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Nine Inches of Trouble in Lake City

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Note: Based on an actual experience, but somewhat embellished by author.


It was dark in the theater, and as I watched the sexy action on the screen, my 18-year-old, country-raised dick got hard as a rock. I was sitting, as alone as I could get, in an XXX-rated theater in the mysterious big city – in town for a day while my parents thought I had driven to the beach. Rubbing my eager five inches of cock was unsatisfying, so after a bit I cautiously eased it out and began a more serious attempt at self-gratification.

Keeping time with the raw action being flashed in front of me, I quickly became oblivious to the world around me.

After a few minutes, I was ready to explode, and had a large handkerchief ready to mop up the cum. Just before the big event, I felt a tap on my shoulder and a deep voice behind me said, “Boy, it looks like you got mo than you’re share of cock. How bout I help you with that?”

“Nnnooo thanks,” I stammered, and quickly stuffed my proud five inches of hard dick back in my pants. It wasn’t happy, but I felt safer. I turned my head enough to check out the intruder – an old (to me) black man, probably 50ish, and a bit bedraggled. He had a big grin, and repeated his offer to “help” me get release. I was a bit scared, and at the first break in the on-screen action, I headed for the aisle and left the theater.

Moving along in the late morning sunlight on the crowded sidewalk, I felt like a king again. In this part of town the streets were lined with adult book stores, bars and lots of people. I moved slowly along, taking in the sights, and still very horny. Then, I heard that deep voice again. “Boy, you got a nice ass. Look like a perfect bubble. I love to eat that ass.”

“No thanks,” I replied, after a brief hesitation. “I’m strictly into girls!” (I had gotten laid for the first time just a few months before and my girlfriend, Donna, was allowing me to have some tentative sex once a week.)

But the voice persisted. “Boy, I could suck your little white cock better than any white girl. Do she put her tongue up your ass and eat you good?” I had to admit that she didn’t. I should have just cut off the conversation and kept moving, but my inexperience and overconfidence keep me from bolting, and this experienced troller kept dangling the bait. “Come home with me, boy, and we have a party. Got a young girl in my building who join in, time to time. She hot!”

I kept walking, and he kept talking. “Now you come on, Baby Boy, and let me treat you to the best time you eva had. My pad just a few blocks down State, and we take a cab.” (His hand pats my well toned bubble butt. A block later, we slid into a cab and headed for the party. It was about a 20-block ride to my new friend’s apartment, and during the drive he regaled me with talk about how much he loved to suck young white cock and how stacked and hot his black girl friend was. He told me his name was Eddie and the chick was Lottie, and she had a lot of everything.

Eddie was playing with my leg on the ride, and licking his prominent lips as he continued with the tales about his Lottie. I was getting hot for the chick, based on his description, and I’d never had a real blow job – just the typical high school girl lick and a promise. So even having Eddie work on my cock was sounding interesting.

The cab rolled to a stop in front of an ancient apartment building, and, with a wink to Eddie, the driver collected his fare and pulled away into the nearly empty street. Eddie’s apartment was up three long flights of stairs and down a noisy hallway, at the back of the building. Eddie was patting my butt as we entered the room. The place was clean and neat, and tiny. The main living area had a twin size bed in the corner near the door, and a small table with two chairs sat in front of a dingy window across the room. On the left was a small bathroom and in the opposite corner a very basic kitchen.

Eddie went to the fridge came out with two beers which he put on the table. “Hep y’sef, Baby boy, while I go get Lottie. With that he eased his lanky, spare frame out the door. I heard footsteps down the hall. a knock, and muffled conversation. He came back alone, looking sad. “Lottie gone t’ the store for her momma, She be back in awhile, and she come down to play with us. Kin you give her a few bucks? Maybe a five-spot?” Sure, I replied, no problem.

While I was finishing my beer, and Eddie worked on his, he pulled a somewhat crumpled joint out of his shirt pocket. “You ever smoked any MJ, boy? This some good stuff goin round the neighborhood. Maybe came from Mexico.” He produced a pack of matches and lit the weed, handing it to me. “Take a big drag, hold it in your mouth t’ let it mellow, then inhale.” I did, as instructed and was rewarded with a mild coughing spasm.

“That good,” he said, taking a puff himself before handing it back it me. “Try that agin.” It was better the second time…and the third time…and then there was no more joint. I was beginning to get a buzz. It felt good, and I felt good. Strong and confident as only a well conditioned 18-year-old can feel. Eddie got me another beer, and steered me over to the narrow bed. I sat down down, took a drag of the cold brew and relaxed. It was hot in the apartment and Eddie helped me out of my jeans and tee shirt.

Then my boxers hit the floor and Eddie’s big black hand covered my package. His long, slim fingers played with my instantly hard dick and he brushed his lips against my cheek and hugged me.

Then he stood up and said he needed to clean up a bit and would be right back – in time for Lottie who should be arriving soon. Eddie disappeared into the little bathroom and after some splashing and clanking noises he came out, wearing nothing but an old, plain tee shirt. Eddie was about 6-2, probably weighed about 165-170 and was very black. His graying hair was short and straight, and he wasn’t a bad looking man. But what was most noticeable about him was the giant (to my eyes) blue-black cock that hung down below his shirt. It was gigantic – obviously soft but still at least eight inches and more than twice as thick as my suddenly diminished equipment. Never in six years of high school sports and PE class showering with my white classmates had I seen anything even remotely like that big, blue-black cock.

Eddie grinned at me as I stared, and walked slowly toward me. His cock swayed back and forth as he walked, like a metronome, and I was mesmerized. He stopped right in front of me where I sat on the low bed. The blue-black bludgeon was right in front of me. It was truly beautiful.

Uncircumcised, hooded and ominous. “Touch it,” Eddie said. “Take it in your han and hold it, Baby Boy. Don’t look like you little dick, does it?” I reached out. Touched it. Held it’s warm, throbbing length in my hand.

“Move yo han up and down…slow…Baby Boy. S-l-o-w. Up an down. Thass it. That feel good! You like makin’ Eddie feel good, don’ yo Baby Boy? You make Eddie feel good and Eddie make you feel good. Make ya feel great!”

I continued to play with the big cock, watching it grow as I slowly worked it up and down with my hand. Feeling it harden and lengthen as I worked it. I glanced up at Eddie. He had a small smile beginning on his face as he watched me get familiar with cock. “What yo think of that ol’ cock, Baby Boy? Bet y’ wish y’ had that instead of yo little one. All th little girls would be bangin’ on y’ door. The boys would be callin y’ Sir and askin’ if they could suck it. All th little white boys wan ta suck Eddie’s cock, an you wan ta suck it to, don y’ Baby Boy? Just taste the end…thass it…slide back th hood an taste the honey.”

By now I was licking the exposed end of the big blue-black monster, gathering the drops of precum honey with my tongue, and working slowly up the shaft. Licking the pulsing veins. Feeling the monster come to life. Then Eddie stepped back, away from me, and I moved with him, sliding off the bed and dropping to my knees on the ancient, cool linoleum floor, his cock firmly in my grasp, my tongue and lips still at work making him feel good. So there I knelt, an 18-year-old hero, come in to conquer the city and its women, slobbering on an old black man’s big black cock and loving it.

“Lick my balls, Baby Boy, and suck on them. Take one in y’ mouth and suck on it. Thass it! Yeah! Lick down to the base, then back up.” So my mouth attended to his impressive sack of nuts while my hand continued to stroke his now huge cock. I was determined to please my new friend, make him feel great.

“Now Baby Boy, open that sweet little mouth an I’ll slide in Mr. Rufe. He gon love yo tight mouth.” Eddie put his big right hand under my jaw and slid his thumb into my already open mouth, prying it open farther, as he prepared me to work on his cock. The foreskin was pushed back, and the dark purple head was sort of pointed – not big and bulbous like some I’d seen in the locker room. I was still working his tool with my hand, so I pulled it down and slid the pointy head into my mouth. It was dripping precum by now and I was getting an appetizer of what would become a full meal. I pulled back, then licked his blue-black beauty from tip to sack – a good nine inches – wetting it down before taking in more of it.

“Y do what I tell ya Baby Boy, and I’ll make you a world class cocksucker. Suck it hard. Let’s see those cheeks move. An keep those sweet lips tight. Thass my Baby Boy!” I sucked harder, and he pushed deeper.Mr. Rufe’s pointed helmet hit my throat and slid in an inch or so before getting stuck and cutting off my air supply. Eddie jammed it harder, and I coughed and gagged. Eddie slapped my face twice, and told me to keep sucking. I redoubled my efforts and after a few minutes he began to pump his hips, driving his big cock into my throat, then back, almost down, then down. I hung on and sucked and licked and finally, he blew his nuts in my throat. I gave Eddie’s big black log my full attention, sucking hard and licking. My tongue new every vein and wrinkle in the skin of that great cock.

Eddie worked my mouth like it was a cunt. He had just cum, but he didn’t slow down his deep strokes. Holding my head just so, torturing my ears and jamming that monster home. Then he came again. I worked his nutsack with my right hand and put all the pressure on his cock that my lips could manage, stripping out the last of his cum. I kept loving that big black cock well after he had stopped cumming…not wanting to let it out of my hot mouth. My eyes were full of tears and I was gasping for breath when he finally patted me on the head and muttered, “Good Boy. Now it your turn. He helped me up, guided me to his small bed in a corner of the room. The walls at the head and one side of the bed were mirrored, as was the ceiling. “Take off your shirt (all I was wearing) an y’ shoes and lay back on the pillows. You in for a treat.”

He made a quick trip into the bathroom, coming out with a wet washcloth and a towel. He carefully washed my cock and balls and my asshole, and dried me, slowly and sensuously. He began licking my cock and mouthing my balls while his hands worked on my nipples, alternately tickling and tweaking – sometimes very hard. I quickly got very hot, and my low moans moved him to redouble his efforts. I watched the mirrors, fascinated by the image of his lanky, blue-black body over my stockier, well-built frame. His licked and kissed his way up my body to my tits, and worked them over with his tongue and teeth. I was smoking hot by now, and he knew it as he moved up and kissed me, long and hard. I opened up for his facile tongue as he gradually worked me into a frenzy. His long left arm reached over the bedside, then started caressing my hot bubble ass. I felt a slick finger go up my asshole and it started a fire. His tongue was in my throat, and one finger, then two, deep in my ass. This was nothing like the games I had played with my childhood schoolmates!

After several minutes of no sounds but my moans and gasps, Eddie whispered in my ear, “I gon ta fuck ya Baby. Yo Daddy Eddie go fuck your little white ass like it nevah bin fucked befo.” God, no, Eddie, please. You’ll tear me apart with that cock. I don’t want to be fucked like a girl. I want to go home. But Eddie had me pinned to the mattress and pillow. My legs were raised and spread and he was between them. His fingers left my butt and the pointy head of his blue-black monster pushed in. Maybe an inch. I wriggled and squirmed but couldn’t get away and he was quickly three or four inches into me. It hurt like hell, and I was yelling and crying. “Shut up, Baby Boy,” Eddie said. He slapped me again, much harder. then again. “Daddy ain dun fucking yo little white ass.” And he drove it home hard. Through the pain I felt his balls resting on my ass.

Now I was really pinned. Stuck like a butterfly specimen on his trophy board. Impaled on his big cock, his arms holding me to the bed, and his long, strong wiry body atop mine and between my legs. He rested there for a moment, letting my anus adjust to his girth, before starting a slow, gentle fucking motion. He pinned me at the other end, too, with another deep French kiss that lasted an eternity. By the time the kiss stopped, the pain had also stopped. Eddie was fucking me harder and had started, involuntarily, thrusting back into him. “Thass a good baby,” Eddie said as he picked up the pace. “Yo Daddy gon take you places y nevah bin befo. You gon luv it, Baby. Look at your little dick. All five inches standing up like a little clit and ready to shoot. You hot Baby. You lovin it!”

“Look in the mirrors, Baby Boy. See my strong black cock tearin’ up yo lil’ white ass. Look at ya hips movin.!” I watched the mirrors, fascinated, as my body, almost against my will, was swiveling at the waist, my hips meeting his slamming cock as it raged in my ass. Morre than anything, I wanted to please eddie, to keep him pistoning in my ass forever.

Eddie kept driving that big, hard cock up my tender young ass and against my will, it was feeling great and I was smoking hot. By this time I had my hands on his back, clawing at him and pulling him deeper, and my legs wrapped around his slim hips keeping him in place. “This is how y’ gon ta want yo fuckin from now on Baby. Tell Daddy ya want it.”

“This is great Daddy, don’t ever stop fucking me. I never knew sex could be this hot. Oh God, fuck me..fuck me…fuck me.” And I shot my load on my stomach and “Daddy’s”.

Daddy kept pumping for another five minutes. It was unbelievable the way he could fuck. But as all things must, it finally ended. He pulled out slowly, and his magnificent cock flopped out onto my belly. “Back on y knees, baby. Yo Daddy ready to come and he want t feed you some honey.” I slipped off the bed, kneeling on the floor, while he sat on the edge of the bed and gave me his cock. I reverently took it into my mouth and after a few strokes, Eddie went deep and shot another load against the back of my throat. I worked his cock, milking it dry, not minding where it has just been.

Eddie quickly stood up. “Get dressed boy, I got stuff t do tonight an ya got a long drive home. Be here again next Satidy about noon. That was a good workout.”

Minutes later I staggered down the hall toward the stairs wondering what had happened. High school sex ed had definitely not prepared me for this role reversal. Who, or what was I now that Eddie had laid me out and fucked me like the virgin I was. A tear came to my eye as I headed down the stairs and, eventually, back home. Confused. Disgusted with myself. Vowing to never let it happen again.

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isadore wrote

nothing in the world is better than a take charge horse cock that is attached to a caring and wonderful BLACK man. Am hoping you will give us some more when the young lad changes his mind and goes back on Saturday.