingers visibly wet and pulled open the top of my dress some so that he could look down and see my boob. I circled my fingers around my hard nipple then took my hand back out of my dress. The older guy was now also in the same row as me. I put the DVD back and walked over to another aisle. I could feel them watching me and it made me so excited! I knew they both wanted me. This time when I went over to look at the DVDs, I squatted down and picked one up that was on one of the lower racks, letting my dress fall away from my legs and exposing my pussy. I began to finger myself right there looking at the cover of this porno DVD. The older guy was the first one to come over closer to me. I just kept looking at the DVD cover and fingering myself. He walked over right next to me to me and I just kept on sliding my middle finger in and out and breathing heavily. He was standing only about a foot away!

“Nice pussy!” he said to me, kind of quietly.

“Thanks,” I said quietly without looking up at him. Then the young guy came up on my other side. He didn’t say anything but I looked over to see he was rubbing his crotch. He looked very big from under his pants from what I could tell. His crotch was only about a foot away from my face and I looked up at him. He was wearing glasses and had green eyes and kind of longish hair. He wasn’t really cute, he actually had a little acne and had kind of a dorky look to him, but he wore a black leather jacket like he was trying to be cool. Something about him turned me on though. Then I looked up at the older guy. He was kind of going a little grey and I could see a wedding ring on his hand. For some reason this turned me on.

They both turned me on and I decided I was going to try to get with them both! I looked away from both of them and said quietly, so the clerk wouldn’t hear, if she even cared, “I think I’m going to watch this one in the preview booth. Maybe you guys can stop in and say ‘Hi’ to me.” I pulled my finger out of my pussy and stood up.

I lightly brushed past the younger guy as I made my way to the clerk’s desk, and asked to preview this movie. Both of the guys were now in line behind me! I was so excited now, I was shaking in anticipation and my pussy was throbbing so much, I think I actually came a little bit just thinking about it! The clerk told me it was in room 2 , I walked over to the entrance and she buzzed me in. I went over to room 2, stepped in and left the door open. I undid the rest of the buttons on my dress, slipped it off and sat it down on the little love-seat. I stood just back from the open door, naked, with one hand rubbing my pussy and the other squeezing my nipple, waiting to see who would walk in the preview area. It wasn’t long before the older guy walked in the hallway and looked at me standing in my room with the door open. I smiled and said ‘Hi’.

He stopped in front of the door and asked if he could come in. I said sure. He walked in and started closing the door. I put my hand up to stop him.

“I want to leave it open.” I said to him.

He just turned to me and reached down and started rubbing my pussy. He didn’t say a thing; didn’t ask or anything he just put his hand on my pussy and started rubbing it. It was hot and wet by now and it wasn’t long before he had a finger inside of me. I spread my feet some to make it easier for him to get his fingers inside of me. About that time, the door to the hallway opened and the younger guy stepped in to view in front of my door. He stopped and looked at us, then walked in the room. He closed the door behind him and this time I didn’t stop him.

I pushed the older guy away from me and toward the love-seat, and grabbed the younger guy by the arm and sat down in the middle of the love-seat.

“I want you guys to watch this movie with me.” I said to them patting the seat beside me on either side. They both sat down.

I started rubbing my pussy and said, “I want to watch you guys jack off for me.”

They both unzipped and pulled down their pants, freeing their hard cocks. The older guy’s was short and fat, no more than six inches long but very fat in the middle. It was shaped almost like one of those little footballs; he couldn’t even fit his own hand all the way around it in the middle. The younger guy’s was very long and hard and stood straight up. It had to be at least ten inches long, kind of skinny and had a pretty noticeable curve to the right but his head bulged out almost as big around as the other guys was in the middle. Seeing these two guys cocks out in the open with the skin of their legs now pressed up against mine really got me excited and draped my legs over each one of theirs and rubbed my pussy until I came.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said and shuddered as I came and I could feel my hot juices flowing out of my pussy. With both hands I started wiping my juicy slit then reached out and took a cock in each hand. The older guy immediately stuck his fingers in my pussy as I started stroking the guys with each hand.

I looked over at the younger guy and said, “Put your fingers in me too, I want to feel both of you guys’ fingers in me at once.” The older guy already had two fingers in me and I was soaking wet. The younger guy reached down and slid one finger in me along with the older guy’s two.

“Oh yes, that feels good.” I said, “Put another finger in me.” The younger guy slid a second finger inside of my pussy. It felt so good and so dirty and nasty to have two guys fingering me at once and a cock in each hand. I felt like such a little slut and I loved it.

The older guy looked at me and said, “I want to eat that hot pretty little pussy.” He took his fingers out of me and pulled the other guys hand away. He got down on the floor and slid my hips over to him and spread my legs.

“You have a beautiful pussy little girl,” He said, then he sucked on my inner pussy lips.

“You have some big firm lips here,” He said to me as the other guy started rubbing on my boob, then squeezed my hard little nipple. He slid himself up on his knees and began stroking his cock right in front of my face.

“Do you want to suck it?” he asked me in a quiet, almost shy voice. I had never had a man’s cock in my mouth before, but it looked inviting. I grabbed it and began to lick his large, swollen head. The older guy was still between my legs sucking on my lips and clit. I opened my mouth and slid the younger guy’s cock past my lips, filling my mouth with his big firm head. I closed my mouth around it and began to suck on it, like a baby would suck a pacifier. The older guy began to kiss my leg working his way up toward my knee, straightening up as he went. I looked down at him and he was on his knees in front of me, stroking his cock over my pussy.

“Can I rub my cock against those wet firm lips? I want to feel that hard swollen clit rubbing against my cock.” I pulled the other guy’s cock out of my mouth and said “Yes.” He immediately began rubbing the head of his cock against my lips and clit and I went back to sucking my other cock. Soon though I felt the pressure of the older guys rubbing increase and pretty soon he was beginning to slide his cock against the opening of my vagina, which was hot and wet by now. I took the younger guys cock out of my mouth and reached down with both hands to spread my lips open, and looked up at the older guy. Without saying a word he thrust his fat cock all the way inside of me stretching my wet throbbing pussy open and I came again instantly my legs shaking and quivering.

“You like that don’t you, you little slut?” He said to me.

“I love it.” I said to him, and it did feel so good to have his cock inside me. I felt like a little slut, like a bad, dirty little slut, and it felt good.

“Yeah, you like to get fucked, don’t you?” He asked.

“I love to get fucked, mister.” I replied.

“Are you a nasty little girl? Do your parents know you’re here sucking and fucking strange men?”

“They don’t know,” I asnwered.

“Are you a nasty little slut?”

“Yes …”

“That’s ‘Yes, mister’, you naughty little teenage whore!”

“Yes, mister.”

Then he stopped and pulled out of me. The air was cool inside my hot, gaping pussy.

“If I don’t stop fucking your hot little pussy, I’m going to cum too fast. I want to see you fuck this guy. Get up on your knees.”

I got up on my knees facing away from the other guy.

“Bend over,” the older guy said to me. I bent over and the other guy grabbed his cock and started to move in when the older guy stopped him.

“Tell him what you want, you nasty slut,” he ordered.

I looked back at the younger guy and said, “I want you to fuck my pussy with your long hard cock.”

He pressed his big, swollen head against my wet girl lips. My pussy had already tightened back up some and it felt tight as he pushed his big head into the opening of my vagina. He was so hard and hot.

“Oh,” I gasped as he stretched my waiting pussy open.

“Take that cock, you little slut,” the older guy said to me.

The younger guy pulled back a little bit, then thrust in a little deeper, each time I let out a sigh of pleasure until one time, his big head rubbed past my cervix which caused me to gasp and shudder with another orgasm, forcing my juices to drip out of my pussy and run down my legs.

“Take that cock you good little slut. Look at those nasty pussy juices dripping out of you, slutty little girl. Tell us how much you like it, how much you like to get fucked by strangers in a dirty video store!”

“I love to get fucked. I love to get fucked by strangers. I’m a dirty little slut,” I said.

“Good little slut.”

The older guy sat down on the love-seat and pulled my head down toward his cock.

“Suck me while he fucks you,” he said, then he put his cock in my mouth.

“Is he filling up your little teenage pussy?” he asked me.


“That’s it, keep sucking that old man cock, you little whore.”

“Fuck her man, fuck her hard,” he said to the younger guy.

The younger guy began to go deeper and faster pounding my pussy deep and hard. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit as he thrust inside me.

“I’m going to cum,” the young guy said.

“Cum inside her,” the older guy said to him and immediately I felt his cock begin to pulse and felt his hot cum shooting deep inside my pussy. I came again as I felt his throbbing cock deep inside my pussy and his hot cum was just too much for me to take. I lost control and my whole body quivered as my pussy squeezed both of our juices out, running down my legs and dripping on the the seat. The older guy got up and pulled my legs out as he pushed me back down on my back and pulled my hips out toward the edge of the seat.

“You like having strange men fill your pussy with cum, don’t you slut? You’re a little cumslut,” he said to me.

“Yeah. You like watching my pink teenage pussy dripping with cum don’t you, pervert?”

“That’s ‘Mister pervert’ slut. Now I’m going to fuck those sloppy seconds.” He began to rub his hard cock against my oozing pussy then pushed it back inside my vagina once again.

“Damn, that’s hot and tight.”

“You like my hot, tight little teenage pussy, don’t you mister pervert?” I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“Yes I do, slut,” he said smiling at me as he began to thrust as hard and deep as he could.

The younger guy had already left and I was gasping with pleasure at the hard fucking this old guy was giving me. I must have been loud enough to hear because another guy opened the door to our booth and looked in. It turned me on to be here in this store, naked with my legs spread and getting fucked and have someone come in and look at me. I felt so dirty and nasty but fee. None of us said anything and the guy at the door stood there for a second then walked in the room and closed the door behind him. He was about the same age as the guy who left, maybe a little older but not as tall or thin. The older guy had slowed a bit, but now resumed giving it to me for all he could. The new guy stood watching for a second then moved closer, reached down slowly and grabbed my boob.

“Unzip his pants,” the older guy said to me and I reached up and unzipped the guy’s jeans. He undid his belt and unbuttoned them as I reached in to grab his cock. It was about 7 inches long and a little thicker than the first guys, but not as much as the older guy, pretty much average as far as I could tell except for the ring. He had a piercing that went from under his head and up out his pee-hole. In it was a thick steel ring that was about 2 inches long with a slight curve and large shiny ball on each end of it.

“Do you want to suck that cock?” the older guy asked me.

“Yes.” I said and put it in my mouth, the metal ring was cold and hard in contrast to his hot dick.

“She has a great pussy,” the older guy said.

“Oh yeah?” asked he younger guy.

“She’s already had one guy cum inside of her, but she’s still tight, hot and juicy.”

“Is she your … do you know her?” The younger guy asked.

I took his dick out of my mouth. “No,” I said. “I came here by myself.”

“I’ve never met her before,” The older guy said, “but she’s the best fuck I’ve had in years!”

“Can I get some of that pussy?” the younger guy asked me.


The older guy pulled his cock out of me and sat down next to me.

“Pull your legs up over your head,” he said to me lifting one of my knees up.

The other guy knelt in front of me and began to rub his pierced cock all over my pussy lips.

“I like these fat pussy lips girl,” he said. The hard, cool metal of the piercing felt good rubbing against my lips.

“Are you ready for me to stick it in?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said feeling very naughty and slutty for taking the third cock in my pussy in the last few minutes.

“She’s a good little slut,” The older guy said. “Fuck her good.”

The guy between my legs positioned his cock at the opening of my vagina and began to work it in. I could feel the hard metal of his piercing sliding in to me and it felt really good and nasty to be getting fucked by this pierced cock. As he slid deeper in to me, the hard, smooth metal ball of his piercing rubbed against my cervix, which felt really good. He put his hands on my little boobs and started rolling my hard nipples between his thumb and fingers. As he began to fuck me in and out, deep and hard that metal ball kept sliding against my cervix and between his cock shaft sliding in and out of the opening of my pussy, his hands rolling my nipples and that metal ball teasing my cervix, pretty soon I was beginning to quiver, about to cum again. My legs started shaking and my eyelids began to flutter as my eyes rolled up inside my head and my body tensed up as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure took over my body. Then I felt his cock stiffen and throb as he began to spray his hot, thick cum deep inside my pussy and I was hit with another wave of orgasmic bliss.

“Yes, you good little slut, take that cum!” I heard the older guy say.

Then the younger guy pulled out and stood up. “Thanks, that was awesome,” he said as he began to pull up his pants.

The older guy knelt down in front of me, “Look at all that cum,” he said and put his hand behind my neck and pulled my head forward so I could see the puddle of milky goo, my cum and 2 other guys cum that had oozed out of my hot pussy. He stuck 2 then 3 fingers inside of me then pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth.

“Taste that cum, you little teenage slut!” he said as I sucked the hot fuck juice from his fingers.

“Are you going to give me your cum now, mister pervert?” I asked him as the other guy left our room and closed the door behind him. The older guy now reached up and turned the lock on the door.

“Yes I am little slut, no more interruptions,” he said as he began pressing his cock into the opening of my vagina. His fat cock stretched me out again and pretty soon he was filling my pussy with his thick dick, fucking me like I had never been fucked in my life.

“You like fucking my nasty teenage pussy, don’t you mister pervert?” I asked him.

“Yes I do little whore. You’ve got a nice, tight, hot, squishy little pussy down there,” he said to me.

“Yeah you’ve got a nice fat old man cock, mister pervert.”

“You like to fuck old perverts don’t you, little teenage slut?”

“Yeah, it makes me feel like a nasty, naughty little whore. I love it.”

“You want this sixty-year-old cum, you little teenage whore?” he asked me.

“Yeah, cum in my teenage pussy you old fucking pervert.” I couldn’t believe I was talking like this, it felt so good and free and dirty and naughty. I never dreamed I would turn out to have such a dirty mouth, or to be such a little slut, but here I was in a preview booth in a dirty video store getting fucked by a man over 3 times my age, and he was about to be the third guy to cum inside me in less than an hour. I had only fucked 2 guys before tonight, and one was in this same store earlier this week!

“Are you really 60?” I asked him. It turned me on that I was getting fucked by a strange man older than my grandfather!

“Yes I am, how old are you, really?”

“18,” I said.

As soon as I said that, he thrust one last time deep inside me and I felt his thick cock stiffen and begin to pulse as he began to empty his seed into my pussy.

“Oh, yes you little fucking slut!” He said then stood up and pulled my face up toward his slimy cock.

“Suck all those juices off my cock little whore. You just got fucked and came in by three different guys, how does that feel?”

“I feel like a good little whore,” I said as I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck all the fuck juice off. It tasted good, like nasty dirty sex and I felt my hand creep down between my legs and begin to play with my pussy. Then he pulled it out of my mouth and began to pull up his pants. I sat there rubbing my hot, dripping pussy.

“Do you come here much?” He asked me, now much quieter and more respectful.

“It’s my second time,” I said to him.

“Well, do you know when you’ll be coming back? I’ll make sure I’m here.”

“No, I’m not sure,” I said to him as I stood up and began to pull on my dress. “I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance again.”

“O.K.” He said, “Maybe we’ll see you around.” Then he unlocked and stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

I buttoned my dress back up, but I could feel all those juices beginning to run down my leg. I decided I wouldn’t even try to wipe them up. I stepped out of the door and there was a guy standing in the hallway. He looked at me questioningly,as if, ‘How about a go with me?’, but I knew I had to get going. I just smiled coyly and stepped back in to the main store. As I walked out toward the door, I could feel eyes on me and noticed the clerk looking at the wetness running down my legs as I walked out the door.

“Come again,” She said as the door shut behind me.

I got in to my car and drove home feeling my soaking wet dress under my bottom. I wondered if on Monday any of the asshole Jocks and popular guys at school who never noticed mousy little me before would realize what a little fuck -happy, cum-loving nasty slut I had turned in to in just a few days!

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