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New Friends

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Five years ago my wife Sue and I left behind the dark, dank climate and the economic and political doom and gloom of England in search of a new life in the beautiful, peaceful and sunny Languedoc region of the South of France.

Both of us are keenly interested in good food, cooking, and enjoying the odd glass or three of wine.

We came to the conclusion that most, if not all of our needs could be catered for here, with its long, hot, fragrant summers and short mild winters under a clear crystal blue Mediterranean sky. What could be better than having the sea full of finest fresh fish on our doorstep together with fields of exceptional fruit and vegetables? What’s more the whole area is surrounded by mile after mile of some of the best vineyards in the world. It really is our own piece of heaven on earth.

Luckily, Sue and I found that we had moved into an area that has a true local community, not just an area full of summer vacation homes, like so many other places in the sunnier climates. Those that turn into ghost towns during the winter after the seemingly endless stream of summer tourists depart. Our area is populated not just by the local French natives who are extremely warm and friendly but a wide variety of other nationalities, a real little United Nations. Life is almost perfect.

The only fly in the ointment is that Sue, after a period of illness back in the UK, had lost all real interest in any form of sexual activity. We are both in our late 50’s and I guess fairly ordinary looking for our age, slightly or even somewhat over weight with bits that used to be classed as perky now tending to head south. However, we do enjoy a good standard of living and are comfortable enough in each other’s company and have no desire to part or go our own separate ways. Earlier in our marriage she used to be a real hottie, and was always leading the way in looking for new and different ways to spice up our sex life. Until recently, Sue had become more than happy with life as it was, just doing her own thing. She occasionally got turned on by something or other that lead to sex between us, but try as I might I was never able to find out exactly what it was that turned her on. Whenever I tried to talk to her about it, the subject became a closed book and lead to many heated disagreements. Hence, sex with Sue really was a rare occurrence, which was more than a shame as I love her dearly.

That is what makes this story even more extraordinary.

It all started early last summer, Sue and I were having a drink one lunch time on the terrace of a local Bistro. Sitting at the next table were a threesome of a man and two women who at first sight looked as if they could be sisters.

Overhearing their conversation it was obvious that they were Brits, like us. Sue and I introduced ourselves and the five of us were soon deep in conversation having found much in common. Time and a few carafes of wine really did just slip by, the way it does when you click with people and are instantly on the same wavelength. Initially we had assumed they were on holiday but as it turned out they lived in the next village to ours and had done so for the last three years. It was a complete surprise to all of us since we thought we knew, or knew of, all of the ex-pats in the area. Before we left the bistro we exchanged addresses and phone numbers promising to get in touch.

A few days later they called to invite us over for early evening drinks and nibbles, a very French thing to do.

We arrived at 5pm while it was still very warm. In fact it was a perfect summer evening. They have a very nice villa set on its own grounds very similar to our own. Like ours, their property is surrounded on all sides by mature trees and shrubs, shielding the grounds from the neighbour’s view making it very private. The main difference between our two homes was that theirs was completed by a beautiful in-ground swimming pool.

At this stage I ought to introduce our hosts. Harry his wife Joan, and their friend Jean. They are of a similar age and background to ourselves and remarkably we all seem to enjoy the same things in life.

On reflection it is easy to see why we had thought that Joan and Jean were sisters, their hair was a similar colour, and cut in a similar style. Later they told us that being the same dress size they could and did share each other’s clothes. Harry said that at times even he could have trouble telling them apart.

It was an interesting melange; Jean spoke of several liaisons over the years but she never married, nor did she seem to regret it, or the lack of her own children. She told us that she had known Harry and Joan for most of her life; in fact she and Joan met when they were at a private girl’s school together in the South of England. When the couple suggested moving to the South of France joining them seemed like the natural thing for Joan to do. She sold her own house in England and put some of the money into the new Villa.

They are such nice and easy going people but surprisingly they had made very few friends in the local area. Those friends they did have all seem to live a bit further away. I supposed this was real the reason we had never met before and why we had not even heard of them. Now of course things have changed and we in turn, have introduced them to many of our own friends.

They proved to be perfect hosts; the wine flowed and the nibbles were excellent! It turned out that both Joan and Jean, like Sue and I, are first rate cooks. I knew instantly we would enjoy many excellent meals with them.

Along with the wine, the conversation moved with ease touching on all the normal topics new would-be friends ask each other. Like us, Harry and Joan have two grown children, a boy and a girl, and two grandchildren. Harry had been an engineer with his own business and Joan stayed home to look after the kids. Jean used to have a top job with an advertising agency and had been a high earner.

It was a lovely evening and a beautiful way to ease into a new friendship. Naturally, this sparked off similar gatherings at each other’s homes, at restaurants and of course occasions with other friends in our circle. In no time the five of us became firm friends. However, the nature of our friendship was about to change in a most unexpected way.

Sue had promised to loan Joan one of her cookbooks and asked me to drop it off for her on my way out one morning as I was going in that direction anyway.

Arriving with book in hand, I was met at the door by Joan dressed in a light robe. With the sun shining through the material it was obvious that apart from the robe she was naked. Up till that moment I must say that I had not thought of her as anything other than a friend, but now I could very clearly see she was also a very attractive woman.

She could not help noticing my eyes lingering longer than they should have done and I’m sure that as I watched, her nipples actually started to harden.

“Hey Frank,” that’s me by the way. “My eyes are up here!”

“Oops. Sorry. But the sun shining through your robe does not leave much to the imagination.”

“Sorry Frank. I guess we should have told you. We really have been meaning to but we never found the right moment to talk about it. Plus we were not sure how you would react. Maybe you and Sue would even think we are perverted. I guess I could tell you that I just got out of the shower.”

“Joan! Joan. Stop. You’re rambling. Just get on with it. Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.”

She took a deep breath and spoke so quickly is was like she was spitting out the words. “The truth is that we normally like to be naked around the house. We only put clothes on if anybody is visiting. When the weather is warm enough we are always naked around the house, not just swimming and sunbathing in the nude. We were not sure that you and Sue would approve.”

“God, is that all! I thought you had some really nasty dire secret. If it puts your mind at rest, I too rarely wear any clothes around the house either. Apart from anything else it gets to darn hot to wear clothes. You really do not have to worry. Rest assured neither of us will mind. In fact I’m surprised that Sue has not already told you how naked I am through the summer, she has taken delight in telling just about everyone else.

Sue is on the other hand more reserved, and never takes her own clothes off in public these days. She seems to have lost all her self confidence and thinks she is to fat and her body is ugly. But she does delight in going down to the naked city at Cap d’Agde and watch the world go by. “She is a real voyeur.” It’s a shame because for most of her life she was the same as you or I and would strip off at any excuse. She was no stranger to nudist beaches either.”

“Oh good. That is such a weight off our minds.” She took the cookbook from my hand. “Hopefully we can all relax again. Do you have time to come out to the pool and have a drink?”

“Aren’t I a little over dressed for that?”

“OK Frank let me re-phrase that. Do you want to take your clothes off and come out to the pool for a drink? You can leave your clothes in the lounge. While you strip I had better tell the others that you are here and that you are cool with the situation.”

I am still not sure I was ready for what followed but it certainly changed our relationship forever.

We were all a little awkward at first and of course it is only natural to want to check out the view! Not a tan line in sight. Joan and Jean, even naked, still could have been easily mistaken as sisters. Joan’s breasts are slightly rounder with big dark areola and nice firm looking nipples, whilst Jean’s tilted slightly upward with big nipples at least as thick as my little finger and the best part of half an inch long even before they were aroused!

Both girls were fully shaven and Joan’s pussy lips hug down slightly and were longer and fatter than Jean’s. I imagined when spread, they would look like beautiful butterfly wings, ideal to lick and suck. Mmm. Whilst Jeans appeared smoothly moulded to her mound.

Harry’s cock, I was pleased to see, looked about the same size as mine, nothing too far out of the ordinary or special. It’s amazing how we men can get intimidated by the thought that your friend might have a bigger dick that you. However, we just might be slightly bigger than the average whatever that is.

Joan broke into my voyeuristic pleasure saying, “Well do you like what you see?” I of course apologised for my staring. “Apology accepted,” she said. “But that does not alter my question. Do you like what you see?”

“Yes of course I do. You all look beautiful and brown all over. Even you Harry! I suppose I aught to ask if I pass muster as well. If our friendship is going to continue and grow it’s obvious that we will be spending a lot of time naked together.”

Jean replied “I hope you are not offended but we don’t really know yet since we have not seen you properly naked!”

“How can I get any more naked than this?”

“Ah,” said Joan, “Jean and I believe a man is only truly naked when he is fully hard and erect for the world to see.”

“Interesting. And if a man has to be hard what applies for a woman?”

“Being shaved as we are for a start. You never know . . . the rest we might tell you about another day.” It took all my will power to keep control over my cock; it would have been so easy to just let it grow.

With that she offered me a drink and the four of us settled down in the sun without further comment as if we had been naked together all our lives. A couple of beers and a swim later it was time for me to go. It would have been much nicer to have stayed in the sun with these lovely people, but unfortunately I still had some business to attend to.

On returning home later in the day I told Sue how I had joined our nudist friends naked around the pool, but she already knew. Joan had phoned and told her all about it, hoping that they had not offended either of us as they valued our friendship too much.

“Do you know,” Sue commented, “they even promised to make sure that they were always clothed when we were coming around! I told her not to be so stupid and that we have always been comfortable with nudity.”

“What! Are you sure?” I was fairly stunned by Sue’s remark. “That’s not like you, or at least not like you recently. What’s changed your mind?”

“I do know but I have been seriously thinking about things recently, and I am getting concerned that I might be becoming old before my time. I do not know why, but unlike being with any of our other friends, around them I feel a lot more at ease. I feel that I don’t have to keep up any false appearances if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, it’s strange but I feel exactly the same way. Did you tell Joan about this?”

“No, she and Jean are coming over for coffee tomorrow morning and I thought I might try and broach the subject then, if I can keep my nerve and only if they mention it and the nude sun bathing first though.”

As it happened the next day I was to fly to Germany to see a client and was not due back until the weekend. Even though we talked on the phone I did not hear anymore about the subject until my return on the Saturday morning.

Sue told me that over coffee the other day she had, had a long chat with Joan and Jean and apparently got of her chest a lot of things that she had kept hidden for years. She expressed her desire to be totally comfortable in their company, dressed or naked it would not matter. Sue also assured them that she would endeavour not to be so straight-laced in the future. She said she had spent a lot of time explaining her feelings and how she had let her old self go of recent years. Sue even asked for their help to learn to relax promising to be more open with her attitudes and feelings.

I must say this pleased me immensely and astonished me at the same time and I told her so. “Sue, it has been years since I heard you talk this way, your attitudes and feelings for the last few years have been a non-subject. Every time I have tried to even touch on the topic, it has been the cause for yet another augment. Why the sudden change of heart?”

“I told you the other day I had realised how I am now seriously missing out on life and it is time to do something about it before it’s too late. I have come to understand that although we are a lot closer to 60 than to 50, I still feel half that age in my head and it should not mean that I, we, should give up on life quite yet. We should continue to try new things, and live life to the full before it really does get too late.”

“Sue, I have been trying to tell you this for years.”

“I know,” she said. “I am sorry that I was not willing to listen, but hopefully that too will change in the future. By the way we have been invited to spend the day around their pool tomorrow, if you want to go. Do you want to go?”

“If you are sure that’s what you want Sue, and then yes of course I do. I will phone Harry and let him know.”

The next day turn out to be another perfect day in the South of France. Clear blue skies without a cloud in sight and temperatures forecast to reach into the 30’s Celsius. We had a leisurely breakfast and set off about 11.30 arriving a few minutes later.

This time we were met at the door by a very naked Jean. She had not bothered with a robe and ushered us in to the house welcoming us in the French manner with a hug and kisses on the cheeks saying, “Come on outside and say hello to the others.”

I dropped my shorts, the only thing I was wearing, on the way, and emerged into the garden with Sue just behind me still wearing her dress.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “This is moving a bit fast for me. Does anyone mind if I keep my dress on for a bit? I promise I will take it off but I need to do so in my own time.”

We all told her to take her time, and one by one embraced each other together with the hugs and cheek kissing as part of the normal Hello ritual. I must admit that I forgot any sense of self control and allowed myself to get a raging hard on, much to the delight of the girls, who shouted, “look a properly naked Frank.” Joan pinching my ass and Jean pulling me tight into her body as we kissed did not help much either.

Cold beers were passed around and we all settled down getting comfortable with each other nakedness. After about half an hour or so Sue said, “Oh this really is silly!” She stood up and removed her dress surprising us all as she was naked beneath it. She was about to sit back down when Jean said, “Not so fast girl! You have seen us, now we want to look at you. Give us a twirl!”

Sue again surprised us, and I think herself as well. She not only did a twirl but calmly walked over and stood in front of each of them in turn. By the time she got to Harry his cock was pointing straight out. “Mmm, nice cock,” she said, and just as calmly walked back to her seat and sat down.

Sue held her glass out to Jean saying, “After that I think I deserve another drink don’t you?”

The day progressed as any other with a nice lunch and a few dips in the pool just as if we had all been in our swim suits, without a hint of any form of sexual behaviour. Towards the end of the afternoon Sue turned to Joan and Jean and said “It has been intriguing me all day and I hope you don’t mind but I have just got to ask. Why do you both shave your vaginas?”

“Of course we don’t, do we Jean. Harry has always preferred me to be kept clean and smooth both from an aesthetic perspective but also, and more importantly, we both find it much nicer during oral sex.” With a grin she said “he hates spitting out hairs. When Jean came to live with us she just followed suit at Harry’s suggestion.”

“But doesn’t it itch when it grows back? I know mine did the few times I shaved.”

“Of course it would, but as we never let it grow so it just does not happen. Harry shaves us both once a week, or if he is not around we shave each other.”

“Wow. Hang on a minute does that mean what I think it does? Do you both have sex with Harry?”

“Yes of course. And not just with Harry but each other as well. Sue, we had thought you had already worked that out for yourself. I know Frank did the last time he was here.”

“Is that right Frank?” Sue asked me.

“Yes of course.”

“But why did you not say anything to me?”

“Sue, I was afraid that you might think it ‘not nice’. After all it would have been your normal reaction. Wouldn’t it?”

“Yes I guess you are right,” Sue admitted.

“And, how do you feel about it now?”

“Honestly Frank, I think that it is lovely that three people can be so happy. Does that shock you? Was that the reaction you were expecting?”

“No it’s not, but I am sure that I can speak for us all when I say how pleased we are that you approve.”

Harry said, “God, that’s good. We have been on tender hooks we did not know what your reaction might be. Had you taken it the wrong way, it may well have wrecked our friendship and that would have been disastrous. Sue, you have to understand we are used to keeping our sex life a secret. In the past, if others found out they neither understood or for that matter approved. It is the main reason we have so few friends here we have tended to keep to ourselves in the past. It is not like we even try to inflict our lifestyle on others. But I guess most of the people who have found out are just not sure about themselves or the strength of their marriages or maybe their own sexuality. Naturally they can get afraid.”

Sue stood up and walked over to Harry, “Stand up and give me a big hug,” she said. “Harry that’s the longest speech I have ever heard you say.”

As he stood up so did his cock. As they hugged it was trapped hard against her belly and when they parted she reached down and gave it a couple of long loving strokes. “I hope you don’t mind Jean but I just could not help it.”

“Sue, so long as Frank doesn’t mind you can play with Harry’s dick any time you like. It will defiantly not bother Joan or me, and from that silly grin on his face I don’t see him objecting either.”

“Sue,” I pronounced, “you have my complete blessing to do what ever you want with Harry or the girls or all three of them together if you so desire. Of course that is, as long as you do not mind me joining in now and again.”

“That’s enough for one day,” admitted Sue. “I think it is defiantly time to go home. Harry, Jean, Joan I hope you don’t mind us leaving, all of you have helped me move forward faster than I would have thought possible. If this is to be part of my new life then you have certainly given me a hell of a lot to think about. Thank you all. I will give you a call in the morning.” With that she kissed them all goodbye, turned to pick up her dress and walked to the car still naked.

When we got home she said, “I do not want to talk tonight, my thoughts are just too jumbled I am going to go to bed now, we’ll talk in the morning.”

I poured myself a glass of scotch and sat down in front of the TV to watch the football. By the time I went to bed Sue was fast asleep.

The next morning over breakfast Sue surprised me once again.

“When I went to bed last night,” She said, “I could not keep the events of the day out of my mind and I found myself very wet and excited. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I actually masturbated.”

“Really? Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes.” Turning to face me she opened her gown, lent backwards, spread her pussy lips and fingered herself saying, “Look I’m still so wet at the thought. Please come back to bed and fuck me.”

I wish I could say it was a particularly loving affair but it wasn’t, just an incredible animal like fuck, leaving us both drained and satisfied.

Later in the day Sue, as promised, phoned Jean to thank her for yesterday. I overheard a few snippets of the conversation. It was obvious that Jean had asked how after some reflection Sue now felt. I heard Sue replying that if going to bed last night and masturbating like a young girl, then dragging me back to bed this morning and fucking me silly was anything to go by, then her world was defiantly looking up!

I did not let on to Sue that I had overheard any of this. I thought it best to just let things flow and see how they would run their course.

The next day I had to go to Barcelona for a couple of days to see some Spanish clients, so it was not until I arrived back home that I was to hear any more on the topic. As it turned out Jean and Joan had come round for a drink and a chat the day before.

Sue told me later how the three of them went out into the garden to our back sun terrace, striped off their dresses and stretched out naked on the sun beds. This time Sue told me that she did not hesitate and undressed with her friends.

“Joan said, ‘Oh it’s so hot today have you got any sun cream? I think we might burn if we are not careful.’ I went into the house for the cream and came out finding both women laying on their fronts waiting for me to rub the sun cream onto them. When I had finished their backs, legs and bums, they rolled over asking me to do their fronts as well.”

“Did you?” I asked Sue.

“Well yes, I could not find an excuse not to.”

“What happened next?”

“I started with Jean pouring cream on my hands and gently rubbing it on to the top of her chest. Then I started on her stomach but she said ‘Hey, what about my boobs? I don’t want them to burn.’ It was the first time I have ever touched another woman’s breasts. As I rubbed in the cream her nipples just popped out and became really hard. I don’t know what came over me but I even pinched them a few times. It felt lovely and made me feel so naughty. I really had to force myself to stop playing with her tits and to cover the rest of her body. After I had done her legs I really thought that I had finished but she spread her legs quite wide and kind of thrust up her pelvis and said ‘Come on, I don’t want my pussy to burn either’.”

“So did you apply the cream?”

“Yes, I could not help myself. Jean had opened her legs so I just went for it and quickly rubbed it in. She was so wet and not from the cream! I’m sure she wanted me to do more but Joan was waiting for her turn.”

“Did you do the same job on Joan?”

“Play with her tits and rub her pussy? Oh yes. You should see her nipples when hard they are amazing! Although she was very discreet about it I’m sure she may have cum on my fingers. After what happened later I not sure why she even tried to hid it.”

“For fuck sake what happened next to top that? Did you get creamed up as well?”

“What the hell do you think? Yes of course I did.”

“So how did it felt having another woman rub cream onto your body?”

Amazing. “Would it surprise you that both of them attacked me at the same time? At first they made me lay down on my front with Joan at my head and Jean at my feet. To start it was more like having a beautifully soothing massage; Joan rubbing up and down my back, arms and just brushing the sides of my tits. Jean doing my feet and legs up to the inside of my thighs, lightly brushing my pussy lips as she did. They kept it up until they met in the middle at my bum, each massaging one cheek. But not stopping there, sliding their fingers right down over the crack in my ass over my rosebud and down my slit to my pussy. Each taking a turn, first one then the other. I was in heaven, it was fantastic.

Then they turned me over onto my back. This time they knelt on each side of me. By now I really was in heaven. It was as if I was floating above my body and looking down at myself as they played with my body. Not one bit was left out; all my erogenous zones were on fire. My ears were nibbled, my tits were massaged and gently stroked, my nipples pulled, pinched and bitten. I started to moan as they increased their efforts, pulling my legs apart and running their fingers up and down the insides of my thighs, tracing light patterns getting closer and closer to my pussy. Finally I grabbed a hand. I’m not sure whose it was at that moment in time I did not care, it did not matter. I needed it to play with my pussy. I could not help myself. I would not have been able to stop myself even if I had wanted to and believe me I did not want to. Hands, fingers, lips, rubbed and sucked my clit; fingers went deep into my cunt finding my G-spot. At one point Jean was finger fucking me and Joan was biting my nipples and had at least one finger in my ass.

I lost count of the number of times that I came since it seemed like a continuous flow. I must admit that I really, really, enjoyed it. By the time they had finished my cunt was on fire. I have never been so hot, wet and exhausted before.

By then we were all desperate for a drink and an opportunity to cool down. My legs were just like rubber and I could not have stood if I had tried. I had to ask Joan to go and fetch the drinks.”

Frank was really enjoying this by now he had his cock out and was slowly wanking. “Was that how the day ended?”

“Hmm, not exactly. I’m not sure whether to tell you, or to show you!”

“Boy, how much better can it have gotten? Now I am intrigued.”

“Well later in the afternoon when we had all cooled, down Joan complained that she thought she had got one of my pubic hairs stuck in her teeth. She turned to Jean saying, ‘We really must do something about that bush’. And without another word she disappeared into the house and came back carrying a pair of scissors, a bowl of water and my razor. I really did not have any say about it, they ganged up on me! I really did try to put up a fight; I must have clamped my legs together for all of ten seconds! Well maybe five!

Joan did the evil deed whilst Jean held my legs apart and pulled on my pussy lips so that the razor would not miss any hairs. Then she stuffed two fingers in my ass and said that she was just checking for stray hairs. When they had finished they insisted that they got to taste their work. I ended up with rubber legs again!”

Lifting her skirt Sue asked, “What do you think?”

“I think I need to taste their work as well.” Now I, like Harry, now have another weekly job to perform. But this is one task I actually look forward to!

Unfortunately, we did not get to spend too much time with the lovely threesome over the next few weeks, due to a combination of work and other social commitments. We did meet manage to meet up for lunch a couple of times and of course the girls, being girls, spent a lot of time on the phone.

About a month later I was informed that the girls and Sue were going to throw a barbeque pool party for Harry’s birthday. I also was informed that I would be cooking. Nothing new there, I’m sure at times I only ever get invited to barbeques to cook! It was to be a fairly big affair with all their French neighbours and as well as a fair number of friends from the Euro ex-pat community. Everyone was told to bring their swimming costumes. I did suggest that everyone should just get naked and skinny dip but it was not thought to be a good idea. The world is full of spoilsports.

I must say that it went off very well and that the afternoon was a great success. Harry enjoyed it immensely and if the comments of the guests were anything to go by, so did they. The last stragglers left around 7pm and by the time we had finished the washing and clearing up we were all quite knackered.

At Harry’s suggestion we retired to the lounge and he poured us all a large brandy. Harry sat between Joan and Jean on one settee, and Sue and I shared the other. We were enjoying the moment of piece and quite, letting the excitement of the day drift over us. After a while Harry came around a toped up our glasses, the heat of the day was now dissipating and the warmth of the alcohol was taking over, a mellowness had overtaken us all.

Sitting down again, Harry turned on the TV and started flipping channels, and as usual even with hundreds to choose from the choice of programmes was diabolical. “Does anyone want to watch a DVD?” Harry asked. I’m not sure any of us really cared but Sue said why not. With that Harry must have pushed the start button on the DVD player and there on the large screen TV was Joan bouncing up and down fully impaled on Harry’s cock. Looking genuinely shocked Harry hit the off button immediately. “Oh shit, sorry. We must have left that in there, its ages since we last watched a DVD.”

Sue piped up with a girlish laugh. “Spoil sport! I was enjoying that. It’s been ages since I’ve seen anything good on the telly! Go on put it back on again.”

Joan grabbed the controller from Harry “Don’t you dare, I’ll never be able to look them in the eyes again.”

“Oh come on you can’t stop now it was such a tantalising glimpse, don’t be a spoil sport, we want to see the rest don’t we Frank. Please Joan. What do you think Jean? Harry?”

They looked at each other and in unison said they didn’t mind but it has to be Joan’s decision.

“Oh please Joan, it looked so horny.”

“OK, OK, OK I give in! But on one condition,” she said with a laugh. “If we are going to watch it I insist we all get naked first, we’ve had clothes on all day!” It was amazing just how fast we shed our clothes; within seconds we were all naked.

Harry explained that they had made the video last year and even though he and Joan had made the odd home movie over the years they had never done anything like this. They had been bored one day and although he was not sure now how the idea had come up they all had agreed it could be a lot of fun. Joan had written the story, if that is what it is, and each of them took turns as the director, the camera man and of course the star. It was never intended that anyone other than them would ever see it.

Although the lighting in the room was low it was still light enough to see each other clearly. We all settled back down and Harry made sure that the DVD was set to the beginning, handed the controller to Joan and said quietly, “Go on then push the start button, you still have time to back out.”

The next moment the screen flickered and their car was seen coming down the drive. The girls got out of the car both wearing very short wrap tartan skirts and totally transparent blouses, Joan’s white and Jean’s black. Their sexy little bras beneath it were plain to see almost as if they were naked from the waist up. When Jean swung her legs around to get out of the car, her skirt rode up and the camera zoomed in to reveal her white stockings and suspenders. She was not wearing her knickers. As the camera zoomed in tighter her hand strayed to her pussy and a finger slid up and down her slit. God was she wet. Her juices were dripping off her fingers and down her legs. The camera followed her fingers up to her mouth as she sucked them dry.

The film had hardly started and already my cock was as hard as I can remember it being for an awful long while. Joan looked over and said “Someone seems to be enjoying this.” Sue reached down, wrapped her hand around it and gave it a quick wank. Harry, not to be left out, had Jean playing with his balls.

The next shot showed the girls coming around the side of the house to the pool, they stripped each other down to their underwear and moved onto a sun bed where they kissed and played with each other for what seemed like forever. They kept moving all the time and ended up eating each other out in the classic 69 position. Once or twice Harry came into shot and plugged his cock into a waiting cunt, pulling out and replaced the cunt with the willing, waiting mouth below. Moving around, he repeated the exercise from the other side. Gauging by the noise the girls were making they must have cum at least once each on Harry cock let alone on each other’s fingers and tongues. The neighbours must have wondered what the hell was going on next door when they were making this. At one point Joan got up and walked into the house. The camera following her every move, she opened a cupboard by the side of the TV and got out a long, pink, jelly-like, double ended dildo which she plugged straight into her cunt. She walked back outside slightly bow legged, holding it pointing upward so lit looked as if she had just grown a long thick cock! Jean, swivelled around to face her, her legs spread, finger fucking herself, waiting to be impaled by the big rubber cock. She did not have to wait long. For the next five minutes or so they fucked each other’s brains out. All the time Harry was moving around capturing the action.

The camera stabilised and it became obvious that it had been put on a tripod as Harry walked back into the shot, his cock leading the way, the girls still inextricably linked by the double ended dildo. Without ceremony he stuffed his cock into Jean’s mouth and she started lapping on it like a bitch in heat. Not content, he gave Joan the same treatment.

After a while he lay on his back on the adjoining sun bed and gently stroked his cock until both the girls took turns mounting him. My god I was impressed he seemed to have the ability go on forever. In his place I know I would have not lasted five minutes. In the end he stood up and the girls knelt at his feet as he finally erupted with a fantastic cum shot covering both their faces with thick globules of creamy white spunk. The film ended with the girls licking each others faces clean and swapping spunk from mouth to mouth.

I asked him later how he managed to last so long. Ah, little blue pills! I really must get a truck load.

I must admit both Sue and I have seen a good number of porno’s over the years but nothing quite like this. Together with the fact that the five of us were in the same room naked and watching each other and the video at the same time made the whole experience so fucking horny.

Sue was openly masturbating and Harry had his fingers deeply buried in both of the girls’ cunts. I looked at Harry and nodded at Sue. He smiled and nodded back which was how I ended up fucking Joan and tonguing Jean’s drenched cunt while she sat on my face.

But that, as they say, is another story.

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