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New Horizons for Rick and Karen

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My head was spinning as I closed the door behind me. I could hardly believe we even had the conversation we just did, and that I’m actually going out to look for a woman for a threesome with my wife – if I can find her for tonight.

A thousand things are going through my mind. How am I going to find a girl at all, much less one who will do what we want?

How will I be able to tell her I need to take her home right now? Where am I going to find a girl with piercings and tattoos?

As I’m driving and thinking of this “problem,” I find that I’m driving to the Club district downtown. That’s as good a place as any to look, I suppose. I park and go into a club I’d been in only once before – I didn’t care for the music then. But now, I had a purpose. I needed to find a hot, gorgeous tattooed young woman with piercings – and who was kinky. And available right now. Prospects weren’t looking too good.

I went into the club, and headed straight for the bar. I knew I’d need a few shots of liquid courage to pull this off. I was skirting the dance floor and about halfway to the bar when I saw her. I was shocked; she looked like the perfect woman for our needs. And she was here, now.

I stared at her as I walked. Her hair, while dark, had almost multicolor tones – with a lot of red. I could see a tattoo on her chest where her shirt hung low, showing great cleavage. She turned more in my direction and I stopped in shock: she had several piercings in her lips, and she was drop-dead gorgeous. I found myself wondering how those piercings in her lips would feel….

I realized I needed some type of approach. I couldn’t just walk up and tell her “I need to take you home to my wife.” Or could I? Possibilities raced through my mind. She was perfect for us, and I didn’t want to blow it. I walked up to the bar next to her without glancing her way. She was talking to a cute blonde, and I didn’t want to ruin my chances by barging in.

I ordered my drink, and asked the bartender what she was drinking. I ordered one of those as well. Armed with both drinks, I turned toward her. I held hers out to her, and simply said to her, “I’d kick myself forever if I didn’t at least introduce myself. My name is Rick.”

She took the drink with a smile, and said “Hi Rick. I’m Emily.”

Looking at her straight on revealed just how lovely she really was. I was turned on, and I knew my wife would be too. She then pointed to my ring, and, to my surprise, said simply, “Married?” I was really surprised she didn’t say more, or look disgusted and leave. Instead, she just waited for my answer.

I had the sense that the truth is the only thing that would work with her, so I told her “Yes, and that’s why I’m here.”

That obviously piqued her interest, but she did look a bit confused at my answer. I decided to lay the cards out on the table. I told her, “The truth is my wife sent me out to find a woman for a threesome tonight. I came here first, and immediately saw you. You’re exactly who she asked for: a gorgeous woman with piercings and tattoos.”

Emily was a bit taken aback by my forward, truthful explanation, but I could tell she appreciated my honesty. She was quiet for a moment, and said, “Tell me about her.”

I took this as a good sign. “Well, she has dark brown hair, a great figure, and she wants us to try sex with another woman. In particular, she wants to eat out another woman and have a woman eat her out while I watch. And, she wants to see me fuck her too.”

I could see Emily digesting this, and thinking. She was quiet for a while – about 2 minutes. Then she looked me in the eyes and said only “OK.”

I was flabbergasted. “Really? You’re sure you’re OK with that? I should also tell you that we’re not into “plain vanilla” sex. We like it a bit more…aggressive.”

Emily didn’t bat an eye. “That’s good,” she said with a smile, “I don’t like vanilla either.”

We left, and I brought her to my car. I opened the door, watching her legs in her short skirt as she got in. ‘Those are damn sexy legs’ I thought. I wondered if she’d let me feel them while we’re driving… but asking that could be risky.

I got in and started driving home. To my surprise, Emily turned in her seat and flashed me. It was dark, but I could see just a bit as we passed streetlights – enough to see that she had no panties – and was completely shaved. Then she shocked me. “Wanna feel?”

I didn’t say anything – I wasn’t sure I could. I just reached out and placed my hand on her thigh. I started stroking it, and it was soft and smooth. I got more daring, and slid my hand all the way to her pussy. I felt a hard bump and flicked it – and realized that her clit was pierced. She let out a soft moan as I flicked her clit, and I could feel her hips start to move.

I let my other fingers dance over her pussy lips as I kept flicking her clit. Her hips were really rolling; she enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her. My fingers were wet, but I didn’t want her to cum – yet. I stopped the flicking, and withdrew my hand. I put it to my nose, breathing in her fragrance – and it was lovely.

Then she grabbed my hand, and deep throated my fingers, licking her wetness off them. I noticed my cock was hard, and straining against my pants. So did she. Looking at me, she said, “I think we’re going to have fun tonight.”

I didn’t say anything; I didn’t want her to know how nervous I really was. After all, there were a lot of ways this could go badly. I put that thought out of my mind. Fortunately, we were almost home and there was no real chance to back out now… and I honestly didn’t want to. The idea of fucking Emily, slamming her with my hard cock, feeling her pierced lips around my cock, had me more turned on than I’ve been in years.

I pulled in our driveway and shut off the car. I thought about asking once more if she was OK with this, but I didn’t want to give her the chance to back out. So instead, I got out and walked around to open her door. She flashed her bare pussy at me once more as she got out. My heart was pounding so hard I wondered if she could hear it.

I opened the door and Emily walked in behind me. My wife was right there standing in the living room. I looked at her, and her jaw dropped when she saw Emily. I said only, “Karen, this is Emily.”

Karen walked over, touched Emily’s hair, and told her “You’re beautiful.” I guess Karen approved.

The two women were looking into each others eyes. Karen reached out and ran her fingers over Emily’s lip piercings. Emily’s mouth opened, and licked Karen’s fingers as they lingered on her lips. My mouth was dry; I could hardly believe this was happening at all – but it really was.

I offered Emily a drink, and she refused it – then she leaned forward, placed a hand on Karen’s hip, and gently kissed her. I gasped, and their mouths opened. Their tongues danced over each other’s and their lips. The kiss grew more heated, and both let out low moans. I said dryly, “Let’s go upstairs.” Their kiss broke and my wife led the way, holding Emily’s hand.

We stopped in our bedroom, and I had no idea what to do next. My wife and I looked at each other – she didn’t know either. Emily rescued us and began to strip. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a red lace bra. Her tattoo was fully visible now. My wife stepped over and began tracing the outline of the tattoo with her finger. Emily reached behind, unclasped her bra, and let it fall.

I stared at her breasts – they were amazing. They were large but somehow looked both firm and pillow-soft. She had beautiful silver-dollar sized areola and firm nipples. As I stared she unclasped her skirt and stepped out of it. Now both my wife and I were staring. Her body was stunning. I had gone out looking for a woman and found a goddess instead.

She stood there, in calf-high lace-up boots – and nothing else. She was shaved, so we could see that her clit was pierced too. She was so enticing and so alluring that a powerful rush flashed through my loins, and I could feel my half-hard cock swell to full-mast. Emily looked at it, and cracked a half-smile. “Looks like you’re ready for fun” was all she said.

By then, Karen had started to strip and Emily watched. She pulled off her shirt to reveal her pert breasts. Her nipples were smaller than Emily’s but darker. She dropped her skirt to reveal her trimmed pussy. I noticed Emily staring intently; she had noticed Karen’s clit and pussy lips. They’re large, and stand out from her bush – and I could see they were already moist.

Karen stepped over to Emily and kissed her. Their arms entwined as their kiss deepened. I stepped next to them and put a hand on each ass. It was the first time I had ever held two different women at the same time, and it felt exquisite. I rubbed their asses, and let my fingers travel down between their cheeks. Both parted their legs just a bit – and I now held two sets of pussy lips for the first time. Karen’s were thicker, and I rubbed them together – just the way she likes. I ran my other finger back and forth along Emily’s pussy lips, and could feel her wetness as they both got hotter and more wanton.

Karen’s hands were now kneading Emily’s breasts. To my surprise, Karen broke their kiss and shoved Emily right down onto the bed. Emily’s legs were spread, and Karen wasted no time as she dove right into Emily’s pussy. Emily’s head pushed back, and she started to pant; she obviously enjoyed the way Karen was eating her out. I climbed on the bed, and laid my cock right across Emily’s mouth. She opened wide, turned her head, and sucked it right in.

I could feel her piercings rubbing on the shaft of my dick as she moved her head. Her tongue danced on the head of my cock, and swirled around. I couldn’t believe what a difference those piercings made; it felt like she had little bb’s on her lips, and each one created a line of heightened sensation with each stroke – especially when she drew her mouth over the head of my cock.

I put my hand to the back of her head and slid my cock into her mouth as deep as it would go – and held it there. I could feel her throat spasm as she gagged a little. Then, to my surprise, she stuck her tongue out and tickled my ball sack with it. I was amazed, but it sure felt great. I released her head and she gasped for air. I ran my cock head over her lips as she panted, trying to catch her breath. Karen, meanwhile, was still tonguing Emily’s pussy and sucking her pierced clit.

Karen came up for air, and I couldn’t wait any more. I told Karen to lay at the top of the bed, and told Emily to get up on her knees. I turned her around to face Karen, and slipped up right behind her. She started to lean down to eat Karen out, but I stopped her. I slid my cock right under her ass, and along her pussy lips. I reached around with my hands to grab both of her breasts, and they were even better than I’d imagined.

I hefted her breasts – one in each hand – and pinched and stretched her nipples. She sagged against me and that pressed my cock harder against her pussy. I kneaded her breasts, reveling in the sensation of how soft and full they were. I was so turned on that I started rubbing my cock along her pussy without even realizing it. I released one of her tits and reached down to rub her clit. I could feel the stud piercing, and the head of my cock poking out from between her legs with each stroke. I kept rubbing her clit and mound as her hips began to roll. Then, it was time.

I loosed her breast and pussy, and pushed her down toward Karen’s open pussy. I could tell she dove right in, and Karen let out a groan. I wished I could see what she was doing since Karen was obviously enjoying it, but I had other needs at that moment. Emily was on her knees, and her ass was sticking up – and it, too, was perfect. I wanted to slide my cock into her right then and there, but instead I leaned forward and licked her pussy first – then her ass.

I tongue-fucked her ass and played with her pierced clit. My thumb slid into her pussy, and her hips began to roll. I jabbed her ass with my tongue, trying to wedge it up her ass. I heard her moan into my wife’s pussy, and knew it was time. I pulled my tongue off her ass and replaced it with my thumb. I rubbed her hole in circles as I brought my cock up and placed it at her entrance. She pushed back at me, wanting my cock in her pussy.

I slowly but firmly slid it in to the hilt. Her pussy was tight – much tighter than I expected. My balls hit her clit, and the fucking began in earnest. I started to slam into her, hard and fast, while she kept eating Karen. Emily’s ass was slamming my hips with every stroke, and my balls slapped her clit. I kept one hand on her hip, and started to slap her ass with the other as I stroked. One cheek turned beet red, so I switched and slapped the other. Now both her ass cheeks were bright red from my slapping, and she kept thrusting hard back into me with each stroke – all the while eating Karen out better than anyone has ever done before.

Karen was panting and moaning hot and heavy, and began to wail – she was cumming, and having a harder cum than I’ve ever seen her have. And that was too much for me. I blasted my cum deep into Emily, and felt her pussy spasm around my shooting cock. I hoped that she was cumming too, but I was swept away by my own release. I could feel how wet and slippery her pussy was, filled with my cum. I kept stroking as long as I could – but my cock did soften.

I stopped, and withdrew from Emily’s pussy. Karen was limp, and Emily fell down on her side. I could see her ass and cum-soaked pussy, and that stirred a deep desire. I grabbed Emily and flipped her onto her back. Then, I dove right into her pussy and started to eat out the creampie I just gave her. Karen saw this and moaned. She could see my face over Emily’s pussy as my tongue lapped out our blended cum.

Karen left the head of the bed and pushed my hip up, revealing my cum-covered cock. Karen then sucked the cum off my cock as I cleaned the cum out of Emily. What we were doing was so erotic that I got hard again in Karen’s mouth. Karen pushed me flat, and my mouth came off Emily’s pussy. Karen mounted me and buried my cock in her pussy. Emily then got up, straddled my face, and, from the sounds, began to kiss Karen as she rode my cock.

This was a dream-cum-true – getting fucked by Karen as I was eating out Emily. I kept tonguing Emily’s pussy and ass as Karen pounded on my hard cock. She was wild, and looking for a hard cum. I could hear her panting and moaning, so I guessed that Emily must have been sucking Karen’s tits by then. I felt Karen’s pussy start to contract, and knew I’d be cumming soon.

Karen tensed, and kept slamming her pussy onto my cock as she came. I erupted into Karen, amazed that I could cum again so soon after my last cum. Finally, Karen was spent and fell to the bed. Emily got off my face and crawled to Karen. Emily spread Karen’s legs and started to lick my cum out of Karen’s pussy. I just had to see this, so I crawled over to watch.

I saw Emily’s tongue part Karen’s thick pussy lips and lap up my cum. She sucked one lip, then the other, into her mouth. She then swirled her tongue in Karen’s wet pussy, and took her hard clit into her mouth like it was a little cock. But Karen was still too sensitive and she whimpered, so Emily went back to cleaning my cum out of Karen’s pussy.

When she finished, we all leaned back, laying on the bed. I had no idea what to say, but I felt more satisfied than I had for a long time. I was immensely glad I found Emily, and I really hoped we could do this again.

I looked at Emily, and she looked at me, then Karen. Then she said simply, “We’re doing this again, right?”

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