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Eileen Exposed

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It was fraud, of course. And it was discovered in the same way fraud is always uncovered – by accident. I’d found it, and it wasn’t even my department. I was in computing, but when I stumbled across the old spreadsheet even my untutored eye couldn’t miss it.

I knew who. It surprised me, because she’d been at the company for about twenty years. Eileen Romford. Credit controller.

Stuck-up old bitch who tut-tutted when she caught me taking a few sheets of copier paper. Well, I thought grimly, eighteen thousand pounds over three years amounted to a damn sight more than a few sheets of A4.

I was on my way to the accounts managers office to reveal all, and enjoy doing it, but fate gave me another option. I rounded the corridor corner, only to walk straight into guess who. Collision course ; her papers all over the floor.

” Why don’t you watch where you’re going!” she snapped.

It was that moment of her bending down that dictated what I did next. I looked at her intently. Eileen was probably fifty-ish. Quite small framed, plain features with a nose that was almost, but not quite, hooked. Short brown-red hair, obviously coloured to disguise the grey. Not a looker, by any stretch of the imagination, but , well…..I don’t know. As she squatted down picking the papers up I could see her calf muscles straining against her high heels. Black high heels. I’ve always been a sucker for black high heels.

” Eileen, could I have a word? ”

” What? ” she said shortly, not looking up ; she only dispensed politeness to those of managerial status.

” Erm….perhaps we could use Simon’s office?” Simon was away skiing for a week.

She sighed impatiently, but flounced the five yards to his office with me following.

” Well? ” she said as I closed the door.

Silently, I handed her the spreadsheet, then stood and watched with satisfaction as horror and panic drained the colour from her perfectly made-up face.

” I…I…” she stammered. ” Its….”

” Its a lot. ” I said, shortly. Then I reached for the phone. ” I think Anton would like to see this, don’t you? ”

” Please…” she said, laying her well manicured hand on my arm. ” No….I…….”

” You’ll what? You’ll do anything? Oh yes, ” I sneered. ” In three minutes time I’m going to dial Anton’s extension. ”

Eileen shook her head, horrified.

” No! We’ll be ruined…my husband’s a magistrate…”

” So. Just what will you do?”

She looked at me, uncertain. I grinned, lewdly.

My eyes bored into hers. I leant backwards against the desk, savouring the moment.

” Get on your knees, you fucking bitch, take my cock out and suck it until you swallow my spunk.” I looked at my watch. ” You’ve got two and a half minutes.”

” What!….” she whispered incredulously ” But I….I’m….”

” Old enough to be my mother. Yeah, I know….Shocking. Two minutes.”

She looked round wildly. Fuck this, I thought, and punched in Anton’s number.

” Hello?… Anton? ”

Eileen gasped and grabbed me, tugging at my trousers as she dropped in front of me.

” Yeah, it’s James from computing……”

She fumbled and freed my erection and hesitated, holding it gingerly in her hands, looking up pleadingly.

” I’ve got some sheets here….”

That was as far as I got . Eileen panicingly rammed her mouth down on my cock. I slammed the phone down.

” Now suck it you bitch! ” I snarled.

Eileen desperately worked her mouth up and down. I could tell it was a long time since she’d done this to her husband. She had no finesse, but the eroticism of having an older woman knelt before me sucking me off was incredible.

” Yeah, that’s it…..deep down. Take it. Oh yeah… How old are you, Eileen? ”

She gasped for air. ” Fifty-two…..I’m fifty-two…”

I pushed my cock back into her mouth, roughly.

” I’m only twenty-two, Mrs Romford. How does it feel sucking a twenty-two year old’s cock? I’m young enough to be your son. How does it feel having your son’s cock in your mouth, Eileen? ” I had no idea if she had a son or not, but she stiffened and moaned helplessly as I held her bobbing head.

It was the heels that did it. At that moment I gazed down at her crossed feet with their sharp black heels on and I felt my cock swell in her mouth, then I was ejaculating, spurt after spurt deep into her throat as she swallowed convulsively.

She tore her mouth away and rocked back on her heels, coughing as my hot sperm slid down her throat.

” Oh my God…..” she retched.

I chuckled, breathlessly. Oh, wow! I could do anything to her, anything at all. And she knew it. I pulled up my trousers and pushed past her.

” I hope you got what you wanted ” she sobbed, trembling with anger and shame as she scrambled unsteadily to her feet.

” Eileen, we haven’t even started yet. ” I pushed my face up to hers. ” You treated me like dirt from the day I started. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll make sure the whole world knows what a thief you really are. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, you’re going to take my cock in every way I can think up. And you’d better pray I don’t get bored.”

” You bastard….”

” See you later, Eileen..”

The next day, I walked into her office. She was with another woman, a colleague of hers. I motioned for Eileen to get rid of her. She scowled, but hurried the conversation to a close. The woman left.

” What do you want? ”

I looked around her office. On the desk was a photo of her and a man. It gave me an idea.

” Your husband? ”

She nodded.

” I’ll be coming round to your house tonight to fuck you. ” I said, casually

” But you can’t just come round to my house! Charles will be there! ”

” Don’t fucking tell me what I can’t do, you bitch! You’re going to get your brains fucked out tonight, or I swear to God I’ll see you ruined. As for him, ” I jerked my head towards the photo and shrugged ; ” I don’t care if he’s there or not, ” I said, ignoring her outraged protestations ; ” That’s your problem. Oh, and I’d better like what I see, or Anton gets a phone call. Heels and stockings, ready for action. About nine-ish. ”

Then I walked out, smiling as I heard her wail ” But what will the neighbours think…”

I waited until well past nine o’clock before knocking on Eileen’s door. It was nearer quarter to ten. I wanted to make her wait, let the anxiety build.

” Where have you been! You said….”

” Missed me, then? ” I grinned as I pushed past her. I walked into the kitchen as she shut the door quickly behind me. I surveyed her as she hurried after me. I could smell brandy mixed with the scent of an older woman’s perfume. She was nervously smoking a cigarette. Above the knee black skirt. Rather severe red silk blouse. And yes, black stockings and a pair of shiny, black high heels.

My cock hardened at the sight.

” I’ve managed to get rid of Charles, he’s out at the pub. But he won’t be all that long, probably about quarter to eleven. That means we’ve only got an hour to.erm…to..well, you know….”

Her voice was slightly slurred, and I guessed the brandy had done its job.

” To fuck? Why don’t you say it? Say ;- ‘ We’ve got an hour to fuck . ‘ That’s what we’re going to do Eileen, isn’t it? ”

” Whatever..” she mumbled, looking down at the floor.

I laughed and walked into the lounge, looking round. ” Very nice. Still, I bet you’re not short of money, are you?” She followed, tight lipped, stubbing out the cigarette in an ashtray.

She silently looked at me, with a hint of a challenge. The atmosphere was charged with tension.

I looked at her coldly. ” Bedroom. ”

I pushed her over to the king sized bed. ” Skirt off. On the bed. ”

Reluctantly she obeyed, the material swishing as it slid down against the glossed nylon covering her legs. She made to take her heels off.

” Leave them.”

She awkwardly moved over to the middle of the bed. I put her wedding photo on the pillow next to her and knelt to pull her black french knickers down , impatiently freeing them from her heels. I firmly pushed her legs open and gazed at her dark, hair covered cunt.

” Now its time for you to get fucked, you slut. ” I hissed.

She gazed at me intently as I stripped naked, my erection thudding against my stomach as it came free. I pushed it towards her painted lips.

” Get to work. ”

She closed her eyes as she obeyed, mechanically. I felt hard as a rock inside her warm mouth. I reached down and slid my fingers inside her cunt. They entered easily and I began moving them in and out as she squirmed beneath me.

” Look at me when you’re sucking my cock! ” I barked.

Her eyes opened unwillingly and looked into mine, her face screwing up as she worked away at my thick cock with her mouth.

It was time to work up the humiliation. ” Aren’t you a dirty bitch, sucking a cock on your marriage bed? ” She closed her eyes again. ” I think you like it. I think you actually fucking like it. Do you like it Eileen? Is it really good filling your mouth with my big hard prick? ”

She grunted incomprehensibly, but squirmed against my fingering hand harder, her eyes now boring into mine.

” Come on, Eileen, I want to be like fucking rock when I screw you. Hurry up, we’ve only got a few minutes before your husband gets home. What would he do if he caught you fucking yourself silly on the bed? You are married, aren’t you? Does he know what a slut you are? ”

I rubbed around the hard flesh of her clit, making her gasp with pleasure.

” No! ” she moaned, ” Oh God…..”

She was soaking now, and I rubbed her harder and harder. She slobbered around my cock, lifting her hips off the bed towards me. Her small tits thrust against the tight red silk of her blouse.

” Do you want it, Eileen? ” I taunted ; ” Do you want a young, hard prick in your dirty cunt …..? ”

” Yes..oh..yes…”

She went over the edge.

” Oh Jesus! ” she gibbered ” I want fucking with a hard stud’s cock! I’m a dirty unfaithful whore, and I love young cocks! oh God he’s going to fuck me… Ram your cock in me ,….Now!. Now!..Please…oh please…”

She arched her back and exploded into a massive orgasm as I roughly pushed the head of my prick between the greasy hairs of her cunt. Then I ploughed my bone hard cock all the way into her, spearing deep inside her jerking body. I wanted to slow down, to make it last, but it was impossible. Her claw-like hands lanced into my back, her spiked heels scraping me as she locked her legs around me. I slammed into her again and again then I poured my hot come into the liquid flesh inside her.

She lay beneath me, wild eyed and fighting to breathe with sobbing gasps. Tiny movements became painful pleasure as the last pulses of our separate orgasms twitched our bodies. Slowly, I withdrew my cock. Sperm slid out with it, rivering from her gashed sex onto the sheets of the bed.

I got up, unsteadily, pulling on my clothes. Eileen looked satisfyingly wrecked. The room reeked of sex. I reached for a packet of cigarettes and withdrew one. I pushed it into the entrance to her cunt, coating it in white sperm. Then I held her mouth and fed it between her unresisting lips.

” Give my regards to your husband. ”

Then I left.

The next day I was stood at the photocopier, intent on aligning the sheets properly. I heard someone come up behind me, but I was concentrating on what I was doing, so I didn’t turn round. What happened next gave me something else to concentrate on.

Two arms snaked around my waist and undid my trousers. I looked down at Eileens hands freeing my cock as she ground herself against me from behind.

” Don’t turn round. ” she whispered, silkily.

She began stroking me and scratching her long nails against my growing erection. Using both hands she began to pump up and down my stiff length, purring and grinding tight up against my back. It felt marvelous.

” Oh, you’re such a big, big boy……So young and hard….”

She kept whispering how big I was, how she loved feeling my hard prick. Fluid oozed from the tip of my cock, with which she oiled her fingers, gliding smoothly as she masturbated me. Every now and then she stopped and raked her nails hard along my shaft, cruelly. I gasped in pain and pleasure, then she was pumping me again, slowly and lewdly. I felt my balls begin to swell.

” Faster..” I moaned.

I felt her bend down, then straighten. With her left hand she brought her elegant black stiletto round and placed it on the photocopier glass.

” You like me wearing these, don’t you? ” she murmured, throatily ; “Is it these that made you want to fuck me? I’m old enough to be your mother, and you wanted to fuck me. Mmmmm, that’s just so dirty, isn’t it? I like wearing high heels ; they make me feel such a bitch. I am a bitch, aren’t I James? …I’m your very own, dirty cocksucking bitch….”

Then she picked up the shoe and grazed the sharp heel along my engorged member as she ruthlessly jacked me off. As I came close to coming she slid my cock into her shoe, lightly scratching my cock and tightened balls with her bony fingers.

I could hear someone climbing the stairs.

Eileen worked me faster and I ejaculated, spurting come into the shiny leather of her shoe. Hot liquid spilled down over her cool, sliding hand..

” Oh!” she breathed ” You naughty, naughty boy…”

She quickly whipped the shoe away and I felt her bend down as I hurriedly fastened my trousers. The door opened and Karen, the receptionist, walked in. Eileen was squatted down, intently studying the paper feed.

” Yes, there’s something sticky on the rollers, I think that’s the problem. Hello Karen. ”

I saw her wipe away a globule of semen that had obviously escaped the footwear.

“Hello Eileen. Hi James. Its pouring down out there!” she exclaimed. ” I’ve only come from my car, and I’ve got wet feet!”

” Yes, ” said Eileen, wickedly ” Yes, me too.”

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