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No Longer Curious

Category: Group Sex
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For months we have been tossing around the idea of a three-some. Almost every time we’ve had sex you say naughty things to me about inviting another woman into our lovemaking. And to be honest, it really turns me on. I’ve been so curious about being with another woman, and I know you want to watch that. I’ve thought about kissing her and touching her and making her feel so good.

I’ve wondered what it would be like to lick another woman, and I’ve speculated that I’d be pretty good at it. I’ve even thought about it when I masturbate. So, we finally decided to go for it. We find a local woman through an adult website who is interested and would be modest. We decide to meet her at a hotel room to be safe.

Seems like only seconds have past and we are in the hotel room waiting for her. You look at me pacing around the bed. “Are you excited, baby?” you ask.

“Excited and nervous,” I answer.

Finally she knocks. You answer the door. “Welcome,” you say. I smile. She looks back and forth at us, nervously. I feel my knees begin to shake, so I sit down on the bed. You notice me being shy and come over to me whispering in my ear, “Be a good girl and do what we always talk about, baby.”

I get up and walk over to her. “Make yourself comfortable honey,” I say, as I take her hands and lead her to the bed. You sit in a chair off in the corner, staying out of the way. I brush her hair off of her shoulders with my fingers and smile at her, while looking deep in her eyes. She leans in and begins kissing me. I’m startled at first, but then I really start getting into the kiss. Our wet tongues swirl around each other, darting from her mouth to mine and back. As we continue to kiss, our hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. I slide my fingernails up and down her back as she caresses my sides and gently brushes her hands against my breasts. I peek over to you watching us. You are smiling and pleased with the performance thus far.

Without our lips parting, we begin undressing each other, peeling each other of layers of clothing and exposing our soft skin. I feel her fingers on my breasts, pinching my nipples. I do the same to her, and both of our nipples get nice and hard. She starts kissing down my neck and to my breasts. My breathing becomes heavier and more random. I caress her hair as she sucks my nipple hard into her mouth, making me cry out in pleasure. She is so beautiful and she knows exactly how to please me. I’m getting so turned on by her touch. We both pull off our panties, which are getting moist. She lies back on the bed, and says to me “There is a seat for you right here,” pointing to her mouth.

I look over at you. My heart is pounding so hard. “Sit on her face, baby,” you encourage. I gently position myself, kneeling over her mouth, facing the rest of her body. I feel her tongue begin to feel its way around my wet lips. My eyes are fixed on yours as I’m receiving this wonderful pleasure from a woman for the first time. My hands begin to slide over my stomach and breasts as I start really getting into it. I grind my hips into her face and really put on a show for you. You mouth to me the words “sixty-nine,” making me bite my lip and half smile.

I look down at her pussy, and slowly lean down getting closer to it. When I’m as close as possible I take a deep breath, taking in her beautiful smell as our hard nipples graze each other’s stomachs. I spread her lips with my fingers and explore her opening with my tongue. Tasting another girl for the first time, I get tingles all over. I slide my tongue up to her clit, circling it but not touching it yet. I have the urge to take care of her, give her so much pleasure, and make her cum until she sees colors. I slide my hands under her ass and lift her up slightly to my mouth. At the same time, my pussy is grinding onto her face. Her tongue furiously flicks over my clit, back and forth. I feel the rhythm that she is licking me in, and I duplicate it on her clit. Going at the same pace, licking her beautiful pussy. We are making each other feel so good, both so wet on each other’s faces. I’m moaning on her clit and she’s moaning on mine.

I remember you are watching and look over at you. You have your hard cock in your hand. I want you so bad at this moment. I wave my finger at you in a “come here” motion. You get up and come kneel behind me, right over her face. She takes the cue and starts licking your cock as you slide it into my pussy from behind. You start fucking me like a crazed animal. You are pounding into me so hard that you push my face into her pussy with each thrust. She sucks your balls and licks my clit. I feel myself getting closer to cumming, moaning louder.

“You like that don’t you, baby?” you whisper. I cannot answer because I’m moaning so much, and my mouth is so busy working this exquisite pussy. Licking faster and harder as I’m being licked and fucked like crazy. All three of us explode at the same time. You fill up my pussy, and the combination of our juices drip out onto her face. I slurp up all her wetness as she sucks up ours.

We all roll over and collapse in ecstasy. You lean over and kiss me, tasting her pussy on my mouth. We all rest and cuddle together. As I’m on the edge of consciousness I hear you whisper into my ear, “Thank you, baby, you made me so happy.” I smile and think that no one could possibly be happier than I am. It was every bit as amazing as I had imagined it to be.

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