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A Professor’s Tale

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I was beginning to think seriously about taking work outside the teaching profession that sunny, early fall Saturday, and I hate to think of what I would have missed if the phone hadn’t rung during my lunch.

The small college town of Giles, Michigan didn’t seem to be able to offer any interesting positions for me in either of the two local colleges, and there was a pretty good little touring jazz combo that needed a drummer and sound engineer…

maybe that would be a good gig for a while, I thought halfheartedly. But it was a beautiful fall season, the smell of new books mingled with the brisk autumn air, and as I did every fall, I began to feel a nostalgic, restless urge to be strolling an historic campus among lovely, enthusiastic, innocent-looking schoolgirls.

So when I answered the phone, and a woman’s accented voice asked for “Professor Williams,” I put down my coffee and gave my full attention.

“We found your resumé on your website, and we’d like to think you would find our college a perfect match for your interests and talents,” she said. I was familiar with Université Westminster, in the mountain town of Wengen, Switzerland, but I had only visited and taught there in some of my more treasured fantasies… I had considered it too exclusive to actually apply. Since my online resumé mentioned my views of education and discipline, I assumed that she was aware of them. Thrillingly, apparently also in agreement, since I was being considered. Not all colleges approve of spanking discipline – hardly any, in fact.

“We need to find a qualified English speaking professor, so that our girls may gain more familiarity with the language and culture that they will need to know in their various future careers,” the voice said. The voice, I learned, belonged to Mrs. Bourbon, the school receptionist, secretary and generally the manager of the school’s business. She could probably have me hired on her say-so, so I gave my best phone interview. I was, it seems, just what they were looking for, and they had already checked my references.

Two hours later, giddy with anticipation for my new position and its surprisingly comfortable salary, not to mention the “intangibles” of the job, I was packing, with a car service coming to take me to the airport.

At the Swiss airport, the girl behind the velvet rope holding the sign that said “Professor Williams” was certainly a cutie, with a small, pouty mouth and pert, full breasts… a fresh-faced blonde girl, wearing a sincere, hopeful expression as she searched for me among the disembarking passengers. I noted her light, white blouse and dark blue pleated schoolgirl skirt with approval… the glimpses of cleavage and thigh they afforded aroused my interest right away. She noticed me and waved happily, bouncing a bit on her toes as if to help me notice her. With that ponytail of blond hair swishing around like that, those bouncing breasts, how could I not notice?

Soon we were introduced to each other and in the school limo, with the driver loading my luggage in the trunk.

I had noticed the lovely curve of the underside of the girl’s well-rounded bottom as she bent to climb in, with even a glimpse of her white panty covered pussy mound between creamy thighs… I can’t be sure, but I think she arched her back and stuck out her bottom a little more than was strictly necessary, crawling in to the plush seating. My dirty mind’s desire was awakened by then…

Miss S. chatted gaily in a cute French accent, asking about my trip and so on, and smiled shyly, but often. I told her about the New York hotel and the wait at JFK, and that she was a lovely girl, and that I hoped she was a good student. She put her hand on my leg, and said “Oh, I hope so, sir… I do try… I am most happy you are coming to teach us. You look more nice than Dr. Calhoun, who was old and mean.”

The limo was comfortable, with seats like couches, and the view of the pretty town outside was giving away to even prettier countryside as we made our way up the road to the mountains in the afternoon sun. It had been some time since I could look out a limosine window and see castles on hillsides. Never, in fact. But the interior of the car was what had my attention.

“I am nice,” said, placing my hand on hers and smiling into her eyes, “as long as you obey and behave like a good student, of course.” She actually blushed, and put her hands to her pretty face, and said “oh, well, yes.”

“Yes?” I said.

“Well…” she hesitated.

“Have you misbehaved, young lady?” I asked, silently hoping she had… she looked out the window and shook her head no.

The driver, at this, glance over his shoulder and muttered “Tell him, lassy, just how it is you’re in this car, and where you’re supposed to be!”

“That’s enough,” she said crossly, and pushed the button to raise the glass partition. “Traitor!” she grumbled.

I raised an eyebrow and looked seriously at her. “Well, maybe you’d better explain that before we get back to the school.”

“Oh…” she fidgeted, with her hands clasped between her knees, “I sort of… decided to come along to be the first to meet you, and welcome you to our school. That’s all.”

“And what you’re not telling me is…?” I asked, recognizing a schoolgirl’s evasion right away. “I’ll find out when you get back, you know.”

“Well…” she ducked her head and squirmed a little, trying to avoid the inevitable. She realized that it was hopeless, and made the wise decision to simply tell me. “I was supposed to be helping clean the dorms.” Aha, I thought. Then came the flood of excuses… “But Evelyn said she would cover for me, and I had to do it last week anyway, and all the girls said I should go, and the driver let me, after I… well, I did something nice for him.” She covered her mouth instantly… too much had been revealed, it seemed.

“Oh? What sort of something?”

“I, um, kissed his… I gave him… in the front seat, and I just leaned over…” She was blushing madly. “But that’s not so bad! It’s not really so very naughty, and he said it was okay!”

“Then you wouldn’t mind explaining that to your headmistress?” I said. Her eyes became twice as big. The headmistress, I knew, was a Mrs. Hedge, an unsmiling, matronly woman that polite society would call “handsome” or “sturdy.”

“Oh, no, please, sir!” She was quite agitated. “No, don’t make me tell! Please, it’s private!” She grabbed my arm and pressed her other hand to my leg, leaning toward me, displaying her sincerity and some very pretty cleavage.

“It looks like my duties are calling already,” I said, “and I think you know what I mean. Miss, you’re going to be disciplined. Either now, by me, in this car, or later, by your headmistress. I think you have a decision to make.” She withdrew her warm hands and crossed her arms over her chest.

“No fair” she said crossly, “I thought you said you were nice!”

“Now or later, Miss,” I said. “Your choice. But just to show you how nice I am, your indiscretion doesn’t need to become public knowledge if you take your punishment now.”

“What do you mean? How are you going to punish me? You wouldn’t…”

“I’m afraid so. There’s ample room here for a good spanking.” My prick was already stiffening in my trousers.

“But… but how… will you…” she could barely speak.

“Just say ‘yes, sir,’ and you don’t need to worry about the details,” I said. “Would you prefer to be disciplined now, rather than later?”

She fidgeted, covered her face with her hands and mumbled something. “Come now, speak up!” I said, getting a little impatient.

“Yes… sir.” she said quietly, in a shaky voice.

“Alright then, over my lap you go,” I said, and grabbed her arm, pulling her over, face down on my lap, overcoming the expected resistance as she squealed in protest. It’s best to move quickly. I took hold of her thigh, and moved her up so that her bottom was right over my lap, with her legs and upper body on the cushy leather seat. She squirmed and wriggled, which I didn’t mind at all, and I soon had her right in the proper position. Feeling like I was opening a present, I raised her short skirt up to reveal a round, pert, slightly plump bottom, still wriggling in thin, tight white panties… my prick stirred involuntarily in my trousers, stiffening more against her. I was sure she could feel it if she stopped moving.

I gave her bottom a couple quick smacks and told her to calm down, and not to try to block my spanks with her hand. “Now for these panties to come down,” I said sternly. She gasped, “Oh, no, please, no, you’ll see my… you’ll…”

“Yes, I will. I will see your little pussy peeking out under your bottom, and you’ll know I can see it. That’s part of getting a bare bottom spanking. If you don’t want that, then you shouldn’t disobey the rules. You are a student under authority, and you need to remember that.” With that I was slowly peeling her cotton panties down over the pert curve of her firm, trembling bottom cheeks, ignoring her indignant gasping, with my left arm around her waist to keep her from interfering. I was enjoying every moment… What a sight revealed itself to me. There’s nothing like a pert, young girl’s bottom on my lap with a skirt lifted up and panties below to get me going.

I gave her a sharp preliminary couple of spanks on the roundest part of her pretty bottom, with her flimsy, white panties now rolled down her thighs a few inches.

“Oh! Oww!” She was indignant, and began to kick and wriggle.

“No kicking!” I said, and began her spanking, taking my time, alternating cheeks, while she wriggled and thrusted deliciously against me, rubbing against my prick through my thin trousers. The spanking sounds filled the cabin of the limo, as did her voice… I guessed the driver could probably hear us, but I also guessed that he would understand. Discretion is part of such work.

“Oh, my! Oww! Oooh! Ouch! It stings! Oww-eee! Uhhhh….”

My prick was rampant, and it certainly didn’t shy from the bouncing pressure of this lovely lass.

She squealed, she heaved her bottom up and down, she moaned and cried out in incoherent protest, she arched her back, then clenched her bottom and pressed against me, she breathed excitedly… she was a wild minx of a girl, and she was beginning to get a blush in her bottom cheeks. The rosy pink appearing on her creamy, bouncing bottom was a sight to behold. It felt good to see and feel a round bottom bouncing on my lap again, and to hear a girlish voice squealing with excitement.

The limo must have been going up the winding, rougher mountain road by then, but I was oblivious to the outside world.

The spanking continued at a leisurely pace, with some pauses to rub her pretty, writhing derriere, and her cries became more like moans… and then I felt a moist heat emanating from below the deep cleft of her bottom.

As I had told her, I could indeed see her pussy when she thrust her bottom up, as she was doing now, in a sort of rhythm, and her little fig of a quim, with its hint of light, downy hair, pouted plumply, glistening slightly… she was very aroused, without a doubt, whether she would admit it or not. My spanks remained a little sharp, but became slower, and timed to meet her bottom as it was thrust up.

“Oh, sir… I… Please…” she breathed.

“Please what?” I said, enjoying her agitation. “Please spank you harder?”

“No, please… more rubbing… it stings…”

“Well, alright… like this?” I stroked the silky skin of her round, heaving bottom, my fingers straying a little in between the mounds now and then…

“Yes… oh… that’s…”

“…Nice?” I said. She seemed to want to agree, but was breathing hard and mewing, gyrating her pelvis and thrusting herself against me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, with her pretty red lips against the black seat leather, her blond hair spilling around her head.

I further explored between her soft, firm, round bottom cheeks, and then…

I dared… I touched her pussy. She sighed, and didn’t move away, but her bottom seemed to quiver… I stroked the plump little mound, around the slickly wet pouting lips, then slowly probing… inside… Her hips gyrated in smaller circles, and her moans became regular and low. When she arched her back and thrust her hips up, I could see her pussy take my fingers in, and also her crinkled bottomhole in that deep cleft… pink and small, it seemed to want attention too.

My fingers slick with her moisture, I moved my hand, stroking the delicate skin between her pussy and bottomhole… she seemed to moan a little more urgently, and raised her hips toward me… I bent down and licked my finger, then began to rub it around that tight, soft little anus… with my left arm around her waist, I moved that hand to her pussy, cupping it, softly rubbing her clitoral area. She willingly spread her legs as much as she could with the panties around her upper thighs, still writhing and wriggling sensuously, and breathing in the panting, urgent way of a woman much aroused.

I gradually worked by finger into her softly gripping bottomhole, to her body’s apparent approval, as her breath quickened.

“Uh… it’s… yeesssss….” she moaned. “Please, yes… Oh, my! Oh!” I was unabashedly finger-fucking her bottom, and she was unabashedly meeting my thrusts with her own heaving bottom, while I rubbed and stroked her pussy… There was no turning back now.

My prick was straining at my trousers, and I decided to free it. Moving Miss S’s legs off the seat so she was kneeling, facing the back of the seat, I quickly loosed my trousers and let them fall, and knelt behind her on the carpeted floor, stroking her pussy again.

“You liked my touch in your bottom,” I said, “I could tell. I think you’d like more of that. I also know you’re a virgin, and you can’t have a man’s prick up your sweet little pussy yet.”

She moaned incoherently, moving her hips as I touched her pussy, her bottom thrust up, and her shirt unbuttoned, rubbing her breasts on the leather.

“I’m going to fuck you in your bottom now,” I said, “and this is to be our special secret. I know you consider such things private, and I know you want it. It’s very naughty for us to do this, but you have a naughty little bottom and pussy, and I want it too. So just relax…”

I had brought a travel size tube of hand lotion, thinking of the dry mountain air, and I was very glad it was handily in my pocket. I fished it out with one hand, and squeezed out a big glob, and stroked her pretty little pussy while it warmed in my hand… she sighed and pressed against me… was she a little nervous?

The anticipation was nearly unbearable – here was a nubile, juicy young girl, bent over in front of me with her skirt up, panties down, sticking her beautiful round bottom up toward me, moaning and wrigging softly, in the back of a limo in the beautiful Swiss mountains.

I could wait no longer. I gently applied some lotion to her tender, squeezing bottomhole, and to my raging, hard prick. She was breathing more quickly, whimpering slightly as my finger massaged the slick inside of her soft, tight channel, rocking back to meet my hand. In a couple minutes, she was ready.

I put my cockhead between her round, firm bottomcheeks and pushed forward… it spread the warm mounds apart, and touched her anus. Nothing would stop me now… I pressed against her soft rosebud, and the tip of my prick began to squeeze inside…

She whimpered, and gripped the seat leather more tightly, her eyes still closed… “Oooh… yes, naughty.. oh, it’s going in my bottom…Oh! So big… naughty…”

My hands holding her hips steady, I pushed onward, my prick slowly sliding up her tight, well-lubricated bottomhole… until her soft warm cheeks were pressed against my abdomen, and I finally had thrust in all the way. Her moaning was higher pitched now, and she wriggled a little, and I pulled out slowly, and stroked back in… it was heaven. The pressure against my prick was amazing, and her clenching and thrusting gave an incredibly erotic massage, as I plunged into her willing, bouncing bottom. My shaft squeezed in and out between her plump, round cheeks, which were still glowing pinkly from her spanking, as she moaned and squealed, heaved and thrusted…

I wondered if I could make her come by administering a few sharp spanks to that lovely, bouncing bottom while I fucked her tight, silky smooth passage. The idea intrigued me… the spanking had aroused her before, maybe now it would push her over the edge into climax. Not to mention myself.

“You’re being a bad girl,” I said, her hips under my hands, “fucking your new professor with your naughty bottom. I think you need more spanking!”

She squealed and writhed, and I thought I would explode in her right then. Breathing heavily, I gave her a crisp smack on her gyrating ass. She yelped and clenched, squeezing my prick delightfully…. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

I began to spank her smartly, and she cried out and moved her hips like never before. Her young, tight bottom was going to coax every drop out of my prick, and very soon… it was spasming, gripping my prick, thrusting wantonly against me…


That put me over the edge, and I thrust tightly against her, released a torrent of come up her quivering, heaving bottom, as she came in waves of moaning orgasm.

Our rhythmic rocking slowed, and we breathed heavily, lying together on the seat for some time. Her lips sought out mine, and we kissed lazily for a while, while I dreamily noticed the trees go by the window, and the snowy peaks in the distance.

Fortunately, the bump at the end of the school’s long driveway roused us, and we were able to make ourselves presentable before the limo stopped.

“You’re a good professor, I can tell,” said my cute companion, as we pulled up to the administration building, “and your nice, thick prick feels so good up my bottom! It’s better than his!” She pointed toward the driver.

I could already see that this was going to be a great college teaching experience.

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