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New Way Home

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Encounter on a train brings two strangers closer together.

“I wanna go home now Mum!” a small child screeched making Sophie’s skin crawl.

“OK Max. We’re nearly home now,” the woman holding his hand soothed far too politely for Sophie’s liking. All he needed was a good slap. That would shut him up.

“I don’t like it Mum! There are too many people! I wanna go home now!” the brat demanded, turning around and kicking Sophie in the shin.

“Ouch!” Sophie yelped as she rubbed the red mark on her shin and tried not to fall off the platform and on to the tracks.

“Max! Naughty! You mustn’t do that. It’s not nice,” the mother reprimanded feebly as the child screwed up his face and let out a piercing scream. His face turned bright red and tears poured out of the corner of his eyes as he wailed, stamping his feet and kicking his mother.

The sound was like nails scraping down a blackboard to Sophie who tried to escape but was surrounded by equally irritated commuters. The platform was heaving and as each minute passed, more commuters poured into the station like ants, pushing and shoving to secure a place on the platform.

It was the perfect end to the perfect day for Sophie and as she sighed loudly she said a silent prayer to London Underground that the train would arrive soon.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We’d like to apologise for the delay,” the announcer said moronically, “there’s a signalling fault at Parsons Green. The next District Line train is due in 7 minutes.”

Everyone on the platform groaned, drowning out the sound of the screaming child, albeit momentarily. Sophie winced as she felt an elbow in her side as the well dressed man beside her reached into his suit pocket and pulled out his mobile phone.

“Honey, I’m going to be late. Fucking Tube!” he said irritably into the phone.

Sophie closed her eyes and tried to go to her happy place, far away from Notting Hill Gate and the angry commuters. She took a deep breath and brushed her short blonde hair out of her face, checking her watch to see if the 7 minutes were up. Her feet ached, her expensive stiletto-heeled shoes threatening to cut off her circulation. She was hot and uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get home and take off her shoes and grey suit, her short skirt clinging to her sweaty legs.

When the train eventually arrived, there was a sudden surge forward and Sophie couldn’t breathe as the passengers crowded around her, desperate to get on the train, not sure when the next was coming. When the doors opened, she didn’t so much get on, as was carried on by the sea of people.

“Move down!” someone cried as everyone scrambled to get onto the train.

“There’s no room!” someone replied, echoing Sophie’s thoughts.

Just when she thought no one else could fit, three more people forced their way on as she felt someone’s backpack digging into her arm. As the door shut, she found herself facing a tall, dark-haired guy and she moved her face away with embarrassment when she realised that her body was pressed against his chest.

No one could move as the packed train slowly left the platform and Sophie fought for breath as she tried to ignore the strangers’ bodies pressed up against her own. She could still hear the child screaming somewhere on the carriage and she sighed loudly, knowing that she had a long way to go until she was home. The only thing she was grateful for was that this section of the journey was over ground so she didn’t have to endure an endless dark tunnel.

Sophie’s head ached as the loud train made its way to the next station. The relentless crying from the annoying child she’d encountered on the platform was only made worse by the symphony of mobile phones ringing around the carriage which remained unanswered because it was so crowded no one could reach them.

Suddenly she felt something brush between her legs and her blue eyes widened when she realised it was a hand. Sophie looked desperately around her, straining to see whom the hand belonged to and gasped as she felt it move up.

“Hey! Get off me! Stop!” she demanded as loudly as she could as she looked accusingly at the people closest to her. But whoever it was didn’t listen and began gently rubbing her through her black silk underwear.

“I said stop!” Sophie responded desperately, trying to move away but there was nowhere to go on the crowded train.

She struggled for breath as her heart raced out of control, her body stiff with fear and shock. She continued to look around desperately, hoping to find the person that was doing it or at least find someone to rescue her.

“Help me…” she managed, looking at the woman standing next to her but she had a Walkman on and couldn’t hear her as the hand continued to caress her pussy though her panties.

The train pulled into the next station and Sophie saw the opportunity to escape so tried to push her way off. As she struggled to get through the crowd, she felt an arm around her slim waist, holding on to her firmly.

“Let me go!” she demanded as she tried to wriggle free. But it was too late and her blue eyes filled with tears as she watched the train doors shut.

“No!” Sophie sobbed as the train continued to the next station. She flinched as she felt the hand continuing to explore under her skirt, tugging at her thong.

“No please stop…” she begged but her protests were drowned out the by the busy train as the stranger continued to slowly rub her through her underwear and she felt a finger slip between the lips of her pussy, forcing her to breath in suddenly. She looked up and noticed that the man facing her was smiling smugly and she could see his green eyes alive with lust.

Realising that it was his hand beneath her short skirt, she tried to pull away again, but it was futile as the train suddenly jerked, pushing her forward.

“Stop please…” she begged, but it only seemed to spur him on more.

He began fingering her gently as Sophie’s body betrayed her, the soft silk rubbing against her swollen clit sending tiny sparks of pleasure coursing through her body. She was disgusted with herself, knowing that he would be able to feel the wet patch that was beginning to develop.

“No…” she moaned pitifully as his thick fingers slipped beneath the delicate fabric of her underwear and began slowly circling her throbbing clit.

Sophie couldn’t help but moan, her body enjoying his touch. It had been so long since a man had touched her like that and even though he was a complete stranger, her body didn’t care.

Without saying a word, he slipped two of his fingers into her tight hole and began expertly massaging her swollen clit with his thumb. Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over her as he touched her and Sophie moved her face away, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cum.

“No…” she breathed, biting her pink lip as she felt her warm juices run over his fingers disappointed that she was so thrilled by this violation. The people around them were oblivious to what was going on and while she wanted to ask one of them to help her, her body was desperate for the orgasm he was fingering her to.

The stranger began moving his fingers in and out of her as he rubbed her clit urgently with his thumb. She could feel his eyes burning in to her, watching her reaction to what he was doing, as anxious for her to cum as she was.

Sophie held onto his tattooed arms for support as she instinctively began rocking her hips back and forth in rhythm with his probing fingers. She shivered as she felt the bulge in his jeans rubbing against her hip as he finger fucked her. She moaned softly, trying to disguise her pleasure, not wanting him, or the other people on the carriage to know how much she was enjoying this assault.

“No…” she repeated quietly, shaking her head as she felt her orgasm take hold of her. Sensing that she was on the brink, he rubbed her more furiously, fucking her deeply with his fingers as she held on to him tightly. Sophie closed her eyes and groaned as the train hurtled along the tracks, silently begging him to make her cum.

Neither of them said a word as her body surrendered to him, her tight cunt spasming around his fingers as she came all over them. He held on to her firmly as her legs weakened and her whole body trembled as she was overwhelmed by the euphoria of her orgasm.

The train pulled into the last station slowly as the stranger removed his hand from beneath her short skirt. It was the end of the line so the passengers spilled out of the train quickly forcing Sophie to open her eyes and make her way to the door.

She was aware of him behind her as she left the train and looked over her shoulder to let him know that she wanted him to follow her. She led him outside and to a quiet park behind the station where she knew they would be undisturbed.

Without saying a word, she found a quiet spot by a large oak tree and leaned up against it looking at him carefully, knowing that their encounter hadn’t reached its conclusion yet. She hadn’t done anything like this before but his actions on the train had awakened something inside her that had to be satisfied.

The sun was going down so it was hard to tell what he looked like in the dimly lit park. She knew that he wasn’t the type of guy that she usually went for: tall and lean, covered with tattoos and with a mess of short black hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed. He was younger than her, with clear pale skin and he looked like he should be smoking weed in a basement somewhere.

Sophie on the other hand was a successful thirty something businesswoman with a nice house and an even nicer sports car. She usually dated stoke brokers and merchant bankers who took her to trendy wine bars and expensive restaurants. But yet here she was in a park about to be fucked by a twenty-year-old skateboarder.

As he moved towards her she could see him undoing his belt buckle and her heart skipped a beat as he unzipped his jeans. She waited in anticipation for what he was about to do next, desperate to feel his young cock inside her.

He pressed his body against her firmly, pinning her to the rough tree trunk as the heels of her shoes dug into the grass beneath her. Sophie gasped as he roughly pulled up her skirt so that it gathered around her waist and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her moist inner thigh. His fingers found her thong and she trembled with impatience as she felt him push it to one side.

With his hands on her hips, he lifted her up easily before pulling her back down again and spearing her with his cock. Sophie cried out as she felt her tight pussy stretch to accommodate his thick cock and she wrapped her arms around this neck, holding on for dear life as he began moving in and out of her.

“Fuck me!” she begged as she closed her eyes and let go of all her inhibitions.

Breathing heavily, he unbuttoned her suit jacket frantically, pulling it open and cupping her full breasts over her bra. He instinctively knew that it fastened at the front so he undid it quickly, allowing her pert tits to tumble out.

Sophie’s nipples hardened immediately in the cool air of the park and she smiled with satisfaction as she felt his mouth on them, sucking them hungrily as his cock filled her completely.

“Oh that’s it baby. Suck them…” she encouraged as his tongue lapped at her sensitive nipples.

Losing control, the stranger began thrusting upward, pushing Sophie against the tree as he sucked her tits. Her short blonde hair was a tangled mess as it brushed against the tree trunk and the rough bark scratched her soft ass.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Sophie buried her hands in his short black hair, digging her fingernails into his scalp as he fucked her hard and deep. She winced with pain as he bit her nipple, arching her back when he eased the pain by gently licking where he had just bitten.

“Jesus! Fuck me harder!” she pleaded, nearing her orgasm.

“Fucking take it you slut!” he hissed as he gave her what she wanted.

Sophie had never been called a slut before and while she should have been offended, his words excited her and made her feel sexy. She wondered what the people at work would think if they could see her being fucked against a tree by a stranger and it drove her wild. She didn’t even know his name.

“Oh come on! Come on! Cum all over me you slut!” he said through gritted teeth as he looked deep into her blue eyes and fucked her mercilessly.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” she announced as she closed her eyes and sunk her nails into his scalp. She felt his hips buck violently as he exploded inside her with a grunt, forcing her over the edge.

Sophie cried out with pleasure as she came hard and fast, her warm juices running all over his stiff cock. She held on to him tightly, struggling for breath as she regained her composure.

They didn’t say a word to each other and gave each other a knowing look before making their separate ways out of the park.

Sophie never saw him again but now every time she is caught on a crowded train she hopes that a hand will find it’s way under her skirt. But as one never has since then, she’ll have to settle for her own…

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