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New Horizons

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As I rang the front doorbell of the large Georgian house on that Friday evening I felt tired. It had been a long day and I was in no mood to be given a lecture on computer skills by my friend, John. We had arranged to meet up after work one evening at his place to run through some graphic software packages that were giving me grief.

I was new to digital photography and as John was an IT wizard and working with digital pictures all the time, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get some pointers on how to use my new camera with my PC.

That was the theory. Truth was however, the week had taken its toll and I was worn out and just wanted a drink and some relaxation. As I stood at Johns door I could hear the sound of heals on the tiled hallway. It must be Julia, John’s wife. She opened the heavy door and greeted me with her usual warm smile. She had also just finished a long week in her office and judging by the large G and T in her hand was in the mood to relax.

“Hi Jim. John will be home later but shouldn’t be too long so come on in.”

I followed her through the spacious tiled hallway to the lounge. “Fancy a drink?” I thanked her and asked for a vodka tonic. As she walked through to the kitchen to prepare my drink I watched her. Julia is probably around 45 and of average height. This evening she appeared taller in her heels. A well-kept woman looking good for her age, she looked spectacular in her work clothes. A sheer white blouse and fitted skirt stopping just above her knees. Her figure had the fullness that only mature women carry whilst retaining an elegance that younger women struggle to achieve. The fullness of her breasts accentuated by the sheerness of her blouse and the white lace of her bra revealing itself where it touched.

She returned with my drink, momentarily breaking my train of thought, but only momentarily. As she placed the drink on the coffee table in front of me she flicked her highlighted bobbed hair from her eyes and caught me briefly gazing at her breasts. I quickly looked away and complimented the pictures on the wall. They were mainly photographs by John, several urban black and white shots and a couple of portraits of Julia. The portraits were not the cheesy wedding style shots but stylishly taken natural light pictures taken candidly but perfectly capturing Julia’s beauty. “Johns passion” she told me, “natural light, and black and white.”

“They are very good. Particularly the portraits,” I told her. She sat down at the coffee table and crossed her stockinged legs. Whilst sipping from her drink she told me that John particularly enjoyed photographing the female form, and that she found it quite erotic, not the porn kind of stuff on the web, tasteful well lit one offs. I agreed, “It is wonderful the way a good photographer can capture in one picture the passions that feed the mind, without resorting to a graphic series of images which tend to look stilted and choreographed.” She was impressed. “A woman does not need titillation like that. Just that special hint of something. It allows space for the mind to explore.”

I could only sit and admire this woman. Elegant, mature, and with clear views of sexuality and the power of the mind. My admiration was starting to become obvious as I kept glancing at the crossed legs and the way one foot curled around the calf of her other leg. Again I was snared. A smile crept to her lips as she knowingly let the heel of a shoe slip, leaving the shiny leather dangling from her elevated toes.

“What is it that turns you on Jim? Are you a tits’n ass kind of man, or am I being too open?”

“Not in the least Julia. It is usually subtle things that arouse me. The weight of a woman’s breasts within fabric is one. The tension a bra causes on a woman’s back. Loose flowing cotton over naked skin.”

“All very heterosexual. All very female orientated then,” she interrupted.


“So the sight of a turgid cock with its purple head and almost exploding veins does nothing for you?”

At that point there was the sound of the front door closing. John was back. “Julia. Julia I’m home.”

“We are in here,” Julia called.

John came into the room carrying a battered messenger bag and wearing his usual flared denims and leather jacket over a white T-shirt.

“Hi Jim. How goes it? I see Julia is looking after you.”

“Good John, very good. How was your day?” I replied.

“Oh the usual stuff. Deadlines and more deadlines… Pour me a drink love. We will be through in the study. Come on Jim its through here.” John strode back into the hall, kissing Julia fully as he went.

I followed him, still partially stunned by Julia’s last comment to me.

John’s study was adjacent to the lounge and large. A sofa sat along one wall whilst a huge desk sat in the opposite bay window. The walls were covered with photographs, many of them pictures of Julia. On the desk sat a powerful looking Mac with a large flat screen. At the desk were a couple of chairs.

“Sit down Jim,” John said pointing at one of them. I walked towards the desk whilst taking in the pictures.

“So what is it you are having problems with Jim?” John asks me.

“Well its mainly Photoshop.”

“Not a problem any more. I am your man,” he replies throwing his leather jacket over the back of the other chair and firing up the Mac.

Whilst this is going on Julia has returned with John’s drink and a top up for me. I cannot help but notice that her blouse has been unbuttoned a little further than it was previously. The angle of her reaching has caused it to gape and reveal. I could only stare, captivated, and uncomfortably aroused. This woman was teasing me to an extent that would become too obvious too soon.

“I think I will take a bath John. You boys are OK with that aren’t you?”

“Fire ahead babe,” John replied. “We are fine. I am going to work through a few pics with Jim.”

John tapped a few keys on the Mac and opened up Photoshop. “So what do you find tricky?”

“Well it’s tweaking my pics really. When white is too white and black is too black. No detail, you know?” I replied.

“Gotcha. You want to sort out the exposure. I’ll open a few pics and we can play around a bit.”

John scrolled through some files and opened up a photo of Julia. I will never forget that picture. It was a waist up shot and all she was wearing was a beautiful white bra. The fullness of her breasts pressing against the fabric. All the while John was telling me technical aspects of the shot and I was not hearing a word. A few clicks later and I was seeing a full frame close-up of one breast. The detail was fantastic. The texture of Julia’s nipple was visible through the lace of the bra.

“………You are not listening Jim!” John said loudly.

“I am so sorry John. It is just that the pic. is so good…. I was taken away.”

“I can see that Jim!” he replied looking down at my crotch. “ Let me put on a little slide show for you. Maybe that will get it out of your system!” With that he quickly typed a few commands and immediately the screen darkened and then flickered to life. The pictures changed every ten seconds or so. It was a series of pictures depicting Julia undressing. It was really erotic stuff. Not over the top, just sexy shots of a mature woman. That was until the next photo! The camera view had widened and panned. Two guys were sitting on a sofa naked. Both of them had large erections. What made the scene really provocative was that one of the guys was holding the others cock. It was then that I realised that the guy being held was John! Not only that, it was taken in this very room! My heart was racing and my cock was solid. I looked over at John. To my amazement he was holding his cock, and what a cock! As I watched he began removing his clothes, standing and letting his jeans fall to the floor.

“You are welcome to join me Jim. In fact Julia will be back soon and she will be so disappointed if things haven’t started hotting up.”

“Are you sure John? I mean this seems like a dream”

“Just get naked Jim. Not shy are you?”

“Not at all.” I responded gazing at John’s now rampant cock. The large purple head was totally engorged and a pearl of pre-cum had formed at the tip. I quickly dropped my jeans and kicked my shoes off. The sudden freedom allowed my cock to fully harden and start bursting from the tight foreskin. As I removed my T-shirt, in that moment of blindness, I felt a hand on my cock. The T-shirt gone, John was standing close and loosely holding my oozing hardness. As I watched, John gently ran a finger around the head of my cock and caught a dribble of pre-cum. He slowly massaged the juice into his left nipple and then licked his finger clean. Our two cocks were now gently bouncing off each other, duelling and blending the free-flowing fluid. I lowered my head and brought my lips to the nipple, tasting myself.

Unbeknown to John and myself, Julia had returned. She was standing by the sofa wearing exactly the same white underwear that she had worn in the pictures. It dawned on me that all of this was a plot. I was a willing participant in a fantasy. More than willing!

Julia slowly sat down on the sofa, and without saying a word lay back and slipped a hand inside her panties and guided a finger to her clit. John took hold of my cock again and led me towards her. Standing at her feet, John pressed me down to my knees by my shoulders. I needed no more guidance. John’s cock was alongside my head whilst I watched Julia’s frantic fingers. I turned my head slowly and took John into my mouth. An almost silent gasp came from Julia as I held John firmly with my lips. I could feel the warmth of her skin against mine as I went to work. I perched on the edge of the sofa and slowly but urgently rose up and down on the shaft of Johns cock. Julia’s elbow nudging me as she slid her slender fingers through the wet groove of her pussy. I watched as I sucked on John. His head was thrown back in his approaching orgasm. I took John from my mouth and wanked the solid manhood. Julia had pulled down the fabric of a cup of her bra and was pulling her nipple between her fingers, her other hand still doing their own magic. I could feel the solidness of Johns cock start to intensify, and his balls had tightened. Julia could sense his imminent cum and arched her back to greet it. With a firm long pull on John’s cock I could tell he could hold on no longer. With a deep groan John’s cock erupted, a violent spurt of cum arced through the air and fell on Julia, some on her bra but most on her exposed breast. A second less violent jet landed on her panties covering her busy hand. The remainder of John’s orgasm trickled down my milking hand. Julia reached for my shoulder and pulled me down to her breast. I eagerly started to lick her heavy breast, devouring the thick cum her partner had deposited. Her thick, hard nipple felt wonderful between my lips. I lifted my head and Julia kissed me deeply drinking the cum from my tongue. With a gentle pressure she pushed me down to her panties. I could smell her deeply feminine wetness mixed with John’s cum. As my tongue probed her labia John was being fed cum from her mouth. His cock was resting by my cheek, I turned and took his semi erect and oozing cock into my mouth. He was hardening again with my attentions. My head bobbing, I slid the wet panties down Julia’s silky thighs. The wet fabric clinging to one slender foot, she parted her legs. I took John’s cock from my mouth and brought it to Julia’s waiting wetness, running my tongue along one of the lips as the solid cock pushed deeply into her. Julia gripped his cheeks firmly and pulled, forcing him deep. Briefly motionless, John started slowly gliding out then in again, my tongue greeting the exposed length of the shaft. The mingled tastes sent my head spinning. My cock by now had reached the point where it had to release. I firmly gripped myself and felt the sear of cum start its journey. A cascade of thick semen exploded from the livid head of my cock. Globules of cum landed on Julia’s thighs as John continued his journey into satisfying the couple’s frantic needs.

As I recovered I was aware of a muffled groaning coming from a curtained archway on the far side of the room. Could it be that someone had been watching us? I walked slowly over to the curtain, my semi-erect cock still oozing from its orgasm. Drawing nearer I could see that there was a narrow gap in the curtain and the glint of the lens of a camera. I swung the curtain aside to reveal Ivana, Julia and Johns au pair. She was perched on a low stool behind a tripod mounted pro-spec. video camera. More astonishing was the fact that she had her short skirt around her waste and was teasing her clit with one of those slim shiny vibrators that one only sees in porn pictures. I had often seen Ivana at the house, quietly cleaning and polishing. A beautiful slim Slovakian girl, who rarely spoke, but carried herself in that sultry way that Eastern European women seem to find so easy. Here she was before me, desperately ploughing her beautiful trimmed pussy and in the throes of a strong climax. I slowly approached and crouched down close. The smell from her freely flowing orgasm filled the alcove in which she had been concealing herself. It was intoxicating. Although I had just come, I could feel my cock hardening at the sight of Ivana pleasuring herself. Slowly I brought my tongue to her fingers. A gasp came from Ivana`s clenched lips. I gently ran my tongue down the silvery smooth surface of the franticly twitching dildo. Her saturated panties pressing against my chest. As my tongue approached her swollen clit I felt Ivana clasp the back of my head and draw me firmly to her gaping pussy as she slowly replaced her shiny friend with my hungry mouth. In the background the sound of Julia filled the room. The sight of what I was doing to Ivana combined with the full penetration of Johns cock was driving her over the edge. I could feel Ivana reach down to my aching cock with her free hand and grip it firmly around its shaft. “I want this,” she hissed. I needed no more invitation and ran my tongue up her arched body, pausing briefly to savour the erect nipples that she pulled her bra down to expose. My cock slid along her wet thighs. Behind me I could hear movement. Julia and John were joining us. I glanced down and was greeted by the sight of Julia cradling my balls as John started to take me into his open mouth. Julia had Ivana’s other nipple between her teeth as she felt John’s head moving slowly. His hand held me firmly as he drew my cock nearer Ivana’s lips. The head of my cock was gently being slid around the groove of the waiting pussy. John only permitted my head to enter. I froze momentarily. John had found the vibrator and was teasing my puckered hole. Still wet from its earlier activity, it slid in easily. The effect was immediate. My cock plunged deep. I was completely engulfed. Julia bit harder on the stiff nipple. Ivana’s lips caressed the base of my cock, gaping wide. As John started to gently move the vibrator in small circles I could feel the effect it was having on my cock, and so could Ivana. Never in my life had I felt such hardness in my embedded manhood. The sudden change in girth was just what Ivana needed to immerse her in a strong orgasm. Julia had been gently fingering the clit that lay above the hilt of my cock. With her other hand, Julia had taken over from John with the vibrator. John brought his heavy cock level with Ivana’s breasts and I had to suck it. The taste of Julia was fantastic, and even though John had already come twice, his cock was stiffening to yet another huge erection. Ivana trembled with her orgasm as she looked down at me hungrily sucking on John. Julia slowly removed the vibrator and placed it between her pussy lips and collected as much of Johns cum as possible onto the shiny surface. She quickly replaced in my ass. It slid in so easily now.

“I think he is ready John,” Julia said.

“Is that so? Well now Jim. Do you think you might be ready?” John replied.

It was all I could do to nod in response, Johns cock was filling my mouth.

“What do you think Ivana? Would you like me to fuck Jim whilst he is fucking you?” Said John. “Would you like that?”

Still trembling from arousal, Ivana replied. “God yes! Fuck him hard and deep. Let me feel you force him in me!”

John slowly took his cock from my mouth. It was huge from my urgent sucking. Its head smooth, and covered in my saliva. I knew this would hurt at first but I had to have it. This was the most erotic experience I had ever had and I was more than willing to let this carry on.

Julia reached for John’s massive cock and drew him behind me. She gradually removed the vibrator and teased the tip of Johns cock with it. It twitched in anticipation of the tightness of my ass. John pressed against the hole from which Julia had taken the vibrator. At first I thought that there was no way it would fit, but by applying more pressure I felt the head start to slip in. The sensation was mind-blowing. As he entered further I was pushing deeper into Ivana. Her legs were now drawn up around mine and John’s waists, pulling both John deeper and me hard against her. As John reached his hilt, Julia came around us to Ivana and kissed her, sliding her tongue into her mouth passionately. This was more than I could bear. The feeling of Johns cock finding my G-spot combined with the sight of these two beautiful women kissing and my cock fully inside Ivana was sending me into a virtual blackout of sexual ecstasy. This was a feeling I had only dreamed of. Never did I believe that I would live out such private fantasies.

John was now starting to move, slowly out at first, and then gently back deep.

“Is that nice Ivana?” Julia asked.

The only response was a groan of sheer pleasure.

“Would you like to taste some pussy too? That would be nice. Some of Julia’s wet pussy, still full of Johns lovely cum. Then we are all happy, aren’t we?” said Julia.

“Please give me your pussy Julia. Please, quickly. Give it to me now!” Ivana replied. With that she lowered her head back to allow Julia to stand legs apart above her waiting mouth. This made John start to fuck me harder. Ivana had her tongue outstretched, desperate for the gaping, soaking pussy. A sudden thrust from John forced her tongue deep into the furrow of sweet pink flesh. Julia gasped. Her hands clenching her breasts, and her thumbs and index fingers squeezing her solid, thick nipples. A few moments of this and we gradually started to move in unison. John was dictating the pace, and it was getting quicker. He was close to filling me with his third load of the evening. The pure force of each thrust was enough for me to match it with my cock in Ivana’s pussy and her tongue deeper into Julia. Ivana’s chin was grinding hard against Julia’s swollen clit, Juices streaming down her neck. I savoured the tastes as I licked frantically.

“Christ I am cumming,’ screamed John.

“Do it my darling, do it now,” Julia groaned, herself on the edge of a massive orgasm.

John suddenly seemed even thicker and harder. His balls that were slamming against me were now absent as they tightened up. With a low groan I felt him release the first jet of cum. It was all I needed to trigger me off. My cock pulsed heavily and started to fill Ivana. She in turn began to shiver uncontrollably and claw both John and myself with her nails. Julia was gripping Ivana’s head with her thighs and convulsing with her orgasm. We all froze in the pure climax of the simultaneous cum. Unable to move. Shaking with the release. Sweat pouring from our bodies. Julia leaned across and kissed John deeply. John slipped from me and embraced his wife. Cum pouring down my thighs, I hug Ivana. She kisses my lips and I taste both John and Julia.

“Drink anyone?” Julia said. All we could do was laugh hysterically. We had been speechless, but Julia in control as usual, broke the ice. “I am still shaking, it was awesome,” she said whilst swirling a droplet of cum around one of her nipples. Her bra still fastened at the back but the cups pulled down and pushing her breasts up. Ivana leaned across and gently nibbled the cum coated nipple, pausing briefly to swirl her tongue around it.

“I think Ivana needs some more darling,” John whispers to his wife.

“I know she does sweetness,” she replies, “Now be a dear, and take Jim to get cleaned up.”

As we head of for the shower I look back and see Julia sliding to the floor between Ivana’s spread thighs, my cum still flowing from her lips. Ivana was grasping Julia’s head and pulling her roughly into her crotch.

My head was still spinning as I stepped under the jets of water in the shower. John sat on the lavatory and watched as I soaped my trembling body. His cock was stiff yet again, he catches me looking. “You like this don’t you Jim? You like Johns nice hard cock.” I could only nod. “You like lovely pussy flavoured cock and tasty cock flavoured pussy. A man of my own persuasion,” he said. His words having their effect on my semi-erect member. I reached down and grasped it firmly as he spoke. “Now let me see how you wank. I want to see how you like it done.” With one hand I pulled my cock hard as it stiffened back to full glorious erection. “That’s it. Do it good. Think about what those two women are doing right now. Think about how Julia is drinking your cum from that pussy.” My hand was now working furiously on my cock, its foreskin pulled right back and the purple shiny head glistening with pre-cum. I looked over at John as he did the same, again he catches my gaze. “Come over here and help me with this Jim. I can see you need to.” I instantly step from the shower and walk over to him going down on my knees. With my hand I replace his around the solid meat of his cock. I begin to replicate his own movements. He slides down onto the floor beside me and our legs intertwine and we face each other, his hand now holding my cock. Our two clenched fists are bouncing together as we wank. He leans over and kisses me, at first gently and then deeply and urgently. Our tongues hungrily probing. Our wanking has found its rhythm and John is the first to let go. A large spurt of cum flies from his cock and strikes me on the chest. The feeling starts me off as John pulls strongly on me. Jet upon jet starts to shoot. Both cocks virtually cumming simultaneously. There is cum everywhere as we squeeze the final drops. John grasps both cocks together in one hand and gives a final pull as his tongue explores. I am aware of a camera flash and look over John’s shoulder. Ivana is standing in the doorway taking pictures. Behind her is Julia, one hand reaching around Ivana caressing a breast.

“I thought you were taking Jim to clean up John! He is messier than before!” Julia says laughing.

“ Mmmmm, but a lovely mess Julia!” I reply, hardly believing my own words.

“I think we have a new playmate darling,” John says to Julia.

“I think you are damn right, and not camera shy either.”

Ivana giggles as she aims the camera at the two cocks with cum strings linking them only an inch or so apart. “You wouldn’t mind giving John one last suck Jim. Come to think of it, both of you do a 69 for me,” she says. Without hesitation we adopt the position, both lying on our sides and hungrily cleaning the others tired cocks.

“This photo-article is going to be so fucking good Julia,” Ivana says.

“Sweetness, I am desperate for the next episode,” Julia laughingly replies. I pause from my eager work, “Make it sooner rather than later,” I add.

The women giggle.

“I am planning that one already Jim, don’t you worry about that,” Julia tells me whilst stroking a huge double-ended dildo which she has produced from a bathroom cabinet. My eyes widen in mock horror.

“I think the four of us could have a lot of fun with this.”

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