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Nikki Heats Up

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“Any word on when the air conditioning guys are going to be here?” Sandra asked Nikki as they stood at basin in the toilets.

“Hopefully soon, I’m just a puddle of sweat at the moment and though that might be a good thing in bed, it’s not really all that comfortable to be sitting at your desk with sweat trickling down your cleavage,” Nikki laughed in reply.

“Well I don’t mind sweat running down your cleavage,” Sandra said to her, reaching out and running her finger down the vee of Nikki’s shirt seductively before sucking it into her mouth and licking all around the tip of her finger.

“You are so bad! Don’t start that here or I might have to drag you into the cubicle and have you suck my clit for me.”

Sandra eyed off her younger girlfriend, thinking about her small, taught breasts and the way her tight little nipples always stood so nice and erect when she was horny. Smiling devilishly at Nikki, she backed herself into the cubicle behind her, taking Nikki by the hand and pulling her in as well. As Nikki protested, Sandra started to undo the buttons of her white blouse, revealing a white satin bra. Sandra slid the blouse back off of Nikki’s shoulders so that she could reach behind her and undo the clasp, her mouth seeking out Nikki’s so that their tongues could meet between their lips and pleasure each other.

Nikki gave in to desire as she enjoyed her girlfriend’s kiss and felt her bra released before her nipples were pulled sharply away from her breasts, just the way that she liked. She pulled Sandra’s skirt up around her hips and slid her hands inside her panties to caress her bare butt cheeks as they kissed. As they took a breath, Nikki told Sandra that now her panties were wet AND sweaty, not just sweaty and Sandra told her that she shouldn’t have to be so uncomfortable at work, her hands slipping under Nikki’s skirt to slide her panties down her legs. As she slid them down, she knelt before Nikki, her tongue licking over Nikki’s bare pussy, commencing her pleasure.

Nikki tangled her fingers in Sandra’s hair as she was pleasured and then nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice from outside the cubicle called out, “Nikki, if that’s you, the air-con guys are waiting at the front desk.”

“Thanks, Chrissy, I’ll be there in a sec,” Nikki replied, struggling not to moan as Sandra teased her, flicking her clit with her tongue.

“Damn, Just when things were starting to get interesting, too,” Sandra said as Nikki started to pull herself back together.

“Yeah, well we can have fun tonight, but given that its 43C outside today, I want the a/c fixed,” Nikki replied,” And I know there are one or two others that would be a bit pissed with me if I left it until I came!”

She went to pull up her panties, But Sandra grabbed them and told her that she wasn’t allowed to take them with her, that she had to go deal with the techs whilst her bare pussy enjoyed a pantiless afternoon. Nikki said that it was fine with her, but that of course meant that if the guys were hot enough, she might just end up with a cock finishing off what Sandra had started.

“I guess that I’ll have to take that chance then,” Sandra replied, grinning.

Nikki left the toilets and Sandra gave her some time so that it wasn’t too apparent that they’d both been in there together.

Nikki met the two guys at the front desk and was more than happy with what she saw. She told them that she’d show them out to where the equipment room was out the back, “its big equipment, and so we have to look after it, ” she laughed, “’cause big equipment is hard to find but worth maintaining when you do.”

The taller guy, who had introduced himself as Jake, caught the double entendre and gave Nikki a wide grin as he took the visitor’s pass that she was holding out for him. The other guy was too busy filling out the sign-in sheet to have picked it up.

Nikki led the two of them to the equipment room and showed them in. It was a swelter house inside and as Nikki stood and watched them begin their investigation into the problem, their shirts quickly became drenched in sweat and stuck to their bodies, which Nikki happily noticed were well built and cared for. She also enjoyed the sight of their butts clad in work shorts as they bent and inspected various parts of the cooling system.

It wasn’t long until she too felt her blouse sticking to her body and sweat running down between her breasts again.

“Well if you guys need anything, you know where to find me, its too hot in here,” Nikki said to them as they went about their job. Joe glanced up at her and just before she left, Nikki flapped her short skirt in an apparent effort to cool herself a little, but failed to achieve much other than flashing her bald pussy at Joe, whose eyes boggled as his jaw dropped and Nikki disappeared from view. As she left, she heard a hurried whisper to his mate asking if he had seen that.

Nikki returned to her seat, her pussy now on fire and starting to ooze its juices, which she knew would now be coating her skirt since Sandra had stolen her panties.

As she sat working, Nikki couldn’t help but be distracted by the thought of the two guys out the back in the equipment room, their shirts clinging to their sweaty bodies, their shorts hugging their cute, tight butts as they went about their tasks. The more she thought about it, the more she became aware of the wet patch that was inevitably growing on her skirt and the more that she considered doing something about it.

She thought back to her conversation wtih Sandra who had all but told her to go ahead and do it if she found the guys attractive enough. That was enough, she decided. She was too hot to work and too horny to concentrate. She noticed that Sandra had seized on an opportunity to go see a client, as had almost the entire office in the face of no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year so far.

Nikki made her way to the kitchen and filled a pitcher with water and ice before heading out to the equipment room to see how the guys were getting on with the repairs.

Nikki opened the door and stuck her head in to see what was going on and was greeted by the sight of two burly repair men flat on their backs, their shirts hung up on a screw in the wall. She admired the sight of their sweaty, well-toned chests, their exposed bellies and their tanned legs that were sticking out from their cute little king gee shorts.

She moved closer to them to get a bit of a better look and then asked them if they would like a cold drink of water. They swiveled their heads out from under what ever it was that they were fixing and Nikki noted that both of the eyes traveled up her legs and under her skirt before they ever made it to look her in the eye. She enjoyed the obvious admiration and lust that crossed their faces as she realised that they could probably see her pussy given where she was standing in relation to where they were lying on the ground.

She pointedly glanced down at the crotch of their shorts, noting the growing bulges, especially Jake, who seemed to be packing some serious equipment.

“I hope you don’t mind us taking our shirts off, we’re not really supposed to, but it was just so damned hot,” Jake said as he sat up to take the offered glass of water. Walt, his partner also took a glass, though he was quiet and seemed to be a little in awe of having a pantiless girl standing so close to him.

“Only a bloke could have made up that rule,” Nikki responded,” ’cause any chick that had seen you two topless wouldn’t object in the slightest! After all, we all enjoy a good view now and then don’t we?”

“We sure do,” Jake laughed, glancing up and down Nikki’s body, undressing her with his eyes. “Though sometimes ya can’t help but want a bit more than a view, can ya Walt?”

“Of course not,” Walt replied nervously.

“Oh and what more than a view might someone be wanting?” Nikki asked innocently.

“Well, I guess it depends on what you’re looking at, right Walt? A nice cake, for example would lead you to desiring a taste.”

“Makes sense,” Nikki replied. “And what might a view of this make you want?” She asked, lifting her skirt to show them a close up view of her bald pussy.

“Well like I was saying, something like that would sure be good to taste, don’t ya think Walt?”

“Well that’s an interesting proposition, I don’t know if my cake is quite done though. I think I might need a cake tester to find out … You don’t happen to have one handy do you?”

“Oh I am sure to have something around here,” Jake said, rubbing his already erect cock through his shorts.

“On second thoughts,” Nikki said, “Maybe you’d like to lick the dough before you cook and test it?”

“It would be my pleasure, ma’am,” Jake laughed as Nikki stood over his legs and thrust her pussy at his face. His hands snaked up around her legs to grip her naked butt cheeks as his tongue plunged between her lips to pleasure her. Nikki was so wet and excited that she nearly came then and there as Jake expertly applied his tongue to her pussy and clitoris, probing and teasing as he pleasured her.

Walt looked on, his cock growing in his pants until Nikki told him to get it out and show her what he had to offer this little party. Walt did so and Nikki told him what a lovely cake tester he had, asking if it liked to be sucked. Walt laughed and answered that it only liked to be sucked on days that the Pope was still Catholic.

“Then I think we need to reorganize a little,” Nikki said.

She grabbed one of the shirts that was hanging nearby and laid it on the ground before sitting upon it and spreading her legs.

Jake lay down on the floor before Nikki, resuming the application of pleasure to her pussy and Walt moved over next to her so that she could take his stiff cock in her mouth.

“Since its so hot, I think we should cool you down a little,” Nikki said to Walt, taking some ice from the pitcher and popping it in her mouth.”

Nikki took the erect penis into her mouth with glee, swirling her tongue and the ice around its tip as she felt similar motions being employed upon her pussy by Jake. She heard Walt moan as she lay down and had him get on his hands and knees with his cock pointing straight down into her mouth. She reached up and cupped his balls in her hand and tugged downwards, drawing his cock back into her mouth, taking in almost the entire length of his erection. With a bit of encouragement, Walt began sliding his cock in and out of Nikki’s mouth as he fucked her face, his balls being guided by Nikki’s hand.

Nikki felt Walt tense as he approached his orgasm and between sucks on his cock, encouraged Jake to work her clit hard so that she too could cum. She squealed around Walt’s cock as she felt Jake suck on her clit and as she shuddered, her orgasm crashing through her system, Walt exploded in her mouth. Nikki slurped greedily, swallowing all of the cum that he had to offer.

“Mmm, such a nice start,” Nikki said as Walt moved away from his position. “I think that its time that you got out your nice hard tool for me though Jake, I’d hate to see you trying to work around that in here!”

Jake laughed and stood up to remove his pants. Nikki told him just how wonderful his cock was as he dropped his boxers to reveal a massive member standing ready to be pleasured. Nikki crawled across the concrete floor to kneel before Jake. She took his cock in her hand before engulfing what she could with her mouth and sliding up and down its firm length.

Walt looked on as his partner had his cock polished by the hot young receptionist. He admired her tight, slim body and hoped that he’d get to fuck her. Not that he was complaining about the blowjob, mind you.

Nikki released Jake’s cock from her mouth and told him that she the cake was ready to be tested now and could he please impale it with his massive cake tester. She must have noticed Walt’s disappointment because she said to him, “Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around and anyway I want something special before this is over.”

Nikki removed her blouse and bra before laying herself back down upon the shirt on the floor and spreading her legs. Walt and Jake both told her how gorgeous she was as Jake positioned himself between her legs, his massive cock ready to spear inside her and spread her pussy lips. Nikki reached down and stroked his shaft before guiding it between her sopping, slick pussy lips.

“Oh God that feels good, ” Nikki said as Jake slid himself deep within her.

“You’ve sure got a nice tight pussy, Nikki,” Jake said, thrusting in and out her hole. Walt looked on as his partner fucked the delightful young girl on the concrete floor of the equipment room, his cock growing again as he enjoyed the sight of their exertions together.

After fucking like this for a bit, Nikki declared that it was time for a change and told Walt she wanted him to fuck her from behind doggy style whilst she sucked on Jake’s cock. The two guys were only too happy to go along with her request and Nikki soon found herself with Walt’s cock buried to the hilt inside her with Jake thrusting his even larger penis into her mouth as she licked and slurped her way to heaven.

Jake looked on lustfully as Nikki sucked her own juices from his cock, obviously enjoying it. She was telling Walt to fuck her harder and each time he thrust inside her pussy, Nikki’s face was forced down Jake’s shaft. He found it to be all too much and exploded in orgasm, his juices splashing against the back of Nikki’s throat. She slurped and sucked and swallowed it all but for a trickle that ran down her chin.

He sat back to watch as Walt continued ramming his cock inside her pussy again and again and was amazed at how quickly he was getting erect again having just cum in Nikki’s mouth. Nikki smiled at him as her pussy was pummeled and told him that she thought that he should be getting his cock back where it belonged.

“Are you a dirty boy, Walt?” Nikki asked him as he worked away behind her.

“What do you mean?” he asked, panting and grunting.

“Well I want one of you boys to fuck my bum hole and I was just wondering which of you was dirty enough to do it …”

“Well hell,” Jake chimed in,” I’m sure as hell dirty enough to do it. Just thinking about it’s revived my little man,”

“Huh, I wouldn’t exactly call it little,” laughed Nikki,” And I don’t know if I can take all that in my bum, but if Walt has no objections, I am happy to give it a try.”

“Hey, if you suck your juices off of my cock for me, I ‘ll be happy to watch him skewer your arse,” Walt said. Nikki was happy to go along with this and as Walt pulled out of her pussy, she spun around to suck her juices from his erection.

Jake took up his position behind her and slid his cock inside her pussy to get it nice and wet before nestling the tip of it against her bum hole. He pushed and felt Nikki pushing back as well. He watched as the head of his cock eased slowly inside the puckered little hole.

“God it’s so big! I feel so stretched!” Nikki exclaimed as she felt the massive member slowly work its way inside her butt. Jake pushed slowly but steadily, his penis working further and further inside her tight anus. After a bit of work, Nikki was totally filled with his cock. She held still, adjusting to the massive size of the meat in her arse before Jake started to slide his penis in and out and Nikki moaned eagerly as her arse was fucked. She took Walt’s cock in her mouth again and sucked on him as her arse was worked over, before deciding that she wanted more. She told him to lie on his back and asked Jake to pull out of her arse. Then Nikki mounted Walt and leant forwards, inviting Jake to fill her anus with his cock again whilst she enjoyed Walt’s cock in her pussy.

“Oh fuck me!” She exclaimed as she felt Jake skewer her arse, her pussy already full of Walt’s cock. “Fill my holes and fuck me!” Walt pulled and sucked on Nikki’s nipples and she squealed in pleasure, her senses being over-whelmed by the pleasure that she was experiencing.

Nikki felt her orgasm build and announced that she wanted them to fill he holes with cum as she came. Walt immediately exploded inside her pussy quickly followed by Nikki herself. The pulsing of Nikki’s orgasm sent Jake over the edge and his massive organ twitched in her anus as he unloaded his sperm inside her.

Nikki collapsed on Walt’s chest, feeling the slick of sweat between them. Jake slid from her anus and Nikki rolled off of Walt, cum oozing from her arse and pussy.

“Mmm, thanks boys, that was much better than sweating just sitting at my desk! Although I think I’d really appreciate it if you could fix this thing now.” Nikki said, slapping the machine in the middle of the room. She put her bra and blouse back on and rearranged her skirt as she stood up, feeling the cum oozing from her holes. She reached down and scooped some cum from her pussy, bringing it to her lips to suck it from her fingers, laughing at the shocked and delighted looks on the boys faces.

Jake and Walt were quickly scrabbling into their clothes as Nikki stepped nimbly from the room, cum visibly sliding down her inner thighs.

Nikki went to the bathroom and cleaned up, thinking how much fun she would have telling Sandra about the afternoon’s entertainment in bed that night.

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