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New Friends

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My wife Carol is very conservative, but I have always known by the way she performed and reacted in the privacy of our bedroom that there was a wild side to her. I just never thought that it would come out. We have been married for over twenty years, and although my fantasy life was rich in texture and content, I never said much earlier, because I didn’t want to upset Carol.

Every now and then when we were very hot something would slip out, and I was always surprised by the reaction from Carol, as she would come back with something tantalising and sexy, but then after would act as though nothing had happened.

One thing she said about 5 years ago never left me. I was talking about her making love to another person while I was in the room, and I was assuming it to be another man, but her response surprised me. ” Would you like to watch her lick me, or would you like me to lick her, darling?” As my cock became incredibly hard she started to talk more, in between slurping my cock into her mouth. It was one of the most incredible sexual experiences of my life. “She tastes so good Tim, I want to lick her while she fucks you, I want to watch your cock slide in and out of her, and then suck and lick you both. Cum in her Darling, come on cum!”

My cock felt huge, and I surprised myself by wanting to cum outside of her mouth, and I watched fascinated as my cum spurted high into the air and all over Carol.She surprised me once again by cumming herself, with her fingers jammed into her pussy shouting “Oh my God, you two look so beautiful”

She really was into it. She even gave the girl the name “Suzy”, and would use “Suzy” when we enjoyed our sexual fantasies.

Over the years we gave a name to Suzy’s partner as well, and the four of us got up to all sorts of fun times in our fantasy world, although in public Carol was always very correct about sexual matters. Of course when she did say something at parties and such, it became all the more sexy because Carol was seen as being so modest.

Once when we were on holidays we met another couple and we all went dancing and clubbing together. Over the two week period we became more and more intimate, and on the last night when we said our goodbyes things got decidedly hot. Carol started kissing the husband, and I was kissing his attractive wife. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, and her body grind against me. My cock got immediately hard and as I kissed her harder, I cupped her breast with my hand. She groaned and opened her mouth more. I wanted to fuck her on the spot. I looked over at Carol, and she was kissing the husband and rubbing her hand up and down his cock. She had her leg lifted up onto the chair near the door, and I could see his hand caressing her pussy. It was definitely hot. The wife just cuddled into me and gently rubbed her hands over my body as we watched. I am sure things would have developed, but someone came to the room next door, and as it broke the magic of the moment, we realised we were much too late for our baby sitter, and we had better go. “I wish we didn’t have to go home tomorrow,” Carol moaned. “I just loved this evening, especially the last part.”

We promised to keep in touch, and I mentioned that maybe we could meet up the next year, and everyone thought that was a good idea.

When we got home, we never really discussed the goodbye, but Carol did start to talk more about what she liked, and would bring more of her fantasy life into our lovemaking. She even became more risque in her comments among our friends, and got to the point where folks would turn in sexy conversations to see “what Carol had to say about that”. She still managed to keep her modest side foremost, and to the world she was the same lovely Carol.

I brought up the idea of going on holidays with the couple, but Carol insisted that she did not want to do that. We had some sexy telephone conversations with them, but I could see that Carol was not altogether comfortable, so gradually the phone calls died off, and the couple disappeared from our fantasy life.

Then some months later, I realised that had we gone on holidays like we said we’d be with the couple right now. I playfully asked Carol what she thought we’d be doing at this moment, and I asked her if she remembered how he made her feel. Carol immediately became very horny, and we had an incredible fucking and sucking session in the front room while the kids were at the neighbours’. She gave the couple our fantasy names, and she did things and said things I had never experienced before. She wanted to fuck all three of us at once, wanted to bring us all to orgasm with her mouth, and wanted to watch me put his cock in her pussy and then the wife’s pussy. I felt so horny, I would have done it if they were there, and I found myself becoming hard for a second time, and after Carol had sucked me for a while she asked me to play with my cock, while she played with her pussy and tits. She then started talking, imagining that the other couple was there, and they were making love to us. It was wonderful, and I have never thought of my wife as being more sexy.

I would have loved to watch her make love to someone else, and it didn’t matter if it was a man or woman. I also knew that I would love to join in. I had thought that I was liberating my wife, but I’m not sure that it wasn’t the other way round.

That night as we cuddled in bed, we had one of the first of many sexual talks where we weren’t in the middle of lovemaking. I asked her why, when thinking of the couple, she had become so horny, and yet when we had all talked about holidaying together, she was not enthused.

She just said “Tim, you can’t go back, you can’t recreate the moment. I liked them then, but we were ships in the night. Think of it as a one night stand, Darling. I don’t know how I’d feel about them now, so I don’t want to find out it’s not the fantasy I’m after.”

“What is the fantasy you’re after Carol? Do you think you would fuck someone else?”

“Would you like to fuck someone else, Tim?”

I was now in a quandary, as the most exciting thing sexually would be to have one or two more people join in our lovemaking. I wanted to watch Carol fuck someone, and then join in. I just wasn’t sure about Carol, and more than anything, that mattered. It would only be fun if she was into it as much as I was. So I just stammered, “You didn’t answer my question about your fantasy or whether you would.”

“You just answer my question Tim, and I promise I’ll answer yours”

“I’d love to fuck someone if you were there, and you approved,” I stammered.

“Then I can tell you that I could do almost anything except hurting someone, if the moment was right, I just don’t know if the moment would ever be right. In my fantasy world I have full control. I can let myself go. In real life you can’t do that.”

As intimate as it was, it seemed that Carol and I were far apart when it came to reality. I often thought about this person or that, or this or that couple, but I knew that Carol needed that special moment, and I couldn’t see that happening. For about a year our fantasy life seemed to fall off, and although we still made love, we were, I suspect, just like most other married couples. It was pleasant always, sometimes exciting, but I yearned for the way it was. It didn’t seem right that the intimacy we shared that night would make our lovemaking less exciting, so I decided to do something about it. I thought of Carol as she really was, the sexy woman she had revealed in those discussions, and that our reality was our fantasies. I thought about how lucky I was that she at least shared my thoughts in fantasy, and who knows when the MOMENT might come!

Carol had started on her Master’s degree, and was very busy, but she welcomed the return to our fantasy lovemaking. She had made some new friends and we used to often see them along with our old friends, and we started going over to other people’s houses for dinner again. With our two kids off to college we felt like kids again ourselves, especially since Carol was back at school. One couple I especially liked were Mike and Stella. Mike like Carol was about five years younger than me while Stella was my age, which made her and I have something in common. We immediately started joking about “the kids”, Carol and Mike. She too was back at school, and spent a lot of time with Carol studying. Mike was a rugged sort of guy, and like me had played organised sport when he was younger, him basketball, and me rugby. Stella was an attractive blond with a very womanly figure, and eyes that flashed. They say eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s true, this was one interesting woman.

We started to spend more and more time with them, and we both felt very comfortable in their presence. One night the talk turned to sex, and we talked about wild things we had done. Stella said that one time they had played an adult board game with two other couples that got very interesting, and I was surprised when Carol wanted to know every detail. She seemed almost disappointed to learn it didn’t go much past kissing and touching.

“How could you go so far and then stop,” she asked Stella. Stella replied that she would have gone ahead and screwed around, except there was one guy she could not stand. Carol then recounted our mild little adventure, and shocked me by saying, “We both wanted to fuck their brains out, but we had a babysitter and when someone came and rang the room next door,that screwed it for me”

“Sort of saved by the bell,” I said.

“My problem with this sort of thing is that once I started I would get so into it, I wouldn’t want to stop. I would have left the babysitter that night, but Tim, thank God, brought me to my senses. If I had have played that game that you played, Stella, I would have fucked them all, even the guy who I didn’t like. Some people think I’m so modest, but I’m not. I’m private, and I don’t think I could do what you did that night, Stella, as I would be afraid of getting into it too much, so I would just say no!”

I learned something new about my wife, and my cock immediately got very hard. This was one sexy woman. Stella stood up, went over to Carol and ran her fingers through her hair and said in a laughing, but very provocative voice. “Remind me to never start anything with you that I don’t want to finish”.

I almost came in my pants, and I could see that Mike was affected too. We had a gentle and sexy goodnight hug and kiss with each of them, and I felt very warm inside as I drove home.

When we arrived home we slowly got undressed and gazed at one another. Carol looked so sexy that I knew that this was going to be good. Tonight was going to be memorable. My lovely wife started my cock in top gear when she said, “I’d like to change the names of our fantasy couple to Mike and Stella!” She then grabbed my cock and began to devour it. I went to bring her around so that I could suck her clit, but she said, “Not yet, darling…”

I just lay there while she not only sucked me, but made love to my cock, and she continued between caressing me with her mouth to talk about Mike and Stella.

“Do you think Mike would enjoy it if I did this to him…

imagine this is Stella fucking you with her mouth……..

wouldn’t you like to fuck her, isn’t she beautiful….

wouldn’t her pussy taste sooo nice….”

She wouldn’t let me cum, and my cock felt so hard I thought it would burst. She then demanded that I suck her, and asked me to talk about fucking Mike and Stella. I told her every desire I had and she went absolutely wild. The more away from the norm the action, the wilder she got. When I fantasised that Stella was on top of me fucking me, she yelled

“Turn her around, I want to suck her while she fucks you. What’s Mike doing?”

“He’s fucking you from behind, darling.’

“Oh fuck it feels so good, oh God I want to fuck you all at once. Take your cock out of her pussy so I can suck it too, oh God I want to eat her pussy, fuck me, fuck me….”

In all our married life I can never remember Carol being more vocal or more high on our lovemaking. She shuddered in a series of aftershocks that seemed to go on for ever. I was so hard that I was in pain, so that when she returned my cock I erupted almost instantly.

She told me how much she loved me and thanked me for making her feel so wonderful. I told her she was the reason it was so good, and that I thought that tonight she was entirely free of her inhibitions.

“Inhibitions out the window.” she said throwing her hand towards the curtains.

“I won’t be able to look Mike and Stella in the eye,” I said.

“They won’t know.” Carol replied.

“Oh, she’ll know”, I said.

“Well, I don’t care”, said Carol with a smile, “she’s my friend.”

The next time we visited Mike and Stella, I must confess that I felt a little embarassed, as though they knew everything that happened in our bedroom. Carol was more vivacious than ever, and seemed to openly flirt with both Mike and Stella, although I knew deep down it was just my imagination. Mike and I got on so well, that I’m not sure how I felt about my male friend knowing that he was in my sexual fanatasies. Still the night was quite lovely, Mike and I shared some sexual banter with the girls, and when we came to say our goodbyes we lingered with our kisses, and as I felt Stella melt into my body, I looked over and Carol and Mike were sharing a tender kiss.

“You alright, Tim?” whispered Stella.

“Yeah, fine. Why?”

“You seem a little distant. Everything ok with you and Carol?”

“Perfect,” I replied, “why did she say something?”

“No, no, it’s just that you seemed….oh, I don’t know..”

I laughed “No, I’m fine, but you are a very perceptive lady, and maybe one day I’ll tell you why.”

“Maybe I already know”, she laughed back.

When Carol and I got home she immediately started kissing me and touching my cock. Once again Mike and Stella were part of our lovemaking, and once again I thought I was in heaven. Afterwards I asked Carol if she had said anything to Stella about what we had been doing with our fantasies, and how they were so much a part of our lovemaking. She replied that she hadn’t, and when I asked if she was sure, she laughed and said, ” I don’t have to, because like you said, I think she’ll know”.

We were going to Mike and Stella’s for dinner two nights later, I have never been so nervous. Now I was the private one, and I was sure I showed a flush from ear to ear. My feelings didn’t relax when I saw Stella, as she looked good enough to eat. I thought, just play it cool, eat your dinner, go home and fuck the hell out of Carol, which of course made me horny and embarassed at the same time. Dinner was lovely, and afterwards I helped Stella clear the table, while Mike went to put a movie on, and Carol headed to the bathroom.

“Put some music on, instead of a movie, Mike. Lets have a little dancing for a change,” yelled Stella.

“Make it sexy, and I’ll be right there Mike”, said Carol as she hurried her pace.

“She seems quite anxious to get started”, quipped Stella.

“Yeah, well she does think Mike is very sexy, so you know….”

“Uh oh, Mike thinks she’s very sexy too. What will you do if they get carried away? You heard Carol say she wouldn’t stop once she started,” replied Stella

“What would you do Stella?”

When I said that Stella turned to me, put her mouth close to my ear, and whispered, “I’d watch, darling.”

I felt my groin swell, and turned to Stella who had a dreamy look on her face, as she started swaying to the music which started coming from the living room. After getting back to the here and now, and putting the dishes into the washer, we headed to the living room where Carol and Mike were dancing, slowly moving to the music as if they were one.

“God, they look sexy, don’t you think, Tim?” queried Stella, as she leaned into me.

“They look wonderful,” I replied.

Stella looked up at me and whispered, “Would you like to watch them fuck?”

“Yes”, I barely stammered.

“I would too, I’d like to watch her suck his cock, and take it all in her mouth, and lick it….would you like that, Tim?”

“Oh God, yes.”

” What would you like to do Tim?” she said as she kissed me gently on the neck. I looked over at Carol and Mike, and Carol smiled at me then gently kissed Mike on the mouth.

“I’d like to eat your pussy and fuck you, and put Mike’s cock in Carol and then you… I’d like to do everything.” With that I turned and kissed Stella and felt her body move into mine like hand in a glove. It was strange in that it felt so much like being with Carol yet so different.

Stella broke away from me and moved over to Carol and Mike. She started dancing with them, and as she did so she slowly undid Mike’s shirt, and started to kiss his chest. She then turned her attention to Carol, and started to undo her blouse. She then put her hand into Carol’s bra, freed her left breast and leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth, before moving her mouth up to Carol’s. Although it was their first kiss and touch of a woman there was no hesitation. It was obvious they knew the desires of each other.

I slowly moved over close to them, touching my cock as I watched.

Carol and Stella shared a long kiss, and I could see their tongues darting in and out of their mouths. It was the most purely sexual, yet loving thing I had ever witnessed. Stella pulled slowly away, looked Carol straight in the eyes and said, “I want to watch you fuck and suck Mike, Carol please… I really want you to.” Carol moved from Mike’s embrace and took Stella in her arms. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, and she said, “I want to fuck you all”, before once again burying her mouth into Stella’s. Mike and I looked at one another, and although we had hardly spoken as this thing unfolded, it was obvious we were on the same page. It was the girl’s show, and we were the very willing participants.

After they broke from their kiss, Stella looked at me and said,” Undress her,” as she started to remove Mike’s clothes. I immediately started on Carol, kissing her and touching her breasts and pussy as I did so. We all took our time, and when Carol was completely undressed, I took my mouth from hers to see what Stella and Mike were doing. It was an incredibly sexy scene. I was mezmerized and realised that I was pounding Carol’s Pussy with my fingers, while she clung to me and rubbed my cock through my now wet pants. Stella had Mike’s cock in her mouth, and was gently making love to it. It looked so sexy, that I felt a desire fill me that I had not felt before. Mike smiled at me and I felt a slight embarassment. It quickly disappeared when Stella looked me right in the eyes, popped Mike’s cock out of mouth and licked it like an ice cream, gave me a sexy smile then took the whole thing into her mouth.

Carol grabbed my face and almost ate my mouth as she said. “I’m going to fuck Mike Darling, for both of us, and then suck him. Oh God, I can’t wait…” When Carol said this my cock seemed to grow even more, although I didn’t see how it could get any bigger. I wanted to fuck my wife and I wanted to do it now!

So, as excited as I was about what would happen with Stella and I, there was a tiny bit of disappointment when Stella got up and gently pulled Carol away from me and on to the carpet and close to Mike. In one fluid motion she then drew her and I down to join them, kissing me and murmering love and sex words that quickly drove away any disappointment I felt. There was an intense feeling of sexual excitement and passion.

Stella turned to me and said, “Put Mike’s cock in your beautiful wife’s cunt. I want to watch you do it, and I want to watch them fuck.”

The language was an incredible turn on, and Stella kept talking as I moved towards Mike and Carol. Mike was gently kissing Carol, and massaging her breasts. I started fingering Carol, and as I felt Stella slowly removing my clothes I moved my face closer to Carol’s pussy. The last of my clothes disappeared and I started licking my beautiful wife’s pussy. I could see Mike’s cock inches away, and then I felt Stella take my cock in her mouth as she alternated between sucking me and telling us to go slow. She then again asked me to put Mike’s cock in Carol, and kept telling me how wonderful and sexy we all looked. I turned my head to the side and took Mike’s cock in my hand. I heard Mike groan, and I thought it was no different than a man touching his own cock. What feels good, feels good.

Stella came up beside me and started stroking my hand around Mike’s cock, and kissing me.

“Wet it with your mouth darling, and then put his wonderful cock in your wife’s pussy, and then fuck me…”

Although I had never done it before it seemed so simple to follow her instructions, and I felt an immense rush of sexual power as I gently engulfed Mike’s cock with my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, and then teased the opening of Carol’s slit before their lust took over and he was buried in Carol’s body.

Stella and I lay there close to them watching. Stella was the perfect choreographer, moving them around for our watching pleasure, but only adding to theirs, and she kissed Mike, Carol and me in a perfect dance of passion. Although horny as hell, I was also very peaceful and calm, knowing that my turn would come.

As Carol started to move faster, Stella turned to me, and said, “Fuck me.”

I kissed her and slid my cock inside her. I felt like I was home. We then gently moved together, as we watched our lovers bring their delicious fuck to the peak of passion. Carol was screaming “Fuckme, Fuck me….” her voice only cut off by Mike’s lips as he tried to fuck her mouth with his tongue.

Mike was holding on, and I could see his thighs start to tense and I knew he was about to cum. As he sped up, Stella and I sped up to match them, and I could feel our sweat and bodies become even more as one.

As Carol sensed where Mike was at she held his face in his hands and kissed him slowly. I almost came then, it looked so good. Then she slowed him, held his face away again and said in a lustful tone….”In my mouth Mike, I’ve dreamed of this since we met you…in my mouth my darling, I want my darling Tim and your sexy wife to watch you cum in my mouth.”

It was like a dream as I watched Mike pull out of her, and she scuttled down so that her face was close to ours. She looked at us both as she took his cock in her mouth, and her eyes never left ours as she pumped with her hand and mouth. I could hear Mike start to groan and I watched as his cock pulsed and Carol greedily drank his cum sucking him gently for every last drop.

It was then that I realised that Stella had moved down and was sucking me. Carol moved her face over and kissed me. I’d never felt more in love.

“Now for you and Stella darling, remember my fantasy about sucking the girl and you at the same time,” she whispered.

“Yeah”, I stammered, my cock swelling even more.

“Remember how I said I’d do anything if the moment was right?”

“Uh, huh”,

“Well, my love, the moment is right.” With that Carol moved up to Stella, eased my cock out of her mouth so she could kiss her, and said, “Fuck him Stella, I want to watch you fuck him and I want to eat your pussy while he does it.”

Stella moved over the top of my cock never taking her mouth from Carol’s, except to say, “I’d love to”.

As she sank down onto my shaft, Mike sat up and put his arms around the two girls and smiled at me. “Your turn now buddy, best of luck.”

I found out that night that reality can be better than fantasy.

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