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Nicole Gets Ravished

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You hot, horny, cock-craving slut. I know every slutty thought that goes through your dirty mind. I know what you need like no one else ever will, and bitch, I’m gonna prove it, right now….

That’s what you want, isn’t it, slut? A man who will prove it. A man who won’t take no for an answer. I’ve been watching you through your windows at night, you whore. You moan on the phone like a slut in heat, while you cram sex toys inside your creamy wet fuckholes.

And I’ve seen you, bitch, standing up from your computer chair and walking to your bed, with your nipples hard like diamonds as you peel off your slutty skirt and lie flat on your back and writhe and scream and fuck your cunt and ass and shudder in orgasm….

Did you really think that no one would hear you? Well I heard you, you fuck-slut whore. And now you’re gonna pay.

You dream of getting fucked in all your holes. You dream of being a cum slut, a fucktoy, a rape doll. You love cock more than anything in this life, bitch, and you can’t hide from me now. You only feel alive when a man looks in your eyes and knows it, sees it, sees through you, like cellophane, into the inner slut that is dying to be used and spermed and fucked completely. I would do whatever I had to do to fuck you. To turn you into my personal fuck slut. That’s what you want… isn’t it, bitch? That’s what turns you on, knowing that a man knows exactly what you want, like no other. And I wouldn’t give a fuck what anybody else thought about it. I would follow you down the street in the dead of night and I would come up behind you and whisper the nastiest fucking shit you ever heard, right in your ear, from behind on a crowded street. I’d say, “You love hard cock jammed up inside your pink fuckhole…rape… hot cum up your tight ass…you love dick… you want to be raped, I fucking know you do, cunt…and bitch I’m going to fuck your holes right now. Walk the fuck down this alley and keep looking straight ahead or I’ll hurt you.”

And then I’d take you by the arm and force you to walk down that alley, bitch, and I’d take you behind a dumpster and make you stand there with your back against the facade of an old brick building. The cool brick against your sheer cotton skirt, against your ass. And I would shove my hands crudely up inside your top and squeeze your tits like they were meat, because that’s what they are to me, slut. Oh fuck yes. Rub your clit and dream with me…that’s it… rub it in tight, wet circles while you read these words of rape and lust and think about my cock in your asshole as you cum….

You love it when I rub oil on my balls and on my cock and on my asshole, don’t you bitch? Mmm… I’d make you suck my shaven balls, you hot fucking slut, and you would drool all over them and suck my asshole and tongue the tightening skin on my nut sac. Oh fuck yes you would… rub your clit…I’m gonna rape you.

“Rape”, whispering it, as you suck my balls and tongue my oiled ass. I’d tell you to drool on my cock, and lick the head in circles with your tongue, just the tip of it, swirling it, right along the ridge of my head, while I whispered, “Smile like a slut, you bitch, you’re gonna get raped. Do you love cock… do you? Suck my asshole harder you fucking cunt….”

I would dig my fingers into your tits, and I would tell you to get on your fucking knees on the pavement, right the fuck now, in the darkness of the alley. Yes bitch, I know what makes your pussy wet…and I would tell you to open your mouth and lick your wet lips, you fucking slut, because you are going to get face-fucked.

And you would suck it, wouldn’t you, fuckwhore? Fuck yes, you would. You would get on your knees with that slutty skirt riding up over your hips and you would suck my head, and lick my shaft, and deep-throat my hard tan cock while I kept talking to you, always talking to you, always fucking with your head, crawling inside your brain, fucking your mind before I fuck your slutty, cock-loving body.

Fuck yes. I know what you fucking need, you slutty little bitch. Rub your clit and stare at these words and think of your mouth on my ass and balls and cock, while your nipples throb and your pussy juice flows, in the darkened alleys of your mind….

Rub your clit, you fucking whore. Rub it hard. Do you want me to stalk you? Force you? Fuck your throat? Do you? Fuck yes, you do. Rub your clit. Rub your pussy lips. That’s it. Harder…dream…suck…harder…”Rape”….

I would eat that dripping pussy cunt from behind, you cum-swallowing fuckwhore bitch, as I bent you over that cool metal dumpster in the alley….rub your clit. And I would take your clit in my mouth between my teeth and practiced tongue and I would clamp down on it, my nose jammed in your tight ass, inhaling your scent like a dog. I would shake my head so fucking fast from side to side, that you would lose your fucking mind. You would scream, you would beg me to fuck you, and every once in a while I would stop shaking my head and stop feeding on your clit, and I would say, “Beg me to rape you.” And I’d tell you to turn your head towards me so I could watch your fucking eyes, you fucking sex toy slut. I’d watch until I knew you were close to cumming…just like you are right now, little bitch, as you read these words. And then I’d grab your hair and stand you up and move in behind you. I’d take my hard tan cock and I would rub it up and down, up and down, around and around, just the head, only the swollen head you cock-teasing little bitch whore. I’d rub the head, swirl it, inside the opening of your pink fuckhole pussy… mmm… rub your clit. I’d pinch your nipples so fucking hard that you would moan. Because you moan like a slut, don’t you bitch, when a man takes you like a hungry, cum-shooting, growling dog? When he mounts you from behind, like a hungry dog from hell, and he starts to pump your pink, wet, cream-coated pussy from behind while you rub that clit, while you rub it fast in circles, fuck yes, you love it, bitch, don’t fucking lie to me or I’ll pull your hair and rape you right up the ass.

I’d tease you…fucking your ass for twenty minutes…slow, whore…sliding in and out.

And then I’d lay you on your back in the alley on top of the dumpster and I’d fuck-rape your throat. Gagging you while you suck…the hot juice running out of your pussy while I lapped it up, sucking and biting your pink clit and slapping your pussy lips and fingering your asshole and calling you a “bitch-whore cocksucking cunt who loves dick”…fuck yes. And then I’d stand you up and push you face-first against the cool brick of the building, and I’d fuck you right up the ass and I’d yell at the men who were walking down the street to come over, to come over and take a hard look at this cock-loving fuckwhore slut. And you would cum, just hearing me say that, wouldn’t you bitch? You’d cum sooooo hard, because you’re such a slut. Aren’t you?

And I’d fuck that ass hard, you little whore… and when those strangers walked by, after hearing all the noise, after hearing me rape you, while you moaned like a slut in heat, I would lift you off the fucking ground, with my dick in your ass, from behind, and I would open up your legs, wide, and I would show them your pink wet pussy.

Cum for me. Cum for me you cocksucking little fuck slut. I’d rape you in the ass and pussy… I’d cum all over your skin. All over your face. All over your shaven pink cunt and your moist, tight asshole. Fuck yes. Rub your clit.

I’ve been watching you, cunt. I’ve been listening to you, as you talk to men on the phone. And I will make you suck my cock wherever the fuck I say. I will kidnap your ass, slut. I will kick in your door and kidnap you and take you to a hotel and make you wear slutty clothing. I will tie you up and tease you until you beg me to rape you. You will suck my cock while you masturbate. For hours and hours and hours, you horny fucking cum-slut cunt. And then I will rape your sex holes. Fuck yes I will.

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