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Old Men Make Her Fantasy a Reality

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There she was. Reading erotic stories, and rubbing her pussy.

This had become an every day, thing lately, and she didn’t know, and really didn’t care. She loved bringing herself to orgasm, while reading hot erotic stories.

She read a lot of different stories, but the ones with groups, or reluctance, turned her on the most. She had never actually had sex that way, but has always fantasized about it.

The thought of being used and forced by a man, or men always made her pussy moist, wet and very sensitive.

After reading a very hot story, about a woman being used by a group of horny old men, she was ready to bust. She needed to cum so bad. Her thoughts trailed off to her being the woman in the story. Having a group of old men use her. None of them less than 60 years old, and perverted and nasty. That fantasy always made her cum, hard and strong.

When she finally snapped out of it, she realized, she was already late for her meeting, and had to get going. She showered, and got ready, and walked out the door, still living her fantasy in her head.

She got into her car, and pulled away from her house, still fantasizing about being a whore. Her meeting was about an hour away, at some new complex, in the middle of nowhere.

The beginning of her fantasy begins with her car breaking down, in a small mid western town. She pulls up into a small service center, with smoke coming form under the hood of her car. An older man about 65, or so, comes walking to her car.

She gets out of the car, and his eyes go straight to her breasts. Her nipples became hard, being turned on by the perverted way he was looking at her.

“Afternoon Ma’am, what can I do for you?”

“Seems something is wrong with my car. Are you a mechanic?”

“Yes Ma’am I am.”

“Can you fix my car for me?”

“Sure, no problem, but it won’t be cheap.”

“Oh my, I don’t have much money.”

“No problem Ma’am, I am sure you can pay another way.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, now getting scared.

“Well, I can’t have the car ready until tomorrow anyway, and I am sure you will need a place to stay for the evening, being that you spent all your money on fixing the car.”

“Yes, I suppose I will.”

“You can stay at my place for the evening, on one condition.”

“What’s that?” “You do whatever I want, to pay off the rest of the payment for the car.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Ok Ma’am, but your car isn’t going anywhere, unless I fix it. I am not fixing it, if you don’t do this.”

“That’s not fair!”

“It may not be, but that’s the way it is.”

“Okay, I will do it.”

“Good, then from now on your name is whore or slut, or whatever degrading name I want to call you. Is that understood?”


“When you answer me, it will be, Yes Sir, understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good whore.”

He closed up the shop for the evening. The part for her car would not be delivered for a week, but he didn’t tell her that. They jumped in his truck, and drove off.

She felt the old fuck staring her down, as she looked out the window. She couldn’t believe she had agreed to this. Now she was scared, but also feeling her pussy getting wet. Her panties became moist, and she shifted in her seat.

“You are going to make a sweet piece of meat, sweetie.”

“Excuse me?” she gasped.

“Oh yes, whore. You are just a piece of meat to me. A place for my cock, and I am going to use all your holes tonight.”

“Oh no, please, don’t do that!”

“Don’t worry, you dirty whore, your cunt will be cumming all night, well when I let you of course”

Those words rang in her ears. She wanted it. She wanted to be used by this old man. She wanted to be his whore, and obey him.

They pulled into a long dirt driveway. It seemed to go on forever, then she saw a huge old, run down house, at the top of the driveway.

He pulled up to the front door, and got out. He walked around and opened her door. “Let’s go bitch, get inside.”

She jumped out of his truck, and followed him through the front door.

The house was old, and dusty, and not very clean. “Go upstairs and shower. When you are done, come back down here, completely nude.”

“Yes Sir.”

She did as she was told, and went up the stairs to the bathroom.

She turned on the water as hot as she thought she could stand it, and stepped under the water. It was wonderful. So relaxing. It made her feel she could do this, and get her car tomorrow and leave. “I can do this” she repeated to herself.

After spending enough time in the shower, she turned off the water. She grabbed a towel off the rack, and stepped out of the shower. She dried herself off, and headed back downstairs.

When she entered the room this time, she was completely naked. Exposed for the dirty old man, sitting naked, in front of her.

“Mmmm, good slut, you have done well so far.”

He was stroking his cock, and admiring the beautiful woman in front of him. He had a lot of fun plans for them, in the days to come.

“Get on your knee’s whore!”

She dropped to her knees, more because his voice scared her. He sounded violent, and more demanding. She second guessed her thought, on whether she could handle this or not,

“Crawl over to me, and kneel between my legs.”

She did as she was told, and kneeled between his legs, until his cock was right in front of her face. He continued to stroke it for her.

“You like that cock bitch?”

“Yes Sir.” Oh God, how could she have said that? What was she doing?

“Put your hand around my cock.”

She reached over and grabbed his now, very hard cock, in her hand. She had never seen a cock so big. It looked to be maybe 10 inches. She began licking her lips when she saw his massive cock.

“Oh yes bitch, lick those lips. Do you want to suck my cock, bitch?”

“Oh yes Sir!”

“Open your mouth wide, my little whore.”

“Yes Sir.”

Her mouth opened wide. Opening for the old man that was going to use her any way he wanted. The only problem is, was that she was enjoying it all. Knowing that an old man, a dirty nasty old man, was going to use her. She would be his fucktoy, and she wanted it all.

“Lick my cock.”

She slid her tongue, up and down the shaft of his huge dirty cock. He smelled like he hadn’t showered in a week. The stench would have normally made her gag, but she knew she wanted cock. At this point it didn’t matter whose cock. She knew that when she felt so slutty this way, she would need to get fucked, and used.

He began moaning, at the touch of her tongue. He wanted his whole cock in her mouth. He wanted to make her a dirty whore. She was obviously enjoying it so far, so he figured he could do anything. And she will soon find out he does.

“Suck on my balls my sweet slut.”

She began licking his balls, now getting used to his smell. She licked all over them, making dirty slurping sounds. “Oh yes, you sound like such a whore down there, baby.”

She was thinking the same thing, when he spoke. She sounded like a greedy whore, licking and sucking on his balls. It gave her a feeling inside her stomach, which she couldn’t explain. Hearing herself being a whore, made her pussy dripping wet.

He grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her head up. She moaned in disappointment. “Don’t worry whore. This is only the beginning.” He kissed her deep on the lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She felt his tongue rape her mouth, and his hands began to pinch her nipples. She still wanted more.

He squeezed her hard nipples, until she screamed. “Are you going to do whatever I tell you to?”

“Yes Sir.”

“No matter what it is?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you enjoy being my whore?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now open your mouth, and suck my cock.”

She took his big cock into her waiting mouth. The minute she felt him inside her mouth, she almost came. She loved the feeling of a nice, hard, cock violating her mouth. She wanted him to violate every one of her holes.

“C’mon, a whore like you, can suck cock better than that!”

She began sucking his cock faster. She grabbed his cock with her hand, and was stroking his cock while she sucked it. Then she started to rub his balls, softly as he fucked her mouth.

“Get up on all fours, on the bed.”

She climbed up on the bed, and bent over like the whore she was. She spread her leg’s really wide, and stuck her ass up in the air. She was completely exposed for him. She was giving herself to him, and had no idea why, but she felt she wanted to.

He laid down on his back, with his head opposite hers. “Don’t move whore, no matter what.”

“Yes Sir.”

She felt his hand inside her thigh. Moving up, until he reached her completely shaved pussy.

“Mmmmm I like a bald pussy, very good slut.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

She felt his fingers separate her lips. “You dirty little slut. Your pussy is soaking wet.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You are enjoying this too much.” With that he rammed two fingers deep inside her wet hole.

She loved being fingered. It turned her on more than anything else. Well, not spankings, she really loved those.

When he saw she was still enjoying this, he shoved four fingers into her. With that she screamed, and he knew he had accomplished what he wanted. He began fingering her furiously, sliding almost his whole hand in and out of her. She was dripping wet, and he loved it.

Hearing her scream, and moan, made his cock so hard. He almost couldn’t stand the pressure building up inside him. It took everything he had not to throw her on the bed and fuck her, like the whore she was showing she was.

But he had a better idea. He wanted to make her scream, and beg for more. He decided he was going to put his whole hand in her, and fisted her. He wasn’t sure how she would react to this. He thought it would be best if he tied her to the bed, so he could use her any way HE wanted.

“Lay down on you back on the bed.”

She jumped up onto the bed, excited about what was coming next. She knew he was a perverted old man, who liked to treat women like fuck meat. She decided that she would be the dirtiest whore she could be. Mostly because she wanted to get out alive. But a small part of her wanted to do it, because she wanted it. She wanted to be treated like his personal whore, and forced to do nasty, dirty things.

He tied her wrists to the headboard, and tied her legs to the footboard, by her ankles. He left some extra rope so she could bring her legs up, and he could have full access to his beautiful whore.

Being tied up, and helpless, to this man that only looked at her as a fuck hole, sent pulsations to her pussy. A feeling that she had never felt before, but didn’t want it to end. She wanted all of this. No matter what she tried to convince herself, of doing this to get out alive. It was all just a lie, she was telling herself. She was actually there, because she wanted to be, and no other reason. It may have started out differently, but now at this moment, she wanted to be his toy.

He looked down at his slut, all tied up and all just for him. He rubbed his hands over her breasts, making her nipples hard. He took one nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, and pinched her ever so lightly. The moan that escaped from her mouth, told him she wanted more. He pinched her again, and this time a bit harder than the last. She just kept moaning. When he pinched with all his strength, she screamed.

“That’s it bitch! I want you to scream!”

“Ooohhhhhh! Yes Sir!”

“Tell me what you are bitch”

“I am a dirty whore Sir.”

“Tell me who owns you slut!”

“You do Sir! You own me Sir!”

As he continued to abuse her tits, slapping them, and pinching them, his hand slid down her stomach. He rubbed one finger on her clit. Soft, then hard, making her squirm on the bed. Being tied up, she couldn’t squirm too much. She could feel her orgasm building up inside of her. He could tell she badly needed to cum.

“This is not for your pleasure whore, you better not cum!”

“Yes Sir.”

He slid three fingers into her dripping wet cunt, violating, and taking ownership to her wet hole. “Who does this pussy belong to?”

“It belongs to you Sir'”

he slid another finger inside her. By now she was humping his hand like a true slut. She was pushing her pussy down on his hand, fucking his hand and begging for more.

“Oh yes Sir, please don’t stop!”

“You don’t tell me what to do! You are my fucktoy, and I will stop and start when I want, and do whatever I please.” “Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir, understood.”

He figured he would teach her a lesson. He needed her to know he was in charge. He needed her to know, she was nothing more than his plaything. As he fingered her, he decided one way to show her would be to fist her.

He made a fist, and slowly started to slide his fist inside her. He watched as her pussy stretched, and listened as she begged him to stop.

“What the hell is he doing?” she asked herself. She felt something really big, and wide slipping into her tight hole. “What is that?” her panicky voice asked.

“I’m going to slide my fist inside your cunt, and you will shut up and take it!”

She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want this. She wanted to leave now, but all she could manage was a “Yes Sir.”

She felt her pussy stretching to limits it had never been. She could not believe the feeling of fullness, and pain, and pleasure. She felt his fist enter her pussy, and he began moving his hand around inside her wetness. He started pumping her, and she was screaming. Only she knew that they were screams of pleasure.

She needed to cum. She wanted to ask him if she could, but was afraid to. She was his whore, and he would let her know, when she would be allowed to cum. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this up. Having this dirty old man, use her like this. She felt as if she was losing herself, and screamed one last time, before she passed out.

When she did, he took his hand out of her pussy real slow. His hand was dripping wet, with her sweet slut juice. He licked it all of, and decided to let her rest for now. He had a lot planned for her that evening, and had to get things ready anyway. He covered her tied up body with a blanket, and for the first time noticed how beautiful she really was.

She had fallen off to sleep for about two hours. She awoke to a bunch of voices. She opened her eyes, but saw nothing. She realized she had a blindfold on, so she strained to hear the voices. She heard Sir’s voice, and assumed, after listening, that there were maybe three, or four other men, in the room.

“What’s going on?” she screamed.

She felt a hard smack come down on her left breast. The pain was incredible, but she kept quiet. She wanted to find out what was going on.

All of a sudden, she felt hands all over her. She heard the men grunting as they grabbed every part of her. She felt someone grabbing at her tits, pinching her nipples, and two hands working on her pussy. She felt fingers sliding in and out of her, making her moan, which only made the group of men want her more.

“I think we should let her watch us using her!” one of them shouted.

She then felt someone removing her blindfold. When her eyes focused the scene in front of her, she was shocked. There were 4 men, including her original attacker, standing around her. They all seemed to be no younger than 60, and they were fat, and dirty. They had a hungry look on their face as they looked at her tied up.

“These are my friends, and they are going to use you.”

Here it was. Her ultimate fantasy. She had always dreamed of being used by a group of men. She knew at that moment, she was going to do whatever they wanted, and she would enjoy every minute of it.

“Yes Sir.”

“See guys, I told you she was a real slut.”

She watched as one man walked to the side of the bed, and tied a scarf around her mouth, to gag her. They weren’t afraid of anyone hearing them, since they’re wasn’t anyone else for miles. The gag was just because, they liked to hear the sound of a woman screaming, and begging while gagged. It made them feel as if they were taking her against her will. They were all very horny, perverted men, and they loved it rough. She would soon realize just how rough they liked it.

She watched as they all started to undress. Her pussy began throbbing, knowing they were all going to use her, and fuck her. She wanted them to take turns using her, and she wanted it rough.

The first man undressed walked over to her, and began rubbing her breasts. Squeezing gently, making her nipple very hard. He took her nipple between his index finger, and thumb. He pinched her so hard. Her screams, muffled by the gag.

She felt the pain shoot through her body, and she began to get very wet. She wanted more, she needed more.

Another man walked over to her, and started pinching her other nipple, just as hard. The feeling of having both her nipples abused, made her body shake, and buck. The harder they pinched the wider she spread her legs.

“Oh wow guys! Look at the dirty slut, spreading her legs for us!” one of them said.

She then felt someone ram their fingers inside her, now, dripping wet pussy. She wasn’t sure how many fingers, but it felt like three. She began to buck up and down, on whoever’s fingers that were deep inside her. “She knew she had two men abusing her nipples, and one man finger fucking her pussy, so where was the fourth guy?” she thought to herself.

Just then, someone grabbed her hair, and jerked her head to the side, and removed the gag. She felt a hard cock, shoved into her mouth. She couldn’t take it anymore, she came all over the stranger’s fingers. Her juices flowed all over his hands, and dripped down her ass, and onto the bed. She could not believe how much she came. She had never felt an orgasm like that, in her whole life.

The stranger pulled his fingers out and yelled “The bitch came!”

All of a sudden she felt hands smacking her tits. “Who told you to cum slut?” Sir asked, as her continued to smack her. The harder the smacks got, the more she felt she would cum again. He must have sensed that because her stopped smacking her. Instead he fucked her mouth violently, grabbing the back of her head, and force fucking her mouth.

“Suck it bitch!”

She mumbled what was supposed to be “Yes Sir.” She didn’t want to stop sucking on his cock. She loved feeling like such a whore for men. She didn’t ever think that she would enjoy sucking cock so much. The feeling of a hard cock, going in an out of her mouth, was a glorious feeling.

Sir pulled his cock out of her mouth. “You ready to take turns sucking cock, my little cock sucking slut?” “Yes Sir.”

“If we untie you will you behave, and do as you’re told?”

“Yes Sir, I will behave.” She had no intentions of leaving now.

As she felt the restraints being removed, she thought, about how it was going to feel, as she took turns servicing these perverts. She couldn’t wait to find out.

“Get up and get on your knees slut.”

She got up slowly, trying to get her limbs, working right again. Being tied up all that time made her a little stiff.

She got on her knees, and their cocks surrounded her. This was the first time she saw, any of the other cocks. They all looked huge. They were at least ten inches, like Sir’s. She couldn’t believe she was calling him Sir in her thoughts.

She was in heaven with these four cocks. The first old man, looked about 65 or so, and loved to talk nasty.

“You like my big cock, you dirty whore?”

“Yes this whore does.”

“Open your mouth.”

Her mouth opened real wide, hoping to accommodate this monster cock aiming for her mouth. She didn’t realize how fat his cock was, until it filled her mouth. It stretched her mouth, to it’s limit. All she could think about was how this cock was going to stretch her pussy.

“Oh yeah baby, suck my dirty cock!”

Servicing cock like this, was making her very hot. She wanted to service men like this as much as she could.

“Look at me whore, look at me when you suck my cock!”

Her eyes immediately met his. She could see in his eyes, that she was nothing more than a toy for him. He was getting his cock sucked by nothing but a whore. For some strange reason, that thought made her want it more.

She wanted to be a toy for them. A plaything, and fuck toy. With cocks the size of these, she would be anything they wanted.

She felt another cock pushing at the side of her mouth. She started sucking on the next perverts cock. She wasn’t sure how old this guy was, but he looked older than any of them, but about a nine inch cock, and also very fat.

She started sucking slow, trying to get his cock deeper into her mouth. He got impatient, and put his hands on the back of her head, and forced her to take him deeper. He was making her choke, but that only seemed to turn him on more.

His cock was covered in her saliva, and dripping down between, her still red, breasts. He finally pulled his cock out, and she moved onto the next one.

This guy was fat, but also very well hung. He looked to be bigger than nine inches, and fatter than anyone else’s. He looked to be about 55 or so, she thought.

She stroked two other cocks, while she sucked this one. He was huge. Her mouth was aching, but she didn’t want to stop. She wanted cock in her mouth. The feeling was incredible. Having a hard cock, in her mouth,. Feeling it with her tongue, as it slides, in and out, of her mouth. She was a true whore.

“Get up on the bed, like a dog!”

“Yes Sir.”

She climbed up on the bed, on all fours. Being a true whore, she knew what he meant. They were going to fuck her, like the dirty dog she was. She put her ass up in the air, exposing her tight hole, and shaved pussy.

Without any warning, someone stepped up behind her, and rammed his cock in her pussy.


“I think the bitch likes it!” the owner of the cock yelled.

He started pumping her fast, and hard. You could hear their bodies slapping together, as he pounded her pussy.

When she felt a hand come down on her ass, she almost came. The feeling of being spanked, and fucked at the same time, was almost too much for her. She held back anyway, since she didn’t have permission.

She felt his cock slide out of her pussy. The next guy wanted her to ride him, so he laid down, and she straddled him. She guided his cock into her pussy, and he slid his big hard cock, inside her. She began riding him, wanting every inch of this monster inside her.

Her tits were bouncing up and down, slapping against her body. He grabbed her tits, and squeezed them, and pinched her hard nipples.

“Oh yes, fuck my pussy, yes!”

“Ride my cock bitch!”

A man stepped up on either side of her. They grabbed her arms, and began pumping her, up and down, on their friends cock.

“Oh fuck yes, use me like the whore I am!”

After the two men helped her pump the cock inside her, they held her body down. She was breathing into the neck, of the old man fucking her.

She felt someone else come up behind her, and he rammed his cock deep into her tight ass. The pain shot through her, making her scream. Her tight ass was stretched to it’s limit, and soon the pain turned to pleasure. She had never had two cocks inside her at the same time. The feeling was incredible. This really made her feel like their whore, and she loved it.

As the two cocks pumped her ass, and pussy, another cock was shoved into her mouth. She was getting fucked in all her holes, like the true slut she had now become.

She noticed Sir moving in front of her, and he had a video camera in his hand. He was filming these men use her holes. The thought of him having it all on film, only made her hotter. She began pumping herself into all the cocks inside her, making them fuck her harder.

“So, the whore likes to be filmed huh?”

With the cock stuffed in her mouth, all that came out was a muffle sound. She was attempting to say “Yes Sir.”

They pumped her a few more minutes, until they were ready to cum. All the men got up and stood next to the bed.

“Get down on your knees whore.” Sir said.

She dropped down to the floor, on her knees and waited for what was next.

“Ok guys, now you can cum.”

They all started jerking off at her face, they were going to shoot their hot load all over her, and she wanted every drop.

They all shot their cream all over her face, and hair. Her face was dripping in cum. Sir then handed the camera to one of the other guys, and stepped in front of her.

“Open your mouth.”

She did, and he shot half his load on her face, and also some into her mouth. She greedily swallowed the cum in her mouth, now herself feeling the need to cum. She hoped he would let her cum soon, because she couldn’t take anymore, and needed to explode.

When everyone was done, she just sat there as they watched the cum drip off her face.

“Ok whore, if you want to cum, you can, but you have to do it yourself.”

“Yes Sir.”

At this point she didn’t care how she came, as long as she came.

“Get up on the bed, and make your self cum, while I get it on film.”

“Yes Sir.”

She quickly got on the bed, and spread her legs real wide. She started rubbing her tit, and slid her other hand down to her dripping wet cunt. Rubbing her clit, slow and then fast. Then she rammed her own fingers inside her hole, fucking herself for them men watching.

“That’s it whore, cum for my friends and me.”

With that she felt a surge of electricity run through her as she came. Screaming, and bucking against her own hand. She knew she must have looked like such a whore to them, but she was actually enjoying it.

When she finished cumming, which seemed to last forever, she was exhausted. All she wanted to do was sleep, but that soon became just a fantasy, because Sir was now ordering her to shower.

“Go take a shower and clean yourself up. This day isn’t close to ending yet slut.”

“Yes Sir.”

“And don’t try anything stupid. We are always watching you, and you won’t get too far, even if you try to run.”

“Yes Sir.”

Little did he know, she had no intention of leaving at all. She never wanted to leave. She just wanted to get fucked and used by them, forever. She wanted to belong to this group, and be owned by them.

At this point in her fantasy, her pussy was already dripping wet. She thought about stopping at the next gas station, and going in the bathroom, to finger herself to orgasm. Just as that thought went through her mind, she pulled into the gas station.

A man that could have been in her fantasy, walked over to her car.

“Yes Ma’am, can I help you?”

“Yes please, I need some gas, and a bathroom.

“I will take care of the gas, but the bathroom is over there.” he said pointing to behind the gas station.

“Thank you.”

She entered the dirty bathroom, and it wreaked of piss. “This place is disgusting” she thought to herself. Barely touched the toilet seat, to pee. When she was finished, she wiped her pussy dry, and her fingers trailed to her clit. She began rubbing her clit, and fingering herself. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, in such a filthy place. Doing it like this actually aroused her more. She began moaning load, and talking dirty to herself. Little did she know, there were four men, in the shop that could hear her.

They listened as she fingered herself to orgasm. When she was finished, she cleaned herself up, and straightened out her clothes. When she felt presentable again, she walked out of the bathroom.

She noticed her car wasn’t parked by the pumps anymore, and went inside the shop at the gas station to ask someone where her car was.

When she walked through the door, she saw the guy that pumped her gas, and three other men. Just like in her fantasy, they were old, and dirty.

“Where’s my car?”

“There was a problem with it, and you need an alternator.”

“What? I just wanted gas.”

“Us respectable men could not let a beautiful woman ride around like that. You might break down in the middle of nowhere, and be out of luck.”

“I appreciate that, but I think I will take my chances. Here she had an opportunity to live out her fantasy, and she was looking to get out of there. What’s wrong with me?” she asked herself.

She agreed to let them fix her car, and was offered to wait in a room in the back, where it was more comfortable. She agreed and headed to the back room.

When in the room, she noticed there was a sofa, and a bed. The man showing her to the room, must have seen the puzzled look on her face.

“Sometimes, we take a nap in here, and other stuff.”

“Other stuff?”

“Yes, we have a lot of fun back here.”

She ignored his last comment, and sat down on the sofa.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Yes please, a soda would be great.”

He walked off to get her soda, and another one of the guys came in.

“You okay in here miss?”

“Yes I am fine, and thank you for taking care of my car.”

“No problem.”

She was left sitting there alone, and couldn’t help but imagine these men fulfilling her fantasy. She imagined sucking all their cocks, and being a whore for them. Again her pussy, started getting wet. She wanted them to use her now. She started rubbing her tits, making her nipples hard. They were sticking right out through her shirt.

Then the guy came in with the soda, and caught her touching herself. She quickly took her hand off her breast, and reached for the soda. He knew then, his friends and him, would get this sweet piece of meat, to do anything they wanted.

Just like in her fantasy, he told her the car, would not be fixed until the next day. He also offered her a place to stay for the night.

“Could this be happening?” she thought to herself.

She accepted his invitation, and they all headed to his house.

The sexual games they played that night were exactly like in her fantasy.

Now she found herself taking a shower after being used. Not a fantasy, she was actually doing this now. She never knew from all the fantasies, that she would ever really be doing this, but here she was. She wanted more. She never wanted to go back home. She wanted to become their property, and be used whenever they wanted.

She got out of the shower and went back to the room, where they were waiting.

“Get on the bed, and lay on your back.”

She did as she was told, and they began tying her up again. “Please, no I will not go anywhere.”

“We know that bitch, we are tying you up, because we like the way a whore looks, tied up.”

When they were done tying her up, they told her to get some rest. “We will be back in a few hours, to use our toy again.”

“Yes Sir.”

All the recent use, kept playing in her head. The more she thought about it, the wetter her pussy got. She wanted to rub her clit so bad, but couldn’t.

She finally drifted off to sleep, a deep sound sleep. She was awoken by the sounds of a woman’s voice.

“This bitch looks hot, and ready” she heard her saying.

‘Oh she definitely is.” one of the men said.

She watched as the woman walked over to her, and bent down next to the bed. Getting a better look at this woman, she looked to be about 45 or so, and chubby. She did notice that her tits were huge, and for some reason her pussy began to get wet. She had never thought about being with another woman before. Listening to this woman, talk to her just as nasty as the men, she didn’t care. She wanted anyone to use her, just as long as she was getting used.

The nasty lady, started pinching her nipples very hard. She started moaning in pleasure, which must have really turned the woman on, because she pinched even harder.

Her hand then slid down to her wet hole. She began rubbing her clit, and then plunged two fingers inside her.

“Oh, look how wet you are, you dirty slut.”

“Yes yes, please don’t stop.”

“Oh, so you like getting fingered by a woman, huh?”

“Yes, it feels so good, more, more please.

“Have you ever had your cunt sucked by a woman?”

“No, never.”

Hearing her answer, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and shoved them into her new slut’s mouth. She lapped up every drop of her own juice from this woman’s fingers.

“Let’s see if I like your pussy, as much as you do.”

The chubby lady, went to the foot of the bed, and knelt down. She took bother her hands, and spread the whore’s pussy lips, exposing her rock hard clit.

She licked her clit ever so lightly, making the whore whimper at her touch. She kept licking, her pussy up and down, and then took her clit in her mouth, and started sucking on it.

“Oh fuck yes!” was all she could think of to say. She loved this woman sucking her cunt. The feeling was nothing like she had ever felt before. As the woman sucked on her clit, she slid a finger inside the whore. The licking and fingering, put her over the edge. Her orgasm took over her body. Making her grind into the woman’s face and finger. Her juices flowed into her mouth, and all down her hand.

As she came down from her mind blowing orgasm, she felt a hard slap on her tit.

“Who gave you permission to cum, slut?” Sir asked.

“No one Sir, but……”

“That’s right whore, no one.”

“I am sorry Sir.”

“You have been warned about this already slut.”

“Yes Sir I know, it won’t happen again.”

“Don’t you think you should be punished for disobeying?”

“Yes Sir, I deserve to be punished.”

“For your punishment, you will have to suck the chubby girl’s cunt.”

Without giving her chance to answer, the girl was straddling her head. She lowered her pussy onto the whore’s face.

“Suck my pussy bitch!”

She had never been this close to pussy before in her life. She was completely shaved, and actually had an inviting scent. She couldn’t wait to have her tongue inside, the pussy she was staring at. The need was incredible.

She stuck out her tongue, and licked straight up the chubby girl’s slit, making the girl moan. The faster she licked, the hotter the girl got. She started sucking on the girl’s clit, remembering the feeling it gave her, when the chubby girl was doing it, to her.

“Oh yeah bitch, make me cum!”

She kept sucking on the girl’s clit, and then slid her tongue inside her hole. As she tongue fucked her, the girl was grinding her pussy into the whore’s face.

“When I cum, I want you to swallow it all, slut!”

This time when she went back to sucking her clit, she exploded her hot pussy juice, deep down the whore’s throat.

“Take it all bitch!”

She forced her cum into her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. She was licking her lips, when the girl got up. As she licked up any extra cum from her lips, she was hoping they would all fuck her again.

She spread her legs as if saying “Fuck me.”

“Look at that, the bitch wants more.”

“Yes more, oh please untie me Sir, so I can feel your cocks in my hand.”

Seeing how much she was enjoying her use, he knew she wasn’t going anywhere. He decided to untie her so she could show just what a whore she really was.

The minute the ropes were off her, she was down on her knees, with her mouth open. The first cock found it’s way deep into her mouth. As she was greedily taking this cock into her slut mouth, she saw the chubby girl out of the corner of her eye. She was also down on her knees, sucking a cock. She looked so hot and sexy, and she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

She watched as another guy walked up behind her, and pull her ass in the air. He then slid his hard cock deep inside her pussy. She was moaning, so loud. Even with a cock filling her mouth, you could still hear her moans.

She herself put her ass up in the air, hoping a cock would violate her holes. Just as she hoped, a cock slammed into her pussy, making her jump. Now she had a cock in her pussy and her mouth, and she was loving every minute of it. She felt like such a dirty, nasty, whore.

They continued to fuck her, and the chubby girl, until they were ready to cum.

When they were ready, they ordered the two girls, to kneel next to each other.

“Now open you mouths” one of them said.

Both girls looked so slutty, on their knees, with their mouth open. It didn’t take long for all four men to shoot their hot loads, deep into their mouths, and all over their faces. They rubbed their cocks all over their faces, sliding cum all over them.

The licked up every drop of cum, and cleaned all their cocks.

“Good whores, now get some rest, you will need it.”

They climbed into bed, relaxed and content, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. They would both dream of what plans, the old perverts had for them later.

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