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Now and Then

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Now. I stand under the needling hot spray until the water starts to cool, and shut it off, and push the wide glass door open to release billows of steam. Drip and splash across the wide marble floor and wipe a clear circle on the mirror with a thick white towel. Behind me the sun is trying, and failing, to pierce the overcast. Not likely in February.

We’re high up, and I take a moment to regard the city through the persistent misty drizzle before turning back to the mirror, and spreading a thin layer of juniper scented oil over my stubble. I shave carefully, and rinse the oil, a splash of cool water, and blot my face, pressing the clean white cotton hard against my eyes for a moment. It’s bright golden light, and warm and clean in the wide and spacious bathroom; the towels are white and thick and longer than Sarah, and the green marble floors are shot with quartz veins.

I always feel strange in a civilian suit, and I stand regarding it on the hangar, a towel around my waist reaching almost to my ankles. I put the hangar back on the peg, dry thoroughly with another towel, push my hair over into something resembling order, and pull the starched, cool, smooth white dress shirt over my shoulders, button it. No undershirt. Sarah doesn’t like them. Boxers, the crisply pressed trousers, silk socks, (gay, I can’t help but think, totally gay, but comfortable) plain toe black dress shoes, and consult the mirror to knot up the dark grey tie with subdued copper squares. I strap on my watch. Still very early. 
 I click off the lights before I open the door to the bedroom. Cooler away from the heat of the shower, and I step into the watery dawn light coming in through the open curtains. We never shut the curtains when it’s raining, and the reds and whites and yellows are smeared across the glass.

Sarah is still asleep. She looks tiny in the huge bed, which is strewn with pillows of diverse shapes and sizes. She’s tangled in a crisp, cream-colored sheet, her hair a fine dark cloud around her face and spread over a pillow. She’s breathing softly and evenly. An angel asleep. Well, maybe not an angel. Her hands are still tied behind her back, wrists together and facing inwards. She’s wearing only very slight, dark blue, lace-edged panties, which contrast starkly with the sheets and her pale skin. She’s on her left side, facing me, and I can see one taut little breast, and coral pink nipple. Her knees are together and drawn up slightly, thighs together, and somehow she has the sheet wrapped around one leg. My heart gives a little gallop. I look at my watch. Some time. A little. Well, I can be late.

I step to the bed, and run my hand up Sarah’s smooth leg as I move beside her, and lay behind her, propping my head on one hand, and trailing my fingers over her hip, and arm and shoulder. On the way down, I smooth my palm over her back, then in, over her hip again, her belly, then up, and I can’t resist cupping her breast in my hand, her nipple a stiff little nubbin in the slightly cool bedroom. I roll her nipple in my fingers, and it hardens slowly, and Sarah stirs, starts to come awake. Propped up on my elbow, I can see her brow crease a little as she moves her hands.

The way they are tied, her elbows are straight, shoulders pulled back, and I can tell by the way she’s moving that she’s stiff and a little uncomfortable, but I’m not ready to untie her yet. I love having her helpless, and I’m getting hard laying here behind her as she swims very slowly up to consciousness, her naked, slight body pressed against me. I kiss her neck, and breathe her scent; warm and feminine and clean, and I leave my mouth open against her skin, and stroke her belly and hip and breasts. She’s still not awake, not really, and I pet her like this for a long while, and breathe her in, and she moves languorously, very slightly, like underwater, and I can taste her, with little licks, behind her ear, and her shoulder, her throat. My cock is hard now, and pressing into her from behind. In the growing light, I see a bite mark on her shoulder. I smile, and kiss it.

Sarah stirs with a little more purpose, and I feel her move her hands, which are against my belly, the way we’re laying, and she straightens her legs slowly, and stretches, then snuggles back into me, and makes a little sound, like a purr, when I kiss her neck again.

I cup her breast in my hand again, and take her little nipple between my thumb and middle finger, and tug it a little, and roll it, stiff, getting harder, and Sarah gives the tiniest little wince.

She says something in a voice so quiet I don’t catch it. I make a small interrogative sound and she whispers it again, untie me baby, and I shake my head, and kiss the back of her neck and her shoulder and her arm. I pull her shoulder towards me a little, and raise up some, enough to lean over and take her right nipple into my mouth. I suck it wetly, softly swirl the hard little nub with my tongue, and I can feel Sarah moving her hands against the restraints. I suck a little harder, and let her feel my teeth a little, drawing a definite wince and small gasp from her. I pull as much of her breast into my mouth as I can, and suck harder, and Sarah’s back arches up towards me, and she gives a whimper. Her nipple is flushed, and hard as a tiny stone, the aureola puckered, and definitely a little sore. I take it in my teeth once more, and stretch it a little, let it snap back, and this time it’s more than a whimper, Sarah gives a little cry.

I sink back down and prop my head back on my hand, and run my palm over Sarah’s back, and knead her shoulder a little, squeeze and release, and she sighs, and rolls a little away from me, more onto her belly, drawing one thigh up some and straightening the other, so I can reach more of her back. I massage her a little, pressing, and stroking, and I run my fingers down the center of her back, down her spine, and she sighs, drifting. I let my hand slip lower, press her lower back, lower, and run my palm over her ass, over her panties, and grip and squeeze each little ass cheek hard, alternately. I see Sarah smile sleepily, her face mostly pressed into the pillow. I draw my hand back up, and smooth it over her ass again, and let my fingers dip, and caress the flawless smooth softness of her inner thighs, the secret spot high up, and Sarah sighs again.

I slip my fingers under the edge of her panties and pull them up on each side over her ass, a sexy wedgie, and Sarah gives a little snort of complaint, and wiggles, but I pull them up too high, and her bare little cunny is firmly encased in the smooth blue cup of silk, and her bottom is almost completely exposed. I drift my fingertips lightly over her ass again, and I’m mildly surprised to feel fine welts. I raise up a little to see, and in the pearl light I can just make out delicate marks in pink on her bottom and thighs. I press them with my fingers and trace them and I can tell Sarah can feel it because she shifts a little, and squirms. Poor kitten. Also, she looks so cute with her little blue wedgie, I can’t resist cupping her cunny in my palm, and stroking her over her panties, which are pulled so tightly up over her mound it’s positively indecent. I palm and squeeze, and Sarah gives a little moan, and another wince.

I cup and mould her in my palm a little more, watching Sarah’s face, enjoying, feeling her squirm, and then release her, and pull my hand up and back, along the silk, and my middle finger drags over her tight little ass-hole, and I press as I stroke over it, and I feel her jump a little, and contract. 
 I grip the panties in my hand, gathering up the fabric, and pull up even harder, moving her hips up, and towards me, and I guide her, just a thin strip of material over her cunny, separating the bare lips of her pussy, until her hips are where I want them; pulled back into me, on her side, her thighs together, and her arms still pulled back and tied, breasts jutting out, nipples stiff and peaked. I let go my grip on her panties, and pull them down past her ass, just to the top of her thighs, and separate her ass cheeks with my hand, and find her wet hot little slew with my fingers again, and run my two middle fingers over her cunny, and into her slit, and Sarah gasps softly, and says quietly I’m sore baby, and says gently baby, and presses her eyes closed. I add a third finger, and push deeper, and Sarah bites her bottom lip, and my cock is straining in my dress pants, and I’m sure I’m leaking and making a mess, but it’s too late, and I circle Sarah’s throat with my left hand, and pull her head back, and reach down to unzip my trousers, and pull my cock out through the gap.

Then. Last night we didn’t even leave the hotel. We meant to, but it was cold and raining, and we got dressed to go out, and decided to have a drink in the bar before calling a cab, and Sarah kicked off her shoes in the booth next to me, and curled her feet under, and there was a fire going, and so we had another drink, and thought about the fireplace in the room, and thought about going out in the cold and wet, and thought about room service, and that’s what we did.

After we ate, I made a martini, and Sarah went to take a bath because she was still cold. I turned the gas semi-fake fireplace up to full and pulled a leather club chair over to where I could sit in front of the fire, and prop my boots on the windowsill overlooking the city, and opened a book. Sarah came out a long while later wrapped in one of the hotel robes, which were a startling leopard print design with a black fur collar, and grinned at me. On her the robe reached almost to the floor, and her cheeks were flushed with the moist heat, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and secured with a ribbon, and when she came to me and stood by my chair, I reached one finger into the crease of the robe below the belt, and pulled one side up like a stage curtain, and peeked at the dark blue panties she had on underneath. Sarah put her hand on my cheek, and I kissed her palm, and her fingers one by one, and she put her thumb in my mouth, and I sucked it in, and she pressed the ball of her thumb down on my tongue, and I licked it, and sucked it softly. I took her other hand in mine, and pulled softly, and Sarah sank to her knees beside my chair, and I put my palm on the bare back of her neck, and pulled her face into me, and she kissed me with her mouth soft and open, and I felt her tongue touch mine, and swirl into my mouth easily, and she sucked my bottom lip, and put her hand on my cheek and we held each other in the kiss for a long time. I could feel the heat of her skin, and I pushed gently, and the robe worked itself off of her shoulders, and puddled around her until only the loosely tied belt kept it around her at all. Finally she sighed, and sank down onto her heels, and looked at the fire.

I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her a little, and moved her so she was facing the fire as well, and I propped by feet back up on the sill, and took up my book, and read for a while, with Sarah kneeling beside my chair, staring at the flames, her skin warm and glowing in the firelight, and I stroked her shoulders and back and neck idly, while I read, and she knelt on the pooled leopard robe, and lay her cheek on my thigh and kissed my fingers when I stroked her cheek. I could see her watery reflection in the black glass of the window.

I closed the book with a soft thump, and set it on the small table next to my glass. Sarah looked up at me, and I took her pony tail in my hand, and lifted a little, and set my boots on the ground, and pulled Sarah over between my knees, close. I let go of her hair and leaned back in my chair, my hands resting on the leather arms, Sarah kneeling naked between my legs, facing me, watching my face. I said nothing, gave her no sign, and she looked at me a little uncertainly. She started to speak, but the very slight shake of my head stopped her. She lay her cheek on my thigh, and I let her stay there for only a moment before pushing my leg in rather sharply, and moving her off. I lifted my right leg, and hooked my heel around her butt, and scooted her in closer, so the fronts of her thighs were touching the cool leather of the chair, and I left my leg crooked around her thighs and reached my right hand out and took her pony tail again, and pulled her forward, bending at the waist, and with my other hand, slowly unfastened my belt, holding her head there, and she watched my hand as I unfastened my jeans, all the way down, and freed my cock.

She made to move her head, and I took a firmer grip on her hair, and gave her a shake, and she stilled, and I took my cock in my hand, and stroked it, bringing it to full hardness, ran my thumb over the slight gush of fluid that gathered at the tip, and smoothed it around the ridge. Sarah watched my hand stroking my cock, and I turned her head a little, and moved her closer, and I shook her head by her pony tail, and she understood, and opened her mouth, and licked her lips, never taking her eyes away.

I held her there, still stroking my hand up and down the shaft of my cock, until Sarah was unconsciously straining forward against my hand in her hair, her lips parted, breathing deeply, and I let her a little closer, and she extended her tongue rather delicately, and licked just the tip of my cock, and captured a clear, slick drop of fluid that elongated and stretched and parted when I pulled her head back again. After that, I gave in, and relaxed the tension on Sarah’s hair, and let her mouth, so delicately, engulf the straining head of my cock. I gave an involuntary moan at the sensation, and I felt her swirl her tongue around the sensitive nerve point below the head, and I mustered enough self control to pull up on her pony tail one time, trying to make it last, before relenting, and cupping my hand on the back of Sarah’s head, pulling her mouth deeply onto my cock, her lips widening to take me in, then drawing up, her cheeks hollowing, gasping a breath at the top of the stroke, the cool air rushing over my wet cock, then down again, wet, slick, hot, tight, friction, moving her head in a small arc, taking my cock deep into her throat, coming up again, another gasp, her eyes watering, and I took her head in both of my hands, and pushed her down, my hips coming forward reflexively, and pushed my cock into her throat and held her there, feeling her throat work, feeling her choke a little, trying not to struggle, letting her up for a moment, a gasping breath, and then I’m helpless to stop myself pulling her head back down, pushing my cock into her throat again, loving the sounds of her mouth on me, the rawness of what we’re doing, Sarah kneeling in front of me, naked, her hands on her thighs, while I moved her head up and down on my cock, and I remember thinking that despite appearances, I am the one surrendering.

I finally had to lift Sarah’s mouth off of my cock, again by her hair, and she fought me a little, and I had to pull harder, and it made her gasp, and she looked at me knowingly, and licked her lips and smiled an evil, slow smile. Her lips were wet and slick, smeared with my fluids and her saliva and she licked them again, deliberately, and slowly, and I lifted up higher on her hair, bringing her all the way up on her knees, and bent her head back, pulling hard on her pony tail, arching her back slightly, and I leaned forward on my chair, twisting her, arching her back over my right thigh, and scraped my fingernails up her belly leaving parallel pink lines on her skin, and over her breasts, and her nipples were hard as little stones, and puckered, and flushed a deep pink, and I snapped my fingers, just the tips, backhanded across the tips of her breasts, catching her aching little nipples, and Sarah bucked hard, and gasped, and I sucked one hard pink nipple into my mouth and wet it, took it between my forefinger and thumb and rolled it, tugged, let it slip from between my fingers and snap back, still wet, and I struck across her breasts again with my fingertips, backhanded, and Sarah’s whole body jolted.

I pulled her mouth to mine, and Sarah kissed me hard, breathing hard, and I met her tongue with mine, and stroked her flat, taut belly with my palm, and cupped her breasts in my hand, felt the stiff demanding little nipples press into my palm.

I stood up, lifting Sarah by my hand in her hair, lifting her with me. There is a sturdy little table in the room, and I slid a chair out of the way with my boot, and pushed Sarah towards the table, motioned for her to get on. She gave me a slightly puzzled look, but climbed up onto the table, watching me carefully. I made her kneel, thighs spread wide, hands gripping the table edge, her hair over one shoulder, hanging down, leaving her back bare.

I cupped her cheek in my hand, and pushed my thumb into her mouth, and she sucked it, and tried to keep it, so it made a little pop coming out, and I cupped her little hanging breasts and ran my wet thumb over her nipples, which were still very hard, and Sarah watched my face. I walked around the little table to her side, and ran my hand down over the smooth skin of her shoulder, her back, and she moved a little like a cat, to keep my hand on her longer. Stroked down, over her hip, her ass, and moved behind her, and Sarah shivered a little, not from cold, her skin was still very warm, and I I cupped her ass in my palms, fingers down, and squeezed, and Sarah writhed a little, and I turned my palm, and moved my right hand up between her legs, and cupped her bare little pussy, and found her drenched and slick and open. I could feel wetness on my palm, and my wrist, and could feel the lips of her cunny swollen and soft and parted.

I petted her there for a while, and she moved a little, her hips starting to rock a little, helplessly, and I kept my palm up, and stroked her little pussy with just the pads of my fingers, over and over, slowly, lightly, and Sarah spread her knees wider, and tried to push down, to get more pressure, to get more something, and her mouth was wet and open, and her eyes were closed, and I smiled as I petted and stroked her, and my fingers, and her cunny, and the inside of her thighs were wet and slick, all.

Now. I think about Sarah kneeling on the table, her eyes closed, her mouth open, and I almost can’t help just fucking her right now; lifting her thigh enough to take my cock in my hand and fit it to her little slit and drive it in. The thought makes my hips jerk involuntarily, and my cock slips along the crease of her ass, as she’s pressed back against me, and I feel her reach her fingers back, her hands tied, and I press up, and she takes the head of my cock between all of her fingers, and the tips of her fingers slip through the clear fluid on the tip of my cock, and I can’t help moving so her fingers are slipping up and down the shaft, gliding, and she presses with the pads of her fingers, all pointed down along the shaft, and I can look down, and I press forward on her shoulder a little to see, and press harder, and her fingers can slide all along my shaft now, and the tip of my cock hits her palms, and she presses with just her fingertips, and I bite her shoulder, and I can’t see her face, but I know Sarah smiles.

Then. I petted her just like that, standing a little behind her, a little to her side, for a long time, until my fingers were drenched, and her pussy was open and the fine muscles of her inner thighs were quivering, and her legs were spread so far apart as she knelt on the table that her belly was only inches from the wood and Sarah sank down onto her elbows, her hands gripping the table edge, her eyes still pressed shut, and I stopped, and pulled my fingers away, and Sarah protested, and started to rise, but I put my hand on her lower back and stopped her, kept my hand there until she stopped resisting, then stiffened my index and middle fingers, and slid them just slightly, delicately, but deliberately, into Sarah’s achy little cunny, not far.

I held my hand there, still, not moving, our only contact points the palm of my hand on her lower back, and my two fingers inside her, just to maybe the first knuckle. Sarah waited, not long, and wiggled her hips a little, trying for more, and pressed back, and I moved my hand back in time with her hips, so my fingers stayed where they were in her wet little slit. Sarah moaned, and moved forward, and back, and whimpered, and tried again to press back, to push my fingers into her, and again I moved my hand with her body, and Sarah moaned again, louder, and tried to raise up, and I had to press more firmly on her lower back to keep her down, her hard little nipples dragging on the cool wood of the table, gripping the edge hard with her hands, and again she moved back against my hand, and I let my fingers slip just a little more into her cunny, before pulling them out again, and I could feel the slicktight scalloped walls of her cunt gripping on my fingers, and Sarah couldn’t help rocking her hips forward and back, making helpless little needy noises.

I pulled my fingers from her then, and ran them up and down her inner thigh, sliding easily, slickly on her smooth soft skin, and I walked around to her head, and kissed her mouth, and said you’re all wet little slut, and Sarah moaned, and I put my fingers in her mouth, wet and slick from her cunt, and Sarah sucked and licked them, and moaned around my fingers as I pushed them deeper into her mouth, until I pulled them out, cool in the air, and fitted my hand around the back of her head, level with my waist where she still rested on her elbows, her legs still spread, her ass in the air, and put my cock to her lips, and she opened her mouth and I gave a groan and slid my cock forever deeply into her wet open mouth and felt her throat work to take me, and I pushed my hips forward and pulled on the back of her head, and felt Sarah hollow her cheeks, and I felt her choke a little, and I let go of her head, and Sarah stayed on her elbows and moved her head a little to the side, and took me as deep as she could, and I stood and felt gooseflesh break out on my arms and my belly contracted as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft, her head bobbing, making little wet sucking sounds, and moans, and rocking her hips. I pulled my cock slowly from her mouth when I thought I couldn’t take much more without coming, and I told her don’t move kitten, and I walked back around the table.

Sarah wanted to look back, but didn’t; trying to be a good girl, and she stayed where she was, with her hands gripping the table edge, and I could see her thighs trembling a little and her whole body seemed to thrum with tension. I stopped behind her where she could not see me and stood, not touching her until she began moving her hips a little with frustration, but not looking back; she knew I was trying to catch her at that, and I relented and placed my right hand on the inside of her left thigh, high up, and cupped the soft flesh there, and squeezed a little, and stroked her up and down the inside of her thigh, and Sarah tried to push her hips down to make my touch her cunny, but I kept my hand on her inner thigh, and then the other inner thigh, her right leg, with my left hand, and stroked her with my fingertips all up the inside of her thighs from her knee to the standing tendon at the junction of her slender legs.

I took my hand from her skin for just a moment before very softly cupping her sopping little cunny in my right hand; my fingers together, just holding my hand there, and Sarah immediately moaned, and tried to push down, and I moved my hand away until she stilled, and put it back then, cupping, holding, a little pressure but no more than that, and Sarah tried again to press down, and she knew what I wanted but couldn’t help herself, and pressed down again, needing friction, needing my fingers, my tongue, my cock inside her, something, and again I took my hand away until she was still, and she gathered her willpower and held motionless, and I cupped her bare little cunny again, and this time she stayed still, and I held her there for an unfair time and she was very good, and with my hand cupping her cunt, and her juices leaking into my palm, I pressed her piping little clit with my two middle fingers and rolled it a little, and Sarah’s whole body tensed, and quivered, and it took all of her strength not to move.

I rolled, and stroked her like that, strumming her center, my fingers wet and slick, and as I moved her clit around in a little circle, I slowly sank my thumb into her pussy and left it there, and I could feel her cunt spasm a little, and the slick sweet softness of her. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her, and she nodded her head, and I asked her if she’ll do anything I say, and she nodded her head again, and she said please, please make me do it baby, please make me. I want you to make me. I rolled her clit harder for just a moment, which made her gasp and squirm, her mouth open, then I took my hand away, my thumb slipping slickly from her pussy and couldn’t help stroking the pad of my thumb over her little ass hole, which made her jump, and pushing my thumb just a little way into her ass, she was so exposed, so quivery, I couldn’t help it, which made her moan. I might fuck your ass I said, I might come in your ass Sarah, I said quietly, I want to slide my cock into your ass, and I stroked her little bud again when I said that, and I said I want it to hurt you, and Sarah gave a little sound like a little whimper or cry, and maybe whispered something, but I didn’t hear what she said.

I put my arm under around her waist then, and pulled her from the table, and set her on her feet, and I turned her and I leaned back against the table, and pulled Sarah into me, between my legs, and she came to me and I put her arms around my neck, and dragged my fingers, just the nails, just lightly, up her ribs from her hips, and it made her shiver and I ran my fingers down her ribs again, and pulled her into my by her hips, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and I only had to turn my head a little, and she fit her mouth to mine, and kissed me. It was a slow, trembly kiss, and she breathed into my mouth, and there was a lot of hunger in that kiss, and it made me kiss her harder, bending her back a little, and she felt small and strong and light in my arms, and my arm around her lower back pulled her harder into me, and her bare mound pressed to the rough fabric of my jeans and it made her pull back a little, so of course I pulled her harder into me and made sure her mound was pressed fully against me, and when her hips rocked against me and I pressed back into her she could feel my cock through my jeans and it was that or the rough contact that made her gasp, her mouth still open and her tongue in my mouth, and mine in hers, and the kiss stayed slow, but hard, and we demanded a lot from each other in that kiss.

I pulled her arms from around my neck, and pushed her hands behind her back, and gathered her wrists in my right hand, and took one taut breast in my left hand, and cupped it, and found her hard little nipple while I kissed her, and lowered my head, and took it in my mouth, and sucked it, licked and teased and took it between my teeth, and tugged and sucked hard and let it pull free. I ran my hand up into her hair then, and filled my hand with her dark hair, and pulled her head back, and bent it to the side, and that exposed the long line of her neck and I slid my teeth along her neck from just below her ear, down to her sensitive spot where her neck meets her shoulder, and I sank my teeth there harder, felt her muscle quiver, and I knew that her mouth was open. I licked my own saliva from her skin then, and kissed the mark I’d left on her, and licked up her neck back to her ear, and let go of her hair, and let go of her wrists, and Sarah put her arms back around my neck, she likes that, and I pulled her into me so her whole body was pressed to me, and she tried to press harder into me along her whole length, and I ran my hands up and down her back, and over her ass, over her hips, and I did that for a long while, until Sarah was almost in a trance, but moving against me softly. I like to hold Sarah like that, when she is naked and I am dressed. I don’t know why. And Sarah likes it too.

I pushed her away from me a little, so she was standing in front of me, and I was still leaning against the table. I held her there for a moment, with my hands on her upper arms, then let my hands drop. Sarah started to move towards me then, and I stopped her with my hands on her arms, and she stopped, and looked a little shy, and a little like she didn’t know what to do with her hands and that made me smile. And I looked at her, my needy, quivery little kitten, and I asked her if she wanted me to touch her, and she nodded, and I said put your fingers in your pussy baby, very quietly, and she hesitated for a moment, and I said it again, and Sarah looked down, and I put my fingers under her chin, and kept them there, and made her look at me, and I said again put your fingers in your pussy Sarah, and she put her hand down, and she hesitated, but then I saw her lips part a little, and she blinked slowly as she sank the middle fingers of her left hand into her pussy.

I told her to look at me, and I told her to rub her clit, and she looked at me, and her knees buckled a little as her slick, questing little fingers passed over her clit and she stroked it, and pressed it, and her hips rocked towards me. Harder, I said, and she gave the little moan she gives when I make her stroke her clit hard, like I like to, and she breathed in and in, quickly, two breaths, and I asked her if she was all wet, and she nodded, her eyes locked on mine, and big, and I said to show me, and she showed me her fingers, and they were all wet and shiny, and I leaned forward and kissed her wet fingers, and took her wrist in my hand, and guided her back to her pussy, and she slipped her fingers into her quivery little slit again, and I kept my hand there and slid just my middle finger into her cunt and our fingers moved together, and slipped and slid against each other and in and out of her pussy, which was drenched and slick, and that made Sarah moan, and when I dragged my finger over her clit, she gasped and moaned again, and her hips bucked forward a little. I leaned forward, my finger still on her clit, and her fingers moving around mine, slipping in and out of her cunny, and I whispered in her ear you’re a dirty little girl, you’re all wet, and your cunt is all slippery, and all you want is for me to fuck you, isn’t it? And Sarah nodded, and I whispered you’re my slutty little girl, and you want to come so bad, don’t you? And Sarah nodded, and I whispered to her for a little while longer, scolding her gently, with my fingers in her pussy, stroking her clit a little, telling her what a little slut she was, and what a dirty sweet baby girl she was, and how I was going to fuck her and that I wanted to fuck her and that I wanted to hurt her, and that I wanted to come in her mouth, and that I wanted to come in her tight little cunt, and Sarah nodded, and kept nodding, saying yes to everything.

I like to have my fingers in Sarah. I like to watch her face, and I did that for a long time, I held my finger still, but pressing on her clit, and Sarah would try to grind her hips a little to make more pressure, and I’d flick my finger up, lightly, or hard, quickly, or slow, and make her move and make her pant and make little sounds, which I like too.

I pulled my fingers away, and Sarah moaned, and I could tell she was getting a little frantic, I’d kept her at this pitch for a long time now, and I put my wet fingers in her mouth, and she sucked them and sucked on them, pulling, and it made me think of her mouth on my cock, drawing, and sucking, and licking, and she kept her fingers in her pussy, moving and stroking, and I sat back, left her standing in front of me and I leaned forward enough to kiss and suck each hard little nipple, but then watched her face and watched her strum her little clit, her fingers so wet they were making little squishy noises, which made her blush, and her thighs were starting to tremble. I folded my arms, and watched her face, and I knew she wanted to ask, and I knew that she knew what I would say if she did.

Now. I think about Sarah standing in front of me, helplessly touching herself, trembling with need, and I smile, and kiss her shoulder, and the back of her neck, and I draw my palm down her ribs, and over the gentle swell of her hip, and over her ass, under her panties, and she parts her thighs a little to let my hand in, and I very softly part the lips of her bare little cunny, and slip my two middle fingers into her, just gently, and Sarah makes a little sighing sound, and I feel her move her legs, her bottom leg almost straight, her ass pressed out, and the top leg bent sharply, knee pulled up, so her pussy is tight on my fingers, and I think how that will feel, and my cock jerks, and Sarah feels it because all of her fingertips are still on me, and I feel her foot touch mine, and I look down and the sight of her pretty little bare foot pressed to the leather of my dress shoe is somehow crushingly erotic.

Then. She finally did ask. She had to, or come that way, standing in front of me, her fingers in her cunt moving more slowly, and more lightly as she got closer to coming, until she was barely touching her clit, and had to jerk her fingers away because she was so close to coming, so close to tipping over the edge. So finally she had to ask if she could come, she said I’m so close baby, I need to come, or I need to stop, or please, just please, I want to come, can I? Can I baby, come? Please can I? And her voice was quiet, and a little shaky, and trembly, and she kept having to jerk her fingers away from her clit.

I shook my head, and her eyes filled, and she made a little sob sound. I took her wrist in my hand, and pulled her fingers away, and she didn’t resist, and I held her wrists in my hands, and leaned forward and kissed her throat, and I could feel her pulse hammering there, fast. I turned us, so Sarah was leaning against the table, and I knelt down, and Sarah gasped before I even touched her, and her hips moved towards me helplessly, and I put her hands on my head, so she would know that she could, and she ran her fingers into my hair, and I could feel her nails, and I could feel how badly she wanted to pull my face into her, and I looked up at her and I said don’t pull baby, and she was looking down at me, and nodded, and I put my hands on her hips, and I kissed her belly, and I kissed a little trail down below her belly button, and I put a hand behind one knee, and hoisted one slim leg up over my shoulder, and kissed the inside of her thigh, lingeringly, and Sarah had to put one hand on the edge of the table to steady herself, and kept one hand in my hair, and cocked her leg open, her calf across my shoulders and she couldn’t help pulling on my head a little, she was so trembly, I could feel her shaking, and I opened my mouth, and put my mouth on her center, and dragged my tongue up her slit, and when the tip of my tongue curled over her clit, Sarah cried out and her hips jerked forward, and she convulsed, all the muscles in her thighs tensing, and her arm going around my head, and I licked her again, a little harder, the tip of my tongue flicking her clit again at the top of the stroke and Sarah cried out again, and she was trembling almost continually now, and I kept my tongue on her clit, and swirled it there, and with my free hand, my other hand was still around her thigh, which was still over my shoulder, I slid two fingers into her drenched and soaking little cunny, and curled my fingers towards me, pulling along the front of her pussy, as deeply as I could reach, and I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers, and her belly cramp, and I swirled my tongue harder in a pattern over and around her clit, licking and pressing and slid my fingers in and out of her pussy, hard, but not quickly, and Sarah was gasping, and I felt her nails in my hair, and she was pulling my face between her thighs as hard as she could, and her leg around my shoulders was pulling me into her too, and I pushed my fingers in deeply, and pressed the smooth front wall of her pussy with the pads of my fingers, and kept the smooth, firm swirl of my tongue just on the sensitive tip of her clit, the quivering center of her, and Sarah came.

I knew, because she froze, just for a moment, her breathing stopped, and her trembling increased, and I felt her energy gather, and it all came to a delicious overload, and she gave a breathless, wordless cry, and I felt her hips jerking, and her body alive and moving and sweet under my hands and mouth and she pressed my face to her and gave in to the shocks of pleasure racing through her and I kept my tongue working a tiny circle over her clit, until she gave a cry and gathered my hair in her hand, and pulled my head away.

Now. I feel Sarah’s hips moving a little as I gently stroke my fingers in and out of her pussy, wetting her, slipping over her clit a little. Her eyes are still closed, and she’s drifty and dreamy. I smile when I think about how hard she came last night. I thought she was going to pass out. My hips are still moving too, and her fingertips are all slickery now with the fluid leaking from my cock, and it feels good to do this, just moving a little, she’s pressing with her fingers on my cock, catching under the head, under the ridge if I pull back far enough, and I taste her skin again, and she’s soft and sweet, and I kiss her shoulder again, and she says shhhh, baby, and I know what she means.

Then. Sarah came so hard she almost passed out. Her leg holding her up buckled, and I had to catch her.

I let her leg over my shoulder slide off, and I stood up and slipped an arm under her shoulders, and another behind her knees, and stood, scooping her up, and her arms went around my neck. I kissed her, and she opened her mouth to me, and her body was still trembling and spasming a little, and her breathing was fast and shallow, and I carried her over towards the bed, and sat down with her still in my arms on a low padded bench that ran the length of the foot of the bed, and was pressed up against it. It had a name, Sarah told me what it was, but I couldn’t remember.

I sat in the middle, and cradled her shoulders with my left arm, and let her feet rest on the bench, and kissed her some more, and slid my right hand up her thigh and slid two fingers into her pussy, sinking them easily into her slippery little cunt quickly and Sarah gasped into my mouth. I let her adjust to that for a moment, moving gently, then dragged them over her clit, and she was a little too sensitive still, because she jumped, and took my wrist in her hand and stopped me, pulling my fingers away from her clit. I freed my hand from hers, and slid my two middle fingers back into her pussy, this time with my palm up, and put the pad of my thumb on her clit, and pressed a little, and stroked, and Sarah jumped again, and pulled my hand away, and with a breathless little laugh, she kissed me, and said I’m still too sensitive baby, wait a second. Too sensitive baby? I asked, and laughed a little, and Sarah laughed too, and I said poor kitten, I can help you with that, and I kissed her, and put one arm under her thighs, and with my arm under her shoulders too, flipped her over so she was face down over my lap, with her knees and her elbows on the bench, and her ass poking up a little over my lap, and I gathered her hair in my left hand, and pulled up, so I could watch her face, and slid my right hand up her thigh again, but the back of her thigh now, and slid my fingers into her pussy and wet them, and then found her clit, and pressed it a little, and stroked it with two fingers and slipped my thumb into her pussy, and Sarah clamped her thighs on my hand, and squirmed and writhed on my lap, and I watched her face, and soon she was pumping her hips, and panting, and I could feel her tummy tightening on my thigh, and I rubbed her tender little clit hard and rhythmically, harder than she likes, not letting her pace it, driving her on, she was breathing hard and squeezing her eyes shut, and I didn’t let up, circling and stroking, and slipping my fingers over and around and over her clit, bearing down, circling, and we could hear my fingers moving in her cunny even over the sound of her breaths and cries, and I saw goosebumps on her arms and back and thighs, and then Sarah was coming again, I felt her pussy contract on my thumb, and she squeezed her thighs hard together, and her hips made sharp little jerks in time with her quiet little cries, and I saw a tear slip from her eye and roll down her cheek, and I didn’t stop my fingers until I felt her body relax and she took a deep shaky breath.

Now. I raise up a little, and kneel over Sarah, my hands planted on the bed on either side of her head. She’s still laying on her side, with one leg below her straight, and the other bent, and pulled up towards her.

My tie falls down and drags over her shoulder and I see her react to the cool silk and I kiss her shoulder, and down her arm a little way, and her neck behind her ear, and leaning forward to kiss her there makes my cock drag over her hip, and the lace on the edge of her panties is pleasant little frisson of sensation.

I push my knee behind her bent knee, and push it even more forward, and lift her leg so her thigh is over mine, and I’m straddling her left leg, and raise up, kneeling up, her leg between mine, and with one hand I unfasten my belt, and free completely my cock from my pants, and with the other I quest between her legs, find the edge of her panties and pull them up to uncover her pretty little cunny, and I fit the head of my cock to her little slit, and I say look at me, and Sarah’s tousled head turns and her eyes are heavy lidded and she smiles a little, and I groan as I drive my hips forward slowly and my cock sinks into her body in a long slow slide.

Then. Sarah was limp and helpless when I pushed her gently from my lap and helped her stand, and gripped her upper arm and led her over to the bed.

As we passed the table I stopped to take a velvet ribbon that went with one of Sarah’s dresses, and I pushed her down on the bed, onto her belly, and I pulled her hands behind her back, and tied her wrists together with the ribbon, tightly, wrapping the wide soft ribbon around and around her wrists.

I kissed her between her shoulder blades, and her lower back, and licked her skin and tasted salt and her taste, I kissed the back of her neck, and I bit her hard where her neck meets her shoulder, and her mouth opened but she made no sound. I took her arm in my hand, and flipped her over roughly, and this time she did make a sound, and I saw her watching my face. I stripped off my jeans, and pushed her thighs wide apart, and I knelt between her thighs on the edge of the bed, my feet still on the floor, and took my cock in my hand, and stroked the head up and down her heated slit, opening her, and I put my hand on her throat, so Sarah had to stretch her head back a little, and thrust my cock into her hard, and my pelvis slapped against her thighs, and Sarah opened her mouth silently, and I pulled my hips back and thrust forward again, hard enough to push her forward on the bed.

I gripped her hip with my other hand to pull her back to me, and drove my cock into her again, and again, and Sarah gave a little cry with every thrust, and it drove me on, and I leaned forward and sucked on her straining little nipples, as hard as little stones, and pulled on them with my teeth, and Sarah strained up towards me, just her shoulders and her ass touching the bed, and I drove my hips forward again, and felt her struggle to swallow and I realized that I still was gripping her throat, and I looked down to our liquid connection and watched my cock moving in and out of her bare little cunt, and Sarah was pushing her hips at me too, and I let go of her hip, and stroked her inner thigh, and ran my fingernails across the perfectly smooth flesh, and drew my hips back far, so only the head of my cock was still inside of her, and then forward again, hard, the slap of our bodies meeting, and I looked down to where my fingernails had made pale pink lines on the soft skin of her inner thigh, and I raised my hand, and brought it down sharply, high up on the inside of her thigh, where I’d been stroking her, and Sarah gave a sharp little cry, and swallowed against the pressure on her throat, and I saw another tear slip from her eye, and fall into her hair, and I pressed my mouth to hers, and drove my hips forward again, and Sarah raised her legs, and wrapped her thighs around me, and drew me in, and in, and I breathed into her mouth and was coming hard, my cock swelled and I pressed my hips forward, pushing Sarah’s whole body, and I could feel the pulsing, and the release, and I cried out, and Sarah lifted her head to keep her mouth on mine, straining her body up to me, and I could feel her contract on my cock with every pulse as I jerked and spasmed and shook.

Now. Sarah’s eyes flutter a little, and she breathes out a long breath. I press my forehead to hers, and it’s a little blurry, we’re so close, but we keep our eyes open and I stay still for a minute, savoring the connection, before moving inside her again, gently, but deeply, and I can feel her wince a little as I press my cock all the way inside her and I pull back, and stroke into her again, and lift up on her thigh so I can have all of her, and I kiss her eyelids, and her mouth, and I press my forehead into the warmth of her neck and I can breathe her scent, and we move together until the crisis overtakes us, almost together, I feel Sarah clench her tummy, and she makes a little sound, and she tightens on my cock, which pushes me over the edge, and we come together, and my mouth is open on her neck, and my arms are shaking as I hold myself up.

I slide down next to her, and help her turn into me as I lay on my back and gather her under my arm, and pull her in close. She drapes a thigh over mine, and I stroke her back and shoulder with my hand, and she purrs. She says untie me baby, and I smile sleepily, and say uh, uh, and she laughs very quietly, and the rain picks up outside, but in here? In here it’s warm.

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