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No Choice

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She gradually became aware of her surroundings, first smelling wood smoke, and then hearing the sounds of someone moving around close to her. She tried to move and see what her surroundings were but she couldn’t move her arms, which were tied behind her back, and tied again at the elbows. The method pulled her arms back uncomfortably and thrust her tits forward. A little exploration revealed that her legs were tied as well. She couldn’t raise her head or upper body from the ground, and her legs were tied in such away as to push her ass up into the air.

She was quite helpless, and very worried.

She lay still trying to remember what had happened to her. Slowly she recalled taking a pretty bad fall while scrambling down a wooded trail she had been hiking. Tumbling head over heels down the hill was her last memory until now.

She felt a cool breeze on her legs and belly, which told her she was stripped to her panties and her cutoff T shirt. So thin were her panties that she could actually feel the breeze on her pussy. Her nipples felt stiff and swollen from the coolness. Gradually she opened one eye, wincing against the pain of the light. She had really whacked her head in that fall, but she didn’t seem hurt badly. She found herself in some sort of bower, a bunch of tree limbs lashed into a crude shelter. She could see a clearing and woods on the other side of it.

As she tried to turn her head, a soft moan escaped her. Immediately, a man or at least the legs of a man, came into view. “Well, look who’s awake,” a voice said close by. She scarcely heard it, because at the same time, a hand ran up the back of her thigh and pinched her pussy lips through her panties. The hand lingered, massaging her mound and her lips through the transparent panties she wore.

“Well, well,” said a different voice. “Let the fun begin.” And another hand reached inside her panties and a finger stabbed at her asshole, twirling at the entrance and pushing just a bit as if to test the resistance. Foreplay didn’t seem to be a strong point for these guys, whoever they were. Still, despite her fear, she felt a little jab of excitement.

She felt a cool metallic sensation at the small of her back, then felt a rough hand gather her panties and a knife sliced through them. They fell away, and her ass and pussy were instantly exposed. Almost as quickly, she felt their hands on her. One of them slid a blunt finger into her pussy and twirled it around. She quickly moistened under his touch, a fact that didn’t escape him. “Damn Paul, this gal is getting hot. Her pussy is wet. I think I’m gonna go ahead and fuck her. ”

“Go on , Jake. I’ll just check her out and see what kind of blow job she gives.”

She watched the man called Paul come into view as the one named Jake moved her into a doggie position, which wasn’t easy to maintain with her knees tied together. But he got her up so her ass was in the air. Her head was down since she couldn’t support herself, and her tits were pressed into the rough pine limbs that made up the floor of the shelter. She was obviously in a hunting camp, and these men must have found her after her fall.

She felt two thick blunt fingers pry her pussy open and slip roughly inside. She was getting wetter, despite her fears, and it made her ashamed. But she couldn’t help it. The thought of being used by these two strangers was wildly exciting. Being tied and helpless had her pussy throbbing and her imagination running wild.

As the man behind her continued to finger fuck her pussy, driving his fingers in and out like a piston, and twirling them inside her, touching every inch of her inner walls, the man in front began unbuttoning his camo pants, and dragging his cock out.

She couldn’t believe the size of it. Even half soft, it was a good seven inches long, and the head was huge, with a thick rim and large veins running along the underside. The cum tube looked like a piece of cord, twisting its way to a big slit in the head.. She didn’t know if she could even get it in her mouth. He fisted it and shook it in her face. Then he slapped it across her cheeks a couple times and she watched amazed as it grew another two inches and got even fatter.

He stepped closer and grabbed her by the shoulders, lifting her head and tits off the pine limbs and bringing his cock to her mouth. He pressed it against her lips and forced his thick, dirty thumb into her mouth, prying her jaws open to accept his big dick. His big cock slid halfway into her mouth, and she gagged. She could feel the thick column of his cock as it filled her throat, stiffening inside her mouth, and swelling to fill it completely. Without the use of her hands to support her, she was literally hanging from the cock in her mouth. The realization made her hotter than she could ever remember being.

He helped her a bit by reaching under her and pawing at her tits, taking a little of the strain off her throat and neck.

Pulling hard at the nipples with his rough hands, he pinched and yanked at them and her pussy caught fire. Her juices began flowing just as Jake placed the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy. Seizing her hips he drove into her with one long stroke, driving her mouth even farther onto the huge cock before her, and making her moan around it.

Jake began fucking her steadily with long deep strokes. His cock didn’t feel quite as big as Paul’s but it was more than adequate. Paul, aroused by the sight of this helpless woman being slammed back and forth between him and his brother, began to feed even more cock into her clutching throat. He could feel her gagging and trying to swallow more of his meat, but he didn’t know many women who could take the full ten inches when he got really hard. But her efforts were making him wild and he fucked even harder into her, reaching down and cupping her throat in his hand. He could feel it swell with his cock as he stroked in and out.

He continued to maul her tits, while with his left hand he grabbed her hair and held her head still while he literally fucked her face. Behind her, Jake continued to push his pole, now greasy with her juices, in and out of her pussy. Every now and then he would swat her ass with his big work hardened hand, raising a welt on her cheek and the temperature in her pussy at the same time.

She had begun to move her hips back and forth, seeking even more cock. His steady pounding, the feel of his big balls slapping against her pussy lips, had her juices flowing down her thighs, and the rumblings of an orgasm beginning deep in her belly. She wanted his cock, she wanted to feel his hot load spill into her pussy. She had to have his come in her soon.

She wanted the other one’s hot load to shoot across her tits and face, and she pulled back off of his monster dick long enough to tell him. “I can do that, for you darlin’, ” he chuckled, made even hornier by the fact that this slut, this stranger, was begging him for his cock.

Then he held her head in his hands and began driving that impossibly fat cock even deeper into her face, rocking his hips and flexing his ass cheeks to get even more penetration. “Oooh, yeah, baby. Suck that cock. That’s so good, your tongue around my dick.” Her cheeks bulged and flexed around his bulk, and saliva ran from her mouth and down her neck as she literally drooled over his cock.

Jake meanwhile had his thick long thumb inside her asshole, just twisting and reaming her tight sphincter. He could feel his cock through her ass and it made him even hornier. At the same time, she could feel his thumb and cock touching with only her flesh between them, and she gushed cream from her pussy, making Jake’s cock even slicker as he slammed it into her.

He moved up closer behind her and got off his knees, squatting behind her with his legs outside her hips. He was hunched up over her like a dog over a bitch, and he was getting every one of his eight inches deep into her pussy. She was moaning and sobbing by now, practically overcome by the sensations of the two big cocks working on her. Her asshole opened and closed around his thumb, clutching at it as if it were a cock.

She came suddenly, stiffening and clamping down on Jake’s cock with her pussy. She shuddered and would have screamed if not for Paul’s meat stuffed in her mouth. She attacked his cock fiercely, bobbing her head up and down, trying her best to suck his load from his balls.

Jake suddenly pulled his pole from her pussy and she almost cried from the sense of loss. “Hold on there, brother. Don’t shoot that load. I’ve got a better idea,” said Jake.

“What’s that, Jake? I’m pretty close to giving this gal a cum bath.”

She suddenly felt that cold metal against the inside of her thighs and all her fears came rushing back, fears she had forgotten in the midst of all the fucking. But then she felt a tug downward, and the ropes holding her thighs and knees together fell away. The return of the blood flow to her legs was painful, a pain she welcomed.

Once her legs had recovered some strength, Jake laid down on the floor of the shelter. “Straddle me and get that cock back in you,” he ordered. “When she hesitated, he slapped her casually, hi8s big hand rocking her head and putting stars before her eyes. Even as she shook her head to clear it, she felt another wave of juices fill her cunt.

“Get on it now.” She quickly threw her leg across his hips and reached down for his cock. It was the first time she realized just how big it was. Lining it up with her opening, she slid her tight pussy slowly down on the big cock. Jake reached up and grabbed her nipples, one in each hand. He pinched as hard as he could and felt her cunt clutch at him in response.

“Oh, you like a little pain, baby? Good, cause when Paul sticks that big dick up your ass while I fuck you, you’re gonna feel it, I promise.”

“Oh no! No! I can’t take both of you like that. Please!” She tried to struggle, but with her arms still behind her, she couldn’t even move. The big cock in her belly twitched and her heart stopped when she heard Paul say, “Damn Jake. I can’t remember the last time I stuck this big stick up a gal’s ass. Much less with you already in her, this is gonna be a blast.”

Jake began stroking his cock up into her belly, and despite herself, she began to get excited again. She could feel her juices flowing and hoped Paul would use some of them to lube her with. Her wish was soon answered, as Jake pulled his cock from her and Paul slid his big dick into her pussy for a few strokes. She was thrilled by the size of it in her pussy but wasn’t at all sure about taking that big club in her ass.

Jake quickly reclaimed his place in her pussy while Paul took his big cock in his hand and aimed it at her tight little puckered asshole. Jake had her pussy stretched pretty well already, making her asshole seem even tighter. But he placed the fat head of his dick against her, and with his fist around his cock, he began to push it slowly into her. The tight little ring flattened out and stretched across the blunt head of his cock. He pushed a bit harder, and gained some entrance. She was breathing hard, and Jake quit fucking her to give her a chance to adjust to the dual invasion.

Paul took her arms, already bent behind her and tied, and used them for leverage, holding her still as the thick shaft of his cock slowly pushed inside her ass. She was in tears, looking into Jake’s eyes in awe at the feelings her body was sending to her brain.

“Ooh god! Ooh fuck. He’s tearing me in two. I can’t take all that. Please stop. Please, I’ll fuck you one at a time as much as you want, but not at the same time.”

Jake just grinned and Paul never lessened the pressure as he drove the last few inches of cock into her tight passage. Finally in, they all rested for a few moments. Then Jake began to slowly fuck his cock up into her belly, feeling his brother’s massive tool just on the other side of the floor of her cunt. He found the feeling of his brother’s cock exciting too, but the woman was the one really feeling it. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and he would have thought she was in real pain except that her pussy was churning out juices like mad, greasing his cock and running down his thighs.

She was feeling it, deep in her ass and in her belly. The feeling of those two big dicks rubbing against each other with only her tortured membrane between them was the most insane feeling she had ever had. She was so high on sensation that she couldn’t tell where the pain began and the pleasure ended. She began to throw herself at both cocks, flailing like a rag doll, being tossed back and forth between the two men. Their hands touched as they both mauled her tits, Jake from below and Paul from behind.

Paul drove his big cock relentlessly into her ass, mesmerized by the sight of that tight ring stretched around his cock. Jake fucked up into her as hard as he could, thrilling to the feel of that tightness and that big dick in her ass. He could literally feel the veins in his brother’s cock, so completely had they filled this woman.

Finally, Paul couldn’t stand the clenching grip of her ass any longer and roaring like a lion, he began to come in long streams. She could feel the hot load splashing into her ass then being churned into froth by his still driving cock. It set her off and her orgasm in turn put too much pressure on Jake’s cock. His balls slammed up against his cock and he began to spray his load into her cunt.

All three stiffened and screamed in pleasure, as two hot loads raced into her ass and belly, and her juices literally splashed across their thighs and bellies.

So intense was her pleasure that she fainted, while the two men pulled their cocks from her with a wet squelching sound of come and sex.

She gradually became aware of her surroundings. There was a faint smell of wood smoke, and the silence of the woods at night. She thought she had dreamed her dream of pleasure until she sat up and realized how sore her ass and pussy were.

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