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Blood Lovers

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On this hot and steamy Midwest summer evening, Alex was scheduled to meet his lover, Lori on the outskirts of the town in which she lived. There’s a motel just over the town line where she thought she could get away from her life for a few hours to make love with him.

It bordered on being a seedy little place; right off the interstate and across the road from a porn shop that attracted truckers looking for a little distraction.

They had complicated, dreary lives and worked hard to carve out time together. The meeting at the motel fit perfectly into the seams of their lives.

Driving over to meet her, Alex reflected on the various adventures he’d shared with Lori over the years. He wondered how he always managed to get away from his life, his marriages, and his obligations, to join hearts with her. They had been lovers for over four years. In fact, their affair lasted longer than Alex’s last two marriages. Alex was very conflicted about her. At times, she was a blessing; the only woman who would indulge him in his perverse wishes. At times, she was a curse; responsible for the break up of two marriages and costing him thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Alex ended a horrible two year marriage hoping that Lori would leave her husband so they could start their lives together. He loved her with unbridled passion. Unfortunately, at the time, she made it clear that she was not ready to leave the security of her home life.

Alex had a tremendous terror of being alone. When it became clear to him that she was not going to make a move, he latched on to a co-worker who had been after him for several months, and impulsively married her. It was a disaster of a second marriage. Alex ignored all the writing on the wall and ended up with a suicidal lunatic for a second wife.

Alex and Lori cooled their relationship for about a year until things started to fall apart for him at home. A few email exchanges and a lunch date launched them back into the fray.

When he arrived at the motel, he checked in, and signaled to her to come in through the back door. She had been waiting in the parking lot. She was anxious about being so close to home, afraid of running into someone that might recognize her. She scooted in the back door and entered the room.

They had met many times before. At times, in fairly unusual locations: empty office buildings, parks, beaches, and once in the corn field about a mile from her home. This particular meeting was fairly typical as far as liaisons go. What made it unusual was the blood and tears involved with the evening.

As Lori entered the room, she and Alex immediately launched into passionate embrace. He kissed her deeply, longing for her soft lips and inviting mouth. They lived for the chance to lose themselves in each other’s embrace.

Within minutes, they were naked and sitting on the bed, losing their sense of time and space as their mouths hungrily explored each other. First came the tears. Alex was feeling very emotional this evening and wanted to share his deepest secrets with Lori. Although they had been lovers for years, he never had the nerve to tell her about being sexually abused as a child.

They sat facing each other with legs wrapped around each others waists and Alex’s arms around her shoulders. He explained the pain and confusion of his childhood to the one woman he knew would understand. As he told his story, Alex sobbed like a baby.

“Alex, I love you completely,” Lori declared upon hearing his story for the first time. She always sensed that there was something very painful he carried around with him, but never imagined the extent of his turmoil. “I love you too,” Alex declared as they hugged and sobbed like two lost children.

With tears streaming down their cheeks, Alex pushed himself on top of Lori and nibbled her neck while his cock searched for the warm, moist spot he obsessed about constantly. They were extremely compatible sexually. Alex was a tall, muscular man while Lori was little but with a vagina that could take most anything. During their last encounter at his empty office building, he fisted her completely. His large hand was up to the wrist in wet pussy!

Lori loved the feel of his cock inside of her. Her husband was not well endowed and so it was a treat to feel Alex’s large throbbing cock exploring her; filling her completely.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s where you belong,” she panted as he penetrated her. She was obsessed with the feeling of his cock inside her. The deeper he penetrated her, the wider her pussy stretched.

Lori was on her back, legs propped up in the air and aching for more of what Alex had to give her. “Fuck me baby…,” she panted time and again. Dirty talk was a huge turn on for Alex. Lori was not typically vocal during their lovemaking, so for her to beg for more really turned him on.

Each thrust sent shock waves throughout her body. Lori thought to herself, “Oh yes…um…right there baby.” With her legs up in the air, Alex thrust himself deep into her time and time again. He was over her with arms supporting his body and tears continuing to roll down his cheeks. He plunged himself powerfully into her again and again.

“Take it,” he pleaded with her. Lori arched her pelvis to meet his thrusts. They were possessed with passion.

Alex felt the sensations of warm fluids that he felt many times before when she ejaculated during orgasm. “That’s my girl,” he whispered as he felt the warmth of her fluids bathing his genitals. The feel of her fluids on his skin captivated him. He lived for the feel and taste of her vaginal secretions bathing his penis in a flood of pleasure. He could feel the pulsing of her pussy hugging his cock as she climaxed. Then came the blood. As he pulled out of her, he glanced down to inspect the size of the flood of vaginal fluids on the sheets. Alex was shocked to see deep red blood covering the sheets, his genitals, his upper thighs, and his stomach. “Holy shit, what the fuck is that?” he cried out. Lori apparently did not realize that she was on the verge of her period and the intensity of the love making prompted the onset of her menses.

“Damn Alex, I’m so sorry, I thought it was cum, but I must have had my period,” she surmised.

Alex was amazed and frankly turned on by the scene before him. It fit right into his fantasy involving wanting to rip her apart with his cock. He felt so passionately about Lori that at times, he wanted to hurt her. In his own perverted way, hurting her proved his desperation for her.

Lori inspected the damage and was equally amazed. In her private thoughts, she imagined that he had damaged her beyond repair. He tended to be a little rough with her now and then. The sight of blood made her thirsty for the power of his sexuality. She privately yearned to be ripped in half by his ample cock. This aftermath of their love making turned her on beyond her wildest imagination.

As he knelt on the bed, mouth hanging open and gazing at the blood soaked sheets, she ran her hand along her wet bloody slit, brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them with a lustfulness that surprised even her.

Watching Lori primitively hunger for blood made Alex horny as hell. He too wanted to taste her bloody fluids. “If she can do it, I can do it,” he thought to himself. Seeing her taste her own blood made him hunger for her.

Lori apologized profusely for not being more self aware, but also admitted that it really turned her on. He told her to shut up, lie back and not ask questions. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip while he lapped up remnants of blood left on her outer vaginal lips and inner thighs. He wrapped his lips around her bloody clit and ran circles around her throbbing bloody gland.

“Oh my god! That is so fucking hot!” she moaned.

Feeling both a sense of shame and an intense excitement, Lori pushed his face away from her aching and over stimulated pussy. She pushed Alex back on the bed, grabbed his balls, massaging them and licking her lips in anticipation of what was to come. She took a deep breath and slid his blood soaked penis into her mouth.

Her mouth formed a wonderful suction on the head of his cock. With her hand sliding up and down his bloody penis, and her mouth working the head of his cock, he came with a fury. Warm cum bathed the back of her throat. She gagged a bit but refused to take her mouth off of his cock until she had swallowed every last bit of him.

Lori reluctantly removed her mouth from Alex’s cock and crawled on top of his spent body. She kissed him deeply and whispered, “I think this means we are now blood brother…or rather blood lovers.”

Alex replied, “We always have been. I love you with all my heart.”

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