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Old Man’s Maid

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I’ve had many odd jobs before in my life but this was one of the oddest and best paying. I happened across it in the newspaper ads, “Wanted: twenty something brunette to do light cleaning every weekday afternoon, uniform provided.” I called the number and the lady offered me twice what I was making during my regular 9-5 job, slaving over computer files. How hard could a little cleaning be and for so few hours? I was sold!

I should have suspected something when I drove to my new place of employment. It was a ways out of town, the driveway took me on a long and winding path away from the main road. The house, no, it was a mansion, was old and spoke of old money. And an old man, I learned.

The same lady I spoke to on the phone about the job met me at the door. She looked a bit embarrassed as she showed me to the office. “I’m only here one day a week but there are some more specifics we need to go over before you sign the contact.”

I shrugged and sat in the seat she offered. Cleaning, how many details can there be to go over?

She sat behind the desk across from me and shuffled some papers. She looked the part of a typical secretary, mid-forties, dyed and expensively highlighted hair, perfect make-up, manicured hands, and a pastel suit with silk blouse. “First I’m glad to see you are a brunette, you wouldn’t believe how many blondes apply.”

“Well you know what they say about blondes,” I joked.

She forced a smile. “What’s your age?”

“22,” I answered.

“You have a nice figure, do you work out?”

“Thanks,” I replied cheerfully, not thinking her question out of the ordinary. Yet. “A bit, I like to run and do aerobics.”

“Good,” she answered. She cleared her throat, seeming uncomfortable to continue. “You are to clean one room upstairs. The gentleman who lives here will oversee your work while you are here. He is,” she hesitated, “a bit senile. He likes young brunettes very much which why it was specified in the ad.”

“Okay,” I said slowly trying to figure out the hitch. I knew there had to be one, the money was too good.

“Whatever he says or does, remember he is senile. If he complains about you, you will be fired on the spot.”

“I will do my best,” I answered.

“Remember what good money he is paying for your services,” she said, staring me in the eye. I was beginning to be suspicious. She stood up and sighed. “I might as well show you your uniform.”

I stood and followed her to the closet. There hung a short little French Maid outfit, complete with a little cap. The black skirt looked as if it would barely cover my ass and the bodice was tight and low. “Um,” I said, unsure how to question this.

“No underwear allowed while you are here, no thongs, nothing. You will wear these as well,” she said pointing at fish net thigh highs and a black silk garter belt.

“Seriously?” I asked incredulous.

“Yes,” she replied firmly. “If you won’t do it, I will need you to sign a confidentiality agreement that you won’t speak of any of this.”

The money, I reminded myself. The money would cover all my expenses and pay off my college debts within a few months time. I would have to work for years to pay off those loans otherwise. And I’d have mornings and weekends free. And no snotty co-workers or crabby customers. Just one old man and this trampy uniform.

“No, I’m still willing to do this. Could I see the room and meet him?” I asked after a minute of thought.

She looked relieved as if the potential employee often walked out at this point. “This way, please.”

As we walked through the mansion, I realized that there was a lot of money here. Tiffany lamps in each room, ancient tapestries on the walls, expensive oriental rugs on the floors, and gold and polished mahogany in every room. We went up one flight of stairs and down a hall to the last door on the right. She knocked and a low voice answered, “Come in.”

“Hello, Edward,” she greeted the man with a kiss on his balding head. He was seated in a wheelchair in the middle of the large room. At first it looked like a museum to me, statues were everywhere, old leather volumes lined book shelves along with Faberge eggs and other expensive artifacts. The room was easily 50 feet by 50 feet, it felt larger than my apartment.

“This is Tisha, she may come to work for you.” I turned my attention to the old man. He was probably in his 80’s I guessed, balding with wrinkles but dressed nicely in a sweater and slacks. He wasn’t drooling or on oxygen like most of the old men I’ve seen at my grandmother’s nursing home. He did look a bit confused in the eyes as he focused on me.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” I say holding my hand out to shake his. He stared up at me and instead of shaking my hand, took it and kissed the back of it. I blushed a little at his chivalry.

“You are very beautiful,” he said slowly.

My blush deepened and I smiled. “Thank you.” He let my hand go and I was surprised my pulse was racing.

The secretary looked pleased with his reaction to me. “We’ll let you get back to your peace, Edward,” she said and motioned for me to leave. “So you’ll do it?” she asked as we were back in the hallway.

I took a deep breath, trying to slow my quick heart. “Yes, I will.”


I showed up next Monday with a trench coat over the little French Maid uniform. The secretary again greeted me at the door. “I’m only here to show you what to do and then I’ll be going. No one else is in the house during the afternoons, his nurse arrives in the evening when you leave.”

I shivered as I took off my coat, leaving it in the coat room at the bottom of the stairs. She looked me over and said appreciately, “Perfect.” I’m glad she liked it, I felt as if I was completely exposed, the skirt resting just where my ass merged into my thighs, my breasts threatening to reveal my nipples at any moment. The garter straps were snug over my rear and the air on my pussy as I walked was a strange new sensation.

We entered the same room as before and Edward was in his wheelchair, the same as before. He waved at us both as we entered and then went back to staring off into space.

“You just need to dust everything in this room and wax the floor,” she said showing me the closet with cleaning supplies.

“Every day? It’s not going to get that dirty between cleanings.”

“Well then, it’ll be easy for you. You have four hours so I suggest you go slow.”

I peered at the cleaning supplies, there was only a feather duster and rags. “There’s no mop.”

“You’ll be on your hands and knees to clean the floor.”

I about walked out right then but the contract had already been signed and my first month’s pay deposited in my account. I had never had 5 digits worth of money available in my checking ever!

“Um, okay,” I answered, swallowing my nervousness. I glanced back at Edward, he was still staring off into space. So maybe he’d get a bit of a show, he was in a wheelchair and most men his age couldn’t get it up anyway.

“Remember you are not to upset him. Do whatever he says.” She looked at me sternly and I felt like a young girl being reminded not to wet her panties.

“Okay,” I answered timidly. The money, remember the money, I reminded myself.


The first week went by without incident. I dusted and I waxed the floor every day in my little uniform. At first I tried to be careful to move in a way where my breasts didn’t pop out of my uniform (which they often did) or crawl on the floor with my ass away from Edward. But after a day or two, I realized he never seemed to look at me anyways so me trying to avoid exposing myself didn’t matter.

It was the middle of the second week before he even spoke to me. “Tisha?” I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of his voice. “Where are you?”

I had been behind him, dusting a set of silver candlesticks. I walked around to stand in front of him. “I’m here.”

His weak eyes looked up at me. “Sit on my lap, please.”

I started at such an odd request but the secretary’s stern warning to do whatever he asked echoed in the back of my mind. So I sat on his lap, facing outwards and trying to get as much material of the skirt between my bottom and him. It was nearly useless to try. His bony hands rested on my thighs and he sighed. I sat on his lap tensely for several minutes until I realized he wasn’t going to make any more moves on me. In fact, I wasn’t positive he was still awake. I relaxed into him and I thought I heard him moan a little. I worried my weight might bother him but sitting on his lap, I realized he was sturdier than he originally looked. Besides sitting here meant I wasn’t on my hands and knees waxing the floor.

We stayed that way for the rest of my visit that afternoon, until the nurse rang the bell letting me know she had arrived. I stood quickly and turned to Edward. “See you tomorrow,” I said, suddenly out of breath. I rushed down the steps, grabbing my trench coat on my way out as the nurse came in. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before that she was also a brunette and always wearing a trench coat.


He requested the lap sitting again the next week. This time I didn’t mind at all, my knees were beginning to hurt with all the crawling I was doing on the floor. We never spoke of anything, only my hello and goodbye and him asking me to sit on his lap. In fact he never seemed to move from his spot in the middle of the room.

Until the next day. I was leaning over a large desk, trying to dust the antiques on the shelf behind it. Why it was pushed against the bookshelf was beyond me but something told me that I wasn’t allowed to move anything. I heard a small squeak behind me and was shocked to see Edward directly behind me. I didn’t even know he could move his chair!

“Go back to work,” he said cheerfully.

I realized leaning over the desk that my skirt rode up over my ass and with my legs spread as they were, he could easily see my bare pussy. I always shave it smooth. I wasn’t sure if I should close my legs but since he didn’t order me too, I figured I shouldn’t.

Two bony hands touched my ass. I paused in my work. The secretary said he was senile, he probably didn’t even know what he was doing. And I didn’t want to upset him by protesting. The wheels of his chair squeaked forward and I felt the metal pressed against the back of my legs. The two hands pulled my ass cheeks apart a bit, exposing my nether lips even more. I took a deep breath and continued dusting. The money, I reminded myself. What a little touching from an old man?

I felt his breath on my pussy a split second before he buried his face between my legs. I gasped and dropped my feather duster. His mouth kissed me and then his tongue licked at the edges of my pussy. His hands held my ass tightly, essentially keeping me pinned to the desk. I felt completely exposed and unsure what to do. He continued licking and sucking between my legs until my body began to betray me. I felt my clit tingle every time his chin bumped it and my juice began to flow and mix with his saliva all over my pussy lips. He slurped at me as if he couldn’t drink enough. He used his entire face, rubbing his nose and hairless chin all over my sensitive bits. It wasn’t long before I forgot exactly who was eating me out and I began to moan at his expert pussy licking.

I came after several minutes, it had been so long since any one had gone down on me and he was a professional! He continued dipping his tongue into my wet hole as if he couldn’t get enough of my taste, thoughtfully avoiding my now overly sensitive clit. After another moment as I came down from my climax, his hands left my ass. I tried to slow my breathing and when I finally turned around, Edward was back in the middle of the room as if nothing had happened. He didn’t say a word or even acknowledge me the rest of the afternoon.


The next day I was nervous to bend over the desk to dust but nothing happened. I realized I was a tad disappointed and then very ashamed to admit I had enjoyed him licking me. An old man, my employer, had given me the best oral sex of my life! I hadn’t told my friends the details of my new employment beyond I was doing housekeeping and now I definitely never was!

Another week went by and Edward had only asked me to sit on his lap once. I was beginning to believe the tongue lashing was all in my imagination when I heard the familiar squeak of his wheel chair as I bent over the desk. I didn’t even turn around and I couldn’t help sighing as I felt his hands on my ass, pulling my pussy into his view. I was wet instantly and he murmured his pleasure as he pushed his face in between my legs. He treated me to two orgasms that day, giving me a few minutes rest after the first before beginning his licking a second time.

The next day, I sat on his lap happily for the entire visit. I chided myself for looking forward to work, even my friends had commented on how cheerful I seemed with my new job. I doubted they would even believe me if I told them it was all because my employer liked to eat my pussy! Putting on my uniform made me wet daily and I began to play with myself on the way home from work if Edward hadn’t made any moves towards me.

A week later I was cleaning the floor as usual. I doubt that floor had ever been so clean! I heard the chair squeak and was surprised to feel Edward behind me. “Hold still,” he said in his happy voice. Looking over my shoulder I saw his pants were down and he was out of his chair. I held still as commanded and he hunched himself over me, his weight was more than I expected and I braced myself on my hands. I felt something against the inside of my thigh and was shocked that it was his cock! And oh, how hard and big it was! He fumbled with himself for a second and I felt the head of his dick pressed against my hole. He was going to fuck me, I thought scared and aroused at the same time.

He grunted a little as he pressed forward, my tight pussy stretching to accommodate his large size. The wrongness of it all, me screwing a man old enough to be my grandfather, made me so wet, helping him slide his stiff pole further into me. Soon he was pistoning in and out of me with the vigor of a man my age. His balls slapped against my pussy lips as he pushed in deep and hard over and over. Sweat beaded up on my forehead as I supported his weight and mine as he fucked me like a bitch in heat. I was coming before I knew it, my orgasm hit me and left me out of breath. His cock pounding in and out me kept me grounded, the aftershocks of the exquisite pleasure still washing over me. He grunted his own release and I felt his seed hit the inside of my pussy walls with incredible force. I couldn’t believe the old man had this in him!

“Hold still,” he said again and pushed himself off me. My back ached a little from supporting him but my pussy still tingled from the pounding I had just received. I heard the chair squeak away from me and I looked up. Edward was back in the middle of the room, staring out the window. His cum began to seep out of my pussy so I used a clean rag to wipe it up. And then went back to waxing the floor.


Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t question this job more but I suppose the money and the orgasms kept my mind off the ethical problems. I was getting off almost every other day by an expert lover without any strings attached! So what if I was really just a dressed up whore for an old man.

One of my favorite experiences came after the first fuck on the floor. I was halfway through my dusting when Edward called me. “Tisha?”

“Yes?” I asked practically dancing over to his chair.

“Sit on my lap.” I began to turn around to put my ass on his crotch like always when he stopped me. “No. Face me.”

Okay, I thought and tried to figure out the best way to sit that way with the wheelchair. Finally I ended up sliding my legs through the opening of the armrests. It was the first time we had ever really had eye contact. Although he wasn’t looking into my eyes. He was fixated with my round breasts barely clothed. His hands went to my chest and reventaly pulled each breast out over the top of my bodice. I couldn’t help shivering at the thought of what he was going to do next.

He stared a bit longer as if memorizing my pink nipples that had tightened into rosy buds. With a small sigh, he leaned forward and took one into my mouth and sucked.

I about came on the spot. His mouth tugged on my breast pulling me closer to him. He suckled as if he couldn’t get enough, each swallow shooting sparks down my body. My clit throbbed and my pussy moistened. I closed my eyes and moaned. My other breast ached in need of him and he soon switched, causing me to gasp in pleasure.

He nursed my nipples for what seemed like hours, nibbling and softly sucking and then pulling with his teeth. I squeaked at his bites and moaned when he sucked hard. His hand pinched and rolled the other nipple not his mouth. My body couldn’t keep up with the intense feelings and I cried out loudly when I orgasmed. As I came down from my high, he was still playing with me, gently sucking the pink tips and caressing the roundness of my full breasts.

“Okay,” he said and I took that as my cue to get up. My legs were wobbly as I stood and his eyes glazed over as I tucked my well used breasts back into my outfit. I fell to my knees and began cleaning the floor.


A similar request happened a few days later. He asked me to sit on his lap but when I reached him, his cock was standing at attention outside of his pants. He seemed to want me to sink my pussy on it. I slide my legs under the armrests and gently guided his stiff dick into me.

His eyes were on my breasts again and his hands carefully released them from the fabric. He began sucking as he had before and my pussy clenched itself around his hard pole. His hand went to my ass, holding me completely still down on his lap. I could manage a little wiggling forward and back but mostly I was trapped with his mouth on my breasts, his hands squeezing my ass, and his dick in my pussy with no way to move myself up and down in long strokes like I wanted.

My frustration grew as my body begged to cum. I wanted to move my pussy up and down, to enjoy the in and out motion of fucking. He would have none of it. He wanted my breasts in his face so he could feast on my pink nipples. And then out of no where, I felt a finger pushing into my tight little asshole. The sensitive nerve endings exploded at the unexpected contact and I screamed as I came. My pussy clamped down hard on his cock, I doubt he could have removed himself if he wanted. He bit down on my nipple and grunted his own orgasm, thrusting his hips up into me slightly. After a few minutes, he patted by rear and I carefully climbed off his lap. He seemed to fall asleep and I went back to my dusting.


Anal play had just begun with him, I realized a few days later. I was dusting over the same desk that he enjoyed giving me oral sex at when I heard the familiar squeak. His hands went to my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. He licked me all over and much to my surprise and delight, pushed his tongue into my asshole a little bit. The naughtiness of it all brought a new high to my sexual experiences.

The next day he started the same way, me over the desk, his face in my pussy. And then I felt something other than his tongue at my asshole. It was much harder and wider and he grunted a little with some effort to push it in. What felt like long hair brushed the back of my thigh and the pressure increased on my ass hole. His tongue then tickled my clit, making me moan and relax a bit. Catching me off guard he pushed the remainder of the item into my ass. I cried out at the sudden and full feeling in my tiny butt hole. Then he pulled back, long hair replacing his mouth on my pussy. I looked back ,shocked at what he had done. It looked like I had a long black horses tail coming out of my ass! I realized he had placed a butt plug into my tight hole. He pushed his chair back and seem very pleased with the enhancement to my costume.

“You clean the floor now,” he ordered and obeying, I fell to my hand and knees.

This was the first day he really watched me clean the floor. If I turned towards him, he ordered me around so that my face was away from him and he had a better view of my ass and tail. The plug was uncomfortable at first, I guessed it was an inch wide and a few inches long. I couldn’t and didn’t dare try to expel it on my own. The hair swished like a real tail would as I worked, a very odd and strangely arousing sensation.

Towards the end of my four hours, he called me back over to him. “Bend over,” he said. I did as he said and he grasped the base of the tail, his bony hand brushing my ass. With a quick tug, he pulled out the plug and I gasped at the sudden pain and emptiness. I turned around, needing to see it. “Every day,” he said waving the plastic plug at me. I nodded my agreement.


So every day afterwards before I started my work, I would bend over in front of him and pull my ass cheeks apart so he could insert the tail. Sometimes he’d lick and finger fuck me to an orgasm before inserting the plug. Other days he seemed to enjoy my writhing when he pushed it into my protesting ass hole without any foreplay.

The best sex I’ve ever had was a few days later when he asked me to sit on cock. His hands and mouth immediately went to my breasts, pulling and teasing the sensitive nipples. He let me happily bounce up and down on his cock and I ground my clit on him on the down stroke. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled the tail from my ass and I screamed so loudly in extreme pleasure that I’m sure the neighbors miles away heard me. He seemed very pleased with me that day and held me in his lap for a long time, sucking my nipples and caressing my pussy in teasing strokes without inserting the butt plug again that day.


His additions to my costume didn’t stop at the tail. A few days passed again and after inserting the plug in my asshole, he ordered me to turn around. He tugged the material down from my breasts and twinked my nipples into stiff buds. He then attached a tiny clamp with bells on each. I squeaked in protest as my nipples were pinched and keep hard by the clamps. I then went about my cleaning, the jingling of the bells announcing my every move.

Before leaving that day, he asked me to face him on his lap and one at a time, he removed the clamps. The rush of blood hurt a bit and his mouth went over the nipple as the clamp came off, helping the flow return. I gasped and wiggled and after the second clamp came off, my pussy was dripping. He then tugged at the butt plug but didn’t remove it, just fucking my ass hole ever so slightly with it. My nipples felt more alive and sensitive than ever in his mouth and when he finally pulled the plug out of my ass, I moaned loudly with pleasure at finally having a release from the small tortures he was doing to my body.


He wasn’t done yet with the painful acts of sex. I never imagined how close pain and pleasure could be until working for him. The afternoon began as usual, he licked my pussy ever so briefly before inserting my tail. I’m ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed having it in my ass, I was very tempted to buy my own to wear at home. My nipples tighten at the sight of the clamps, making his job easier to clip them on. Instead of allowing me to go clean, he ordered to me to lay across his lap.

I did as he said, stretching my arms and legs to reach the floor on either side of the chair with my stomach over his legs. He adjusted me forward so my hands were planted firmly on the ground and I was on my tip toes. He flipped my skirt up and smoothed it over my back, my tailed ass facing up in the middle of his lap. He moved the tail forward too so the hair fell on my back, pulling the plug into a slightly different position in my ass hole.

And then he spanked me! His bony hand came down hard on one of my ass cheeks without any preliminaries. And then on the other and then first cheek again and so on. I yelped in protest and his other arm came down on my back, pressing my chest into the arm rest of the chair. My breasts were hanging free with the little bells ringing with the impact of the spanking.

No one had ever spanked me before, not even my parents. And it hurt! Tears ran down my face but I didn’t dare ask him to stop. I knew I was such a whore at that very moment when I was willing to let my ass be beat in exchange for money. The butt plug and nipple clamps were a bit painful but nothing compared to this. I cried like a little baby over the sound of his hand smacking my butt and the nipple clamp bells jingling.

After several dozens hard slaps, I was slumped over his lap, no longer trying to hold myself up over him. My butt burned and I’m sure it was cherry red with his handprints. He stopped spanking me and rubbed his hand over my cheeks instead. I flinched as the sensitive skin was touched gently. The warmth and the massaging began to feel good. I was shocked to feel my pussy becoming damp. The butt plug wiggled as he rubbed away the redness, reminding me of the fullness in my ass hole. His hand dipped between my legs and I blushed as his fingers touched my wetness. What I had already done with him was kinky but to be turned on by being spanked? I felt I had sunk to a new low of debauchery.

The spanking seemed to prime my body though and he began to finger fuck me, one then two then three of his bony fingers working their way in and out of my pussy. I gasped and moaned and cried as he brought me closer to orgasm. His hand that had been holding me down moved to my ass and with a couple of quick smacks on my rosy cheeks, I screamed my release and my cum soaked his fingers in my pussy.

I went limp on him. He didn’t ask me to move and I wasn’t sure I could have. My body felt used and wore out like never before. He rearranged the hair of the butt plug over my red ass and gently stroked the hair of my head until the doorbell rang announcing the nurse. He carefully pulled the plug from my butt with me moaning a bit at the soreness of my rear end. I almost fainted as I stood as the blood rushed from my head. He unclipped my nipples and for the first time ever, placed his thin lips on mine in a gentle kiss. I’m sure I was a mess, tears streaking my makeup and my red ass with cum juices running down my leg. I hurried out of the house, barely covering myself with my trench coat as I rushed head down past the nurse.


That night, I had to tell someone about this. I called my oldest and dearest friend Jim and invited him over as soon as possible. I trusted him with my life above all others. He arrived and kissed my forehead gently, noticing my trench coat and tear stained face.

“Tish, what’s happened?”

I sat down on the sofa with him next to me and told him the whole story from the beginning, the secretary and the confidentiality agreement. The cleaning, the old man, and the uniform. The oral sex and butt plug and nipple clamps. And finally the spanking.

I hadn’t changed out of my work clothes so I stood and removed the trench coat. His eyes went wide at the little French Maid uniform. I turned and flip up the skirt to show him my red hand printed ass. As I turned around, I sniffed back tears.

“Oh Tisha,” he said holding his arms out to me. I curled up in his arms and cried. He patted my back and made soft comforting noises until the tears stopped.

“You wanna know what I think?” he asked. I nodded, hiccupping a little. “You are being paid to have sex with a perverted old man. But you know that already.” I nodded my head again, blushing until my face was as red as my bottom. “The oral sex, the butt plug, the way he’s gradually working you up to kinkier sex, it’s all a dom/sub game.”

“A what?” I asked incredulously. This was a game?

“Dominant, submissive, it’s a sex role thing,” he said. “You are obviously the submissive. He starts with something little like the oral sex. It bothers you but you think it away as nothing. And then he goes a bit further. And again it bugs you but you already let him do the first thing so you think what’s the harm in doing this as well? And you are getting both pleasure and money from it so it’s easier to accept. Right?”

I nodded, ashamed at myself that I hadn’t figured this out on my own. “Where does it end? I mean what could he do next?”

Jim shifted me in his lap and I squeaked as my sore butt rubbed the rough denim of his jeans. “Oh sorry,” he apologized. “Well,” he began. “Since he spanked you today and he’s been adjusting your asshole to the plug, he probably has a butt fetish and will try anal sex with you soon.”

“Yes, I could see that. He has inserted his finger in there before.”

Was it my imagination or was Jim looking a little pink in the face now? He cleared his throat. “That’s probably a definite then in the future.”

I thought about it. I could do anal sex with Edward. What was I thinking? I was just spanked like a little girl and I was considering going back to that job? “What else?”

“Some other dom/sub games include restraints-”

“Tying me up?” I interrupted.

“Yes. There’s also denying orgasms until commanded to release but he doesn’t seem to mind you cumming.”

My pussy tingled a little at the thought of all the orgasms that horny old man had given me. “Anything else?”

“You really are sheltered,” he said to me. “Get up.” He took me over to my computer. He sat down at my desk while I stood over him and watched him google “dom/sub games.” Thousands of sites popped up with everything from ball gags and cock rings to wax pouring and bestiality.

“He might make me have sex with an animal?” I felt sick to my stomach.

Jim gave a short laugh. “I doubt it, that’s a pretty rare fetish. Although since he likes to see you clean almost naked, he might eventually bring someone else in to fuck you so he can watch.”

I took a deep breath. This was going too far, I decided. It was one thing to be licked and fucked by one old man but to have another do it while he watched? Or what if he brought in a woman? Could I do that? And right now I was free to move about the room, I could get away if I had to. What if he started tying me to his wheelchair or other items in the room? Then I’d be trapped to endure whatever his perverted mind thought of.

“Has he ever had you suck his dick?”

I started, forgetting Jim was even there. “No. Should he?”

Jim shrugged and I noticed a ridge forming in the front of his jeans. “No, I guess not.” He stared at my body, my breasts threatened to pop over the tight bodice and I had forgotten how little this outfit covered. “Would you suck mine?”

I was shocked my friend had the nerve to ask me such a question after everything I had just told him! But then again, I had to admit it had even made me a little bit horny talking about it. Besides I hadn’t sucked a hard cock in a long time, I felt a little deprived that Edward had never asked. I dropped to my knees between Jim’s legs and began undoing his jean zipper. He let out a breath I hadn’t noticed him holding and the ridge in his pants grew.

And oh my, how it grew! I pull his hard cock out of his boxers, it was longer than my hand and I could barely wrap my palm and fingers around it. I licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip, enjoying the taste and his groan of delight. I went down on him hard and fast, leaving him gasping for air. I wanted to take his dick in my mouth so badly, I didn’t want to waste any time. I sucked and licked and hummed and deep throated his cock while one of my hands massaged his chest and the other fondled his balls. I was possessed, I had to have his cum in my mouth!

“Oh Tish, oh god, oh Tish, I’m cumming!” he cried, his hand going to the back of my head and holding me down on him. Not that I had any intention of pulling off. I slurped and swallowed all his cum, loving every bit. He let go of my head and sunk back in the chair. “And that,” he said trying to catch his breath, “is why he should have asked you to suck his dick.”

I grinned and climbed up in his lap to give him a hug for being such a great friend.


After my conversation with Jim, I had made up my mind to quit the next day. Things were becoming too extreme for me and I felt duped and used. I put on my costume out of habit and there was a nagging thought in the back of my head. If they begged and promised me it would only be vanilla sex from now on (I had spent the rest of the night reading up on “kink” and so forth on the internet) and offered me more money, I would probably stay. I couldn’t help it, the thought of that man’s mouth sucking my breasts and his fingers up my pussy still makes me wet.

But when I arrived, my choice had already been made for me. There were several cars in the driveway, including an ambulance. The secretary and nurse met me at the door.

“Come in,” the secretary ordered and they rushed me into the office. I saw an EMT coming down the stairs as they shut the office door behind me.

“I might as well just say it,” the secretary sighed. The nurse looked sad and accidentally let her own trench coat open just a bit. She was wearing a very similar outfit to my own only a little white trampy “nurse” dress with white thigh highs and garters. I wondered what exactly her “duties” had been after I left every day!

“Edward died in his sleep last night.”

“Uh, what?” I asked, my mind still thinking over what the nurse and the old man had been doing in the evenings.

“They think he had a heart attack. He was eighty six years old you know.”

I didn’t but I nodded my head anyways. Just like that, my job as a paid whore was over.

“He left you both these checks in case of his death. He greatly appreciated your services to him.” The secretary handed us both slips of paper. I tried not to let my jaw drop when I saw “one million dollars” written under my name. I couldn’t believe I had just become a millionaire!

“May I keep the outfit?” the nurse asked quietly.

“Me too,” I chimed in, surprising myself.

The secretary looked a little confused but agreed. “Actually there were two boxes left in his room, one with each of your names on them. I guess he meant for you to have them as well.” She stood up and took two small plain shoeboxes from a shelf. “I have no idea what’s in them, I haven’t begun to go through his personal effects yet.”

My box jingled a bit as she handed it to me. Just to make sure my guess was correct, I nudged the lid off a bit and peeked inside. There laid my horse tail butt plug and two little nipple clamps. I quickly shut the lid embarrassed to see the items and remember how Edward had pleasured my body with them over and over again. I noticed the nurse was also blushing at whatever was inside her box.

“Thank you again and I ask you in memory of Edward and whatever you had with him, that you not speak about this with anyone else.” The nurse and I nodded and we turned to go.

As I drove home from the mansion for the very last time, I thought about exactly what I had had with Edward. It was certainly not love but I had grown quite fond of him. Especially the way he touched me and brought me to orgasms like no one else. I drove one handed all the way home, my other hand playing with my bare pussy as I remembered just exactly how Edward could get me off in the kinkiest ways.

Walking into my apartment, I set the check and box down on my desk and immediately called Jim. I thought he might like to come over and see my “entire” outfit and watch me clean my apartment.

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