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Playing Hooky

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“You cheated!” She cried out loudly, laughing, as she tried to grab the mouse away from him. “It was my turn and you made me lose!”

“What?!” He feigned innocence, “That’s not MY fault! You missed your turn and you have to face the consequences!” He could barely hold back his smile as he turned to look at her with his best ‘How could you possibly accuse this adorable face of cheating’ look.

She laughed again and pounced on him. They rolled from the chairs they were sitting in onto the floor, emitting lots of giggles and yelps along the way. He allowed her to pin him as she sat astride him. She held his arms down and smiled broadly as she looked defiantly into his eyes.

“You know what we do with cheaters in this here saloon, doncha?” She drawled, exaggeratingly. He grinned and rolled his eyes. Undaunted, she continued. “They’re strung up and hanged by their shorthairs, doncha know…!”

He was very aware of her weight upon him, the warmth of her groin on his, the way her hair fell down in wisps in her face despite her best attempts to push it back behind her ears, how her breasts swayed with her movements as she fought to keep his arms pinned, how her eyes sparkled mischievously as she teased him. She knew full well he was allowing her to pin him, but she was going to enjoy it while it lasted, for she knew what was coming.

He glanced sideways at the clock and sighed regretfully. “I have to go to work, honey”. He waited, expectantly, knowing the minor tantrum that nearly always followed that statement. And she delivered one. Complete with begging and pleading and seducements and promises. He worked the graveyard shift at a local retailer, whereas she worked regular banker’s hours at a local office, and their time together was always fleeting and precious. He was used to regretful goodbyes.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Honey, stay with meeeeeeeeeeeee!” She pleaded, burying her head in his chest, lying fully on top of him now to prevent him from getting up.

“Honey, you know I have to go. Gotta earn that paycheck!” His eyes twinkled, for even though in some ways her nightly pleas annoyed him since he always had to turn her down, he also liked that fact that she consistently wanted him to stay with her. It was nice to be wanted.

“But you NEVER stay with me!” She pouted. “You always go on to work! Just ONCE I would love for you to sacrifice a sick day and stay with me and we could make love all night, and laugh and talk and sleep and snuggle and be the only two people on the planet in our own little world all night long.” Her pleas were so heartfelt, he knew she meant well. She simply missed him. They only got one night a week to sleep all night together, and it was wearing on them both.

He smiled inwardly to himself. What she didn’t know was that he had recognized this fact earlier in the week, and had arranged to take the night off to spend it with her tonight, but he was going to allow her to go through her nightly ritual of trying to beg him to stay first, just because he enjoyed it. Plus, he hadn’t decided yet if he would tell her he had arranged to take the night off, or if he would allow her to believe that he had spontaneously chose her over work. He wondered which would mean more to her.

“Well,” he said slowly, “if I played hooky with you, would you be grateful?” He asked playfully. Her eyes widened. He had never shown even a hint of relenting. She pounced on this opening and proceeded to describe to him in great detail exactly HOW grateful she would be.

He decided at that point that honesty was the better path to choose, laughed, and couldn’t contain himself any longer. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I took the night off then.” He smiled broadly and prepared for her reaction.

“You… what?” She was in a state of disbelief. He NEVER took nights off like this. He was Mr. Dependable, never sick, never leaving early. She had contemplated giving up her nightly pleas, since they never ever worked. But now he had done it, taken a night off to spend with HER!!!! She was still shocked. “Tonight? You… what? Really?” He laughed and tried to reach up and tickle her. She swiftly regained her composure and pinned his arms again. She enjoyed her regained power very briefly, for he was ready to play now.

And it came suddenly, as she knew it would. With one quick motion, he freed his arms, pinned her own behind her back with one hand, and with the other took hold of her long hair. She gasped as she felt her power stripped away and was now at his mercy. He sat up and took in this tantalizing sight he now had before him. Here she was, straddling him, her back arched due to the angle that her arms were forced into, and her head was back as he jerked her hair in his hand, her neck exposed, her breasts right in front of his face. He was also still very aware of the warmth of her on top of him, and her excited breath aroused him even more.

“Okayyyyy…” She said in a somewhat breathless voice, returning to her drawl. “Maybe we won’t hang ya right away,” a smile crept back to her face, “we might allow you a phone call or two first.” She stifled a giggle, which quickly turned to a yelp as he jerked her head by her hair and ordered her to be quiet. She obeyed.

He leaned into her and smelled her skin. She always smelled sweetly, of flowers and lotions. Her hair always smelled tropical, like coconuts. He knew that she used a particular type of hair styling product just for him because he had commented that he liked how it smelled. He released her hair momentarily, only long enough to unbutton her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra tonight. This pleased him.

He took hold of her hair again. “I am going to touch you now.” He whispered in her ear matter-of-factly, making her shiver. “And I plan on enjoying it. You will enjoy it, too.” He ordered. “Do I make myself clear?” He asked, himself stifling a smile. He was enjoying this way too much.

“Yes, honey.” She whispered. She was too excited to speak normally, in anticipation of what he was going to do to her. She saw that glint in his eye, the one where she knew she was in for a special night, where he was determined to take every part of her and make it known that she was his in every sense. And she almost gasped in anticipation.

He leaned forward and grazed her neck with his lips. Her chest was heaving with her excited breath. He leaned her back onto the floor and positioned himself on top of her, still holding her arms in one hand above her head. He kissed her collarbone, and worked his way slowly down her chest. He paused momentarily to look at her face, into her eyes. He loved how she looked at him, with a mixture of love and lust and trust and submission, yet with just a hint of that stubborn streak he also loved about her.

He looked again at her torso, and focused in on one of her breasts.

“I think I’ll just have a little nibble…” he said softly. “If you flinch I will punish you.” He smiled as he leaned down to her exposed breast, her pink nipple jiggling with her breathing, and invitingly hard. His tongue darted out furtively and licked it just once. She sucked her breath in as the sensation raced from her breast to her groin. Her nipple hardened even more.

He breathed hot breath onto it, and licked it again, longer this time, swirling his tongue around it, flicking it with his tongue. She moaned and closed her eyes. He took it in his mouth and sucked gently, swishing his tongue over it, suckling it, reveling in the feel of it in his mouth. She moaned again, softly, the sensation of his mouth on her was intoxicating. Even though he still had her hands restrained, he didn’t need to at this point. She wanted to be there, wanted him to take her. Wanted to be his.

He sensed her relaxedness and decided she was enjoying things a little too much, and very gently nipped her with his teeth. Her eyes popped open and she cried out. He felt her resisting his hold on her again. That was better. Even though he knew she wanted this too, he still liked it when it felt like he had to convince her.

He released her nipple, now wet and glistening from his mouth, and turned to the other one. He took his time with this one, running his tongue all around the entire breast before focusing on the nipple. He slowly took it in his mouth, too, and worked his way from softly kissing it to devouring it passionately. Her moans drove his passion.

He lifted his head and looked at her face, her expression a mixture of pleasure and anticipation. He smiled and reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Her eyes, which had opened at the sound of the clinking metal, now widened as she caught a glimpse of the cuffs.

“Take off your shirt.” he ordered as he released her hands. She paused, then sat up and did as she was told. “Now lay down as you were.” He instructed. She did not comply right away, she wanted to put her arms around him and touch him, and was thinking of how to convince him not to cuff her when he grabbed her hands again. “You’re not being a very good girl!” He said crossly, forcing her to lie down beneath him. “Do you want to make me punish you?!” He looked expectantly in her eyes.

“N-n-n-no.” She stammered, unused to hearing his angry voice in such an intimate setting. She wasn’t sure how much of this was role-playing and how much was him simply exercising his creative license. But she knew he would never ever hurt her, and she trusted him implicitly, so she stopped struggling, laid back on the floor and allowed him to cuff her. He cuffed one hand, then ran the other cuff around the leg of their heavy bed and then cuffed her other hand. Her hands now locked above her head, she was at his mercy.

He sat astride her, enjoying the view, going over the options in his mind as to what he would do to her tonight. He mulled over his options and he slowly undressed her bottom half. He removed her sweatpants, running his hands up and down her thighs and hips, then slowly pulled down her panties. Her little muff exposed, he tossed the panties aside and forced her legs open and kneeled between them.

“Now let me seeeeeeee…” He teased, taking one finger and teasing her by running it all around her inner thighs and stomach. “So many options, and we have all night to try each and every one of them.”

She shivered a little, partly because she was chilled, and also because she could hardly stand the waiting. And she knew he knew that. Patience was one of her major weaknesses. He loved making her wait. And tonight was no exception.

“Oh, honey!” He feigned concern, “Are you cold?” He leaned over her and then put his full weight on her. “Is there anything I can do to… warm you up?” He asked, playfully. She liked feeling his weight on her. Not only was it indeed warmer, but there was just something about feeling her lover’s weight upon her that made her feel … well… claimed. And there was no one else in the world that she wanted to claim her.

“Oh I am sure you will find a way!” Her eyes beckoned him, dared him to take her. He was up to the challenge.

Much to her chagrin, he lifted himself and stood up. He paused, looking at his girl all naked and sprawled out before him. He loved her curves, her softness, her willingness to try anything with him. They were well matched in many ways.

She looked up at him, questioningly, not sure what he was doing. For a moment she thought he was going to do as he always threatened and leave here there while he went and got something to eat and watched TV for a while until he was ready to have his wicked way with her. But judging from the large bulge in his pants, she knew he was ready now.

Sure enough, he wasn’t leaving. He took off his clothes and resumed his position on top of her. She loved the feel of his body. The sensation of his nakedness against her own was delicious. He resumed his attention on her breasts for a short while, sucking on one while his hands expertly pinched the other. She felt a warmth growing in her pussy, and the erotic feeling of his erect cock pushing into her thigh, leaking his own juices, was making her squirm.

She maneuvered herself so that his hardness was pushing directly onto her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and grinded her hips into him. He loved that she wanted him. It would make the tease all that much more fun for him!

“No, honey!” He said, his mouth working its way back up to her neck and mouth. “Not yet. I am going to take my time with you tonight. Make you feel me everywhere before I let you have that!” He crushed her mouth with his own, kissing her fiercely as he ground his own hips into her for good measure before he proceeded with his plan.

He disentangled himself from her gripping legs and worked his way down her body until he was positioned directly above her pussy. “I bet you would like it if I kissed you there.” He said, teasingly, knowing she was dying for him to touch her. Her moans and writhing while he had played with her breasts told him she was ready. Now, seeing her all pink and swollen and wet before him, he could hardly keep from diving in and devouring her right then and there, but he enjoyed making her wait just a little longer.

“Tell me you want me to.” He ordered. “No, better yet, I want to hear you beg.” He looked up, expectantly.

“Pleeeeeease, baby!” she immediately whispered, “I want to feel you touch me. I need to feel you taste me…” Her pleas were sincere, certified by her waiting wetness.

He spread her legs farther apart and leaned in. He started by kissing her inner thighs, licking them and grazing his lips and tongue all around, working in concentric circles until he was in the crease where her legs met her pussy. As he licked each one up and down, her groans became louder and louder. He reached up and played with one breast, then the other, as he worked his mouth closer and closer to the prize. When his mouth met her outer folds, her body jerked and writhed. He ran his tongue all over her entire pussy, licking and suckling every part, saving the clit for last. As he paused over it, gazing appreciatively at the red swollen hard little nub, he savored the moment. There was no sound in the room except her ragged breathing. She waited, expectantly, for the sensation she prayed was coming. Then, without warning, he put his entire mouth upon it and began running his tongue in a circular motion around and over her clit, using the flat surface of his tongue to cover the most area.

She cried out and moaned, her hips rocked and swayed as she allowed the intensity of his tonguing to wash over her. He was really, REALLY good at this! As he devoured her pussy, his hands grabbed at her ass and inner thighs, and reached up to fondle her tits. As he felt her getting close, her back would arch, and she would hold her breath. It was then that he would throttle back and just barely flick the tip of his tongue over her clit. Just enough to tantalize, but not enough to allow her crescendo over the edge. He enjoyed bringing her to the very cliffhanging edge of cumming, then making her wait. He wanted to make sure she knew exactly who’s control it was over her climaxing. After three or four rounds of this, when he was sure that she understood, he decided to allow her to cum. Mostly because he thought he had made his point, but also because he knew that if he held her back one more time he might get kicked…

He lunged into her orgasm as she felt herself blissfully, finally, cresting the wave of intense pleasure and begin the downward plunge into her orgasm. The waves of contractions kept coming and coming, and radiated throughout her entire body and she screamed in pleasure. He felt her pussy convulsing beneath his mouth, and he enjoyed the ride, feeling extremely pleased with himself that he had brought her there. Then came the inevitable jerk of her pelvis to get away from his industrious tongue. She had come to that point of her climax that her clit was too sensitive to deal with any other input whatsoever, and her involuntary pelvic jerk was letting him know that.

Soon enough she began calming down, her thrashing less, her screams became moans and then whimpers. He turned his head and kissed the inside of her thigh softly. She was still trying to catch her breath. He began tonguing her inner thigh, very slowly working his way back to the crease where her leg met her pussy. Then he switched thighs, and worked his way up to her pussy on that side. He then kissed all around her pussy again, despite her murmured protests that he needed to give her a minute to recover. He knew what he was doing. He took his time, careful to never touch the most sensitive of areas. This was just easing her into the next phase…

Soon enough she was receptive to his tongue again and began moving her hips in small circular movements. He gently, slowly began tonguing her clit again, only enough to get her thoroughly worked up again, and then he stopped.

He moved to lie on top of her, positioning himself between her legs. He leaned on his elbows on either side of her head, and took her head in his hands. He wanted to watch her expressions as he touched her, and he didn’t want her to be able to look away. He maneuvered his cock so that it was teasing the outside of her pussy, which was now warm and wet again, thanks to his attentions.

He kissed her mouth, deeply, sharing her own taste with her, and she devoured him, sucking on his lips and tongue, whimpering for more as she did with her mouth what her restrained hands longed to do.

She strained at her cuffs, wanting so much to touch him, but she was bound fast by them. He noticed her efforts and it excited him that she was at his mercy. He pulled out of their kisses and looked into her eyes, shaking his head and smiling as she rattled her cuffs and smiled ruefully.

“Now tell me something.” He began, tracing her lips with his fingers. “What was so special about that guy today at the park?” He looked directly at her.

She frowned, confused. She had no idea what he was talking about. “What guy?” She asked. “When we were in the park with the dogs today? I don’t remember any guy.” He grabbed her jaw rather roughly and held her face in his hands to emphasize his words.

“The one that couldn’t take his eyes off of you. I know you saw him. Were you thinking evil thoughts about him, hmmmmmmmm?” His eyes twinkled as he waited for her reply. She relaxed internally. Now she knew what he wanted.

“Baby I never saw any guy today at the park or anywhere else.” She looked directly in his eyes now. “I never do.” She kept her expression serious as she said the words that she meant from her heart, the words he loved to hear from time to time. “You are the only man I see. The only one I ever watch. Everyone else is a shadow to me.” His mouth twitched as he tried to keep from smiling. “Whether anyone else ever looks at me or not I wouldn’t know, for all I see is you. That is all I ever want to see. You see I…”

And she stopped suddenly and gasped as she felt his pushing at her, trying to penetrate her with his hard cock.

“You ARE mine!” he said, quietly, purposefully, without blinking. “Every part of you is mine.” He began working his cock in and out of her hole, lubing his shaft with her wetness as we worked himself into her snug, hot, wetness. “I just helped myself to your taste, and now I am going to have you this way and fill you up with me.” He cocked his head to the side and a hint of a smile betrayed how much he was enjoying himself. “Do you have a problem with any of this?”

“No, baby!” She whispered. “I want to feel you inside me.” She smiled as she felt him push deeper and deeper inside her now. “I want you to slide inside and fill me up and lay inside me until you have more to give me!”

He slid one arm under the small of her back, and the other under her neck as her positioned himself to pump her just where he knew it would get to her. It was so hard not to cum right away. He wanted to just shoot his load inside her quick and hard, but he was nothing if not patient, and he wanted this to last a while. After all, it wasn’t every night that he took the night off to have wild sex all night long with his girl.

He felt the sensation of his cock rubbing along the hot, wet walls of her insides. It felt like a mouth kissing him every time he slid out and then plunged back in. He leaned down and sucked on her nipple every now and then, enjoying the smorgasbord of her body. He liked pumping her hard, making her yelp and whimper and bite her lower lip. With every thrust he felt he was claiming her for his own. Not that he felt she really needing reminding. He knew she was ridiculously in love with him. He just liked to make sure every now and then. Plus he knew she liked it, too.

He looked at her face. She had her eyes closed now, and she licked her lips furtively as she moaned intermittently. Her favorite sensation was him on top of her, with his arms around her body, holding her in place as he pleasured himself and her with his beautiful cock. She loved that he desired her so. It made her feel incredibly sexy and beautiful.

He felt her tensing, and her breathing get ragged. He knew he had been doing it right. He looked her directly in the eyes just before she came and said, “Say my name!”

She exhaled as she started to cum, and, not taking her eyes off him for a second, moaned and screamed his name as her walls pulsed and gave her a second orgasm that night. Feeling her pulse around his cock was more than he could stand at that moment and he felt the damn breaking as he began to cum. He exploded inside her and cried out briefly as he felt his load of hot liquid shoot from the tip of his cock into her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around him and whispered in his ear. “Cum for me baby! I feel it… keep cumming. I want you to put it all inside me!”

He finally slowed and stopped, the last pulses of his orgasm still echoing in his cock. But he was still hard. This happened sometimes when he was really worked up. He caught his breath, looked at her, smiled, and began moving in and out again.

She smiled back, knowing exactly what was going on. She licked her lips again in anticipation of more from him tonight.

He got an idea from her licking her lips and pulled out of her suddenly. She gasped and opened her eyes to watch him sit astride her chest and offer his glistening cock to her mouth. She looked up, surprised at him, sitting astride her chest, and waited for instructions.

“Eat me.” He ordered, a little breathless. He didn’t have to say it twice. As he leaned over her face, she took his cock in her anxious mouth and began to suck and tongue it. He changed his position and began thrusting his hips into her face. He was careful not to overwhelm her, but he loved the notion that he was fucking her in the mouth now.

“That’s right. Taste it!” He rasped, more breathless now. “I want you to taste yourself and me on my cock. Taste our cum together. Do you taste it?” He asked, knowing full well she couldn’t answer, but she managed a nod and a sexy little ‘mmmmmmmm’, which pleased him. Every once in a while he pulled out of her mouth so he could fuck her between her tits a little, but the look on her face as she would stare at his cock, yearning, wanting, made him always return it to her eager mouth.

The feeling of her mouth and tongue on his cock was unbelievable. He was fully hard again, wanting to explode right then and there in her mouth, but he had one more hole to claim tonight.

He pulled out of her mouth and climbed off her. She pouted briefly at the loss of her treat until he turned her on her side and lay down behind her. Then she knew what he was up to.

He reached around and began playing with her nipples with one hand and her clit with the other. He whispered in her ear…

“Wanna get fucked in the ass, my love?” He snickered. “As if you have a choice!” She giggled and struggled at her cuffs again, wanting so much to reach back and make it at least a little difficult for him. Suddenly she felt his hand sliding between her ass cheeks and spreading them. It felt a little scary and a lot exciting that she could do nothing to stop him. She felt him spread some Vaseline on her hole, and work it in, fingering her hole a little. She gasped and lay very still as he prepped her ass for his taking.

He reached around her once again and held her by her waist, bracing her for him. He leaned up to her ear and whispered dark, naughty things as he pushed his cock slowly inside her ass. He periodically pinched her nipple to accentuate the wonderful pain she felt as he pushed himself inside her. Once he was halfway in, she backed herself into him and enveloped his whole cock in one motion.

This time it was he who gasped. He hadn’t expected that! “I seee…” He laughed. “You want it now, do you?” He slid one arm under her neck and wrapped the other around her waist. He had ahold of her now. “Okay, honey,” he said, “You want it? You’re gonna get it!” he said ominously. He began thrusting in her ass to make his point. He loved this feeling. It was so tight at the entrance. He liked to pull almost all the way out, to feel the suction of the muscle there try and keep his cock inside her. Then he would push it all the way back in. There was no danger of pushing too far or too hard in this hole. She would take all that he had here. “And she will like it!” He thought to himself as he thrust again and again into her hot backside.

She arched her back and allowed him to penetrate her. She liked how the movements made her tits bounce all around, how he would grab them from time to time and play with them, how it felt to have his pelvis pushing against hers when he thrust himself deeply inside her.

She could tell he was getting close again. His breathing was ragged and his hands held her ever-so-tightly. He reached up and grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. She cried out and waited for him to tell her what he wanted.

“You’re a bad, bad girl…” He began, whispering in her ear that he had pulled close to his mouth by yanking on her hair again. “You like it when I fuck you in the ass, don’t you, bad girl?” He asked, purposefully.

“Yes, baby.” She answered, dutifully. “I like feeling you back there, how you slide in and out, filling me up!”

“Good.” He said approvingly. He paused for a moment, and then continued. “I want you to beg me to cum now. Convince me that you want it.” He chuckled and gave her hair another little yank just to make sure she was paying attention. He then reached down with his free hand and resumed playing with her clit.

She took a shallow breath and said, “You know I want to … No… NEED to feel you cum in my ass, honey!” She said hoarsely, trying to concentrate on what she was saying versus the little electrical bolts she felt traveling up her body from his manual manipulation of her pussy.

“I love it when you fuck me there, baby, love how it feels to have you slide in and out, feeling your hard cock bury itself deep inside me. I love looking back and seeing you thrusting into me. Knowing that you want to put yourself deep, deep inside me. That it feels just as good to you as it does to me when you are there.” His hands were working her pussy into quite a lather now. It was erotic to feel her ass being fucked while he expertly worked her clit as well. All that she needed now was his mouth on her tits, but she knew she couldn’t have everything.

“I will meet your thrusts with my own because I want to feel your cock get harder and harder,” she continued, noticing that he had gone quiet, his thrusts more purposeful, harder, “and the feeling that you will explode inside me get closer and closer until you can’t take it any more and you fuck me so deep in my ass that you feel as though you will split me in two when you cum.”

He grunted and increased his pace. He was very, very close. He liked the feel of her ass, the way her pussy was responding to him, that her hands were still cuffed above her head, and that he had ahold of her hair. He liked having such control, liked that she liked it. God he loved fucking her this way! The hand that had been playing with her pussy left the warm wetness and reached up to her throat. He wrapped it around her neck and held her head close to his own, one hand still clutching her long tangled hair.

“Good”, he mumbled, then he leaned into her ear again and hissed, “Okay bad girl. You will have your reward … right… NOW” and with that, his grip on every part of her tensed and he rammed his cock into her ass hard and came with everything he had.

She gasped and cried out as she felt the warmth of his cum fill up her backside. He tensed again and again, and even whimpered once as he emptied every ounce of himself into her. When he was spent, he released her hair and her neck and wrapped his arms around her middle and played with her breasts some as he caught his breath. He remained in her ass for the time being. He liked it there, it was warm and wet and since she wasn’t moving, very pleasant. But then she shifted and squirmed a bit, making him gasp since his cock was now extra sensitive to stimuli. But her movements told him that he had some unfinished business.

He had worked her up so well while fucking her ass and fingering her pussy, she was more than halfway to cumming herself. Realizing he had never been in her ass while she had cum, he decided to experience that. First, he uncuffed her and allowed her to have use of her hands. She immediately reached for him, running her hands along his naked body as his own hand returned to her pussy and resumed his motions. She came quickly, and he enjoyed the sensation of her pulsing as he experienced it from his anal vantage point.

They were both completely spent. She had cum leaking out of every hole, and their arms and legs were entwined and their bodies rose and fell together with their breathing, as they lay curled, spooned, whispering and laughing in the afterglow of really, really, mind-blowing sex.

“Thank you for playing hooky, honey!” She murmured, her mind clouding as she felt sleep pushing itself upon her, her body satiated, relaxed and rested.

“You’re welcome,” He whispered back, “But we’re not done yet.” He laughed, weakly, his own need for sleep starting to creep in on him, too. “I am just resting a bit, and when I catch my breath, I am going to put you on top of me and have you ride me for a while, feel your pussy…” his voice drifted off as his mind finished the thought that his voice could not, as he slipped off into blissful, oversexed sleep.

“Yeah right…” she mumbled… “…just try it and I will…” Her words lost in a mixture of gibberish and heavy breathing as she, too, faded into dreams.

She was his. There was no question. He had fucked her in every place he could tonight to show her that. And she knew it. Knew it before he had even begun. But the reminding is always a pleasure…

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