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No Wonder He’s So Cocky

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As a college freshman at a state school in the Rocky Mountains, I was a pretty conservative guy, especially considering all the boozing, drugs, and wild sex that was running rampant in my coed dorm. My high school years were very low key; I had dated the same girl since sophomore year, swam competitively, and studied hard. At university, I was in way over my head as a mechanical engineering major and the freshman weed-out courses were giving me hell. I drank a little on the weekends, but most of my free time was spent studying.

I met this incredible girl in my chemistry lab, and we became the best of friends. Melanie was a tall, skinny redhead with the most drop dead gorgeous green eyes. She ran cross-country and she had a body so tight you could bounce a quarter off her ass. When she was assigned as my lab partner, I nearly wet my pants, and had to spend the rest of the class trying to hide an uncontrollable erection from her. Needless to say, Mel was way out of my league, and I quickly gave up on any hope of getting in her pants. She was also an engineering major and we became best friends, studying together almost every night.

Mel didn’t have much of a social life either, not because she didn’t have plenty of guys hitting on her, but primarily because the life of a freshman engineering major is painful. We would on occasion break out a six pack and pound down a few cold ones after a week of hard studying. Mel even turned me on to smoking weed which helped mellow me out after a stressful week of exams.

One Saturday night, Mel and I were studying for a physics exam in my dorm room. Mel was dressed in a pair of loose sweats and flip flops, her hair pulled back into a pony tail, not an ounce of makeup on her cute face, and her wire rimmed glasses made her look like the hottest librarian on the face of the planet.

“This is such a drag, Scott,” she moaned. “Hey, I’ve got some reefer in my backpack, you want to smoke a joint?”

We lit up and I grabbed a couple of cold beers from the mini fridge. I put some Pink Floyd on the boombox and we kicked back to relax. We chatted about some meaningless crap as the weed worked its magic.

“Hey Scott, do you know how to play poker?” Mel enquired.

“Sorta, I guess. Why?”

“My sorority is hosting a casino night next week to benefit a local charity. I volunteered to man a poker table, but I don’t have a clue how to play. Could you teach me?”

“Sure,” I stammered, the effects of the weed taking hold. I dug a set of playing cards out of my desk drawer and dealt a hand.

Suddenly the door to the dorm room busted open and my roommate came strolling in. “What are you stoners doing?” Chad laughed as he saw Mel and me lying on the floor, a wreath of smoke encircling our heads.

“Just studying,” I replied.

“Studying to go to Vegas?” Chad smirked.

“We’re just taking a break. So how did the game go?” I asked. Chad was a stud lacrosse player on the college team.

“We won,” he boasted, as he threw his gear down on his bed and pulled his muddy jersey off over his head. Now I’m not gay, but I’ve got to admit, Chad is one hot dude. He’s got the abs of a freaking Greek god and a chest that looks like it could do pushups till the cows come home.

He grabbed his towel off the hook by the door and wrapping it around his waist, ripped off his lacrosse shorts and kicked them up onto his bed. “I’m gonna take a shower kids. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he snickered as he headed down the hall toward the communal showers.

“Chad is one cocky bastard,” Mel giggled as the door closed behind him. “Although you got to admit, he’s built like a…”

Mel stopped in mid sentence as she turned back toward me. “Damn Scotty, do you have a thing for Chad?”

“Wh…wh…what do you mean?” I stuttered.

“You’re jaw is gaping wide open, I’d swear you’re drooling and you’ve got a look of lust in your eyes I haven’t seen since that first day in chemistry lab.”

OK, so before I go any further, I’ve got a confession to make. Like I said, I’m not gay, but Mel was right, I’ve had a fucking boner for Chad ever since we moved in together this fall. Part of it is jealousy; I’m jealous of his good looks, his great body, his athleticism, and his social life. You wouldn’t believe all the tail this guy gets. I can’t tell you how many hours of sleep I have lost this semester listening to Chad bang half the hot girls on campus in his bed on the other side of our dorm room.

But that’s only half of it. Chad is not shy, and I’ve seen him in all his glory on more than one occasion. He sleeps in the nude, he studies in the nude, he talks on the phone in the nude; the guy treats our dorm room like his personal nudist colony. And let me tell you something, he has plenty of fucking glory. The guy is hung like a horse. And once I got a view of his big dick, I’ve found it fucking impossible to get it out of my mind.

“Come on,” I replied. “What, do you think I’m gay or something?”

“I never thought so,” Mel snickered, “But based on the lump in your shorts, seems Chad’s near naked body has you pretty damn excited.”

Embarrassed, I looked down at my crotch to see my gym shorts were sporting a giant tent. I grabbed a pillow off my bed to cover my out of control boner.

“Busted,” I groaned. “I don’t know what it is about that guy. I’ve never been sexually attracted to a dude before, but Chad brings out some latent desires that scare the living shit out of me.”

Taking another hit on the joint, Mel giggled, “Don’t feel bad Scotty, he makes me weak in the knees too. Every time I see him, I have to change my panties. I find myself dreaming about what he’s packing inside those baggy lacrosse shorts.”

I’d never heard Mel talk like that, but between the pot and the beers, and my own admissions, this was becoming a far out game of truth or dare.

“Trust me, he’s packing a goddamn howitzer cannon,” I said, as Mel’s eyes widened in amazement. “I’ve seen him in the showers and getting dressed, and that guy is blessed, believe you me.”

“Wow,” Mel exhaled. “So, how big is it?”

“Well, I, uhh, I don’t know. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It looks like a beer can hanging between his legs.” Sarcastically, I added, “I’ve never measured it, but trust me, he’s fucking huge.”

“I want to see it,” Mel continued. “I want to see it hard.”

“Well why don’t you just fuck him,” I replied, more than a little unhappy with how this conversation was turning.

“Maybe I will,” she snickered, her face turning bright red. “If you don’t beat me to it.”

“Very funny,” I replied.

“Deal again,” Mel continued, “I’ve gotta learn this game.”

We played several more hands and drank a couple more beers as I explained the basics of poker to her. The subject of Chad never surfaced again and my embarrassing boner finally subsided.

Chad came back into the room, his curly dark hair dripping water, a towel around his waist and his flip flops his only clothing.

“What are you guys playing?” Chad questioned.

“I’m teaching Mel how to play poker,” I said.

“I want in,” Chad replied, as he plopped down on his bed, not bothering to get dressed. “What are the stakes?”

“We’re just playing for pennies,” I continued as I dealt Chad in.

“Couldn’t we up the ante?” Chad enquired.

“Mel doesn’t know how to play,” I remarked. “She’s just learning.”

“Well, poker is a game of high stakes,” Chad grinned. “You’ve got to feel the pressure, if you want to learn it the right way.”

To my surprise, Mel replied, “I’ve got an idea,” an evil grin spreading across her adorable face. “Let’s play strip poker.”

I nearly choked on my beer, spewing the frothy brew all over the floor. “Mel, what the hell are you talking about?”

Before Mel could answer, Chad piped in, “I’m game. I’ll even give you a fighting head start. The only thing I have to lose is my towel.”

Mel grabbed the deck and shuffled, “Oh, you’ll lose more than your towel, stud. At least you don’t have any sleeves to hide an ace up.”

Based on the lump once again sprouting in my crotch, I guess I was in too. I didn’t know exactly where this was going, but I wanted to find out.

Mel lost the first hand and without any complaint, pulled her sweatshirt off and tossed it on the bed. She was wearing a skimpy little t-shirt under her sweats, and her nipples were stiff as hell with excitement, two little raisins smuggled under her thin cotton shirt.

“Nice headlights, Mel,” Chad giggled as he ogled her pert little tits.

“I’ll figure this game out,” she huffed as she passed the deck to Chad to deal.

I lost the next hand and off came my sweatshirt with no fanfare. I don’t think either of my competitors had any desire to see me naked, as I felt like the third wheel in this ongoing seduction.

“No snide comments about Scotts nipples, Chad,” Mel teased as she gave the slowly rising lump in Chad’s towel the once over.

“Just deal, Scott,” Chad barked, ignoring Mel’s taunting.

Mel lost the next hand and she stood up and turned her back to us as she bent over, slowly stripping off her sweatpants, and revealing a pair of pink lace panties, already moist in the crotch. Spinning back around, she plopped down on the floor crossing her legs, her tight little tummy sparkling under the glare of her pierced belly ring.

“Damn, Mel, you’ve got a smoking little body,” Chad teased as he shifted under his towel, trying to hide his growing excitement. “You shouldn’t go around hiding it under those baggy sweats all the time.”

“Shut up and play,” Mel chimed, dealing the next hand.

I lost again, this time stripping off my shorts and being forced to sit on the floor in my white briefs that were doing a horrible job of concealing my now raging boner.

“Looks like somebody is enjoying himself,” Mel giggled as she nodded toward the bulge in my briefs.

“Most fun I’ve had in months,” I lied, trying to hide my utter embarrassment.

Chad dealt the next hand and flipped his cards down with a knowing chuckle, “Read’em and weep boys and girls. Good luck beating three ladies.”

Thankfully, I wasn’t weeping as I trumped his hand with three aces.

To my shock, Mel threw down a full house, “I think that beats both you boys.”

With a look of only slight dismay, Chad stood up and dropped his towel, “Damn, girl, you’re a quick learner.”

Mel’s only response was a weak sigh as she got her first look at Chad’s massive dong, only semi-erect but clearly the most impressive member in this threesome.

“See anything you like?” Chad quipped as he gave his big dick a rough tug.

Quick to recover, Mel giggled, “Not bad, but can’t you make it hard?”

“I’ll leave that up to you,” Chad smirked.

“We’ll see about that,” Mel replied. “I guess you lose. Maybe I should be getting back home.”

I could tell from the look of lust in Mel’s eyes that she had no intent of leaving just yet.

“Come on,” Chad implored, “Let’s play some more.”

“OK,” Mel replied, “But from now on, winner makes the rules. Deal?”

“Sure, sure,” Chad responded, relieved that he still had a chance to get Mel out of her underwear.

I wasn’t sure what Mel was capable of, but the look of mischief in her eyes had me very worried.

Mel lost the next hand and with a single rip, she tore her t-shirt over her head, revealing her perfect little b-cups. Between staring at her cute little freckled chest and Chad’s growing boner, a steadily flowing stream of precum was soiling my briefs.

“You’ve got the cutest little tits, Mel,” Chad laughed.

“Well, there’s nothing little about your unmentionables,” Mel replied, an expression of awe in her voice.

“So I’ve been told,” Chad proudly replied as he gave his massive pole a quick stroke, his cock still only semi-erect.

“Scott told me you were well endowed, but jesus, I never imagined.”

Oh thanks, Mel, I thought as my face turned bright red; way to throw your buddy under the bus.

“Let’s p-p-play,” I stuttered, eager to turn the attention from Mel’s slip of the tongue.

As luck would have it, I lost the next hand and stood to remove my now useless underwear.

“Very nice,” Mel exhaled as my hard cock sprang free and slapped against my naked stomach. “And look Chad, your roommate knows how to pop a real boner. Maybe if you ask him, he can teach you how.”

A little perturbed by her hounding, Chad snapped back, “Oh, baby, just stick around, I’ll show you a real boner.”

Mel lost the next hand and she sat on the edge of my bed as she peeled off her wet panties, revealing her perfectly trimmed little red bush. She sat back and lifted her legs straight up as she pulled her panties over her feet. I was shocked to see her acting so whorish and even more caught off guard to see the little silver hoop in her pierced pussy.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Chad smiled as Mel tossed her soaked undies in his direction.

“Get a good whiff, stud,” Mel cooed, “It’s all your gonna get tonight.”

Sitting back on the floor, Mel dealt another hand. “So this is the moment of truth. Winner makes the rules.”

The hand played out and Chad lost. “Damn,” he laughed, “Guess I have to put something back on.”

Showing a straight to win the pot, Mel replied, “I don’t think so. But let’s see if we can’t get you some help with that half boner.”

Chad’s eyes widened in lust, thinking he was finally going to get some of what Mel had been teasing us with.

“Scott, why don’t you see if you can help Chad with his pesky little impotence problem,” Mel quipped.

Stoned silence fell over Chad and me as we tried to grasp what Mel meant.

“Winner make the rules,” Mel continued. “I want to see Scott suck your dick, Chad.”

This was going too far. Mel knew that I wanted to take a spin on Chad’s tool, but never in a million years was I going to make the first move. The look of horror on Chad’s face told me that our little game was nearly over.

“You must be fucking crazy, bitch,” Chad barked. “Scott’s no faggot and neither am I. No way he’s going down on me.”

“OK,” Mel sighed. “Guess the games over.” Mel reached for her sweats and started to pull them on.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” Chad pleaded. “Let’s see if we can’t work something out.”

Mel stopped with one foot into her sweat pants. “I can be reasonable. We can work something out Chad, but after that “bitch” comment, nothing short of watching Scott suck your dick is gonna keep me from bolting out that door.”

I was silent during the heated exchange, unsure of how I felt and not wanting to rock the boat.

“Scott’s not going to be willing to suck my dick, are you man?” Chad enquired.

Shit, now I had to walk the fine line between being a friend, a roommate and a frustrated cockslut in heat.

“Well,” I began, “Rules are rules and Mel did win that hand. I don’t want to be a bad sport. It’s not like I want to buddy, but fuck, what am I gonna do.” Very diplomatic I thought as I nearly choked on the bullshit I was spewing.

“Huh,” Chad grunted. “Well what the fuck. It would be pretty hot to have Mel watch me getting head. Crawl over here, Scotty boy.”

Like a trained puppy, I crawled between Chad’s powerful legs and tentatively reached out my hand to caress his mighty member. It pulsed with electricity as my hand barely reached around his impressive girth.

“Mel, don’t think for a minute, I won’t be fantasizing it’s your pretty little lips wrapped around my boner,” Chad squawked as I opened my mouth and slowing tongued his big purple head.

Ignoring his last remark, Mel whispered, “Damn you look hot between his legs, Scott. Suck that big cock like you mean it. Open wide and take as much as you can down your tight throat. Play with his nuts while you blow him.”

With Mel’s coaching, I quickly overcame my hesitation and went to work on Chad’s rod, working several inches into my virgin mouth and using my tongue to lube his thick shaft as he became fully erect. I could tell Chad’s enjoyed having my mouth engulf his tool as he grabbed the back of my head and shoved several inches into my throat.

Gagging, I pulled back, fearful his cock was going to choke me to death. My eyes were watering and my jaw already ached from stretching it wide to accommodate his massive schlong.

“Easy going boys,” Mel giggled. “Catch your breath Scott and jerk his spit-covered dick while you suck his balls. Fuck yea, that is so goddamn hot. Jack off while you suck on his balls.”

As I labored on Chad’s hairy nuts, I reached down and worked the precum on my dick into a lather jerking my rock hard dick. Relaxing for a second without Chad’s monster impaling my throat, I shot a quick glance at Mel. She was sitting on the edge of my bed, her legs spread wide with her hand buried between her thighs, furiously working her overheated pussy. I gave her a sly smile and a wink, thanking her for making this unspoken fantasy come true.

“Take him back down your throat, Scotty,” Mel instructed.

I opened my mouth wide and used my tongue on the underside of his hose as I worked it back into my stretched pie hole. I braced my hands against Chad’s pelvis, fearful of him gagging me again.

“Put your hands behind your back and suck him hands free,” Mel directed. “Chad, don’t grab his head again. Take it slow, we’ll train him to deep throat you like a pro.”

“I hate to admit it,” Chad groaned, “But he’s sucking my dick like a fucking pro already. Damn, Scotty, you sure you haven’t sucked dick before?”

Only in my dreams I thought, unable to respond verbally with half of Chad’s face fucker stuffed down my throat.

“Stand up Chad,” Mel demanded, “And give his face a good fucking. Relax your throat Scott and as Chad deep dicks your mouth, suck him good. Keep a nice tight seal on that fat sausage. Grab your ankles while he pile drives your throat.”

After several minutes of face fucking, I had managed to throat nearly two-thirds of Chad’s rod. He continued to train my throat, my own cock bouncing up and down, leaking precum as Chad used my mouth as his personal pussy.

“Slap his face with your spit covered boner,” Mel instructed. “Make him beg for it.”

Getting into it, Chad responded, “You like that don’t you buddy,” as he whacked my cheek with his sloppy tool. “Tell me how badly you want to suck my dick.”

I didn’t need acting lessons for my response, “Oh yea man, stuff that hot cock back down my empty throat. Fuck my face hard, Chad. Fuck it like you mean it. Make me your little cocksucking whore.”

This time Chad lined up the mushroom head of his spear on my outstretched tongue and using both hands to hold my head steady, rammed his cock straight down my throat till his fat bulb bottomed out against the back of my throat. I fought my gag reflex and even managed to stick out my tongue and lick his hairy sack as he held his boner down my hole. His pubes lightly tickled my nose and although one or two inches of cock remained free, I had deep throated nearly his entire length.

“Fuck buddy,” Chad groaned, “Nobody’s ever taken that much of my dick before. You’re a fucking grade A cocksucker, man.”

After holding his cock in my throat for what seemed like an hour, he slowly began to rock bank and forth, giving my throat a deep, powerful fucking. I felt his cock swell and knew he must be close to blowing his load.

“OK, that’s enough guys,” Mel intoned.

“What?” Chad barked, stopping with his cock still firmly planted in my mouth.

“I’m the winner, remember. I make the rules,” she continued.

With a look of disbelief on his face, Chad pulled his raging boner from my tattered mouth. “But I was almost ready to blow,” Chad growled.

“Save it,” Mel ordered. “Nobody said the game was over. I think it’s your turn to deal, Scott.”

I was furious with Mel. Another minute and I’d have had a mouthful of Chad’s spunk. What the hell did she have in mind?

I took a swig of beer and sat back on the floor, shuffling the cards. My dick was harder than I could ever remember and the sight of Chad’s massive boner had me feeling things I’d never even imagined.

“Scott did his job. I wanted to see your cock hard, and I can’t imagine it getting any harder,” she snickered as she reached out and gave his spit covered tool a quick yank. “Now I know why you are such a cocky bastard.”

As I started to deal, I looked up onto the bed and noticed Mel’s macbook laptop was open and on the screen was a streaming video of our poker game in real time. She had her i-camera going and she was recording the entire scene.

“How long have you had the video camera on?” I implored.

“Long enough,” she cackled, obviously pleased with her directorial debut.

“You recorded Scott sucking my dick?” Chad demanded.

“Oh yea,” she giggled. “Should make for some interesting late night viewing. Scott, your face looked so cute with Chad’s big fuckstick stretching your lips to their limits. I bet the guys in the Chemistry lab would love to see this footage.”

Chad started to object, but Mel gave him a menacing stare, “Just zip it you big baby. It’s only for personal consumption. If you boys play nice, we’ve only made the first scene, if you catch my drift.”

Mel had us wrapped around her little finger, and we both surrendered, knowing the only way to turn the tables was to win a hand.

Unbelievably, the poker neophyte won the next hand with a flush.

“Goddamn, looks like I win again,” she smirked.

“What now?” Chad enquired, the sore loser in him beginning to show.

“How big is your dick, Chad?” Mel questioned.

“I don’t know, why don’t you bend over and let me show you,” he snickered.

“I’ve got a better idea. Scott grab that ruler off your desk, I want you to measure Chad’s cock.”

Without hesitation, I grabbed the plastic twelve-inch ruler and knelt in front of Chad. Laying the ruler on top of his dick, I pressed one end into his pelvis and read off the measurement, “10 and ½ inches,” I proclaimed, truly in awe of his massive member.

“Wholly shit,” Mel gasped. “You’re a freak of nature, Chad.”

“Gee thanks,” he guffawed, slightly put off by Mel’s condescending tone.

“Scott described your dick earlier as being as fat as a can of beer. Let’s find out.”

Thrown under the bus for the second time tonight, I smiled weakly as Chad shot me a quizzical glare. Mel took a piece of string off my desk and wrapped it around a discarded beer can, using a pair of scissors to trim it to the exact circumference.

“Here, Scotty, wrap this around his dick.”

I took the string and was not surprised to see it come up just short of encircling his thick meat.

“Holy crap,” Mel exclaimed, “Thicker than a can of beer. Hey Scott, what are your measurements? Your dick looks bigger than average, even if it’s dwarfed by freakshow over there.”

“I don’t know, Mel,” I replied.

“Chad, I want to see you measure Scott’s penis,” Mel giggled.

Somewhat warily, Chad took the ruler and string and went to work. “Seven inches long and nearly six around,” he announced.

“Damn, Scott,” Mel whistled, “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, in this company your still the twink bottom, if you know what I mean.”

I’ve watched plenty of porn in my day and I think I knew exactly what she meant, but I wasn’t sure I was ready, or willing, to find out.

“Now that you two are intimately familiar with each others’ dicks, how about giving each other a nice deep, wet kiss,” Mel chuckled.

“You are fucking crazy,” Chad barked.

“Oh, come on. It would drive me over the top to see you two studs lip locked,” Mel cooed.

Hesitantly, Chad and I brought our lips slowly together. Just before contact, we both closed our eyes as our lips brushed lightly together.

“Swap spit, guys,” Mel cheered.

I opened my lips and felt Chad’s tongue snake its way into my mouth. Unlike a girl’s tongue, Chad’s was wide and forceful and he tongue fucked my mouth under Mel’s coaching.

“Grab his ass Chad, and pull him in close. Kiss him like your making out with me. Make me want you, stud,” Mel jeered.

Chad took his cue and clutching my bare butt cheeks, pulled me firmly against his body, his huge spear crushed in our embrace as it slapped against my upper stomach. We remained lip locked for nearly a minute, as our tongues explored each other’s wet mouths.

Finally Mel interrupted, “I wish you two could see how hot you look. The campus would freak if they knew the star lacrosse player liked French kissing his dorm mate. OK, you can stop now.”

As Chad pulled away, I gave his bottom lip a little nibble, never dreaming that getting my mouth violated by another guy could be so damn arousing.

“My deal,” Mel smirked as she plopped down next to the deck of cards, her casualness with her nudity making me wonder if she had done this before.

Chad was getting worked up and I could tell, he wasn’t the kind of guy that took a teasing very well. “Can’t we end this damn game and get to business?” he implored.

“One more hand, winner takes all,” Mel said as she worked her slim finger into her wet twat and frigged her swollen clit with her thumb. Before either of us could answer, she took her finger from her pussy and licked the juices off her glistening digit. I nearly blew my load on the spot.

Not surprisingly, Mel won the final hand with a full house.

“You’re a goddamn sandbagger,” Chad screamed.

“Just lucky, I guess,” Mel quipped. “Guess what I want now?”

“It better end up with my dick buried in a hot, wet hole,” Chad exhaled.

“It’s like you read my mind,” Mel laughed. “Scott, get down on your hands and knees. Point that cute little ass of yours at your roommate. Chad, I present a hot, wet hole for your use.”

I was literally trembling, a mix of fear and anticipation racing through my oversexed body as I obeyed her command. Chad on the other hand, was a little more perplexed.

“You want me to fuck Scott in the butt?” Chad exclaimed.

“Oh yea stud, I wanna see you bang his virgin cherry into submission. Is that OK with you Scotty?”

“You’re the boss, Mel,” I moaned, too horny to deny her wishes and more than a little anxious to see if I could handle Chad’s big cock.

“Dude, if you think you can handle it, I’ll give it a go. I’ve always wanted to fuck a chick in the ass, but I’ve never been able to convince a girl to try.”

“If you take it slow, I’ll give it a try,” I whimpered.

“Would you pussy boys shut the fuck up and get to it already,” Mel interjected, laying back on the bed and burying her one hand between her legs as she tweaked her nipple with the other.

As Chad positioned himself at my backdoor, I reached back to spread my hairy butt cheeks wide.

“You might not want to try that dry, Scotty boy,” Mel chuckled. “Chad, you must have some lube around somewhere. I can’t imagine too many of your little girlfriends are willing to take that monster without some added motion lotion.”

Chad reached into his desk drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube, liberally coating his raging boner and squirting a healthy amount onto my exposed crack. Positioning the head of his lethal weapon at my puckered hole, he slowly applied pressure.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as the giant head of his cock popped past my virgin sphincter.

“Hold on Scotty,” Mel whispered as she sat down on the floor and positioned my head between her outstretched legs, “You’re in for a bumpy ride. Take his ass, stud. Fuck that ass. Fuck that ass good and hard.”

As Chad slowly pushed his cock, inch by inch into my tight hole, I stifled a scream.

“Bury your head in my pussy, Scott,” Mel instructed. “Suck my clit and tongue fuck my hole as your roommate power fucks your ass. Eat my pussy good, honey. Munching on my twat should help you take your mind off the baseball bat that is raping your butt. Let’s see if you eat pussy as good as you suck cock.”

As I went to work on Mel’s sweet cunt, my head was spinning. I was getting butt-fucked by my roommate’s giant cock and eating the pussy of my best friend. I was living a fucking dream, although as Chad continued to impale my ass on his rod, the pain emanating from my backside told me it was more like a nightmare.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, buddy,” Chad groaned as he grabbed my hips and powered more and more of his cock into my hole. “Tighter than any pussy I’ve ever drilled.”

With my elbows on the ground, I grabbed Mel by the waist and pulled her pussy against my mouth, driving my outstretched tongue deep into her cooze, drinking in her sweet juices. I played with her pussy ring, my tongue dancing circles around her hard clit.

At long last, I felt Chad’s balls bouncing off mine as his shaft was finally buried to the hilt in my tortured ass. Leaving his dick stuffed down my hole, he reached around and stroked my hard dick while my ass got accustomed to his fuck pole.

“Yea, Chad, stroke his little dick while you’re buried in his hot ass,” Mel purred as she played with her tits and tweaked her nipples. “This is so much fucking more fun than studying.”

As Chad began to fuck my ass in earnest, I had to agree. He started with long slow strokes, stretching my hole as he built up to a pile driving rhythm. Soon his balls were smacking out a gut wrenching pace as he deep-dicked my ass into submission. The pain slowly subsided, replaced by a deep pleasure that pulsed through my entire body.

Mel grabbed my head and shoved my tongue deep into her snatch as she let out a toe-curling moan, her first orgasm racked her body as her athletic thighs wrapped my head in a death vice. Even as her body tensed in ecstasy, she kept my head firmly planted between her legs, wave after wave of pleasure washing over her.

“That is so fucking good,” she exclaimed. “I’m cumming like a goddamn freight train.”

As she proclaimed her pleasure, I felt a similar release building in my nuts. Chad’s deep, powerful strokes were bringing me to the point of no return. Even without direct stimulation to my cock, I could feel my load boiling in my balls.

As Chad built to a frenetic pace, my dick exploded, shooting long sticky ropes of spooge all over the floor, several powerful eruptions actually hitting my face and dripping down onto Mel’s wet snatch.

“That’s so fucking hot, Scotty,” Mel groaned. “I think your buddy hit your g-spot.”

As my spent body went limp, Mel took control. “OK, Chad, no more fucking around. I need that dick and I need it now.”

She got up on her hands and knees and shook her tight little butt right in Chad’s sweaty face. “What are you waiting for, isn’t this what you wanted?”

Without hesitation, Chad pulled his raging boner from my poor ass and plowed straight into Mel’s waiting snatch. With the energy of a wild animal in heat, he grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy with reckless abandon.

“Oh fuck yea,” Mel screamed as she reached back and grabbed Chad by the nuts, pulling him deeply into her wet box. “I can’t stop fucking cummingggggggg.”

Chad fucked her with the stamina of a greek god, plowing her pussy as he stretched her to the point of breaking.

Mel shot me a quick glance and motioned for me to scoot over. Lying on my back, I slid under her and positioned my head directly under the fucking action. Like a pro, Mel lapped the sticky jizz from my spent cock while instructing, “Lick his balls, Scotty. Lick Chad’s balls while he fucks my cunt.”

I was totally in Mel’s power and did as I was told. I could feel the cum gurgling in Chad’s nutsack as I sucked his balls.

“Chad,” Mel began, “I want you to pull your dick out and cum on my ass and pussy. Shoot your wad all over my bum and make sure it drips down into Scott’s waiting mouth. He’s been a good sport and I want him to taste the rewards.”

As instructed, Chad yanked his massive log from her twat with an audible pop and ejaculated all over her freckled ass, rivers of creamy spunk flowing down her crack into my open and eager mouth. I swallowed every drop and then took Chad’s slowly deflating member into my throat, milking every drop of sperm from his incredible tool.

“Good boy, Scotty,” Mel purred as Chad collapsed, exhausted on the floor. “Now lick all that sticky jizz off my ass.”

I did as I was told, licking her ass clean and giving her puckered hole a rimming for good measure. As we collapsed together, entwined in sticky, sweaty arms and legs, Mel giggled, “Damn, I never knew poker was so much fun.”

We woke up the next morning, watched our award winning performance on Mel’s laptop and spent the rest of the day trying to top last night’s adventure. Chad even sucked my cock and at long last I took my turn at Mel’s delicious little pussy, not as tight as it used to be, but still well worth the long wait. Our grades suffered significantly the rest of that semester, but we all received an A+ in sexual education.

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