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Not with My Twin!

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Twins hate being out of synch, like when one of us is upset and the other isn’t, and that was the mood as I drove to Uncle Joe’s shack. I was in a funk about losing an argument that should have never included me. Now, I was stuck spending an overnight in woods without internet because Robin wanted to play house with her friends.

Robin, my twin sister, had cooked up the idea of spending the first weekend of summer camping in Uncle Joe’s shack with two of her girlfriends. Mom had vetoed three college girls spending a weekend in the woods. Mom’s objection remained when Robin offered, “What if we go up early Friday and come back late Saturday?” When that didn’t work, Robin drew me into the mix, suggesting I could come, too.

Robin further justified my participation with, “Robbie can make sure it’s just me and my girlfriends, right Robbie?” Before I knew it, I had lost an argument that had never included me.

Twins spent their lifetimes being forced to do things together. If one of us wants to see a movie, we both go. Being forced to spend the weekend with Robin and her girlfriends felt as bad as being dragged into the theater for a triple play of “Mean Girls,” “She’s the Man,” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

“You know, Mallory has always had a thing for you,” Robin told me as we bounced down the dirt path towards the hunting shack. I checked the rearview mirror to make sure Mallory and Amber were keeping up. “Amber, too. She used to talk about you all the time.”

“Enough to blow me?” I grumbled.

“Maybe,” Robin laughed. Her repeated attempts at lightening my mood were slowly working. I couldn’t help it. Like I said, twins hated being out of synch. “What did Uncle Joe give you?”

“A shotgun for bears and two jars of moonshine.”

“There aren’t really bears in those woods, are they?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. That was the tale we were as told as kids visiting the shack by the lake. We had to be inside by dark or else the bears would get us. Those were the best summer weekends. Dad and his brother Joe would sit on the porch sipping from moonshine from Mason jars while we ran wild through the woods and swam off the pier. Those were summer days that felt as if they would last forever.

We opened up the shack, letting it air out while while the girls started sweeping and clean up the sparse space as if making it ready for an open house. I did as little as possible, choosing to sit on the porch while they worked. At one point, Robin caught me watching Mallory’s backside as the short, skinny blonde made a trip to her car for more snacks. “Pervert,” Robin mumbled low enough so only I could hear.

“It’s only perverted when I watch your ass,” I said, not caring that Robin had caught me lecherously eyeing her girlfriend. Screw her, you know? Mallory had an ass worthy of a second look. Besides, we weren’t kids anymore. All of us were twenty years old, including Robin’s girlfriends. That meant I could stare all I wanted. “I know just what we need,” I said, finally motivated to move. I dumped two gallons of sweet tea into a big watering thermos I had, half a bag of ice and one of the jars of moonshine.

“Not too much,” Robin cautioned. “You remember what Dad used to always tell us.”

“What is that?” Amber, Robin’s big busted girlfriend asked.

“Moonshine,” I explained. “And rumor has it that if you drink too much of it, you’ll go blind.”

“I want some!” Amber squealed and for the first time, I held out some hope for what could happen. I pressed the button spout on the bottom, filled four red Solo cups and we toasted each other.

“I don’t taste anything,” Mallory complained.

Robin started Uncle Joe’s warning about his ‘shine, “It’s strong enough to turn straight hair curly. . .”

“And your curly hair straight!” I finished. “At least that’s what Uncle Joe always told us.”

“I don’t have any curly hair,” the pretty little blonde said, shooting me a grin that made me smile, too.

I don’t know how it works for identical twins, since Robin and I are fraternal. When we were kids, we were forced to have the same friends. But somewhere around the ages of twelve to fourteen, Robin had her friends and I had mine. Mallory and Amber used to visit our house for sleepovers and I could remember going to sleep in the next room and hearing their naughty giggles as they shared girl secrets. I had spent a lot of nights wondering what had made them giggle like that.

The shack stood nestled in a clearing facing a spring fed lake. The treetop canopy gave enough shade to keep the shack at least ten degrees cooler than outside. We were still sipping spiked ice tea when the girls locked me out of the shack so they could change into swimsuits. Like a dummy, I had forgotten to bring a swimsuit, so I improvised. I stripped out of my shorts and wore my boxer briefs. While I waited on the porch, I heard the same kind of giggles I used to hear during sleepovers and wrestled with my imagination. Eventually, the three girls walked out wearing the tiniest bikinis I could imagine. I stared as they walked past me, admiring the parade. I grabbed the jug of ice tea and walked behind them for the view.

Between the two of Robin’s friends, Mallory had always been my favorite. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because of her blonde hair, petite size or because I have a thing for small tits. I’ve always been of the mind that smaller titties are more sensitive and usually have nicer nipples. However, as I strolled behind the trio of girls, my eyes spent more time watching Amber’s ass than Mallory’s. Amber’s bikini bottoms showed off more flesh and it looked as if the raven haired Amber had a tan that never ended. I might be a sucker for blondes, but Amber’s shapely ass and deep, dark tan kept my attention.

“Enjoying the view?” Robin asked, glancing over her shoulder at me.

“You know, eye candy goes both ways,” Amber said, turning around and looking at me as she walked backwards. Her eyes worked up and down my body. I didn’t mind. Like my sister, I was blessed with broad shoulders and a naturally lean cut. I didn’t have anything to be ashamed of. Except for my sister’s tits, Robin and I looked like twins. We’re the same height. We have the same greenish-brown eyes and brown hair. Hell, when we were kids, people assumed we were identical twins until they saw the bow in her hair.

“How far does that tan go?” I asked, not caring if I offended Robin’s friends.

“All the way, baby,” Amber purred and turned back around. She fiddled with the side of her bikini bottom, pulling it up a bit and as far as I could see, her tan never ended.

They laid out a couple blankets in a flat, grassy area near the pier. I propped up the jug of spiked iced tea on a nearby rock. The three girls laid out side-by-side and left enough room for me on the end to join them. I stretched out next to Mallory while a bottle of lotion was passed around. I resisted the easy flirt of asking Mallory if she needed help with the lotion.

Feeling conspicuous in my boxer briefs, I rolled on my front in case my imagination got the better of me. Mallory did the same thing, only she untied her bikini top after she rolled over. She gave me a sweet smile and closed her eyes while I laid there considering the possibilities of her forgetting about her top being untied. I was glad I was on my front.

We baked for the better part of an hour in the hot summer sun, rolling over on a regular basis to keep our tans even. I had to spend more time than I wanted on my stomach to hide the needful bulge inside my shorts. Twice, Mallory had leaned up to sip her iced tea and hadn’t bothered covering up her chest. I guess she thought her elbow would shield her tits from view, either that, or she didn’t care. I made sure to keep my head turned towards her for another show.

“Is it okay to swim?” Mallory asked.

“Yep,” I assured her. “No snakes or rocks, but it gets deep past the dock.”

“Mm, I like it deep,” Mallory said and the three girls giggled.

“We should skinny-dip,” Amber suggested.

“I’m not getting naked in front of my brother,” Robin said, saying what I was thinking.

“Aw, come on,” Mallory begged, draining dry her cup of spiked iced tea.

“Yeah, maybe we want to see your brother naked,” Amber said.

“I don’t,” Robin declared.

“Don’t I get a vote?” I asked, ready to take my sister’s side in a raw show of solidarity.

“No,” they said together.

Her friends gave up. Mallory re-tied her top and we took turns jumping off the end of the dock. As we splashed around in the water, Robin caught me staring at her girlfriends and saw how I was beginning to rethink my earlier stance on skinny-dipping. “Get naked and I’m going to look,” she warned.

“What are you talking about?” I asked feigning fake innocence. We were twins and I couldn’t hide it. More than anything, I was trying to figure out a way to get her friends naked.

Mallory was first to grant my wish and it had nothing to do with me. In fact, it had nothing to do with any of us. She had climbed back out of the water, made a running jump off the end of the pier and surfaced without her top. “Oh-my-God!” she squealed, laughing and giggling as her top floated away. Amber was quicker reaching the flimsy piece of fabric. Snatching it from the water, she threw it back on the dock.

“You bitch!” Mallory squealed, laughing and instead of swimming after her top, she attacked Amber. A moment later, I was floating in the water with two topless girls and I hadn’t done a thing to make it happen. I shot Robin a glance.

“Don’t suggest it,” Robin warned me.

“Suggest what?” I asked.

“Get Robin!” Amber called. I swam out of the area and watched Robin fighting off her two topless girlfriends. She put up a good fight, too, until Amber squealed. “Hey! No fair! She just took off my bottoms!”

Laughing, Robin tossed me the small piece of cloth. I did what I believe any guy would have done, I tossed Amber’s bottoms to the dock, too.

“Two can play at that game,” Amber said, vanishing beneath the surface of the water. A moment later, she resurfaced with another bikini bottom. She tossed it to me and I threw it on the dock before realizing whose bottoms I had just thrown.

“Hey!” Robin complained. “I don’t want to be naked in front of my brother!”

“Too late,” Mallory said as she made another stab for Robin’s top. This time, she was successful and she eagerly swam away with it.

“Bring that back!” Robin cried, making a stab at her friend. Instead of catching her, she wound up pulling off Mallory’s bottoms.

“Give those back!” Mallory said, floating a few feet away from Robin.

“Give me back my top,” Robin negotiated.

“Go get it,” Mallory said, throwing Robin’s top to the dock, too.

Robin threw Mallory’s bottoms and, without doing a thing, I was in the water with three naked women. My mistake, however, was not paying attention to Robin’s friends. I didn’t notice Amber diving beneath the water again and I didn’t realize what that meant until she raked my boxer briefs off of me.

“Woohoo!” she cheered, tossing them to Mallory. Mallory tossed them to Robin and my sister tossed them to the dock.

“Really?” I complained.

“You threw mine first,” Robin said.

“I didn’t know they were yours,” I said, though I guess it didn’t matter.

I had no idea what would happen next, but my imagination was filled with suggestions. Swimming naked in the warm water felt good. Better yet, Robin’s friends weren’t shy about bouncing around and showing off their bodies. I saw how Amber had told the truth about her tan never stopping and I tried my best to not stare at her big tits as she splashed around.

Just as alluring was Mallory. She had the smallest tits of the group, but she also had the best tanlines, too. Twin white triangles outlined two small breasts dotted with bright, pink nipples.

Yes, I checked out Robin, too. “Looking good, sis,” I told her, laughing.

“Pervert,” she said, swimming backwards away from me. I watched her, staring at her tits, too. Why not? Tits are tits, aren’t they? When she was far enough away from me, she began kicking her feet on the surface of the water and splashed the hell out of me. Robin’s tit’s were at least a handful. Her breasts were bigger than Mallory’s, though not as big as Amber’s. She had a tanline, too, but her tan wasn’t as pronounced as Mallory’s. My guess was that she sometimes went tanning with Amber, because there’s no way someone could have as nice of a tan as Amber’s this early in the summer without spending time on a tanning bed.

“Your sister is hot,” Amber told me, swimming close to me.

“You’re hot,” I said, facing her and admiring her big tits as they floated on top of the water. Her well tanned nipples looked dipped in chocolate.

“She’s a really good kisser, too,” Amber whispered before swimming away.

“What did she just tell you?” Robin demanded, reading the shocked and surprised look on my face.

“Nothing,” I lied, knowing she wouldn’t believe me. Twins can never lie to each other.

“I told him you were a good kisser,” Amber admitted with a big grin.

“Liar!” Robin cried out, looking mortified.

“Well, you are,” Mallory said, giggling before she swam a circle around me. “Amber is, too,” she purred. I noticed Amber bobbing in the water near my sister, whispering in her ear. I had no idea what she said, but it made Robin smile.

“What?” I asked her, trying to read her face and failing. Something was up. They were playing a game with me. That much was written all over Robin’s face, but what was the game?

“Nothing,” Robin said, falling into a crawl and swimming a short distance away. I watched her tiny butt for a second before remembering that was my sister I was watching. After swimming out a little ways, she swam back towards us, too.

“What if your brother gets hard?” Amber asked her. “Are going to look?”

“I already told him, if he got naked, I was going to look,” Robin said.

“If you get hard, you have to show us,” Mallory said and I felt put on the spot. Whatever game we were playing, the rules were being made up as we went along and the deck was stacked against me.

“I don’t believe you guys have ever kissed,” I charged, guessing they were teasing me. I stared at Robin as I made my challenge because I knew I could read her.

“Sure we have,” Robin insisted before splashing closer to Amber. To my surprise, they kissed right in front of me. “We kiss all the time.”

Something still smelled fishy and it wasn’t the lake. Just because they kissed didn’t mean they had done more than that. I thought about the party girls I had seen in college, hot chicks who would flirt with each other in front of a crowd just to tease the boys. “If you’re so hot for each other, grab her tits,” I demanded.

“Show us you’re not hard, first,” Amber said, giving my sister another peck on the cheek. That was a lose-lose proposition. Either way, I was showing off for them.

“I’m not doing that in front of my sister,” I said.

“Why not? I saw you looking at her,” Mallory said, joining the duo floating a few feet away from me. “I think you like seeing your sister naked.”

“I do not,” I said, convinced I was telling the truth. Yes, I had looked at Robin. I mean, of course I had, you know? Like I said before, tits are tits, right?

“I bet he jerks off to you,” Mallory said. She giggled and I felt myself blushing. I wasn’t blushing because I jerked off to my sister. I swear, I have never done that. Not directly, anyway. I might have had a fantasy or two thinking about those naughty giggles I used to hear, but those fantasies weren’t directly about Robin.

“OH-MY-GOD!” Robin shrieked, misinterpreting my blush. “Really?!”

“Wow, your brother really IS a pervert,” Amber giggled.

“I’ve never jerked off to my sister!” I shouted, though it was too late. The damage had been done. I didn’t care whether Amber or Mallory knew I was telling the truth, but I didn’t want Robin to get it twisted. I stared at her with pleading eyes for her to see through the way things were being twisted.

“I bet he’s hard as fuck right now, too,” Mallory said, smiling as she floated towards me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, floating backwards from her.

“I’m going to check if you’re hard or not,” she said, continuing her advance and I had a problem.

“Maybe I’m hard because of you,” I suggested, which was partially true. Skinny dipping with three hot girls had had an impact on me. I couldn’t help it. The water felt good, even better without my boxer briefs. And, they were naked. All three of them, not just my sister. How should my body react?

“I bet he’s really hard,” Amber said, circling around. Warily, I tracked her, too. Amber was the one who had stripped off my boxers. Problem was, they were approaching me from opposite sides. My only choices were swimming farther into the lake or swimming towards Robin. Neither of those ideas were good ones.

I glanced over my shoulder to place Mallory and couldn’t see her, but a moment later, I felt her. She pulled herself up my legs, grabbing and squeezing my hard cock along the way until she burst from the water wearing a huge smile. “Oh yeah, he’s hard,” she reported, still fondling me. “Really hard.”

“Let me check,” Amber said as I tried squirming away from Mallory. I couldn’t, because the tiny girl was riding me. When I squirmed, I only carried her with me. When Amber reached me, she pulled me backwards and my hard cock crested the surface of the water like a shark fin.

“Stop it,” I cried out in panic, embarrassed and frustrated. I rolled over, diving underwater and dragging Mallory with me until she let go. I didn’t surface until I was sure I was away from them. When I turned back to look, I was greeted by three grinning faces. “Fine,” I sputtered. “So my dick is hard, big deal.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Robin quipped.

“Actually,” Mallory giggled. “It did feel sort of big.”

“I didn’t get a good feel,” Amber complained.

“Wait until he comes closer,” Mallory said and the two girls stayed position to intercept me if I tried to make it to the shore or the pier.

“I might be able to help,” Robin said, swimming over to the pier. She climbed out and began picking up bathing suits.

“What are you doing?” I asked, tredding water. I couldn’t stay this far out for much longer.

“Payback is a bitch,” Robin said and she carried everyone’s clothes up to shack.

“You better not have mine with you!” Mallory called, catching on to what she was doing. Robin glanced over her shoulder and broke out into a run. “That bitch!” Mallory laughed, swimming to the dock. She climbed out, too. Robin slowed when she neared the shack. She spied my shorts sitting on the back of my car and grabbed those, too, before she went inside.

“Bring back mine, too!” Amber called to her, drifting towards the dock.

“I’m not bring back shit,” Mallory said, scooping them up the blankets and towels before running towards the shack with her white ass hanging out.

I began paddling towards the dock. It didn’t matter any more. Amber pulled herself out of the water and sat on the edge of the dock. I looked up at her, wondering what she was doing. “Just waiting to enjoy the view,” she said with a smile.

I stared up at her tanned body and chocolate colored nipples and thought things over. I didn’t have a lot of choices. “Maybe I’ll just stay here until I calm down,” I said, standing in chest deep water.

“That’s no fun,” she said, looking content to stay there and wait me out. “Tell you what, you climb out, let me get a good look, and I’ll bring you a towel.”

“Promise?” I asked. She nodded and I didn’t see another choice. I eased myself up on the dock and sat down next to her. She looked directly at my hard cock and smiled.

“Mallory was right. It is nice.”

She stood up and sauntered towards the shack. She stopped long enough to grab the jug of spiked iced tea and cups. “You know where to find me,” she called over her shoulder.

“You said you were going to bring me a towel.”

“I guess I lied,” she said and continued her walk, leaving me sitting naked on the edge of the dock.

I sat there for several minutes wondering what to do. Finals week in college had been tough and since being home, I hadn’t had much free time. The reason why I mention that is because those things meant I had gone without an orgasm for nearly two weeks and it showed.

I was in a bad way and unsure what to do about it as I tried waiting out my hard-on. I considered grabbing some leaves from the woods or something. Just as that sounded like a good idea, I heard laughter coming from the shack. Back in their bikinis, the three girls were sitting on the porch and calling to me.

“This iced tea sure is good!” Robin called.

“We’ve already seen it!” Mallory called.

“The towels are right inside!” Amber added.

I sat for a bit longer and realized I was out of options. They had gotten me good. Giving up, I turned around, did my best to cover my junk with my hands and walked back to the shack. The three women hooted and hollered like construction workers as I rushed past them into Uncle Joe’s shack. I found my shorts and pulled them on without underwear.

I poured a cup of iced tea and joined them on the porch. I leaned on the railing in front of my sister and as far away from the two troublemakers as I could get. Sipped the tea, I realized it tasted different. “Did you do something to the tea?”

“Someone added the other jar of ‘shine to it,” she giggled, shooting a look at her friends.

“And more tea,” Amber said.

“You added one jug of tea and the all of the moonshine,” Mallory said.

“And more ice,” Amber giggled.

“Well, go easy on it,” I cautioned them, taking another sip. Uncle Joe’s moonshine was as smooth as silk and left a warm little burn in your throat. “Makes your straight hair curly. . .”

“And your curly hair straight,” Robin finished for me, laughing and taking another sip.

“You’re the only one with curly hair,” Mallory pointed out and she was right. While I trimmed down there, unlike the women, I didn’t shave. As I had noticed, all three of them were mostly shaved. Mallory was completely shaved, Amber had kept a thin little landing strip and I’ll admit I had noticed my sister was sporting just a tiny triangle of hair right above her slit.

We hung out on the porch until the sun painted the sky red and the bugs began to bite. The shack had electricity if we had brought gas for the generator. Instead, we lit oil lamps and sat in the small sitting area that served as a living room for the one room building. Two comfortable chairs faced a surprisingly nice couch with a rustic coffee table in between. Dinner had been nothing more than snack food.

We laughed, drank spiked iced tea and told college stories. At first, the stories were about funny professors and stupid things that had happened in class. As the moonshine kicked in, the stories became about more interesting things that had happened in the dorm rooms.

At one point, Mallory and Amber both decided they had to pee. The shack didn’t include a bathroom or an outhouse, just the woods. Looking mortified, they grabbed a flashlight and headed out together.

“You know they won’t be happy until they see you naked again,” Robin told me, helping herself to another glass of spiked tea.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Before you got out of the water, Mallory was trying to come up with ways to keep you naked.”

“What if I get naked again?” I asked.

“Why would you want to?”

“I’m not going to get lucky if I’m dressed,” I grinned.

“Do you really want to get lucky in front of me?”

“If I get drunk and excited enough, I won’t care.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a threat or a dare,” she said as her friends walked back into the shack.

The storytelling picked up where it had left off. Mallory told us about how often she would walk in on her roommate having sex with her boyfriend. “It got so bad, I’d turn on the TV and ignore them.”

“You never joined them?” Robin asked.

“Ew, you never saw my roommate or her boyfriend,” Mallory said. “They were even worth masturbating over.”

“I walked in on my roommate masturbating,” Amber offered. “With a big vibrator. I mean, it was fucking huge!” She held out her hands at a distance that felt impossible. “I swear, it should have had a kickstart!”

As we laughed at her story, I noticed Robin wasn’t laughing as hard as everyone else. “Something you’d like to share with the group?” I asked.

“No,” she said, but I guessed what had happened. I started laughing, Robin blushed, and her friends demanded to know what was so funny.

“Robin got caught masturbating!” I howled, knowing I had guess it right.

“No way!” Amber shrieked, laughing. “Were you using a vibrator?”

“No,” Robin said, looking both pissed and amused. “Just my fingers, but I was laying on top of my covers as I did it when my roommate walked in.” I could tell there was something more and my raised eyebrows forced her to tell the rest. “And she might have been with her boyfriend.”

“Tell me you had a threeway!” Mallory demanded. Robin shook her head. I wasn’t surprised. My sister wasn’t the kind of girl who would have threeways. Or, at least I thought that was the case.

“Not with them,” Robin said with a sly smile and I nearly choked on my tea.

“You are so lying,” I said, though the look on her face told me otherwise.

“With your roommate?” Amber asked, starting a guessing game. Robin shook her head.

“But it was with two girls and a guy, right?” Mallory guessed. That received a nod.

“Let me guess, a guy who wasn’t your boyfriend,” I added, but that was unfair because I knew Robin didn’t have a steady boyfriend. She still nodded.

“That’s so hot,” Mallory purred. “Did you?” She made a peace sign with her fingers and flicked her tongue between the V-shape to ask if Robin had gone down on the other girl.

“Maybe,” Robin said, blushing enough for everyone to guess the truth. As awkward as this is to admit, that sort of got to me. I tugged at my shorts as my hard-on swelled. Hearing their sexy stories fueled my desire for release. My hard-on ached. Worse, Robin caught me adjusting it. “Problem?” she asked.

“No,” I said, glancing to see if either of the other girls had noticed. As near as I could tell, they hadn’t seen me making an adjustment.

“Are you going to show it off again?” Robin asked, smirking at me. I knew she was paying me back for forcing her to tell her story.

“I never tried to show it off this afternoon,” I defended.

“You have such a nice cock,” Amber slurred. The girl with the big tits looked very drunk as she laid her head against the back of the comfortable couch. “I want to see it again.”

“No,” I said.

“What if we get naked with you?” Mallory asked.

“I’m not getting naked in front of my sister,” I declared as flatly as I could.

“That’s not what you said earlier,” Robin said with a wicked grin. What the hell was she doing?

“I’ll get naked with you. We both will,” Mallory offered with a nod to Amber. “Right Amber?” she said when there wasn’t a reaction. “Amber?” The moonshine had claimed its first victim. Amber had passed out. “We could strip her naked,” Mallory suggested.

“No,” Robin and I said together.

“Just let her sleep,” Robin added.

Mallory pouted for a moment before finding her smile. “What if Robin and I get naked for you, then will you get naked, too?”

“Sure,” I said, willing to bet Robin wouldn’t get naked in front of me.

“You want to see me naked?” Robin asked, twisting my words around so I sounded like the pervert in the room.

“No,” I said, annoyed with how easily she kept me in the hot seat. Even without power the atmosphere felt charged with electricity. The moonshine had put us in a festive mood. Their stories had my cock straining for release from my shorts and relief from its aching need.

“Because it doesn’t bother me being naked around my friends,” Robin said, keeping the heat on me and it might have worked, too. Except I noticed when she squirmed ever so slightly.

That’s when I noticed how hard her nipples looked as they poked through the fabric of her bikini top and I realized I wasn’t the only one in need. She was horny, too!

“Who knows what might happen? I’m pretty drunk.” I tossed back the last of my tea. Amber was out for the night, but Mallory was still paying attention. She wore a big, excited smile, fascinated with the showdown between twins.

I felt as if it was up to Robin to make the next move. She knew I was excited. How much did she want to embarrass her brother?

“I don’t think you’ll do it,” Robin said and pulled the strings behind her neck and back. As her top fell away, I stared at her chest. Robin’s tits were full and round looking. Her nipples were hard and her faint tanlines reminded me I was looking at a part of her body that shouldn’t be exposed. With two more easy tugs, her bikini bottoms became nothing more than a funny shaped piece of fabric beneath her butt. “Your turn,” she said, tossing back the rest of her tea.

I glanced at Mallory. “You too,” I said, determined to maximize my chances for some fun. Mallory didn’t need more prompting. She worked her ties quickly, tossing her swimsuit on the floor with an excited grin.

I stood, stared directly at my sister, and pushed off my shorts. My hard cock sprang into view as if it was excited and proud to be released from the prison of my shorts.

I kept my eyes on Robin, watching her reaction. “Enjoying the view?” I asked as I sat down, keeping my legs apart so she could see my cock and balls.

“What did I tell you earlier?” she said, her eyes focused between my legs. “If you got naked, I told you I would look.”

Trying to make her more uncomfortable, I caressed my shaft and stared back. “I will say this,” I said as I admired my sister’s naked body. “I would have made a hot chick.”

“This is so hot,” Mallory whispered as if speaking too loudly might jinx what was happening.

“Is there more,” Robin asked, holding her empty cup out to me.

I knew what she was doing by asking me to see if there was more tea. She wanted me to prance around the room and show off my hard-on.

“Let me check,” I said, standing and walking close to her. Robin inverted her cup and hung it over my hard cock. Both girls giggled as I wore her cup to the big jug. I filled my cup first. “All gone,” I announced, turning around with her cup still swinging and swaying from my hard cock.

Standing in front of her again, I smiled. “I’ll share.” I pulled her cup off my dick, held my dick directly over it and poured half of my cup into hers, letting it drain off my cock before it splashed into her cup.

Robin smiled up at me, accepted the cup and sipped from it before pouring a bit of tea on her chest. “Oops,” she giggled. “I spilled some. Care to lick it up?”

“Do it,” Mallory urged.

After unspoken challenge on top of silent dare, I didn’t care. I was drunk and so were the other two girls. Hell, Amber had passed out. I did it. I bent over and licked my sister’s hard nipple. I didn’t just lick her, either. I sucked, licked, and teased her nipple, leaving behind a hard nipple that looked even more in need.

“Oh wow,” Mallory sighed, clutching one of her tits as she stared at us with excited eyes.

“Your friend is a pervert,” I told my sister.

“But she’s such a cute pervert,” Robin said, watching Mallory clutching herself. “You like seeing us messing around?” When Mallory gave us an eager nod, Robin put her hand around my hard cock. “So this is hot for you?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Mallory squealed as one of her hands slipped between her legs.

“I think you should fuck her,” Robin said, her fingers tickling my balls. I was so busy watching Mallory rubbing her pussy, it barely registered with me that my sister was touching me.

“He can’t,” Mallory moaned. “I have a boyfriend.”

“What happens in the woods, stays in the woods,” I suggested.

“Please don’t make cheat on him,” Mallory groaned, still rubbing her pussy.

“You like watching her do that, don’t you?” Robin asked, caressing my cock again. My cock was throbbing with so much need that I didn’t care if it was my sister doing the stroking. She kept looking up at me, back at the big cock she held in her hand, and then back up at me.

“Yes,” I mumbled, dividing my attention between watching Mallory watching us and watching my naked sister touching me. I felt the moonshine attacking my brain, lowering my inhibitions and making anything and everything seem like a good idea.

“Ever watch a man jerk-off?” Robin asked her friend. Mallory shook her head, but her eager eyes and big smile said she wanted to see it happen. Robin pulled her hand away from my cock and said, “Jerk-off for us and I’ll do anything you want.”

“No,” I said, looking down at her and finding it difficult to think. I didn’t want to jerk-off. I wanted someone to do it for me or suck me or fuck me. I didn’t care if Robin or Mallory did it, I just didn’t want to do it myself. “You do it,” I said.

“What’s in it for me?” Robin asked, putting her hand on my cock again. That felt good, much better than doing it myself. “What will you do for me?”

“Anything,” I promised, too excited and drunk to care.

“That’s a big word,” she cooed, sitting up in her chair. She blew across the tip of my dick and watched my reaction. I moaned. Then she kissed my dick. “What if I do more?”

“Yesss,” Mallory hissed, needing to use to hands on her skinny little body. “Pleassssee, do that again.”

“This?” Robin asked her friend. She kissed the tip of my dick again and Mallory moaned so loudly I’m surprised Amber wasn’t startled out of her sleep. I didn’t know when the game turned into teasing Mallory, but I wasn’t complaining. Mallory quivered, came, and kept touching herself as she watched. “Damn, she’s easy,” Robin giggled. She kissed my cock again, left a wet spot and blew across it. “Now what about you?”

“I’m so close,” I whimpered.

“I can tell,” she said. “But you didn’t answer my question. What if I do more? What will you do for me?”

“Anything,” I repeated, confused how I could offer more.

“Anything?” she qualified.

“Yes,” I said, desperate for an orgasm that didn’t come from my own hands.

“Oh God, please!” Mallory pleaded, rubbing her pussy hard and fast enough to make a wet, smacking noise that filled the shack with her scent. “Suck him, Robin. Suck him off!”

“You can never tell,” Robin told her little blonde haired friend.

“I promise,” Mallory said, looking as if she was clinging to the very edge of another huge orgasm. She needed one more push of anything to make it happen. “No one. Not ever.”

Robin laid her tongue flat against the underside of my cock and licked up to the tip. She smiled once before drawing my hard cock inside her hot, wet mouth. She began bobbed her head up and down. Ever now and then, she would lick up my shaft and watch me watching her.

“Please don’t stop,” I groaned, afraid she was setting me up for disappointment.

“Let’s be clear,” she said, rubbing my cock as she looked up at me. “I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me.” She went back to work as I tried to figure out what she meant. Did that mean she liked sucking dick? Did it mean she had wanted to suck my dick for a long time? My head swirled before I let go of the questions. Did it matter?

Across from me, Mallory came again. She moaned, groaned, cried out and kept rubbing herself. Seeing her watching us was so hot, I couldn’t stand it. Robin’s tongue felt good against my hard cock. I watched her sucking me, wrestling with how I felt about seeing my cock inside my sister’s mouth. It twisted my world. My sister wasn’t supposed to be my sex partner. How wrong was this? And why did that make it feel hotter?

“Anything,” I told her promised again, softly brushing her cheek. She looked up at me and I saw the smile in her eyes. I moaned and came inside her mouth. Robin caught every drop of it. She didn’t choke or gag.

The moment my orgasm started, she began pumping on my hard cock, coaxing and caressing even more from me. She moaned, too. I could feel her mouth buzzing around my cock and I wished my orgasm would last forever. Finally, she pulled away, gave my dick one more kiss on its tip and turned to look at her friend.

Mallory was slouched down in the big easy chair, her legs apart with her hand still between them, except now her head was hanging down.

“Mallory?” Robin asked.

I watched Mallory’s chest rise and fall and pointed out that she was still breathing.

“Guess she’s going to miss you going down on me,” Robin said, still caressing my cock and balls.

“I guess so,” I said, dropping to my knees in front of my sister. She parted her legs and I stared at the female version of me. If I didn’t have a cock, this is how I would look. I pressed my tongue between her lips and my mind immediately told me this was how I would taste, too. For whatever reason, being between my sister’s legs felt very right.

As much as I love fucking pussy (and I really LOVE fucking pussy), I love eating it even more. There’s something special about being between a woman’s legs and kissing her so intimately. I love pressing my mouth against her lips, tits, and pussy. I feel as if I can be more expressive with my tongue than with any other part of my body. And what can be more intimate that drinking directly from their sex?

At first, I selfishly licked and lapped for myself. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to explore her sex and taste every inch. I licked at her clitoris, but I also licked between her lips, too. I used my tongue to study and explore her before I brought my tongue to bear on the spot that I knew mattered the most. I licked her clit.

Robin’s clit was easy to find. With some women, you have to just know where it is and trust you’re licking in the right spot. With Robin, her clit was a tiny, pronounced nub I could suck like a tiny nipple hidden inside her pussy. I swirled my tongue around it, across it and batted it side-to-side. All the while, I looked up at that face I’ve known all of my life.

I watched her reactions. I paid attention to how she squirmed and when she moaned. Using that knowledge, I teased her. I brought her right up to the edge of her orgasm and held her there for several long moments before pushing her over that precipice and into her moments of joy.

Robin clamped her thighs against my head. Her hand tangled in my hair and she made sure I didn’t move away until her orgasm was completed. She didn’t know it yet, but I didn’t need the extra guidance. Her orgasm was my pot of gold at the end of a delicious rainbow.

“OH fuck, you’re good at that,” she sighed, relaxing.

“Me? What about you? I can’t remember the last time I got off that fast,” I said, smiling up at her.

“We should have done this long ago,” she said, smiling at me. “Now get the fuck the away before I make you do it again.”

“I will,” I offered, holding my ground.

“Save it,” she said, pushing me away. She stood, grabbed the flashlight and left the shack. I shook out blankets and laid them over each of her sleeping friends.

She returned a few minutes later, yawned and gave my dick a sleepy smile. “Good night, bro,” she said, picking up a blanket and curling up on one of the bunkbeds. I followed her lead and fell asleep the moment I laid down.

Nursing hangovers from hell, the four of us were slow to wake the next morning. Without coffee, we were a grumpy bunch. The original plan had been to spend the day at the shack and head back around nightfall. That plan fell apart quickly. We packed up our stuff and drove into town for a late breakfast. Robin and I had to return Uncle Joe’s keys and shotgun, so we said our good-byes in the parking lot of the restaurant. Not a word was mentioned about what had happened after Amber passed out.

Robin and I visited with our uncle for as short of a time as possible before getting into the car for the ride home. It was early afternoon and we were both feeling better. Once I hit the highway for the hour ride home. After riding in silence for several miles I asked Robin, “Should we talk about what happened last night?”

“No,” she said, head buried in her cell phone.

Her unwillingness to talk about it couldn’t stop me from thinking about Amber’s dark nipples or the wild, passionate look in Mallory’s eyes while she desperately rubbed her pussy or, well, what Robin and I had done. I got hard, really hard.

I glanced at my sister staring at her phone and tried discreetly adjusting my cock. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that outlined the shape of her tits. I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but she wasn’t wearing a bra. The car hit a slight dip in the road and I watched her breasts sway. Eyes back on the road, I rubbed the front of my pants.

“Really?” Robin asked, catching me rubbing my cock.

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” I apologized. “Sometimes it has a mind of its own.” I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. She was staring at my lap. I caught her licking her lips. Did that mean anything? “Can I ask a question about your friends?”

“If you’re going to ask if we ever mess around, the answer is no,” she said. “Amber was lying about me being a good kisser. She doesn’t really know. They told me to play along just to make you hard.” I’ll admit I was disappointed, but that wasn’t the question I had in mind.

“Can I fuck them?” I asked, blurting out my real question. Back in high school, Robin and I had made a pact that we would never date our twin’s friends. Her answer surprised me.

“Only if you do it in front me,” she giggled.

“Is that something you want to see?”

“They have boyfriends,” she said, dismissing the idea. She asked who I liked best and I admitted I was more attracted to Mallory than Amber. “That was really hot what she did last night,” Robin said.

“It was fun teasing her,” I said, hoping that might start a conversation about what we had done last night. Robin didn’t reply. I waited a few moments before I said, “We went too far last night, didn’t we?”

“Probably,” she agreed. We were lost in our thoughts for a few moments before she said. “It was hot though.”

“You’re a good cocksucker,” I offered. That earned me a slug in the shoulder and a big grin from her.

“Why did you make me do that?” she asked. I noticed she kept checking my lap to see if I was still hard. I was.

“I don’t remember making you do that.”

“You turned down anything from me,” she said.

“Yeah, but how much would you have been willing to do?”

“Guess we’ll never know,” she said. “Except now you owe me.” I nodded. I did. “Maybe I’ll just ask for lots of rides to work or something.”

“Well, that’s lame.”

“Why? It doesn’t have to be something sexual, does it?”

“Doesn’t it?” I asked, assuming that’s what anything meant.

“What if I said I wanted to see it, right now. Would you show it to me?” she asked. I said I would. “You’re not doing anything,” she pointed out.

“Is that what you want?” I asked. I glanced at her, saw her still gazing at my crotch and couldn’t tell if she was waiting or what. I fingered open the button at the top of my shorts and shot her another glance before carefully working the zipper and pulling out my long, hard cock. I stroked it a couple of times before putting both hands back on the steering wheel.

“Do you like showing that off to me?” she asked. I shrugged. I didn’t mind. “But I’m your sister,” she added.

“You’re still a girl,” I pointed out.

“But I’m your sister,” she repeated, emphasizing the last word. I guess she was trying to make it feel wrong.

“Last night, you did more than just look at it,” I reminded her. I stroked my cock a couple more times, showing off its length and letting her see how excited I was.

“I think you should stay like that,” she said with a whimsical smile.

“Are you going to do anything?”

“Not while you’re driving.”

“What about when we get home?”

“Maybe I just like looking,” she said and that’s all she did, but she did it a lot. She spent significantly more time staring at my hard cock than she did texting on her phone.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked, annoyed with the anticipation of something more but the closer we got to home, the lower my hopes became.

“I am,” she said, tapping away at her phone. “Mallory’s asking about you. She’s worried you might be pushing yourself on me.”

“Does it look that way?”

“I told her you’re being a good boy,” Robin said. “And that I’m being a very bad girl.” Looking at her phone, she giggled. “She wants to know how bad I’m being. What should I tell her?”

“That you’re making me drive naked?”

Robin shook her head. “I told her I was refusing to talk about last night with you. She doesn’t need to know what we do, does she?”

“We’re not really doing anything,” I said, though I agreed with Robin. No one needed to know what we were doing, including Mallory.

I pulled up to our house and tucked myself back together again. I held my backpack in front of me as we walked into a house that turned out to be empty. There was a note on the refrigerator from Mom. Grandma fell. Heading to Indy. CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME!

“She does know we have cell phones, right?” I said, passing the note to Robin.

“Except, this way she knows we’re home,” Robin pointed out, seeing through Mom. Robin called Mom from the house phone, proving we were really home. While they talked, I carried my backpack upstairs, tossed it on the floor and sat on the end of my bed.

I was still hard and wasn’t sure what to do about it. I absentmindedly rubbed my hard-on as I considered what I should next. A shower sounded like the best idea. I left my door open as I got undressed and went into the bathroom that connected my room with Robin’s. The door to her room was shut. Growing up, our doors were always closed and we had waged huge wars over the shower. I turned on the water and soaked. I jumped when I heard Robin’s voice on the other side of the curtain.

“Mom said grandma seems fine. She with her at the hospital and she’ll call back when she knows more,” she called.

“Thanks,” I called back, finding it very strange knowing she was in the bathroom with me.

“You’re not jerking off, are you?”

“No,” I said, laughing. “Did you want to check?”

She ignored my invitation. “Don’t be a dick and use all the hot water, okay? I want a shower, too.”

After my shower, I noticed the door to her room was still open. That felt foreign. I peeked inside her room. She wasn’t there. Drying off, I dressed and headed downstairs. Robin sat in front of the TV, ignoring it while she worked her cell phone. She flashed me a smile before heading upstairs for her shower.

I watched her skipping up the stairs and wondered if anything else was going to happen. Absentmindedly channel surfing, I wondered what I wanted to have happen. Did I really want to make love to my sister? My cock stirred, giving its answer and annoying me. I tried ignoring it as I mused about how last night might have changed our lives. That open door felt different. Her talking to me while I was in the shower, that had felt really different.

Maybe that’s all that was going to happen? Maybe we were just going to move past our modesty around each other? But that didn’t explain the ride home, did it? She had known I was hard and wanted to see it. Did that mean she wanted to do more than look at it?

I was still wrestling with my mixed thoughts and emotions when I heard her skipping downstairs. I glanced at her as she walked past behind the couch towards the kitchen. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and no bra. That wasn’t a change. That’s how she usually dressed whenever we were hanging out. It wasn’t until she moved passed the couch that I noticed the difference. Instead of shorts, she was only wearing panties. A moment later, she came out of the kitchen with a cup of yogurt and sat on the couch. “What?” she asked as I looked at her.

“Are you trying to get me hard again?” I asked.

“What? I always dress like this,” she said, smirking as she spooned yogurt into her mouth. “At least, this is how I dress at college.” She wasn’t modest about how she sat, either. She was scrunched into the corner of the couch, mostly facing me. She left one leg on the floor while her other knee was bent and resting against the back of the couch. Her panties hugged her crotch and I couldn’t stop noticing how they outlined her bare pussy lips.

Her mention of college reminded me of a question I had. “Did your roommate and her boyfriend really catch you masturbating?”

“Mm-hm,” she said around her spoon. “Just like I said.”

“What did you do?”

“I freaked out,” she said, rolling her eyes as if that should have been obvious. “I fell on the floor, pulled a blanket over me and ran into the bathroom.” She stared at her yogurt for a moment and I saw she was blushing. “It was sort of hot, though,” she mumbled.

“You did not just say that!” I howled, laughing. “So, why didn’t anything else happen with them.”

“Awkward,” she groaned. “She was my roommate, you know?”

I nodded as if I understood why that made it awkward. I didn’t, but another thought occurred to me about last night. Doing stuff in front of Mallory had made a difference to Robin. Did that mean nothing else would happen if we didn’t have an audience? Not liking that thought, I pushed it away in favor of a different question. “So who did you have the threesome with?”

“A friend,” she said. “It just sort of happened. He was a fuck-buddy, you know?”

“Who was she?” I asked, remember the dynamic.

“A friend of his,” she shrugged. “It only happened that one time.”

“Did you like it?”

“I think I like being watched,” she admitted before picking up that I was talking about something else. “OH!” she giggled. “Yeah, I guess I did. I mean, I’m really oral, are you?”

“You didn’t notice?” I asked, making a direct reference to what we had done last night. A sly smile crossed her face as she squirmed a bit. “Problem?”

“Maybe,” she smirked as her eyes moved across my body. “Girls get horny, too, you know.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t show like it does for guys,” I said, parting my legs so she could see my hard-on.

“It’s sort of funny to look at you and think, ‘that’s how I would look if I were a man.’ Is that wrong?”

“Wrong to think that or wrong to look?” I asked.

“Wrong to want to touch,” she said.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s more like we’re masturbating,” I suggested, rounding out the thought as it occurred to me. “I mean, you’re me and I’m you, right? So what difference does it make if we do stuff?”

Robin laughed at my logic. “So, if I was a guy, you’d jerk me off?”

“Probably not,” I laughed, seeing the gaping hole in my logic. Still, something felt right about what I had said, too. I stood and moved to the couch. “Except you’re not a guy.”

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching me with wary eyes.

“Does it matter?” I asked, pulling off my t-shirt. “Maybe I’m just getting comfortable.” I scooted a little closer to her before pulling off my shorts, too. Again, I had gone commando. “Is this okay?”

“Are you going to jerk-off?”

“I don’t know, am I?” I asked, leaning back and watching my hard cock tapping against my stomach as it throbbed before staring at her watching, too.

“What happens if I get naked, too?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. I hadn’t thought that far. “Anything, I guess.”

“You said that last night, too,” she said, still staring at me. She moved closer and touched me. She ran her hand up and down my shaft. I caressed the back of her head. I wasn’t urging her to do anything, I just wanted to touch her and didn’t want to cross any lines. “I’m not going to blow you,” she told me, looking into my face as her hand pulled on my cock. “I mean, not this time.”

“Okay,” I said, unable to feel disappointed. What she was doing felt both wrong and right enough. She pressed her lips against mine, we kissed, and I’ll admit, that felt really weird.

“Too weird?” she asked, reading my mind.

“Different,” I said, finding it interesting how I could be naked in front of my sister and still find it weird to be kissed by her.

“Use your tongue this time,” she said as she pressed her lips against mine again. It took a moment before I could do it, but I did. I don’t know. Maybe I was afraid she would stop touching my cock or something, but I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue between her lips. Our tongues touched, tentatively at first and then with more confidence. Robin pulled on my hard cock and our kiss continued until I put a hand behind her head and held her face against mine.

“This is so wrong,” she gasped, pulling away far enough to say the words before pressing her lips against mine again.

“We should stop,” I said, between kisses. My other hand had found her chest and I was groping her chest.

“I want this,” she said, squeezing my cock.

“Okay,” I said, unsure how she meant that and too excited to care.

Robin pulled away from me. She pulled off her t-shirt and I stared at her chest. Her nipples were hard and I pushed my face against them. I sucked on her closest tit before moving to her farthest one and back. She leaned into me and it took me a second realize she was pulling off her panties. It wasn’t until I ran my hand down her back and cupped her ass that I realized she was naked, too.

“Look at me,” she said, pushing my head away from her tits. I did and I gazed into eyes the exact same color as mine. I saw a tiny smile that looked precisely the way mine did. I saw her matching nose, cheekbones and chin.

She ran her fingers across my face and I could guess she was experiencing the same thing as me, recognizing how much alike we looked, how we really were twins with more similarities than differences. She swung her leg over mine, straddling me. My eyes went wide.

“Relax. We’re only masturbating,” she said as she directed my hard cock inside her hot, wet pussy and slide all the way down.

I gasped, in part because of how amazing she felt, but more so because of what she was doing. She gave my shaft one long, slow stroke, as if making sure I knew what she had done. “Does this count as anything?” I asked.

“I think it counts as everything,” she said, pressing her lips against mine as she slowly stroked up and down me again. My hands found her tits as we melted together into a single being. Any squeamishness about kissing my sister had vanished the first time our tongues met. We fell into synch with each other. When I would moan, she would do the same. When I squirmed, she squirmed. When I pressed up for a deeper thrust, she was pressing down for the same. We clutched at each other in desperate need for what we were doing.

“So good,” I gasped.

“I know,” she moaned.

“I’m so close.”

“Me too. Cum with me.”

Robin’s pussy contracted around my hard cock. Her pussy fit my cock perfectly, a velvet lined glove to the digit of my hard cock. She felt hot and perfect as she squirmed against me and I knew she was clinging to the edge of her orgasm, the same as me.

I couldn’t last. I didn’t want to and didn’t even try. Crushing my lips against hers, we moaned together as our orgasms arrived. My cock exploded inside my sister, throbbing and straining against the squeezing and contractions of her orgasm. It felt as if her pussy was milking me dry and my cock gleefully filled her and our mouths stayed together until the last shiver had delighted us.

“Fuck,” she sighed, resting on my thighs with my cock still inside of her. “Did we really just do that?” She looked between us as if she needed the verification of seeing my cock inside her pussy.

I brushed a strand of her brown hair out of her face. My hand slipped down her cheek, over her shoulder and landed on her bare breast. She felt as sweaty as I did. I smiled at her, she smiled back and our smiled turned into giggles.

“You’re a fucking pervert,” she said.

“Me?” I said, trying to sound shocked even though I was still laughing.

“I’m serious, I can’t believe you just masturbated right in front of me,” she said, working whatever muscles girls have down there and squeezing my cock before she swung off of me. She held her pussy as my load dripped out of her. I looked down at my spent cock, shiny and wet looking with its coating of her and me.

“Look what you did to me,” I protested as she ran giggling towards the downstairs bathroom to clean up.

When Robin came back to the living room, she flopped down on the couch and stayed naked. “So how weird was that for you?” she asked.

“Pretty weird,” I admitted.

“Do you want to get dressed?”

“No,” I said, admiring her naked body.

“Me neither,” she grinned. She went back to texting on her cell phone as if nothing had changed, except whenever one of us moved. Like when I went into the kitchen for a snack, Robin’s eyes tracked me, watching my cock. I did the same thing whenever she left the room, too, admiring her ass when she was leaving and appreciating her front when she was returning. Like when she got up, picked up her clothes and headed upstairs. I wasn’t sure what that meant until I saw she was still naked as she came back downstairs.

About an hour slipped away with nothing happened. It was growing late and I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes off my naked sister. My cock grew hard again and I rubbed it a few times.

“Problem?” she asked, sounding exactly how an exasperated sister usually sounds whenever her brother does something that could be construed as annoying. But the tiny smirk at the corner of her mouth gave her away as much as her eyes did. She had already noticed that I grown hard. Her checking me out was part of the reason why it happened.

“Blow me,” I said in a typically brotherly fashion.

“Eat me,” she shot back, parting her legs as if it was an invitation.

“Right after you blow me,” I said, waving my hard cock at her.

“Bring it over here,” she said in that snotty way sisters have of talking to their brothers. She stayed in her corner of the couch though her eyes were still on my hard prick.

“Fine.” I walked over to her and shoved my hard cock in her face. Robin opened her mouth and began sucking it. I played with her tits as she sucked me and things were feeling really good when the phone rang. I don’t know why, but we exchanged a look of panic, as if we had just been caught doing something we both knew we weren’t supposed to be doing.

Robin laughed and picked up the phone sitting next her. “Hello?” she asked, giving my dick another lick before straightening up and pulling away. “Oh, hi Mom,” she said, her eyes wide. “How’s grandma?”

Being a brother, I poked my prick in Robin’s face a couple times as she tried to talk to Mom. Annoyed, she swatted me away. That’s when I dropped to my knees in front of her, pushed her legs apart and pressed my mouth against her pussy.

“Stop it!” Robin sharply said. I flashed her a bird and kept licking. “Nothing, Mom. Robbie’s being a dick, that’s all.” She listened a while longer, trying to squirm away from me, but I wouldn’t let her. Finally, when she firmly pushed my head away from her pussy, I stopped trying to lick her. Instead, I sat next to her and groped her as she talked to Mom.

Mostly, she listened, giving single syllable answers while trying to push my hand away from her pussy. When that didn’t work, she gave up and started stroking my cock. “He’s right here,” she said. “Okay, Mom. I promise. Here he is.” She handed me the phone.

Mom was never as chatty with me as she was with Robin. I listened as Mom told me grandma was fine, even though she had broke her hip. Then Mom made the big announcement. She was going to spend the summer helping grandma. As my eyes went wide, Robin slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle her giggles.

Mom made me swear I would look out for my sister. “I promise to look out for her,” I said, smirking at Robin. “If she’s bad, can I spank her?” That made Mom laugh and we said our good-byes.

“Mom said I wasn’t allowed to have any boys over while she was gone,” Robin told me.

“She told me the same thing about girls,” I said. “You know what that means, right?”

“What?” Robin asked as I moved back to the floor. I pushed her legs part. The couch was just the right height for what I had in mind.

“It means I’ll be masturbating a lot this summer,” I said, aiming my hard cock at her wet pussy.

“Me too,” she sighed, wrapping her legs around me and pulling me close. When she leaned forward and kissed me, I knew this was the start of a very interesting summer.

I hope you enjoyed that little story. I did my best to proofread it and tighten it up. I’m my opinion that a good sex story should get to the sex as soon as possible. I certainly tried to do that. Comments and kind votes are always appreciated!

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