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Not Curious Anymore

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I have wrote this as non true story although there are some of my own personal experiences mixed into it.


I was 19 and living with my parents and was going through this phase of feeling I wanted to try sex with a guy, it had all started when a friend had lent me a video with some porn stuff on it and right at the end was about 15 minutes of gay porn with these two guys sucking and fucking each other and I could not believe how horny it made me as I watched it .

I realised it would be difficult to meet up with a guy and I wouldn’t know how to go about it anyway, I knew there was a couple of gay clubs in town but I didn’t want to try them in case I was seen , so maybe I would just have to settle for wanking over a video of two guys.

I arrived home one evening, I walked into the front room and there was my parents and another guy chatting.

“Hi Rob, this is Mr Lloyd, him and his wife have just moved in next door”

“Please call me Jim” he said as he got up and shook my hand.

He was about 6ft tall, average build with short black hair and looked in his 30’s and had a firm hand grip when he shook my hand. I went into the kitchen to get a drink and then went upstairs to my room, I pushed the door to and lay on my bed I could feel myself getting a little excited so I put on the gay porn video and turned the television sound off.

My hand moved down into my pants and I caressed my cock as I thought about the guys in the video touching it and sucking it , my hand gripped round the shaft and I started to stroke it , slowly at first and then getting faster, I felt so horny that I could feel my self ready to cum, I wanked faster and then felt my cock shoot cum over my hand and stomach, my head lay back down on my pillow as I recovered and then I cleaned my self up.

The next day I was in the back garden when I heard somebody call out to me, I turned round and it was Jim.

“Hi Rob, can I ask a favour?” Jim asked.

“Yeah sure what is it” I replied.

“I just need some help with a couple of pieces of furniture, if you don’t mind” said Jim.

“No I’ll come round now” I replied and made my round to his back gate.

We went inside and Jim showed me what wanted doing , which didn’t take us long.

“You want a beer?” asked Jim.

“That would be nice” I replied.

“Go and sit down in the lounge and I’ll bring one in” Jim said.

I went and sat on the sofa in the lounge and Jim cam in and handed me a beer.

“So where’s you wife?” I asked.

“Oh she’s still at our old house, she had some things to do and is coming up in the next couple of days” he answered.

“So you got a girlfriend?” he asked .

“Not at the moment” I replied.

“Ok so who were thinking of when you were wanking off in your room” he said smiling.

The look on my face must have said it all, I couldn’t believe Jim had been watching me wanking, there was a silence while we looked at each other.

“Look I’m sorry I watched you, I went to use the toilet and seen you door was slightly open and I couldn’t help but watch, you must think I’m a perv or something, but I’m not” He said. apologetically.

“Can I tell you something in confidence?” Jim asked.

“Yeah sure, whatever you tell me doesn’t leave this room” I answered.

“Ok well I’m bi sexual , my wife knows ”

“No it’s ok I’m glad you enjoyed it” I said .

“If you want to get even you can watch me wank if you want” he suggested.

My mind went blank, I was quickly trying to think of something to say, the chance was now being offered to me which could lead to satisfying my curiosity, although my silence was telling Jim all he needed to know.

“Look it’s ok I can tell that you want to but you are a little scared to admit anything” Jim said.

Without saying another word Jim got up and offered his hand out to me, I put my hand up and he pulled me off the sofa and I followed him up to his bedroom.

“You can just watch , I’m not pressuring you into anything just relax and take it as far as you are comfy with” he said as he stripped off his clothes and lay naked on the bed. I looked at his body which had a slight tan, his chest was a little hairy and his cock was slightly bigger than mine and it was nearly fully hard as he wanked off.

“I’m thinking about when I saw you wanking off last night , when I got home I stripped off lay here and wanked till I shot all over myself, you can strip off if you want, whatever makes you comfortable” he said as he moaned under his breath.

I took off my t shirt and undid my jeans, Jim stared at me while I stood by the bed still transfixed by his cock, I grabbed hold of my jeans and boxers and pulled them down to the floor and stepped out of them. I knelt on the bed and began to stroke my cock, Jim moved over to me on the bed so his mouth was underneath my cock, not a word was spoke as we carried on wanking ourselves, I was very horny and I could feel myself close to cumming , I didn’t want to cum too soon and slowed down stroking my cock.

“You ready to shoot?” Jim asked.

“Yeah sorry I’m getting to excited” I replied.

“That’s ok , do it make it cum” Jim said.

I started to go faster again and soon felt my cock ready to cum, Jim stuck out he tongue and as I wanked I felt myself cumming , I let out a loud moan as cum shot from me onto Jim’s mouth and tongue, I pulled the skin back and forth until every drop had come out.

Jim took hold of my arm and pulled me down towards him , I cocked my leg over him and knelt astride his body, he pulled me down to him and we kissed , it was gentle at first but as our tongues touched in our mouths the kiss became harder and stronger, Jim’s hands moved down my back and onto to my ass where he squeezed it. His hands moved in between my legs and felt my hardening cock , he began to wank it slowly and as he did this I kissed him harder, his hands moved back onto my ass and he pulled me down so our cocks were now rubbing against each other . Jim broke the kiss and started to kiss my neck , his breathing was getting heavier as our cock continued to rub against each other.

“You want to try sucking me off?” Jim asked.

I just smiled and moved myself down Jim’s body and lay between his legs, I took his cock into my mouth and gently sucked on it slowly, Jim gave out a slight moan, I sucked a little harder and faster , I could taste the pre cum on his cock . I pulled my mouth away and started to wank him.

“OOhhhh fuck that feels great, move round so I can suck on you as well” he said breathlessly.

I moved round so we was now in a 69 and I felt him sucking on my cock, I took his cock back into my mouth and started to suck him again, we were both now very horny and sucking each other very hard , I could feel myself ready to cum as Jim caressed my ass while he sucked me, I pulled my mouth off Jim’s cock.

“Ohhh yesss” I moaned as I shot cum into Jim’s mouth.

He sucked till every drop was in his mouth, I carried on sucking him hard as I really wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum. I felt Jim move his mouth round and his hands spread my ass cheeks , then I felt his tongue licking my hole, he was soaking it with my cum, I started to suck harder on him , he was making me so horny I had never felt anything like it , as I sucked harder his tongue pushed further into me. I felt his body tighten up and then I felt his hot cum fill my mouth , I almost gagged on it as his cock kept pumping cum in my mouth, I swallowed it all and licked his cock clean. I moved off Jim and lay on the bed catching my breath.

“Was that a good first experience?” he asked.

“It was fantastic I have never been so horny” I replied.

“You want to stop now or go a little further?” asked Jim.

He lay right next to me and lightly kissed my chest then gently sucked on my nipples, he slowly moved down the bed kissing and licking my body as he went down, he kissed around my cock and then licked it up and down . He then moved in between my legs and gently licked and kissed my cock for a while, as he did this he opened my legs and his fingers rubbed over my wet ass hole. He pulled his mouth off my cock and pushed my legs up and opened my ass cheeks , again I felt his tongue licking over my hole, it was getting me so horny as I felt his tongue push in me, I knew what he wanted to do but I wasn’t sure I would be able to take his cock inside me, but the more he tongued my ass the more I was coming round to the idea of being fucked.

“Please tell me you want to fuck, I want to fuck this ass right now” he pleaded.

“I want to but not sure I’m ready to take you” I answered.

“It will be ok I will be as gentle as I can I promise” he said reassuringly .

He reached into the cabinet next to the bed and pulled out some lubricant, he put some on his hand and rubbed it over his hard cock. He got back in between my legs and moved my legs into the air and positioned himself ready to push inside me. H smiled as he pushed his cock against my hole, I could feel the head of his cock slightly parting my hole, he pushed a little further and I felt the head inside me and I felt comfortable he pushed in some more and then gently slid in and out of me.

“Is that ok?” he asked.

“Yeah that’s fine, it feels good ” I replied as he slid his cock in a little further.

I gave out a little scream of pain as he pushed his cock fully into me, he then started to fuck me as he slid his cock gently in and out of my wet hole, gradually his rhythm started to get faster, I could feel a little bit of pain but that was nothing compared to how horny I felt as Jim fucked me. He was getting a lot faster and was fucking me hard, his cock was pounding at my ass and I was starting to hurt more.

“No no no” I shouted .

Jim seem to ignore my shouts and carried on fucking me, although part of me wanted him to stop there was also part of me that didn’t my cock was solid as I felt his cock sliding in and out of me, he got even quicker with his rhythm and his cock was slamming into me until he gave one final hard push inside me.

“Oh fuck yes” he shouted as he filled my ass with his cum.

Jim slid his cock out of me and lay beside me on the bed, both of us trying to get out breath back.

“I’m really sorry, I should of stopped when you shouted no, I hope I didn’t hurt you too much” he said apologetically.

“No it’s ok , it hurt but at same time it was horny as hell” I said.

“As long as you enjoyed it and maybe want to do it again?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m sure we can have fun as long as were discreet” I answered.

“The only person who will know about it is Kath my wife, but don’t worry she will keep any fun we have quiet”

I went to get cleaned up in the bathroom and when I got back to the bedroom Jim had got dressed again, I quickly dressed and we went downstairs so Jim could let me out.

“I’m sorry I got carried away before, I still feel a bit guilty” Jim said.

“That’s ok I already said I still enjoyed it” I replied.

“There is one thing you could do to make it up to me if you want to” I said suggestively

“Sure what can I do for you?” Jim asked.

“Well I can’t go back home with this lump in my jeans” I said smiling.

Jim smiled back “no you can’t I will have to help you out with that” he replied.

Jim sank down to his knees and opened my jeans, he pulled them and my boxers down and straight away started sucking hard on my cock, my hands pushed on the back of his head as he sucked harder, my cock fucked his mouth hard until I felt myself shoot cum into his mouth. I fastened my jeans back up and me and Jim kissed , our tongues pressed against each other as I tasted my cum in Jim’s mouth. I said goodbye to him and Jim promised me that there was more fun to come soon.

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