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No More Evening Shifts

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There were four of them who entered the store close to closing time, all muscled punks decked out in black leather. I owned the small convenience store but found myself behind the counter this evening because my regular night clerk called in sick.

The hunkiest of the four came up to the counter and puckered his lips and tossed me an air kiss. He asked me where Jake, my regular evening clerk, was.

When I answered, he told me that I was cuter than Jake and that I turned him on. He asked if I wanted to join the group for a good time after closing. I knew Jake swung that way, which had never bothered me, but I told this guy as politely as I could that I didn’t. But he kept right on sweet talking me. I figuring he was just trying to keep my attention while the other three picked out some presents for themselves, and this assumption proved to be correct.

I looked past the guy who was harassing me and saw one of his friends, a big black dude, heading for the door with a six pack of beer.

I brought my handgun up from under the counter where everyone could see it and, as confidently as I could, said in a loud voice, “I think you might want to put that back unless you are going to pay for it. And I have to close up now, so perhaps you guys need to go on to your party.”

They left, but not without giving me meaningful looks and a few sniggers. Their bikes were gone from in front when I locked up and walked around to the back of the store to my car, and my mind was so full of business matters that I wasn’t even thinking about them. But as I got out my keys to open my car door, there they were—all four of them.

Two of them had me in their powerful grip as the blond hunk that had harassed me and the black dude who had tried to make off with the beer stripped down. They both had strongly muscled bodies and were horse hung. They pulled at their cocks as the other two roughly stripped off my clothes.

The blond broadcast that he liked what he saw—better than the Jake he had expected to find here this evening. One of the guys who had stripped me waved my key ring in the air, and the blond hunk told him to go back into the store and get that beer they had wanted.

The other guy and the black dude slammed me down onto the hood of my car, and the black dude mounted my chest. He was holding my arms against the hood of the car with his knees, and he pulled my head up by the hair so that my mouth was touching the big glob of penis helmet dangling from his loins. He directed me to suck him and to be good at it, or I’d regret it. I took his dick into my mouth and did what I thought would please him with my tongue on his glans and piss slit, and he did indeed seem to be pleased. His dick began to thicken and harden. I could hardly get it into my mouth.

Meanwhile, the blond dude had gotten his hand under my butt and was assailing my ass with his fingers. First one, then two, and then three. And he was finger fucking me. I couldn’t help it; he was turning me on. My own dick began to harden, and the third guy swallowed it and began sucking me off as he rolled my balls with his fingers.

The fourth guy returned with several six packs of cold beer and a handful of condoms, and they all paused to drink a bottle off. I was in no position to say anything, though, as the black dude was rotating his cock around in my mouth, rubbing his helmet against the inside of one cheek and then moving it to the other.

The blond hunk took one of the condom packets, opened it, and slowly rolled the condom onto his huge cock.

“Sure hope you stand behind your products,” he said with a laugh. “Cause I’m going to stand behind you and test this fucker out. You’d better hope your goods hold up to the test.”

He then opened a bottle of beer, held it up, and said, “Think I’ll try both of your products out on you.” He passed out of my view behind me and gave a command, and the other two guys were grabbing my ankles and wishboning my legs. I felt the cold neck of a beer bottle being pushed into my ass, and then, at another command from the blond hunk, my legs were being pulled up toward the windshield, my ass was rotating up toward the sky, the bottle was tilting up, and cold beer was gushing down my insides. I heard the blond hunk and his cohorts laughing at this trick. And then the blond hunk’s mouth was at my asshole. He was slurping beer and pushing his tongue into my channel.

The black dude was right over my face now, pushing his dick deeper into my mouth. I felt cold beer being sloshed over my chest, belly, and cock and balls, and one of the other guys, whose hands were still holding my leg up at the thigh, was tonguing the beer off me. He was driving me wild with his nipping and sucking at my nipples.

The blond hunk stopped slurping and tonguing my ass, and I felt his bulbous cock head at my hole. He entered me and I lurched, forcing the black dude’s cock down my throat and causing me to gag. The blond guy kept his cock helmet just inside my ass opening for a few minutes, rotating it around, encouraging me to open to him—which, luckily, I was doing. When he was satisfied, he started to slowly but relentlessly feed his long, thick hose into me, stretching me to the edge of endurance.

The pain and sense of being filled to the limit was excruciating, but I couldn’t scream, as the black dude was now face fucking me deeply, and it was all I could do to keep from gagging and to try to catch my breath. I could moan, though, and I was doing plenty of that. And the blond dude said he loved my moaning and that I should do it louder for him. He also said he loved my tight ass, and that he knew the others would love it to. The others? I moaned louder.

The fourth guy swallowed my cock with his mouth, and my cock betrayed me, showing that it enjoyed the attention.

The blond hunk was in to the root now, and he started a slow, steady pumping action, which started off deep and shallow and slowly lengthened. The pain was subsiding, and, as it did, I found a sense of pleasure increasing. My cock felt like it was going to explode. And then it did, and the guy who was giving me head took the full wad and licked me off before pulling away. Shortly thereafter, the blond hunk pulled out of me and shot his jism up my belly.

In a loud voice, he proclaimed it was the black dude’s turn, and my jaws were given relief as the black dude withdrew from me, still kneeling above me, although his knees were now off my arms. He barked a command and one of the guys threw him a condom packet, which he neatly pulled out of the air.

“Cap me, stud,” the black dude said, as he put the condom packet in my hand.

My hands trembled as I fumbled with getting the packet open and then rolling it onto his giant tool. He then pulled my mouth back up to his dick, and forced himself back into my mouth.

“Get it nice and wet,” he commanded, and I felt the acrid taste of latex in my mouth. When he was satisfied, he hopped off my chest. The other two guys let loose of my legs and the black dude had me flipped onto my belly and his cock moving up my ass chute before I had time to react. He was holding my torso down on the hood of the car with one beefy arm. His efforts to bury his enormous dick in me were causing him to grunt with frustration, and he commanded me to widen my legs. I did, and this helped him bury himself to the hilt. He got his big mitts under my chest and grabbed me by the pecs and arched my back up to him. He had me in a lip lock, and his tongue was now deeply probing my mouth just as his dick had been doing shortly before. He pumped his cock in and out of me like a piston and soon came in a big gush of semen that filled the head of the condom and made me pray that the latex would hold. He then let me fall in an exhausted heap on the hood of the car and pulled away from me.

I lay there, panting, unable to move, as the blond dude signaled to the other two guys and they stripped. They were both thinner and wirier than the blond and black guys, but they quite clearly were strongly muscled as well. They also didn’t have the monster cocks of their cohorts. They weren’t all that thick, but both were long and one had an unusual crook in it that brought the head up toward the guy’s belly when it was erect. Both cocks were very much erect. The blond flipped them a couple of condoms, and they took their time, standing very close together and facing each other, in getting a condom rolled onto the other’s cock.

The blond pointed to one guy and said “bottom” and to the other and said “top,” and the bottom, the one with the straighter cock, came over to me, pulled me up off the hood of the car, got behind me, and pulled me back down on top of him. He got his feet on the inside of my ankles and pulled my legs wide apart. And his powerful arms held me in a full nelson hold, with my arms above my head. Thereupon, the top guy walked between my legs, spread my aching asshole with two fingers and helped the bottom insert his cock and run it up my canal.

I twitched and grunted, but this cock didn’t compare to what I’d already taken in, so I wasn’t all that much alarmed. But then alarm started to set in, as the “top” moved into me and started to push his own dick in above that of the bottom. I suddenly realized what the bottom and top business was all about. I was being sandwiched.

I screamed as my ass canal was being stretched and nearly split, and the blond and black dudes answered with gales of laughter as they finished off another round of beer.

The top, the one with the crooked cock, pushed into where the helmet of his cock was positioned directly on top of my prostate, and he rubbed me there until I myself was in a sexual frenzy and my cock was oozing precum once more. Then he pushed right on in, and the two of them started a counterpiston action that played my ass passage like a calliope. The hands of the top were wandering all over the bodies of both the bottom and me, and all three of us were alternating kisses. The top’s mouth went to my nipples while I was in the lip lock with the bottom, and I just relaxed and gave up my inhibitions. I became adjusted to the action and went with the flow. My cock was rubbing up and down the top’s belly, and all three of us came almost in succession—and my cry of enthusiasm was no less heartfelt than theirs.

The top and bottom disentangled themselves, and the black dude picked up my clothes and threw them at me, while the blond hunk opened the driver’s door of my car and waved me in.

Relieved that they weren’t going to worse with me, I headed for the door. I wouldn’t stop to put my clothes back on; I’d wait until I had driven out of danger before I did that. As I got to the door, however, the blond hunk roughly pushed me down on my side across the seat and center console with his hand, lifted my leg over his shoulder, and fucked me in a side split one last time. Skin on skin. No condom this time. Deep strokes, in which he fully withdrew and then power-drived back into me and up to the hilt. I was moaning and sobbing, which he seemed to be enjoying a lot. And then I was enjoying it too. I had to admit to myself that I loved this hunk’s cock up my ass. I started to go with his rhythm, and the blond sensed that I had given in to him at last.

“What do you think now, stud? Want me to pull out of you now?”

“No,” I reluctantly moaned, “Don’t stop now. I think I’m going to cum.”

“Tell me you like it,” he commanded after a particularly long stroke that had me gasping.

“Oh God, yes, plow me. Plow me deeper.” I felt shame, but the sexual charge had taken me over.

Satisfied, he continued pumping me. He wrapped his hand around my cock and milked me until I came in a splat on the pavement below the door sill. And this time he came in an explosion and a cry of pleasure deep inside me, bathing my insides with his semen.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “There, I own you now, you muthafucker—just leaving you a little something to remember me by until the next time. It was a nice party; thanks for providing both the refreshments and the entertainment.”

And then they were gone. I just lay there, until I was sure I was alone. And then I pulled myself out of the car, dressed, went back to make sure the door to the store was locked, and drove on home and took a long shower, ashamed that I had enjoyed much of the evening.

However, this was the last evening shift I ever worked in my store. But it was not because I didn’t want to; it was because I couldn’t trust myself.

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