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‘Jade’s calling round tomorrow.’ Brenda Thorpe announced abruptly from the kitchen.

‘Is she?’ Caitlyn looked up from her magazine, surprised by her mother’s sudden statement. ‘I thought she’d been banned from seeing me?’

‘You’re both eighteen for God’s sake. Even her high and mighty mother shouldn’t be telling her what to do now.’

‘True, but I didn’t think she’d want to call anyway.’

‘Why not? You’ve been best friends since you were tiny.’

‘Even so….’

‘Don’t you want to see her?’

‘Well yes.’ Caitlyn could feel her face getting warm. ‘But it’s gonna be a bit embarrassing.’

‘Oh for God’s sake. Teenagers experiment. That’s the way it is. You two just got caught with your pants down, that’s all.’

Caitlyn heard a muffled giggle and blushed bright red at her mother’s all too appropriate pun, her eyes flicking towards the kitchen door to make sure her discomfiture wasn’t being observed. It all stemmed from the fact that she had been caught masturbating with Jade in her friend’s living room one day. It had been one of those ‘I will if you will’ dares that had got out of hand and resulted in the pair of them sitting opposite each other with their panties discarded and their legs apart, staring at each others pussies as they played with themselves.

Of course it was just as both of them were getting too close to the point of no return to take much notice of what was going on around them that Jade’s mother walked in. She was horrified almost out of her strait laces, and had instantly banned Caitlyn from the house and from Jade’s company. She had then telephoned Brenda to lay the blame squarely on her shoulders for being a divorced mother with bisexual tendencies. Tendencies that Brenda had never made any effort to hide.

Jade had pointed out that as an eighteen year old nobody had the power to stop her seeing whoever she wished, and especially not her oldest and closest friend. But that had been promptly countered by her mother pointing out that as an eighteen year old she also had no automatic right to continue living in the parental home, and especially if her close friend was getting that damn close.

It wasn’t as if the two girls had so much as touched each other, but that didn’t matter to the homophobic older woman. She had reacted with such disproportionate outrage simply because Caitlyn’s mother was widely known to enjoy the intimate company of either sex, and she was determined to save her daughter from becoming involved in such perversions.

What she didn’t know, and nor did Caitlyn, was that her response had simply made her daughter even more curious. So much so that afterwards Jade had contacted Caitlyn’s mother and purposely got herself seduced. It had been an eye-opener for her, much better than anything she had imagined, and now she had every intention that she and Caitlyn would do a lot more than just watch each other masturbate. She intended to deliberately seduce her friend and introduce her to the same pleasure that she had enjoyed with her mother, which was why she was so willing to risk her own mother’s wrath once more.

‘Have you spoken to her then?’

‘Yes, she rang me and asked if she could call round.’

‘And you don’t mind?’

‘Don’t be silly. Whatever you to do together is no concern of mine, and it still wouldn’t be even if I thought it reprehensible, which I don’t.’

‘Thanks Mum. But nothing like that’s ever going to happen again.’

Caitlyn had no wish to risk the humiliation of being caught twice, and that meant she proposed to forego any repeat of what had actually been an otherwise exciting experience.

‘That’s up to you; you’re old enough to make your own decisions in that department. And in any case I’m going out until late and so I won’t know what you get up to.’

Brenda had a good idea what Jade intended and was giving her tacit approval by getting out of the way. But the idea that her diplomatic mother might be going out purposely to leave the two girls alone together never even occurred to Caitlyn – not even the next day when she announced her departure the minute she let Jade in through the front door.

‘Right, I’m off. I shan’t be back until after ten this evening, so you won’t get disturbed until at least then.’

The implication couldn’t have been clearer, and yet Caitlyn still managed not to understand. But Jade did.

The two girls made their way into the lounge and settled at either end of a long sofa.

‘You’ll get into trouble if you’re mother finds out you’ve been round here, won’t you?’

‘Sometimes you have to take a risk in life.’ Jade smiled. ‘She said she’d throw me out if I saw you again, but I don’t think my Dad would let her.’

‘You could come and live here if she did!’ Caitlyn exclaimed with a giggle, pleased with her own solution.

‘And then sooner or later your mum would be bound to catch us.’

Jade could see complications, especially if she managed to get relationships going with both mother and daughter. They were both blonde and beautiful and Jade wasn’t sure if she could ever pick one over the other. It really was a case of age and experience versus youth and innocence. She fancied them both.

‘She wouldn’t react the same way yours did. She’s pretty cool like that. Anyway, we’ll try and be more careful in future.’

Jade smiled and for a moment Caitlyn looked at her in puzzlement, but then she realised what she had said and what it meant, and a smile spread shyly over her face too.

‘We’re going to, aren’t we?’

She didn’t specify if she meant being careful or doing it at all, but it didn’t matter.

‘I hope so.’

‘So do I.’ Caitlyn’s voice was suddenly soft and breathless.

Years before, when she was just entering adolescence and learning about the birds and the bees and about the various kinds of sex, she had had a dream about having to demonstrate masturbation in front of the whole class, and it had stuck in her mind. Not that it had ever happened or that she’d ever really wanted it to happen but nevertheless it was something her imagination had never let go of, and her time with Jade had almost been a kind of adult fulfilment of that fantasy. Now she wanted to finish what they had started in Jade’s lounge so that she could prove to herself that it had been no one off and that she was actually brave enough to do it more than once. In fact she harboured vague hopes that Jade really would get thrown out of her home and have to come and live with her. Then they could do it any time they wanted.

‘Do you want to do it now?’

This time Caitlyn didn’t speak, she just nodded, afraid to open her mouth in case her hammering heart jumped out of it.

For about half a minute neither girl spoke or moved, they just sat staring at each other with scared and excited expressions on their faces while they each tried to muster the courage to make the first move.

‘Ready?’ Jade asked finally.

Caitlyn nodded again, her tongue passing quickly over her dry lips.

‘Ready.’ She replied in a whisper.

Jade reached down and began to unfasten her belt while Caitlyn, after another momentary hesitation, stood and reached under her dress to remove her panties.

‘How about we take everything off?’ Jade asked, her eyes fixed anxiously on Caitlyn’s, clearly watching intently for her reaction. ‘After all, if I’ve got to take my jeans right off, you should do the same with your dress, and that would only leave your bra so we may as well both strip right off.’

Caitlyn paused as she fought her instinctive reticence.

‘All right.’ She agreed eventually.

Jade stood and began to undo her jeans, watching for Caitlyn to follow suit and smiling with apparent relief when she reached for the zipper to her dress.

They were both naked at roughly the same moment and stood staring shyly at each other, hands self-consciously kept by their sides. Caitlyn looked at Jade, seeing her naked for the very first time. She’d seen her nude many times as they grew up, but this was the first time they had been ‘naked’ together, with all its built in associations.

Perhaps it was due to the shock that she felt when she saw that Jade was sporting shaven pubes, something that she’d never done before as far as Caitlyn knew, but something was definitely adding to the sexual undertone of their actions. She desperately wanted to ask Jade about her new look, but she couldn’t find the nerve and pretended not to notice. Even so, she found it hard not to stare, and her eyes kept being drawn surreptitiously back to that newly smooth patch of skin.

They returned to their seats, carefully maintaining the gap between them, and sat suddenly silent and bashful now that the moment had arrived. Caitlyn looked hurriedly across at Jade, wanting to find some reassurance in her friend’s face but finding only a similar apprehension. Even she seemed struck by nerves, all at once unsure of herself and her intentions, and so they sat, both staring fixedly ahead but casting quick furtive glances towards each other, each one wanting the other to begin and each one still uncertain if they would be able to follow suit.

‘Bloody hell, Cat, this is ridiculous.’ Jade broke the silence. ‘We did it before.’

Caitlyn nodded. ‘But we didn’t set out to do it deliberately that time.’

There had been no premeditated intention then. In fact it had been a mix of girlish giggles and teenage dares that had got them so incredibly turned on that it just had to happen.

‘Let’s just lighten up then, and if it happens, it happens.’ Jade sounded annoyed with herself.

‘Shall we stay undressed?’

Caitlyn felt abruptly uncertain about what was happening. She didn’t want to back out, masturbating with her friend had been the most exciting thing ever, but she felt silly sitting without any clothes on waiting for something to happen.

‘Do you want to?’ Jade asked.

‘Yes. Don’t you?’

‘Yes. I quite like it. So long as nobody walks in, that is.’

Caitlyn giggled, remembering Jade’s mother walking in on them. ‘Yeah, but we had our legs wide open that time.’

She felt herself blushing at her own remark and at the image it recalled of them both sitting with their legs wide apart and their fingertips strumming away at themselves. It had been one of the most exciting images she had ever seen. Her nerves began to melt away before the desire to see the same image again.

‘Open your legs now then.’ Jade challenged her, bringing her mind back to reality.

‘If you do.’

She surprised herself with her spontaneous answer and looked across at Jade to see her response. Excitement, arousal and happiness were all visible in her expression as Jade took a deep breath and spread her knees wide, deliberately angling her nearest leg so that her pussy would be as visible as their side by side positions would allow. She looked back at Caitlyn, as if willing her to do the same.

‘You know what happened last time, don’t you?’ Caitlyn asked as she mirrored Jades movement, surprising herself once again by showing herself just as openly.

‘Yes, exactly what we were supposed to be doing this time.’ Jade reminded her with a grin. ‘Can you remember what started it?’

Caitlyn laughed, her embarrassment beginning to disappear. ‘Yes. We put our hands there to hide our pussies, and that started us touching ourselves.’

‘It was nice though, watching you and knowing you were watching me.’

Caitlyn nodded. ‘Yes it was.’

There was growing arousal in Caitlyn’s voice.

‘Do you mind me seeing you?’ Jade asked, gazing openly at Caitlyn’s pussy.

‘No.’ Caitlyn thought of her juvenile fantasy and shook her head, fixing her own gaze between Jade’s legs. ‘Do you?’

‘I quite like it.’

‘Jade? Why did you shave yourself there?’

The question came out of the blue, the words tumbling out of Caitlyn’s mouth before her brain had the chance to stop them.

‘I don’t know. I thought I’d try it.’ It was partly true, although mostly it had been for Brenda’s benefit when she had met with the older woman last week. Since then she had decided to keep herself smooth to see what effect it might have on Caitlyn.

‘What’s it like?’

‘Nice.’ She answered, turning slightly to reveal herself better to Caitlyn’s gaze. ‘It makes you feel more sensitive.’

Caitlyn frowned. ‘Sensitive?’

‘Yes. You’re much more conscious of everything that touches you there, even your panties or the slightest breeze, and when you play with yourself you can feel even the lightest touch. Your pussy feels nicer under your fingertips too, softer and smoother.’

Caitlyn sat silently staring for a few moments as if trying to digest the information, and then once again she spoke before thinking, pursuing an instinctive urge.

‘Can I feel it? Would you mind if I touched you?’

Her request came without warning and Jade gasped out loud in surprise.

‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that.’

‘No, Cat, it’s all right.’ She didn’t realise that she was playing directly into Jade’s hands, taking things along the path that Jade had been wondering how to begin. ‘Of course you can. You just caught me by surprise, that’s all.’

‘Are you sure?’ Caitlyn asked. ‘I mean, I just want to know what it feels like, nothing else.’

‘I’m sure. Go ahead.’

Caitlyn still hesitated, her hand beginning to reach across and then coming to a halt in mid air. In the back of her mind was the vague feeling that she was taking a step too far, one that she might not be able to reverse, but somehow she pushed the thought out of her mind.

‘Go ahead,’ Jade nodded and smiled in encouragement. ‘I don’t mind, honestly.’

Caitlyn looked into Jade’s eyes for reassurance and then, with a tiny nervous smile, she reached over and touched her right at the top of her hairless slit, the warm soft skin feeling alien under her fingertips. Jade gave a tiny intake of breath and Caitlyn froze, misinterpreting the pleasure sound for one of anxiety.

‘It’s okay. Touch me.’

Jade’s voice betrayed her excitement but Caitlyn didn’t notice, her own heart hammering at the thought of what she was doing. Her fingers traced a gentle course across Jade’s pubic mound and down one side of her pussy, her nervousness making her barely do more than graze the skin. Jade spread her legs as wide as she could, trying to encourage Caitlyn to explore further.

Gaining confidence Caitlyn shifted in her seat, twisting sideways and leaning over, holding onto the back of the sofa with one hand while the other reached between Jade’s legs. She could see what she was doing now, and she ran a fingertip down each side, softly stroking the puffy labia with a slow gentle touch.

‘It feels very different.’ Caitlyn was slightly breathless. ‘It’s nice.’

‘It’s nice from this side too.’ Jade said quietly.

Caitlyn looked at her blankly, not quite sure of her meaning.

‘You’re turning me on.’ Jade explained, mistakenly hoping the reason would help take things further.

Caitlyn blushed and hastily pulled her hand away, her flustered look partly down to it having a similar effect on her. She couldn’t understand why she found it so exciting to touch her friend in that way. After all, she had only wanted to find out what it was like to shave your pussy and the arousal she was feeling from touching Jade so intimately was bewildering to say the least.

‘I’m sorry; I didn’t intend to get you going. I just…’ She let her voice trail off in confusion.

‘It’s okay. I didn’t mind. In fact I quite liked being stroked like that.’

Alarm raced over Caitlyn’s face and Jade back-pedalled hastily.

‘It kind of set things up for what we want to do.’

She reached down between her legs and began to stroke her pussy, a fingertips finding its way into her slit and rubbing gently on her clit, intent on demonstrating that she only meant their joint masturbation.

Caitlyn relaxed, encouraged by Jade’s words and actions, and then after a few seconds hesitation while she watched Jade playing with herself, she too reached down and searched for her clitoris. Jade smiled, sighed silently with relief that her impatience had not entirely frightened Caitlyn away, and rubbed her clit with the quick light strokes that always worked well for her.

Similar rapid little movements were working for Caitlyn too. She could feel her nipples enlarging, becoming harder as she became even more turned on, and she wondered if Jade had noticed. Not that it mattered; Jade’s somewhat longer nipples were noticeably standing out, revealing that she was already hot. She looked to see what Jade was doing, but from their seats alongside each other she could only see knuckles moving quickly and jerkily over her pubes. She wanted to see more clearly, but she feared that any overt leaning forward or peering might give out the wrong signals and put Jade off. She could not know, of course, that this was a completely mistaken thought. She raised her gaze just in time to see Jade’s eyes flick way, and she realised with a little embarrassment that Jade had been watching her staring at her pussy. She felt herself colour up even though she knew she shouldn’t, because that was the whole idea of what they were doing. She was finding her own thoughts and urges confusing and unexpected.

Jade shifted in her seat, responding to Caitlyn’s unspoken request by turning towards her and then raising one foot onto the seat so that she was sitting in the corner of the sofa facing diagonally across it and affording Caitlyn an unrestricted view of her pussy. Caitlyn watched, feeling a sudden thrill of excitement course through her, not just from the new and arousing view she had been given but by the knowledge that she would have to follow suit. This was just what she wanted, for them to watch each other openly and masturbate until this time they satisfied themselves. After only a moment’s delay she copied the movement so that each girl could now look directly between the other’s legs. She caught Jade’s eye and smiled timidly before opening herself even wider and deliberately letting Jade see everything.

‘I know I shouldn’t.’ She whispered truthfully. ‘But I like you to see me.’

‘And I like you looking at me.’ Jade answered, her voice tight with excitement at such a positive remark.

Caitlyn was not aware of the mixed messages she was giving her friend, although Jade probably understood her mind better than she did. It seemed to Jade that Caitlyn wanted things to happen but perhaps didn’t have the nerve to instigate anything. But she daren’t push either, just in case she had misread the situation again. She remembered Caitlyn’s hesitant fingers touching her pussy and prayed she would get the chance to return the pleasure. But she would wait until they had both climaxed, when inhibitions had been blown under the influence of an orgasm, before trying to take things further. She looked longingly at Caitlyn’s pussy, seeing Caitlyn smile at her for doing so, blissfully unaware of her friend’s desires.

This was roughly where they had got to on the last occasion, although neither expected anything then except to see each other come, and now they were strumming just as openly, hiding nothing, each watching the other, wanting to see the other girl reach orgasm, wondering what it would be like and how they would feel when they too were observed at that most personal of moments. This time there was no reason now why it shouldn’t happen, and they both knew it.

Caitlyn switched her gaze constantly between Jade’s face and her pussy, not sure which to watch. It was so damn exciting to watch those slender fingers work on that tiny nubbin of her clit, so clear between her clean shaven labia, and to see her hips begin to twitch, lifting just a little from the seat. But she wanted to watch Jade’s face to know when she too was being watched, to know when her movements were being seen and her pussy being stared at. She had been so disappointed when they had been thwarted before and she wanted to make sure she got the most pleasure this time, just in case it never happened again. Maybe, just maybe, if it did, Jade would let her touch her pussy again. It had been so exhilarating to know she was doing something that was so undeniably naughty — kinky even. The thought made her fingers fly even more quickly over her clit and the first warm tingle of a climax began to grow inside her.

But hot as she was it was soon clear that Jade was closer. Her eyes were now closed and her head was tipped back to rest in the corner of the sofa, her mouth dropping half open while her tongue ran along her upper lip. Caitlyn watched, spellbound by the spectacle, delighted to know that she was about to see another person climax but disappointed that Jade’s eyes were no longer on her. Maybe Jade would watch her come after her she got over her own orgasm. Caitlyn slowed her movements, trying to delay herself so that she could be watched but all the same feeling a little ashamed for wanting to be such an exhibitionist.

Jade began to gasp, sharp guttural little noises that came from the back of her throat and became louder as she got closer, and her bottom began to lift from the seat, forced up by the pressure of the foot that pushed against the carpet. Her fingers continued to play, knuckles tensed white as she pushed and rubbed at her clit, her urgent movements pushing her labia from side to side until her pussy began to make little wet noises in time to her strumming. Caitlyn watched, no longer playing herself but just enthralled by Jade’s actions and unable to take her eyes from the bright shiny wetness of her reddened slit.

And then Jade was there, her eyes screwed tight and her mouth in a tight grimace while her slender body bounced up and down on the seat and her free hand grabbed frantically at one of her own pert breasts, squeezing and twisting it as her orgasm flooded through her, the little noises now melted together into one loud drawn out groan of pure ecstasy.

Caitlyn had never watched another woman come before and it got to her. She was turned on before, but now having seen Jade in the throes of pleasure she was so damn randy, and so wanting give Jade the same display when she opened her eyes once more. She began again to play with herself, the fingers of one hand flying over her clit while those of the other reached beneath her raised knee, seeking to reach her entrance from below, wanting to finger herself without obscuring Jade’s view.

Jade let out a long breath of relief and let her eyes loosen, her eyelids parting to see Caitlyn facing her across the sofa with two fingers rubbing hard at her clit while two more probed inside her hole from beneath, reaching as far as the strange position would allow.

‘My god, Cat, that was so fucking good.’ She gasped out, smiling her pleasure.

Caitlyn nodded and smiled back.

‘You beat me to it.’ She complained with a grin, rubbing harder at herself.

‘Sorry.’ Jade shrugged. ‘I usually take longer than that.’

For a couple of minutes the two lapsed into silence, Caitlyn masturbating and Jade watching, until Jade’s hand found it’s way back between her legs and she too started to play once more.

‘That looks so good; you’re making me want to do it again.’ She explained, her voice husky.

Caitlyn nodded quickly, swallowing hard.

‘I won’t be long.’

She could feel her climax creeping up on her, the tense heat gathering in her pelvis, fanned by the fingers massaging her clit and by the others thrusting into her with the short hard little jabs that her position demanded. She wanted to come before Jade closed her eyes again and she stared at her friend, her gaze fixed on her eyes as if defying her not to watch until she came. As she had said, it was not to be long.

Caitlyn knew her orgasm would be slightly more restrained than Jade’s. She was never quite that demonstrative and Jade’s presence was making her just a little more self-conscious even as the pressure built and promised to boil burst out. She never cried out as loudly as Jade had done and she wondered suddenly if her quieter and more subdued climax was normal. But it was not something that she could control and, as her fingers rubbed and probed, she knew she was going to see Jade’s reaction very, very soon.

She was almost there and she locked her eyes on Jade’s as she felt her muscles tense and the first involuntary little whimpers escaped from her throat. Jade was staring at her, her gaze going from face to pussy and back, a little approving smile playing over her lips. The two girls watched each other, Jade playing languidly and gently while Caitlyn rubbed frenziedly in her frantic race to climax, wanting to come but only teetering on the edge.

‘Oh, yes.’ Jade’s voice came as if from afar. ‘That looks wonderful. Let it happen. Don’t hold back.’

It was as if Jade’s encouragement gave her the permission she needed and her orgasm detonated within her, sending wave after wave of overwhelmingly concentrated pleasure through her body and along her limbs. Her mouth contorted and her whimpers turned into a low keening – like a strangled banshee her ex-boyfriend had said. It was just as intense but not as loud as Jade’s vocalisation, and where Jade had jerked and bounced under the influence of her climax, Caitlyn reacted in a different way. She went rigid, as if every muscle was trying to contract at the same moment — all except those controlling her strumming, thrusting fingers. Eventually all the air rushed from Caitlyn’s lungs in one long exhale and she collapsed back into her corner of the sofa, her chest heaving and heart pounding. All she could think of was that she had finally done it; she’d finally made herself come with somebody watching.

‘You enjoyed that, didn’t you? I wish I could come like that instead of throwing myself about like an idiot.’

Caitlyn could hear both excitement and awe in Jade’s teasing observation, and some unexpected jealousy. She nodded silently, smiling with exhilaration at being vindicated as normal but not having the breath to answer properly. She took her hands away from her pussy, leaving her legs open as a deliberate display and slumped deeper into her seat, happy beyond measure. She still felt randy, very randy, but she was content for the moment just to watch Jade gently fondling and massaging herself, wondering if her companion would make it to a second climax and if, when she got her breath back, she could do the same herself. She would, she decided, quite like it if she could.

A little jolt shot through her and, looking down, she saw that her hand had made its way back between her legs and her forefinger was unthinkingly playing softly with her climax sensitized clit. She smiled to herself and glanced across to find that Jade had noticed what she was doing and was watching intently.

‘This is good, isn’t it?’ Jade’s voice was full of suppressed excitement.

‘Yes, very.’ Caitlyn began to touch herself more meaningfully, her gaze once again darting from Jade’s face to her pussy. ‘I didn’t think we’d get to finish it after the last time.’

‘Doesn’t look like we are finished yet to me.’ Jade giggled.

‘You knew what I meant.’ Caitlyn protested, her face colouring up again.

‘Sorry.’ Jade deliberately spread her pussy wide between her fingers. ‘God, I like you looking at me.’

‘Me too.’ Caitlyn didn’t specify if she liked looking or being looked at, and if truth be told she wasn’t sure herself.

‘Can you come again?’ Jade asked, going back to rubbing her clit.

‘Yes, I think so. Can you?’

‘Yes. And it won’t be long.

Jade’s fingers began to move faster and almost immediately her body began to shudder again like before.

‘In fact I’m gonna come now.’

This time her orgasm was not quite so animated, but she still called out while her hips jerked and jolted around, grinning self-consciously at Caitlyn as she did so. It seemed to Caitlyn that this time Jade’s orgasm, though less powerful, lasted much longer and was much more intense, leaving her spent and lifeless afterwards, her forehead shiny and her face glowing.

‘Good?’ Caitlyn asked.

‘Christ, yes.’ Jade grinned breathlessly. ‘You won’t stop, will you?’

Caitlyn shook her head mutely, her fingers rubbing the very tip of her clit and filing her with exquisite sensations.

This time she didn’t want the same sort of explosive climax, and she knew from past experience that if she really gently played with herself she could delay and prolong her climax into a slow-burn ecstasy that would leave her totally satiated. She wanted Jade to witness this, her own special kind of masturbation, and she settled back and closed her eyes knowing that Jade’s eyes would be directed to her pussy.

‘You know how you touched me a little while ago?’ Jade asked after a few minutes.

Caitlyn’s eyes shot open, wondering for a moment if she was to be offered the same opportunity again.

‘Yes. That was nice.’

‘Will you let me touch you?’

Caitlyn froze. Jade’s request was totally unforeseen. She’d wanted touch Jade just to find out what a shaven pussy felt like. But she was natural, her light brown fuzz completely untouched, so why would Jade want to touch her, and why would she want to let her? But then, how could she refuse given that Jade had allowed her to? She was confused, and randy, and it would be a completely new experience.

‘Well yeesss. If you want to?’ Uncertain and hesitant, Caitlyn gave Jade permission.

Jade didn’t reply, instead she swung her legs round and moved to kneel on the floor beside Caitlyn, placing her hand on her shoulder. Just for a second or so she paused, staring down at Caitlyn’s pussy, and then she placed her other hand on Caitlyn’s knee, running it down the inside of her thigh until she reached her wiry bush.

Jade was physically closer than Caitlyn had expected, almost the sort of position a lover would be in. Caitlyn dismissed the silly thought and let Jade’s fingers run through her pubes, feeling the tug of fingertips snagging gently in curly hair as Jade stroked up over her pubic mound and down either side of her slit, just as she had done to Jade’s hairless pussy. Jade looked up and their eyes met.

‘Nice?’ She asked.

Caitlyn nodded without speaking, unable to deny that the sensation was enjoyable. She was still wondering why Jade had wanted to do this, and why she had knelt the way she had, kneeling as close as she could from her own recumbent one. Something in her mind wanted to be anxious, but her body was saying otherwise.

Jade’s eyes were still gazing reassuringly into her own, the little friendly smile on her face telling Caitlyn that everything was all right even as her fingertips trailed along either side of her pussy, touching so lightly that Caitlyn could hardly be sure that they were there at all.

Then they were no longer moving through her hair, they were skirting along each edge of her labia, skin now contacting skin just as, Caitlyn forced herself to remember, it had been when she had stroked Jade for those few magical seconds. It felt just as nice from the receiving aspect as it had been doing it. She let Jade continue, her breath drawn sharply in surprise as a fingertip accidentally brushed her clitoris on the way past, making it throb with need and reminding her of what she had just been doing.

‘Different, isn’t it? Do you like it?’

‘Yes.’ Caitlyn admitted quietly, not sure how she should answer but still unable to deny the pleasure she felt.

Jade’s fingertips continued to graze the perimeter of her slit, just occasionally brushing against her clit and making her jump from the sensation. It took her a few minutes to realise that it was happening more and more frequently, but by then she was trembling with excitement and pleasure and hoping each time that it would happen on this pass. She looked up at Jade’s eyes, breathing heavily and silently imploring her friend not to read too much into her reactions, but not to stop either.

Jade smiled understandingly and her finger slipped from Caitlyn’s labia to slide along Caitlyn’s hot wet slit, passing over the head of her clit with gentle but deliberate pressure. Caitlyn gasped at both the sensation and the action, shocked and alarmed that Jade should touch her so obviously on purpose, but somehow scared to object. The finger slid along her pussy again and there could be no mistake, it was definitely intentional — but it was also wonderful. Jade’s finger rubbed lightly on her clit as it passed, deliberately touching her, stimulating her in almost exactly the same way she had done herself only those few minutes before. It was as if Jade had watched and was copying. She groaned softly, feeling both panic and embarrassment at being touched by another girl, but her body was responding and so she just let it happen, too confused to stop.

Jade could see her uncertainty and smiled reassuringly.

‘It’s all right, Cat.’ She whispered. ‘If it feels nice then who cares?’

It did feel nice, in fact it felt amazing and Caitlyn didn’t want to resist. Her boyfriend had played with her, but only in order to get her damp enough for sex. Jade was intent on giving her pleasure, probably intent on making her come, so who indeed did care? They were in private, nobody need ever know what had happened and so why not, she persuaded herself, not thinking further than the fantastic sensations in her pussy.

‘It is nice.’ She gasped out finally, blushing more deeply than before. I am not, she assured herself, turning lesbian, but this is just too nice to miss out on.

Jade smiled again, fingers now openly rubbing at Caitlyn’s clitoris, touching it so lightly and so rapidly that Caitlyn found her body tightening under the intensity of feelings. Her hands were clenching and unclenching until she noticed and grabbed at the sofa beside her to keep them still. Inside her an orgasm was just beginning to build, an orgasm that she both feared and wanted, hoping that Jade wouldn’t stop until it happened but scared of the implications of coming from another girl’s touch. Vaguely, at the back of her mind, she wondered if Jade had intended this, but she had reached the point where she was no longer worried. If it was nice, and nobody else knew, then as Jade had said, who cares?

‘I think you might make me come.’ She admitted in an embarrassed whisper.

Jade’s smile widened and her fingers began to move even faster.

‘Good. I want you to.’

It was confirmation of Caitlyn’s suspicion, but she simply lay back and let the tumult of feelings sweep over her, the magical sensation of being masturbated, the disturbing closeness of another girl, and the delicious complicity in Jade’s rebellion against her over protective mother, as well as the gathering climax being generated by Jade’s fingers.

‘I’m going to come, I know I am.’ She didn’t want Jade to stop.

Jade gave Caitlyn’s shoulder a quick reassuring squeeze, her face taking on a look of intense concentration as her fingers continued to fly over her clit.

Caitlyn was getting closer ad closer, the tingling inside her turning to fire, to a hot pressure that she knew would soon explode. Jade carried on rubbing hard and fast on her clit, but she could tell from the hurried jerky movements of her fingers that she was tiring and that she would soon need to stop. She looked up into Jade’s face, seeing the corners of her mouth twisted up just a little with her efforts and her eyes staring fixedly down towards the join of Caitlyn’s thighs, as if she was determined to make her climax, determined to complete the job before she had to give up. Caitlyn willed Jade on, knowing she was close, so close.

‘Nearly.’ She emphasized. ‘I’m nearly there, keep going.’

Jade glanced up at her and nodded.

‘Good girl.’ Jade told her, speaking through lips tightened by effort. ‘That’s good. Come for me, Cat. Come for me really hard.’

Being ordered to climax made her do exactly that, and a massive orgasm ripped through Caitlyn, wave after rolling wave spreading like ripples away from her clit. She gasped and screeched between set jaws, her neck muscles standing out and her eyes screwed tight shut. Fingers that were already gripping the sofa now scrabbling for purchase, trying to anchor her against muscles that wanted to pitch her from her seat. Finally her mouth dropped open with a gasp as the climax petered out and she slumped into the corner of the sofa, even more spent than before.

It took her a minute or to before she gathered herself together enough to notice that Jade was still crouched beside her, and that her hand was still covering her slit, the fingertips not moving like before, but not completely motionless, just softly, slowly, and very gently, stroking her pussy.

‘Was that good?’ Jade asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

‘My god.’ Caitlyn gasped out her answer. ‘Was it ever?’

Somehow the fact that Jade was still touching her so intimately, her fingers gently playing with her pussy, was a kind of comfort. A guarantee that it hadn’t been done on a whim and that Jade wanted to give Caitlyn genuine pleasure. She reached down and placed her hand over her friend’s, pressing it softly against herself.

‘Thank you. It was amazing.’

‘Who says it’s over yet?’ Jade asked with a lascivious smile. ‘You can come more than once, can’t you?’

‘Well, yes, and I already have. That was my second.’ Caitlyn reminded Jade with an embarrassed smile.

‘And if you’re a good girl, you might get number three.’

‘Jade, no.’ Caitlyn protested without making any attempt to remove Jade’s hand.

‘Cat, yes. Just let go.’

Caitlyn’s acquiescence was almost tangible. She took her hand away from Jade’s and draped it over the arm of the sofa out of the way, as clear a signal as could be imagined. Jade smiled again and gave her friend a tiny little wink as if to promise that everything was okay.

Jade had not stopped touching Caitlyn, her hand pressed gently over her pussy while two fingertips very softly caressing the end of her clit, but now that Caitlyn’s hand was gone she began to play with her properly, fondling her, pressing her palm against her, her whole hand playing with Caitlyn’s pussy, massaging it and rubbing it, fingers stroking the whole length of her slit and making Caitlyn moan with pleasure.

‘Oh god, Jade.’ She whispered, her conscience pricking. ‘We shouldn’t be doing this.’

‘Why not? We both like it, don’t we?’

Caitlyn couldn’t deny it, but nor did she yet feel able to consent verbally, so she just nodded mutely and let Jade carry on, even though she had already gone further than her mind was comfortable with. But then, it wasn’t her mind but her pussy that was so eagerly saying yes. The feel of those fingers touching her so was so unbelievably good. Soon, with little shocks of warm pleasure spreading from her pussy she found herself wanting it to happen.

‘Anyway.’ Jade added, watching closely for Caitlyn’s response. ‘I’m only doing what you were doing to yourself.’

‘True.’ Caitlyn murmured, letting herself be carried along on a wave of arousal.

‘And we’re old enough to do what we want to each other.’

‘Also true.’ Caitlyn agreed, the implications registering only vaguely.

Jade’s fingers were insinuating themselves between her swollen labia, openly exploring her, dipping just fractionally into the wetness of her entrance before sliding further up and down her slit. She tried to spread her legs even wider only to find that her diagonal position wouldn’t let her. But she could see where things were going and she was too aroused to stop now.

‘Wait.’ She muttered. ‘Let me move.’

Jade shuffled back a little, unsure what Caitlyn intended, not that Caitlyn was too sure herself. In her aroused state all she knew was that she wanted Jade to have full access. She swung her self around, sitting on the edge of the sofa straight in front of Jade before leaning back and planting her feet on the seat to either side, her pussy wide open and offered right before Jade’s surprised face.

‘Do it Jade. Do whatever you want.’

She understood exactly what she was doing, but she was terrified of the possible consequences. She thought there could be only one interpretation of her actions and either Jade would acknowledge it positively and their friendship would reach a totally new level, or she would reject her offer and their relationship would end completely. She had no way of knowing that her capitulation was just what Jade had been hoping for all along.


‘Yes. You said we could do what we wanted to each other, and you were right.’

She closed her eyes and waited for Jade to react, missing the quick smile of triumph that flittered briefly over Jade’s face as she positioned herself to kneel between Caitlyn’s legs and reach forward. But then it hardly mattered, for even before she felt Jade’s fingers touch her labia, pressing them apart so that she could gaze directly at her pussy, Caitlyn knew she had made the right decision. She wanted it so much, perhaps she always had, and now she just waited quietly with her eyes still closed, for whatever Jade wanted to do next.

She hadn’t ever thought of Jade as being into girls, or herself either for that matter, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore. Her only concern now was her immediate pleasure, although it did fleetingly occur to her to speculate if this was a one off or the first of many times together. She decided she probably hoped the latter.

She felt two of Jade’s fingertips push between her labia, sliding down her slit before coming on the very edge of her entrance.

‘Cat? How far…?

Jade’s question tailed away, the first sign of uncertainty she had shown, but Caitlyn knew what she was asking and she knew what her honest answer must be.

‘As you want.’ She finished, confirming what she had intimated only a few moments earlier.

Nothing more was said for nothing needed to be, both of them knew just what had been agreed. The fingers wriggled and pushed, and slid easily into Caitlyn’s eager passage.

‘Oh Jade.’

She looked down. Jade was crouching just in front of her, gazing almost studiously at her fingers from about twelve inches or so away as they slid in and out of her pussy. She hadn’t realised quite how close Jade was, but she didn’t mind, in fact it gave her quite a kick to be so intimately scrutinised. She liked the idea that Jade was watching what she was doing, actually seeing her fingers disappearing into her wet and open hole, knowing what effect she was having when she thrust and corkscrewed them in and out. It looked so good from her position to gaze down and watch Jade staring at her pussy while she played.

Jade thrust hard and Caitlyn gasped from the sudden pleasure, her bottom lifting a little to answer Jade’s fingers. She reached out and grasped her own ankles, concerned that her feet might slip from the seat. Jade glanced up, catching Caitlyn’s eye and smiling cheerfully. Caitlyn returned the smile and for a few seconds they gazed into each other’s eyes, silent messages passing between them. Now Caitlyn knew for sure that this was a new and exciting stage in their relationship. She let her head rest back and closed her eyes, holding on to her ankles, keeping her legs wide and letting Jade do as she wished.

Jade’s fingers played with her, teased her. Sometimes thrusting hard, deep and fast, sometimes gently and slowly, turning over as they entered or even just remaining deep inside her and twisting back and forth. Whatever Jade did Caitlyn enjoyed it, every single moment, and her promised third orgasm became a definite possibility. She just needed Jade to keep going a little longer.

‘My god, Jade, that’s wonderful, don’t stop.’ She pleaded.

But Jade did stop. Almost immediately she had said the magic words she felt Jade’s fingers slide out of her wetness, leaving her suddenly bereft and confused. Then Jade’s thumbs returned to her pussy, pressing her labia apart, holding her pussy as wide as it would go, and Caitlyn opened her eyes to see Jade staring straight into her gaping hole. She looked down, watching her friend gaze with increasing intensity as if trying to make a decision, and Caitlyn’s heart hammered as she suddenly realised what it was.

The decision was made and even as Caitlyn watched, Jade lowered her face to her pussy and clamped her mouth over her rigid little clit. Caitlyn gasped with delight and arousal, and Jade’s eyes shot up to look at her, asking….

‘That’s fantastic.’ Caitlyn whispered.

She was telling the truth, but knowing at the same time that she was admitting enjoying oral sex from another woman. For some reason the admission didn’t worry her, she felt no repugnance or distaste, or even dislike, for what was happening. All she knew was that someone she was fond of was licking and sucking her clit and creating the most delicious sensations. Jade clearly knew what she was doing, be it instinctively or otherwise, and Caitlyn didn’t want to speculate on otherwise. And that was just as well as it was her own mother who had taught Jade to create those awesome sensations, sensations that, Caitlyn suddenly realised, were making her want to come again, and soon.

Jade sucked Caitlyn’s clit into her mouth, nipping it between her lip guarded teeth and flicked the tip with her tongue, trying it softly at first, then harder and aster as Caitlyn responded. Soon Caitlyn was thrusting gently and instinctively with her pelvis, unable to stop herself moving in response to each little surge of pleasure that Jade’s tongue produced. She could feel her orgasm swelling, blossoming, ready to burst out, and so she closed her eyes and let it happen.

Oh God, Jade, I’m coming again.’

Jade nodded vigorously with her teeth clamped tightly over Caitlyn’s button, and that movement was enough. Caitlyn tensed, every muscle going rigid as her climax arrived, her pelvis giving tight little jerks and twitches, her hands gripping tightly enough to leave marks on her own ankles and her face screwed tight and her mouth making a long keening wail as, just as before, waves of pure ecstasy rolled through her, spreading like ripples from the tip of Jade’s tongue. Finally it ended and her feet slipped from the seat to the floor and she fell back in her seat, mouth sagging open, fighting for breath, her chest heaving and a sheen of sweat covering her skin.

Jade sat back on her heels looking at Caitlyn with a beaming smile of success over her face, a face with the wetness of Caitlyn’s pussy smeared all around the mouth and on the tip of the nose. Caitlyn smiled tiredly back, this time too spent to say anything except a whispered, gasped, thank you.

For a minute or so the two friends remained like that, Jade kneeling between Caitlyn’s feet, each looking fondly at the other. Then Jade raised herself, leaned forward, took Caitlyn’s face in her hands and kissed her full on the mouth.

The kiss caught Caitlyn completely by surprise, but the circumstances made it all right and she kissed Jade back, parting her lips and letting their tongues meet, her own scent in her nostrils and the trace of her own taste in her mouth. Her arms went around Jade’s neck and pulled her close, feeling her friend’s full breasts pressing against her own much smaller ones, hard nipples digging into soft flesh. Jade’s body was against hers all the way down with her slender, boyish hips keeping her own legs wide apart, reminding her of what they were doing. It was wrong, but it was so right, and when Jade finally started to pull away she didn’t want to let go.

Jade didn’t pull away far. She put her hands of Caitlyn’s shoulders and pushed herself up just enough for them to look into each other’s eyes, each searching for signs of regret on the part of the other, and finding none.

‘All right?’ Jade asked, her expression one of triumphant excitement tinged with a trace of anxiety.

Caitlyn nodded, smiling to herself at Jade’s concern. How could it not be all right when she had just been made to come with the most explosive, all consuming climax she had ever experienced. The fact that it had been generated by another girl only added to the thrill. She knew what was expected of her now, even if it was unspoken. So far the pleasure had all been one way, and it was time to alter that. She and Jade were going to have to change places, and the idea was much more appealing than she could ever have expected. She reached up, pulling Jade’s mouth back to her own for a quick kiss before holding her at arms length again.

‘Very all right.’ She confirmed. ‘Now get up a minute.’

Jade scrambled to her feet looking puzzled, and Caitlyn gazed up silently for a minute at her slim friend as she towered over her. Then she pointed to the seat alongside her, indicating that Jade should sit down.

‘It’s my turn.’ She told Jade, feeling a frisson of excitement at having committed herself. ‘Open wide.’

Jade smiled broadly and dropped into the seat without hesitation, almost pushing Caitlyn onto the floor so that she could spread herself into the same position, long slim legs folding themselves into place. Caitlyn scuttled around to kneel before Jade, just as she had done herself, put her hands on Jade’s thighs as if to hold them back and stared at her pussy, wondering where to begin.

To her eyes Jade’s pussy was beautiful, especially shaved smooth so that every fold, every mound and dale, every little corner was on full display. It was a neat pussy, that was the only way to describe it, she decided. With smallish labia lying firm and open to reveal a pink clitoris peeking out from its hood as if peering down at the shiny wet slit. Her entrance was gaping wide and inviting with arousal, slick and slippery where a tiny rivulet of her lubrication was trickling from her and vanishing down her crack.

Caitlyn wanted to possess it, all of it, to kiss it, touch it, play with it, penetrate it, and to make Jade come, above all to make her come. She gazed at it, wondering in her inexperienced naivety which to do first. The urge to play with a girl had come so suddenly, so unexpectedly, that she hadn’t even fantasies to guide her. She realised now that she had been led to it by Jade, but she didn’t mind, perhaps it the need had always been there lurking in the depth of her brain anyway, and now that it had been brought out she wanted to make the most of it and to enjoy it to the full, and that meant doing it properly. Her heartbeat sped up again and her breathing became deeper.

‘What would you like?’ She whispered without taking her eyes away from that lovely shining opening before her.

‘Anything.’ Jade answered, her voice urgent. ‘Everything.’

It didn’t help, but at least she had permission to make mistakes. She leaned forward, pressing Jade’s legs wider by doing so, and placed her mouth gently over Jade’s entrance and put out her tongue, prodding tentatively between Jade’s labia. She heard Jade gasp excitedly and smiled softly into her friend’s wet and welcoming slit.

It tasted good, so good, and so much nicer than it should, and she let her tongue push into her vagina, investigating and exploring as far as she could reach. She ran her tongue around the walls of her tunnel, licking the inside before beginning short sharp thrusts of her tongue, probing as deep as possible, pushing her mouth hard against Jade’s pussy. She felt Jade’s hands close over the top of her head, encouraging her, gently pressing her down and wriggling a little beneath her as if to force her in. She had never gone down on a girl before, but she could instantly understand why so many people, men and women, found it so thrilling. She moaned softly into the soft wet pussy and licked it more firmly, feeling Jade’s pelvis coming up to meet her tongue.

She tried to thrust her tongue even deeper into Jade, wanting to do it faster and harder, but she wasn’t used to such actions and her tongue very quickly became tired, aching at the root and spoiling her own pleasure. She didn’t want to stop, but she had no choice, she just couldn’t keep going. Reluctantly she pulled away, dislodging Jade’s hands, feeling cool air on the wetness spread around her mouth and looking at Jade’s pussy once again, enjoying the sight of her tunnel pulsing with arousal and knowing it was because of what she had been doing.

‘Don’t stop. That’s beautiful.’

‘Wait a minute.’

‘Oh god.’ Jade groaned with frustration.

Looking for some way to continue, Caitlyn reached out, parting Jade’s pussy lips with two fingers, gazed at her hard little clit for a few seconds and then lowered her mouth to it before taking her hand away again. She wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew what she liked her boyfriend to do, and so she covered her teeth with her lips, sucked the little nub in between them and nibbled on it very gently, gradually increasing the pressure until it felt right to her. Jade gasped with pleasure and pulled her legs further back, instinctively giving Caitlyn complete access.

‘Oh Cat, that’s fucking fantastic.’

Jade’s language surprised Caitlyn, but somehow it turned her on at the same time. She reached back with her hand, insinuating it under her chin to find Jade’s hole and the wriggling her finger deep inside her passage. Then she pushed steadily in and out, nibbling on Jade’s clit in time to the thrusts, and now using her rested tongue to prod and lick at the tip.

‘Oh Fuck, that’s gonna do it.’

Caitlyn squeezed Jade’s thigh with her spare hand in acknowledgement and fingered her harder, pushing a second finger alongside the first. She felt Jade’s fingers entwine themselves once again into her hair and push her face onto her wet pussy.

‘I’m coming.’

Jade’s pelvis began to move, jerking and twitching, pulling her clit from between Caitlyn’s lips. But it didn’t seem to matter, because Jade held onto Caitlyn’s hair, forcing her face hard into her pussy and effectively rubbing herself off on Caitlyn’s mouth. Caitlyn let it happen; ramming her fingers in and out at the same time and feeling a surge of adrenalin fuelled excitement at being able to bring Jade off in this way.

When it was finally over and Jade’s orgasm had run its course they were both panting for breath, but for different reasons. Jade looked at her friend and grinned.

‘I’m sorry, Cat.’ She giggled self consciously, looking at the wetness smeared all over Caitlyn’s face. ‘I couldn’t help it.’

Caitlyn shook her head. ‘Don’t be sorry, it was wonderful.’

She held out her hands and when Jade took them she leaned back, pulling Jade from the sofa onto the floor and then into her arms so that the two lay together side by side, smiling into each other’s faces.

‘You know.’ Jade mused. ‘If my mother hadn’t walked in on us before; I don’t think this would ever have happened.’

‘Oh, I think it would. It just might have taken longer, that’s all.’

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