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Nursing Home Confidential

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The only reason that I moved into the ‘Assisted Living Community’ at all was so that I wouldn’t become a burden to my grandson, Jeffery and his family. I had just turned 80, and hell I knew there were things I just couldn’t do on my own anymore. I had always sort of thought that when I got to be too old to be self-sufficient, that I would buy a one-way ticket to the Himalayas; go on a trekking expedition and quietly slip away onto some glacier.

When it came right down to it though, I wanted to see another fall. I have always loved the changing of the seasons, and fall is my favorite time of year. So, the week after my 80th birthday, I moved in.

The hell with it kids, let’s just call it what it is. An old folk’s home. It was a nice enough place, don’t mistake me. Jeffery has money; he has a company that does something with computers, so when a room became vacant at this place, he was able to move me in with no problems. It was a nice place, no mistake, but a home? No.

The room became vacant? Well that’s one way to put it. It’s not like the previous tenant had up and moved, or had gotten a job in a different part of the country. No siree kiddos; she was dead. Bit the big one, gone tits up, pushing up daisies, whatever you want to call it, may she rest in peace she was d-e-a-d. When you are 80 years old, death becomes a very real thing. I’d never taken the idea of dying too seriously, and I’ve had a few close scrapes let me tell you; but even now I have trouble getting too worked up about it. People die, that’s the way it works. Life goes on.

Jeffery was my only living family, and I didn’t want him to worry. Nick, my only son, had died in the Vietnam conflict. He was a captain in the infantry, and I still keep a photo of him on my dresser. Kyle, my husband, had passed away almost twelve years before.

I didn’t have very much to move in with me. I’ve never been a collector of possessions, and as I got older I seemed to shed more and more. I had my clothes, of course, and my photo albums and wedding ring. I also brought along my mountaineering axe, and skis; a sentimental reminder of my younger days. There were only two things that worried me: my weed and my vibrators.

I can’t say that I smoke pot just for my arthritis, but it does help and I’m sure it’s better for me than those damn pills. As for my vibrators, well, hopefully the staff would understand that even a decrepit old lady needs to get her jollies.

My new roommate was named Alice, and boy she was a cutey! I had surely never thought that I would be thinking lustful thoughts about a 70 year old lady, never mind one ten years my junior, but that was exactly what I was doing when she introduced herself. It’s all about the eyes, or at least that’s what it’s all about for me. When I was younger it was about some other parts too; but Alice had beautiful eyes that made my heart flutter. Her eyes were sea green and full of life, and they made me want her more than I had wanted anyone in ages.

I’d know, of course, that I was a lesbian ever since I was a little girl; since before I had known that there was a word for it. Kyle and I had loved each other in our own way: we were best friends and partners, and yes we even had some fun times in bed and raised a fine son together. But let’s be frank: Kyle liked sucking dick, and I liked licking pussy; and back in those days you just didn’t ‘come out’. So we had an arrangement, and if I do say so, it worked pretty well until cancer took him away from me.

Alice was another widow; it was a pretty common affliction around the place. She was a tiny little thing, thin as a rail but full of energy and life. I really don’t think she belonged in the retirement home at all, but I expect that she too didn’t want to be a burden on her family. We got along really well from the get-go. She was bright and sunny, and hilariously innocent about so many things. I would have loved to have shown her around Paris in the fifties. We soon became good friends.

“I like you so much better than my old roommate” Alice told me one afternoon “She was such an old stick in the mud!”

I started it of course. I’ve never been a particularly well-behaved woman. I’ll tell you though: I may have been attracted to Alice from the start, but I really didn’t set out to seduce her.

Now, I don’t have many vices. Well no, that’s really not true at all. Let’s just say I have a lot fewer vices now than I did when I was young. One of those vices is that I like to go to a titty bar every couple of months. Call me a dirty old lady, but I just love to watch pretty young dancers get naked and shake their stuff. Now a strip club isn’t the kind of place you can go in the old people’s bus. Fortunately I can still drive myself and my grandson Jeffery agreed to lend me his minivan one Friday. I don’t know what I’ll do when I can’t drive anymore.

“Where are you off to tonight Bea?” asked Alice

“A titty bar.” I blithely told her.

“Where?” She must have thought she had misheard me.

“A titty bar” I repeated “You know, a strip joint, a go-go club.”

“Are you serious?” she gaped “I can never tell when you are joking. You’re not joking are you? I can’t believe you’re serious. Bea you are too much! I’ve never in my life been to a place like that.”

“Well why don’t you come with?” I asked “It’ll do you good to get out anyway. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know… What will people think?”

“Who cares what people think! Come along and keep me company. We’ll have a blast.”

We did have a blast too. Never mind that we were almost the only females in the place who weren’t dancing; and that we were the oldest people there by a solid fourty years at least, we had a good old time. I sprang for a lap dance for Alice. The girl gave her a sweet, if gentle performance. We almost split our sides laughing when she rubbed her amble boobs in Alice’s face. By the time I drove us back to the home it was after midnight.

I think Alice had a few drinks more than she was really used to. She couldn’t stop giggling the whole way back. She told me she hadn’t had so much fun in she didn’t know how long. That made me feel good. I liked showing Alice a good time. I realized then that I had developed a real crush on her.

“You’re so lucky Bea” she said “You’re grandson Jeffery comes to visit you so often and he loans you his car. And he’s so handsome!”

“Alice!” I said, pretending to sound shocked “Isn’t he a little young for you?”

“Well yes” she said “of course he is. But he reminds me of my husband when we were younger, when we were courting. Let me tell you, if I was that age again, I’d jump his bones in a heartbeat!”

It must have been the drinks; I had never heard her talk that way before. We got back to the old folks home and made our way up to our rooms.

“Would you like to get high?” I asked when we were up in our suite. “I thought I’d smoke a little before I went to bed.”

“You mean marijuana?” she asked

“I gave up cigarettes two decades ago” I said “So yes.”

“Well I never.” She said “Why not? There’s a first time for everything.”

Amen sister.

We sat on her bed and got high together out of my little pipe. She got even more giggly and put her arm around my shoulders.

“Alice, sweetie” I said, my inhibitions loosened up by the two manhattans I’d had at the club as well as the pot “When was the last time you had an orgasm?”

She blushed deeply. It was the cutest thing ever. “Bea, you are too much!” She didn’t move her arm from around my shoulder “Well it’s been such a long time, I couldn’t even say.”

“You know” I told her, holding my breath and hoping that I wouldn’t scare her off “You can borrow one of my vibrators any time you want.”

“Bea!” she exclaimed, but she was grinning “I had no idea you had any such thing! I’ve never even seen one. Are they as good as… well, as they say?”

“Oh yes” I said “I don’t know how I would get by without one.” Alice’s arm was still around my shoulder, and I was very aware of how close her body was to mine at this point. She had to know by now that I was hitting on her. “Would you like me to show you how to use one?”

“If you don’t mind terribly”

“I’d love to.” Her eyes met mine, and locked together for a long moment. I felt a jolt of electricity through my clit that left me feeling warm and giddy.

“Would you mind if I do this?” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t resist, but met me and kissed back. She was a sweet little kisser. It was exciting, and it made me feel young. We stayed like that for a long time.

“Oh Bea” Alice said “I’ve never kissed… another woman before.”

“Did you like it?”

“Well… Yes. Yes I did.”

“Would you like to do it again?” she nodded. We did. It was beautiful. We fell back on her bed, kissing and touching like teens. I was starting to get seriously turned on; it had been a long time since I had had sex with another woman, and I was hoping that was exactly where we were headed. It was Alice who took the next step.

“Bea” she said as I lay on top of her, gazing into her eyes “Weren’t you going to show me how to use a vibrator?” I swear I could feel her hear beating through her blouse.

I practically ran over to my room and came back with a handful of toys: the lipstick vibrator, the vibrating egg, the silicone penis, the dolphin, even the butt plug. The expression on Alice’s face was priceless.

“Would you like to undress?”

“I think we should” she said “but I feel shy. I haven’t been naked in front of anyone but my husband…”

“Don’t be shy” I told her “Let me start.” I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped out of my pants. After a moment’s hesitation, she joined me.

Our bodies weren’t what they once were when we were young, mores the shame, mores the shame. Still, I lusted after her, wrinkles and all.

I reached out, suddenly the shy one, to touch her. She leaned forward and took my breast in her mouth. It felt so good. She suckled hungrily on my tit, making my nipple swell and ache. I stroked her thin grey hair and enjoyed the sensation. I was very wet.

She released my breast and picked up Pinky, the silicone penis “Why don’t you show me how to use this one Bea?”

I pushed her back onto her bed, and her thighs parted naturally. Nestled between her legs was the prettiest little pussy I have ever set my eyes on. Her little pink labia pouted open, moist and inviting, crowned with a neat cap of grey pubes. I took the vibrator out of her hand and crawled between her thighs.

It didn’t take much licking to get her pussy nice and wet and spread wide open. She tasted delightful, clean and sexy, and she was wonderfully wet. My face was soon covered with her juices. Her clit stuck out like a fat pink pea. I kept my tongue on her button as I slid the silicone cock up her slippery hole, buzzing happily away.

It didn’t take her long to come, and when she did, it was long and loud. She thrashed and wiggled around, kicking her legs and pulling her long pink nipples; moaning and groaning and finally screaming out loud as I mercilessly flicked her clit with my tongue and fucked her hard and deep with my vibrator.

“What in the world are you two girls doing in here?” It was Maryanne, the night nurse, a thick black lady in her forties. We had made enough noise that she had come up to check in on us.

Alice and I froze, caught in the act as surely as two teenagers on their parents’ couch. Alice went beet red and I’m sure I wasn’t much paler.

“What does it look like we’re doing?” I retorted “We are adults, you know.”

It was Maryanne’s turn to blush, though it didn’t show as clearly through her chocolate skin. “Well you two just have fun, ok. And please don’t give her a heart attack Beatrice.”

“I climbed Mount Hood when I was three years older than Alice is now. She won’t have a heart attack.”

Nurse Maryanne left without a second look, closing the door behind her. She wasn’t a bad looking lady, I thought, and I had never noticed a ring on her finger. Meanwhile, Alice was getting over being mortified at being caught in the act. I let Pinky slip out of her vagina, and we broke up into hysterical giggling, like a pair of girl scouts.

After that, Alice wanted to try doing it to me. Of course I was happy to let her! I have to say, she was a natural too, and what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. I came and came. The last time was the most intense, with me rubbing my muff all over Alice’s face while she had two fingers buried in my pussy and two in my ass.

“Well” she said when we had both caught our breath “Jack used to love it when I did that to him. I guess it works on girls too.”

We slept well that night, naked and cuddling in her bed. It felt good to sleep next to a warm, loving body.

I’m looking forward to seeing the fall and the leaves change. Meantime, Alice and I have been wondering about Nurse Maryanne. Alice say’s she winked at her at lunch. Alice has never had a threesome. She told me it was her and her husbands’ favorite fantasy, but that it just never happened. Maybe we can change all that. Maybe next year I’ll buy a ticket to Tibet and go trekking. We’ll see.

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