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Night Noises

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Hands and feet tied to the bed, I am completely vulnerable as I watch him approach with a blindfold. He places it over my eyes; the anticipation tortures me more than the restraints. I feel his tongue lick at the tip of my nipple, at the underside of my breast, and then slide along my ribs.

A finger teases my clit, touching and retreating, with maddening gentleness. I ache for a firmer touch, for the feel of him inside me. His tongue joins his finger, combining their torment. I pull against the straps on my hands, almost desperate. I hear his chuckle, and I know he enjoys having me at his mercy.

Suddenly, his body is gone completely; I feel abandoned. Before I can protest, he is back, body fully against me, the weight of his cock pushing into…

I wake up, startled. My breathing shallow, I try to will myself back to sleep so I can finish the dream, but sleep eludes me now. I am shocked to realize that I have been dreaming of Scott, Renee’s boyfriend. They have been dating for several months, and even though I am attracted to him, I would never betray Renee like that. I feel guilty just dreaming about him. I feel even guiltier that I know I will be fantasizing about him even more now, wondering what it would really feel like to have sex with him. Again, I try to will myself back to sleep, and then I hear the noise that must have woken me from my dream.

The sound is faint, drifting from the other side of the house. Renee was out with Scott when I went to bed. She could have returned, but I know I will not fall asleep again unless I investigate.

I sleep nude, so I pull on a t-shirt. Quietly, I open my door and peek into the hall. I don’t see anything, but the sounds are louder now. I can’t identify them, but they seem to be coming from Renee’s room. I walk down the hall and stop outside her door, which she left slightly ajar. I can see the foot of her bed, lit by a nearby lamp. Peering in, I find Renee and Scott having sex.

From where I stand, I see the top half of Renee’s body; she is bent over the end of her bed, holding herself up on her hands. She is naked. I watch her breasts sway, hanging free beneath her. Renee’s breasts, a full size larger than mine, have always fascinated me. I have never seen her undressed, but over the years her cleavage and her lacy bras have haunted me. I have always found women mildly interesting, but with Renee, it is something more. More than a few times, I have masturbated to thoughts of us together, of sucking her nipples and tasting her pussy. I am so entranced with watching her that it takes a moment before I take in the rest of the scene. Seeing her now, like this, I begin to touch myself, sliding my finger down to stroke my clitoris.

Looking further into the room, I see Scott fucking Renee from behind. There is no tenderness between them. Rather he is slamming into her as he grips her hips to keep her still. Her hand reaches under her body so her fingers can rub her clit. Both Renee and Scott are moaning loudly, their voices strained from their exertion. The muscles of Scott’s face and body are rigid with concentration, and I sense, from the tightness of his muscles, that he is about to come. I am disappointed that there will be so little for me to watch. My finger working furiously in my pussy, I whimper in frustration. They turn toward me. I am embarrassed to be caught, but I cannot move. A surprised smile spreads across Renee’s face, and Scott, further aroused by me touching myself while I watch them, comes. He lets out a loud growl and grips Renee’s hips tighter, holding himself deep within her.

I have watched dozens of porn movies, but I have never watched anyone I know have sex before. I know I should be humiliated at being caught, but I’m not. I am incredibly turned on by the sight of the two bodies before me. Scott is six feet tall and his body shows that he works out several times a week. He is as mouth watering as Renee. I feel lucky to have been allowed to witness this moment between them. Catching Renee’s eye, I realize that she understands and that she enjoys having me here to watch, too.

“I haven’t come yet. Do you think you can help?” Renee asks, looking steadily into my eyes. Scott glances at her; when he realizes that she is talking to me, and that she is asking me to join them, he chuckles quietly.

“I think that’s a great idea.” Scott watches me now, anxious for my reaction.

I step into the room. I cannot take my eyes off Renee’s. I know what she is asking of me. I know that our friendship is about to change forever. I also know that I have imagined touching her since I met her.

Without hesitation, I answer, “I would be glad to.”

Scott pulls himself out of Renee’s body to sit next to her on the bed. His eyes dart from Renee to me, and back again. He smiles to himself, in apparent satisfaction, as he watches us.

I have fantasized about both of them for so long that my body hums with excitement. I want to taste Renee, to know what it feels like to lick her pussy. And I want to know what Renee and Scott taste like together, what they have together. I have never felt like this before outside of my fantasies, and it scares me. But seeing Renee, still kneeling over the bed with her ass in the air, I ignore all my fears. I can think only of my desires. I approach Renee, eyes still locked on hers, searching her face for any doubts she might have. Her mouth is set in a contented smile, and I realize she is enjoying my longing for her. I have never told her my fantasies because I didn’t want to lose her to rejection. I don’t want to waste even a minute of my time with her now that I have it.

“Lie down,” I say.

Renee turns and lies down on her back, legs slightly parted, leaving her open to me. She is beautiful with her red hair and gorgeous breasts, her skin flushed from sex, and her pussy glistening. I climb onto the bed and lean over her to touch her breasts. I slide my finger up to her nipple, pinching it slightly before I slide down the underside where I cup the weight of her in my hand. I kiss the peak of her nipple, softly licking it. I have waited so long to do this that I want to savor every taste of her. Her nipple is puckered so tightly that I have to sink my teeth into it. She moans and runs her fingers through my hair. I suck as much of her into my mouth as I can. I want to devour her; she sighs in delight as Scott joins me at her other breast. Together, we lick and suckle her until she cries out.

Leaving Scott at her breasts, I trail kisses down her ribs, down her taut stomach, down to the moisture between her legs. To tease her, I lick softly near her clitoris, moving around where she wants me most. The taste of Scott’s semen is strong, but underneath, I find Renee’s musky flavor. Wanting more of her, I lick further down and into her sopping hole as Scott continues his assault on her breasts. Renee cries out, riding the pleasure of the two mouths greedily consuming her. I move back to her clit and suck it into my mouth, torturing her with my tongue until she is shaking beneath me. Her orgasm rocks through her, and I can feel it in the muscles of her legs wrapped around my head. I continue to lick and suck her. She has had her orgasm, but I can’t get enough of her. Having my mouth on her, in her, sucking her, is better than my fantasies, and I don’t want to stop. Renee’s body writhes underneath me, and she pulls my hair as she begins to scream. I gentle my hold on her clit, and gradually, her body relaxes and falls nearly still. Leaving her clit, I lick and suck her inner thighs, enjoying the feel of her silky skin against my face. I glance up from my spot between her legs and see Renee and Scott watching me.

“Thanks for the help,” Renee says softly. Her face is flushed with satisfaction and desire. “I think it’s our turn to take care of you.”

It doesn’t escape my notice that she has included Scott in her offer. Just thinking about her words makes my body quiver.

“I’d like that,” I finally reply.

“You’re overdressed,” Scott tells me. I look down and realize that I am still wearing my t-shirt. His hands drift up my hips, over my ribs and glide across my breasts. The brush of his fingers against my skin gives me goose bumps, and I shiver in anticipation. With the same gentleness, he pulls the shirt over my head. Both Scott and Renee stare at my body. “You’re beautiful.”

“Yes, she is,” agrees Renee. “Look at that wonderful, shaved pussy.”

Scott grunts an agreement. Their eyes still on me, Scott touches his finger to my shaven skin. “Delicious,” he says and licks his finger.

“I want a taste,” she tells me.

“I think you should taste her while I fuck her.”

“I like that idea,” I say. I know I’m greedy, but I want them both. Tasting Renee’s pussy only whetted my appetite. I want to be with them both completely, joined with them in every way. My need is too great, and I can’t wait anymore for someone to make me come.

Renee rolls to the side to give me more room with Scott. For the first time I see his cock: he is long and thick. I climb on and face his feet to give Renee easier access to me if she decides to join us. I lean back and place my hands on the bed behind me to hold my balance. As I sink down onto him, I groan in delight as I open around him. Each inch fills me until I want to burst. Slowly, I slide up and down his cock; his panting encourages me, and I move faster. Renee kneels down between Scott’s legs and touches her fingers to his balls and her thumb onto my clit. I am gasping now, and I begin to rock back and forth, circling my hips, enjoying the way he feels fully inside me. Renee presses her mouth against me and sucks my clit into her mouth. The feeling of her mouth on me while I ride Scott is too much. Their dual assault causes almost violent spasms to rock through my body.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, God, OH…” I scream. The pleasure is so intense that my whole body is on fire. I collapse onto the bed; I am lost. I cannot focus.

Slowly, I begin to regain my senses. Scott and Renee are lying on the bed, stroking each other lazily, watching me. Scott’s still hard, and I realize that he hasn’t come yet.

“Now we have to take care of you, Scott.”

He chuckles. “I won’t argue with you about that. But I’ll already be masturbating to this for months.”

I crawl across their bodies so that Scott is in the middle. I reach down to stroke his gorgeous cock, licking the very tip of him. I taste myself, mixed with Scott and Renee. Renee leans down to join me, our tongues playing together with Scott’s dick. Her mouth glides down, and she begins to lick and stroke Scott’s balls. I open my mouth over the crown and bring him into me, swirling up and down with my tongue. Renee moves up, and we kiss again before we trade places. She sucks him harder than I did, going up and down in a faster rhythm. Scott’s murmurs of pleasure increase in volume. We trade places again, and again. When we meet at the top, we kiss and then trade places; one of us sucking on his balls while the other takes his shaft into her mouth.

Finally, our assault on him is too much, and when we join together again to kiss, Scott pants, “Stop. You have to stop. I don’t want to come yet. I want to fuck someone while I watch you eat each other.”

Scott moves to sit up; oblivious to him, Renee and I continue to kiss. Her mouth is so much softer than a man’s; her kiss is tender and sweet. She smells like vanilla, and the scent of her intoxicates me. I run my hands through her hair, enjoying the way it tickles against my skin. She brushes her fingers along the side of my breasts. I cannot get enough of her; she nibbles at my lip and tongue. I know I will never be able to forget how she tastes, and I know I will not be able to go back to just being her friend.

Renee breaks our kiss and stares at me; I can see that she knows how I feel because she feels it, too. I smile in understanding. She looks down at her hand brushing across my breast. My nipples are puckered before she even touches them. She pinches them between her fingers, and I gasp. Renee lowers her head to tease me with her tongue; she licks first one nipple, and then the other until I grab her head and hold her against me. Submitting, she opens her mouth and feasts on me.

“Oh, Renee,” I sigh threading my fingers through her hair again. “You’ve got a great mouth.”

She nips at me one last time. “It gets better.”

Renee lies down with her head at the foot of the bed. She gestures for me to climb on top of her. I hold myself over her face and lower my mouth to feed on her pussy; she immediately thrusts her tongue into me. Unlike her kiss, she shows no tenderness now as she hungrily licks and sucks. I decide to defy her, and I take my time to caress and lick each of her folds. I am gentle in my exploration. She only sucks at me harder, as if to punish me.

“Renee,” I say, “Slow down. I want to play with you.”

She laughs and I feel it all through my body. “I am playing.”

“I’m playing, too,” Scott reminds us. I can’t see him but suddenly I feel him as he rubs a finger in my cunt and then slowly slides it into my ass. I groan as I relax around his finger. I try to focus on Renee’s pussy, pushing my tongue into her. Wanting to treat her to what I am feeling, I slide my finger into her ass, pumping with the same rhythm as Scott.

He pulls his finger out, and I feel a pressure, a stretching, as he pushes his cock slightly into my ass, allowing me time to adjust to the size of him. Then he thrusts into me slowly, until he is deep within me. The pull of my skin around him is a painful kind of pleasure. Renee is still sucking at my clit, and she slides her finger into me. My body tingles with pleasure. Renee finds my G-spot and pushes against it roughly. The feeling of her mouth and fingers is so intense, especially combined with Scott fucking my ass, that their double attention completely overwhelms me. My hips push against Scott, increasing the pressure and pleasure inside my body.

To keep from screaming, I bury my face in Renee’s cunt. I feel her begin to shudder with her own climax, so I tongue her clit more firmly while my fingers fuck her pussy and her ass. Her orgasm rips through her, and she cries out; I can feel the tremors of her orgasm through her tongue. My hips still bucking, I feel Scott begin to tense; I finally let myself go, so that Scott and I can ride out our climax together.

Scott withdraws from me; all of us spent, we drop onto the bed. Our limbs are tangled together, our bodies exhausted. We lay there, relaxed, stroking our hands across each other. The three of us are acting like a couple basking in after-glow, and they are not leaving me out of this intimacy.

Renee leans over and kisses my lips and holds her hand out to Scott. He kisses me, too, and the three of us lay together, drifting to sleep.

“Can we do this again?” Renee asks.

“I hope so,” Scott murmurs.

“Definitely.” No dream could be better than this.

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