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Not a Sub

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Gaven waltzed through the room secure in his roman gladiator costume. Standing at a powerfully built 6’2″, he commanded the attention of every lady in the room as well as over half the men, but each time he met another Dom’s gaze, he lowered his eyes as expected of a Sub.

It had been six weeks since he had dismissed his last pet. He had grown tired of the groveling and excessive neediness that so many subs exhibit. He had a plan and was confident that his new strategy would secure a girl to be proud of.

So many women enter the BDSM world trying to establish themselves as a Dom but never quite finding the fulfillment they seek. He was sure that he could find just that type of girl and introduce her to the joy and release his slaves always find.

The costume party was the perfect opportunity to find what he was looking for, but first he had to lure her in….


Dressed in a sexy black cat woman suit, Kat was starting to second guess herself. Perhaps this hadn’t been such a good idea. At first she thought the Kat/cat woman thing was so clever. Now she regretted it each time she introduced herself to the others at the party.

She straightened her shoulders and set herself to the task at hand. She was here for a pet and she aimed to leave the party with one on her leash.

Three loud bangs from the front of the hall silenced the party. It was obvious that this was a crowd accustomed to discipline.

“Masters and Mistresses…sluts, slaves, pets… and everything in between…I welcome you to my home and trust you are all finding the enjoyment you seek. Except, of course, for those of you unworthy of enjoyment,” A chuckle swept through the crowd as the MC in the judges robe took a sip from his glass of wine.

“I know we are all here to enjoy ourselves and we’ll get on with that soon enough. Unfortunately I must first review the rules of engagement incumbent upon all those in attendance,”

“It is known that this gathering is for those drawn to the BDSM lifestyle. While some people are more submerged in the role play than others, it must be clear that if at anytime anyone finds themselves being coerced beyond their comfort, hurt beyond their threshold, or wants to disengage from the role-play; the party safe word is “Halloween”.

“Anyone caught ignoring the safe word, even if heard by proximity, will be punished and stripped of their membership. I might add that a punishment from our membership committee will be very public and not provide pleasure in any way, shape or form to those who get punished”.

“To aid the new faces and those new to the lifestyle, Doms were to incorporate some form of bondage or mastery into their costume such as leashes, whips, or handcuffs. Subs were to incorporate something indicative of their role such as a pet or slave costume, or perhaps that of a slut. Upon introduction subs are to avert their eyes from the gaze of a dom”.

“For those here who are bonded to another, you are expected to wear either a necklace with a key to indicate the stronger one of the bond or a collar for the weaker. One must seek permission from the owner before engaging the owned, even in conversation. Stealing those who are bound to another is a punishable offense”.

“I have secured a well trained force to ensure that the party rules are observed. All bouncers are dressed in the same shirtless police costumes with my seal on a chain around their neck. Boys, raise your hands so everyone can see you. To my beloved guests, you may look, but you may not touch. All guests are expected to move out of the way as my men pass through the crowd. Argue with them and it may be the last words you speak on Earth”.

“Now I believe it is time to begin the festivities. On the East and West sides of this hall are devices made for bondage and torture as well as every sex toy you have every imagined. In the front by the stage here is the DJ booth and dance floor. In the back is the bar and buffet”.

“Sexual acts are allowed in any way, shape or form between consenting partners and in any location in this hall”.

“Let’s make this evening one to remember!”

The judge waited for the applause to die down before going back to the naughty prisoner girl and bailiff waiting on the edge of the stage.

Kat surveyed the room from her spot near the DJ booth. As she looked around she saw some eyes both female and male drop while others met her gaze and silently challenged her to look away first.

She still wasn’t entirely sure what kind of man she was looking for. She had recently watched a porn video of a girl spanking and torturing her manly victim. Two homemade orgasms later she was itching to find some cock. She had no idea that something so wild would turn her on so much.

So here she was looking for someone to take home and train.


Gaven was beginning to wonder if he had approached this in the right way. There were so many luscious women here to choose from. He couldn’t help it if his cock twitched every time a woman averted her eyes from his. Try as he might it was difficult to stuff his proud bearing into the humble pose of the controlled.

More than a few dominatrix’s had confronted him in an attempt to secure him as their own. Gaven chuckled as he remembered the expression on the last one’s face when he ever so politely refused her attention. It was obvious that he was the first man not to drop to his knees and worship her as she passed.

Then as he picked up his drink from the bar, he saw her. A stunning vixen dressed as cat woman. She certainly had the look of a woman in charge, but there was something about her bearing that didn’t live up to the “bitch in charge” attitude that almost always characterized a lady dom.

Something about the way she looked about the room. She was unsure of herself; perhaps new to the game. He moved about the room watching the girl who would most likely kneel before him before the end of the night.


Kat stood by the billiards table watching Madam Diana demonstrate to her friends how well her pet had done at obedience school.

The madam was sitting up on the edge of the table with her legs over the shoulders of a short, but muscular young man kneeled before her. Spot, as she called him, was licking up and down her core as she encouraged him.

“Oh, what a good boy, Spot,” she cooed. “That’s right, puppy, you know how mama loves her big sloppy kisses”.

As he knelt before her, Kat noticed that he had a tail and it kept wagging as he went about his task with enthusiasm. She blushed slightly when she realized that it was an anal plug with a fake tail attached at the end.

Spot brought his mistress to a shattering climax and sat back on his haunches panting, waiting to find out if he had served her well.

Madam Diana stood up arranging her skirts. She patted Spot on the head. “You’ve made me very proud, boy. Are you ready for your treat?”

“Woof, woof”

“Well, you certainly deserve it, baby. Yes you do!” Kat smirked as Diana crouched over her dog and ruffled his hair.

“Now Spot, two good friends of mine are very excited to meet you tonight. Mark, Roger…this is Spot. Isn’t he fantastic?”

“Diana, luv, you’ve outdone yourself” Roger responded. With a kiss on each check, he embraced Diana in a very warm, very close hug. A warning growl from Spot brought a disapproving glance from his owner.

“ENOUGH! Spot, I have already told you these men are my friends and mean me no harm. Now be a good boy and enjoy your treat!”

“Ok, boy, me and Mark here have been looking forward to spending time with you. I decided that I would like to take you from behind first while you show Mark just how good you are with that tongue of yours.”

“Then if you’re a really good boy, we’ll switch, ” added Mark.

Spot looked at his Mistress with such gratitude, tongue hanging out as he panted through his excitement. Diana removed his tail and promised to return it later.

Roger moved up to Spot and opened his pants. “Ok, Spot, I don’t want to hurt you, so lets get a little help from that beautiful tongue of yours.”

Spot started to caress Roger’s dick with his hot, wet tongue. Roger moaned out a “good boy” while Mark started to stroke his cock at the sight before him. A few others gathered around were toying with themselves and their own pets while they watched the action.

“Heel” Spot immediately sat back and brought his mouth to a close awaiting his next command.

“Wow, Diana, such responsiveness!” Mark praised.

Roger moved behind Spot and positioned him as desired. Spot let out a whimper of desire as Roger slowly invaded him from behind. As Roger started a slow, steady rhythm, Mark approached Spot and opened his trousers.

“Alright Spot, show daddy what you got..” Spot smiled and slowly licked the tip before engulfing Mark’s entire seven inches in one quick move. With a strong suction, he flicked his tongue along the sensitive underside sending shockwaves through Mark’s body.

“…Diana! You…unh…said…he was ..unh..skilled….not unh….wow!” Spot smiled around Mark’s cock and looked to his mistress for approval. Diana gave an excited clap and smiled at her pet.

“I told you boys, he’s the best I ever trained!” she said triumphantly.

Spot made short work of Mark leaving him devastated when Spot swallowed his entire load. Roger finished shortly after, but both men needed a bit of a breather before switching places.

Kat glanced about the room to see if anything caught her eye. The action with Spot and Diana had been hot, but it wasn’t as exciting once Mark and Roger got involved.

As the men switched places, Mark wrapped his hand around Spot’s incredibly large member and mounted him from behind. Kat snickered to herself that with a member like that Spot would make a better horse. She decided to try and find something more to her taste and left Spot to do his thing.

Gaven was not far away from Kat watching a fairy bent over a couch and taken from behind by a very large, very fat troll. The troll had tied her down by the wrists and ankles and pushed into her with such force that her restraints were cutting into her supple flesh.

Gaven was amused to see such a petite creature handle the obvious strain of accommodating the man’s girth. The fairy was red in the face and finding it difficult to gain her breath, but the expression on her face was one of pure ecstasy.

As Kat moved away from the billiards tables, he made his way toward her.

Maneuvering through the crowd Kat stopped in her tracks when she when she saw an absolute hunk in a gladiator costume.

He was magnificent.

His biceps and pecs were tan and oiled. He stood well over a head taller than her. When she looked up at him, their eyes locked. It was clear from the manacles he wore on his wrists that he was a sub, but she saw him hesitate before looking down.

Gaven was surprised when the sexy blond stopped short. She looked over his body with a hunger that was raw and powerful. When her eyes met his, his first instinct was to assert himself. He would take her home and make her his…

He quickly remembered himself and looked down. He hoped that she was up for the challenge of a toy that would need a firm hand.

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